Episode 4.

Going to Ada's house with karasco is something I can't. 

"See guy, you can't go with me to my babe house o. She is my girlfriend not our girlfriend so mark that to your smelling brain. you will stay back home." I spoke boldly and walked to the bathroom to take my bath.

"Guy na lie you dey lie. Anything wey go happen make e happen because I can't sit at home hungry while my friend knows of a place we both can eat and Belle full."

"I don't care what you think or say. As for me, I have told you my own." I thundered at him. 

After I had finished taking my bath, I watched him rushed to the bathroom to shower himself as well.

I wore my white native Wear. I dressed very expressive.

I was applying perfume when karasco rushed out from the bathroom. 

"Guy make we de go I done finish." he paused and took a glanced at me and nod his head.

I kept spray without minding his presence around me.

"This one you dress fine I don't get it. No be just to go chop food come back?" He asked.

I glanced at him and kept spraying my perfume.

"Hmmm. But guy, you look great on this native wears I swear." He praised.

I took some steps to the mirror on the wall and smiled to myself. 

I was looking great because I was fully dressed like a prince.

 I have lived with karasco in the house for years and this is the first time in his entire life saying am looking good.

I gazed at him and nod my head in excitement.

"Am serious guy, ever since I know you na only today you bath well come dress fine."

 "If you like tell me anything all I know is that you are not going with me."

"Guy forget that thing. You have to go with me to this place O. What if this babe na money ritual she wan use you do, You no know say when she see us in two she go fear? Guy make we go two of us reason this thing O" He mumbled with a sweet tone.

I thought for a while and asked him to come with me.

We got to the junction and stopped Keke.

"Abeg carry us go number 18 billionaire street." karasco told the aboki Keke driver.

The Keke driver looked at us and smiled.

"Why you dey laugh?" Karasco asked the Keke driver.

"Kia. wanlahi ogah, you go pay por hundredt ( 400)"

Immediately the Keke man said four hundred, I bowed my head to the ground in pretends. 

"Kia haba Dan Allah. We no go pay you four hundred naira o, is either my friend pay 250 or we go look for another Keke." He replied the Keke man.

"What is karasco saying self? Is either my friend pay 250 or forget it? Who go pay?" I murmured to myself.  

"I can't take you to my babe house to go and eat and at the same time pay your transport no, no , mba na is not done like that."

I was still in thought when the aboki driver agreed to carry us for 250.

We entered the Keke and he drove us to a Round about junction.

"Oga na the place be this wanlahi kusoka ( get down) " said the Keke man.

I dropped down from the Keke and started walking far away from them without turning back.

"Where you de go? You never pay for the Keke." Karasco shouted to my hearing.

"Did I tell you that I wanted entering Keke? Beside I wanted trekking before you stopped Keke for us. And beside Kobo I don't have with me here so better know how to pay him." I murmured aloud to myself as I kept walking. 

With style I turned and saw karasco handing the Keke man a thousand naira note.

"So this dude has money and was pretending Asif he doesn't have." I stood from a distance watching. 

"Ben, wait for me na where you de go?" 

I hurriedly brought out my phone and placed a call to Ada.

"Hello, we are at the junction right now."

"We? Did you come with someone?" She asked.

"With a friend." I replied.

"Anyways am on my way just wait at the junction." She ended the call.

Karasco and I were both sitting on a Culvert when Karasco pinched me on the laps.

"Hey!! Ben, see her there coming. see your babe. Chinekeeeeeh😯 see her yansh, Kia this babe correct I swear." He spoke to we'll of her.

"Karasco behave yourself no disgrace me abeg."I mumbled.

Soon she got to where we were sitting and gave me a warm hug.

"This is your friend the one I saw the other day right?" She asked.

"Yes. Am his best friend. We eat together and sleep together." karasco replied.

"Haaaah, did they asked you? Sabi, Sabi" I whispered to his ears.

"Anyways let's take this way. " She said.

We got to her house, hmmmm, she was living in a mansion.

"Ooh, boy!! see house oooh." karasco whispered to my ears in excitement.

"Guy behave yourself abeg no fall my hand." I whispered. 

"Abeg ada make you no vex. Do you stay here all by yourself or you dey with person?" He asked surprisedly. 

"Yes. I stay by myself. Is there a problem?" She asked.

"Nooo. No problem." He replied staring at me.

 I gazed at him angrily and heaved heavily. 

As we entered her sitting room, karasco shouted in amazement..

"Wow!! This is paradise . Babe you are living in a palace I must confess. This is our first time entering a place like this in our entire life." he winding both his hands in excitement.

I looked at him for the third time and still kept quiet.

 I have started seeing the disgrace coming out from karasco little by little.

"Have a seat let me get you guys some thing." She pointed to a couch.

I watched her cat walk to the kitchen.

"Guy I swear if you make this babe look down on me I go kee you if we reach house." I spoke angrily, nocking his head so hard.

We were still talking when she brought some food flasks and dropped it on the dinning table.

"Come over to the dinning table." She ordered with a smile.

I watched karasco rushed to the dinning room like his house.

 Deep inside me, I was regretting bringing him along.

She uncovered the flakes oh boy. Make I no lie everywhere was stew. 

I salivate with style. 

But the very moment karasco saw the food, he clapped his hands to the air in excitement.

"This is food!!" He spoke happily.

I gazed at him and heaved. 

As we were eating, she went to get us some wine in the fridge when I saw karasco bringing out a black leather bag from his pocket.

"Guy weting you wan do with am?" I whispered. 

"I no go fit finish this food I wan pour some inside leather carry go chop for house. You know say hunger de, de for night. I bring two carry this one put your own." He whispered back.

Karasco was struggling with the leather when she came. 

"What is your friend doing with a leather?" She asked in amazement.

"I don't know ooh" I replied feeling so ashame.

"Ben why you go talk say you no know? Babe no mind am. I wan carry our food go house as I no fit chop am finish"

"You should have told me instead of puring rice in a leather, who does that Biko?." She spoke angrily.

That was my biggest disgrace ever. I kept quiet shading tears emotionally.

She opened the wine, pour it in to a glass cup, and shared it to us. we drank, got drunk and slept on the floor.

I woke up and found myself on the floor. 

I checked my time it was 9pm. Karasco was totally drunk. He was sleeping and snoring.

"You can sleep in my house tomorrow you leave." She spoke in a tipsy manner. 

She took me to her room and whispered to my ears saying ;

"Kiss me Ben."

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