Episode 5.

She placed my hand on her hips and rubbed them down to her laps romantically.

 I exhaled heavily staring at her curves. She stared right in to my eyes and smiled. 

Her body smell was catching. My AK47 started giving me a shape of joy as I slowly and stylishly looked away.

"Ben, i know you like it. Hold me firmly." She whispered.

I stood in shock staring at her sexy shape.

"Come over here am all yours to night." She mumbled. 

I was carried away and was scared of coming closer. 

She took a step to where I stood and dragged me to her bed pulling my Italian white native Wear. 

She quickly pulled off my shoes and started kissing my lips.

The softness of her lips made me close my eyes for pleasure. 

"The very moment I saw you at the bank, I was carried away. I fell in love that very moment." She spoke, drawing a line on my chest with her index finger.

"You will think I am drunk. I am not." She mumbled.

I gazed in to her eyes and heaved heavily.

"Am not drunk." She repeated.

"Sliver and gold I do not have. The truth about me is that, I am broke and jobless. I rather tell you the truth before it's too late." I stammered.

"Hahaha." She laughed then kissed my lips. 

"My love for you is genuine. Im not after your money or anything . The only thing I want from you, is love." 

I was really confused thinking I was dreaming. 

"Oh Lord, na your hand I dey." I thought to myself looking at her pictures on the wall.

I was still imagining how all this happened when her phone beeped.

She got up from the bed and walked to her TV stand. 

I watch as her back side shake like that of nicki- minaj. Her breast were full and standard. I watched as they dangle side by side making my AK47 cry for joy. 

"This is my type of woman. Everything big. I am loving what am seeing. See better curve, see better br*st everything standard." I said to myself feeling so excited. 

I was still in thought before she hung her call and walked straight to the bed. 

"Don't tell me you don't like what you are seeing." she asked, squeezing her br*st to herself.

At that point, the body was willing but the courage was no where to be found.

I summoned courage and climbed on her like a donkey, kissing her soft lips and feeling her br*st with my hands.

She moaned for pleasure staring deep into my eyes.

Immediately I stopped. And sat on the bed.

"You don't like what you see?" She asked surprisedly.

"I love everything. I am just worried."

"About what?"

I gazed at her and exhaled heavily.

"Talk to me. What is the problem?" She asked desperately.

"My Grandpa and grandma are coming to the city to see me. They thought their son has made it here in the city. They are actually coming for my birthday that's coming up in three days time." 

"Your birthday is in three days time?" She asked in amazement.

"My problem is not the birthday celebration. My problem is where grandpa and grandma will stay when they finally visit."

I bow my head to her pillow wearing a sad face.

"You don't have to worry yourself over minor things like this. I will do anything for you as long as you will keep loving me. Bring them over to my house, my home is your home." She uttered. 

I embraced her immediately and planted a kiss on her lips. 

"I want to feel you deep down inside me." She whispered gently to my ears.


"You are hard already Make me scream like a baby with this." She pointed to my Ak47. 

I looked at her beautiful face, her tempting smiles and her dangerous curve and grabbed her bre*St with my hands. 

She noticed I was looking at her when she grabbed my lips with hers. 

We were both carried away by the spirit. I was about bring out my AK47 when we both heard a nock on the door.

"Who's there? " Angrily, she asked.

"Is me O. Is karasco no vex abeg. I have gone round the rooms even went outside the compound in search of my friend Ben but couldn't find him. Please if he is with you I want to talk to him it's urgent."

"Your friend is here to see you." She mumbled.

"I heard him. I don't feel like going."

"He said it's urgent."

"I heard him saying that. But am sure he has nothing good to say."

I was about kissing her when he knocked at the door asif he wants to break through.

"Ben come out wahala dey." He shouted from outside.

I got up from the bed and walked out of the sitting room to hear what it is he has to say.

"Weting de happen? Why are you disturbing my joy?" I thundered.

"Wait oooh, what am I seeing? " He poined at my AK47.

"Guy I fit swear say you chop this fresh babe. Ben, I swear you na bad guy. No wonder I been they hear person they scream for my dream just they moan my name, karasco stop, karasco stop so na you?" He clapped his hands to the air and continued.

"Ben You wicked. I say you wicked. You allow me sleep for ground after getting drunk. You no fit call me come catch joy with her as you de do."  

"Carry you come catch joy where?" I asked angrily.

"With her na." He replied.

I gazed at him and shook my head the negative way. 

Grandpa was right when he told me karasco is not physically ok. 

I started regretting why I brought him with me from the first place . If karasco wasn't here by now, I would have been catching joy with Ada by now. 

"Guy the main really I call you be say I de hungry I swear. Help me tell Ada say make she come put food for me."

"Like say you de mad. This place no be our house o. By 2am you want chop who does that?"

"I does that. I de hungry." He shouted.

"Come. I Hope you are not mistaking Ada for your mother? Because I no understand you at all. Go and sleep is late."

I was about going in when Ada walked out of the bedroom down to the sitting room and turned on the television.

"You see weting you done cause now. Joy wey I wan get you done make her leave room." I whispered angrily at him.

"Ben come let's watch BB 9ja." She spoke in a romantic tone.

"Haaah. Ada, Ben hate that program O. Him no like am at all. he might pretend to love it but him hate am. I know him too well he is my friend."

I gazed at him angrily. 

He noticed the look on my face and asked.

"Abi I lie?" 

I left him and join Ada on the couch. 

We started watching it and soon it was morning (8am). 

I tapped Ada on the shoulder because she has fallen asleep while watching the TV.

"O, it morning already?" She asked.

I smiled without uttering a word.

She woke up and walk to one of the rooms and brought toothbrush and toothpaste for karasco and I.

 Karasco was far asleep already on the cushion chair.

"Guy wake up day done break."  

"Make we go brush this early morning? Shey me and you for house they brush around 10am why you come change for here na?" He asked stretching himself.

"If you you wont brush is fine with me. Must you talk everything we do, do at home? Guy respect yourself O, I go push you comote for this house. Na me bring you and na me go drive you if you no respect yourself." I thundered, and left angrily to the bathroom.

After we had finished brushing , I saw Ada arranging the dinning table.

"Weting you de cook as everywhere come de smell nice like this? You too know when I de hungry I swear that's why I like you." karasco asked clapping his hands to himself.

"I am not telling you anything. I want it a surprise." She replied softly.

Soon table was set as we all sat in the dining table waiting for the surprise breakfast.

 She came and dropped the first flask asking us not to open it. 

She went back into the kitchen and brought the second flask as well.

 As she uncovered it, every was stew. I watched my friend karasco as he smiled to himself in excitement.

"Hey!! pounded yam and egusi soup." He shouted and continued.

"See meat. see shaki yanfu ,yanfu." 

I gazed at him and shook my head the negative way.

"That's Ben's favorite. He don't mind eating it in the morning, afternoon and evening. This guy can chop pounded yam." He added.

She gazed at me and smiled. 

She serves us and we all began eating. I was enjoying my favorite . Before karasco started breaking bones with his teeth. 

I pinched him on his laps but he didn't stop instead he keeps making breaking them the more.

I was angry about to say a word to him when my phone began to ring.

I brought it out from my pocket only to see Grandpa's call.

I picked the call the next thing I heard was ;

"Your grandma and I are in the city right now. Come and pick us up we are at the junction." 

I gazed at karasco and Ada in shock.

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