Episode 6.

I was speechless thinking I was dreaming. I lost my appetite for my favorite meal for the first time in my entire life. 

I paused with the chicken laps on my plate of pounding yam and egusi and stared aimlessly to the ground.

My heart beat started beating faster than it should.

"Hmmmm. E be like say somebody no dey hungry o." karasco spoke as he continue to swallow down his own share of the pounded yam. 

"Why you mute?" Ada mumbled. 

I raised my head and gazed at her.

"Are you alright?" She asked again.

"She dey ask you question you keep face like chicken wey want lay eggs." Karasco teased.

"My grandpa and grandma are in the city already and I don't know what to do right now." I replied. 

"Is that why you are looking dull as if something bad had happened? You should be happy that your grandparents are coming to see you. I wish I have someone to call granny. Go and bring them to the house, but first you have to eat your food most important your chicken." she smiled in a cheerful manner.

"Bring them where?" Karasco asked surprisedly and continued.

"Ada, you don't really know who Ben's grandpa is O, that man is an old soldier. I can remember very clearly when I went to his village January 2017 for his uncle's burial."

"What about it?" She asked.

 "Hmmm." He heaved heavily and continued.

"That man na war oooh. Am sure Ben knows what am talking about."

I stared at karasco angrily and looked away almost immediately. 

"If his grandpa is an old soldier then what? table manners please." She said to karasco then gazed at me and said;

"Eat your food baby, is getting cold."

"Am ok. Let me get to the junction and pick them."I mumbled.

 I was cashless. Thinking of how to get to Grandpa.

"Go pick them na?" Said karasco.

"Guy abeg borrow me that your change wey that Keke man give you make I go carry dem for junction." 

He looked at me angrily and shouted. 

"Guy Kobo I no get. So no whisper for my ear again."

 I got up from the dinning chair when Ada held me by the hand.

"You don't have to worry. but why didn't you asked me? you went asking your friend? Anyways, you can use my Toyota spider. Here is the key. I bought it last month and I have gone out with it just ones. Feel free driving it." She said, handing the key to me. 

"Thanks alot, you are such a darling." I planted a kiss on her forehead.

"Kou, kou." karasco coughed in a disrespectful manner. 

"Come on baby let me walk you to the car." She got up from the dinning char and round her hands around my neck as she walked me.

As Ada and I were leaving the dinning, I turned to look at karasco and our eyes peered to eachother.

He pointed at my remaining food and continued eating.

 We got to her car park and she dragged me to her Venza fender and kissed me romantically.

"I love you Ben." She whispered to my ears.  

I grabbed her by the waist and spank her buttocks. 

"I am Horny. Lets do Quickie." she whispered in a romantic tone. 

I raised one of her leg and placed it on the Venza finder about fingering her when my phone started ringing.

I Ignored it and continued kissing her. I yank off her bra from her chest pressing her breast so tight that she had to moan for pleasure.

"Stop Ben." She exclaimed. 

"Check who is calling ." 

I checked it was grandpa. 

" It's grandpa." I said to her.

"Hurry up they must be waiting for you. Let me get the gate." She said.

 I hop in to Ada's Toyota spider looking at her as she opened the gate. 

"Ain't you coming with me?" I asked smiling.

"I would've love to. But I have to prepare something for them before they arrive." She replied.

 I drove off waving at her. 

I drove to the junction and saw Grandpa and Grandma seated on a wooden chair through the screen of the car.

I drove in speed and parked right in front of grandpa dusting up the sleeping dust.

"Who is this madman that wants to kill me before my time? Come down from that car and face me. I said come down and face me,. I will show you that old soldier never die " He thundered. 

 Grandpa was ranting pointing his fingers at me in the car when I hoped down from the hot Toyota Sider.

"Chinekeeeeeh. Ben is this you? So is you that wants to push down an old man? Honey are you seeing what am seeing? " He asked Grandma pointing at the Toyota Sider.

He went round the car investigating it like a police officer. 

"So you have been enjoying yourself in the city and you left your Grandma and I to thole in the village right? Ben idi wicked." Grandpa spoke in amazement.

I was trying to tell him that the car wasn't mine when he sighted the car head light.

"Ooh my God. Honey his car is double head light ooh. This car is worth 10 millionaire. Ben has made it far in the city." He rushed and embraced me tightly.

"We are tired take us home I want to take my bath. I don't like my smell." Grandma said lifting her bag to the car.

I helped them carry their bags in to the car.

"This car is cool. Turn on the air conditioner let me feel it a little. Is been a while I entered a ride like this" Said Grandma.

"Ben , why haven't you been sending money to us? Had it been I didn't force your grandma to the city we wouldn't have known that you have made money in the city. God has blessed you for us." Grandpa praised.

I was driving and nodding my head to everything they were saying. 

" Jesus!! Ben has started keeping money in his car . 1,2,3,4,5....50. fifty thousand naira in a car to show how far my son has made it. Am keeping this money with me am not giving it to you" He pocket the money.

I was surprised Grandpa found money in the car.

I wanted collecting it back but I know Grandpa no matter how I try he will never give it back . 

As we were about entering Ada's house, I saw karasco running out from the compound shirtless .

"Is that not your friend karasco running like a madman?" Asked grandpa.

"He is the one o."Grandma added.

 "I wonder what is chasing him." I mumbled. 

"What must have gone wrong ? Hope she hasn't made up her mind to drive us both from the house?" I thought to myself.

I drove in with the Toyota spider making a louder Horn.

"Oh, oh, my God . Look at my son's house. This is unbelievable." Said Grandpa.

"Ben has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Seven cars in his house. Oh thank God.". Grandpa began singing and praising God in igbo dialect.

Bowed my head to the ground trying to reason why karasco left the house shirtless when grandpa tapped me.

"Ben, you have made it. God has bless you." He round his hands around my neck and kept dancing.

Grandpa thought everything he sees in the house belongs to me.

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