Episode 7.

I left Grandpa and Grandma and tip toed following the back door in fear. 

Everywhere was quite. No music, no sounds, nothing at all. Fear gripped me from cloud nine as my heart beat started making a thunderious sound.

I was really scared and was thinking why karasco left the house shirtless.

Slowly I opened the door Walking straight inside tip toeing to each of the rooms opening and closing them one after the other.  

Suddenly I heard a sound coming from the front door, I paused for a moment and grasp out in fear as I watched my spirit left my body for safety.

I was about going to the kitchen door when I received a slap from behind . I couldn't turn back to see who did that.

"Why are you tip toeing in your own house Ben? I have been standing and looking as you opening and closing each of the rooms in this house." Grandpa shouted. 

Hearing Grandpa's voice, I turned in and gasp in fear.

"You look frighten. What is it?" He asked. 

"Nothing Dad. I just wanted to surprise someone." I replied him walking out of the sitting room. 

"Go and help your grandma with her bags. You left us out to surprise who? " He asked.

I left without replying to his question.

 I walked out heading to the car where grandma was. 

"Why did you kept us outside? You left your Grandma outside to be eaten by your dogs right? " She Thundered. 

"Not really Granny , The dogs won't bite they have home training." I replied her in a softly voice as I held her by the shoulder.

"God has really blessed you O. Look at your house very big. How do you cop staying in this big house all alone? " She asked hitting my back with her bag.

" Granny , it's just the Lord's doing nothing else."

I was about telling her whose house it was when we both heard Grandpa shouting from the sitting room.

I dropped the bags I was holding and ran inside leaving Grandma behind.  

Immediately I rushed in, I saw Grandpa standing very close to the TV that was been hung on the wall.

"What is wrong Grandpa?" I asked with fear looking round the house .

"So you now own a wireless TV that hang itself on the wall. This is the type of igwe's TV in the village. Ben you have gone far. God has bless you for us " He praised.

"Was that why you were shouting?" I asked, throwing myself to the cushion chair like a lifeless elephant.

Just then Grandma walked in and asked what had gone wrong.

I told her Grandpa was showing his excitement visiting my place.

"I thought something had gone wrong" She gasp.

"Show me my room let me freshing up. I told you I don't like my smell I need to bath." She spoke angrily.

At that point, I went outside the compound looking for Ada but couldn't find her.

 I walked back in to the room searching the bathroom for her. 

"What are you looking for?" Grandma asked in a worrisome manner.

 At that point, the mouth was willing to talk but the body was busy climbing upstairs looking for Ada. 

"I wonder what this boy is looking for in his own house. Honey , when I came in I saw him tip toeing to each of the rooms Asif something is wrong somewhere. Am not even comfortable here I amO." I over heard him while I was mounting upstairs. 

"Ada, Ada !!!!" I screamed her name so loud to the hearing of Grandpa and Grandma.  

"Am in the kitchen." She answered in a louder voice. 

I walked down stairs heading to the kitchen room when Grandpa called me back .

"Come here Ben." He ordered.

I began to wonder what the call was for. 

"So you have a woman in this house with you? No wonder you haven't been sending money to us in the village after making it big in here. Hmmmmm." He heaved heavily and gazed at Grandma surprisedly and continued.

"I wll want to see that woman that has denied us from eating from our son."

"Grandpa is not like that I..." 

"Shut up. Shut that smelling mouth of yours. Just go I don't want to talk to you . I will talk when she comes out." He thundered and turned to Grandma.

"Can you imagine your son?"

"I thought as much." Replied grandma.

I was worried walking to the kitchen to meet Ada as tears tousle on my eyes.

"If only they will allow me explain everything to them I don't think I will be facing all this drama." I said to myself. 

I opened the kitchen door and found Ada preparing food for them.

"Where have you been? I have searched round the rooms for you but couldn't find you. Where did you go to?" I asked in an astonishing manner.

"I have been here all through. You mean you search for me even in the kitchen you didn't find me?" She asked back hitting the pot with a spoon.

"Anyways, never mind. Grandpa and Grandma are here."

" Oh, my God!! let me go and welcome them." She demand.

I held her by the hand and whispered to her ears.

"Not now baby. They are really tried and need a room to rest." 

"Give them any of the rooms let me make the food fast. Go, go and show them." She smiled. 

I walked out of the kitchen to the sitting room dragging their bags along with me upstairs. 

"Let me show you to your room." 

"Chere, chere. Where are you taking us to?" Asked Grandma.

Grandpa looked at Grandma and said;

"I told you." 

"I don't want to go upstairs because I can't be climbing up and down everyday. Biya this boy, do you want to kill my waist?" She asked. 

"Can you imagine honey, he even went and asked the woman in the kitchen before showing his parents their room. To fiyaa kwa ( God forbid) a woman can not control me in my house." He thundered angrily.

"She has charmed my son. That woman is leaving this house to night." Said Grandma.

"That's how women do, once they noticed you are rich they will just throw themselves on you, and this woman in question has just charmed him. Can you imagine this boy, leaving large and forgot us. The whole us." Grandpa spoke angrily.

"Let me take my bath. I will so finish her," said Grandma.

I was weak in the spirit but strong in physical. I didn't utter a word to them as I showed them their room downstairs.

I left them and went upstairs agitated and upset. 

I was weak and tired thinking of the next step to take when I heard Ada calling on Grandpa and Grandma for lunch.

"Mummy and daddy food is ready."

I rushed downstairs like a wounded lion Calling on Ada ..

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