Episode 8.

"This is not the right time to call them to eat Ada." I thought to myself rushing downstairs worried. 

I went downstairs and there she was. She was knocking at their grandpa's door for lunch.

I dragged her by the hand to the kitchen.

"Why are you dragging me here? Am done cooking. I was calling on them to come and have something to eat. it's eight minutes pass the hour of two" She spoke angry as she raised her head to look at the clock on the wall.

I gazed at her and remain speechless. Her beauty made me speechless. Ada has this tempting eyes that could make one speechless when she twitched them.

I heaved heavily thinking of the right word to say to her. 

"Why are you looking at me that way? Or don't you want me to see your Grandparents? "

"No,no,noo naaaaa . Is not like that . Just that they are not in good mood right now. I think there's something troubling them both." I mumbled. 

"If really something is troubling them what does it got to do with me? I just want to greet them nothing much to it. Why are you stopping me? " She desperately asked.

"I am not stopping you."

"You are." She raised her voice on me.

"I will call them both to come and have lunch myself ." 

"Are you hiding something from me? If you are , better tell me now or never." She exclaimed .  

"I am not hiding anything from you. you know I can't do such." I mumbled.

"Really? " She asked walking out of the kitchen door.

"Ada! , Ada!!" I beckoned.

She didn't turn nor uttered a word at me. 

I heaved heavily and rushed to follow her behind when I saw grandma on the dinning chair.

"Biya here Ben. Come here." She thundered.

"Where are you rushing to? Your Grandpa and I heard the woman you kept in your house calling us to come and have lunch . Where is she? call her for us since she doesn't know how to welcome her parents." She spoke angrily, folding her hair ties to herself.

Just then Ada walked in. 

"Good afternoon ma'am. You are welcome." She mumbled. 

Grandma chuckled and turned to look at me.

"Biya Ben, is this the lady?" She asked.

Immediately she asked, I heaved fearfully.

"Answer to my question." She thundered. 

"Grand ma, is Ada." I replied. 

Grandma gazed at her and shook her head.

"Biya, beautiful girl. What is your name?"

"Mama I have told you her name already." I interfered.

"I didn't ask you." She thundered at me.

"My name is Ada, Ada Izuchukwu." She replied. 

"Serve us food first." Ordered Grandma.

"Where is Grandpa?" I asked Grandma wearing a smiling face.

  Just then Grandpa walked in. 

"What is it for lunch?" He asked. 

"It's karamaris." Ada replied.

"Biya this girl, Ogini bu karamaris?" He asked surprisedly.

"Is estados unidos meal. Mexican jellof rice."

Grandpa and Grandma gazed at each other almost immediately without uttering a word. 

Just then Ada uncovered the flask cover and everywhere was stew. 

I said everywhere was stew.

I stood close to Ada salivating. 

"Serve this food very fast I can't wait to have a taste of it." Grandma Ordered. 

She dished for them both and sat on the dinning chair. 

Grandpa raised a gazed at me and heaved.

"So this is what Ben has been eating . No wonder he has started getting pot Belly."

" Where is karasco ? We saw as he rapid out of the house shirtless. Hope all is fine?" Asked Grandma.

"He was at the dinning table making a call which after he started ranting at the caller. I tried asking him what the problem was, but he left without uttering a word." Ada elaborated.

"But biya Ben, have you called him?" Grandpa asked in a worrisome manner.

"Let him stay where ever he is. I know he is doing fine."

"Make sure you put a call to him before evening." Said Grandpa

"Let him stay there O. I don't want him here." I murmured to myself .

"You know your birthday is in two days time and you need to call him Because we want him to witness the good news your grandpa and I have for you." Grandma uttered.

I heaved a sign asking myself what the good news was all about. I know Grandpa too well his good news are never good at all .

After the lunch, Ada and I went upstairs. 

I grabbed her by the hand and whispering to her ears in a romantic tone.

" Thanks for everything. Without you what would I have done. I promise I will never leave you no matter what." 

She smiled.

I planted a kiss on her four head hugging her tight to myself.

She turned and pushed me to the side of the bed kissing my lips as she dangled her fingers to my chest.

 My AK47 smiled for joy as it gave itself a curve shape.

"Let me dance for you." She whispered in a romantic tone.

 She got up from the bed, and played a song.

 I watched her leap romantically, twisting and shaking her waist side by side. 

"Wow." I smiled to her dancing styles.

 "Come and show me some of your dancing skills." She ordered.

I was shy covering myself with the blanket. She forcefully dragged me away from the bed , holding my hands tight to hers 

"Rock me back to back. " She whispered to my ears.

I held her tight, touching all the touchable. I made her go horny. 

She hugged me and forcefully forced her lips to mine. I kissed her as we both landed in the bed.

 "This will be my opportunity to make her moan for more." I said to myself.

I rushed to her lips kissing her like a madman. 

"Stop Ben." She moaned.

I climbed on her like a donkey as she held my AK47.

"Let's not do this your parents are here and will hear us." She plead.

I quietly stopped and covered myself with a blanket. 

"Good night Ben." She said, covering herself. 

The next morning Grandpa came knocking at the door so loudly that I had to get up. 

"Good morning Grandpa." I greeted. 

He gazed at me and shook his head.

"What is good about the morning ? You are supposed to be at work. Hope is not that thing in your room that is making you to miss work ?" He asked wrathfully. 

"Grandpa, you don't have to call Ada a thing. you know her name call her by name Biko papa is too early for this drama." I replied him wearing a sad face .

" Oh, oh, ooooh , so because you have made money you now think you have the power to challenge your grandpa right ? See Ben, I paid your school fees, I made you who you are today. without my money you are nothing you clown." He thundered.

I became speechless watching grandpa throwing insult at me just then we both heard a nock on the door.

"Who is there." Grandpa asked angrily.

" Is me karasco." 

"Karasco? What does he want again? I thought he has gone for good." I thought to myself.

"That woman must leave this house you can't be stupid and be lazy at the same time." He thundered, and went to get the door.

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