Episode 9.

I watched grandpa walking towards the door. My body became weak as joy left my body to panic.

 My heart was beating as I wondered why he came back. 

"Push the door is opened already." Grandpa instructed. 

"Good morning sir." He mumbled, as he looked grandpa in the eyes. 

"Do I look like am Happy? Keep your morning to yourself ." 

"Haba, Grandpa. You don't have to be angry with me ooh, if you no dey Ben and I for done die tey, tey for this world. You done forget when we come village we no get money you dash us something? food , water everything na you big ooh." He praised and hugged Grandpa.

Karasco has a way of making Grandpa smile which am yet to find out how he does that.  

"Why were you running out of the house the other day shirtless like a madman that has seen a ghost?" Asked Grandpa. 

He heaved heavily and raised a gazed at me.

"I asked a question didn't I?" Grandpa thundered.

"Is a long StOrY. Na my mama no well, As dem de Rush her go for hospital na him they come get accident for road again she come break her two legs. The doctor they talk say before they go start treatment we must pay seven hundred thousand na him they de find money so ooh ." He replied in a teary tone.

"But have you asked your friend Ben? " Grandpa asked.

"Ask who?" He laughed and rushed in to the restroom..

I walked in to the bedroom and found Ada awake weeping. 

"Why is she weeping? Could it be she heard my conversation with Grandpa? " I thought to myself.

Immediately she saw me walking in, she wipe off her tears. I was bittered seeing her cry. I held her hands and asked in a quieting breath. 

"Why are you crying?" 

"Am not crying . I thought of something that had happened in the past."She replied in a teary tone.

"Something that happened in the past? " I asked . 

"Is nothing serious am fine." She replied, and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

I sat down on the bed with my two hands on my head. I was worried thinking of what would become of me if Ada happened to chase us out of her house.

I was upstairs agitated when I heard a clamored downstairs. 

"What is wrong this time around?" I thought to myself running downstairs like a madman.

Just then I heard Grandma shouting at Ada.

"What is it by your time? Is this how lazy you will be to our son when he married you? Look at the time, waking up by 11am as what ? Answer me as what ? Lazy you." I watched Ada shade tears for the second time. 

I was bittered that I couldn't hold it anymore I felt for Ada.

 "O my lovely Ada. no ,no, nooo na Ada can't face this alone." I said to myself walking to the kitchen.

Just then karasco came out from his room as he heard the clamor.

"Mama you don't have to talk to Ada like that, if only you knew who she really is you will start treating her like your own daughter mama." I spoke wrathful.

" Why you come they shout for your grandma like this na? guy you de fuck up O. Na your Grandma ooh. Because of woman now you de form legend abi?, by the time this babe go disown you na that time you go know say you get Grandma and Grandpa." Karasco interfered angrily and walked back to his room. 

Just then Grandma walked to Ada and pushed her to the wall. 

"Mama stop, mama stop na." I ranted.

"Ooh you want to beat me too? come and beat me Ben, come and beat me ooooh. " Grandma yelled like a baby.

Just then Grandpa rushed to the kitchen .

"What is going on here ?" He thundered.

"Is your son, he wants to kill me because of Ada." She replied in tears.

"Ooh! So you now want to kill my wife, your Grandma and make me wifless right?"

"Grandpa is not true. I didn't touch her." I replied.

"Shut that mouth. Because you have made money you want to intimidate your own blood right?"

"Grandpa is not what you think. I was only trying to..."

"Shut up your mouth. I made you who you are today so don't think because of a woman you want to reject your own." He sparked angrily.

Karasco rushed out for the second and gazed angrily at me.

"Your friend want to kill his grandparents." Grandma spoke angrily. 

"Because of woman you wan kill your only family for this world ? Na you Sabi oooh." He spoke and left.

Later at night, Grandpa called on everyone to the sitting room. 

"As we all know I am the oldest and the strongest in this house . your Grandma and I didn't come to the city to fight you or give you headache. We only came to celebrate birthday with you . Because you have made money you now think you have grown wins to challenge those that raised." 

Just then karasco interrupted .

"Which money him get? Grandpa, this guy is a broke ass I de tell you Kobo him no get." 

"Shut up. shut that dirty mouth of yours am talking you are talking are you alright?" Grandpa thundered.

"Sorry sir." karasco pleaded.

"Sorry for yourself." Grandpa replied angrily.

I heaved heavily and Grandpa continues..

"We all know tomorrow is Ben's birthday and we really have to celebrate it big since he has made money . I have invited the igwe and the chief cabinet, they will all becoming here tomorrow morning . The princess that you had been dying for will also be here. The good news your Grandma and I has brought to you from the village is that if you marry princess Amara you will be crown as the next igwe."

Karasco gazed at me and raised a thumbs up to my face.

Princess Amara was my girlfriend back then in the village . I could remember the love we both shared but that was in the past.

 I was In thought when Karasco whispered to my ears .

"Guy see as favor they follow you like MTN everywhere you go . I go stand by your side once you are crowned as the igwe. Forget Ada make you become king . You think say e easy to be king ? Just then me and you go hammer buy big, big cars build house wey pass Ada own. Guy reason this thing oooh because if you let am pass you, I go disfriend you for good." He spoke happily. 

I took a glanced at Ada she wasn't smiling at all . She was wearing a sad face as I could see tears dripping from her eyes .

I was distress and held her hands from the under table but she forcefully dragged them off me .

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