Story: Wrong Number Episode 22

Story: Wrong Number Episode 22

Episode 22

During the week, I got a call from my ex. I wondered why he was calling me. I didn’t pick the first time, but he called back and I picked it. He started with this apology speech. He spent close to 10min apologizing.

I told him I did not have anything against him, I believe everything that happened between us happened because we are never meant to be. If we are meant to be together, then he wouldn’t leave me for someone else. But I was surprised at his response.
“No no no, don’t say that, we are meant to be, it’s the devil’s work”
“Devil’s work indeed” I hissed

“That girl hypnotized me, I wasn’t in my right senses”
“Tunde will you please spare me all this sermon. I have things to do”
“ Please don’t hang up on me, I’m very sorry. Pamilerin please I want you back in my life.
“ Now you make me laugh, what happened to your golden girlfriend?”
“She’s no longer in my life, she almost destroyed me. Antonia is not a wife material at all, she’s a gold digger”
“So I’m now your rebound girl right, you are my past and I want you to remain there. Please find yourself another girl cos the number you just dialed it’s not available”
“Pamilerin, please…. OK let’s meet and talk things through”
“I’m sorry I can’t meet with you, I don’t have that luxury of time”

“Pamilerin, I know have wronged you, I made a mistake please forgive me this time. You can yell at me, you can even hit me. I just want you back in my life”
“That will never happen, not in this life, not even in the next”
“Pamilerin please don’t say that, I still love you…I never stopped loving you” he pleaded.
“Tunde! In Justin Beiber’s voice: Go…and… love… yourself, I don’t care about you anymore, I’ve moved on and you should do the same”

“You don’t like Pamilekun,do you suddenly became a dullard, because the last time I checked you are the second best student in my set. It’s like you’ve forgotten everything you did to me or you need me to refresh your memory?”
“I know, I now realized my mistake, it’s just that I still love you, no other woman can understand me the way you do”

“Since you refuse to understand a simple English that it’s over between us, then I need to press the red button” I said and disconnected the call.
That day I was so pissed, he ruined my mood that day. Tunde’s call opened a fresh wound.

Daniel called later in the day, he noticed I wasn’t in a right state of mind. He ask what the problem was. Initially I told him it’s nothing, but he pestered me so much that I eventually opened up to him.
“I don’t think that guy what all this stress you are putting yourself through” he said.

“I know, but he made me remembered everything I went through in his hands, I mean he treated me like a piece of thrash”
“Do you still love him?”
“That will make me the dumbest girl on earth if I still love that kind of a guy. After everything he did to me!”
“Then put him in his place, and take your mind off the past. Don’t allow him destroy your happiness”
“OK, I will, thanks”
“Now I want you to smile”

“Thanks, your words already melted my anger” I smiled
“I’m glad to hear that” he said.
We changed the topic and we talked for a while. He also made plans for the weekend. And I promise to see him on Saturday.
After that day, my ex kept on calling but I ignored his calls 


Can Pamilerin reconsider Tunde maybe he has realized his mistakes.

Remember an adage says devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. 

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