Story: Wrong Number Episode 27

Story: Wrong Number Episode 27

Episode 27

Weeks later, I got a call from Mr Paul, he said he’s at the hospital with
“Daniel is down with Malaria” he informed me.
“Huh! Mr Paul you almost gave me an heart attack, malaria!
“You know the fever is alien to his body, he never had malaria before”
“That’s true, I almost forgot he’s new here”

“He’s been tested and the doctor attending to him has commenced
“I’m coming over, which hospital?” I asked.
He gave me the description and I cut the call.

I got to the hospital, I called Mr Paul, he met with me.
“How is he?” I asked immediately I sighted him.
“He’s better now compared to when he just got here”
He led me to the private ward where he’s been treated
He smiled when he saw me. “Paul called you?”
I nodded.

"Paul, how could you, I don't want her to see me in this state" he queried Mr
Paul jokingly
"If she doesn't see you in this state, who will? And you are all smiling
immediately she walked into the room" he countered.
“How are you feeling now?”
I asked
I’m much better, he said and held my hands. Thank you”
"Malaria brought a full grown man to the hospital. Welcome to Africa,
Nigeria to be precise” I said and we all laughed.
“How come he had malaria, the whole mansion was fumigated before
his arrival” I asked Mr Paul
“Mosquito are everywhere my dear, fumigation or no fumigation and
more so the place was fumigated two months ago or so”
“Maybe the fumigation should be monthly then or else this Mr new
comer here will have to visit the hospital every month”
“Geez! Are you referring to me?” Daniel asked facing me with a funny
“Yes, Mr JJC”
“What’s the meaning of JJC” he asked Mr Paul who was just smiling.
“Daniella, Let this man be nau” Mr Paul said laughing.
“Lips sealed” I gestured with my hand.
A nurse came to give him drugs.” Have you eaten sir” The nurse asked.
“No he hasn’t taking anything since we got here” Mr Paul answered
the Nurse.

“He has to eat something before I can administer the drugs, since he’s
no more on IV fluid” the nurse explained.
“I’ll go get him food now” Paul said
“There’s a cafeteria downstairs” the nurse informed

“I’ll be back in 30minutes time” the nurse said and left the room.
Some minutes later, Mr Paul came in with the food. Daniel refused to
eat, he said he doesn’t feel like eating.
“Daniel please try, you heard the nurse, she won’t give you your drugs
if you don’t eat” I said.

“I just don’t feel like eating, my taste bud is bitter”
“Sorry... that’s malaria for you, you just have to force yourself or should
I feed you”
“No, don’t feed me” he said feeling embarrassed.
“Let her feed you, trust me it works, you’ll finish the food before you
know it. Daniella, go ahead and feed him” Paul said and ushered me to
the side of the bed.

I fed him and he ended up eating half of the food. The nurse came by
later and administered the drugs.
He was discharged later in the evening and was told to come back the
next day to take his remaining injections.
Mr Paul drove him back to the Mansion while I returned home because
it was late already.
I called him when I got home to ask after his health.
I’m feeling much better now” he said
“Good, make sure you eat and take your drugs”
“That’s if you’ll come feed me”
“Seriously! I was begging to feed you earlier, now you want me to feed

“That was then, just promise you’ll come and feed me tomorrow”
“Ok…I’ll see you tomorrow big baby”
“Three names in a day, this fever has ruined my ego” he said and I
laughed at his joke.

I promised to check on him the next day. I called Mr Paul too and
thanked him. He has always been there for Daniel and I appreciate it.

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