Story: Wrong Number Episode 39

Story: Wrong Number Episode 39

Episode 39 

Daniel and I paid the Pauls a visit.

The couples were excited to see us, it was a surprised visit cos we didn’t informed them we’re coming.

David jumped on Daniel.

“Hello handsome,how are you doing?” Daniel said handling his cheeks.

“I’m fine sir” “I think we bought you something” he said playfully and I handed the pack of chocolates to him.

“Thank you Uncle, thank you Aunty” he said jumping happily.

Daniel handed a bottle of red wine we brought to Paul.

“Thanks” he said.

I noticed Lizzy’s baby bump.

“Someone won’t be able to drink this wine” I said pointing at Lizzy’s tommy.

The couples smiled.

Daniel took a good look at Lizzy and immediately he got the gist.

“Congratulations to both of you” he said “Congrats” I said and hugged Lizzy.

Lizzy went to the Kitchen to prepare something for everyone, I also tagged along and I use that opportunity to congratulate her again.

We all settled down to eat, while eating Daniel got a call from his younger sister in the states.

He was smiling while receiving the call, I guessed he had really missed his sister.

I know it’s not beast staying here alone without ones family.

After the call he informed us that his sister is coming to Nigeria that very week.

I’m very happy about the news at least I’ll get to know her before the wedding.

We all had fun, including the little man among us.

We played video games, took pictures, we had some serious discussions as well which includes our wedding.

We left after two hours or thereabout.

Sharon, Daniel’s younger sister came from the states to visit her dear brother.

We got along real fast, she’s a free spirited person, a bit taller than me, beautiful, light skin, slender body that will catch the attention of guys.

She’s the only girl, so she sees me like a sister she never had.

Initially I had the impression that she’s the snobbish type but I was wrong.

She was so sweet to be with.

Along the line I discovered something shocking about her.

I was at the mansion to keep her company.

She was engrossed with her phone, I moved closer and tried to peeped at her phone.

“Sharon, you hardly noticed I’m sitting next to you, what are you watch? “It’s a TV series, Empire” “Wow! I love the show too, in fact I just downloaded the latest episode last night.

Season 3 episode 6″ “Really! That’s what I’m seeing right now” “Who is your favorite character?” I asked her.

“Its Cookie.

I really love Taraji P Henson” she replied “I like cookie too….

but my favorite character is Jamal.

Jussie Smollett he’s just so cute.

I love him, but I was disappointed when I found out that he’s gay in real life also.

How can he waste he’s fine boy like that.

I wonder why handsome guys choose to be gay” Immediately I mentioned gay, Sharon’s countenance changed.

“Why did you give me that face?” I questioned “Nothing, please excuse me” she stood up.

“Sharon!” I held her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Daniella, please….

” I pulled her back on the chair.

She looked right back into my eyes.

“I’m a lesbian” She said calmly.

I doubt if I heard her well.

Daniel’s sister, a lesbian “Lesbian what!” I was shocked at her revelation.

I was mute for more than 5minutes, trying to process what she told me.

“Daniella, that’s who I am, I’m a lesbian” “That’s not who you are, homosexual it’s evil, wicked and a sin.

In fact its one of the sins that made God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah”I explained.

Did your family members knows about your sexuality?” I asked “No they don’t I hid it from them, if Daniel finds out he will strangle me” “Huh!” I sighed heavily.

I wondered why people trust me with their secret.

This was too big for me but still I can’t turn a deaf ear on the matter.

“How long do you plan on keeping it, or you will just walk up to them one day and tell them you are getting married to a woman? “Daniella, I don’t plan on telling them.

They won’t consent to it, so there’s no point telling” “Sharon, I’m sorry but I can’t hide the truth from your brother, you have to tell him” “I can’t… tell…him” “Please I can’t keep this from him, you’ll put me in big trouble if he finds out later that I knew about it” “He won’t find out if you don’t tell him, I’ve succeeded in keeping it for years” “I’m sorry Sharon, I don’t keep secret from him, trust me I learnt the hard way.

Despite the fact that you guys lived all your life abroad, that Ekiti blood is still flowing in his veins” “Daniella but I trusted you” “You can still trust me, we’ll find away around this, trust me.

I will tell him if you can’t” “Are you sure you can handle it? You’re about to unleash hell” “Leave that to God.

Are you in a relationship presently with another female?” “Yes, and we love each other” The sound of the statement she altered disgusted me.

How can one fall in love with a fellow woman.

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