Story: Wrong Number Episode 40

Story: Wrong Number Episode 40

Episode 40

Are you in a relationship presently with another female?” “Yes, and we love each other” The sound of the statement she altered disgusted me.

How can one fall in love with a fellow woman

“The first step you’ll have to take is to end the relationship” I stated “That’s going to be difficult, I love her” “I know it’s difficult, but its going to be easier since you are here in Nigeria and she’s in the state” “Daniella!” She sighed.

Let me think about it” “Please be fast about it, and end it quick with her.

Once that is settled then we can move to the next step” I went on and on to explain further.

I told her she wasn’t created that way.

The only relationship God approved is the one between a man and a woman.

I quoted some words from Open Heaven devotional that i read some days ago just to open her eyes to the truth.

“One reason why some people attach themselves to sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality and all kinds of abominable acts today is because they have shut their heart to God’s word.

When you fill your mind with the Knowledge of God, His words, His ways, there will be no space for junk and lies of the devil in it” She listened with rapt attention.

“Sharon! i held her two hands in my palms.

Homosexual behavior can be conquered, as evidenced by many people who have completely given up the lifestyle” I quickly searched for some scriptures on my phone just to buttress my point.

If homosexual behavior were thought to be inborn , Scripture would not have said….

“Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones.

In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.

” (Romans 1: 26 -27 ) The clear implication is that the homosexual acts were deliberate choices.

If homosexual behavior were thought to be unchangeable, Scripture would not have said… “And that is what some of you were [past tense].

But you have been washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

” (1 Corinthians 6: 11) “All this are written in the bible” Sharon asked curiously.

“Yes, So you see there is a way out” I said She nodded, I realized everything I said is getting to her.

I promise to always remember her in my prayers.

I believe all things are possible with God.

“Can God really help me?” she asked “Of course he can, once you believe and you are willing to let go this lifestyle.

He said we should ask anything in his name and he’ll do it” “Can you fast?” “I can’t fast” “Of course you can, we are doing it together.

And you have to be closer to God now and you need the holyspirit.

Are you willing to let go?” “Yes, I’m ready” “Then leave the rest to God” i said with all confidence.

I excused myself and went to the kitchen to fix us something to eat.

Tunde called me and informed me he has gotten a job through one of Daniel’s contact.

I was really happy for him.

“Is the salary okay” I asked “#250,000 for a start” “That’s good” “I was given a flat and an official car too” “That’s good, since accommodation is out of it, then you can save better” I said “Pamilerin, please thank Daniel for me, although I’ve called him” “I will, I wish you the very best Tunde, please take good care of yourself” “Thank you for everything Pamilerin, I will never forget everything you did for me” “All thanks to God, I pray we all meet at the top.

Bye” “Bye and I wish you and Daniel all the best” “Thanks” I ended the call and called Daniel’s line to thank him.

“I thought you said you don’t have connections”I said forming seriousness.

“Oh! Tunde called you right” “Thanks my love, Thank you for doing this for me” “Anything to make you happy my queen” “I’m really happy right now, thanks” I said.

We talked for awhile before disconnecting the call.

A week to my birthday.

Daniel called and asked what my plans are for my birthday.

“I don’t have any plans, I’ll just celebrate it on a low key.

I replied “Ok, what do you want for your birthday” “All I want for my birthday is you” I said smiling “Wow! You have me already” “Yes and I’m grateful for that” “Ok then, I’ll see you on your birthday” On my birthday around 7pm, I heard horns outside the gate.

We are not expecting anyone” I thought.

I called on my younger sister to go and check who’s at the gate.

I stood in front of the window to see who it was.

She opened the gate and I saw Daniel’s car, followed by Paul’s car.

I was surprised, they all called me earlier but they never said they were coming to my house.

Daniel alighted from the car, Sharon alighted too.

Paul also alighted from his car with Lizzy.

I saw them bringing some things out of the car.

I saw drinks, cake and all.

I was wowed.

I was just standing there in front of the window, I watched them walked into the house.

“Happy birthday!” they all chorused and hugged me one after the other.

I was so happy.

“You did not tell me, you’re planning something” I said as I hugged Daniel.

“I just decided to let you be, since you said you wanted to celebrate on a low key” he said smiling.

“Thank you sweetheart” I said and pecked him.

They all gave me the gifts they got for me except Daniel.

I can’t wait to open their gifts.

Lizzy shared the drink and snacks.

We snapped and cut the cake.

My Parent came back from work and joined us in the celebration.

An hour later, we were through with our small party.

I saw them to the compound with my siblings.

“Wont you asked for your birthday gift” he asked him “ What else can I ask for, you already made my day” “I want you to ask, so ask me” “Ok….

Daniel can I have my birthday gift?” “Yes my baby, here is it” He held a car key before my face.

“Your car is parked outside” he said “You bought a car for me?” “Enough of taking cab, it’s a slap on my face” I ran towards the gate, I opened the gate and right in front of me I saw a brand new Honda CR- V 2016 model.

I looked back and everyone was outside including my parents.

I jumped on him and hugged him.

“Thank you so much my love” “You are most welcome my darling” I entered into the car and start the engine, Daniel opened the gate for me and I drove the car into the compound.

Everyone congratulated me.

This is my best birthday ever.

I’m just a secondary school teacher for crying out loud and here I am with my own car.

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