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ANIKE Episide 11 to 20


Episode 11


by Toyin Taiwo



I woke up by 6am. I prayed briefly, at least I thanked God I didn’t die overnight. I took my bath, I wore a strap pencil dress.

I lie on the bed after dressing up, I was called up for breakfast around 8am on Saturday morning.

I met him on the dinning reading a newspaper.

Good morning sir, I said as I joined him”

“Good morning, hope you slept well?”

“Ehm….Yes I did”

He was wearing a white crested navy polo on a navy blue three quarter baggy.

“You did not sleep well” he said, more of a statement than a question.

“How did he know, did he has a camera in that room” I thought.

“You have sleep bags on your eyes” he said as if he read my thought.

“Oh!” I said in a low tone, I doubt if he heard.

He continued. “So why didn’t you sleep well? I hope I’m not a bad host”

“No sir, maybe it’s because I’m new in this environment”

“Ok, let’s eat”

The table was all set again, as if we are having a feast. I went for fried rice and chicken and stepped it down with juice.

I excused myself, I went back to my room after eating.

Two hours later or thereabout, I heard a knock on my door, I did not bother to ask who it was, I just opened and Admiral Alawode was standing in front of me.

I’d like us to talk, he said and I made way for him to come in. He sat on the two sitter chair in the room and gestured for me to sit beside him, which I did. He moved closer to me, I inhaled his expensive cologne.

“Tell me about yourself” he said and I told him everything, my fathers demise and what brought me here.

He asked if I have a boyfriend, I said no and he asked why, then I told him about Olamilekan and how he left the country to study abroad. I told him ever since he left I’ve decided to be on my own for the time been.

He was a good listener, he listened with rapt attention, he paused me once in a while to ask questions. After he got all the information he needed about me, he held my hands.

“I’m sorry about your father but I’ll try all my possible best to help you and your family get back on your feet” he assured me.

“Thank you sir”

“You are…..”his ringing phone cut him short

“Please excuse me” he said

“Your Excellency sir..…. Alright Mr President” he said

“Did the president just called him? Happy was right. I was wowed, have never been close to someone who had such connections all my life. So Happy was right” I thought.

After the call, He asked for my bank account details and I gave him.

“I just transferred some money into your account” he said while tapping on his phone. I got a message alert on my phone, I checked, it was a bank Alert, my account was credited with #1 million. I opened my mouth but I couldn’t talk.

“The driver we take you to the airport, now, I’ve booked a flight to Lagos for you, go and sought your family out with that money for now. I have a house in lekki you can move them into the house for now, I’ll call the securities there and notify them. I want your siblings to go back to school, use the money to pay the bills, there are good schools in lekki, they can attend” he said

I was on my knees crying before he could stop me.

“Thank you very much, May God bless you, every good thing you lay your hands on shall prosper in Jesus name” He asked me to stand but I refused to, I was on my knees praying all sorts of prayer for him. He watched me and allow me do my thing. I stood up when I was through.

I was so elated, then I remembered my mum, what will I tell her when I get to Lagos. The man read me like a book, he knew something was wrong.

“What’s the problem?….. Oh your Mum, no mother in his right senses wouldn’t ask questions, but you’ll have to come up with something or better still, tell her the truth, you share your problems with someone and he’s willing to help, after all that’s what it is for now. I could talk to her on phone to clear her doubts” he suggested.

“He gave me his number.” That’s my personal line, you don’t have to go through my PA or the normal protocol. Just call me anytime, and let me know if you need anything. I can’t believe he could give me his personal line, Happy did not have it. He asked for my phone number too and I gave him.

I got to Lagos and went to the church where my mum and siblings were staying in Maryland. I cried when I saw my mum, she has grown lean. She told me the church has been catering for them for some days now.

I sat my mum down and explain everything to her. I told her the truth, let’s say half truth not 100% truth. I had to leave the path that Admiral Alawode is my soon to be potential sugar daddy.

I called a cab, we packed the few things they have with them and went to lekki, I gave the cab man the address and he took us to the place.

I knocked at the gate and the security man opened, he said his Boss had called, so he let us in, the securities even helped carried our bags into the house. The house was cleaned, I’m sure they clean it everyday, the sitting room was well furnished. The house is a duplex with six rooms

We were still settling down when two guys came in with groceries, they stalked the kitchen with food stuffs and fridge with food, drinks and bottled water. The freezer too was stalked with meat, chicken, pepper and other perishable foods.

My mum was just wondering what miracle was going on. I know she had things on her mind. I had so many things on my mind too.

“I thought this man did not like me at first but doing all this means he’s interested. But come to think of it, he did not touch me all through my stay in his house” I said in my mind.

I went into the kitchen with my immediate sister, Adekemi. We prepared rice with meat stew. My siblings were happy.

“I can’t remember the last time, we ate good food like this” Okiki our last born and the only boy said.

“All thanks to our loving sister” Adekemi added with smiles on her face.

“Let’s just give thanks to God, our suffering is over” I said.

Everyone had already picked a room, after eating, I went to mine, while my siblings settled to watch TV, there was subscription on the cable.

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ANIKE Episide 12


Episode 12

by Toyin Taiwo



Some minutes later, my mummy who was quiet all through came into my new room.

She sat on my bed. “Anike, who is this good Samaritan, that did all this for us without even knowing us?”

“Mummy I told you everything, he just decided to help me after hearing my story, nothing more”

“How did you meet him?”

“I met him through Happy, my nice room mate I told you about. He is Happy’s Uncle”

I couldn’t believed I lied easily to my mum, I never lied to her and she always believe every word that comes out of my mouth.

“Anike, hope you’re not keeping a sugar daddy because of us?”

“Mummy he’s not my sugar daddy, will you talk to him, so you could be rest assured?”

“Yes I will” she answered.

I thank God Admiral gave me the permission to allow her speak to him. I put a call through to him. He disconnected and called back.

“Good evening sir, my mum will like to speak with you” I told him.

I gave my mum, the phone, he told my mum, he just wanted to help since he had the capacity to do so. My mum thanked and prayed for him, She said she would like to meet him to thank him in person but Admiral Alawode told her not to bother. She passed the phone over to me, when she was done talking. I thanked him too.

My mum was a bit confused rather than convinced. A sugar daddy wouldn’t have spoken to her the way he did.

“Anike, swear to me that, there’s nothing between you and that man, Mummy there’s nothing between us(at least for now; I said that in mind) He’s just God sent Mummy”

When she left my room, I called Happy and explain everything to her.

Tinuke called me later that night and I told him about Admiral Alawode, she was not happy with the decisions I took. But I told her, I had to do it for my family. She knew my mind was made up already. She adviced me to quit once I get what I wanted from him.

On Sunday we attended a church very close to the house, although one of the security men insisted on taking us to the church, there was two cars in the compound.

After service, will started planning for the next day, my siblings has to go back to school.

On Monday morning, the driver took us to one of the schools around, he said the school is one of the best in the area.

We got to school and was taking to the admin block, the admin gave us some forms to fill. He asked for there classes. Okiki is in SSS 1 while Adekemi is in SSS3 he gave us the bills, Adekemi’s bill was much because of the NECO and WAEC fees. We are to pay in bank. I ask if I could make the transfer online since I have the mobile app on my phone He said I can make an online transfer which I did. He connected my phone to the printer and printed out the transfer details.

My siblings were given uniforms, cardigan, sport wears, books and some text books. He called on the office assistance to show them to their respective classes, while i returned home with my mum.

We got home and I started preparing for school, I already miss today’s lectures. I informed my mum that I was leaving.

She prayed for me and thanked me.

“Anike if you need anyone to talk, I’m here and please don’t sell your body because of us. Please if he wants something else from you, don’t hesitate to tell me. We can easily return all the things he gave us ” She said crying.

“Mummy why the tears again, I’m fine don’t worry about me” I hugged her and picked my bag.

“Admiral Alawode called me. He told me he had booked a return ticket back to school for me.




I got back to school in the evening. Happy gave me a warm welcome and went into details. For the very first time she prepared a meal for me.

“So he didn’t touch you, that man really surprised me o, I never knee he was this gentle, I know he’s nice but never thought he could act cool around a girl like this”

“I was surprised too, that reminds me. What did he say about me?”

“He said he likes you immediately he set his eyes on you, that you are charming. He said he expected to see someone who will dress to kill but he said you looked very homely and he loved the simplicity about you”

“Really, I thought he wasn’t interested in me, although he was indifference, I can’t say whether he likes me or not”

“Maybe he wants to make sure he makes you happy first before sleeping with you”

“Happy, you won’t believe the president called him and they were chatting and laughing”

“I told you, he’s one of the top rated people of this country”

“Thank you so much, Happy. You don’t know what you did in my life”

“You are welcome, please don’t disappoint me. I don’t want him to call and start complaining, anyway I trust you won’t fall my hand”

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ANIKE Episide 13


Episode 13


By Toyin Taiwo



The next day, I resumed lectures. Admiral calls me everyday to ask after my family and my well being. On Thursday evening he asked if I could come spend the weekend and I agreed. Please who am I to say no.

He sent #200,000 into my account. On Friday morning, I fixed my hair and do some shopping. He booked my flight and by Friday evening, I was already in Abuja.

The driver was already waiting for me at the airport, he took me to the house. He joined me in one of the sitting rooms, I had to thank him all over again. We got talking, he’s very jovial I already noticed that on our phone conversations during the week.

Dinner was served and we ate together, quietly. After the meal he said he’ll join me in my room later. My heart skipped a bit. “Tonight is the night” I said in my mind.

Later in the evening. He joined me in the guest room and we got talking again, he ask some questions about school and my academics. I was wondering if coming to Abuja is just to chat with him.

He told me, I could ask him any question if I have any. I asked about his family. He told me he’s divorced, he also told me what led to the divorce. He has two kids who lives and school in the UK.

He told me they don’t come to Nigeria, he only visits them. He said they are with their mum and are doing fine.

I asked why he didn’t remarry and he said he has trust issues because of what his wife did to him.

He told me he has a function to attend on Saturday and he wants me to accompany him.

“One more thing, my PA will take you to the hospital first thing in the morning…”

“Hospital! I didn’t allow him land. “Sir! Why are we going to the hospital?” I asked curiously.

“Just to run some tests, I want to be comfortable around you” he said. You’ll also so be placed on contraceptive to prevent pregnancy” He explained

“That means we’ll be having s-x without protection ” I thought and I shiver.

“Don’t worry I’m clean, you can sue me if you find out I’m not”

He smiled “And stop referring to me as sir, call me prince, that’s what those who are close to me calls me”

“Yes sir… I mean prince”

He bade me good night and left the room. I thought of everything he said before I slept and I know there’s no turning back.

The next day, I followed his PA to the hospital, series of test was conducted, HIV, widal test, blood count, sugar level, blood group, genotype, ECG name it, I was even taken into a machine where I was scanned from head to toe. I went back to the doctor’s office after the tests. PA was there too. I entered and sat next to him.

The Doctor gave me the contraceptive pills Prince told me about. He said, I can’t get it on counter, so I have to come to get it in the hospital once it’s finished, he said I could tell prince to send any of his staff to get it for me. He then handed a brown envelope to Mr PA before we leave.

We got back home with the sealed results in PA’s hand. He was in another sitting room watching CNN. He opened the brown envelope and read the report which I guess was satisfactory because he was smiling.


He discharged his PA. Your result came out good. He handed a plastic bag that was beside him to me.

I brought out the two packs, I couldn’t believe what I saw. IPhone 6 and Samsung S7 edge and apple laptop.

I looked at him with a questioning eyes.

“They are yours” he said

“Thank you sir, God bless you”

“Like I used to tell you, if you need anything whatsoever, do not hesitate to tell me”

“Ok sir”

“Don’t worry I’ll have some things deliver to you in school next week”

“Alright sir, thanks”

He told me to go and prepare for the function we are attending. I got to my room and met a Red Vera Wang couture evening dress, a black Prada peep toe heels and purse. I wonder how much it will cost. I changed and I was summoned to join him in the car. I came out and the motorcades were set to leave, black cars with tinted glass. I was lead to his car which is in the middle and I sat besides him. I felt like a queen or a first lady.

We alighted when we got to the venue, I was really shy around him, I’m sure some people will take me for his daughter except for those who knew his children. It was an elites get together, I met with some, senators and governors I only see on TV. Some top celebrities were also there. I feel good to be around great people.

One of his friends, told him he likes me, he said he won’t mind having me, when his through with me. He told him I’m not a random girl and the man shut his mouth.

I was happy, because I can’t imagine him passing me around among his friends like we see in movies.

We got back home that night, I was filled and I told the chef who called me for dinner that I’m filled. I got to my room and showered. I changed into a my night dress. I put on my data and start replying messages on Facebook and WhatsApp.

I also called my mum who obviously thought I was in school.

Some minutes later one of the staff told me my attention was needed in the Admiral’s bedroom. My heart skipped multiple beats.

He led me to his room and left. The room was glorious, even a five star hotel rooms is no match. You can’t insomnia in this room.

He ask beckoned on me to come sit on the king size bed with him. I was nervous and I didn’t do well to hide it.

“Anike, relax. I don’t bite” He said and took my hand, I followed him and we both sat on the bed.

“Anike I really like you. I know you are not a prostitute and I will never treat you like one. I’ll wait till you naturally warm up to me. I should have just let you go the first time you came. I can choose to help you and your family and just let you go, but you are exactly what I needed in my life right now. I want someone like you, not call girls.

As for me I’m good with you, just try and like me a little, it might be difficult because of our age difference. I know I could pass for your father, that is sure but I need a companion and I found one in you”

I only nodded to everything he said, sincerely I don’t know what to say.

“Can you sleep beside me tonight?” he asked.

Please what I’m I suppose to say. I said yes and lay on the bed. He laid beside me.

“Good night” I said closing my eyes in fear.

“Good night or do you care to sleep in my arms”

I nodded like a little girl and he pulled me into his arms. I slept in his arms and woke up in the his arms on Sunday morning.

I stood up quietly.. I tip toed and went back to my room to bath but my things were no longer there.

I met one of the staff and he told me my things has been moved into Admiral’s room this morning.

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ANIKE Episide 14


Episode 14


by Toyin Taiwo


I went back to his bedroom he was now awake.

“Good morning, how was your night” he asked.

“Fine I was told my things have been moved into your room”

“ Yes, you are no longer my guest or you still consider yourself as one?”

I just gave him a faint smile. He continued.

“I already told you what I want from you, if I just want to sleep with you, I would have taken you to a hotel, you won’t be in my house not talk of sleeping in my room, on my bed.

“I get it sir, it’s about companionship and not just se.x”

Prince” he corrected.

Ok Prince, I need to bath, where are my things”

He led me to his closet And I almost fainted, when I saw his closet. Designer Shirts….suits….pants…..ties….shoes…..perfumes, wristwatches, name it. The closet could pass for a boutique.

Then I walked down the closet and took a closer look and I saw female collections ranging from wears, shoes, bags, purse, female wristwatches, all designers and I noticed the clothes and shoes were all my size. Is this what I’m thinking?”

“They are all yours, except you don’t like them” I heard his voice from behind.

“Prince! Of Corse I love them, thank you”

“You don’t have to come with clothes whenever you are coming to Abuja, in fact you can just come in with just your phones and purse. You are also free to take any of them along with you when you’re going back to school”

“Prince you will spoil me rotten” I pointed out.

“Allow me spoil you my princess”

I saw my box at the corner, I picked the things I needed including underwears and went into the bathroom, locked the door from inside.

He saw me when I came out of the bathroom with a top and towel around my waist.

“Anike…. He said teasingly. I walked passed him and went into the closet. I picked a Givenchy peach color peplum laced top on Amy green midi length fitted pencil skirt. By the time I was through dressing up, he was already in the bathroom. So I went to sit in one of the sitting rooms.

We ate breakfast and I informed him I’m going to church. Since he didn’t sleep with me the previous night I was still free to go to church, or so I thought.

“I’ll tell one of the drivers to take you” that was all he said.

I was happy he didn’t frown at my idea of going to church.

After breakfast, I went back to put finishing touches on my dressing. I wore a light make up, I picked a matching Dolce&Gabbanna high heel sandal and purse. I looked at myself in the mirror and I liked what I saw. I looked classy and I determined to carry myself as one. Because I know everything I wear from now on is standard.

I was about to leave the room when he entered. I saw the look in his eyes, he gave some compliments before I left the room.

I came back from church and asked after Prince from his PA he said he’s not back from Church. “So he goes to church too, I thought” The master bedroom was locked but Mr PA opened it for me.

He met me eating lunch when he came back, he changed and joined me.

“You didn’t tell me you are going to church” I said

“You didn’t ask” he replied

“We could have gone to your church together”

“I worshiped at the chapel in Aso rock and you can only get in with a security clearance” he explained

“Oh! Now I get it”

“Don’t worry we can go together next time. I’ll arrange it”

“Really!” Seriously I wouldn’t mind. Worshipping in Aso rock chapel.

After having lunch. He took me to another sitting room, I’ve not been there before. This was exquisite, I wondered the amount of money that was put into the interior decoration. The first two sitting rooms is nothing compared to this one. We got talking, the TV was on CNN.

“I doubt if you watch any other station aside this CNN” I asked.

I noticed I’m more free with him, ever since last night.

“I thought you won’t complain” he smiled and handed the remote control to me.

“Help yourself” he said

“I changed the station to E! Entertainment.

“Ladies and entertainment gossips” he smirked.

He made some phone calls while I was engrossed with my TV program. He called his kids too.

“How old are they, your children” I asked when he ended the call.

“My daughter is 22 and my son is 19.

“This might sound awkward but your daughter and I are age mates”

“Yea, it sounds really awkward” He draw me closer to him and rest my head on his chest.

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ANIKE Episide 15


Episode 15

by Toyin Taiwo



Hours later he offered to show me around the house. It was a cool evening. It was a nice tour, the house was really big, the staffs too has there own lodge. He showed me around the garden, he has two swimming pools. We returned into the house, and went into his bedroom. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him.

“What time do you have lectures tomorrow?”

“ 8am”

“I suggest you go back today so you won’t miss your 8am lecture. I’ll call PA to arrange for your flight ticket.

“Thank you sir, you are the most considerate and selfless person I’ve ever met.

He transferred #500,000 into my account, I hugged him this, time. He hugged me back and kissed me on the forehead. He told he’ll be traveling tomorrow morning and will be back in two weeks.

“See you soon my beautiful princess, have a safe trip” he said and pecked me on the cheeks.

The driver announced his set and followed him out.

I got back to the hostel in the evening, my room mate was not back. Prince called me, I told him I just got in. We talked for more than hour before he ended the call.

Happy came back in the morning while I was preparing for lectures.

We exchanged greetings. “How’s Admiral Alawode” she asked

“He’s fine”

“Any show?”

“No show”


“Why is he doing all this?”

“He said it just about s-x”

“He’s really working on you o, I think he doesn’t want you to have you just for s-x. He wants you to love him, he’s really love starved”

Happy was right, prince wants to have my heart not only my body. But how can I fall in love with a man old enough to be my father.

I left the room and went for lectures.

Prince called everyday and we talked for two hours minimum everyday. During the period of two weeks he transferred close to #800,000 into my account. I spend wisely, I saved most of my money.

I had to learn from my Mum’s mistake. I only sent money home and I also transferred #100k to Happy. We talked about so many things, we spoke freelt to each othef. He told things I never knew about navy, I almost wish I joined the navy. He said I can apply once graduate, he will get me in easily but I told him to get at least one of siblings into the navy instead. And he promised to do so. Atleast I can secure the future of my siblings too. We discussed politics, his personal businesses, my academics and all. I always asked after his children too.

He said he miss me and I said I miss him too. I miss you” I don’t know where that words came from, but I’m sure is from mouth. I think I’m going to miss him. And my heart is gradually warming up to this wonderful and charming man. He’s really getting into me and I can feel it in just two weeks.

Two weeks later, he was back, he invited me over that weekend and I was in Abuja.He was so please to see me, so am I. He hugged me and planted a dry kiss on my lips. A current ran through my spine.

Take care and have a safe trip” he said smiling.

One of the staff took my hand bag to his room. I followed the guy, I needed to change to a comfy foot wear.

I joined him shortly, it was almost time for dinner.

“Let me get to the kitchen” I informed him.

“To do what?” just talk to the chef if you need anything”

“I want to cook for you, don’t you get tired of the chefs food( he has two chefs)

“You want to cook for me!”

Are you scared I’m not that bad”

“No I was just surprised, that’s thoughtful of you”

“Just tell me what you want, and I’ll prepare it, you know I cant make different dishes like your chef”

“I made to leave and he followed me. “You want to come into the kitchen, your men are around o, what will they say if they see you in the kitchen”

I’ll just keep your company, he followed me, I can’t imagine what was going on in the mind of his staffs who saw us.

I made jollof spaghetti and garnished it with chopped beef, chicken, fish, carrot green peas. I served it with chilled ice tea. The chef offered to help me set the table but I declined.

“Wow, it taste great, you are a d–n good cook”

“Thank you”

“I hope you’ve not committed yourself because I won’t mind eating your food whenever you are around”

“That’s not a problem, I’ll gladly oblige you.

Later in the night I showered and changed again in the bathroom. I wore my robe and lay on the bed. He showered and joined me. He cuddled me as I lay in his arms

“Anike do you want to be with me or let me put it like this do you like me enough to be with me?”

“Prince….I like you already. It’s been a month now we knew each other and you are practically everything to me. A father, helper, friend, confidant and a companion. I now enjoy your company, you should that I like you already”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear those words from you” he said and pulled me closer. I felt so secured in his arms that I slept off

The next day, Saturday morning. After breakfast, he took me out to catch fun. He promised to take me some resorts outside the country when I’m on holiday. He asked if I have an international passport and I told him, I have. My Dad got it for me before he died.

“That reminds me, I have a conference meeting in south Africa this week, but you can join me on Friday, then we’ll come back on Sunday. Please say yes”

“Yes, I’ll come”

“Good how arrange everything”

We got back to the house, I just took fruit and went to bed.

“Are you sleeping already?” he asked when he entered the room.

“No I’m still awake” We gist about the places we went to earlier, he said some funny things to him and I hit him playfully. We started rolling on top each other. He stopped he was on top me. He looked me in the eyes, I saw desires in his eyes, I knew he wanted me. I closed my eyes and he kissed with burning passion, he’s big hands were doing wonders on my body. He made to undress me and I held his hands.

“Prince! Wait!”

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Episode 16

by Toyin Taiwo



He made to undress me and I held his hands.

“ Prince wait! Please put off the light” I said and released his hands.

“Anike stop been shy around me” he whisper softly into my ear. “Or is it because of our age difference”

I shook my head, I was nervous.

“Anike don’t tell me you’ve not done this before”

I nodded sharply.

“You are a virgin?”

I nodded again.

“I thought you had a boyfriend?” I nodded.

“You didn’t have s-x?” I nodded again

“Oh… my… Gosh!” he exclaimed and sat up.

“Prince!” I found my voice. I tried to pull him towards me

“Anike, I can’t take away your innocency, I have a daughter who’s your age. I can’t do it, at my age!”

“We don’t have an alternative here, just do it”

“I can’t take your virginity. I can’t do this to you Anike”

“Prince I’m ready?”

“Anike let’s sleep” he said and lay on his back.

I lay on my back too staring at the richly decorated pvc ceiling. I did a mental calculations in my mind.

“Many girls had given their virginity to guys who doesn’t worth it. Guys who doesn’t even love them or care about them. Guys who took them for granted, who never appreciate them. They gave it to them free. Prince deserves it not after everything he’s done for me

I made up my mind to do the needful. I reached for the bedside lamp and turned it off. I climbed on him and kissed him.

“Prince, take advantage of me”

“Anike stop!”

I unloosed the sash of my robe and pulled it off, revealing my bare body.

I kissed him deeply this time and he responded.

“Are you sure about this? He asked.

“Prince, I’m sure, make me a woman”

“Anike I did not even meet my own legally married wife virgin”

“Lets say fate gave you what you never had, so do it”

If that’s what you want, let’s make you a woman”

Before I knew it he was he was on top. I was nervous, my whole body was shaking.

Anike relax, if you don’t relax you’ll feel the pain more”

He made sure I was well lubricated to reduce the friction.

“Please don’t hurt”

“I promise it won’t hurt much, I’ll go in slowly”

He made love to me and minutes later, my virginity was history. We had s-x twice that night and the second time he made sure the light was on. I closed my eyes, I don’t want to see his face when his eyes are feasting on my body. I bled those two times, but the s-x was not that painful as I envisaged.

The next morning, I woke up and saw a small table with food set before me.

“Breakfast in bed!”

“Good morning sunshine” he said smiling.

“Good morning and thanks for the treat”

“How’s the pain?”

“A bit sore but I’m fine. I have to brush my teeth first” I said and went into the bathroom to brush.

I ate my breakfast while he was busy starring at me like I came from another planet.

Later that morning, we made love again in broad daylight. Though I was a bit shy but he said that it will fade away with time.

I set to leave in the afternoon and this time he accompanied me to the airport.

Ever since that night he took my virginity. Admiral Alawode worshiped the ground I walked on.

That week he bought me a brand new car, Honda civic 2016 model. It was delivered in front of my hostel. It was a big surprise for me, he didn’t inform me, he just called and told me to meet someone at the gate of my hostel. I saw Mr PA and the car. All the students in my hostel insisted I must celebrate it which I did. That week he sent #1M into my account.

The following weekend, I joined him in south Africa, he’s PA showed me around, Prince was busy all through. He only joined me in his hotel room in the evening. We hang out once before we returned to Nigeria on Sunday.

Some weeks later, we started our 1st semester exams. I didn’t go to Abuja through out my exams period.

After my exams, I went to the departmental office with some of my course mates to collect our IT letter.

I rented a two bedroom flat for myself off campus. My things were much, there’s no where I could keep them till I come back from IT. Although I don’t plan to live in the hostel in 500l, so more reason why I got the place. I moved all my things from the hostel into my new apartment.




I told prince, I want to have my IT in Lagos, there I can get big pharmaceutical companies or food processing company where I could work or NAFDAC, I prefer the later, though they don’t pay much but I needed the experience. He promised to help me secure my IT placement.

I went to Abuja, I spent one week with him, before going back to Lagos. He pulled some strings for me and I was told to submit my IT letter in NAFDAC the following week, just for formalities sake.

I went home to my family members, my mom was glad I’ll be staying with them for good six month.

Although I lied to her, I was ask to resumed in two months time. I had to lie because I had plans with Prince who was on 8weeks sabbatical leave.

For good two months I was flying everywhere, from one country to another with Prince. We traveled to UK, US, Dubai, Tanzania, Dublin, France…it was a world tour and the experience was great. I shopped to the extent that I got tired of shopping.

I came back finally to Nigeria, Lagos to be precised for my IT. I wasn’t able to go to Abuja on weekends like I do in school. My Mummy never buy my excuses for traveling. I only visited twice and that was because I lied I had a wedding to attend.

Prince had to come to Lagos to block me. We do meet in a five star hotel in Lagos.

Six month into my affairs with Prince. I gave my mum a cheque of #5 million to get a shop and start her own business from my own personal savings. After a long sermon that Prince is just helping us, no string attached my collected the check. She even made an offer to meet and thank him one on one, but he told her that wouldn’t be necessary. Prince also changed the document of the house we are staying in lekki to my name. But I didn’t tell my mummy.

My account started buzzing and I decided it’s time to give back to the society. I started helping the less privileged which includes visiting orphanage homes. I donate also in churches.




Gradually I started falling for Admiral Gabriel Alawode.

One of the things I love about him is that despite is age, he’s very young at heart. He knows everything that’s happening in the social world. He knows the trending artists, music, actors. He’s a social media person, only that he doesn’t expose his private life on it. In fact I sometimes get fresh gist from here.

He only feigns rigid and over seriousness when he’s on uniform but once he’s out of the uniform, or behind closed door, he is down to earth.

He was a sweet man to be with and He was just so sweet to me that I couldn’t help falling in love with him.

There was a day we were having a phone conversation and at the end, I subconsciously said ‘I love you’

“Anike did you just say you love me?” he sounded excited.

“Did I just say I love him?” I asked myself too.

“Ehm…no… I…”

“Its OK, you don’t have to deny it”


“I love you too my Princess” he said before disconnecting.

Ever since then, we always end our calls with ‘I love you’ and it never sounded awkward to me, rather it sounds like music in my ears.


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ANIKE Episide 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20ANIKE

Episode 17


by Toyin Taiwo



IT was over and I was back in school. I told Happy to move in with me and she agreed, trust me I always pay my dues. I can’t rule out the fact that I’m where I am today through her help.

A month after resumption, the class rep made an announcement that we’ve all been given Project supervisor. We are to go to check the list at the HOD’S office. We all went to the departmental office after the day’s lectures.

I checked my name and I was to be supervised by Doctor Williams. I was paired with three other student. The four of us decided to go to him to present ourselves as his project student.

After the brief introduction, he told us to go and choose three topics each, so he’ll be the one to pick one for us out of the three topics. He gave us his numbers and we gave him ours too.

We all turned to leave and he told me to stay back. The others left and I was left alone with him.

Firstly, he took his time to scan me from head to toe. From my Givenchy orange jump suit to my Fossil George brown copper wrist watch and down to my Dior sling back heels and bag.

“Anike! I’ve had eyes for you since 300l and I’m happy that fate brought us together at last. I’m happy you are one of my project students.

I like you and I want to date you” he said after sizing me up.

“You want us to date or you want to sleep with me?”

I said that because that’s his specialty, sleeping with female students.

“Wow! I know you are sound academically but I never knew you are this blunt. You are very correct I want to sleep with you. I want to see this gorgeous body clothes is covering” He said smiling seductively.

“Sir with all due respect that will not be possible”

“Then be prepare to have an F in this project and you know what that means”

“Sir, please I can give you anything you want other than my body” I went on my knees pleading.

“See big girl like you kneeling down. Get up my dear, kneeling wont solve this. Just give me what I want and you even sweat to get an A in this project”

Doctor Williams should be in his early 40s, no doubt he’s handsome. Female students throw advances at him.He had history with quite a number of them. Why he wants me to add me to the lists is what I don’t get. I don’t dress provocatively, I rock expensive wears, fine but not seductive ones.

I stood up, ready to leave, since my pleadings didn’t work.

“Meet me this weekend at Cascade Hotel, room 106”

“You will wait till eternity” I said and left his office.

I went straight to the HOD’s office and I met some of my course mates. I told them I want to change supervisor. But they all warned me not to try it that I’ll attract unnecessary attractions to myself from the other lecturer.

I was mad, I determined not to give up easily. I seek counsel from another lecturer in the department and said the same thing. I even told him my supervisor wants to sleep but he advised him to keep on posting him, he said the man is mouthed in the department, he might not allow me graduate if I don’t thread carefully.

I asked him if I could report to the HOD and he told said

You want to use monkey to harvest banana. You want to report a flirt lecturer to another flirt lecturer”

I gave up on my pursue of changing supervisor. So I decided to play along, I won’t say yes, I won’t say no. I’ll just keep on posting him.




On Saturday, I was in Abuja with Prince. My supervisor called and called. Prince noticed I wasn’t picking my calls.

“Why are you rejecting your calls?”

“It’s not an important call”

“Your admirers won’t let me have a quality time with my Princess” he said going through his tabloid.

“Prince it’s my project supervisor”

“Pick it then, maybe he wants to discuss project”

“He’s waiting for me in a hotel as we speak”


“When did that start?”

“This week”

“And you didn’t tell me”

“I thought I could handle it”

“By not picking his calls! When will all this male lecturer stop this their sexual assault”

“This one is even worse”

“What’s his name?”

“Doctor Williams”

“Junior lecturer?”

“No, Senior lecturer”

His call came in again. “Pick the call and record your conversation” he said and I obeyed.

I recieved the call and recorded our conversation.

“I’ll call your VC” he said when I was through with the call.

“You know the VC?” I was surprised, he never mentioned it.

He nodded dialing his number.

“Is there anyone in this country you don’t know?” He didn’t answer me, he had already placed the call.

He spoke with the VC on phone. I heard him gave him my details (department and level) then he mentioned the lecturer’s name too.

He disconnected the call. “He said you should report to his office, 11pm on Monday”

“VC’s office! Please I don’t want this case to get to that level”

My almost five years in the university, I’ve never stepped foot in the VC’s office.

“Well, it’s too late, the VC is already involved” he said. And I wished I kept my mouth shut.


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Episode 18

by Toyin Taiwo


On Monday morning, I left my apartment dressed in Versace three quarter sleeve blue blazer on a yellow sleeveless pencil dress and a matching Gucci ankle strap heels and a Marc Jacobs baguette bag. I left in my car for the School Senate building.

I report to the VC office. The VC’s Secretary asked if I was given an appointment and I said yes. She looked me from head to toe.

“Are you the student the VC expecting”


“I’m sorry o, its just that you don’t look like one”

I just smiled. She doesn’t need to tell me. I know I slay.

I waited while she called him on intercom. She told me to go in and I entered confidently.

On a good day, I would have been scared to enter into the VC’s office but that was before I met Admiral Alawode. I’ve met so many powerful people in this country through him and we’ve dined and wined together.

“Good morning sir”

“Anike from Admiral Alawode”

“Yes sir” I bowed.

“What can I offer you?”

The VC offered me a drink. I smiled

I’m OK sir

Relax, Admiral is my boss” He called his secretary, who asked me what I want. I just said malt and she served it.

I was sipping my malt when a man walked him and he informed the VC that the Panelists are ready.

“Sir, I’m I facing panel?”

“Yes, do you have the evidence with you?”

“Yes sir, it’s on my phone”

“Now let’s go”

We left and entered a conference room close to his office.

The panel consisted of just 10 people,6men and 4 women. I only recognized few of them. The Dean of student affairs, Dean of Faculty of Science (my faculty) My HOD and Doctor Williams the culprit who was on suit. Each as a table mic in front of them.

It was like a court setting. We were both called to take the stand. Each stand facing each other.

“Name please?” one of the panelist asked.

“Anike Adams”

“Matrix number?”


I was asked to tell what transpired between both of us. I said my part of the story.

He was asked if my allegations was true or false and he said it was false.

“Any evidence Miss Adams?”

“I have an audio recording on my phone” I replied and handed my phone over.

My phone was connected to a sound system and the recording was played.

Doc:Anike, I’ve been waiting for you in cascade hotel for the past one hour now.

Me:Sir, I told you I can’t do it.I can’t sleep with you.

Doc:Come and tell me that to my face

Me:I will never sleep my way to get grades, Never. I did not do it in lower levels, not now that I’m in final year.

Doc:What are you feeling like, I even try to consider you because you are tush to bring you to an hotel. Do you know how many students have sexed in the office on my table ?”

Me:That’s them not me.

Doc:Why are you feeling so special, did you have gold on yours.

Me:Yes, it’s gold.

Doc:Both those small small boys can dig it right. I give you 30mins to meet me here now or else consider yourself having an extra year. Cos I’ll make sure you have an F in your project.

Me: You know what do your worse sir.

And the recording stopped.

“Doctor Williams, do you have anything to say?” The panelist asked after the voice recording ended.

“That recording is not real sir, it was doctored”

“Will you shut up, do you know who she is? You have bitten more than you can chew and this time around, you will pay for all your past s-x escapades with the female students” in this school

Mr VC sir, we have verified the recording.

“Hold on a sec”He made a phone call with one of the phones on his table. Then Admiral Alawode’s PA came into the room.

I was like what is going on here and what the hell is he doing in this room. I left him in Abuja the previous day.

He handed an envelope to the VC and the VC pass it to one of the panelist.

They read the first one. It was an evidence from the telecommunications and it gave the details of our conversation on Saturday.

“The details here with me states that you called Anime Adams number 16 times. She later picked the call around 6pm on Saturday. True or false?”

“True, but I wasn’t to discuss project with her” Doctor Williams replied.

“You call your project student 16times, that project must be an emergency!” one of the female panelist said.

(Trust women nau, they are good at stepping on control P. She already took it personal)

“She has not submitted her project topics” he replied.

Has the other 3 project students submitted?”

“Yes they have”

“When did a submit” The dean of student asked.

“This morning” he replied.

“Smart move” he smiled and adjusted his glasses.

“Where were you on Saturday, 5pm to be precised?”

“I was in my house”

“Here is the ledger of cascade hotel, it says you checked into the hotel at 5pm on saturday”

“Yes, I forgot I was there to relax”

“And in your phone conversation with Miss Anike Adams, you specifically told her you are in Cascade hotel waiting for her”

“I called to…..”

The other female panelist hit her palm hard on the table , thereby interrupting him.

“Do you realize the VC is on sit and you are still standing there wasting our precious time here.” She fired at him.

“You still dare to deny, you good for nothing b—–d.”

Jesus Christ! That was Admiral’s voice, he was on phone all along.

All the panelist turned to face the VC, the voice came from the phone on the table. It was so audible since the table was mic.

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ANIKE Episide 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Episode 19

by Toyin Taiwo



“Well that’s Admiral Gabriel Alawode on the line” VC revealed to them.

They all stood up immediately to acknowledge him.

Prince continued.

“I should have revoke your certificates, so you won’t be able to lecture in the four walls of any university in this country again or throw you in jail and allow you spend the rest of your miserable life in prison.

But I won’t do that, I’ll wait to hear your deserved verdict.

One more thing I’m the small boy that digs that gold. Just FYI” He said and the line went off.

“What! Did he just said that” I almost said that out. He never made our relationship public, except for those who are close to him. I promise myself right there that I’ll make him pay for what he did to me in the presence of my lecturers.

The two female panelists’s gaze shifted on me and I don’t like the look I saw. Those two were rooting for me some minutes ago.

I bowed my head, cos I don’t know who to face. But I raised it immediately giving them the ‘I’m his girl so what’ look.

“Please read the final verdicts please and let’s get out of here” The VC said Checking his wristwatch.

One of the panelist read. “From all indications, all evidences pointed that you are guilty and you are hereby suspended for six month.

You are to turn over all the academic materials in your possession. All the courses you take is to be handed over to another lecturer.

You are also stripped of all facilities the school provides for you.

Also your project students will be given another supervisor.

When you resumed after 6months, no study leave and no sabbatical leave for one year.

And if any female student report any sexual assault, then you’ll be fired with no benefits and your lecturing career over.

We were all dismissed after the verdict. I met PA outside.

“Are you OK?” he asked

“I’m not OK” Though Doctor Williams deserved what he was served.

“You know you’ve saved a lot of female students from His claws”

He was right, he can never force himself on any student again.

But that was the least of my worries.

“Prince actually open up about my relationship with him in the presence of everyone in that conference room” I told PA.

“He was pissed Anike”

“Pissed! Good! And I’ll show him what it means to be pissed”

“Anike take it easy, he did all this to get justice for you”

So I should go and embrace him or give him a medal as the best boyfriend of the year?”

“Anike, I knew about your first night with him. I was in the room that morning when you are bathing and I saw the sheet Or do you think guy who did the laundry won’t tell the other staff about the sheet? I will go miles for someone like that too”

“See another embarrassment” I thought.

He continued. “ You know the way all the staff in the house treats you, they all love and respect you. We all thought Admiral brought a prostitute into his home but you proved us wrong. I see the way you treat the staff. You even threw a birthday party for one of them at the staff quarters. You think Admiral is blind, he sees everything and who wouldn’t guide such woman jealously”

“I’ve heard you, that reminds me, why did the panelist stood up when they heard his name?” I asked inquisitively.

“That’s because Admiral is the Chairman of the University govening councils”

“This same university!”

“Yes, he was appointed three years ago by the federal government”

“As usual! he’s always everywhere” I said with sarcasm.

I blamed myself for not going through the school calendar booklet. I would have seen his name there. The only one I took time to read was the one we were given in 100l.

I wasn’t feeling good for lectures, so I decided to go home. I thanked PA for his help, I offered to drop him off at the airport but he said he came with a cab driver.

On my way home in my car, I tuned into a radio station. I just needed something to lighten my mood. Luckily for me I heard a song I liked ‘I’m the one’ playing and I settled for that.

Yes! I’m the one, my lecturers should deal with it.




I got back home and changed into a pink camisole on a sky blue short. Later in the evening, I gave Happy the gist of the day she returned. She like the way everything went. She didn’t feel bad one bit for the lecturer.

Prince call came in, I stood up and went to my room to receieve his call, there I can shout at him and pour out my anger on him.

“Prince, what’s the meaning of the stunt you pulled earlier. You threw me under the bus!”

“I’m sorry, It wasn’t intentional. You know I won’t say such on a normal day”

“You think sorry will fix it. Why are you even on phone in the first place. Prince must you be there, can’t you allow the VC handle it?”

“You won’t understand, I’m mad over you”

“Do You know the kind of picture you’ve painted for me. How will I walk with my heads up when I see my lecturers”

“I’m sorry I slipped!”

“Keep the sorry to your self Beau, because I won’t let this slide”


“I need a break till I clear my head. Good! Bye!” I said and hung up on him.

“I will punish him a little” I said to myself.

ANIKE Episide 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Episode 20


by Toyin Taiwo



The next day I set to leave for school when Happy stopped me on my way out.

“Wow! Slay mama, you are looking gorgeous as ever. Who are you wearing today?”

“Happy I’m not on red carpet, why all this questions nau. See I’m not in the mood” I smirked

“I’m sorry for bothering you o, I just love the dress”

“I’m sorry I snapped, its just that I haven’t gotten over yesterday’s drama”

“I thought as much”

“OK, I’m wearing Balmain fitted Dolman top, a palazzo pant and a Valentino sandals. Don’t worry I’ll place an order for you too since you like

“No o don’t worry, with all the expensive clothes you bought for me last month”

“I’m not complaining, I’m I”

“Thanks, you are a darling” she said flashing her teeth.

“I’ll place the order later in the day or do you want it for the boutique?”

“Both, once I wear it, then my customers too would love to buy it”

“OK let me order for you first, then if your customers likes it, then I’ll give you the name of the store so you could buy from them, they sell in stocks too”

“Oh…Thank you my slay queen” she hugged me inhaling my Fancy night fragrance.

“See you later, I’m running late for lectures” I said and left hurriedly.

After the day’s lecture, I went to the VC’s office to thank him for the previous day. Unfortunately for me, I met one of the female panelist. I got to know her name through the brief introduction.

“Our Olori! (Meaning queen)how are you?” Prof Mrs. Alabi asked.

“Fine ma” I replied and bowed in respect.

“Which one is Olori again, the VC asked her.

“Admiral is a prince nau, have you forgotten? If he becomes King tomorrow then she will be his queen” she said smiling at me.

(I’m sure the VC has giving her the full gist on my relationship with Prince)

“You are right, but that’s the last post he’ll take, he always say it, that he will never let that mantle fall on him”

“King or no king, you are his queen already jare” she said.

“If you need anything of which I know you can’t need anything from me but in case you do don’t hesitate to come to me”

“Yes ma, thank you ma”

Even prof Mrs want to get acquainted with him. I’m very sure she needed a favour from Prince and want to get it through because she exchanged number with me.

“My regards to Admiral”

“I’ll do that ma”I say my good bye to them and left the office.

After much plea from Prince, I decided to lift my ban on our relationship and we were back together.Though I didn’t get to see him because he was out of the country.

Days later, He called and asked how my day went during our conversation and I told him I had a not too good day.

“A commercial bus driver bashed my car”

“Are you OK, hope you are not hurt?”

“No, I’m fine, its just the car”

“Ok, I’ve you called a mechanic?”

“Yes, I called my mechanic who joined us at the scene. He said it will cost me close to #100k to fixed the damaged part of the car. I had to let the bus driver go because where do I expect him to get #100k from. I already transferred the money into the mechanic’s account and he promised to fix it. He said he’ll be done in one week” I explained.

“One week! so you’ll be taking cab for one good week?” he asked

“What other choice do I have. I’ll just get a cab man that will take me for a week” I replied.

“OK” that was all he said.

Surpringly, the next day, I came back from school and met two of his staff in my compound. His PA is with him, I think that’s why he sent them to my place.

Then my gazed shifted to the car that was parked in my compound.

We exchanged greetings and one of them handed me a car key.

“Your new car madam, from Admiral”

“What! This man is just..….” I said surprisingly not even knowing what to say. He bought me a brand new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

I checked out my new car and I almost cry because of excitement.

I told them to come in so I could entertain them but they said they can’t wait, they need to be in Abuja.

I called Prince when they left, I was just on phone with him and I don’t know what to say. I wasn’t expecting it at all, I mean I did not see it coming. The other car is just a year old.

“Do you like your new car” he broke the silence.

“Prince I’m speechless, I love it thanks so much”

“Ok, I’m glad you love it”

“What should I do with the other car at the mechanic workshop?” I asked him.

“It’s your car do you can do anything you like with it”

“Thank you!”

“I’ll see you soon, I’ll be back next week. I really miss you”

“I miss you too, I’ll be expecting you”

“I love you my Princess”

“I love you too my Prince” I said and the line went off.

I lie on my bed, I think I’m the luckiest girl on earth. I couldn’t asked for more.




My Mum visited me some months later, I tried to make her not to come, but she was adamant. She came and saw where I was staying.

She checked out everywhere. She got to my kitchen and saw all my kitchen gadgets. She opened my freezer and shaked her head. She proceeds to my store, she saw my foodstuff that I cant even finish in a year and She stood for minutes in awe, she then came back to the sitting room.

“Anike, look at where you are staying, see your sitting room, she said pointing from 42” plasma TV to my home theatre an other expensive interior décor that caught her attention. She continued.

“An ordinary student. You even have a brand new car. Some people who have worked for years did not even have half of all the things you have in this apartment”

I just stood quietly starring at her, I dare not sit because she’s also standing.

“Anike….. Omo Eni oose agbafo oń kaso wale. (Meaning: your child is not into laundry and he’s bringing clothes home)

She continued. “And if I ask now, you will say it’s Admiral, is it possible for one man to do all this for you. I’m sure you are into runs, because that’s the norm among you girls of nowadays.

“Mummy I’m not into runs…

“Then swear on your father’s grave”

“Mummy!” I stamped my feet on the tiled floor.

“I’m sure there’s something between you and that your Admiral that I never met”

“Mummy, I’ve told you times without number, that man is my guardian Angel”

“OK, we shall see, sha don’t destroy your future, I beg you in the name of God” She said and left me in the sitting room. My mum left for Lagos the following day.


To be continued

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