ANIKE Episide 4

ANIKE Episide 4

ANIKE Episide 4

Episode 4
by Toyin Taiwo

Olamilekan called me in the evening, but I refused to pick the call, our visit to his house led to all this problem. Tinuke picked the call instead since I refused to pick up.
I heard Tinuke telling the guy that he’s free to come to our hostel anytime.
“You invited him over again?” I asked when she ended the call.
“Yes, do you have a problem with that” she said with a straight face.
“No, I just thought that’s the last person you’d want to see, after what your visit to his place caused you”
“He has nothing to do with what happened today”
“Tinuke! I can see you badly need a male friend, the one your boyfriend deprived you from having for a very long time now”
“Whatever” Tinuke gestured with her hand.
Olamilekan came to the hostel on Sunday afternoon. Tinuke told him everything that happened on Saturday, I also informed him that Tinuke broke up with her boyfriend because of me. We both pleaded with Tinuke to make up with her boyfriend.
I couldn’t believe I spoke freely with him this time. He also said it himself before he left that he was so happy that I finally spoke to him freely. He really enjoyed our company and he returned back to his lodge in the evening.
One week was gone already, Tinuke and her boyfriend are still not talking, I was feeling guilty about this, I knew my friend was doing this because of me, this is not their first time of having issues but they always resolve it.
“Friendship, I think you should talk things through with your boyfriend” I adviced.
“Noted, thanks” She responded sharply.
“Tinuke, stop forming super woman, please end this fight for all it worth”
“Ok…..I’ve heard you. If he calls next time, I’ll pick it”
“Promise” she raised her right hand up”
I went to the salon to make my hair, I asked Tinuke to follow me but she said I should go alone that she can’t be following me everywhere so I went alone. I returned to the hostel only to meet her friend crying.
“Tinuke why are you doing this to yourself? I know you miss him but you refuse to pick his calls, he sent several messages which you ignore as well. He even sent you your monthly pocket money which means he’s not fighting you.
I picked my phone and dialed Sam’s no.
“Hello please hold on for her I think she’s ready to talk now” I said and passed the Phone to Tinuke. I left the room to give them privacy, clearly I’m still pissed with the guy myself because I did not even allow him talk before I handed the phone to Tinuke.
“Hope you guys have settled” I said as I entered the room.
“Yes we have, nagode(thank you) in fact Sam could not believe you could call him to make us settle our fight. He said he’s really sorry for those hurtful words, he’ll call you himself to apologize” she said with a brightened face.
“That’s not necessary, once you guys are good, then I’m fine”
“Haba Anike you talked me into forgiving him and you have to do the same too ‘Dan Allah’ (please).
Sam called me minutes later but I refused to pick the call. Tinuke told her boyfriend to give me time to come around.


Olamilekan and I became good friends. He asked me out but I was concerned about the difference in our level at first. 100 and 400l, he’ll be graduating soon.
But after so much pestering especially from my friend, I agreed to date him. I told Tinuke about it.
“I decided to give the relationship a trial. I told Olamilekan today that I’m in, we are now dating” I informed her.
“I’m happy for you, I really like that guy for you. He’s a nice guy you know. Team Olamilekan any day, anytime.” she screamed.
“And I guess you’ll do thanksgiving in church for this because your wish has finally been fulfilled” I said
“Yes o, thank God it didn’t take you so long to figure it out, I’ve always known he had eyes for you, I wish you guys the best” she said and hugged me.
Exams started and two weeks later, we were through with our exams and preparing to travel home, we’ve both booked our flight tickets.
“I’m eating dinner tomorrow in my house by God’s grace unlike some people who will eat theirs in their boyfriend’s house” I teased
“Na you sabi o, I’m spending just two days at his place.
My boyfriend’s call came through. He asked when I was going I told him the next day. He said he’ll drop me off at the airport. I told him my flight is 8:45am. So he had to come very early. And he promised to come on time.
“You guys are traveling together, so it’s now association of lagosians abi? Tinuke asked.
“No o, he just want to drop us off at the airport, he’s travelling a day after tommorow. But we’ll see in Lagos”
“Me! I don’t like that your Lagos for anything”
“We don’t want you sef, go to that your boring Abuja”
“At least its better than your noisy Lagos”
“If I carry you go banana island you go love Lagos…o” I sang teasing her with the song.
“See you, you don’t like Pawpaw island”
“Thank you…..Eko state! here I come” I said throwing my hands in the air.

To be continued

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