ANIKE Episode 31 to 38 (The End)

ANIKE Final Episode 31 to 38 (31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38)

ANIKE Final Episode 31 to 38 (31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38)

By Toyin Taiwo

Episode 31

My mum adjusted on her seat.
“He’s divorced with two kids right?”
“Yes ma”
“Why did he divorce his wife?”
“You know naval officers travels a lot, Earlier in his career, he use to travel for six months, sometimes they are on the ocean for one year straight without going home.

His wife started having an affair with his driver who lived in the house as at that time. He got to know about the affair. He confronted his wife who denied bluntly until he caught them red handed.

The driver ran away but came back years later claiming the three kids are his.They went for a DNA test but luckily for him, two of the kids are his while the third belongs to the driver. That was he reason why he divorced his wife, he couldn’t bring himself to trust her again” I informed her.
“Why didn’t he remarry?”
“Like I said he already had trust issues, so he made up his mind not to remarry but at some points he was lonely, he thought he needed someone…
“A s*x tool” my mum cut in
“Mummy I’m not his s*x tool, if its about s*x, he won’t be with me cos I’m not s*x freaked. There are 1001 girls out there who are professor in bedmatics. He wants a companion and that’s why he sticks to me all this why” I stated.
“The private investigator said so, he said you are the only one he’s having an affair with” She continued.
“My observations are: one he loves you, that’s obvious but do you love him or is it just about the money?”
“Mum as much as I hate to admit it, I love him” I replied.
“Okay, I remembered you had a friend back then, I met in him in the house once. You said he travelled out or something. Did you get physical with him at any time before he left the country?” She asked.
“No ma” I said wondering why my mum decided to put me on a hot sit.
“Who deflowered you?”
“Mummy! Am I on a hot sit or something”
“Ehn, you can call a friend and ask. I said who deflowered you?”
“Prince Alawode”
“My conclusion” She stood up.
“He loves you, you love him, he’s single though with kids, he transformed your life and to crown it all you gave him your v!rginity.
Here’s my advice, marry him Anike”
“Mama Anike!”
“Let me have your phone” before I could act she had already snatched my phone from my hand.
“You are a child of God, it’s time you legalize your f0rnication” she said outrightly.

I don’t use to lock my phone, I never saw a need for it until today. Before I knew it my mum was already calling
Who are you calling mum?”
“He gives me joy”
Hi princess” I his voice came out from my phone, my mum put the call on speaker
“Missing me already”
“This is your princess’s mother on the line”
“Good….evening ma….and congrats on Anike’s graduation” he said picking his words carefully.
“Thank you sir, congrats to you too. You are the messiah my daughter hid from me. Thanks for everything sir”
“You don’t have to thank me, she’s with me and my responsibility is to take care of her”
“Is Anike okay?”
“Yes she’s right here. My daughter never lied to me before and that was why I believed her from the beginning.
I’m sure she already told you, now that I know that you two are having an affair”
“I’m sorry you found out this way but I never had any bad intensions towards your daughter. She’s a good girl and that’s why I kept her. The only thing I’m sorry about is dating a girl I’m old enough to father”
“I know how helpful you’ve been to me and my family ever since you met Anike and I’ll forever be grateful”
“Its nothing ma, let’s just give all thanks to God”
“What’s your plan for my daughter?”
“Ma!” I’m very sure he’s as shocked as I am.
“I mean now that she’s out of school”
“Our initial arrangement was for her to be with me for some time. But to be sincere with you ma, along the line I became fond of her that I find it hard to let go. Is Anike still there with you?”
“Yes, she’s here”
“I’ve been talking to her about marriage for some time now. She kept on complaining about age differences and all”
“You guys should stop discussing my life as if I’m not here. Prince I said it before, I’m saying it again. I can’t marry you. I didn’t sign a marriage contract with you” I said firmly.
“Will you keep quiet” My mum snapped.
“Prince Alawode, now that I know your plan, You have my consent I’ll try and talk to her.
“Mummy please don’t interfere, this is between us”
“You two should sit down and start discussing marriage. You can make the wedding small and discreet” My mum chirp in.
“Mummy when I’m ready for marriage, I’ll get married”
“Thank you ma, please help me talk to her” Prince said.
“Try harder too, I can’t force her to marry you, you have much work to do here”
“OK ma, good night”
“Good night” she said and ended the call.

“You! She said pointing at me, I’m sorry for you. You think you can get a young man abi, they will feel intimidated by your money. You think the guy won’t question your wealth and asked where about the source of your money. What work will you tell him you are doing.
Some will even eat your money and run. A man’s ego will never allow him marry a lady like you, who is rich and has everything. They will believe that you can’t be controlled.”
“Mummy God will give me my own husband”
“Amen, good night. I want to sleep”
I left the room for her, cos I needed fresh air.
My mum and Okiki travelled back to Lagos the following day, Adekemi went back to her base. I joined them a week later when I was through in school. Prince’s PA helped me move my car and other things to Lagos.

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Episode 32

Few months later, I was posted to Benue state for my NYSC. We still continued with our undefined relationship. Prince wanted me to serve in Abuja but I objected. Since he didn’t succeed in changing my mind, he processed my PPA and I was posted to the Governor’s office in Makurdi, state capital. I worked in the Governor’s office. Guys stay clear from me because of that, they believe I’m not in their league. I hate the way I’m been treated like miss world even by the governor. This made me have very few friends.

I was in the bathroom having my morning bath when his call came in. I came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around me.
“Good morning are you still at home?”
“Yes, I’m preparing for work, I’ll be out in 30min”
He complained again about my stay in bauchi and asked when I’ll come to Abuja He said he missed me though its been long we saw each, almost two months ago. I told him next week to make it two month exactly.
“Next week! Anike you want me to die of loneliness?”
“I have a function I’m attending with the Governor this weekend” I said drying my skin with the towel.
“You are a corper nau, he should go with the main staff”
“You should have thought of that before putting me in a Governor’s office. Because here, they choose anyone main staff or not” I replied removing the towel from my body.
“I’ll call him to exempt you”
“Exempt who? No o, I want to be there. I’ve been dreaming of that function for weeks now”
“Your mind is made up, I give up”
“Don’t worry, next week is around the corner” I teased.
What are you wearing” he asked seductively.
“You! Are! Shameless!” I said laughing
“Just tell me”
“Nothing, I just came out of the bathroom”
“When did you start talking dirty on phone?”
“You caused it”
“I’m hanging up now bye….I love you…muaah” I blow him a kiss.
I realized he really miss me, that was the first time of talking dirty on phone. So I decided to pay him a surprise visit that very day. I left office 4pm but I didn’t get to Abuja until 8pm, my flight was delayed.

I only told his PA who came to pick me up from the airport himself. He came with his personal car.
“How do you know he misses you, he even calls me Anike, in fact everybody in the house now bears Anike” PA said on our way home.
“Really! Anyways, I know” I smiled remembering the conversation we had in the morning.
“Anike, I need to ask you something” he said.
“Don’t worry go ahead, you have my blessings”
“You know already”
“I know you like my sister. You need to see the way she blushes when receiving your calls, she likes you”
“Thank you!”
I just smiled.
We got to the house around 8:30pm. PA tapped and opened Prince bedroom door. He stood in front of the door and bowed to greet Prince while I hid behind him.
“Where have you been, for the past 40min, I asked all the staff and no one knew your whereabout” he lashed at him.
“I’m sorry sir….I…”
“Hi” I said stepping in front of PA.
“Anike!” He dropped the tab he was holding. He stood up smiling wholeheartedly as he welcomed me with an embrace.
“Thank you” he said turning to his PA who just smiled and left.
He gave me a long k!ss and released me afterwards.

I took my bath and changed. He ordered the chef to bring in my dinner, he didn’t allow me go to the dinning to eat. As if I’ll run away. It was late to eat heavy food so I just settled for barbeque and malt drink.
He was all over me, we had s*x twice that night and chatted till 4am in the morning. I told him what PA told me earlier and he said he had informed him but he told him to inform me first.
“Don’t worry, your sister won’t have problems with him. I can vouch for him”
“I know”
“I’m also planning of getting him a political appointment with the Federal government”
“That’s good, but you’ll miss him”
“Yes I will, he’s like a son to me”
“And he loves you like his own father too” I added.
“When are you going back?”
“Tomorrow morning”
“Tomorrow is Thursday, wait till Friday, since your function is Saturday”
“But you are going for the National security submit tomorrow”
“It’s holding here in Abuja, I’ll be back once I give my speech. Three hours top and I’ll be back” he said pecking me.
“OK but if you spend more than three hours, the next time you’ll hear my voice, I’ll be in Benue”.
He k!ssed my lips. “I’ll be back early, I promise. If you miss me withing that space of three hours, just tune in to NTA and you’ll see me live”
“Trust me, I’ll watch”
After all the chit chat, We both slept cuddling.

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By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 33.

After NYSC , I told him to get me a job but he refused, he said I don’t need one, that I have
everything I wanted. But I’ve learnt from my mum’s mistake never allow any man deprive me
from working.

“What exactly do you need the job for, you have everything at your disposal” he said.
“I can’t sit around doing nothing” “Fine, if you want to work. I’ll open a boutique,
depot, supermarket or any business of your choice, just name it and I’ll get it done”
“I don’t like buying and selling. I prefer an office
work. An organization where I’ll be relevant. I want an enviroment where I’ll know what’s going on in the world. Not sit in one store throughout
the day.
“Office work? Have you seen anyone who became wealthy through salary alone. Business
and investments is the key”
“I know, I love investments too but buying and selling is not just my thing” I explained.
Prince knew nothing about my investments. He knew nothing about my landed property and
shopping complexes. He never monitored my personal life. He doesn’t keep tabs on me nor
ask questions on how I spend my money.
After so much plea he agreed. He got me a job for me at the House of Assembly in Abuja. The pay made sense and I have a very fine office to myself. I’ve always wanted that. And he also
bought me a new ride that suits my new job.

Prince insisted I move in with him but I objected to the idea. I got my own apartment in Abuja
instead. He came down to my apartment one day and started complaining again.
“You don’t listen to me, you choose to do whatever you wish” he said.
“Prince I’m not your wife, please stop treating
me as one. I still have the right to my freedom” I told him.
“Why did you refuse to move in with me?”
“Simple, I’m not your wife”
“Then let’s get married”
“And I said NO”
“Anike stop been selfish”
“So I’m the selfish one here, you’re been selfish too” I stood arms akimbo
“Do you consider my feelings at all”
“Some times it takes more than feeling. I can’t be tagged a gold digger”
“After all it’s my gold mine and I’m not complaining. I don’t get why you are so much interested in other people opinions. Who cares”
“I care, Prince there are lots of women out there who are dying to marry you, go for them and
stop pestering me”
“Anike, I thought you’ve grown to love me?”
“I do, but this love can’t lead to marriage. I’m just 25”
He walked up to me and pulled me into an embrace.
“I don’t like the way we fight this days” he said softly
“I don’t like it too”
“Is there someone” he asked still hugging me
“No” I replied.
“Then I still have hope” He smiled and k!ssed me on the lips. I made Dinner for the two of us since he decided to sleep over.
“I woke in his arms, he was already awake. Good
morning….”I yawned.
“Morning my princess”
“When did you wake up”
“Not too long”
“Something on your mind?”
“I want a baby?”
“Adopt one, or more you have the resources”
“I want a baby from you”
“From who? Not again, Prince don’t start” I sat up. “It’s baby again this time. I no longer understand you this days. From Marriage to baby?”
“Anike if you can’t marry me at least give me a child. I want something that will come out from you, like the fruit of our relationship. The product
of our love”
“What did I get myself into for God sake” I said aloud. I will not be a baby mama, I reject it. I refuse to be one” I said and left the room.

I was at Prince’s house, we are in his sitting room relaxing. I wore a pink tank top on a blue
bump short. One of the staff came and informed him that he had an August visitor, cos he wasn’t expecting anyone.
It was his opponent, Admiral Odigwe. They are both running for same post in the Navy. He
stormed in with his hefty bodyguards without been authorized to do so.
“Get inside now!” Prince ordered me. I made to leave but one of the bodyguards blocked me from moving.
“Where did you think you are going, Come back here” His opponent said and I obeyed. I stood behind Prince.
“How dare you, You have guts you know, first you barge into my house, then you start ordering people around here” he lashed at him.
“Admiral Gabriel Alawode I came just for one reason. I came to warn you, leave that post for
me or else”
“Or else what”
“Alawode…. You don’t want to find out, do you?”
“Are you seriously threatening me in my own house”
“If you call it a threat so be with but don’t say I
didn’t warn you”
“Why are you so insecure Odigwe, why can’t you
just let the best man win” Prince said calmly this time.
“We already know who the best man is, but you won’t win this time around. Alawode the high
and mighty. You know all the favors you get from this government, even from the President. You get everything at the snap of your fingers,
so why can’t you just leave this post for people
like us who are not so lucky as you”
“Like I said earlier let the committee who are in
charge choose who ever they want”
“Spare me that my friend, we all know that post
will be assigned to you, even the President wants
you to have it”
“So what do you want from me when you know
that already?”
“I want you to step down, tell them you are no
longer interested”
“Man, I’ve you ever considered going into comedy as a profession. You’ll sure make a fine one. You want me to back down for you of all
people, a corrupt and wicked soul like you? Then you must be joking” “You have no choice here”
“Really! If you had come in peace, I would have
given it little consideration, but because of this
approach of yours, I’ll win and let’s see what you
do about it”
“What I’ll do about it? I’ll show you what I’m
capable of doing, you know you have just one
Prince laughed. “I! Weakness! Odigwe stop
blabbing, I don’t have a weakness”
“Well, you may not know but you have one and
she’s standing right behind you”
Prince was shocked but he hid it well for him not
to notice.
“Like I said earlier, you’ll make a fine comedian.
You considered a call girl my weakness?”
“Quit the pretense Alawode, you and I know
she’s not a call girl”
“Then who is she if not a call girl”
“Anike Adams is the love of your life, you live
and breath her. If you really value her life, you’ll
do the right thing”
“You are bluffing, You think I’ll step down
because of that”
“77 ahmadu bello road, Wuse Zone 2 Abuja. Does
that address rings a bell?” He laughed wickedly.
“If you touch a single strand of hair on her head.
I swear on my Father’s throne, I’ll kill you with
my bare hands”
He laughed wickedly and left with his men.

I was scared, that man is sure dangerous. I could tell from the look on his face.
Prince was pacing up and down the room. He summoned all his security agents and gave them orders.
He also instructed his PA to put some things in place.
He called two of his staff. They came in quickly.
“Sir!” They chorused, all at attention.
“Go to Anike’s place and get all her things out of
that house this minute”
“What! The house I just rented?”
“Didn’t you hear him, he knows where you are staying”
“Where will I stay now?”
“Here of course”
“I’d rather go to Lagos”
“And endanger the life of your family or get
yourself killed? Are you thinking at all”
“Prince, I’m not staying here”
“I know you don’t like the idea but I can only
protect you here, out there is not safe for you”
“What about work”
“Leave work for now”
“Really!” I walked out on him in annoyance.
He followed me “ Anike, my Princess this is just
“For how long”
“I’ll die if anything happens to you my princess,
just bear with me for now. I promise I’ll handle
He brought out his phone and called the
President. The President told him he’ll inform the
minister of defense to send secret service to his
house. They all know how dangerous Odigwe can
be when he wants something”.

Two weeks later, I walked up to him.
“I’m tired of staying indoor, I’m going back to work tomorrow”
That won’t happen, not under my watch”
“That won’t happen! what kind of punishment is this”
“I’m trying to protect you”
“Prince, I’m going to work tomorrow whether you
like it or not”
“OK secret service will exhort you to work and
bring you back”
I smiled at last. I had my plans and my plan is to
go to Lagos and not office in the real sense.

The next day, two escorts followed me to the office. I got to the office and changed my clothes. I already brought a change of clothes. I used a
veil to cover my body and put on a dark sunglasses.
I came out of the National Assembly building, I
saw the exhort and I trekked down the opposite
way. I flagged down a cab and off to the airport.
I planned to stay in an hotel when I get to Lagos,
since Prince said I could endanger the lives of
my family members.
Few meters away from the airport, a van double
crossed my cab. Two hefty men came out with
guns. I was about to open the door and run when
one of them caught up with him, he brought me out. While I was struggling with him, he hit me
with a banton and I passed out.

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Episode 34

I opened my eyes and found myself in a room sitting on a chair, my hands were not tied though. I looked around and saw one of the hefty men.
“Who are you, what do you want from me? I asked and no one answered me.
He brought out a phone from his pocket and dialed a number.
“Boss we have her and she’s awake” He put the call on speaker.

“Anike Adams!” I heard the monster’s voice. It was Odigwe. “Thanks for making my work easy, have been tailing you for the past one week now.”

“Coward, you are a coward. Why can’t you fight him man to man. Instead you want to use me as a bait to get to him” I said.

“You are wrong Anike, this is how a real man fight. Find the enemy’s weakness and use it against them. Anyways your lover has three days to give up the post or I’ll kill you.”

“Even if you kill me, you won’t get that post, you think the federal government will appoint you when they know you killed someone to take the post.”

“You think so, let’s see if your old lover will choose you over the position. Anyway enjoy your stay and make your self comfortable” He laughed.

“Get me out of here this minute.”

He ignored me “Sniper”
“Yes Boss.”
“Take a picture of her and send it to me, I’ll forward it to Alawode.”
“Yes boss” he said and hung up.

He snapped me and send it. Some minutes later he called back.
“The guy picked the call and put it on speaker.

“Anike! Someone who’d like to speak with you.” He said and I heard his voice. I couldn’t help but cry.

“Anike are you OK, did they hurt you” I was just crying the more.
“I promise, I’ll get you out of there my princess” He said and the line went off.

The second day, sniper told me Alawode is not cooperating.
“Instead of him to cooperate, he’s busy looking for ways to get you out of here, instead of him to step down. He can’t find you, he can’t find my boss as well” he said.

On the third day, Odigwe called sniper.
“Hello” he said and put it in speaker, I guessed he told him to do so.”

“Congratulations, I heard the monster’s voice. Your Man really loves you, you are lucky girl having someone like Alawode in your life. He just called a Press conference now, he has stepped down” He said sounding victorious.

“You bastard, I assure you, you won’t get away with th…..” Sniper slapped me hard on the cheek before I finished my statement. He placed the phone on his ear, it’s no more on speaker. They talked for for minutes before ending the call.
He covered my face with a hood, I was led out into a vehicle. They dumped me at no where in particular and zoomed off.

I removed the wood, I was in the middle of nowhere. I saw my phone beside me on the floor. It was off so I put it on.
I dialed Prince’s number.

“Anike! Where are you, are you OK?”

I’m in the middle of nowhere, no vehicles, no sign posts, nothing” I said.

“Logistics team are here, don’t disconnect, just stay on the line while they trace this call, hope you have enough charge on your phone”?”

“Let me check” I checked it. “34%”

“That should be enough.”

“What about airtime?”

Last time checked I still have 20 something thousand naira call card” I informed.

“Good, How long will it take?” He asked the logistics team.

“The reception there is very poor, it will make the trace slower. Let’s say 30mins.”
“30min is much, can’t you do better. Anike please hold on I’ll get you out of there.”
“25mins later, I heard the voice of one of the logistics.“ Sir the signal is weak, making it hard to trace.”

“Gosh, what do you suggest we do” he asked them.
“She should move around, so we could get where we can have a strong signal.”

“Anike! He called out. I heard them, I replied him and started moving.
Before I could take three steps, the line went off.
The sun was scotching the hell out of me, I’m thirty and feeling dehydrated already. I moved around searching for signal. Then I saw a big snake, I almost stepped on it while searching for signal.

I ran, I couldn’t believe the distance I covered in a minute, adrelanine at work.
By the time I stopped running under the hot sun, I tried to catch my breath. No tree where I could take cover just bushes.
I checked the signal and I got a not too strong one but better than before.

I called back. I was still panting.
“What happened, why are you panting?” Prince asked.
“I saw a snake.”
“Oh my God, are you ok?”
“The logistics says the signal there is better, just maintain that position. Ok!”
“How long will it take?” Prince asked.
“We should be done in less than 30mins.”
“But you said the signal is better.”
“Better sir, not strong.”

“Anike, just hold on a little. I love you, you know that right.”
“Remember the last time we were in Paris.”
“I remember.”
“Remember you thought me a dance, can’t remember the name of the dance.”

“Salsa dance” I cut in and I smiled faintly.
“Yes, salsa dance, I couldn’t get it of my head. That was the first time we danced together.
“Yes and you learn very fast too” I said with a broad smile.
“That moment is one of the moment I cherished.”
“Me too” I said and smiled for the first time in three days.
He was using that to buy time. Till my location is traced. And it really worked because I almost forgot I was alone in that deserted area. He succeded in distracting me.

“We have a location” I heard the voice of one of the logistics crew.

“Good let’s move” He said. I heard footsteps and all.


Few minutes later his voice came up,” we are coming for you Anike, I’ll bring you home.”

“Prince, this place is scary.”

“Just think of me and I’ll be there.” He said and I heard I need an angel. The song playing at the background. I sang along quietly, moving my head slowly to the rhythm of the song.

I’m sure the place is far from the city. An hour and some minutes later. I saw his motorcade. He alighted and ran towards me.

“My princess…..

“Prince……” I hugged him and cried.

I passed out but I still hear his voice shouting. “Stay with me, Anike stay with him.”
I did not wake up until I got to the hospital, my clothes was wet. They add baptized me with water on their way to the hospital.

A female doctor attended to me, I was placed on IV fluids. She told Prince, I’m fine, that it’s just dehydration and stress. She said that after taking the fluids. He placed me under 24 hours observation.

Prince was with me through. He sent one of his staff to get some food for us. He spent the night at the hospital, no change of clothes, nothing. He sat right next to me. Till daybreak.

The doctor examined me in the morning, he said I’m very much OK. I was discharged. We left the hospital for Prince’s house.
Admiral Odigwe was automatically given the post because his opponent, Prince stepped down. He came back into the country two days later. But unknown to him, Prince in collaboration with the President had plans for him.

Odigwe names was forwarded to EFCC. EFCC dug some dirt’s on him. At a particular year when he was handling a post at the federal level he embezzled some money. He was arrested and probed and taken to court. All evidences pointed to the fact that he was guilty. His assets were seized, his account was frozen. He was relieved of all his posts including the one he snatched from Prince through his dubious means. He was sentenced to 7years imprisonment.

The appointment was given to someone else, Prince rejected the offer. He said he’s longer interested.

A week later, when I was very much okay, I answered to Prince. There is an adage in Yoruba language that says…
‘You first send the fox away before coming back to the the fowl.’

“Anike, we need to talk” he said authoritatively. That voice was not nice and I know he wants to talk about the kidnap.

“I’m sorry Prince. I’m sorry for everything I’ve caused you especially the position” I said calmly.

“Position! You almost lost your life because of your stubbornness.

“I’m sorry…..”

“I told you to stay back from work till everything is over but you still insisted on going to work. No, you didn’t leave this because of work because you were kidnap on your way to the airport. You plan to leave Abuja without my knowledge.”


“Hang it there. Do you know what would have happened if I did not step down?”

“I know.”

“No you don’t know. If you knew you won’t left your exhorts behind. Odigwe would have killed you without a trace or evidence. He was making calls from outside the country and destroyed the Sim immediately, hence he couldn’t be traced, not to talk of the guys who held you hostage.”

“I know I acted foolishly, I’m really sorry” I apologized.

He was so mad at me, I wondered how he managed to control it for days.

I went to bed quietly that night. I decided to wait till he calms down.

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By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 35

A month later, I got a call from Tinuke, my friend in US. She’s coming back home finally. I was so happy when she told me. That’s my one and only friend. She is now a successful surgeon and one of the competent doctors around. After pleas from friends and colleagues for her to stay back that fell on deaf ears, Tinuke came back to Nigeria to practice. She got a job with a big specialist hospital in Lagos own by whites. Politicians and wealthy people patronize the hospital because of there reliable services. She met the owners abroad, since she’s Nigerian, they approached her and gave the offer. She thought it was the right thing to do, to come back home and give back to the society.

She called me a day before her return and she told me some of her plans once she arrived.
“That reminds me, I remember you never liked Lagos back then, so how will you cope with your Lagos job?” I asked Tinuke.

“The offer is great, doctors won’t give it a second thought before they grab the offer” she replied.

“So you want to live in our Lagos now abi? I’ll tell the Governor to send you back to where you came from” I said playfully.

“Please o.”

“Then prepare to bribe me. But seriously Lagos is cool now” I informed.



“Alright, talk to you later. Bye” She hung up.

I travelled to Lagos for her welcome party. Tinuke’s Parent too travel down to Lagos from Abuja to welcome her back. The hospital gave her a car, Toyota Aventis and a three bedroom flat not too far from the hospital. They also pays in dollar. Her employer told her she could also be part of the hospital share holders. Although she planned on having her own hospital soon.

Tinuke called me some weeks after she settled down to move in with her. I gave so many excuses but she said she have no one in Lagos. She has no friend except me. I promised to join her soon.

It was an opportunity to free myself from Prince. The only song he sings now is for me to have his baby. Knowing fully well that he wants to use that to get me into marrying him, I told him I can’t have his baby.

Four months later I decided to go to Lagos. I told Prince that I want to move back to Lagos for a while and he did not agree, so I left against his wish. I resigned and moved to Tinuke’s house.

It was a happy reunion for us. The first day I moved in, we did not sleep till day break, we were gisting all through. Although I always update her about Prince and I. So she knows everything.

I really pity her because I don’t have a job while she has to resumed work 8am.

A week later. She came back from the hospital, she came to my room. We exchanged greetings and we got talking about me.

“Tinuke when are you going to let go Prince Alawode, except you plan on getting married to him.”

“Get married to Prince! Tinuke I can’t.”

“Then how long will you continue like this. You’ve got everything you wanted from this man. You have shopping complexes, you have your own house here in Lagos plus the one he gave you himself that you rented out. You ride the latest cars, Your sister is now in the Navy, Your younger brother in a Private university. So what else do you need that you don’t have. You are not getting younger sis, you have to decide on what you want.

My phone rang, I checked the caller, it was Prince. “He wants to know where I stay in Lagos, he knew I wasn’t staying with my mum.

It rang again but I ignored it. “Pick his call now” Tinuke said.
“I’ll call him back later.”

“I think you should let him know what you want.”

“He won’t let me go, I stop talking to him about it. The last time I brought up the issue before I left Abuja, he almost had a heart attack. We had to rush him to the hospital.

“Really! Is it that bad?”

“He even want me to have his child.”


“I’m stucked, more reason why I moved in with you. I really need a change of environment, I need to breath. He doesn’t know where I’m staying presently.”

“So my place is your new hide out, no wonder you agree to move in with me” she said spanking me lightly.

“No, aside that you know how much I miss you and at this time when I can’t even think straight, I need a friend like you.”

“I’ve heard you, any single young guy lurking around?” She asked.

“Hmmm…..yes, but sincerely I don’t give them attention, again I can’t dabble into any relationship except I end things with Prince.”

“I know that man has really tried for you especially in those dark hours when you have no one to run to. I can’t decide for you, infact nobody can. You have to decide on what you want. If you are not comfortable with his age, then let go, he’ll get over you with time.”

“Sincerely, I don’t know how to make that happen” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Anike, are you in love with him? Gosh!”

“To be honest with you, I do. I’ve been with him for almost 4years now. I’m attached to him physically and emotionally, same with him. I don’t want him to die an untimely death because of me. I want to leave him and at the same time I don’t want to hurt him, he has giving me nothing but Joy. I don’t want to be selfish” I said in tears.

I’ve met rich and young men but I’m still remain faithful to him.”

“Then marry him” She said.

“I wish it’s that simple.”

“It is well” She said holding my shoulders.

I excused myself to clean my face. I came back and sat on the bed.

“Let’s talk about you, you said you are seeing someone in US, hope the relationship is heading towards marriage?” I asked her.

“Yes, he’s coming back to come and settle down here as well. We’ll start our wedding preparations once he’s back” she said.

“Good, at least I’ll be the chief Bride’s maid.”

“That’s if you don’t get married before me.”

“I can’t wait to meet him, but before then I’ll like to speak with him, he needs to know I’m his fiancee’s bestie, and give him my rules and regulations because he must treat you well” I said playfully.

“No problem, you guys will talk.”

“Good” I said.

My phone rang and it was Prince again. I picked the call. He still wanted to know where I’m staying presently but I didn’t tell him.

Tinuke woke me up one early morning before going to work, I was still sleeping when she came in.

“Good morning Sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning, you are off to work already?”

“Yes, some of us still works” she said jokingly.

“I had a job too, I resigned.”

“Whatever, my house keeper resumes work today. If there’s anything you need just let him know, especially this your laundry basket that is full to the brim.
“I was actually going to take them for dry cleaning today. Thank God she’s resuming today.”

“It’s he… not she” she corrected.

“Your house keeper is male? So you stay alone with a guy in this house, you are not even scared.”

“I’m not scared because he’s a harmless guy. Make sure undies is not there o.”

“Tinuke you know I can’t do such things, my undies are not dirty, I wash them everyday, just my clothes.”

“I know, but what I don’t know is when you started keeping dirty clothes this much. There is washing machine in the house but you choose not to make use of it.”

“I can’t remember the last time I did my laundry myself.”

“See what your luxury lifestyle has cost you, the Anike I knew before is not lazy.”

“Don’t blame me Prince spoilt me rotten.”

“You can say that again, see you in the evening and have a nice day” she said.

“You too sweetheart.”

Tinuke came back in the evening. I noticed she was moody.

“Welcome, how was your day?” I asked.

“Not too good.”

“I thought as much, why are you moody you left this house lively.”

“I lost a patient, he died right in the surgery table. I tried to revive him by all means, but I still lost him at the end.”

“It’s okay dear, I know you would have tried all your possible best to save him, but who are we to stop death when it comes knocking, please cheer up.

“Thank you.”

“You have this white doctors attitude to patient, some of our doctors here don’t care much about their patient. They won’t even flinch when a patient die on there watch.”

“Maybe they are not attached to their patient. If you are attached to them, then you’ll care.”

“That’s true, now let’s go and eat, food is ready” I said.

“I can see your laundry basket is empty” she said pointing to the basket.

“Yes, all thanks to your house help, that guy is really hard working o.”

“Yes he is, I saw some money on the center table, do you keep them there?”

“No, your house keeper did.”

“So he’s so rich now that he dumps money anywhere, good for him.”

“Don’t mind him, I gave him #10,000 after washing and ironing my clothes. I was impressed with all the chores he did in the house too. But he rejected the money, he said he’s doing the job he’s paid for. I refuse to collect it from him too, so he dropped it on the table” I explained.

“That’s Jedidiah for you, that’s why I like him he’s always contented with anything I give him.”

“How much do you pay him monthly?”

“Okay, I shouldn’t be saying this but you are my friend and now lives here. I met him in my new church here in Lagos. I told my Pastor I needed an house keeper and he told me there’s a brother who lives in church that could use the money. He’s a student and work at the same time just to put body and soul together. So I employed him. I pay for his school fees, he goes to school from here so his accommodation and feeding is covered. He stayed on campus for his exams that’s why you’ve not been seeing him around until today. As for salary, I can’t call it, salary let me just call it pocket money. I give him #20,000 monthly” she explained.

“That’s very kind of you, bringing a stranger into your house. Society needs people like you. I’m proud of you, I pray God will reward you.”

“Amen and you too, because I know some people would have benefitted and still benefitting from you, I’m proud of you too.”

“Let us not be weary in well doing, we will reap the reward if we faint not.”

“Yea, my friend still quotes scriptures” she said.

“Of course I go to church, do I look like a pagan?”

“I thought you won’t have time for God again.”

“Why not?”

“Anyways, let’s go and treat Jedediah’s fuck up” she said with a broad smile on her face.

We both left my room to search for Jedidiah.

Jedidiah! She called out “meet me in the sitting room.”

“Here am I” he said standing in front of her.

“Who kept this money here?”
“I did doc” he replied.

“You are so rich now that, your money now lie around.”
“It’s not mine actually…”

“Take it, don’t reject money, it’s for you hun!” Tinuke cut in.
“Thank you ma, God bless you.” he bowed facing me.”

“You’re welcome” I replied.

He turned to leave. “Are you doing something in your room?”
“Not really.”

“Sit with us then.”

“I just want to give you some privacy.”

“If we need privacy we’ll be in our room, so free fee to sit and chat with us” Tinuke said.

He sat quietly with us, listening to our gist.

“I need a drink” I said.

“Let me get it for you” he said.

“Don’t worry, do you guys care for a drink too?” I asked.

“Yes we care” Tinuke answered.

I went to the kitchen and brought a pack of juice with 3 glasses.

Later, we exchanged our good night greeting and returned to our various rooms.

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Episode 36.

Jedidiah and I got along well. He’s still on holiday,
I keep his company when his doing his chores around the house. We hang out a lot this days. I do take him along with him whenever I’m going out, we do shopping together, salon, cinema, hair. He even accompanied to my mum’s place once.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked him while we are taking lunch.
“No, I don’t have one” he replied
“At 27? Why? You don’t look like a player to me or are you?”
“Far from it”
“Why? you are handsome, you would fit into any
Lady’s specs” I said.
“Specs you say, who dates a broke guy, you should have seen me before I met Doc Tinuke.
And the little I have now has been planned, spending it on a girl is o obviously not part of the plan. I need to plan my life. I can’t live off her all
my life” he explained.
“I understand and I’m glad you have a vision, may all your dreams come through”
“My turn” he said
“What turn”
“I’m I free to ask you a question”
“Really! So it’s a question for a question, anyway feel free to ask” I said smiling.
“First all, thank you for been a friend, I wonder how I would have survived alone is this house during this holiday” he said.
“We are keeping each other’s company I would have been bored if you’re not here”
“ Yea, back to my question. You don’t work but yet you spend so much. I see the way you spend
when we go for shopping, the last time we went out you spend close to #400k, you also gave me
#50k that very day. You used the most expensive things, Your car your phones even, I
use to buy up to #30,000 recharge card for calls
and data in a week”
I smiled. “I don’t work, although I worked for
some months before I resigned last month. And for the way I spend, let’s just say is God’s
blessing” I said
“Now you are lying to me, I thought we are friends. You even stopped me from been formal
too ”We are friends”
“Then tell me how, are you into runs?”
“No I’m not but I have a rich man I’m dating”
“Young rich man?”
“No, he’s way older”
“Do you want to judge me”
“I’m not judging you, you are too good to be involved in jobs like that”
“Do you want to hear my story?” I asked
“I’m all ears” he replied.
“I’ve never shared my story with any friend before except Tinuke. I know so many wished to
know the source of my money, but I never talked to anyone about it”… “I met a man at the darkest hour of my life………..” I narated everything to him.

He heard the story of my life and appreciated the fact that I open up to him. He asked for my
decision and I told him what I already Told Tinuke the previous night. His countenance fell
when I told him my decision.
“Jedidiah, don’t be sad for me. He’s a good man, it’s just the age difference”
“If you say, so. I wish you the best” he said.
I’ve decided to marry Prince. I don’t want to talk to him over the phone I’ll go to Abuja the
following week to give him the news.

Tinuke came back from work very early. I went to her room to ask how her day went.
“My day was fine” she replied with a blank face.
“What is it again, did you loose a patient today?”
“No, far from it”
“So what’s with this face”
“Anike, I need to tell you something you may
hate me right now. But God knows I’ve always
wanted to tell you”
“Remember I told you I met Olamilekan in US”
“Yes you did”
“We started hanging around and we became close”
“What’s wrong with been close”
“Do you also remember, I asked you one time, if you can still get back with him if he comes back to Nigeria”
“And I said if God wants it, then it will be. What are you driving at Tinuke”
“Anike, Olamilekan is the guy I told you about”
“I still don’t get you”
“We are engaged”
“Olamilekan is your fiance?”
“Anike, I’m sorry. I would have gotten myself any other guy apart from him. But he was the only supporting guy around me as at that time. He was there for me in days of troubles, I couldn’t help but fall in love with me” I laughed. Olamilekan was there for you Tinuke
and I had no one when I….was in trouble”
“You know what I always thought if you two are still in my life, that maybe I won’t be in this
position I’m in right now” I started crying. “Do
you know how long he took me before I could get over you two when you left”
“Anike just forgive us, I should have asked you directly”
“No wonder you have no pictures of him on your phone, and you never allow me speak to him,
now I get it” I said
“I carry the guilt every day, since the relationship
started. He said I should inform you from the beginning, but I kept on postponing it”
“Why are you telling me now”
“There’s no way I wouldn’t tell you, it’s just hard to say”
“So you guys discussed me during your pillow talk, right”
“I swear with my life Anike, he knows nothing about Prince Alawode”
“Tinuke please don’t spoon feed me, I can eat it by myself”
“Anike he’s my fiance and you are my best friend. Do you think I could do that to you”
“I believe you, congratulations to both of you” I wiped away my tears and turned to leave.
“Anike!” She called out.
I turned back. “You have my blessings. My heart
belongs to someone else” I smiled and left theroom.

That week was not too good for me. I believe Olamilekan wasn’t meant for me, maybe that’s
the reason why things turn out this way. I remembered the good old days when I was with
him, and a tear drop from my eyes. Like I said, I wish them well, Tinuke is lucky to have him.
He later called me and we talked, he apologized
for keeping the relationship from me. I told him it’s fine.
Tinuke was happy when I finally made up with her, the house became lively again.

Some days later, Sunday morning to be specific. Tinuke woke me up and told me to start
preparing for church.
“Get out of bed, sleep head, we are running late”
She said and removed the duvet covering my body.
“Good morning to you too” I sat up
“Are you still travelling tomorrow?
“Yes, I’m travelling to Abuja tomorrow, missing me already?”
“Ofcource I’ll miss you, Prince will be so happy”
she said
“I can imagine. Why I’m I feeling nauseous this morning?” I was actually asking myself
“Are you sick?” She asked touching my forehead
with the back of her palm.
“No, I’m not……
I rushed into the bathroom to throw up. She came to my aid, she held me and patted my back
while vomiting. In less than two minutes, I throw up again.
“Let me get a stereoscope” she came back with it and examine me.
“You look pale, are you feeling dizzy?”
“Right now, yes” I replied
“When last did you menstrate?” she asked and I
told her.
“When last do you have S£x” I told her
“There is 80% possibility that you are pregnant”
“I can’t be pregnant, I’m on pills”
“Some pills are not that effective”
“I’m been using this for four years now, and it’s effective”
“What’s the name of the drug?” she asked and I gave her the name.
“You are right it’s one of the effective ones”
“So I can’t be pregnant”
“You need a test to be sure. I have a pregnancy test strip in the house, let me get one for you”
“You have one in the house?”
“I’m a doctor!” she left the room and came back
with the PT strip.
“Go to the bathroom and pee on the stick” She ordered. I took it from her and went into the
“Tinuke!”I called out and walked out of the bathroom.
“What is it?”
“I’m pregnant!”
“Congratulations! I don’t plan on having a child outside wedlock. What baffles me is that I never missed the pills, so what went wrong?”
“Let me see the pills”
I brought it out of the drawer and gave it to her.
She opened the container and smell it. Then she
brought one out.
“What’s with the face?”
“Don’t give me that, I saw the look on your face just now”
“Well, the pills smells like hematinic
“What are you implying?”
“I’m not too sure, I’ll take it to the lab to be sure”
She took one of the pills and put it a small plastic bag. She wrote a note on a paper and
attached it to the plastic bag.
She opened the door and called Jedidiah who answered her call immediately.
“Please take this to the hospital’s lab. Just give
it to the lab scientist. He knows what to do” she
handed the small plastic bag to him. “And please
be fast about it, so you won’t be late for church”
she added.
“Yes doc” he said
“Take my car” I told him.

We came back from church. Tinuke called the lab scientist, he said the result will be ready by
7pm. The man said he’s shift ends in the afternoon. But he will tell the lab technician on
night shift to call her and give her the results.

Some minutes after 7pm, Tinuke received a call
from the lab technician.
“Ma the drugs contains thiamine, riboflavin,
niacin/niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic
acid, and pantothenic acid” he informed
“That’s Vitamin B complex”
“Yes ma”
“Thank you very much, I’ll collect the paper work
tomorrow, Good night” she said and ended the call.
“Bco!” I stood up and pacing up and down the room.
“Who could have changed the drugs?” She
“Who else, it’s Prince of course. I need an lab
result that confirms I’m pregnant” I said.
“You’ll come to the hospital for another test”
“I can’t believe Prince tricked me to get me pregnant. I’m getting rid if this pregnancy and for the marriage, I’m no longer interested” I stated.
“Don’t talk like that, I’m not saying what he did was right, but you should know he did this
because he wants to be with you. As for me, I advice you keep this baby, the father wants it”
“He asked me, I said no. He changed the drugs so I could get pregnant. And you want me to
applaud him”
“Stop been dramatic, you’ve already decided to marry him, pregnancy shouldn’t change that. You should be thinking on how to plan your small wedding now and not doing this”
“And I said no”
“Anike, you need to work on this your temper. Do you know how many ladies will kill to have
something like this”
“I’m not some ladies, why are you talking like this he got me pregnant without my consent”
“Anike, Ladies do this things for money, they would have held Prince down with pregnancy
since, if they are in your shoe. Marry him and accept your fate. You love him and your mum
who could stop you also support you. Stop this
childishness, please….”
“Whose side are you on?”
“I’m not anyone’s side, just do the right thing”
she said and left me all alone.

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By Toyin Taiwo

Episode 37

On Monday morning, I went to the hospital with Tinuke. I had another test and I was given the result. I went to her office, she had the drug test result with her already. She handed it over to me while I showed her the pregnancy test result.

“You are 8weeks pregnant. Must you travel for this while can’t you just talk to him over the phone. It’s not even good for your condition” she adviced.

“Have you forgotten he has explanation to give.”

“Please take things easy with him when you get to Abuja.”

“I just want to see his face when he denied that he has no hands in all this.”

“Let me get one of the hospital drivers to take you to the airport.”

“Don’t worry I’ll take a cab.”

I got to Abuja and called Prince’s PA.

“I’m at the airport, where is Prince presently?” I asked.

“At the office” he replied.

“Ok, please send a driver over to take me to his office.”

I got to the office and walked pass the secretary, I just greeted her briefly.

“Ma… good morning ma, please he’s in a meeting.”

“Do I look like a care, I’m going in and don’t try to stop me.”

She tried to block me. “You can’t go in ma, it’s an important meeting.”

“Ok, watch me” I brushed pass her and opened the door.

He was having a meeting with some high naval officers, but I care less.

I stood in front of him fuming with anger.


“If you’ll excuse me, we’ll continue this meeting later” he said and they all left and of course with some questioning look and like I said I don’t give a damn.

The secretary came in. “I’m sorry sir, I tried to stop her.”

“Just leave” he snapped at her.

“And you! Why did you choose to behave like a spoilt brat?”

“Since the day I discovered you change my pills into Bco.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the crap, no need to deny I have proof” I throw the drug result on the table. He picks it up and read.


“Hold on” I threw another paper on his table. He looked through it, his eyes widened and he smiled.

“You are pregnant” he walked up to me smiling but I gave him a 7stars slap.

“What was that for” he said holding his cheeks.

“For fooling me and for fooling yourself, you think I will keep this baby?”

“You never strike me. You’re a self centered person Anike.”

“Prince I’d like it if you don’t refer to me as being selfish and unreasonable and I’ll also try as much as possible to refrain for calling you a manipulator, controller and deceptive.”

“ Fine!”

“I’m not keeping this pregnancy. I’m going to ab0rt it” I took my bag from where I dumped it earlier.

“Anike wait, let me explain…”

I was already on my way out before he could complete his sentence.

“Don’t touch that pregnancy, don’t do what you’ll later regret” he said.

I opened the door and stormed out of his office.

I returned to Lagos that very day and put off my phone and it will remained like that for days. Prince was really driving me crazy. Tinuke came back from work and ask if I’ve mend things with Prince.

“I’m not mending anything with him” I told her.

“So you’re still bent on termin@ting the pregn@ncy? She asked.

“Yes, can you please help me out.”

“With what? She said pretending as if she doesn’t knows what I’m talking about.

“The evacuation nau…”

“God forbid! Never will I carry out the procedure. That’s suppose to be my God child for Christ sake.”

“Hold your peace, God mother Theresa. I’ll use another hospital.”

The next day, I went to another hospital. The doctor who attended to me said he has to run some test before considering having the evacuation. I went to the hospital lab and they took my blood sample. The doctor told me to come back the following day that the result will be ready by then.

The next day, I was already sitting opposite the doctor by 8am.

“Your results are out, but I need to enlighten you on some things and give my professional advice. Then you can decide what you want on your own” said the doctor.

“Alright Doctor, go ahead.”

“Firstly, we discovered some contraceptive drug residue in your blood. For how long I’ve you been on it?”

”For more than three years now” I replied.

“The pills had reduced your fertility. Although this is a rare case, but it does happen to some women when they take contraceptive pills over a long period of time.”

“Fertility in what sense?”

“What I’m trying to say is that your chances of getting pregnant again is very slim, like….20%. Terminating this pregnancy will ruin your chances of ever becoming a mother. Miss Anike you may not have children of your own in the future” he explained.

“I’m finished, what have I gotten myself into” I started crying.

“Take it easy, I know it’s not good news but all hope is not lost since you are with a child already.”

“Doctor you won’t understand.”

“Make me.”

“It’s complicated” I said with tears flowing running down my face.

“Except the father of the child doesn’t want it and he doesn’t have to. From your look, I don’t think money is an issue here. Have the baby and take the responsibilities, the baby can bear your father’s name.

“Doctor, the father wants the baby and also want me to marry him. He tricked me doctor, he changed my pills and got me pregnant without my consent.”

“You should be grateful that he changed the drug, if you had continue the drug for another six months, you would have ended up barren.”


“He did you a great favor, but what I don’t understand is why you don’t want to marry him.”

“He’s old enough to be my father.”

“But you were sleeping with him!”

“It’s a long story.”

“Just pull yourself together and concentrate on how to deliver this baby safely. That’s the most important thing to do for now.”

“Thank you doctor, I really appreciate your concern.

“I’m doing my job, you can come back and register for ante natal.”

“Ok, thank you doctor, God bless you.” I thanked him and left the office.

I entered my car and wept for my life. I just pray I deliver this baby safely. Prince will have three children and I’ll have just one. The thought of having a child all through my life made me cry the more.


I got back home and locked myself in my room all day. Jedidiah tried to make me open the door but I didn’t open up. I was in the room brooding.

Tinuke came back from work and opened the door with the spare key.

“Do you want to kill yourself, I was told you’ve not eating anything since morning.”

I didn’t answer her, I was just looking at her.

“How far with the hospital you went to, have you succeeded with your plan?”

I started crying again I told her my new found discovery.

“Jesus Christ! Thank God you met a competent doctor, what if he had perform the procedure without carrying out those tests?”

“My life would have been ruined competely Tinuke.”

“Anike, Prince did you a favor while you take it for bad. Anike, I congratulate you, God really loves you.”

“He really loves me, if not I would have remained barren for the rest of my life” I added.

“Now, let’s get you something to eat” she said.

She told Jedidiah to prepare something for me to eat. He came in with a tray of Rice and chicken stew an hour later. I couldn’t eat, I lost my appetite, so he offered to feed me and I agreed.

Jedidiah was the caring type I know his wife will enjoy him and I wouldn’t mind to be his wife but that dream of marrying a young handsome man is no more.

Tinuke walked in on us and saw him feeding me.

“Why are you feeding her, he asked yanking the spoon from him.

“I’m sorry, I felt she would eat better if she’s being fed” he said with an apologetic face.

Tinuke, I couldn’t eat so I ask him to feed me” I said trying to defend him.

“Why can’t you call me, I’m right next to your room.”

“You just came back from work Tinuke.”

“Meet me outside, I’ll like to have a word with you” she said facing Jedidiah. She left the room and Jedidiah followed.

I stood up immediately they left the room to eavesdrop on them.

“Jedidiah I see how you look at my friend. I know you have feeling for her but have this at the back of your mind that you can’t have her. She may not be carrying a wedding band, but she’s another man’s property. In your best interest, I advice you stay away from her. Did you get that?”

“Yes Doc.”

“Don’t make her fall in love with you. “I advice you stay away from her.”

“Doc, although she’s not aware of my feelings but I really love her, I know she has someone, but I just want to be by her side.”

“Did you listen to yourself, you are in love with a woman carrying another man’s child. You’ll just get your heart broken, I mean shattered into pieces, Anike will never love you like he loves his man. I’m protecting the both of you here.”

“I’ve heard you doc.”

“Let me repeat myself, Jedidiah stay away from Anike.”

“Yes doc” he replied and bow.

I quickly lie down on the bed when I saw her coming. I realized why Jedidiah was so close to me, he’s in love with me. It’s a pity I can’t love him back.


The next morning, Tinuke came to my room and told me I have a visitor.

“By this time. Who is it” I asked.

“You’ll find out when you get to the sitting room. I was still on my pjamas but I followed her.

“Prince!” I called out wondering how he found me.

“Good morning Anike.”

“What are you doing here, how do you know this place?”

“Don’t worry about that, you know I’ll always find you” He faced Tinuke. “Thank you for taking care of her, Tinuke, the medical doctor right?”

“Yes sir, welcome sir..”

“I’ve heard so much about you” Prince said.

“Same here sir, please make yourself comfortable” she was going to leave the sitting room but Prince ask her to stay back.

“She’s getting late for work” I said.

“No problem Anike, I’ll stay.” We all settled down to listen to Prince who said he had something to tell us.

“First, I’ll like to apologize to Anike for what I did” he said.

“Apologize for trying to ruin me!” I said bluntly.

“You know I won’t do such a thing, I have my reasons for every step I took” He continued talking.

“Some months ago, I got a call from my personal doctor, Doctor Edward. He’s her doctor as well” he said pointing to me.

Tinuke and I adjusted on our seats. I was eager to hear what Prince had to say, same with her. He continued.

“We do go for medical check up monthly, so the doctor gave me a call after the check up. He told me he discover some residues in Anike’s blood stream.
(Tinuke and I looked at each other)

He said the residues are from the contraceptive pills she takes and if she didn’t stop using them, she may end up infertile.

I was really scared when I got the news, in fact I almost sued the doctor because he’s the one who prescribed the drug in the first place. But later I got to know cases like that do happen.

Days later when I was calm, I called him and told him I couldn’t bring myself to look Anike in the eye and tell her she had little chance of getting pregnant because of the drug I made her use.

Then I told the doctor to change the drug, since you already told me you want to go collect the drugs from Doctor Edward the following week that you’ll soon run out of the one you have.

So he change it to something that’s not harmful to the body.”

“Bcomplex” Tinuke and I chorused.

Anike, you can’t abort the pregnancy.
He continued. That was the reason why I told Anike to move into the house so we could have a higher chances of her getting pregnant. When she refused to move in with me, I devised another means. I told her I wanted a baby. I was just trying to prepare her mind that baby is coming” he explained.

“And you are just telling me now, what if I’ve done the abortion?”

“How am I suppose to reach you, you switched off your phones. Do you even know what I went through to locate this place!”

“I almost had the abortion, it was the doctor who told me about the fertility issue. That was why I didn’t go through with it anymore.

“In just three days? did you hate me that much that you wanted to have my baby out of you. You came to Abuja 3days ago. Anyways that’s not the issue now, thank God you didn’t abort it.”

“Prince Alawode, there’s something you don’t know. Anike had already made up her mind to marry you even before she found out she was pregnant” said Tinuke.


“She was actually coming to Abuja that very Monday to give you the good news, but she found out about the pregnancy on Sunday.”

“Come my princess, I always knew you’ll come back to me, I’m sorry for making your life like this, but everything I did was out of love” he said and hugged me.”

I inhaled his perfumed and it triggered me to vomit. And poo! Before I knew it, I threw up on his body before I could refrain from the hug.

“Welcome back to fatherhood” Tinuke said playfully.

“After twenty something years” he added and smiled. Looking at the mess on his clothes.

“Prince I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK, just show me the bathroom.”

I took him to my room and he wash up in the bathroom.

He came out and sat on the bed while I went in to brush my teeth.

I came out and sat with him while he’s busy staring at me.

“So what next?” I asked.

“Let’s have a small court wedding” he replied.

“I’ll inform my mum and get back at you.”

“Let’s go back to Abuja together, move in with me, then we can both nurture the pregnancy together.”

“No I’m, fine here, I’ll move in after the wedding.”

“If that’s what you want” He slipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a small box. He opened it, it’s an engagement ring.

“Marry me Anike Adams and become Anike Adams Alawode!”

He made to kneel but I stopped him by pulling him up.

“That sounds nice AAA” I smiled.

“Will you?”
“Yes, I’ll marry you!” I replied and he k!ssed me.

“Congratulations!” We heard Tinukes voice.

“Thank you” We both replied her.

I went to see my Mum. I told her about the pregnancy and my decision to marry Prince. The next week Prince came to Lagos and he and my mum met one on one. There we started making plans for the wedding.

Olamilekan came back from the state. They held a welcome party for him but I did not attend. We met later at Tinukes place. We chatted briefly before he left. I don’t love him anymore, but I don’t think I’ll be free with him like before.

I decided to go back home to my family at least let me enjoy the comfort of my own home before moving to Abuja permanently.

Prince took me to his home town to see his father, Oba Adepoju Alawode III. We were given a warm reception in the palace. I thought his Father would frown at my age. But then he introduced his father’s last wife, it’s either we are age mate or I’m older than her. She’s fair and beautiful. I was like so marrying young girls runs in the family. Although I heard they give those young ladies as gifts to Oba. This particular lady is the high chief’s daughter. We spent two days at the palace.

He informed his children about the wedding and they promise to come home. Before the wedding, Prince and I rededicated our lives to God.

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Episode 38

We had the court wedding with just few family members and friends. We were not up to 20 in attendance.
No honey moon because of my condition. The early stage pregnancy symptoms was really getting at me. I can’t eat and I vomits the little liquid food I manage to eat. I was lean and pale. I moved in with Prince and that was how marriage life began.

After the wedding my husband treated me as if he never had a pregnant wife before, true to his words we nurtured the pregnancy together.
His joy knows no bound when scan revealed I was carrying twins. I was very happy too, I had taught I’ll have just one child in my life but God gave me two instead.
My husband’s children, sorry I found it difficult to call them step children. They decided to spend some time in Nigeria before they leave. Mirabel his daughter hated me with passion, in fact she did not hide it, but who will blame her she’ll think I came for the money since we are practically age mate. Henry the younger one was so nice to me. He really took after his father, he was so caring. He sees me like his elder sister. I remember one conversation we had when he was still around.
“Thank you for loving my Dad” he said to me while we were gisting.
“How do you know I love your dad?” I asked him.
It’s so obvious, I see the way you look at him when you are with him. You adore him so much that I envy my dad for finding true love at his age” he said.
“But many people will think otherwise.”
“Sure, but if they live under this roof for just few days, they’ll see what I’m seeing.”
“Your sister hate me” I said.
“You are a woman you could do the same when you are in her shoes. That’s women for you, always complicate simple things” Henry said.
“I get it, but I wish she understand me.”
“My dad is happy and that is all that matters to me. There’s this aura of peace around him. No wonder he saved your number with ‘He gives me peace.”
“Are you stalking your Dad?”
“Not at all, I saw it the caller ID the day you called him at the office. I was with him.”
Then his father’s call came in and my phone was right in front of him.
“Wow! You saved his name with ‘He gives me Joy.’
I just smiled and picked the call.
“Hello my husband” I said and winked at Henry, who in turn smiled.
My mum came over and start complaining about the way my husband is treating me.
“Prince you won’t allow this girl to brazen up and put herself together with the way you are handling her” My mum said.
“Did I do anything wrong?” He asked her.
“Yes, the pampering is too much, if you continue this way, she’ll be like this till she gives birth.”
“But that is what she needs right now.”
“Let her be, in fact travel, she’s lazing around because she sees you, haba she’s five months gone now.”
I will try ma” he said but didn’t mean it.
Though I’m not having the baby in Nigeria, but still the nursery had already been set up. I was to travel with him to the US to have the babies.
Mirabel later decided to stay back as she fell in love with Nigerian’s partying and owambe things.

We all stay together in the same building. My husband asked if I was OK with her staying with us and I told him it’s fine.
But things were not actually fine in the house. Mirabel tortured me emotionally. And she does all this without her father’s knowledge, infact he behaves like an angel when her father is around. Mirabel is a snake and I wondered who she took after, I don’t know her mother so I can’t judge. I kept all this to myself, I don’t want to soil the relationship between father and daughter. My only consolation is that I’ll be leaving the house for her in a month’s time at least I won’t have to worry about her when I’m out of the country.

I was 30weeks gone and I had just two weeks to leave the country. My husband was preparing for working in the morning. I went to the kitchen to make a light breakfast for him. I went to our bedroom to ask if he was set and I met him ransacking the whole room, he had turned the room upside down.
“Why did you scatter everywhere, what are you looking for?”
“I kept some vital documents in my safe and I couldn’t find it. And the marine…needs it today.
“Are you sure you put it in the safe?”
“Is it my first time of keeping documents there?” he replied angrily.
“Maybe you kept it in the safe at the office.”
“Anike, I know what I’m saying, I kept them inside that safe. Did you open the safe?”
“What business do I have with your personal things. I never opened it before.”
“Anike, if you are joking please stop, I don’t have time for pranks. They are federal governments property. Where are the documents?”
“Pranks! Prince just leave me out of this I have things to do. My baby shower is in two days, my mum and Tinuke are already on their way and I have to put some things in place before their arrival.”
“I’m talking of vital documents, you are talking about baby shower. Anike where are the documents, the informations in those documents are vital, it must not get out into the wrong hands.”
“Are you seriously accusing me of theft?”
“Anike! You know the code to the safe it’s your date of birth, so produce the documents now that I ask nicely.”
“Anybody in this house can guess the safe’s code, why I’m I the only suspect here?”
“Are you telling me the staff knows your date of birth?”
“Is it only the staff that’s living in this house?”
“Are you saying Mirabel took it?”
“I didn’t say that, but there is every possibility that she took it.”
“Anike, what do you want to achieve by framing my daughter?”
“Dad, she never liked me and she told me yesterday that she’ll make sure I leave this house” Mirabel cut in, crawling into us from God’s knows where.
“Is that true, didn’t I ask you if you want her here or not?”
“I even came to tell you that I’ll be leaving today” she added.
“She’s lying Prince.”
“She’s lying! Anike how could you?”
“It’s her word against mine right? Fine! Mirabel, enjoy your father’s house, I’ll leave for you. That’s what you’ve always wanted.”
I started packing few things into a box.
“Where do you think you are going?”
“Alawode it’s none of your business. I’ll leave the house for your precious daughter.”
I pushed the box with my heavy tommy and made for the door, he yanked the box from me.
“Anike you need to work on your temperament, is leaving the house the solution?”
“Fine, take it, you can seize the box but you can’t seize me” I took my car key and left.
I drove out of the house, I don’t have a bearing. I was on the high way. I decided to park and think first. I applied the brakes but it didn’t response. What’s going on I asked myself as I stepped harder on the brakes.

A trailer was in front of me, I was so closed but I couldn’t apply brakes. I crashed into the trailer who was moving at her very slow speed.
“God have mercy on me, please save my babies” that was all I said as I started hearing voices.
“She’s a woman….
“She’s pregnant….
“There’s a hospital nearby…..that was the last I heard. I remembered the message the little girl at the orphanage gave me. I did not pray before marriage. Eveything became black and I passed out.


Doctor’s POV.
I was on call when a woman was rushed into the emergency. I noticed she was pregnant on, so I paged Obgyn. She needed to be operated and we commenced surgery immediately in order to save her life and that of the baby.

The obgyn doctor took an ultrasound and we discovered she’s carrying twins.
“Nurse did the rescuers brought her phone from the accident scene” I asked one of the nurses.
“Yes, it’s with one of the nurses.”
Please get the phone and contact her people” I ordered.
“Yes doctor” the nurse replied.


Tinuke’s POV
We got to the airport, myself and Anike’s mum. She was suppose to send a driver to pick us up.
I called to inform her that we are already at the airport.
“Hello Anike.”
“Hello this is not Anike, I’m nurse Aisha from National hospital Abuja. I was about to use the phone to place some calls before your call came in.”
“Where is the owner of this phone, did she misplaced it?”
“Calm down ma, please what’s your relationship with her?”
“She’s my best friend and her mum is standing right next to me.”
“She’s in surgery right now, she got into an accident.
“Accident! National hospital right?”
“Thanks. We are on our way right now.”
“What’s going on, who had an accident?” Anime mum asked.
“Mummy hold on I need to confirm something” I said and asked Anike’s mum to give me Admiral Alawode’s number.
“Hello, good morning sir, please where is Anike as we speak?”
“We had an argument and she left the house an hour ago. I’m about to call her too before your call came in.
“Jesus! so she’s not in the house!”
“What is it?”
“Anike is in the hospital as we speak, she had an accident.”
“Accident! she left the house an hour ago. I called her immediately, she left but her line was switched off. Then I decided to try again, I decided then to try again before your call through” Admiral said in a shaky voice.
“A nurse who picked her call told me she’s from the National hospital and said she’s in surgery” I informed him.
“I’ll meet you there” he said and hang up immediately.
Anike’s mom was already sitting on the floor crying. I pulled her up.
“We need to go to the hospital now, she need your prayer please be strong for her.”
“I’m finished, I was told not to allow her marry Alawode o, I told Anike but she said it’s too late that she was already pregnant. I hope I haven’t use my own hands to destroy my life” Anime mum’s wailed.
“All will be well ma, let’s go.”
I remembered Anike told me about a little girl who gave her a message at the orphanage but Admiral was too good to be true. We all believed Anike can never have a problem in her marriage. Admiral is a perfect man any woman could ask for. I silently pray to God to keep her and her babies safe.

We got to the hospital and met Prince Alawode pacing up and down the hallway.
“What happened? Why did she leave the house this morning this is just past 10? Where is she going?” Anime’s mum questioned.
“I shouldn’t have let her leave the house, this is all my fault. I should have stopped her. But you all know when she’s angry she never listen to anyone. That’s why I let her go.”
“Anike and her anger issue” I said to myself.
“What happened exactly” I asked Admiral.
“I was searching for some documents, she said she didn’t take it and accused Mirabel instead. Mirabel came in and said Anike had already threngthened her that she’ll make her leave the house. I was shocked I thought they had good rapore…
“Good rapore! Mirabel never liked her, she only pretend to like her when you are around” I explained.
“That’s not possible.”
“You can call your son and asked he knows everything.”
“Prince Alawode called his son and he confirmed what I just told him. He also told his son the present situation.

Two hours later, the doctors came out.
“Nurse Aisha where are the patient’s relative” one of them asked.
“Over here” she said and signaled to us.
We all ran towards the doctor. “Are you her relatives” he asked.
“Yes” we all chorused.
“She was rushed in this morning, auto accidents with head injury, open wound fracture of the tibia…” the doctor tried to explain but Prince cut in.
“Doctor how is she, I could have her transferred abroad right now.”
“That’s too late sir, we tried all her possible best but we lost her, the twins are in the ICU as we speak, they are also incubated bcos they are prematured. I’m so sorry for your loss” he sympathized.
“Anike’s mum fainted immediately, while Prince held his chest in pain.
“Anike! Anike!!” Prince called out.
He had a cardiac arrest and slump. I and the doctor rushed to him trying to resuscitate him.
“Are you a doctor” the doctor asked me.
“Yes, I’m a doctor” We rushed him into the ER, but he died before we even placed him on the operating table.
“Prince! I screamed. My legs couldn’t stand any longer and I sat on the floor.
I was running mad myself. “What kind of a doom is this for God sake” I said crying my heart out.

This is so unfair, Anike and Prince did not live to even see or hold their own children.”
There body was transferred to the morgue. I called Prince Alawode’s son with Admiral’s phone and broke the news to him, he said he’s coming right away.
We went back to the house and met the animal in human form Mirabel, she was even eating.
“Congratulations Mirabel, you just lost your father who died after receiving the news of Anike’s death.
“What! My father is dead!”
“You can confirm at the mogue, you this snake. You should pop champagne your enemy died with your father” I barked at her.
She left the house immediately, maybe going to the mogue, I don’t care.


The policemen investigating Anike’s accident came to Admiral’s house. They said the accident was caused by brake failure.
“How is that possible, her husband bought her the car last month” I said.
“A new car? Then something is fishy” one the police officers said.
“My point exactly” I replied.
“If it’s a new car then there’s every possibilities that someone tampered with her brakes.”
“I’m very sure of that, someone did” I said.
“Can you think of anyone who want her dead?” The police man asked.
“I don’t know if the person want her dead. But the only hater Anike had was her step daughter Mirabel.”
“Where is she now?” he asked.
“I don’t know, looking for her father, I guess.”
“We’ll come back tomorrow to carry on on our investigations. We’ll have to question her too” he said and they left.
I went back to the room consoling Anike’s mum. She kept on lamenting that she should have stopped Anime from marrying Prince. I told her we are all at fault we were carried away by their blissful and beautiful relationship and forget to pray. She had call her two other children who are on their way to Abuja. I informed Jedidiah too who was shocked to the bone. He said he regretted not telling her how he felt about her, maybe she would have changed her mind about marrying. Deep down in me, I know Anike can never love another man. He loved Admiral. Jedidiah promised to come to Abuja for the burial. I also told Olamilekan via smiled. He was shedding tears when he heard the news. He said he’ll come for the burial too.

I took Anike’s mum to my parent’s house here in Abuja to pass the night. My parents also help in consoling her. My mum shared the same room with her, so she won’t be left all alone.
She kept on blaming herself for her daughter’s death. Everyone is guilty.

The next morning, my parents advice she stay back in our house till she leaves Abuja. I reason with them, it’s better to stay with us than to stay in the house with that Mirabel.
Admiral Alawode’s son Henry arrived the next day. And we started making burial arrangements.

That week Anike and her husband was buried. Henry insisted they bury them side by side because that’s what his father would have wanted. Family members were present at the burial. Anike’s family: Her mum, Adekemi, Okiki, Jedidiah, Olamilekan was also present including PA, he was the one consoling Adekemi before now but he couldn’t put himself together at the burial. I was told Prince was like a father to him. They both loss their dear ones.

I came for my friend’s baby shower but instead I was at my friend’s burial that same day. Yes that was the date for her baby shower. I wish they are alive to raise their babies, to shower them with all the love and care the two of them shared.
The police called Mirabel in for questioning.

The police came to the house to inform us that the case will be close since there’s no evidence that claimed that the brakes was tampered with.
“Who gave you permission to close the case” I asked rudely.
“We can’t find any concrete proof to proof that the deceased car brakes was tampered with. We have interrogated Miss Mirabel and all the staff.
“If someone tampered with the brakes then the tampering was done inside this compound” said Henry.
“Yes you are right” the police officer replied.
“There’s a CCTV camera in the house let’s check the footage” Henry informed us.
“Where can we watch the footage” the police man asked.
“In my father’s study” he replied.
“Please take us there.”
We all followed Henry. He got to the door and the password stopped us. He tried three times but the code didn’t work.
“Think” the police officer told him.”The code had to be something important to your father.
“Tinuke what’s her date of birth?”
I told him, he entered it but the door did not open.
“Try their wedding date” I said.
He tried it and lo and behold the door was open before us.
We entered and started checking the footage for the past one week.
Then we saw the devil, Mirabel was standing beside Anike’s car. Then after some minutes she was under the car.
Henry put her two hands on her head with his mouth wide opened. I was surprised too, I know she didn’t like Anike but not to the heights of attempting to take three lives because I’m very sure she’s aware Anike is carrying twins.
“Please where can we find her?”
“She should be in her room” Henry replied.
“So she’s inside this house and never showed up since we got here?” the police officer said.
We got to her room and met her dead. She had commited suicide.
Henry picked up the note and read…
Henry I’m sorry….
Henry wept “In one week I lost three people who are dear to me” he cried.
“Just take it easy” I said. I pity Mirabel because she just made the worst mistake of her life. Many people don’t know that committing suicide is a ticket straight to hell. Because suicide is murdering oneself and no murderer can inherit the kingdom of God.
The police men took the body to the mogue.

I called Anike’s mum she was in the hospital with the twins. I told her everything, she wept. I consoled her before ending the call.
Henry called her Mum and told her about her sister’s death. She was buried when his mum arrived.


The lawyer came to read Prince Alawode’s will. The will says: All his property should be shared equally between Anike and his two children.
He wrote the will before the twins were conceived. He never knew he wouldn’t live to see the twins.
“Henry stood up to talk. “Since my sister is no more as the only surving child of the family. I transferred all Mirabel’s shares to the twins” he stated.

A month later, the twins were discharged and Anike’s mum took them back to Lagos.
I’m suppose to have my wedding in three month’s time. I wanted to postponed it but Anike’s mum disagree.
Instead I had a low key wedding, just court and church. We packaged the food and drinks with the souvenirs and gave our guests. No reception. Olamilekan and I had to honour Anike with that. I had to mourn my friend, she’s my sister from another mother.

Adekemi later became a naval officer. She got engaged to Tunmise aka PA who is now the President’s chief of staff.
Anike’s Uncle, Uncle Friday had stroke. He asked for forgiveness and returned all their Father’s properties before he died.



Running the race of your life, especially that of your marital life without Jesus is dangerous. It is very risky! Commit your ways into His hand and He will direct your path.
Do not not be wise in your eyes. God knows the end right from the beginning, let Him guide you in your journey in life.
Renew your relationship with God, tomorrow may be too late.
His thought for you is good & not evil to give you an expected end.
Seek the Lord while you can find Him. Call upon Him while He is near.
Don’t receive God’s grace in vain, work on the second chance, not everyone get it.
Don’t be too much for God.
Little did I know, it will end this way for Anike and Prince!
God knows the inner core, the heart of every person, and examines it to see its true devotion. We as God’s people ought to pray for God to take a close look at our hearts, so that he may cut out any evil that lingers there, without God’s grace, the human heart is wicked and produces all sorts of evil actions…
Don’t break the marital vow, the end is disastrous!
There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction.
No matter what you acquire in life, any effort without Jesus is a fruitless effort.
Seek His face before taken any step, let Him lead you, He knows better.

To We Parents:

To whom much is given, much is expected. Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Don’t condone the excess of your children. Correct them in love, and use cane where necessary.
Stubbornness leads to destruction, because it is the daughter of destruction. Don’t be stubborn, it destroys!
Anike, finally, finally, your stubbornness destroyed your home.
I hereby pray that God will mold our temperaments as couples, singles, and children in Jesus name.
We refuse to take any decision that will lead to untimely death, in Jesus name.

# Father, let the joy of the enemy upon my life and home be turned to sorrow, in the name of Jesus.
# All evil counsels against my marriage, home, my Children & all our youth & their marital lives, be scattered now, in Jesus name.
# Every curse of death issued against my marriage, be cancelled, in Jesus name.
# l refuse to die untimely.
# l refuse to bury any of my children in the name of Jesus.
# Every Spirit of stubbornness that leads to destruction, I cancel you in my life, marriage, home, ministry, and children, in the name of Jesus.
# l stand at throne of mercy, I ask for mercy, grace and divine wisdom to handle marital issues in my home, family, among peers, colleagues, in counseling young ones, I receive them in the name of Jesus.
# Devil, you are a liar, my home, our home, that home, this home is secured, in the name of Jesus.
# Father, let the Prince of peace reign in my marriage, our marriage without any hinderance in the name of Jesus.
# Marriage without weeping is all I ask for, in the name of Jesus.
# l refuse to pattern my marriage contrary to God’s original design, in the name of Jesus.
# Spirit of Obedience come upon me, in the name of Jesus.
# I shall not be destroyed.
# I receive grace to live above poverty and calamitie, in the name of Jesus.

This platform shall continue to depopulate the kingdom of darkness speedily, in Jesus name.
You and I shall enjoy every benefit that is loaded in the vision of this platform, in Jesus name.

Thanks a million for journeying with me on this life touching platform!

I love you all!

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