Big Boogie – Heal My Scars Lyrics

Ayy, check me out
Mmm, mm-hm-hm-hm
Redrum murder
(Flowe Beatz did this)

This morning (What you do?)
I was just talking to God (For real?)
I was just praying and I was just hoping that I can beat all the odds (You can)
I’m trying my best to stay to myself before I catch me a charge (Brrt)
I’m trying my best to stay in my lane before I drive in that yard (Mhm)
N***** be petty but Boogie be ready, on me, I’m ready to spark
Hoes so messy, I don’t even speak, barely got ’em a job (Uh-huh)
What’s done in the dark gon’ come to the light, that’s why I shine so hard (So hard)
Told my bitch to shut up or leave, I know I’m playing my part
Not kissing no ass, not begging nobody, loyalty ain’t too hard (It’s not)
2018, a n**** was doggish, Boogie was biting too hard
Mental healing, was up in my feeling, shit, I was writing too hard
Almost fell out before smoke and pain hitting too hard (Uh-huh)
Need a umbrella just for rain, this shit hitting too hard (This shit wild)
Damn, my thoughts in half for real, brain missing a part (Uh-huh)
How you gon’ love me then gon’ leave me? This shit came too far (Too far)
Smoking on life, that shit that we walk on, that shit belong in a jar (Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah)
Bitches be messy, all in my business, I ain’t respecting none of ’em (I ain’t ‘spect none of ’em)
Hoes get shot for acting like n*****, bullets big, confronted ’em
Not shooting my shot at none of these bitches, pockets too big like jungles (I’m loaded)
I don’t respect that internet shit ’cause it’s nothin’ but drama (Nothin’ but drama)
I’m not the type that bring up shit about my baby mama (Raya)
It’s all about Raya, not about us, that’s my baby mother (Ah-ah-ah)
I never knew the person you with, y’all start hating each other (Each other)
But it’s understood why you gon’ leave ’cause y’all must played each other (Uh-huh)
I want that love that money can’t buy, this shit crazy out here (This shit crazy)
I want that love that make you focus, I’m not lazy out here (Nah-ah-ah)
I need that love that make me different, let’s make changes out here (Ah-ah-ah-ah)
I need love ’cause I been hurting, I been painless out here (Ah-ah-ah)
Oh-oh-oh-oh, God (Oh, God)
Please heal my heart, what covers all these scars (All these scars)
I’m all alone, this pain hittin’ hard (Hit me hard)
I’m scared to love her, they not accepting my love
I’m tired of helping ’cause it’s never enough (Never enough)
Body hurting so I been taking some drugs
Anything I do, they want to judge (Want to judge)
My feelings hurting, sometimes wanna give up, on God

Mmm, on God
Heal my heart
Ooh, God, God (Yeah)
Oh-oh-oh, God
Oh-oh, God
Heal my scars, heal my scars
Please, God

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