BIG30 – My Shit Lyrics

My Shit Lyrics by BIG30


Blrrrd Blrrrd
Blrrrd Blrrrd

Big Blrrrd

A, 200 percocets a week
I pray to God that this shit stop
They kilt my cousin
Forever beef ain’t no way we can stop it
Got 7 cars ain’t never uploaded one I really can pop it
Bad bitch with me ain’t committed
We just rocking how we rocking
It ain’t no stopping
Lil boy that’s my shit
Hunnid racks on me right now
30 shots in this fire stick
Catch me in to hood throwing up my set like bitch this my shit
And I can go anywhere long as I got percs and my switch
You know that sound come from them automatics
I got members that love to catch bodies like they body mad
Bitch I’m Nuskie Living Long Live Mr. Pull Up Let Ya Have It
And we love to spin blocks and let off shots you know we love that static
Bitch I’m a murder attic I’m addicted to this killing shit
We really bleeding in these streets
My n***** known for spilling shit
I catch that boy and ion overkill him Big30 a bitch
A n**** know I ain’t no hoe on sight he getting shot in his shit
I stamp that if she a hoe and she from Memphis
Look like some I clapped that
I’m trained to go I get off first
I hardly ever clap back
Say watch that car a thousand times a day
I’m really on that
We turn fitted to snap back
Put a hole in ya onion
And I’m so up can get a family killed with all this money
That choppa put him in the sky sent that boy bungee jumping
I ain’t even kill him but you dissed him boy you know we coming
Boy don’t upset ya mommy
Boy don’t upset yo mama cause we gone come take her baby
Knock ya cap off ya head now she crying like it’s graduation
I had a bag on me since 16 pussy come and take it
Go tell that pussy that dropped it it’s double on his baby
His old ass hating cause a n**** young a rich
Or is it cause a n**** young rich and fucking his bitch
I stand on business on my own
I’m never sending hits
The fuck I look like paying a n**** to get caught and snitch


Ain’t paying no n**** for shit n****
Police ass
I’m really gone go get a n****
I’m really gone come out of all this jewelry and shit
Suit up hop in that yeah
N**** know how I’m coming
N**** know my body
Quit playing with me n****
On NuNu N****
On my son

A, I know how I’m gonna die
Gonna die with my hand on that trigger
I know why you gone die and that’s for speaking on my n****
What type of n**** say he smoking a opp ain’t even the killer
The same type that’s gone get stood over don’t make a hospital
Bitch I run with the killers posted on the block all day gambling till we get drop on n*****
I be on the block with a Glock hotter than a chicken tender
My N***** experienced we don’t go on mission with beginners
Lord know I’m mama baby sorry mama I’m a sinner
I’m a dog king of the kennel
Deep in that waters swimmer
Bad bitch sitting to my left everytime we fuck I leave it in her
These n***** ain’t tumb bout none that’s my lil shit I’m fucking with her
If you looking for her pull up on us bitch we clutching pistols

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