Brandon Buckingham - MAKE AN EXAMPLE Lyrics

Brandon Buckingham – MAKE AN EXAMPLE Lyrics

Brandon (intro)

sneako k, danny k, andrew kkkkkk, bitch, aye, gang, watch

(verse 1)
I walk in this bitch like travis sickle, know i gotta make an example. said some shit that you couldn’t handle, all on my dick like a flame to a candle. made up rape now ima go, rambo, sneako’s a cuck, making up scandals, andrew’s fake, fuck his whole channel, danny’s gay sucking dicks cause they dangle. gang, ice, shit is cold
Like slap that boy whenever i see him, his girl’s on my dick, her name is maria, i fucked her raw, without a condom, sneako he watched, without a problem, next he asked if i could fuck him i said no bro you a dumb bitch, if i did fuck him it’d be gay cause he got a pussy he know how to lay

Rxknephew (verse 2)
They on that gay shit that ain’t my business, thirty days, thirty thou with it. niggas moving weird and be proud with it, knock on your door, girl scout with it. in the game chair in the house with it, niggas be moving like some house niggas, bro said he takin’ invitations, we beat your ass ain’t no friendly fadin’. go real-life ufc 4, speak on my name won’t speak no more, really sold crack out a store, i be really sneaking with the poles. sneak through the front in the side door, nigga fuck my bitch and you can have her, up the pole nigga freezing like a stature (statue), please pay me all my collateral. finally famous here on the news, they insecure and they confused, they like god damn what the fuck he can’t lose, she like what’s your name, i’m like swooooosh. one in the front and out the caboose, they out they body and moving loose, i’m drinking hen’ dog, not grey goose, say what the fuck i want like boosey boo

Brandon buckingham
(verse 3)
“bro, he ate dinner with my fucking girl bro”. sneako’s favorite condom is mayo, we fucked maria raw like, “ayoooooooooo”, you’ve seen dudes cum down her snout, go tell the kids who watch your videos the truth you sleep on the couch, you cuck, she’s on her knees and i’m in her mouth, trains
Christ dillinger
(verse 4)
Niggas say they straight but really they really faggots, spent two bands on a luis jacket, niggas let other niggas fuck their bitch, got it out the mud, can’t no one fuck my bitch, niggas watch while other niggas fuck they bitch, i dropped out of school, i wasn’t shit. i ran up a bag, and i did it quick, all them niggas think they need to quit. if you ain’t getting money, you need to stop, me, neph and brandon, we at the top, sneako watched while she was giving top, these niggas do anything for a buck, you already know that i don’t give a fuck, used to get all my clothes for a discount, back in grade school they tried to kick my out, when i was eighteen, my momma kicked me out. these niggas signed deals to be on the shelf, i done ran up a bag, did it by myself, she wanna fuck me cause she know i’m him, niggas fucked your bitch she took it out the chin, niggas fucked my bitch then she gotta go, gotta throw me two bands if you want a show

Brandon buckingham
(verse 5)
Watched his girl get fucked, sneako maria, balls in his face, sneako maria, making up rape, sneako maria, we run a train, sneako maria. you get what you get and you don’t get upset, not from new york, from connecticut, what about this? hiiiii juliette

All that fraudulent shit, bitch, you ain’t do it yet. back the fuck up i do not wanna talk about that shit boy you lame, 3.5 in my backwood, top-shelf this a great strain. fuck a nigga bitch, give her back and tell that nigga she ain’t worth it, pulled up in a burberry shirt bitch “and you’re watching channel five news.”

Brandon buckingham
(verse 6)
Pooping on pillows, andrew callahan, dick in his booty, andrew callahan, fake ass friend, andrew callahan, o-block copycat, andrew callahan, cum in his mouth, danny mullen, skinny ass dick, danny mullen, making up lies, danny mullen, fake tough guy, danny mullen

Christ dillinger
Me and these niggas we, not the same, nodding off the (?) off the plane, catch a nigga bitch beat it out the frame, i want the money, fuck the fame

Brandon buckingham
I’m chad baker off that dope, half step to me and get smoked, half step to me, jokes, pull up with the glock go doo doo doo. cum shots, i really shoot, maria she gon do what she do, sneako gon watch that shit, if i kill myself, what’ll i do to you

(verse 7)
My name nephew i got crack bags the size of fatman scoop, going through withdrawals sweatin’, that’s what that bag’ll do. hol’ on, its the 21st, tell youtube send that check, bitch, i’ll pull up and break a youtube nigga neck. lil ass two-tone glock that bitch’ll flip a ford excursion, roll up with dreads looking like jake paul but the black version. gone ‘head, line up, tell all your friends to get in line and slap the shit out you, burberry shirt amiri in my closet, a whole lot of it. niggas be dick-riding, talking that gay shit a whole lot of it. i pull up like (?) like who want a fuckin’ problem. i keep that drake in my hand bitch and i’m swinging like peter parker, i feel like kanye west when he dropped that song ‘heartless’, put me in any situation, ima get it regardless, you see this fuckin’ tat on my face bitch i’m from garrison

Niggas running around like they got a problem with the bitches, niggas run around like dr. phil with the bitches, don’t play with big neph i hit your fucking top and peel it, i feel like dewayne carter bitch i got no ceiling. i put a human being on the real channel five. they gon’ do a podcast talking ’bout how the fuck that nigga died? any bitch i put my dick in we be moving like bonnie and clyde, it’s an absolute guaranteed fact they get parallel park if they try to slide. before i let one of these niggas kill me, henney’ll be my demise, i really grew up running my momma crazy nigga i’m the real plies, i will really take a bitch out to eat and feed that bitch a medium fry, i get in that motherfucking boat, drop the top, and cruising in the ride
Bitch, i’m drunker than futurama bender and fry, she ain’t used to money, she ain’t wanna get an entree, she order the side, please do not confuse me with your side man, sugar daddy, not that guy, every bitch i ain’t seen in a minute she like “nephew, why didn’t you reply”? i up this two-tone glock and clean this whole bitch out like germ-a-cide, i’m sorry but i’ll slap a bitch, i’m sorry bitch i took (?)
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(verse 8)
How is xqc famous, how is ethen kline famous, aiden ross is a dumbass how the fuck is that shit entertainment? who the fuck watches pokemane, i tried to watch a bit of pokemane, i’ll say this she’s a mid bitch, and i bet that pussy’s fucking lame. gang shit i’m on my own, i never liked social media. tommy innit is a little bitch, and david dobrik gives me the creeps
Now, let’s talk about algorithms, what the fuck is an algorithm, when i open youtube’s front page, i say man fuck the algorithms. fuck youtube and fuck twitch, fuck susan, she’s a fake bitch, fuck twitter, fuck instagram, and fuck everyone named danny. lil reese scammed me for 150 so honestly, fuck him too

I never shit on myself cause that’s not what big neph do

He’s a broke bitch, he needs cash, i live in maryland, come kill my ass

Christ dillinger
Niggas talk about us cause they sad inside, saw your bitch get fucked by another guy, like to smoke sour and game leaf, niggas hate before they brush they teeth, niggas taking pictures of they meat, i’m getting rich i don’t even rap on beat. niggas talk about us they don’t check they facts, put a youtube nigga in a pack, louis v sign on the hood of my shoes, see a youtube nigga, you know what ima do

Might cop a bb simone belt, gotta back myself i ain’t need no help, bring the bag up back fast i might buy a home, bring up a bag without a ppp loan, this is chrome hearts, its not vlone, i just keep going like a honda civic, sneako girl might let me hit it, new york yankees on my fitted. say what i want, i don’t second guess, two bands for a show, i can’t take less, spend two bands like last week, i’m raising the bar like lil peep. we sent her nigga to the store for duches, i’m a rap nigga i can’t work at duchess, fuck sneako bitch she gon’ need some crutches, damn nigga i’m high as fuck

(verse 9)
Fuck that channel five nigga he’s lame, i’m at neph house he gotta icy chain

Brandon buckingham
Sneako’s gay, takes it in the booty, hopping on trends, just like poudii, loves man shit, dookie, loves man dick, fruity

I get low like dootie, lil bitch tryna confuse me, bitch i’m riding for the gang, top-shelf not plain strain. burberry shirt it ain’t plain, lil wayne when he drop fye flame, ben balling he did it again, speak on my won’t say it again. you know my name bitch, yeah, ben ballin! i’m busy hitting licks right now so why the fuck you calling? i’m demolition man with the fade, feel like i’m going to war with ukraine, peter pan when i’m flying with the grain, they on youtube talking on the ‘gram. i ain’t arguing with no streamer nigga, he irrelevant, never heard of him, don’t bring it up, i ain’t seen a nigga. they some dick-riding ass, carbon copy, gatekeeping niggas, i put the glock right in your face, i’m not no sneako nigga

I sold heroin and fentanyl like that papito nigga, this is reality i’m not meek mill no nightmares and dream a nigga, they like what kinda car you about to pull out next, nigga a porsche, if you ask me what i’m about to do, been balling, bitch of course. bitch, ima talk shit until my voice hoarse, bitch, i’ve been selling crack since i jumped off the porch. i get in that big ass seven forty like a gaming chair, they like what the fuck neph sitting in it like papa bitch ass. bitch, i went to newman markets she like what you gon’ wear? drop my eight balls to 2.5 jumping like a state fair, psd, ethika, versace, underwear, i’m nephew, auntie, uncle, and cousin here. tell my daddy eat a dick, that nigga wasn’t there, i pulled up in sport plus mode that’s how i got here, look like lil wayne back in the day the block hot here, they said that shit in trend, i went in blew me and copped a pair. they like you blew the bag neph how the hell you still been balling? mental health is not a crime, bitch and i can’t call it. i shoot a youtube nigga dead in his fucking forehead, i put a youtube nigga in the walls of jerrico, i kick a youtube nigga through the rope, rey mysterio. all they can see is pussy and insecure when they look in the mirror, you can call me rxk nephew goldberg, where i hit ’em with the spear, paint my face like sting you can see me floating through the ring in the mirror
Christ dillinger
Personally, i wouldn’t let a nigga disrespect me like that, but that’s just me. personally, if a nigga start fucking my bitch like that i would have to leave, niggas thought they could count me out, but i always got something up my sleeve, walk in this bitch and shoot everybody like my name fucking keanu reeves. fuck that nigga danny mullen i heard that nigga’s a fag too. i say what i want, i got a bag, and i ain’t signed no deal too, the only thing worse than one youtube nigga is two, the only thing worse than two youtube niggas is three. i sip so much drink a nigga could get high off my pee, if a nigga want a feature then you know ima charge that nigga a steep fee, fuck sidetalk tv too, fuck mike tyson too, yeah nigga fuck jidion too, yeah nigga fuck andrew callahan too, fuck that nigga steezy kane too, fuck that nigga baylen levine, that niggas name sound dumb as fuck and fuck that nigga adam22

(verse 10)
Ima walk in like fuck everybody, swear to god, i’ll slap everybody, i got drugs ima tax everybody, fuck you everybody and who you associate with, you wanna box call back y’all squabble, feel like like dababy where’s my bottle, they moving like city girls the milano, nigga taking pictures like he ice spice, kill a nigga for the right price, i hope they know they walking on black ice. fuck mike tyson, fuck dj khalid, fuck lil wayne, shoutout to lil tim, i jump out the cut like lil tim, my next merch gonna be a picture of lil tim. more waffles than pnb rock, i would’ve doordashed if i was pnb rock, i make pb&j and cook rock, i’m really rocking niggas snot box, step in that bitch like, based god, pnb died i was like based god, he was not thinking about based god, got killed for fucking with based god, free them niggas who killed pop smoke, free that nigga c-mack, add up to (?) don’t know how to act, i got a hundred and i’m not wack
Lemme get back to these youtube niggas, i just can’t be not a youtube nigga, they be sneaking like a youtube nigga, clout chasing i’m used to niggas, i’m on molly like future nigga, i’m back rapping about lil tim, they like why you keep mentioning lil tim, cause i wanna be like lil tim. jump out of nowhere like lil tim, kill for my homie like lil tim, white hoe wanna blame me like i’m lil tim, malcolm x wish he was lil tim, he should’ve jumped out the cut like lil tim, i advise everybody to move like lil tim, i’m not going out like lil reese, i’m going out like lil tim. what if pop smoke had lil tim, what if pnb rock had lil tim, what if nipsey hustle had lil tim, everybody in the world need a lil tim, kill a nigga at the club like lil tim, come home from a body like lil tim, i’m him, himothy, bitch, i’m him, himmy neutron, lil tim, rxknephew, lil tim, i got more hoes than bad bunny. sneako be moving like bad bunny, tell your fans i got mad money, nigga running around think he andrew tate, he a booty bandit, that nigga gay. guess what, he cannot fight the thirty, they stank stale and they dirty
Fuck all that clout, i grind for this, 25 to life do time for this, rob the plug no consignment shit, cocaine fucking up the sinuses. i cannot wine and dine a bitch, konch and heckler, that’s the kind i’m with, bring your friend i’m tryna fuck all of em, my next bitch gon’ be named maria. cook my chicken right, maria, find the moncler carpeta, i walk in looking like vegeta, stomp on his face still got no creases, stomp you out with some supreme air forces, i made your bitch pay for it, he like how you gonna mention my girl name? your bitch and prostitution the same. i fuck a bitch off (?), i fuck a bitch a hundred and twenty dollars, got some good head, wasn’t a problem, they just streaming they don’t want no problems. diss the shit out a nigga i don’t know, ask me why i did it your jaw broke, get on a flight i be coast to coast, tell you eat a dick while i’m making a toast
The koch and heckler slap boxing, not making a video or chatting about it, if i hurt them they go ratting about it, fuck the industry no status about it, i fry an opp like calimari, thirty shots splash like kalahari, you cannot stay the night girl i’m sorry, neph the one brought guns to the party

Brandon buckingham
(verse 11)
I just got up out the psych ward, i wrote these rhymes in the psych ward, i’m off the pills from the psych ward, i’ll go right back to the psych ward. oh, watch out, cum shots, two shots, two hours, maria’s mouth, golden showers, one shot, that hoe is back. another shot, sneako’s ass, i’ll lick shots like i’m john holmes, long dick like i’m john holmes, might break inside sneako’s home

Christ dillinger
Danny mullen sucked a man’s dick

This is true he sucked a man’s dick, how i know he sucked a man’s dick? leo told me he sucked a man’s dick. when you see me call the cops, better run, call the cops, ima break your arms, break both your thumbs and break your jaw call the cops. i’m fed up, i’ll go to jail, you can’t stop me ima go to jail, i grew up visiting jail, when i see them, i’ll go to jail. what’s his name? sneakooooo! i clapped his girl about a week ago, gave him nightmares he a sleepy hoe, he avoiding me like a sneaky hoe, hoe got ptsd, phil mcgraw is not a doctor so stop calling him dr. phil, andrew tate is a fucking pussy he never took any red pill, his dad left him to play chess how the fuck you think that made him feel

Your own dad chose a board game over you i’d be fucked up too, andrew callahan shit on a pillow, man why’d you shit on that pillow, who puts dookie on a pillow, who smears poop on a pillow, he literally shits where he fucking sleeps, callahan is a fucking creep, he would test positive for cocaine, he buys nosecandy from rxk, 115 mill street, belmont, massachusetts, that’s where i rest my head at so pull up if you wanna do shit, aw man, i gotta say is this, penguins shit eight times an hour, if mr. popper had them in his house that man must love shit, i’ma shoot rickey in the back like lloyd, fuck hooli he is not my boy, danny mullen, you’re dumb and you’re gay, mayo in hand, pull up and i spray, tiny ass dick it looks like some hay, leo fucks dudes don’t care what they say, mudflap, you’re a fat bitch, king croc, sucked his dad’s dick, just kidding cause he never met him, got the mayo ready pull up and i wet him

Next up that bitch austin, he switched up and it cost him, kid looks like a crackwhore that adam22 fucks on camera, adam’s just a businessman, his girl’s a hoe, she’s a businessman, his kids gon’ grow up real weird, but i don’t care he’s a businessman. next up hassan piper, fuck her, never liked her, you know you’re scared of sam hyde and in self-defense, i hope you die, bussdown rollie avalance, amp kai’s raps are trash, i’ll smack that midget bitch, pat him on his head like a little kid, send him off to school with a lunchbox, jidion gets giddy off his cumshot, jidion rides trends like he rides dick, two-faced fake friend little bitch. (?) will get knocked out fucked up instantly, you fuckin weirdo, you can’t handle it, it’s not about truth it’s about money. what happened to quality over quantity, you’re a wanna-be sellout, maria is a slut, juliet looks like a fucking man, someone tell sneako i got the mayo ready mark ass motherfucker

Fuck sneako, fuck andrew callaghan, fuck danny mullen, fuck jidion, fuck amp kai, fuck steezy kane, fuck adam22, fuck baylen levine, fuck danny duncan, and fuck nelk, you can all suck my fucking dick. (?) ha, cold

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