Chief Keef - Sweetheart (LYRICS MP3 DOWNLOAD)

 Chief Keef - Sweetheart (LYRICS MP3 DOWNLOAD)

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Sweetheart Lyrics

Die, ’cause I sold the junkies some fake dope
Die, ’cause I shot a nigga through the raincoat
Die, ’cause a nigga was walkin’ through the wrong hood
Die, ’cause a situation wasn’t understood
Die, die, die, ’cause I took 4 pills supposed to be one
Die, ’cause a fuck nigga act like he don’t owe me nothin’
Die, ’cause a nigga wearin’ Moncler in the summer
Die, ’cause a nigga kept it 50 stayed one hunna
I always knew you was my
I always knew you were my
I alFo tell’em let em live

My first time getting high. I ain’t know where the fuck I lived
My granny left me I don’t know where the fuck I am
Man I gotta start being better with my kids
Even though I don’t get shit, I can’t say fvck Christmas
My first time doing a drill a walked there and the way back
You know I love my brother’s they got my front and my back


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