Freddie Gibbs – Couldn’t Be Done Lyrics

Couldn’t Be Done Lyrics by Freddie Gibbs

Yeah, you feel me?
We rented out the whole top floor, ya dig?
South Beach, tsk, turn me up, Thirst
I had— I had all— I had to get all my hoes here
Everybody had to get in the room
Damn, yeah (I was just too jiggy)
Big Rabbit (Yeah-yeah)
They said we couldn’t do this shit (Yeah-yeah, yeah, a-yeah-yeah)
Yeah-yeah, a-yeah, a-yeah

They done let the VLs in the do’, uh
Used to sleep on the air mattress, my big strap on the floor, uh
Big homie would sell me shit, heard the west coast got that coke, uh
Fuck n***** see me now, I chuck the deuces and I float
On them motherfuckin’ rubber bands, jump straight out the pot straight to a clucker hand
Bitch, it’s strictly business, fuck your homie, I’m your pusha man
They say talking reckless on this shit might get me booked again
Dropped another album, CoKain Rabbit got ’em shook again

Gary n*****, you either with us or you against us
They tried to play us ’cause the Jacksons barely came to visit
They had the Big Lord locked in Westville, yeah, I made them visits
You back outside, it’s time for you to play a new position
Fuck them n*****, I still wish them well because I love them n*****
Bulletproof the fleet, I’m in these streets but it’s hard to touch a n****
Next up, I might slay ’em in Cullinans, different colors, n****
Big Rabbit, I had to Phonte ’em, I little brother n***** (Blackness!)

You feel me? You know what I’m sayin’
Had to little brother, had to, you know what I’m sayin’?
Pee-wee Herman, you’re little pee-wee, you know what I mean?
Had to show you how small he is, you know what I’m sayin’?
Compared to the Big Rabbit, you know what I’m sayin’?
The Big Lord
Different color hoes, you know what I’m sayin’? Sorry, Umar
They said I couldn’t do it
But I did it
Make it, bitch

They say it couldn’t be done (Yeah)
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, they said I couldn’t make it
They didn’t know I’m God’s favorite
You said you’d forgive me
We knew what it could be
With you by my side
But, Jesus, I’m gon’ rise
Couldn’t be done
We will make it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
They said it couldn’t be done

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