Fredo Bang – Fuck The World Lyrics

Fuck The World Lyrics by Fredo Bang

Came from the slums I mean the bottom of them
These n***** know how I’m coming
Swing yo block and crack yo egg
These n***** die by the dozen
No therapy I’m taking meds
I seen my dog bloody
He make a threat I leave him dead
You’ll never see me running
Feel like fuck the world I think they all want me

Got some skeletons in my closet and they still haunt me
I use to spin ah ben I still hear the sirens coming
I pop a perc thinking bout Gee feel like I’m dying from it
Went to jail they counted me out felt like the ugly duckling
I got scars on my trigger finger I had got tired of bussing
Caught a charge my momma stressing bout the lawyer money
Told the Lord be in my favor when the trial come
Okay my partner left me stranded but I still let him in
Okay I said I’m done with percs but I’m still popping tens

Damn somebody must be talking to feds I wanna take me in
Nique had tried to give me her heart but I can’t love again
Okay I might tell theo fuck ‘em but I still love my brother
It ain’t no woman in this world I put before my mother
I thought illy was my dog he talking bout taking it
You put these hoes before your partner and that shit fake to me
A lot of people I gave love but they hate me
I know some people turned they backs now they can’t face me
When I was down I bet my uncle wish he helped me
I bet my ex regret the day she ever left me
I know Annie wish she never took a Plan B
I bet Brichelle wish she woulda picked that phone up
I know Beedy wish she never fucked my dog huh
I bet you miss me when you listen to my songs huh

I used to hate your guts and you know what you did
I used to play your games won’t be your fool again
Every time Yoshi call my phone gotta keep my tears in
Fuck a bond I love my dog I’ll play that bitch again
I’ma ride about my dog and bitch that’s till the end
I’m gon’ slide about my dog that means I spin the Benz
If I tell you that I love you that mean we locking in
Cause ain’t too many in this world that you can call a friend

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