G Herbo – Outside Looking In Lyrics

Outside Looking In Lyrics by G Herbo

A good kid raised in a world so tragic
Charm of his mama and the heart of his daddy
Got his whole life ahead of him
He smart and he ready
With a crown on his melon but his heart and it’s heavy
He was young under pressure
Loved guns and aggressive too intelligent to be out acting dumb cause he special
Went to jail at like 12 had his run ins with
And he stayed in situations like he made it his profession

Born over east so he grew up on the east side
Had family on the south side and burbs we lived 3 lives
He shy but can charismatic
Read stories in his free time had love for the savages
Way before he had his street ties he was always labeled cool
He was always good in school but he mastered being devious didn’t like to follow rules
Used to hang with older cousins they were like his sisters brothers but he couldn’t act like the youngest
They didn’t cut him slack for nothing
Doing things they did as teens so at like 10 he started fuckin
From a broken home but it was hardly no discussion

He aint learn birds and bees
Only black stones and g’s
Family functions all he seen was drinking gin and smoking weed
He ain’t know they was misleading him
With all the shit they feeding him dependent so he needed them
In a strange way they breeded him
For a cold world gave hum leadership
Set goals and had dreams by any means he achieving em
He barely spoke of anything didn’t think no one believed in him
He learned fast circumstances turned him bad

Gang loyalty from his friends sometimes he felt that’s all he had
Next year they all dead
Confident he bolder
Hardly ever sober
Rap sheet like a folder
He filled up with emotions
Call him golden
At this rap shit he the coldest


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