Grip – Many Thanks Lyrics

Many Thanks Lyrics by Grip

First and foremost I gotta start wit the kids, wouldn’t make it far as I did without Zari n Riz My favorite girls, yaw take away the weight of the world
When the shit too heavy to lift and I ain’t able to curl
And mama! You the goat you kept my head on straightKept food on plates, even when u ain’t ate
And U still gone call or txt when I be out late

A superhero in my eyes get this lady a cape
And Darryl, we been through Shit but much love and respect
Raisin somebody else’s kids it can be tough to connect
But you showed me how to throw hands and taught me sports
Even though I never applied it on a field or a court
Gave advice, alotta n***** never got that support
Ended up dead or in prison once they hopped of the porch
Uncle Tim you treated me like your kid, gave me my street smarts
Aunt NeNe Aunt Esther and Kim, ya’ll some sweet hearts
Ant n**** u know what it is, let’s keep this thang strong
Mama Hicks I stayed at yo crib like I was one of yo own

Jim the big brother I never had, yo mama like my mama and yo pops like a 2nd dad
Your daughters like my daughters n I know you would say the same
You ever need something then I got you it ain’t a thang
Kerrick my bruddah for real we been through the struggle for real
Huddled and hustled for meals
Writin to brush up on skills
Met u through Smoove that Shit is tragic he no longer here
Called you as soon I heard the news we shed thug tears
Yam you my closest cousin, we Waitin on you to get home
Just kno dat I gotchu n u ain’t gotta go through it alone

Growin up who woulda known
We’d fall to the system taking for granite
All of the wisdom we was handed
And somehow I managed
To beat the odds although the cards ain’t play out how we planned it
But blood is blood forever we could never be disbanded
Forgive me if u feel that the fame got to my head
Cause I didn’t pick up your call or I left your message on read
Sometimes I wake n spend a few hours Layin in bed
No phone, music or tv I’d rather silence instead
Replaying the good times in my mind
I’d trade it all if I could rewind
But that ain’t how life is designed
Shout out the local blogs that shed light on my rhymes
And young n***** on da same grind fightin to shine
Me and Tu legit brothers beyond this music Shit , you kept the fuses lit when I felt as if I was losin it S/o Jacob Moore for postin my shit on p&p
Jump started my career I gotta keep it g
And my n**** Tigg cuz I know bein my manager ain’t a easy feat
I love ya cuz u believe in me more then I believe in me Justin Sydney LeLe and Bre
Can’t forget bout D and Ke
All of the producers that let me rap on they beats for free

J good wit str8 out da den, u let me rip them stages
Ty we still got money to get, was just on different pages
Amir put me on sylvan tour, I appreciate it
Jid took me to Europe I’m honored to be affiliated
The day Em spit me my lyrics, I knew I really made it
To have him and Royce on my album, dat shit feel amazing
Cause they giants in my eyes
Residing where I aim to be
Remember buyin they Cd
And now they give me game for free
A major key
Cuz once upon a time they were the same as me
pray I’m half as successful as them, just gotta wait n see
Paul Mike n all of the Shady fam
The crazy fans
Ya’ll.. saw something in me even when nobody gave a damn
Pulse gave a n**** a bag before I had a buzz
Gotta give Lauren and Ash some love
S/o to the ones who went and bumped porch after snub
Pull up to my shows and wait around for the daps n hugs
Purchase merch and know my whole discography verse for verse And play me everyday from the 1st to the 31st
Even those who found out about me through dirty work
And tell me I’m a star on the track that’s word to Kirk

To know my music helped em out through some of they darkest times I hold it dearer than they’ll ever kno in this heart of mine
So know you appreciated for
Wiping my tears when they fall
Lending yo ears when I call
I’m only here cuz of ya’ll
Thank you

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