KEY TO LOVE CHAPTER 71 to 80 (71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76,77 ,78 79, 80)

KEY TO LOVE CHAPTER 71 to 80 (71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76,77 ,78 79, 80)

Chapter 71


“I will be true with you, I won’t be false with my emotion.” ”You can assume am not your sort of guy but, just a chance and you will see how much I do love you,” He said

She remained awkwardly speechless without any words coming to her mouth. Another chance!? His girlfriend!? Fake relationship!?


“Are you still doubting if you should?” Dean after some time of being quiet asked.

“This is a better way out Amelia, you won’t feel burdened, I just need a chance to change your mindset about me, if I don’t make you fall Inlove with me again within a month, you are free to stay away from me forever,”

“You might have lost your faith in me, and to show you that I don’t love Flora anymore, I need you to agree on this with me, “Dean pestered her further

“What sort of things are attached to the fake relationship? Am I also going to be faking it?” After he finished speaking she asked.

“Don’t fake anything, I won’t fake all I will do too, I just want you to see it as a temporary relationship, it will move forward if we both feel the same way after everything, but no secrets along the way,”

“No one except Mina is chanced to know about this, everyone who sees us would conclude us dating, that’s the mindset I want us to create in everyone’s mind,”

”I want everyone to see you as my girlfriend also, know that during the one month if I am to visit anywhere with my suppose girlfriend, Amelia you will be going with me,”

“You won’t hide what you feel towards me and you will express your feelings overtime. If all you want is trust, I am ready to create the one you will cherish and appreciate forever because you being mine is a great thing to cherish.” Dean gently explained


“Keep no secrets during our relationship and when I am due for your Forgiveness, please forgive me, and let’s be together forever because I can’t wait for you to mine till forever…,” He eventually finished speaking.

One of her hands lifted to her chest to feel the rate of beats in there as her heart raced because of Dean’s last words. Is she ready for this? Does she want to have a lover in her life just yet?

Will giving Dean another chance helps to clear all her doubts about him? Does she still feel love towards him? Probably giving this a trial won’t be a bad thing to do.

After all, she has wanted to feel what the feeling of love is like, a new beginning to the journey of love! What does it feels like having the one you love around you?
Firstly hesitant before gawking at him briefly, while directing her head to the other side of the room to avoid his eyes meeting with hers before nodding her head nervously.

He smiled in excitement, joyfully ruffling his hair in gladness then he looked around the room before staring back at her.

“You are going to be my girlfriend? You will be my girlfriend?” Dean exclaimed while she shyly nodded her head.
”Jeez!! You are giving me a chance? You want to give us a chance?”He asked once again to be sure.

“I’m giving us a chance, if it doesn’t work then we will stay apart,” She eventually looked at him.

“We can’t stay apart, “Dean declined then he quickly raised his palm to her cheeks,

”I won’t allow us to stay apart, do you know how much I want you? I love you, Amelia, I don’t know how it happened but I do love you,” He stated before rubbing her cheeks lightly.

“Until recent, I have always thought I love Flora not realizing how far I have grown to love you, when I kssed you it wasn’t just a strange force, it was the feeling of love in me that made me do it.” He shared

“When I asked myself then, I refused the reply my heart has always given me, I should have known better, probably all what happened was a way of realizing my emotion,” Dean discussed

Amelia’s cheeks turned red as she stared into his eyes,
“He’s the Young Heir but, he is asking her to be his, many ladies would die for him to do this!” If Dean truly loves her, how fortunate is she among all other girls!?

Until now she has always assumed Flora to be the luckiest girl on Earth, he loved her when she was alive and even when she was no more. What sort of luck could anyone have asked for? Dean pleading for her to be his girlfriend!!

In secret she would congratulate herself for being his friend, Tiana was jealous because he choose to be closer to her, everything Tiana wants was for Dean to belong to her. How will the news meet Tiana? Will Mina be happy with her decision? What will be the girlfriend of the Almighty Dean feels like?

“Do you also want me?” Dean asked after playfully stealing a kss from her lips, she glared playfully at him before saying; “No, I don’t want you,”

“Don’t say that… You want me, I can see that in your eyes, “Dean teased.

She closed her eyes instantly then open them widely to glare at him,

“Nothing shows in my eyes,” She joked while grinning so hard that her jaw started aching slightly.

“I’m the only one who can see it, those eyes are hungrily staring at me presently, “Dean told to her

“That must be a joke, I’m not staring at you,” She declined then detached his palm from her cheeks.

Giving him no chance to speak before returning to her books.

Purposely flipping the pages over before Dean grabbed hold of her hand,

“How can you study with me over here girlfriend? Ain’t we supposed to be doing something special like kssing? Or smooching?” Dean said after which he got a hi t on his shoulder.

“Ouch… That was painful, I only wanted to have a special moment with my girlfriend,” he muttered painfully as a kid will.

“Must that be mentioned? What if someone comes in?” Amelia snapped at him.

“Then I will tell them we are dating, only us know our relationship is temporary, I will show to everyone that we are permanently dating,” Dean replied

“Gosh!! This is weird! How am I going to do this?” Amelia exclaimed then rubbed her cheeks nervously.

“Just keep reminding yourself that we are dating and you are my girlfriend, I am free to steal ksses from you and, I can hold you whenever I want,” Dean lectured which only made her nervousness worse.

“What if I do this then? Will that make you feel weird too?” Dean asked then instantly drew her closer till her head and chest were resting on his broad chest.

“Dean!!” Amelia exclaimed where she tried to stand but his grip was too tight.

“Stay still… I missed hugging you tightly, I don’t know how I survived when you were away from me,” Dean whispered into her ear.

“If no one is ready to hold you then I will, tell Mina that I am sorry for disappointing her, I won’t let go anymore because I LOVE YOU AMELIA and I have come to stay,” Dean added before tightening his grip around her, followed by a deep kiss on her forehead.

“I must have missed a lot for not being there!! Dean kssed you?” Mina yelled out and Amelia had to stare around to realize not everyone’s attention was on them before dragging Mina back to the sofa.

“Why were you yelling? Do you want the pupil to find out?” Amelia offensively snapped

“Won’t they know soon? I can’t believe Dean eventually realized his mistake and Tiana, her heart will stop be.ating anytime because I will share the bad news to her myself, Brad should have himself hanged too, everything doesn’t work out well for him,” Mina boasted non-stop

“I’m still thinking of how to seek my revenge on her, how dangerous her heart is even with that innocent face!”
Amelia after gawking at Tiana who connected headphones to her ear while relaxing her head on the locker told to Mina.

“Such a pest! You snatched Dean so… What were you expecting? I only wished I can rip her head off now!” Mina also glared at Tiana then replied said

“Where’s Dean? Why did you come back alone?”
“I told him to wait in there for me, I couldn’t wait to tell you everything and…” She paused while speaking

“What were you about to say?” Mina requested
“He was acting mischievous, I couldn’t take it so I left,” Amelia shyly shared.

“How am I supposed to take care of my adult baby!?” Mina rubbed her head furiously
“You aren’t single anymore, you have a boyfriend now so what were you expecting? To just sit together and be looking at his forehead? Or to count the number of hair on his head?” Mina stated sarcastically

“Also, why fake relationship? You’ve always loved Dean, I was only doubting him not you, so why the fake relationship?” She asked

“You rant so much that I am scared you will become a parrot soon, I don’t love Dean,” Amelia snapped

“So you were just sobbing then when he wasn’t speaking with you? How daft is your brain?” Mina questioned in irritation

“Daft to the extent that your dumb brain can’t withstand the capacity,” She fired back

“I should lecture you often before you make Dean get tired of you, how boring of a girlfriend you are!” Mina spat out

“Coming from someone who doesn’t have a boyfriend, now I can recollect what I saw. What were you discussing with Alfred earlier?” Amelia gibbered

“He came to negotiate about my bride prize, I also told him I would break your jaw with my bare fingers so he’s booking a hospital bed in advance for you,” Mina replied

“Act like a good girl for once Mina, I’m too stressed out for this,” She pleaded tiredly
“Was it because of the kiss on the lips?” She tested and then winked at her.

” Are you making fun of me now?”Amelia coed
“Stop being ridiculous and tell me what I asked, I’m losing my patience”

“No one asked you to exhaust it in the first place, He asked about how I am doing which I find awkward, also demanded that we should have breakfast together by tomorrow,” She told to her

“So a courtship is taking place and I have no idea about it, he asked that?” Amelia exclaimed

“What courtship is that? Do you want to die?” Mina threatened with her knuckles fisted together childishly.

“Such a pest!!” Amelia mumbled before setting her eyes on Dean that was entering the classroom.

His sight was nothing to behold, his dark brown hair shining on his head, with his steady steps on the ground, definitely, his entering has taken the attention of everyone in the room.

Tiana’s eyes laid on him and her throat went dry instantly, what are demons like? Dean’s charming sight is that of a demon presently. He’s very handsome!!

“Somebody’s boyfriend is here, I should hurry to my place before he comes, “Mina announced after she sighted Dean too then ran off before Amelia could say a word.

She lazily shifted her eyes away from Mina’s nuisance to see Dean standing beside her Instead of sitting, he relaxed his body on the locker then he returned his eyes to her face.

Gulping down the watery liquid in her mouth before staring up to see him staring deeply into her eyes with a grin boldly showing on his face.
His hand left his trouser’s pocket after which it was wrapped around her neck, gasps could be heard from everyone present.

Even Tiana flinched in her seat when she saw that, gritting her teeth in anger before rubbing her head just to calm her nerve.

Mina continued smiling sheepishly where she was with a hint of sarcasm in her eyes that looked towards Tiana.

It came by surprise to Amelia as Dean leaned forever till their forehead was almost meeting, “I thought you would come back soon, did you use that excuse to elope from me girlfriend?” He asked then a light smirk escaped the corner of his mouth.

Amelia’s body trembled due to his hand that was around her neck, what is he doing in the presence of everyone?

“I was tired of waiting, so I came to check on my breathtaking girlfriend because I missed your presence, tell me did you also miss me?”Dean whispered to her ear then let out a cold breath as well.

“Everyone is looking at us Dean, what are you doing? You are creating a scene,” Amelia managed to say despite her dry throat.

“I’m speaking with my girlfriend, let them watch, I also want Tiana to see this,” Dean answered then kssed the space on her forehead that was close to his mouth.

Amelia closed her eyes nervously then opened them to catch him staring down at her lips, oh h’ll!! What is he about to do?

“My hands ain’t staying in one place because of you, why are you shivering girlfriend? Are you reacting to my touch so soon?” Dean teased but before she could reply, he took her lips into his mouth without notifying her, her eyes widened in shock then followed by loud gasps from the students present in the room.

Mina exclaimed then covered her mouth unbelievably, “Dean is kssing Amelia in front of everyone!”

“I LOVE YOU MINE,” Dean whispered after breaking the kss as Amelia just remained silent like a statue, her eyes scared of looking around to meet with anyone present’s eyes.

“Oh Dean what did you do??” She thought nervously to herself.


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Chapter 72

“How was the view? Were you happy with what you saw?”
“Have you come here to rant like a parrot? if so then I don’t have any free time to spare,” She rolled her eyes in anger.

“You will search for one to spare, I understand the anger is still burning in you, the sight you saw can’t be erased, what a pity!” Mina exclaimed teasingly

“Do you have anything else to do aside from running mouth?” She yanked at her
“I’m doing something important here by burning you with the words that dropped from my mouth, and I know by the time you are done listening, you won’t have any choice but to bury yourself alive,” Mina bravely replied

“Do you have anything else to share aside from the fact that your friend is being used by Dean for the main time?” She asked

“You found out so quickly, I never knew your d’vilish heart can observe things quickly, although you would have been right if you didn’t include being used because… She can never be an abandoned object like you,” Mina fired back

“You are just an unwanted stalker, who takes her time to create problems just to have what she wants, unlucky for you because none of your plans has ever succeeded,” She added
“You failed while checking my records, my plan worked properly by disgracing Amelia in public,” she proudly said
“Is there any time you’ve created a public problem, was that in your dream?” Mina furrowed her brows at her
“Assume whatever you think with your skull as my watermelon has already done the task,” She replied sarcastically

“Watermelon? Task?” Mina thought of her words for a few minutes before exclaiming; ”Was it you that threw watermelon on Amelia!?”
“Who else knows about her crazy closeness with Dean? How fun was that?” Tiana boasted confidently

“You didn’t remember to tell yourself that you’ve failed after everything,” Amelia who no one knew was coming walked into the discussion.

“Have you been listening to the rubbish she has been speaking too?” Mina asked Amelia after going to stand beside her.

“I saw you speaking with her so I came to check on what the discussion is all about, I didn’t know there’s more harm to create than peace,” she replied with her looking coldly at Tiana who was grinning like an id!ot.

“I thought you appreciate your worth? What sort of value have you given to yourself? Dying for someone who doesn’t care about your existence?” Amelia mocked

“He cares, he just wants to play you fool together,” Tiana answered back


“You speak nonsense often, how do you survive with yourself? Ain’t you tired of fake assurance? Dean will never be yours!” Mina was the one to reply.
“He can’t be yours too, I will do everything to stop that. Even if he has started falling Inlove with you which I knew he wouldn’t, I will make him see the reason why you don’t deserve him,” Tiana responded fiercely

“You say those words often, is that the owner, not assurance you’ve always given to yourself?” Amelia questioned.
” I realize the news will hit you differently, I couldn’t hold my joy after I saw your mouth apart when Dean kissed Amelia in front of everyone,” Mina likewise mocked.

“Should I keep your countenance safe or destroy it by telling you your worst nightmare?” A smirk escaped Amelia’s mouth after she said that.

“I never had any worst nightmare aside you two,” Tiana rolled her eyes in frustration.
“Let’s make you proud of us then, since we are your worst nightmare, I have something interesting to share with you,” Amelia stated with a faint smile.

“Nothing good will come from you, I am not interested in whatever you have to say,” She stated then tried walking out on them.

Mina immediately stepped forward with her hands crossed on her chest, she looked up to Mina in anger as her anger grew bigger than recent, “Get out of my way, you don’t know what I am capable of doing to you,” she warned amidst gritted teeth.

“If you don’t listen to us then you will suffer painfully if Dean happens to tell you because it hurts different from different people,” Mina said to her face.

“Dean will be mine, I have stopped thinking of pests like you after I remembered you both enjoy ranting,” Tiana confidently answered.

“You see how much pain you’ve caused for yourself? Your confidence will lead to your destruction, how daft is your thinking?” Mina taunted.

“As you’ve given yourself what to think off, have fun then as you enjoyed the drama because Dean is my boyfriend,” Amelia proudly said

“Such cheap lies, the last time I remembered he doesn’t want to see your face, he even left you to suffer in the watermelon pool,”

“Did you remember to be there when he saved me from the pool you pushed me into?” Amelia’s face became slightly cold instantly.

“She can’t remember, she would have fled before I could lay my hands on her,” Mina blurted out.

“I was kssed in the presence of everyone today, even you were there to witness it because I am his girlfriend and sorry because he already let go of your stupid self,”


“How could you have done that? Why did you do that?” She yelled at him in the car.
“Did what?” Dean asked like he was clueless about what she was talking about.

“You made Amelia your girlfriend? Why did you kss her?” She asked
“Have I gotten a mother figure in my life now?” He exhaled tiredly.

“I am speaking with you, tell me why you have done this to me?”

“Done what? Have you come up with another problem of yours again?” He retorted
“Amelia told me that she’s your girlfriend,” she repeated
“I never knew she would be bold to share the news soon, my girlfriend is so sweet!” Dean smirked

“You ain’t denying it? What did you do?” Tiana scoffed unbelievably
“Why should I? Does one needs to deny the truth?” Dean asked
“How can she be your girlfriend? I am supposed to be your girlfriend?” Tiana muttered

“She’s my girlfriend because I am Inlove with her, and why should you be my girlfriend?” Dean after replying asked.
“I waited so long for you to be mine, why will you hurt me this way?” Tiana glared at him.
“You waited for nothing to come to pass, you knew I never liked you,” he shrugged nonchalantly
“You never liked me or you stopped liking me because of Amelia?” She soberly asked
“You understand me easily,” Dean coed then turned to see her already disturbed face.

“I once liked you, but you misunderstood my friendship for love,” He added
“All is because of Amelia, you are hurting me for her sake, that slut!!” She yelled.
“Probably because you got me wrong, nothing here has to do with Amelia,”

“Ensure to remember now she’s my girlfriend, the lady I love, don’t speak badly of her in my presence as I won’t be able to control myself,” Dean’s smirk changed into a cold straight face.

“You don’t know what I am capable of doing, you don’t know how far I can go to get what I want,” Tiana ranted
“And you have no idea of how toxic I can be when it comes to love, I have suffered for love that even an ant will be injured mercilessly by me if it stings Amelia,” Dean also threatened

“Are you threatening me? I’ve never seen this side of yours,” Tiana unbelievably asked
“Because the old me you know wasn’t Inlove, I will do anything for my love and anything to keep Amelia safe,” Dean informed

“If you love Amelia as you claimed, why didn’t you speak after seeing me throwing watermelon on her?” Tiana demanded and Dean’s countenance changed before he eventually replied.

“I wanted your evil act to bring you down by itself, not speaking doesn’t mean I don’t care about what you did, I just let go because it has been done already,” Dean said

“Even by not helping her? I will say you are good at recomposing yourself,” Tiana mocked sarcastically,

“Whichever thought crosses your mind, don’t go closer to Amelia!” Dean tiredly warned.
He doesn’t enjoy ranting but he always has to do that because of Tiana. Is the truth really difficult to witness or she just doesn’t want to believe the truth?

“I can still get something done to Amelia before she becomes a burden on your shoulder,” Tiana replied

“What can you do? Are you going to get another watermelon thrown at her?” Dean snapped.
“Something worst than that,”


“How did you get in here? Where Arnold?” Amelia fearfully whispered as she walked fearfully from the door to the center of her room.

“I didn’t see you coming to check on me, tell me why have you decided to stay alone in your room?” Dean walked closer to her.

“Because I am studying,” she stuttered and went to sit on her bed while avoiding his eyes.

It’s still weird believing that he’s her boyfriend! And thinking about how mischievous Dean can be made her heart skip beats!

“Is that all or because you don’t see me? Am I the only one who’s missing you?” Dean walked closer to her where she sat down on the bed.

Amelia looked towards the door in fright then stood up to face him, “Anyone can come in here, why have you come in here? How did you know my room?”

“Too many questions at a time, nobody will barge in here as I have already twisted the doorknob,” Dean lied while she looked shockingly at him.

“Calm your nerve down girlfriend, Arnold is busy going through today’s teaching and, I knew this is your room a long time ago,” Dean told to her with his two hands in his pocket.

“What have you come in here to do? Ain’t you supposed to go home?” Amelia questioned
“I can’t leave without meeting you, I had a fight with Tiana in the car, how bold are you to confess to her that you are my girlfriend, that alone makes my stomach grumble!” Dean exclaimed in excitement.

“If your stomach is grumbling then you must be hungry,” Amelia answered back and they both chuckled.

“Did she tell that to you? What was the fight about?” She asked.

“She came to question me on why you are my girlfriend, I told her that I love you and that’s why you are my girlfriend,” Dean shared

“Let me see you off downstairs, I have to study for my test tomorrow,” Amelia not able to control her nervousness said.

“Why should I leave now? I am not ready to leave!” Dean refused. Amelia after what he said inhale air and as she was about to walk out, Dean gets in her way,

“Are you scared of my presence? Do you think I will be mischievous again?” Dean asked while standing in her way.

She closed her eyes nervously then opened her mouth to say; “I don’t want anyone to come in and see us this way, this is my room!!” she confessed.

“Probably I should take care of your fear then,” Dean said and walked away to the doorpost.
She thought he was about to leave until she saw him twisting the doorknob, then throwing the key up in the air, he has just locked them inside.
“I have locked the door, how is it now? Are you still scared?” He asked then went back to where she was.

“Dean!!” Amelia seriously wanted to yell but it was too quick as his finger already stopped her mouth from moving.

He drew her closer immediately till her chest touched his, “Why do you enjoy complaining? I just want to see you,” Dean inquired after wrapping his arms around her small body.

“This isn’t the right place to see me, this is my room,” Amelia managed to say as she avoided his eyes.

Dean went quiet for seconds before saying “Will you accompany me to my house then? At least you won’t be scared staying in my room,”

“I can’t do that..” Amelia declined nervously, his touch on her body is doing something strange to her.

“Are you scared of someone entering or scared because you are close to me?” Dean asked with a faint smile.

“I’m scared because you enjoyed creatinganan an unforeseen nuisance,” Amelia snapped
“Have I just been insulted?” Dean asked then forced her back to lean against the wall.

“What are you doing?” She exclaimed after he hovered over her with his fingers trailing on her face.

“I’m checking how far you can go to hide your feelings, what do you think of our position?”Dean asked se..ductively but not a word dropped from her mouth.
She swallowed the watery liquid down her throat as she feared anyone entering even though the door is locked,

Taking his hand away from her face to grab hold of her tiny waist he said, “Why is your waist so tiny? I’m scared it will break one day while I am holding you tightly,” Dean teased which made her feel embarrassed.

“Won’t you say something? Should I force a word out of your mouth by kssing you?” Dean purposely threatened.

“What should I say? You are so close to me that I can’t breathe well,” Amelia murmured
“I don’t bite, just enjoy my presence while I enjoyed yours too, and stop being a boring girlfriend,” Dean told to her.
“What am I supposed to do? You’ve shifted me to the end of the wall,”

“Would you have done something if I let you stay by yourself?” Dean rather asked then chuckled when she formed her lips into a thin line.

“Come here!” He said then walked with her to the bed, he made her sit on the bed before sitting beside her.

Amelia thought that was all till he turned to face her while raising her jaw with his fingers, her heart raced more than usual and she could feel butterflies dancing in her tummy, a feeling which she never felt before activated itself inside of her as she reacted to his touch uncontrollably,

“I want to feel your lips on mine, I have had a bad day with Tiana, let me overcome my anger by being close to you,” Dean said after which he covered her cheeks with his palm.

She remained quiet while trying so hard to avoid his gaze, even words weren’t coming to her mouth.

Dean chuckled often before leaning his mouth closer to her lips, while he stared at her eyes deeply.

Her eyes closed instantly without her body moving while almost waiting for his lips to meet with hers until she realized his lips not touching hers, she nervously opened her eyes to see him staring at her face with a grin on his face.

“Tell me you also want to taste my lips badly and I will gladly place my lips on yours,” Dean teased before he pressed his lips hungrily against her lips.
He kssed her hungrily like he was starting to lose his sanity and for the first time, Amelia also reciprocated,

This continues till Dean forcefully broke the kiss and them embraced her tightly, he doesn’t want it to lead to something else.

“Are you worried because of the test tomorrow? I can explain a few things to you if I am permitted, should I before leaving? He asked as he patted her hair lovingly.

Treasuring her in his embrace like she meant everything in the world to him,
She let out a cold breath on his chest before nodding her head nervously.

He chuckled softly even as he hasn’t let go of her body yet, rather he said;
“Is it possible for us to remain this way forever? I am getting overwhelmed by our closeness presently, can’t we just stay still together with this way till eternity?”


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Chapter 73

“If you understand this properly then it will be easy to identify what heterotrophic organisms are, plants can’t ever be heterotroph because it’s a manufacturer,” Dean explained understandably to her without any form of distraction.

“What makes it a manufacturer? Is it because of a process which they used is photosynthesis? Is that what makes them Autotrophs?” She asked

“You understand this so quickly, were you teasing me when you said you never know about it? Was this a trick girlfriend? Just to send me away girlfriend?” Dean teased se.ductively.

“I’ve read lots of things about organisms nutrition, I just get confused while trying to differentiate most times,” Amelia stated as she flipped the pages of the textbook over.
“Plants make use of photosynthesis for manufacturing food, the only reason they are considered Autotrophs is that they can manufacture food on their own,” Dean quitted jokes and started explaining.

“They are not dependant on animal or other organisms for nutrition, why don’t they depend on them then?” Dean paused, while he took a book and started jotting on it as he speaks.
“The reason is that they can manufacture on their own, they get their nutrients mainly from sunlight. Did you get that?” Dean asked while he jot down a few points in her book.

Amelia nodded her head instantly but when she realized his eyes were not on her she said; “I understand it now,” she quickly said then he smiled while he raised his head.
“Should I teach about the mode of respiration or you can study it after I have gone?” Dean asked after he finished jotting.

“That’s not a problem for me. You can leave now, it’s almost late,” Amelia responded
“I don’t mind staying here till next morning, one of the things I don’t care about is the dark cloud,” Dean shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly
“Whatever, I need to get dinner before sleeping, you should start leaving,” Amelia insisted
“Are you sending me away?” Dean pitilessly asked. She looked weirdly at him without saying a word before she arranged the books on the bed together.
“Can I at least deliver a message I was sent to you then? I will leave after that,” Dean asked

“What sort of message is that? Have you come up with something to joke with?” Amelia scoffed
“Dad asked when you will come to visit, toshould I tell him you will come after school tomorrow?”
“I have almost forgotten about that, I will come this weekend, express my apology to him that I am sorry for not remembering,” Amelia replied
“You can say that to him when you come.” he answered
”Make use of that note next time while studying, I’m leaving,” Dean informed

“I thought you’ve gone home? So you’veou’ve been with Amelia!” Arnold surprisingly said as they both walked in him watching in the sitting room.
“Yes he has been with me, I have issues with understanding some topics, so he stayed by to explain,” Amelia immediately said with her eyes blinking rapidly now and then.
“I went to her room because I wanted to see her but I met her battling with books,” Dean truthfully said
“Why did you go to see her?” ” You could have told me to get her for you,” Arnold suspiciously asked.

“She wouldn’t have come if I didn’t, moreover I am leaving now,” Dean replied
“Yeah. I’m seeing off him already, we can discuss when I am back,” Amelia joined the conversation in fright.
“Why do I feel suspicious seeing you two together? Is something going on?” Arnold muttered

“Did you see us fighting? Can’t he help me? Nothing is going on!” Amelia snapped
“Something is going on but I don’t know if you can be permitted to speak or not,” Dean was the one who talked.
Amelia snapped her head towards him in fright then nodded her head for him not to speak. What does he want to say?

“I want you to speak, Amelia is nervous and she does that when she’s caught doing something bad, tell me what’s going on please, Dean,” Arnold pleaded while he stare at Amelia who look unnecessarily quiet.
“Nothing is going on aside from us dating, Amelia is my girlfriend,”

“Dean is such a ¢razy dude! What did Arnold say after that?” Mina exclaimed
“That mouse congratulated me for being his girlfriend, he spat out different rubbish after Dean left, I felt suffocated” Amelia angrily shared
“Rubbish like what? Tell me about it without hiding anything from me,” Mina commanded
“You get interested mostly in what isn’t your business,” Amelia blurted

“Yeah because I don’t like minding my business, tell me what he says,” Mina replied.
“He said things like he saw it coming, he was excited because he will be sharing another bond with Dean aside from a teacher, different words came from hi wide mouth!” Amelia irritatedly explained

“Arnold is so sweet! I want a brother like him, I only wished I was there!” Mina ranted.
“What would you have done? I wished I could tell him it’s a fake relationship, but Dean said I shouldn’t tell anyone,” Amelia tiredly said
“Within you, do you want this to remain a fake relationship?” Mina questioned
“I don’t know… I’m still giving it a trial, if it works then fine!” She narrowly answered.

“If it doesn’t work because of Brad then it should work because of Tiana, I can’t wait to dance at your wedding!!” Mina gibbered.

Amelia shut her eyes annoyingly then opened them to say; “Do I rear ¢razy people around me or, Crazy people reside in my environment?”

“I knew I would somehow run into you today, how has life been? Have you been klling your soul around?”
“My soul can’t be klled as Amelia lives in it,” Dean responded boldly.
“How does your soul survives with what is mine??” Brad coldly asked.

“You wanted it to be yours but it has never been, good people deserve good things,” Dean taunted
“Who classified you as a good people?”
“I become good after Amelia accepted to be mine,” he replied
“You are still addicted to her? She can’t be yours!”
“Minutes ago that I checked, Amelia is still my girlfriend, the woman I love and also loves me!”
“I already told you what her aim is, she only wants to play you, she’s my girlfriend!”
“I believed until I was told by her that nothing ever existed between the two of you,” Dean replied

“So you even find out?” Brad surprisingly asked.
“No lies can be hidden forever, moreover, Amelia and I are meant to be,”
“Not when I am still alive, she either be mine or no one else!”
“What can be done now? Because Amelia already accepted to be mine,”
“Just a word that comes from the mouth can’t be believed, the one that comes with action is the main word, Brad said
“That means?” Dean scoffed
“I will get Amelia back in different ways, she will be mine!”

“She can’t be yours, what do you want to do? She’s already taken by me!”
“I will make her a source of my pleasure, I have always wanted to satisfy my urge with her, I’m not stepping back till I achieve my aim, Amelia will spend a night on my bed, she will scream out my name when I am having her!” Brad spat out, and instantly without second thought,Dean pvnched his face and then pushed him back backward

“What did you say? You want to have sx with Amelia? You want to hear her scream your name? Do you want to die?” Dean shrieked then tried to give him another pvnch, Brad, stood firm on his feet and then escaped his pvnch which made Dean release the pvnch on the wall instead of him.

It was painful but Dean doesn’t care because he immediately turned around to face him.
Brad laughed sarcastically behind him then he returned his evil smirk back to his face, “one of the things I don’t believe in is giving up,” he informed

“I will kll you, if you go near Amelia, I will kll you,” Dean threatened in anger.
“I’m leaving with a punched face by you, my coming back won’t meet you well, because I will definitely take Amelia away from you! Watch her back when she walks, mystery happens during unexpected time,”

“Why did you fight with him? He isn’t worth it!” Amelia nagged.
“But you do, you worth it and I won’t let him harm a hair on your head,” Dean stated
“He wouldn’t have done anything, you could have walked away,” Amelia replied
“He threatened to take you away from me, he said he would take advantage of you, do you know how I felt when I heard that? I knew he can’t do it but remembering it provoke me further,” Dean angrily said and Amelia’s shoulders relaxed by itself lazily.

“I will kll him if he touches you, he has no idea how far I can go to revenge for making me stay away from you without any offense,”
“I have tried controlling my anger, he better let us be without coming closer to you because I won’t spare him,”
“I don’t mind fighting for your love over again but, if he tries to take you away from me, I will become the worst nightmare of him!” Dean threatened while she just watched him speak.

She had no idea such a brave side exists in Dean. Brad must have really provoked him! what the h’ll is wrong with Brad?


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Chapter 74



“You never believed me when I convinced that they will come back together, now they’ve started going out,” He says with an enchanting smile.

Each time she looks at him she doesn’t want to look away, as she had to stop herself from drooling over him in his presence. Been invited by him for breakfast and now they are communicating casually, how often do people find time to connect?

“I wouldn’t have declined if I knew about it earlier,” She replied with a faint smile.

“Since when have you been friends with Amelia?” He asked,
Only her was eating, Alfred has touched the cutleries yet, his two hands which were crossed together on his chest, and his eyes examining her every move as she eats, his gaze alone her makes her feel nervous.

“We met then when I resumed as a new student in 3rd grade, I will say our friendship started since then,” Mina answered briefly.

“Why give me short details, I want to know about the occasion that takes place, I’ve always cherished your friendship but I never knew how you two became friends,” Alfred expressed his curiosity.

Mina drank from the bottle of her water, putting her lips into a thin line as she has eventually devoured her food entirely, Alfred’s food remained untouched in front of his table, she wondered if he bought the food just to trash it if he wasn’t hungry in the first instance.

“Do you want them to bring anything for you?” Alfred asked with a smile while she cleaned her hand with a napkin.

Mina shook her head in declination after which she smiled softly; “Thanks for the food!” She appreciated.

“Now that you are done eating, will you tell me how your friendship started with Amelia?” Alfred instead of answering asked.

“Why does he want to know?” She thought but couldn’t say it out, maybe he was just trying to build a conversation with her.

“I was coming out of the cafeteria when I’d bump into her, she wasn’t at fault since I was too busy going through the school map on my phone that I didn’t bother looking at where I was heading to,”
“I expected her to yell at me just like other frustrated girls would but she didn’t, she apologized immediately before I could even when she wasn’t at fault, that amazed me more about her,”

“I found her nature sweet and after we departed, we both were in the same grade, that’s another coincidence,” Mina shared.

“Was she the one that speak with you after that?” Alfred asked with his eyes focusing on her, she wondered if he has been staring strongly at her face or probably her forehead.
If only she dares to stare back at him without her eyes blinking stupidly,

“I have forgotten how it happened but we started talking and I will say that we became close through that,” She replied

“I thought she was a sweet and a calm girl, I never knew ¢raziness resides in her skull till we became friends,” Mina uttered at the last part of her words and Alfred didn’t stop himself from laughing out ¢razily.

“I was expecting that..”Alfred said amidst laughter and Mina also was forced to laugh.
“I can’t help it. Will you tell me about yourself too?” Mina requested her words which she found early to drop from her mouth.

Alfred smiled softly, he lost himself in a brief thought before he started speaking; “When I first resumed in here I don’t interact with girls, just a few students were able to hear my voice even though the school belongs to my Dad,”
“Who met me would think I was an introvert but will never know what turned me into one suddenly,” He shared while she listens.

“How often do people change?” Alfred directed his question at her.

Her cute eyes looked down the table before saying; “Everyone changes when nature demands it, some are due to critical issues,”

“Nature didn’t change my act, it was formed by critical issues from my parents,” Alfred shared and even though Mina finds their discussion out of the blue, she was curious to know more about what he was talking about.

“I can see the curiosity in your eyes, I will brief you on how everything took place,” He assured me before leaning forward.

“I was living together with my parents in America till the age of thirteen, my mom is an American but my Dad is from Germany which makes me a half-caste of this country,” Alfred shared.

“My parents have been married before I was born and they reside in America until, Dad decided to return to his country to start managing his businesses, but, my mom doesn’t want to come with him because she also needs to look after her business over there,”


“I was young but I knew about their misunderstanding, after Dad returned to Germany, he doesn’t call Mom often because he was angry with her decision,”
“I demanded to celebrate my 14-year old birthday over here with Dad and mom needs to come with me,”

”Unexpectedly things changed after we got here as my Dad was caught with another woman in his apartment,” Mina’s mouth parted apart in surprise after she heard that.

“My mom left the country out of anger but, she left me in the company of my Dad, I had to sleep and relax with a disturbed state of mind even at my young age,” Alfred said with his expression turning cold.

“That was how I became the opposite self of me, I had to detach fr people forcefully,”
“I will say that it all changed when I met Amelia,” Mina tilted her head forward because Amelia’s name was mentioned.

“I used to come across her around the school, sadly we aren’t in the same grade but I her then,” Alfred smiled when he noticed the displeasure on Mina’s face but he didn’t speak about it.

“I overheard her discussing with you the monitor has been bullying her, I wanted to help but, I got a call to visit mom after so many years,”

“My first day back in school was amazing, my parents are back together and I got to discuss with you both, then I realized myself liking you since that day, now I am back to my better self that has grown to love someone’s presence around him,”


“I don’t want you hanging around alone, Brad is mysterious, and even though, I don’t believe in his threats, my mind won’t concentrate if I am to leave you alone there,” Dean said while holding her hand tight.

“Everyone’s eyes are on us, let go of my hand Dean, I can walk properly on my own,” Amelia complained.

“You know I don’t care about them looking, why should I let go of your hand? Ain’t you my girlfriend?” Dean refused.
“But people are watching, I’m getting uncomfortable,”

“Don’t you don’t appreciate my presence around you? You are not fine coming out with me? Were serious about not loving me anymore?” Dean let go of her hand after saying that.

“I’ve been fine with it… I just don’t want them taking pictures again, if your Dad comes across any of our pictures, what will he say?” Amelia reluctantly said.

“Absolutely nothing, he knows that I like you because I already told him, I’m just hoping for a free space to come so I can tell him you are officially my girlfriend,” Dean replied

“Our relationship is fake, do you need to discuss that with him?” Amelia scoffed
“I’m not letting go, if a month couldn’t make you fall Inlove with me, then I will plead for another month,”

Dean declared but as she never knew what to say, her mouth went shut.
“How did you feel when that lady hugged me?” Dean teased.
“What lady are you talking about?” Amelia snapped while acting like she was reading.

“The one who’s an action made you start acting cold to me. How did you feel when Mina’s sister hugged me? Remember no keeping of secrets” Dean informed.

“I was upset against my wish, what she did was ¢razy! Running into an opposite gender then hugging him even when he was with someone holding hands with her, in the presence of his girlfriend!” Amelia forcefully said.

“That alone won’t let her know you are my girlfriend, what if you are a random girl?” Dean shrugged as he enjoyed seeing her jealous,

“You made her know after yelling at her, I watched everything but couldn’t hold my laughter,” Amelia replied with a smile.
“I’m ready to listen to every discussion you had with him, let’s stay over here” Amelia exclaimed.

“I’ve been dragged to be host by a locker because whom I call a friend wants to gossip,”. Mina complained then relaxed her back against the locker.

“You could have taken me to the restroom just to get a word out of my mouth, I want to know every single thing and, why are your cheeks red? Did he kss you?”

“How does Dean cope with you? You rant too much, take a step away from me else I will choke under your breath,” Mina informed then Amelia stepped aside.

“He discussed his family problem, even though it was awkward I had to listen because it was a sad story,” Mina shared.

“He confessed to me that he once liked you, but now, he’s has grown find of me around him,” Mina tiredly said.

“I thought you will throw a party for him telling you that? Why do you look uncomfortable?” Amelia who noticed her asked.
“Isn’t everything too much to understand, I still have to inform myself that Alfred likes me, I just find everything weird!” Mina answered.
“Calm down then, you will feel better after that,” Amelia advised.

“What happened between you and Dean when I wasn’t there?”
“What should I say? I watched Dean putting your sister in a place where she belongs without having to bother myself,” Amelia discussed happily.

“Elisa approached Dean again!? How did it happen?” Mina asked.
“Dean was explaining things to me, you know he enjoys lecturing in any free time!? Then, your sister came out unexpected after which she hugged Dean suddenly,”
“I was forced to watch that in anger but, I smiled after Dean gave her what she deserves!”

“Are you also pained like me? It can be viewed how everything has been hurting you,” His voice came out of nowhere to her.
“is it necessary to speak with me? I don’t know who you are,” She snapped after examining him.

“I knew you through wickedness but I will appreciate your smartness,” He replied
“what are you talking about unwanted talker?” She frustratedly scoffed.

“How you were heartless to the extent of pushing someone into a deep pool so that she would drown,” he rubbed her on the face.

“I don’t owe you an explanation, I did it because she deserves it,” she answered after choking on her words
“I was thinking of picking on you then but, I realized that we can work together to get what we both deserve,” he answered as he was closer enough to her.
“What do you want from me? I don’t tolerate people around me!” She yelled.

“You are compulsorily forced to tolerate me because it’s needed, I know your kind of person, it won’t be a big deal informing Dean about how you tried to mvrder Amelia,” he threatened and her body relaxed instantly.
“You won’t dare! What do you want from me?” She requested with her teeth gritted together.

“You shouldn’t speak too much, I can have your to..ngue cut off for raising your voice on me,” He threatened with a d’vilish smirk.

“My name is Brad, it should be nice meeting you, I knew your name to be Tiana,” he introduced

“I hope our working together brings us closer to what we want!” He completed then a smirk escaped the corner of his mouth.

“I asked you what you want from me, I’m not in a favorable mood, if there’s nothing to talk about I will want you to leave,” She stated with a frown on her face.

“The remedy to your problem is what I have here with me, let’s work together as a team to get what we want,”
“What do you want? What’s the need to work together?” She rejected.

“I want Amelia on my bed, but Dean wouldn’t let me have her! He’s too stubborn and it wouldn’t be nice depriving the Young Heir of his life,” Brad shrugged his shoulder innocently.

“Don’t dare harm Dean in any way, Amelia can be taken, I don’t care” Tiana warned in an angry tone.

“I have come up with something that will hasten our way to whom we want, I know you love Dean so dearly,” Brad informed.

“My plan to get Amelia will work out if you help me with my task, by doing so you also know what you will get, A chance to be with Dean,” He offered confidently.

“I’m desperate to do anything that it requires, whatever it is!” Tiana replied.

“Even if it means to die?” Brad asked then her lips went firm without moving, he has managed to scare her with his words.
“I won’t give you a hard task, just a simple task that won’t involve that block-headed Dean, just Amelia!” He told to her then smiled when she glared at him for speaking badly of Dean.
“Have a look at this piece of write-up, anyone can be watching nobody knows!” Brad said before handing her a sheet of paper that contains a few written words in it.

“Will the rest be successfully carried out after I have done my part?” She asked after she finished reading.

“You can let the remaining be thrown at me, I will succeed in it, I will give it a succession, and, everyone will get what they want,” He replied, a smirk of victory popping on his face as he realized his first move succeeding.

“Then I am ready, when should the plan be executed?”


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Chapter 75

“I have numerous reasons to be happy, but I feel miserable because the presence of Elisa wouldn’t stop suffocating me!” Mina let out.
“How much do you despise her? You are getting upset even without her here,” Amelia let out a ghost smile after saying that.

“I don’t despise her, I just don’t like seeing her, her presence reminds me of how Dad cheated on mom, how many times should I explain again?” Mina furiously latched
“I was shocked when Amelia told me she’s your sister, you both have nothing alike, “Dean expressed.
“We can’t have anything alike because, she’s illegitimate while I am legitimate,” Mina told to him.
“I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t say it out,” Dean confessed.
“Who doesn’t know Mina will refer to her character as being selfish,” Amelia chimed in.

”Just as it seems to me, only you want to reign as the only child,” She added.
“I’ve always wanted a sibling but, I never requested for an illegitimate, Mom stopped giving birth because she was warned not to birth another child!” Mina conceded sharply.
“The one she birthed ended up being a parrot!” Amelia poked fun at knowingly. Mina raised her brows at her, she was about to fire back a reply when Dean declared; “You both shouldn’t start now,”

Mina’s shoulder that has raised high relaxed but she doesn’t only stop at anything, she threw Amelia a dead glare before taking her eyes away.
“I’m heading to the car before my head will get cut off by Tiana’s glare,” Dean Informed.
“Stop driving to the school with her, isn’t she rich enough to get herself a car? All she knows is to rant like a parrot,” Mina noted.

“I will be coming over tomorrow, you can inform Uncle,” Amelia announced before he could leave.
“Why are you visiting? Is a wedding going to happen behind my back?” Mina asked.
“Speak well once without being silly!” Amelia grumbled before answering; ”His Dad requested for a visit, that’s why I am going. Will you like to come along?” Amelia asked and while looking at her face for an answer, Mina’s eyes ran into Dean that was pleading for her to decline.

“I don’t have anything to do tomorrow,” Mina replied while Amelia grinned softly.
“I would have loved to come along but, I can’t tolerate Elisa and her boyfriend’s madness when I am back,” She confessed.
“So you ain’t coming?” Amelia curiously asked. “I will next time,” Mina pleaded as she received a thump up from Dean. “What is he up to?”



“I said I would come, I never mentioned you coming to pick me up,”
“That isn’t the best way to welcome me,” Dean offensively replied.
“You never told me you are coming!” She snapped.
“I was less busy at home, I thought coming to get you wouldn’t be a bad thing to do, after all, I have always remained a sweet boyfriend!” Dean responded.


“Hi, Amelia!” Tiana waved as she sat down on the couch in the sitting room.
Amelia looked surprised but after seeing her smiling sheepishly, she had no choice but to also waved back at her even though, they were never on good terms.

Dean noticed Tiana’s action and he was surprised to the core, he admitted instantly if she was in a good mood today.
“Is Dad in the reading lodge or his bedroom?” He asked the guard that was present in the living room but before he could get an answer, Tiana interfered,

“He has gone out for an important meeting,” She said to him. Dean looked relatively upset, “Get my phone for me!” He commands then Tiana informed; ”Uncle asked me to tell Amelia sorry on his behalf he promised to make it up next time,” her words still came with a smile, her sudden nature isn’t expected which is why Amelia found it strange believing her kind gesture. “What changed her suddenly? She was never like this!”

He turned around to face Amelia as he met her staring softly at the ground, “I’m sorry you didn’t meet Dad,” he apologized then took hold of her hand.
“It’s okay… I can always come back,” She answered with a faint smile.
“This will be your last visit here Amelia,” Tiana thought randomly in her mind with irritation.

“Should I get going now then? You can tell Uncle that I left already when he’s back,”
“How could you leave with me here? You can just spend your time with me!” Dean disturbed.
“Dad may come back soon, since it’s during the weekend, and he doesn’t stay late at work,” Dean added.

Amelia stood there reluctantly so she could comprehend, Tiana’s eyes not leaving them, she was about to speak but then Dean started climbing the stairs with her.
“Where are we heading to?” Amelia asked nervously.
“My room will host you if Dad can’t, leaving soon won’t be considered!” He responded with a grin.


“Will you remain standing, or probably take a sit? You’ve been here before, and I’m sure the room isn’t a new place for you,” Dean said to her.
“I will sit over there,” Amelia strongly said then she walked over to the sofa in the room.
“When I came to your room, I sat down on the bed!” Dean asserted.

“You choose to sit on it, I can sit wherever I want to!” She replied harshly before crossing her hands.
“That was harsh but I don’t mind,” Dean said to her,
“This is your third time entering my room right?” He asked.
“I haven’t been here before!” Amelia joked then chuckled.
“Was that a joke? Isn’t this the same room we shared our first kss? Are you kidding me!?” Dean told and her eyes willingly blinked nervously.

“Come and sit over here with me before I try something nasty!” Dean threatened.
“What are you going to do? I’m comfortable sitting here!” Amelia answered stubbornly.
“I want you to stay beside me, this is my room and you shouldn’t be scared of coming closer to me!” Dean replied
“I’m still better sitting here!” She declined after dropping the bag beside her.
Just like her words controlled him, Dean stopped speaking then he relaxed his back on the bed instead of with his two eyes shutting immediately his back touched the bed.

Several moments have passed by without him uttering a word, each time she looks at him on the bed she always realizes his eyes are closed which made her wonder if he slept off!
“Dean are you asleep?” She inquired but got no answer from him, his position remained unchanged.

She’s starting to feel lonely, he’s not nagging with her anymore, having no one to speak with aside from her roaming her eyes in the room made her feel suddenly bored of everything.
“Can you hear me? I’m leaving now!” She lied just to get his attention but he didn’t reply.

Biting her inner lips frustratedly then she was starting to believe that Dean slept off even with her in the room with him.
“He’s such a proud mouse!” She muttered beneath her breath.
Making a loud noise purposely by dropping her bag on the floor while exclaiming like it was a mistake, Dean never turned his side as well.

“He slept off!” She muttered sadly to herself, lifting the bag from the ground and then dropping it on the sofa before making her way closer to him.
She would look at his face while he sleeps briefly then leave to her house. Standing so close to him on the bed, her eyes examined him with his eyes closed and his lips which were slightly parted open. “Oh, my handsome boyfriend!” She thought randomly.

She’s been staring at him for minutes without him waking up and when she decided to leave, Dean snapped his eyes open after which he dragged her up carefully on the bed with him.
Gasping out unexpectedly as Dean crawled his arms around her immediately,
“I thought you were…” She wanted to tell.
“Ssshhhh… I’m not sleeping!” He placed his finger on her lips

“I saw you sleeping,” she gasped then bit his finger placed on her mouth playfully, then he took his finger away immediately.
“I only pretended to gain your attention, would you have gone if I didn’t open my eyes?” He asked then placed his hand across her neck.

“I- I- I thought you were sleeping!” She stammered then niggled her neck downward.
“Is there a need to stammer? You refused to come when I told you to, but you came to stare at my face when I was sleeping, how good are you at hiding what you feel?” Dean poked fun.
“I was not staring at your face, I only checked to know if you are asleep because I wanted to leave!” She whispered.
“Were you drooled by my handsome face after staring at me? Did your lips tempt you to kss me??” Dean flirted, she gasped out as she felt embarrassed before she closed her eyes instantly as her heart tugged on her chest speedily.

She and Dean lying down together on the same bed isn’t something she thought would happen anytime soon, Dean wrapping his hands around her like an item that would flee at any slightest moment makes her throat fry up immediately.
“Are you still thinking about kssing me? Here I will willingly kss you,” he said after then he tried ssing her, but she rubbed her lips against the bed instead.

Dean chuckled softly at her strategy before saying: “I wasn’t going to kss you, I barely wanted to tease you!”
She would have raised her head to give him a hard glare but she doesn’t want to, Dean is mischievous and who knows if his lips were not far from her neck,
“Instead of giving those to me, you decided to get me feeling jealous by placing them on my bed, such a nice cheat in my presence!” Dean Buttered and she were forced to raise her head at him.

But before she could comprehend what was going on, Dean hurriedly stole a kss from her lips then smiled at his smartness,
Amelia glanced at him in shock as she wasn’t expecting him to act mischievous so quickly like that, “Your mouth won’t speak now because you are close to me, it’s a good thing Dad isn’t around, at least you are close to me now,” Dean made fun of her before he released his hand from her waist.

“Don’t move if you don’t want me to try something nasty!” He warned when he saw her trying to leave the bed, her body relaxed after hearing that, she doesn’t want him acting mischievous else her heart would drop out of her chest, so she remained on the bed.
Her eyes blinked every minute since Dean wouldn’t stop staring at her, many times she has covered her face with her palm but Dean never relax about taking it away each time she does that,

He wouldn’t stop staring, and she just can’t bear everything altogether, being so close to him, with him staring at her just made her feel uncontrollably nervous.
“Why are you staring at me? I’m not a clown with a funny diagram on my face!” She forced herself to say.

“I’m curious to know what’s going on in your head, I want to know if your mind is roaming around me as mine is roaming around you,”
“Won’t you let me go home now?” She asked.
“Why do you want to leave so soon? Do you feel uncomfortable having me around you? Because we are lying on the same bed?” He asked, she was about speaking but, her lips went shut on second thought, “I will listen to whatever you say,” Dean assured her as he realized the anxiety on her face.

She forced the thick liquid in her mouth down her throat before looking up to stutter;
“I-I- I feel uncomfortable with the way we are!” She managed to say. He chuckled softly then he stared at her briefly, without a hint of what he was about to do, he shifted closer to her, covering up the remaining space between them.
Amelia’s eyes blinked nervously as she could feel his breath on her nose, she was still complaining to him, did he hear the wrong words?

“I’m close to you, you are close to me, let’s feel each other’s breath, take away all the negative thoughts on your head, they won’t matter presently because I’m responsible,” Dean assured with a grin, her stomach grumbled immediately as she threw away the thought that tried crossing her mind, she has faith in his words.

Dean’s hand moved from his side to relax on her waist, she gulped down slowly then lowered her head, her head hi t against Dean’s nose, but even though it was painful, none of them flinched as they’ve lost each other in their stares.
“Do you think there’s a reason why I love you so much, Amelia?” Dean asked without blinking his eyes. She was mute for seconds before shaking her head cluelessly.

“I will say there has never been a reason, care to know why?” He rubbed her cheeks with his palm.
What he was doing was making her feel lost in herself but she managed to reply “Yes I want to know,”
“If I fall In-love with you because of a reason, I’m scared the love might lessen once the reason stops attracting me closer to you,”

“I don’t have any reason to love you, My heart opened gladly for you to reside in it without a reason, I want my heart to contain your love, and the same goes to your heart too,”
“If there’s a key I have been finding, then it should be the KEY TO LOVE, I had to go through pain before realizing that the KEY TO LOVE resides nowhere than IN MY HEART!” Dean explained with a sweet smile, then she nodded her head.

She just got an answer to one of the questions about the feeling of love. So the KEY TO LOVE IS IN HER HEART!
“Will you keep on staring at me, or allow me to hold you tighter? I’m responsible like I told you earlier, I will not try anything nasty, for us to begin with,” Dean jolted her out of her thought.


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Chapter 76

Her breathing seized constantly where she lay horizontally facing him on the bed, “Have you ever thought of a future with me?” Dean closes up the silent moment.

Quiet for seconds more like being in thought before answering; “I never thought about it, my aim this day is being able to feel what love is,” She answered truthfully.
“Why such a huge desire? Have you kept that on your mind for a purpose?” He asked randomly, with his fingers operating the laptop.

“Call it curiosity, I have always loved searching about love since I was young,” Amelia simply replied.
“What sort of nature is that? I never knew anyone can be curious to research about love,” Dean pointed out.
“Maybe no one ever in the history, I have broken the record, I started making up a history ever since the crave built itself in me one day,” She told.

“It’s still strange listening to this. What have you learned so far?” Dean asked. “The feelings that revolve around love, how love hurts, how it gives joy, happiness can be derived from it same as sadness can be granted, I’ve learned all sorts of things, I read many books, but, even after having various knowledge about what Love is, I feel lost because my research isn’t completed yet,”
“Excuse me!?” He raised his brows confusingly at her. “I wanted to know what the feeling is like, having someone to refer to as your love, what does it take to get the feeling into your heart,” She briefed.

Dean processed her words carefully in his mind even though his hand had stopped moving on the keyboard, as her words were quite confusing, he never knew there was a being who enjoys studying about what exists better still till eternity.
“Does anyone know about this? Is there someone you do share your research with or just brief about everything?” He asked after minutes.

“My Diary! All I learned were stored in my Diary, you can say my Diary has been the best companion to me,” Amelia answered.

“Arnold once told me about your Diary.” ”Do you love the Diary more than me?” Dean asked. She formed her lips into a thin line while concluding on what to say, so they discussed her behind her!
“My Diary will forever get my love as an object, and you will forever get my love as my first love,” She admitted.

Dean who was receding his attention to the laptop fastly snapped his head in her direction, she was sitting opposite him on the bed with her elbow relaxing on a pillow, while Dean operated his laptop searching for an email that was requested by his father. He still doesn’t know why it’s needed to work during weekends.
“I’m your first love?” He asked like he never heard it when she first talked about it. Amelia faked a smile and then bounced her head repeatedly. He closed the laptop after that before he walked up to her on the bed.

“Amelia! You are Inlove with me?” He asked emotionally curious for her to speak. His heart wouldn’t stop raising while waiting for her to speak, up until now, he still feels entirely surprised, did she just confess her love?
“Won’t you proceed with your work? Uncle might call any moment,” Amelia tried distracting him, “I will listen to you, just answer me,” Dean persisted
“Thinking it all through, no doubt that I am Inlove with you, I LOVE YOU, DEAN!” She confessed to him. Her eyes which followed every of his reaction where she was on the bed,

“You are giving me another chance? Our fake relationship will be over? You are ready to be my girlfriend officially? Tell me all that is true!” Dean gently questioned, his eyes weren’t calm like previous anymore, each time she looks at him, all she sees was a high hope,
Calmly staring back at him, then sat down properly on the bed, she kept on gawking at him without missing a minute to find out his emotion through his eyes that were staring deeply at hers.

Even she doesn’t know what made her say what she said, only realizing her emotion revealing itself to her, how much she loves Dean’s presence around her, and what she feels whenever their body comes in contact with each other.
How her heart must miss a beat randomly whenever he’s staring deeply at her, now she wondered, does she want a day to come that he will be separated from her? Can she bear losing Dean? If her heart can’t stop wandering around him, Isn’t that what described love?


She never felt this way before, now that she thought about it all through, realizing that she wanted Dean to be hers, not just presently but forever. “What will a future spent with Dean feel like? Waking up to see his handsome face, and living in the same room just like now till forever with him,’ staring deeply at his eyes whenever she wants and, planning a wonderful future together.’
“I will be your girlfriend, I’m not giving us a chance for a short time, I want us to belong to each other forever,” She told to him with a smile. Dean’s anxiety lowered a bit as he ¢rashed his lips on hers, devouring every corner of her mouth like he hasn’t done ever before.

What a dream come true! Amelia finally belongs to him, he did it! Yes, he did it! His love has crawled back into his shoulder. ”She’s Mine!” He thought for a second.’
“I love you! I love you so much Amelia,” he expressed after breaking the kss, his palms folded around her neck,
“I want to be with you, I want to spend my life with you, you see I don’t know how hard telling me this might be for you, but this is the best news anyone could have told me,”

“Do you know I stayed late at night begging shooting stars to make my dream of you becoming mine someday come true? I don’t want you feeling reluctant when I hold you,”
“You never told me how uncomfortable it is being kssed often by me even though you have not accepted to be mine, although I was out of the trial, I just can’t stop my emotion from averaging me whenever I am with you,”
“All I have always reminded myself of is that I Love You, and will never give up on us,” Dean expressed and she smiled softly. Her fear has lessened and the anxiety that always crawled into her body whenever she’s around decreased,

She has opened the door that leads to love for herself, “Yeah! She loves Dean and wanted to be with him forever, her heart has opened gladly for him to dwell in, and if it’s not Dean, who else can win her heart over?”
“If it takes everything in a lifetime to express how I feel, I won’t mind spending my moment expressing myself to you as I love you very much Amelia, I will show you to the whole world!”


*The Next Day

A smile crept out on her lips, getting down from the car and then waiting for the driver to drive away. Her eyes roamed around the school premises, this is her first day in school after opening herself to Dean.
Dean has promised to announce to everyone that she’s officially his girlfriend, it was a surprise that during the short day if not hours that she told him, Dean who never associated himself with media dropped her picture on his handle.

Different people would have seen her pictures, everyone will be curious about the mystery girl whom Dean posted on his handle, she has been going through people’s curiosity and it’s obvious that everyone wants to know about her relationship with him. “She wondered if her two silly cousins has come across the picture!”
Mina is such a parrot! She couldn’t wait for Dean to announce before she called Amelia about what was going on, if shouting could make one ear deaf, Amelia wouldn’t have heard anything after her conversation with Mina.

Lazily adjusted the backpack properly on her back, it’s been relaxing in between her back and that alone makes her ribs hurt. Hissing randomly then marching directly to her lecture room, sorts glare at the students she came across.
Dean is an influential Young Heir, they all must have come across her picture on his handle, why else would they leave their works and start staring at her? She isn’t that popular!


She has walked almost closer to the lecture when Tiana called out to her, Amelia saw Tiana smiling as she drew closer making her worry, why has Tiana changed suddenly? She was never like this!
“Hello, Amelia!” She said after she was close to her. “What do you want Tiana?” Amelia instead of replying submitted a question to her. “I was just trying to be nice, you could have said Hi!” She offensively said while giggling.

“I’m surprised at your kind act, we’ve never been friends, and, why have you been nice to me? It’s not needed,” Amelia reacted.
“I don’t see anything special in what I did, I only tried speaking like a friend to you, I got tired of us nagging often, now I want to make friends with you if possible,” She answered, just like Amelia heard none of what she said, she stared uncomfortably at her before faking a smile.

“I saw your picture on Dean’s handle, he has never done something of the sort before, you must have agreed to be his girlfriend,” She discussed like they were ever friends.
Amelia maintained her silence, it feel uncomfortable speaking with her! Something just doesn’t feel right with Tiana’s new way of doing things! Has she changed? So soon?

“I’m happy seeing Dean happy, he was excited to inform Uncle that you’ve become his girlfriend and truthfully, I can’t remember the last time I saw Dean so happy!” She shared.
“Thanks for the words, can I leave now? I’m having a lecture in a few minutes,” Amelia tried to leave.

“Oh my! Pardon me, I was busy gibbering that I didn’t realize, I should have delivered Dean’s message to you,” Tiana hit her head like she made a huge mistake.
Amelia tilted her head forward after she heard Dean’s name, “Dean went directly to the hall after he came down from the car, he informed a guard to let you know, but now that I ran into you, I should just tell you,” Tiana said.

“He must be waiting for you at the old hall, you can go see him there, just in case the guard didn’t get to see you,” Tiana stated nicely.
She hummed briefly then nodded her head, “Thank You,” she mouthed to Tiana then she started heading to the hall, leaving Tiana alone on the spot.

Still, on her way to the hall, she feels like informing Mina to also come to the hall so she messaged her right away, “Dean sent for me at the hall, can you come over later? I will be waiting, get a snack when coming” She simply texted, about keeping the phone when she decided to text Dean too,

“Why can’t you message me instead of sending someone to me? I would have preferred your message informing me, anyway I am close to where you are, how come you choose to stay at the hall so early in the morning? Don’t you have any lecture?” She texted him, smiling sheepishly as she let out a deep breath before slipping her phone into her backpack.
Giggling in sarcasm as she felt $illy about what she did, what’s the need to text him if she’s going to meet him anyway? Maybe that will frighten him before she gets there, she concluded.

What would have been better than being welcomed with the sight of Dean in her presence? Her smile fades away when she couldn’t see him in the hall after she closed the door behind her.
There were books on the sofa which she thought must have been kept there by Dean, aside from that, what welcomed her was the large space that the hall contains.

” Did he hide after hearing her footsteps?” She thought then went over to the sofa, the books on the sofa were different from the ones she has seen with Dean before, if this book belongs to Dean, then where is he? Tiana said that he was here.
She should give him a call; she thought and was about to get her phone from the backpack when the cold voice spoke behind her, “I’m over here,”

She flinched at the impression of whom the voice belonged before turning around to see who talked to her. Her heart raced in fear when she saw him standing a few steps away from her, his two hands kept in his trouser pocket while he let the ev’l smirk stay coldly on his face.

“You look surprised to see me, were you expecting it to be someone else?” He spat out more like questioning her.

“Where is Dean? He told me to come over,” Amelia fought against her fear as she asked him bluntly.

“He isn’t coming here, because he wasn’t here in the first place!” He replied with a dark smile.

“Dean was here, this is his books! If he left then I will go find him!” She told to him, picking up her backpack from the sofa and then set to dash out of the hall.
A step which she took to his side was what it takes him to grab hold of her wrist, turn her around then propelled her closer to the wall.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” Amelia screamed fearfully at him, her wrist hurting as Brad rough-handed it behind her back. “I wouldn’t have come if making you go is all I came here for,” Brad grinned d’vilishly.

“I’m not here to look for you, let go of my wrist, it hurts!” Amelia battled with him. Instantly, he let go of her wrist, letting her catch a rare breath before pressing his body closer to her on the wall.
She was scared beyond core as her breathing hitched in fright, struggling to free herself from him but he was just too close, his hands had already been wrapped around her body.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” She cried out uncomfortably, getting irritated by his breath on her face as it smelt ¢igarette.

“I’m making my wish come true, you shouldn’t have acted stubbornly. Do you know I wasn’t planning to be hard on you? You’ve always been stubborn but today, I will have what I want,” Brad replied then he started moving his hand lu$tfully around her body.


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Chapter 77


Dean strolled voluntarily away from the lecture room without the awareness of the message Amelia had sent to him, taking his right hand to his head, “Why is Amelia not in school yet?” He bothered.
Attempting to head back to the lecture room because he needed his phone, (He needs to give her a call).
Tiana passed over the way with him, “Why didn’t you look at where you were going?” Dean angrily snapped as she was the one that bumped into him before he stepped away from her. “I’m sorry, I was about slipping,” Tiana apologized, he nodded his head grumbling as he wanted to walk away.

“Why are you leaving in anger?” She stopped him to ask. “I haven’t seen Amelia in school, I need to get my phone and then give her a call, understood?” He frankly informed as he knew she wouldn’t allow him to exit voluntarily.
“Don’t be an overprotective boyfriend, she will be here, I can keep your company before she comes,” Tiana offered with a smile.

“You don’t tell me what to do, I will get my phone and do whatever I want!” Dean instructed sternly, turning around to walk away when his name echoed from afar,
Frustration popped up on his face when he sighted Elisa running fastly to where he was, haven’t they seen Amelia’s picture? He always has a girlfriend! What again!

“Dean!” Elisa hurried to say as she inhaled air, “She’s in trouble! She needs help!” She gibbered repeatedly where she stood in front of him. Tiana glared anxiously at her as she fiddled with her nails, while Dean ultimately gave her his attention, “who was she talking about?” He thought randomly.

“What are you saying? Who needs help?” Dean demanded impatiently then he took a step closer to her.
Elisa h it her head hard not knowing how to explain, but then she said; “Mina’s friend, I saw her in trouble, she was about to be rapped,” she informed him.

“Mina’s friend!?” Dean murmured to himself, ”Do you remember her name? What’s her name?” Dean inquired, not having a clue that she was referring to Amelia. “I have no idea what her name is, Mina is her friend and they are always together,” She told. ” I remember you shouting at me one day because I hugged you in her presence! I think she’s your girlfriend,” She rushed her words, sweat covering her face, even the make-up on her face was as good as gone.

“Amelia!?” Dean muttered quickly, she nodded her head positively, “What happened to her?” He interrogated again. “I saw her at the hall where you’d normally read, a male student was trying to take advantage of her, I was passing when I heard someone screaming for help, it was after I got closer that I found out that he was trying to rappe her,” Elisa explained fastly.

“I couldn’t save her, he could pvnish me too, I was running to tell Mina but—-” Dean took to his heels away before she could complete her statement.
Tiana bit on her lips, fear gripped her as she glared at the lady catching her breath in her presence, she’s doomed! Dean would find out what she has done! How could Brad have allowed someone to see him!
“I’m coming too!” Elisa yelled at Dean almost disappearing back view after she felt a bit stable, “Let’s go help her!” She instructed Tiana who glared at her because walking away.

“Please don’t do this!” She murmured in uncontrollable tears then she closed her eyes in regret, “I will die if this is done to me,” She fearfully added when he pulled his trousers down, grabbing hold of her left thigh while he prepared himself to penetrate.

“Just remain quiet, you will also enjoy it,” Brad said then l!cked the hollow space on her neck. Amelia had no idea what happened as she had shut her eyes earlier, all she heard was a loud hit on someone, falling on the ground along with Brad after the sudden sound.
Her heart skipped when she felt her body lying on the ground with Brad on top of her, only then had to open her eyes to glimpse Dean standing in front of them with his eyes blood shooting red, his chest raised consistently, for a moment she felt safe.

Brad turned to see who dared punch him but then his eyes met with Dean, he was shocked as Dean scurried closer to them on the ground, grabbing Brad by his shirt collar away from Amelia before he pvnched him rapidly on his nose. “Why did you touch her?” Dean shrieked and another pvnch landed on his cheekbones.

Brad tried fighting back by punching him on his chest, Dean spared a look at Amelia where she had crawled her body up with her arms on the ground, numerous anger built in him, leaving behind the pvnch Brad had given him on his chest, Dean pvshed him backward, he staggered before landing on the ground, about to get up with force but Dean already got on his top .
Remembering the position he met him and Amelia, he pvnched him severally on the face till bIood was gushing out of his mouth and nose, Brad couldn’t do anything because Dean already overpowered him. “What were you trying to do?” Another pvnch landed on his nose.

“You wanted to rappe her!? You are shameless! You have no shame,” Dean shouted then pvnched him in the mouth, he spat out bIood immediately but Dean didn’t stop punching.
“Didn’t you know I would kll you if you had done anything to her? How dare you touch what belongs to me?” Dean gave him a hard hi t on his chest, “You have no idea what I can do to you,” Brad buttered with bIood dripping out of his nose and the corner of his mouth.

Dean gritted his teeth, and dragged Brad’s collar, it tightened around his neck instantly, “You have the gut to speak?” Another punch on his forehead. “You tried to take advantage of a woman who despises you, how dare you threatened me? I will make sure to end your life today,” Dean released the collar from his hand, Brad’s head hit the ground badly because of the way Dean had released his shirt collar.


Mina, Elisa, and other students ran into the hall, ignoring the wrestling going, she ran over to where Amelia was on the ground.

“Amelia!” Mina called before scurrying closer to her, Amelia sobbed when she sighted Mina and she immediately hugged her after Mina bent down to her status,
“He wanted to rape me! He molested me!” She cried on Mina’s chest, sniffing her tears in and out.

“How did it happen? Didn’t Dean send for you?” Mina shockingly asked, feeling te.rrible about the situation she met Amelia, her heart shattered, she should have come immediately she saw her text. “Must bad things happen to her always!?”
“Wear this before the students take pictures of you,” Elisa offered her a shirt which no one knew where she got it from, she stretched the shirt forward where she stood behind Mina.
Mina would have tried being harsh on her but because of Amelia’s position, she took the shirt from her and then wore it on Amelia.
“We need to get you to the clinic,”


Dean was later separated from Brad after the news got to the security who rushed over to the hall, Dean reluctantly let go of Brad whose face was covered in blood and bruises.
Dean knew he could still get back to him later, for now, he needed to attend to Amelia, he cleaned the blood that was on his mouth before going toward Amelia.

His heart broke when he walked up to where she was, going down on his knees as he covered her up in his embrace, “I’m sorry, you will be fine,” Dean said then he removed his shirt, leaving with his innerwear, he wore his cloth on Amelia after he closed his eyes.
Her chest is still open as the shirt Elisa has given was short and open. Even though he knew everyone has seen her, he doesn’t want to disrespect her body by looking at her body, she’s already in enough pain.


“Please attend to her, I will go get her a new dress,” Dean told the clinic attendance and possibly Mina who was in the room with them, looking at Amelia’s pale face where he laid her on the clinic bed, “I will be back Amelia,” he walked out of the room after telling her.

“Stop crying! You are free from him now, he has been taken to the management, I’m sure he would be severally punished!” Mina cautioned Amelia whose tears wouldn’t stop rolling down her cheeks.
Anyone in her shoe would have done more than her, she was almost rapped, and she has lost hope! Why must a day like today come? What would she have done if Dean didn’t come for her? She would have been raped by a d’vil, taking shame home for her parents.

Nevertheless, even though she wasn’t eventually raped, how could she have forgotten how Brad touched her body, those bad moments when he was hara$sing her, he misused her body, tearing her skirt when he couldn’t remove it, mocking her body straight in front of her. What a shame! How could Tiana have tricked her fellow lady into this!?
Mina stepped aside for the doctor to attend to her, “She’s fine, it’s a good thing she was helped before he could rap her, just enough rest will lessen her fear, has she reported what took place?” The doctor asked before putting records in a book.

“Brad has been taken away, he will surely be reported and punished,” Mina told to her, “I will tell the nurses to get her drugs, stop crying okay!?” The doctor said to Amelia where she laid down quietly.
“If Dean wasn’t in the hall, why did you go there?” Mina impatiently asked the moment the doctor stepped out.
“Tiana tricked me, I think she planned with Brad,” Amelia silently replied. “How could have trusted Mina, she’s evil, this is her second time trying to harm you!” Mina exclaimed.


“Relax your back on the bed, don’t try standing,” Dean warned as he rubbed her forehead. “Do you feel better?” He asked with care and she resistantly nodded her head.
“How did this happen, Dean asked.

”She was with you at the hall, don’t you know what happened?!” Mina confronted him like Amelia hasn’t told her the truth.
Dean paused briefly before answering, “She wasn’t with me, I was informed by your sister that she was in trouble!” Dean told, and Mina was mute for a minute thinking of what made Elisa good suddenly, she wouldn’t have known Amelia was in trouble if Elisa didn’t tell her too.

“I saw the message she sent to me just when I went to Dress for her,” Dean added and Mina shrugged.
“What happened Amelia, why did you go to the hall? How did you meet up with Brad? I never sent anyone to you, will you tell me everything?” Dean questioned her.
“Tiana told me you sent a guard to inform me that you were at the old hall,” She started speaking.
“I went to search for you after Tiana told me without knowing it was all a trick, Brad tried to rape me,” She explained.
“I didn’t send Tiana to you, how could she have told you that?” Dean clamored and Mina responded.

“It was her plan with Brad she wanted to get rid of Amelia by disgracing her, Brad must have told her to deceive Amelia to execute his bad strategy,” Mina pushed words into his imagination.
“How could she have done that? I thought she changed,” Dean silently grumbled, it was clear for them to understand since they were close to him.

“How could you have believed her? This isn’t the first time, she once made effort in your life, she could have klled you then, this is her second attempt” Mina scolded Amelia, even Amelia has no idea where Mina was drifting to until Dean asked.
“Her life? What did she do?” Dean asked, his eyes had turned cold, it was Noticeable that he felt betrayed.

“Amelia wouldn’t have told you but I knew about it, Tiana was the one who pushed her into the pool at Carol’s party, she wanted to mvrder Amelia right there at the party, she wanted Amelia drowned in the pool!!” Mina answered.
Dean’s head snapped from Mina’s face to Amelia, glaring at her briefly, everything was too much for him to refine. “Is she telling the truth? Tiana was the one who pushed you?” He eagerly asked.

Amelia looked down at her chest before nodding her head, the moment Dean saw that he lost all his patience, Tiana!
“Take care of Amelia and stay here with her, I will be back!” He told to Mina before leaving the ward without another word, without replying to Amelia who was trying to stop him.


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Chapter 78

How can an angry person be observed biting on your lips each time you think of a previous problem you have to dissolve against your wish. Faith that wasn’t up to a teaspoon but means a lot been shattered without his knowledge.

He has heard about the story of overtaking, using power and strength to get your heart’s desires, what he didn’t know was someone stopping so low to get what never belongs to them.
He stopped the car abruptly in front of the building, “Get the car park very well,” he told to the driver, as he couldn’t wait to enter the house, because of his anger, he had to drive the car by himself home, he was already pissed off, and too tired to explain how faster the driver should drive.

Tiana had already fled away from the school, which made know that she was indeed a devil, coming home for her was the only thing on his mind.
Just painful for his anger to have lessened, probably because he doesn’t see anything else different from what Tiana planned to do and a witch who klls innocent one. What he would do to her is already on his mind, he’s getting rid of Tiana today, and for all.

Assume it jumping, his steps on the tilled ground were fast, and steady while he marched impatiently into the house, “Where’s Tiana?” He demanded eagerly from a maid. “Ma’am has been in her room since she got__” He didn’t allow her statement to be completed before heading directly to her room.
The sounds of his footwear hitting the stairs hard could easily be heard, taking the left turn that leads to her room, he didn’t bother knocking before commanding, “Tiana, open this door,” he commanded, but she was to scared to reply.

“I’m losing my patience, and you better not try to increase my anger!” He warned as he rubbed his cold hand on his forehead, “This house belongs to me, extra keys are just a finger away from me, preserve your dignity while I am still ready to help you with it,” he warned and in the next minutes, he heard the click of the key from inside and in a swift moment, the door was slowly opened.
Tiana shamelessly showed her face to him from the inside of the room, standing by the door while looking at the ground, Dean stood right there in her presence, shooting her a strong cold glare from where he stood outside.

As she wasn’t looking at his face, she had no idea how he was staring at her with disappointment, but even when Dean hasn’t said a word, she knows that she was doomed already.
Dean fully entered the room, taking hold of her wrist roughly before pushing her back against the wall, then he shut the door after them immediately as he doesn’t want any interruption, “I’m sorry Dean, please pardon me!” She pleaded even without him uttering a word.

He laughed coldly without a word, glaring at her face before speaking, “Sorry? I haven’t even said anything to you, why did you apologize?” He questioned but she couldn’t speak, she could only stare at his chest in fright since he was standing opposite her.
His cold laugh waste no time before transforming into an angry face, he kept his two hands back in his trouser pocket.

“Not a word? You can’t remember what you did?” He asked but she never answered with a word. “I will tell you what you did,” Dean stated.
”I should firstly say that being a lady must have been your luckiest star ever, I would have devoured immediately I set my eyes on you you weren’t a lady to begin with,”.

”You didn’t know what you did? Now listen attentively while I speak,” He commanded.
“Amelia was almost raped today by Brad, I thought Brad was an animal, he wanted to force what doesn’t want to be, depriving an innocent girl of her dignity because he’s after her body, with the help of a lady who never cared about anyone else except herself, being selfish and never refused to display the selfishness,”.

“I must have made a mistake taking your fake new identity to be real, I thought you changed,”
“You have always shown how imbecile of a human you are, taking my calm act for granted by wanting to impose on my life, your presence frustrated me but I still tried to endure, you are my childhood friend and we had lots of memories to cherish,”.


“I hated you imposing in my matters, after I saw you throwing watermelon on the girl I love and I didn’t do anything, several times you’ve caused her pain, but you didn’t learn your lesson even after I warned you strictly not to go closer to Amelia, she’s my love!”
“You’ve lost all the humanity in you to the extent that you lured a fellow lady like you into danger, did you think about her reputation? What would have happened if I didn’t get there on time?”

“She was crying, yelling, and seeking help as her self-respect was in a rage of been taken for granted; you knew what was about to happen but you never made attempt to help her, how could you have helped her? You derived joy by seeing others in pain, did you think if Amelia was raped today I wouldn’t have found out your betrayal?”
“She has a good heart, and that was what happened not to be created like you,”.

”After everything, I tried making her speak, she never told me about your bad act, she didn’t tell me the kller even though I pestered her about how she ended up in the pool, you were solidly telling me she cheated on me with Brad, you were there to tell me bad things about her,”
“All that you did then to get Amelia off my mind are still in remembrance, I didn’t let go of them, it’s a love that can’t be thrown away,”

“If you once loved someone genuinely in your life, you would have known how difficult letting go is, as I refused to let go, you decided to kll her, did you know if I can live without her? Amelia was drowning and you were happy to know that she wouldn’t survive,”
“Tell me why you did everything? I’m giving you the last chance to speak before doing what my heart wants, I want to know why you attempted Amelia’s life!”

”Did you know how difficult it was for me to bear it anytime I see Amelia in pain? Did you care to know how heartbroken it was seeing the position Brad left her? Her dignity, identity, reputation, everything was at risk, but you choose to do nothing, what would have been done still? It was all your doing, you lied to her for your evil intention to be carried out,” Dean spoke in rage, his legs were not moving from where he stood but his body was giving at the language about how he feels.
“Speak now that I am urging you too because another moment of silence from you will force me to overstep all boundaries, I don’t mind hurting you badly till your pain surpass what my love is going through.” He threatened

”Why did you hurt Amelia? Why trying to murder her? What would you have gained by getting her disgraced?” Dean yelled.
“I was jealous, I don’t want you closer to her, I want you to be mine, I thought you would hate her after a video of her has been taken by Brad, I was desperate to be with you,” She sluggishly explained.

“You don’t deserve me, how could I have chosen someone as devilish as you over Amelia? You wanted to take a video? Do you know what love does? It needs patience, you should have appreciated our friendship instead of trying to murder the girl I love,”
“She cried’! Embarrassed, and all that came to your mind was running back home, you didn’t feel remorseful, everything you did seems right to you,” Dean responded.

“I’m leaving to see Dad, please arrange your things up before tomorrow morning, another day with you in the house will deprive you of your life, don’t bother about informing your parents or Dad, I will do everything by myself!” Dean stated and was ready to get out of the room.

“I can’t leave, I will stay here!!” Tiana cried out uncontrollably, her nose and eyes wet already due to how tears have been dropping consistently on her face.
She feels remorseful, all she did was to get Dean, now she will be losing Dean in the twinkle of an eye, what will she tell everyone when she goes back to Germany? Her father will locked her up for days, the only savior for her there would be her mother, “Fuck you, Brad, you ruined everything for me!” She imagined in regrets.

“I am pained, I could have done something bigger to you, Brad has already been taking to the management, even you know what he would face with them, I am not having mercy on you by not going to report you also, save your identity by yourself,”
“Even Amelia that you wanted to harm doesn’t want me to come to you, I got angry after finding out through Mina, Amelia never told me anything,”
“You don’t feel guilty, if she sees you again, her mind would think about all you’ve done to her, and I won’t stand a second with Amelia’s sadness,”

“I would have asked about how ladies mind works, but after seeing what Brad did, I knew animals are living in some devilish men,”
“I’m booking your flight by myself today, if you don’t get your things ready, you will leave with nothing, don’t give me those teary eyes, you should have cared earlier, and you deserve more than I am doing to you,”

“My anger is still not in control, I can ruin things within the twinkle of an eye, if you refuse to go back to your parents, I will report the same statement of (Tricking someone into a means of being raped), you are aware of what that statement alone is capable of doing to your image,” He replied.
“I’m sorry! Dean, forgive me! I will apologize to her!” She ranted out loud behind him as he sets to leave the room.

“You can come with me to explain everything to Dad yourself, that will save me the stress of speaking over someone whom ghost which everyone thinks is scary happens to be angelic than, it will take you years to face Dad with the disappointment you’ve caused. Get your belongings parked already,” he stopped on a minute to say.


Mr. Stewart removed his glasses away from his eyes, raising his eyes to glimpse at Dean where he was boiling in anger, all that Dean just finished telling frightened him.

” Tiana did all those?” He repeated unbelievably after dropping his glasses on the desk.
“She has always done lots of evil to Amelia, I knew about many, but I thought she would change, I wanted to treat her like my friend and sister,” Dean answered.

“Have you talked to her? How’s Amelia doing? Is she alright?” He kindly asked, his face expressing his feeling about all Dean told to him.
“Amelia is being attended to at the school clinic, her condition was worse before I left, she wouldn’t stop crying, and all Tiana could speak of when I asked was a rant about being jealous, ” Dean frustratedly replied.

“Jealous? How could she have done such a bad thing, when did she become such? She was never like that!” Mr. Stewart disappointed said.
“You shouldn’t have allowed her to live with us Dad, I understand our relationship together but, her staying with us makes her think she has any right to me, Amelia could have died in the pool if I didn’t get there on time,”
“A life would have been lost, she means a lot to me,”

“I can report Tiana to the school management, I am not doing this because Amelia attempts to stop me from confronting her,”
“Nevertheless Dad, I have told her to arrange her things, Dad please get Tiana return to her parents tomorrow morning, another day with her would tempt me to kll her,” Dean said to him.

He wouldn’t deny being shocked beyond measure, Dean has never been this angry, he couldn’t just stop thinking about how Tiana could have done something of the sort, such a bad way of disappointing everyone.
He remained silent for seconds before uttering; “Her father would be so disappointed, allow me to speak with her. Can you pardon her this time?” he gathered some words to say for Dean would be appeased.

“I will inform Uncle on my way out,” He wasled towards the door as he soeaks.
“Tiana is leaving tomorrow, Dad please don’t do anything to stop this, the life of Amelia is at stake,”

“Dad, you weren’t happy about the death of Flora, I can assure my health too if anything happens to Amelia.” Dean threatened, his father’s mouth went apart, he knows Dean always gets what he wants, he’s kind but not enough to pardon Tiana for what she has done. What should be done?
“If Tiana doesn’t leave Dad, I will drop a statement that will disgrace her,”


He drove roughly onto the premises, everywhere calm and brightening, it’s still during the school period, after all, everything happened earlier in the morning.

He doesn’t have enough time to spend listening to his father, how could he have thought Tiana deserves another chance,”

After he left the house, all that came to his mind was to be with Amelia, but he needs to get something done quickly before returning to her.
Taking different routes before getting to the last door that leads to the management office, his steps fastened as he doesn’t want to waste any more minutes trying to maintain his steps.

Just a few knocks, a voice ushered him from inside, he entered fully and he met Brad and a few of the school staffs present, Brad was sitting on a sofa, his face which was covered in bruise had been cleaned and bandage, he wondered who he dare treated him after all he has done!

His face was supposed to rot. He hopes no one would dare question him for beating him up, he deserves more than he has given him.
“Welcome Ms. Stewart, we’ve been waiting for your arrival,” One of the staff said. “Good day!” He replied.

“The girl has been visited at the hospital, we need to know what took place.” “Can you explain to us how this happened? He has refused to speak,” A staff spoke with him.
“I need to write a statement, I’m too worried to speak, get me a book and pen please,” Dean requested before throwing Brad a hard glare.


After he was done penning a few words down on the note that was given to him, he gave it back to the staff that was waiting to get it,
“He was about raping her?” The middle forties man that hasn’t been saying anything since he entered exclaimed after going through Dean’s write-up.

Dean rolled his eyes furiously like a lady, “Would I have beaten him up for nothing?” He wanted to scream that out for them to hear. Were they clueless about what took place, or they want to bury the issue because Brad is the school monitor?
“She hasn’t stopped crying before I left her, right thing should be done,” Dean boldly informed. It’s a right to speak, no one can deprive him of it,

” Another moment with this animal will make me a criminal too, pardon me for leaving,” Dean stated, he was already annoyed but, seeing the man pretending not to know about what took place increased his anger, he hopes the right thing is done else, he would take the judgment into his bare hand.
Brad can’t ever be spared, even Tiana would suffer the same fate as Brad if she doesn’t adhere to his words. THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE LOOKED FOR DEAN’S WRATH!


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Chapter 79


“I’ve been waiting for you, you left your phone with us,” Amelia sprang her feet closer to Dean where he stood by the door.
“So my Amelia is back,” he teased before pinching her cheeks playfully, interlocking their hands together as they both walked up to the bed.

“I went to take care of a few things, are you okay now? Did Mina rant when I left?” He asked, “That’s the best way to say thank you to me,” Mina picked on his words. “Where did you go?” Amelia curiously asked.
“To confront Tiana mouse, where you chanced to beat her up? Tell me all the gist that took place when I wasn’t there,” Mina snapped at Her then waited on him for an answer.

“I never saw that coming, so Tiana is leaving?” Amelia asked softly, her voice not coming out too loud.

“She will be gone, then I can finally be with the one I love, I wrote a statement about Brad, let’s look up to what his punishment will be,” Dean responded before drawing her closer to him till her face rested on his chest.
“Thank you, Dean,” Amelia shyly said, he chuckled softly before saying, “I’m glad I was able to save my love, are you okay now? Shall we leave now?” He asked with concern.

“Did you both assume I and Mina out of here? Or, all this is to make us feel jealous?” Alfred asked with his voice revealing how jealous he was feeling.
“I was away for hours and you’ve started attempting to snatch my girlfriend,” Dean spared him a second to joke before his eyes returned to Amelia.


Alfred on hearing that chuckled lightly before speaking, “I have only come to say Hi, don’t show to Amelia always that you are a jealous boyfriend,” Alfred replied jokingly.
“I’m not a jealous boyfriend, I just love my girlfriend so much that I don’t want her snatched away from me,” Dean defended, his hands traced to her cheeks as he pressed them softly while she let out an outrageous smile.

“Must you inform me that it’s time to get a girlfriend? I found this to be oppression,” Alfred stated like he was pained, Dean left a kss on Amelia’s forehead before answering him. “I work hard before getting Amelia, let your eyes be closed if this makes you feel oppressed, or rather, fall In-love also,” Dean mocked then both Amelia and Mina chuckled.
“I do have feelings towards her,” he muttered.
” I will oppress you back in a bunch when she says yes to me,” He raised an alarm and everyone’s eyes spared to look at him.

“I can’t wait anymore then, who are you Inlove with? Any girl excluding Amelia can be on the list,” Dean joked,
Amelia and Mina glanced at each other, as their discussion didn’t leave a space for them to intervene, all they can do was listen to them.

What Mina wouldn’t stop thinking about was who Alfred claims to love! She’s dying here to have him, but he loves someone already, what sort of faith does she have?
“He loves Mina,” Amelia suddenly said.
“How did you find out so soon? Have they injected you with an injection that reads minds?” Alfred exclaimed, his eyes willingly trailing after Mina’s shy moves.

“I didn’t receive any injection but, I’m not blind to see things, just tell my friend how much you love her, she has always loved you for ages,” Amelia responded,
Mina’s heart raced, if she was given chance, Amelia would surely be spanked on the brain, why does she enjoys talking so much? Has she come around with her parrot self now?
“Will you be my girlfriend Mina? Say yes and let’s start our love too, let’s stop Dean from OPPRESSING us,” Alfred turned to Mina whose throat was drying up to say.

Her eyes blinked nervously, not a single word was coming to her lips, what should she say? Is this happening? Alfred confessing to her? Or this is just a joke.
“How boring of a boyfriend you’ve chosen to become? You never knew if she loves you, how could you have jumped to a conclusion?” Dean after observing Mina asked.

“Amelia said that she does,” Alfred replied sharply.
“You weren’t supposed to–” Dean was saying when Mina said;
“This can be talked about later, we should all leave before the doctor comes to sweep us away,” Mina interrupted the discussion.


Their lips formed and joyfully embraced this smile that appeared on their lips, since Amelia has been well taken care of at the hospital, Dean persuaded Mina and Alfred to leave to their various houses, if it was up to Mina, she would come over for a sleepover at Amelia’s house but, Dean talked her out of it.
Driving her home by himself, but he refused to let her enter the house, the step she took to go away was the same steps it was needed for him to bring her closer to him.

Dean made her stay in front of him, losing the ribbon that held her hair together while allowing it to fall on her shoulder, Amelia was fast at trying to complain but, she didn’t get to speak as Dean already started packing the hair the way he wants.
“I would have loved to let your hair stay this way, I’m only going to pack it to how you wanted it because, I think it fits you better,” He packed the hair as he speaks, her heart rate increased, she doesn’t know why his presence was having so much effect on her.

Hours ago she was on the verge of danger, but Dean came and saved her before she could be disgraced, what has she done in the past that made her worthy of Dean? Would she have been able to do anything with him?
“You are not going to speak? Come here!” Dean whispered while he brought her closer to him by holding on to her waist.

Her heart beats fastly as her chest was almost touching his, Dean parted the hair covering the side of her face back, he leaned forward to her ear then mumble;
“Are you still thinking about Brad or Tiana? I told you everything would be fine!” Dean spoke to her ear because he noticed the displeasure on her face.

After hearing him she gripped hold of her fear then rested her head further on his chest there she replied;
“I was thanking God for the lucky star that shined upon me, what did I do to deserve you?” She muttered silently that he wouldn’t have heard if he wasn’t close to her.

“A lucky star of love,” Dean answered after leaving a deep peck on her forehead. “I never knew Elisa could help after all the words I said to her,” Dean talked over.
“I was given a shirt to cover my body even when I haven’t spoken with her for two seconds in the past, Did you get my message?” Amelia also let out.

“I didn’t, I was worried about you not being present in school, now that we are talking about this, I found the reason why Tiana stopped me from getting my phone,” Dean recollected.
“I sent you a message after she told me, Tiana is really funny!” Amelia exclaimed.

“She has gotten what she deserves, if I am to do what my heart wants, Tiana will be reported to the management, I’m still surprised Brad didn’t speak a word about Tiana,”
“That d’vil! He should be klled,” Amelia stated in anger after remembering what he did to her.
“Everything will be known tomorrow, let’s talk about how he wanted to take advantage of what belongs to me, don’t feel embarrassed, I am your man,” Dean hugged her tightly, his head resting on her shoulder as she was short beside him.

Amelia’s cheeks turned red as she imagined what Dean meant by his words, “What belongs to him! He still values her after that?”
“I haven’t even touched you, how I wish to kll and cut off his organ when I entered,” Dean said.

Amelia’s eyes blinked rapidly, now he’s back and his usual jealous self. She doesn’t want him fighting, but if it was what he did to Brad earlier, he deserves every one of them.
“Should I sneak into your room? I want you in my arms,” he teased her, and she nervously adjusted her head on his chest.
“I love you! Let the sleep of tonight take away all of your worries, I am always here for you,”


He remained satisfactorily at peace where he lay on the bed, his body too weak to leave the bed so he remained on the bed.
Soon he will be dressing up to see Amelia, his mind has been with her since last night, as she wouldn’t be going to school on that day, he would go see her after ensuring that Tiana has gone for good.

Overthere he would announce Brad’s punishment to her, justice has prevailed, Amelia will be so happy to know this.
Unexpectedly, a knock came on his door while interrupting his private moment, has those guards come up with any errands from his father?
“Tell Dad that I am still relaxing, I will see him when I am done,” he yelled from where he was.

“I’m the one here Dean, I just want to speak with you before leaving, I can’t leave without having a word with you, can I see your face once more? I’m sorry,” Tiana spoke bitterly from outside.
“Leave Tiana, don’t bother talking to me, seeing your face once again will ruin my day, have you heard about Brad’s pvnishment? Should I tell you?”


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Chapter 80

Last Episode


“What do you have to discuss with me? Why don’t you know better that I don’t want to speak with you? Just leave Tiana!” He spat out coldly, uncovering the blanket from his body before going to the door.

“I will take off once I speak with you, I am feeling guilty for everything I have done, I can’t imagine staying here anymore, I don’t want to stay, a chance to apologize is all I am asking for,” She admitted back stubbornly.
Dean caressed the space on his forehead lazily, he doesn’t want to see her. It’s a pain watching her leave, she’s his childhood best friend but Tiana didn’t appreciate their friendship, why would she try to hurt Amelia?

He maintained his stand wordlessly by the door, his hand too sluggish to twist the doorknob, even his heart imagined lots of things before he finally opened it to meet her motionlessly close to the door.

Tiana beholding Dean stepped back a little after he unlocked the door, words fighting against each other in her mouth, she has no idea of what to say, Dean wasn’t helping her situation, he stayed there staring around without looking at her face.
” Were you saying that you wanted to apologize to me? How did I deserve your apology?” Dean after a while questioned without sparing her face a glance.

“I knew I have wronged you but I am sorry, I only did it because I want you, I’m sorry!” she replied soberly.
“Can you stop mentioning or telling me that excuse? I wouldn’t have told you to leave if it was me you wronged, although partially you wronged by me by hurting Amelia,” Dean compelled himself to say.
“But you were angry with me and you told me to leave, you don’t even want to look at me before I leave,” She cried out before he could continue speaking.

“You saying this makes me realize that you haven’t recognized your mistake, now I will give you another chance to answer my question,” Dean after saying those crossed his arms around his chest, his abs revealing themselves for her to witness, her eyes which made a contact with his body dropped a tear, everything is gone and nobody needs to notify her that after all she has done, Dean won’t be hers.

“You tried murdering my woman, it was never her fault that I feel nothing towards you but you can’t know that because of the hatred you have for her, you could have tried winning my heart just like Amelia did without pressure,”. Dean reprimanded, she remained standing there, with her teeth biting on her lips.
Her look is as worse as a widow, pale face, and red eyes after crying so much last night, even Dean’s father told her to leave before her father could call her, no matter what she does, she can’t stay there because Dean can lay a complaint about her, that is a shame that she wouldn’t want anybody to know about in Germany.

Everyone will make fun of her when she gets back but she prefers that than been humiliated, moreover her father already told her to leave, she will be leaving against her wish and in the need to save her dignity.
What she wouldn’t tolerate is leaving without speaking with Dean, if she’s leaving and returning when no one comprehends, she should at least get the attention of who she spent all her days in England pleasing.
“I have witnessed lots of nuisance from you, tolerating your animal acts all in the name of friendship, you closed up your heart and ev’lly pvshed someone into the pool,” Dean recited coldly.

“You wanted her dead? You wanted us to be together? I am ready to let go of your mistakes, I will speak with you before leaving but you must apologize to Amelia, if you fail to get her to forgive you, I’m sorry that I also won’t be chanced to forgive you, our friendship is on the line to fall, many parts of it have fallen but the remaining part can be saved by you from breaking into pieces.” Dean talked out.
“I’m sorry! I wasn’t in my right senses,” Tiana apologized again. “Go and apologize to Amelia,” Dean declared before walking out on her.


*Amelia’s pov*
I tied the balloons together, picking up the one which removed from the ground lazily, everything I am doing is for the sake of my best friends.

A month has passed already since everything takes place, I thought I was having a nightmare when Dean brought Tiana to my house until I saw her pleading for Forgiveness with tears in her eyes, Tiana did apologize to me before leaving even though I could see the reluctancy in her eyes which shows that she doesn’t want to say sorry if Dean hadn’t made her do it.

She could have given him the chance to love her by himself, I didn’t stop her from making him hers, I wasn’t even aware of when I started loving him.
Her desires were shattered since she choose to be evil. If nobody told her that goodness reimburses, ask her why was she bad in the first place? Maybe it was her faith to exit Dean’s life in such a discomfort way.

Tiana’s chapter has been close even though it was the least expected by me, although Mina would have devoured her if she didn’t leave (My ¢razy best friend will always have my back).
After all the problems I faced because of Brad, so what later happened to Brad? Everyone must have been curious to know. I thought his pvnishment would be lesser but did you think that he would be pardoned? Never! not after all he has done to me and everyone.

Every ev’l being deserved all the bad things that happens to them or come their way, that word made me stop blaming myself or feeling sad about Tiana leaving because of me, she wasn’t remorseful and that was what forced Dean to make her leave even against her desires, although she would have gone, after all, she wouldn’t want to suffer the same faith as Brad.

She wanted to stay with MINE but if she does stay back, she would have caused another problem for our love, I can’t bear that, Dean wants to be mine and I also want to belong to him.
Our love story must proceed, every antagonist in our ways has been taken away including Brad, I thought it would be his luck when it was announced that Brad has been expelled from school.


Dean wasn’t pleased with that, I wasn’t pleased also because he deserves more than just leaving the school. We were all surprised after another piece of information showed up that Brad has been sent to prison because of the case “ATTEMPTED RAPPE” that was included in Dean’s statement.

Aside from the fact that my dignity was what he wanted, his dignity has been shattered more than I imagined when many ladies in the school reported how he made use of their bodies against their wishes.
His chapter has been closed eventually he was made to suffer his worse faith. I never wanted anyone to face difficult moments but that is what should be the faith of Brad and Tiana for their wickedness and sins.

A couple of weeks have passed already, I’ve been doing well with Dean around me, only us taking care of our love journey.
Love favored me by putting the one I love in the states where I want him to be. I have seen happiness, every bit of it has been witnessed by me, and today, Mina will also receive the portion of her happiness.

it was a plan made between Dean and Alfred but my boyfriend enjoys interlocking our lips together every time! A plan to tell everything to me after kssing him was what it takes for me to get the information out of him.
Alfred will be proposing secretly to Mina without her knowledge and I have aided in all the arrangements.
Mina was with me when I was alone, if I can get the KEY TO LOVE after all I passed through, hatred from Tiana, severe punishment from Brad.

Mina deserves all the keys as well, I just want Mina’s happiness to last forever. Such a beautiful thing that Alfred planned to surprise her, two days already that I have been stopping myself from telling Mina.
“Oh my gosh!! I seriously wish to spill everything out to her, but I wanted to see her facial expression too,”

My best friend will be getting what she wants, and have I forgotten to inform you that Mina already accepted Elisa as her sister?
They realized their differences and the fact that the truth can’t be changed, every family always has a story to tell, things can be negative in the beginning, realizing the source where it came from will aid in moving on and accepting the space life has turned one to which is why Mina willingly embraced the truth.

Many times she has boasted to me about having a sister which I never had and seriously I prefer her that way, all I ever want is for Mina to be happy and she’s happy!
“Turn the light off Dean, she’s by the door!” I quickly informed Dean immediately that I sighted Mina.
I have been chosen to trick Mina into her surprise event, I had to make sure nothing goes wrong, and not a hint of what is about to take place should be known to her just yet.

Dean on hearing my voice switched off the light instantly before Mina stepped into the room, I examined my friend in her magnificent gown, the lie I told to her was Dean organizing a dinner party for us. Mina is really beautiful!
“Amelia? Dean! Alfred!! Are you all in here? I can’t see a thing,” She called out, I wanted to laugh at her stupidity but my mouth has already been covered by Dean’s palm.

Without a sound or suspicion to Mina, Alfred took a step away from where he was standing closer to the center of the room, I could see him going down on his knees.
Now everything can be revealed. I snapped my finger at Dean and the night turned on with Mina’s eyes shocked to see Alfred kneeling in her presence with the room decoration chuckling at her.

I and Dean remained hiding, my back resting on his and Dean took the advantage of our closeness to himself, he drew my waist closer to him, my body was so close to his and I felt uncomfortable, why is he been mischievous again!?
“I’m sorry I have to trick you into coming, I couldn’t wait any longer for you to become mine, a lot of days have passed with me begging the stars to be on my side,” Alfred expressed his feelings.
“I woke up early in the morning telling myself I want only you as mine, if this is meeting you suddenly then I am sorry, please don’t break me entirely by saying no,”

“I’ve gone through my emotion and no doubt about how I feel towards you, I love you, please give me a chance in your life Mina, if I am not worthy of you then let me make myself worthy,”.
“I concluded on what my heart and that’s to beat for only you. Will you become mine? I want us to be together,” Alfred confessed and even though I am not Mina, I could understand the surprise going through her vein.

Imagine it my disadvantage because Dean took all the pleasantries to himself, he pressed his lips against my neck and a cold shiver ran through my body and I was made to flinch,
“Alfred seems romantic, I should have also planned this for you, should I do it now?” He told to me crazily and I had to close my eyes nervously before answering, “Get a grip on yourself and stop being a pe.rvert, this night is for Mina, not us!”

After telling him this I returned my attention to Alfred and Mina, Mina’s hand covered her mouth as Alfred stretched his hand forward for her to take.
It’s been more than five minutes but she still hasn’t said anything to him, that is lessening my patience.
“Don’t you think I should go $pank Mina on the brain? She doesn’t want to prove soft to get,” I mumbled furiously to Dean.
“Were you easy for me to get? It’s her choice to do what she wants,” Dean replied angrily and no one needs to tell me he was upset with what I said,

“he’s back to his childish self,” I grinned before my eyes were forced to roll lazily around the room.
Right there in my presence, I watched my best friend giving her hand to the man after her heart, he whole-heatedly stood up from the ground, wrapping his hands tightly around her body, a kiss on her forehead before devouring her mouth, I could see Mina smiling sheepishly in happiness. “Yes! Mina found her love!!”
Dean and I came out to share in their joy, Mina hit me shyly on my shoulder before pulling me into a warm hug, “Thank you, Amelia,” she said into my ears and I hugged her tight.

She spoke to Dean briefly before returning to Alfred, unlucky for me because Dean held on to my waist as I would abstain, he has forgotten that he was angry earlier.
Mina after seeing me grinned softly, Alfred clung to her body so tight, she felt shy and her grin made her receive a smile from me.


“They look so happy together, how do people recognize the one they are In-love with?” I blurted out to Dean whose hands were wrapped around my body tightly.
“The same way I recognize you to be mine, everyone has a story to tell, do you want to hear mine?” He asked, giving me the kind of look he always gives whenever he wants to be mischievous.

I bounced my head shyly, a part of me got distracted by my emotion and I wrapped my hands tightly around his body, Dean realized that and smiled softly before leaving a peck on my neck.
“Stay closer to me, I will tell you everything,” He hugged me tighter after saying that.

“I was broken, shattered, and confused about life, you know the pain I went through losing my mom so soon,”
“The one I looked up to as mine left after my mom has gone, I had to become the worse part of myself until I recognize the person whom I am Inlove with,” He took a break to kss me on my lips.

“I met you and everything changes around, the love I have for you changes me totally, in all words I will tell anyone often, I want to be with Amelia will be among it most times,” Dean spoke those words that heal my heart and makes me feel complete to me.
I don’t want anything else presently, I just want to be with Dean, making our love story successful and giving out love a happy ending.

We will grow bigger in our love, we will sort out all the difference that comes in our ways and, mend things up between ourselves, no antagonist will be welcome around us and in nearest future; Dean and I will be together, that’s our fate and we want everything to be for us.
“Are you happy with me?” Dean jolted me out of my thoughts, I smiled briefly before answering. “I’m lucky to have you, I don’t want you taken away from me ever,”

“Should we get married now? I can get our dresses ready, just know that I will be mischievous with you, we will get loosed at each other,” He responded and I had to hide my face shyly on the hallow space on his neck.
“I love you, Amelia,” “I love you, Dean,” I replied, his hand roamed around my body randomly and I could feel a part of his body hard on me before I quickly threw the thought that crossed my head away.

“If only we’d been announced as a couple now,” He murmured and his breath filled my nose, “What will you have done?” I asked to be sure.
“I will spend the whole night biting you, don’t tease me Amelia, you also know what I am talking about!” He stated r©mantically and I was forced to smile.

“Should I step back? Will the feeling lessen?” I asked but instead, he tightened his arms around me,
“Stay with me, I will be responsible till our wedding night,” He replied.
I want Dean just as much as he wants me, the future will arrive one day and we will both fulfill our heart’s desires.

I went in search of the KEY TO LOVE, I came across Dean during my journey and now he has opened the door that leads to the love to my heart, I will keep him till forever, cherish him and only him.
“I LOVE YOU, DEAN,” I whispered softly before we both shared a passionate kss. OUT LOVE IS BOUND TOGETHER TILL FOREVER!


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Dear future from Amelia’s diary,

“Dear diary, I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous about tomorrow, our tomorrow but I hope it holds great things for all of us.”

We’re done with college, I got a job and Dean is currently working for his father, the next chapter of our love story which is KEY TO LOVE is marriage.

Mina and I are getting married to the men we love most. Oh dear, she’s inside the room with me roving around, I can’t even tell her to calm down because I’m not. Marriage isn’t something I should ignore as if it’s nothing, it’s about our TOMORROW.

How cool is it, spending the rest of my life with Dean, my love? I went through a lot to have him and he also went through so much to have me. Tomorrow is the day, we will deal the deal of our love together and forever I can’t wait for tomorrow but why am I nervous? I’m tomorrow right?

“Amelia, I’m going to scream.” Mina interrupted her moment with the diary, her fingers which held her pen closer to her diary paused, she let out a soft sigh before turning her head around to reply to her.

“Let’s go outside and scream our lungs out maybe it will make us feel better.”

“No, no. We need to stay in this room and do that.” Mina disagreed

“Okay.” She struggled with her shoulder willingly, they exchanged looks and then screamed out loud on top of their voices.

Both of them slumped onto the bed and burst into delighted laughter. “That was insane,” Mina stated amidst laughter.

“Not really. I feel better now, or maybe half better.” She smiled, then roamed her hand on the bed before closing her diary.

“What’s that? Are you talking to your ghost friend now?” Mina made fun of her diary.

“That’s my diary, give it some respect Mina.”

They sat up at the same, a shard look at the far edge to see their wedding gowns sparkling under the spotlight. “How beautiful—” Amelia murmured admiringly.

Mina moved closer to her and took her hand. “Amelia, are you not nervous?”

“Of course I am,” she replied sharply and upset because Mina reminded her of what scares the h’ll out of her.

“We’re getting married tomorrow but not getting separated,” Amelia remembered the most beautiful thing both Alfred and Dean planned for two friends, they’d be living in the same estate with their mansions opposite each other which means even after being married, they won’t be separated.

“That’s right.” Mina let out a ghost smile.




The priest turned at the grooms. “Are you Dean Stewart ready to take Amelia as your wife, for now, forever during happy and hard times? You will care for her and only seek her happiness?” He recited the marriage covenant to Dean carefully.

Dean looked at her beautiful face, he could see her smiling even though the veil had covered her face, he nearly lost himself in her beautiful before he brightly replied,

“I do,” he answered without taking his eyes from Amelia, everyone present in the church rejoiced happily,

Then the priest turned at Alfred. “Are you Alfred Cooker ready to take Mina as your wife, for now, forever during a happy and hard time? You will care for her and only seek for her happiness?.”

“I do.” He answered lovingly.

The priest turned around and stood in between the two brides whose hands were trembling in nervousness. “Are you…”

“I do.” Mina and Amelia said in union, not giving him the chance to complete the sentence. The whole guests burst into delighted laughter, including the grooms.

“By the power vested in me, I hereby pronounced these two union husbands and wives. You may kss your rightful bride.” Intoned the priest.

Dean was the first person to draw Amelia close with alacrity, he drew her veil over her head, and looking at her admiringly, he leaned over and kssed her . “You finally belong to me,”

Alfred never waited for a second either, he drew mina’s veil then leaned over, with his lips on hers, he kissed her passionately. After the kissed last for a minute, they both pecked their foreheads.

Dean and Alfred exchanged looks, it was as if they planned everything. Frankly, they had planned everything thoroughly the night before the wedding, there were more surprises that they were yet to unravel.

After they left the alter, they took numerous pictures, and families congratulation as they stole the guests’ hearts with their love, it was beautiful and passionate. Influential people are present, It’s the Stewart’s Heir and Cooker’s Heir weddings after all.

Eventually, it was time to leave, Amelia and Mina excused each other to use the restroom.

Instantly they stepped in, Mina looked at her abruptly. “Tell me, are you going to do it tonight?”

Amelia stared at her reflection in the mirror for a minute before answering “Yes, I can’t wait.”

Mina was surprised. She never expected that from her because she remembered how nervous Amelia was whenever they were talking about it.

“Are you sure?” She asked to be sure she wasn’t teasing her.

“Yes–” She gave an instantaneous response.

Mina sighed. “I guess I don’t have a choice too. I’m sure nervous but no problem.”

They exited the restroom together. They were told that they were the ones the grooms were waiting for.

They walked out in their elegant wedding gowns, accompanied by their relatives. Dean and Alfred waved at them where they stood by the car and they both walked up to them.

“I can’t wait to strip you,” Dean whispered to Amelia. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“It’s time for the real chapter of our love, sweetheart,” Alfred whispered to Mina. The car door opened and the brides hopped in before the grooms. The chauffeur drove them to the airplane.

“Are we not supposed to head home?” Mina asked suddenly.

“There’s somewhere called a home for lovers, that’s where we’re going,” Alfred replied jer.

Amelia looked suspiciously at Dean with her puppy eyes. “Where? Tell me, love.” She seductively asked like she does whenever she wants him to expose the secret to her.

“I’m not going to fall for that, love. Why don’t you wait and find out.” Dean smiled broadly.



None of them ever mentioned to them about going to Paris until their airplane landed and they saw a welcome to Paris, boldly written. Amelia gasped, looking at mina surprisingly.

“Oh, my god!” She exclaimed.

“Are we really in Paris, Amelia!?” They hugged each other, jumping up excitedly, without minding if their dresses sweep the off the ground.

“Okay. Let’s calm down, we’re outside right now.” Mina cracked a joke with Amelia.

Two bodyguards walked over, they led them to the Lamborghini Aventador Limo, the doors opened automatically, the couples hopped in different Aventador Limos then the drivers drove them to the hotel.




Their rooms were opposite each other. Now that both of them were heading to different rooms, Amelia was getting nervous.

She knew there was nothing to tell Dean since mina already followed Alfred inside. Amelia went to the bathroom immediately after they both entered the room, she stepped under the shower and relaxed to the warm water as it soothe her body.



Mina stood by the door looking at Alfred who was thinking of what he was going to do to her. “Okay, there’s no way out tonight.” She began to walk close to him.

Willingly she submitted herself to him, he was surprised but then their r©mance got intense.

They got intimate eventually with Alfred being gentle with her since he knew it was her first time.

“I’m glad I met you. I love you so much.” Alfred told to her.

Mina had nothing to say at the moment, her head was laying on his chest while both of them were nked under the blanket, her private part hurts slightly but she was proud of herself.

She extended her hand to the side of the bed, picked up her phone, and sent Amelia a text message. Immediately it was delivered, she put the phone down and moved into his arm, shutting her eyes, and slept.

“I love you, Alfred.” She murmured in her sleep.



Amelia hadn’t budged an inch from where she was standing, it was as if her feet were pinned to the floor, she was staring at him as he also stared back. Wearing a bathrobe and Dean also in his shorts, his masculine body exposing itself for her to witness.

Dean noticed she was nervous and shy after spending a century in the bathroom before she came out.

It was awkward for both of them however he decided to break the awkward silence. “Okay, can we just quit staring at each other?”

Amelia shook her head. “I’m thinking something.”

“What are you thinking?” He started walking closer to her.

“Something ¢razy.”

“Do you mind telling me?” She shook her head in declination.

“I prefer not to tell. Dean, can we just sleep tonight then tomorrow we’re going to… You know what I’m talking about right?” she told to him almost in a whisper

Dean faked a frown and then say. “No, I don’t. Tell me.”

“I’m tired. We should sleep tonight please.” She eventually said.

He stood there contemplating for a while before nodding, agreeing to her suggestion.

Amelia sluggishly walked to the bed, she laid down and he also laid beside her. He wants to be close to her he also wants her to feel the same, waiting till tomorrow won’t hurt him after all.

Laying her head on his chest without saying anything when her phone beeped, she took her phone and read mina’s message.


After Amelia read the message she felt somehow uncomfortable. A glance up at his eyes which was about to shut. “Dean, are you sleeping?”

“Not really. Why are you not sleeping?” He asked her lovingly. She sat up and face him. After a while he also did. “What’s wrong? Do you need anything?’’ He asked.

Amelia shook her head shyly, A moved closer to him and then place a finger on his lip. “Don’t say a word. Let’s just do it now.”

“You’re not ready,” Dean said, already figuring what she meant out in her eyes.

“Of course I am,” she answered.

“You’re not, I will wait till when you are ready,” Dean replied,

“Then I should prove to you that I am ready.” she insisted and before Dean could utter a word, Amelia snuggled closer to his body, hungrily placed her mouth on his, kssing him slowly then left Dean completely surprised.


After beautiful r©mance he finally gave her a taste of heaven.

Her head fell on his hand tiredly. He moved his hand to her face immediately and stroked her hair behind her ear. He pecked her forehead, hair then her nose.
“Thanks for completing me, amelia.”

With her eyes closed, she traced a circle on his chest. ‘I don’t know love can be this beautiful until I met you. I was afraid to fall in love but you showed nothing but true love, how to escape from my fear and allow myself to drown in a pool of your sweetness. I’m lucky to have you, Dean. I love you so much, Thanks for completing our love story with me,”

Dean smiled happily. “Of course not, we’re both lucky to have each other. Thanks for choosing me, and thanks for completing me. I promise to love you for the rest of my life, even if we fight I’ll always come to you.”

“Your key to love can only open my heart for now and forever will the KEY TO OUR LOVE blossom.”





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