KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 1 to 10 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 ,8 9, 10)

KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 1 to 10 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7 ,8 9, 10)

Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin

Episode 1

Unknown pov

Go and Join Axel in the car, I will be there in few minutes too… Amelia told Arnold and tried heading back in to the house.

Why are you sending me off? We should leave together, we are already late Amelia… he snapped

Yeah I know. You know what? I forgot my diary at the dinning last night, I need to get it before anyone else could.

Now stop questioning me and go. I will be back shortly. She answered and ran off.

What are you doing with my diary?? She questioned as she saw a maid tried leaving with it.

Sorry ma’am, I didn’t know it was yours, I saw it at the dinning while cleaning the table. So I thought of keeping it safe. I never knew that you left it there.. the maid immediately explained

Give it here….. now listen to me; when next you see things that doesn’t belong to you, you must not touch it.. understood??

Yes ma’am I won’t touch it… the maid replied and Amelia simply walked away. It was her luck that she got there on time.

After satisfying herself about the safety of the diary where she kept it, Amelia left the room and coincidentally bumped into Mrs Lee.

I thought you left for school already, why are you still at home?? Says by an early fiftieth woman standing on the way, With her hands by her side.

Mrs Lee who happens to be the head of all their caretakers and whom they consider their Aunty, cause of how long she’s been living with them asked Amelia as she bumped into her.

Aunt I came to return my diary, but I am leaving now Bye.. she rushed her words and left hurriedly.



The driving to school seems tensed as always, since they always have to drop Arnold and Axel first before finally dropping Amelia.

Luck ran out of their way as they bumped into traffic on their way to drop Amelia, Amelia feels frustrated having to adapt to the fact that she would have to face the wrath of the school Monitor once again.

She had sworn not to ever make herself his scape goat anymore and now knowing that she will be facing another punishment from him disorganized her system.

If not for the diary, well it’s a good thing she went back to get it. Who knows what that maid would have done to it? Probably reading it and found out about all her privacy.

Obviously that won’t be good for her or anyone else…

WE ARE ALREADY IN YOUR SCHOOL MA’AM..the driver said and jolted her out of her thought.

SORRY..… I meant to say Thank you…She immediately corrected her words.

PLEASE come pick me up Early after school, so we can pick my brothers too, I won’t want them waiting for us like yesterday… she said before leaving the car.

Amelia matched towards her class l, avoiding the stare from the students. She unknowingly collided with MINA.

Don’t tell me you’ve been here waiting for me?…. Amelia doubtfully asked

Who else will I be waiting for? I can’t believe it that you still have the gut to arrive late to school. Says by Mina

After everything you faced with the Monitor yesterday Amelia… Mina said and gave her side hug since Amelia hasn’t given her the chance to even say HI.

You should also know that I can’t be coming here late to school out of my own wish, at least not when I know what that monster is capable of doing to me.

We had to drop my brothers and while returning here. Traffic made everything worse, Everything is not my doing…. She explained hoping for Mina to believe her.

Well.. maybe I am not the right person that needs this explanation, just save it for the monitor because he asked of you earlier. I’m sure he’s already waiting for you .. Mina simply said and Amelia rubbed her forehead.

I knew it…. That little d’vil… I can only hope for the punishment not to be severe… only God knows what he wants from me…. She said worriedly

Definitely you are also aware of what he wants from you.. maybe you are just too hard to give him and now you are bearing the consequences.. mina teased her

Not today again Mina, at least you shouldn’t start now… I will go and see him just tell me where he is… Amelia requested trying to avoid the gaze she’s getting from the students. Probably because she was carrying her school bag with her.

I saw him at the boy’s quarter, you can go check him there while I help with your bag . Mina replied

Yeah thanks.… Amelia said and gave her the bag then they parted ways.

It’s improper going to the boy’s quarter but what will she do? Her so called school monitor is in there.

Roaming her eyes around in the building In search of Brad. She saw him in an improper way with a girl at the end of the building kssing.

Gosh!! She hate this sight she’s looking at right now.… She sluggishly walked up to him, making some loud sounds with the way she was walking and that made Brad to notice her presence.

He reluctantly stopped whatever he was doing with the girl and when he stood apart from the girl, Amelia finally saw the girl’s face and her mouth dropped.

Isn’t that the new girl that got transferred here last week?? And she’s here with Brad today … thought she was among the girls who he punished last week.

Well maybe she shouldn’t be surprised. If you want to escape the monitor’s buIIying you must give in to whatever he requested, it’s obvious that was what the lady did …..

Go away from here Binta, I will send for you later… he said and after adjusting her dress the lady left with Amelia’s eyes going out with her..

SHE WASN’T EVEN EMBARRASSED THAT I SAW HER THIS WAY… Amelia thought in her mind before returning her eyes back to him.

Brad kept quiet with his eyes just coldly staring at Amelia, after meeting up with his gaze once Amelia stopped trying to look at his direction. How much she hates seeing this face!!

She’s genuinely getting uncomfortable with how he’s been staring at her, he cleared his throat and made some fast moves towards her.

I warned you to stop seeking for my attention didn’t I? He asked coldly with his alcohol breathe filling Amelia’s nostril. If only she could step away from him.

I didn’t seek for your attention monitor, I only came late to school… Amelia said sternly.

I’m impressed with how you just replied me, seems you’ve grown wings now. That’s the reason for your stubbornness. He coldly said but Amelia kept mute any way. It’s obvious that she won’t be spared.

I won’t step out of here before giving you the punishment that you deserve… look properly at this quarter. Henceforth I want you to be the one arranging every single thing in here every morning. And you should only stop doing so when I spare you… he commanded coldly making Amelia to wonder if she heard the right word.

There are workers that are responsible for taking care of this things, why should I be doing it for them?

I’m a student and it’s not my job… this place is meant for only boys, I don’t have any right to be entering here.. she angrily said and Brad started walking towards the Exit.

I’m totally daring you not to be here arranging things tommorow morning girl .. he coldly said and finally left.

Thinking about everything that just happened Amelia angrily threw her butt on the chair…

FK THE DAY THAT SHE MET HIM.. must he always be so hard on her?? She looked around the quarter and yelled.. I CAN’T DO THIS!!!


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Episode 2

✍️unknown pov

No!! I can’t do that. I’m going to see the principal right now, he can’t just tell me to do just Everything he says, Mina I came here to study and learn just like every other students.

He can’t just be bullying me because I rejected him, I’m tired of tolerating him Mina, I seriously need to speak with the principal about this. So please can you stop telling me not to go… AMELIA talked her anger out as she increased her steps.

Alright… I understand you, but tell me what complain are you going to lay when you get there? Mina asked and tried meeting up with her since Amelia wouldn’t stop jumping.

Quiet simple.. I will tell Everything, expecially how Brad has been bullying me because I rejected him.. she answered bravely

Well that’s a nice point.. so tell me how you will explain about attending the school during late hours to the principal? Mina questioned and Amelia’s body got weakened

I need an answer, I’m not going to stop you from going just answer me. Like you can’t just get there and just start telling him about buIIying.

I’m sure he would send for Brad, explanation will take place and then the principal will find out about how you’ve been adament on not abiding by one of the school rules.

I’m sure that’s how you wanted it right? She asked and was finally able to see the weakness that her word did to Amelia through her facial expression.

I didn’t think about all that.. I was just tired of Brad’s nuisance that I feel like getting rid of him right away… she yelled the last part amidst gritted teeth, just then she stopped walking.

I know… come let’s sit here… Mina suggested and they both sat down on a sofa close by.

I’m aware of how you feel but things can’t be done like that… Mina said

How can it be done? I’m tired and seriously I wish I could tell My dad about everything but I don’t want to get him worked up.. Amelia tiredly said

You should learn how to be strong, buIIying is a thing that happens in all schools, I would have suggested transferring but it’s not a good idea. Don’t worry.

I will help you in doing some of the punishment that he gave you… Mina said nervously

No you shouldn’t, if he finds out it can implicate you.. Amelia anxiously said

I know and that’s why I will be careful so he won’t find out. I just don’t like how you’ve ruined your mood because of Brad… You are not alone in this, I’m here and we will go through it together, Friends are there to help each other anyday anytime… Mina assured

Thanks Mina, if it wasn’t for you I would have put myself into unplanned trouble… Amelia held her hand and said

Yeah I know, that’s how to show you that I am still older here… I think we should return back to class. I don’t want the teacher to start the lecture before us… Mina said and they both left together for class.



Ma’am the children are back from school and they are on their way into the house…Mrs Lee reported to Mr and Mrs Martin who just surprisingly got back from traveling.

Thanks Mrs Lee, Sweetheart let’s go upstairs, they shouldn’t meet us here. Please don’t give them the hint that we are around, I want it as a surprise.. Mrs Martin turned to Mrs Lee and said before leaving with her husband.



Amelia you won’t believe what Happened in my school today, most expecially my class even if I tell you.. Arnold said and dropped himself on the couch.

I wonder what happened! Amelia answered trying to pick interest in what Arnold was talking about.

They transferred our previous mathematics teacher that I told you about, and guess what’s annoying me in everything?

I don’t know, maybe you are not happy they took your favorite teacher away… Amelia answered finally able to pick interest in the discussion.

Yes that’s among but they replaced him with an old woman who uses glasses. She looks like gurus but I don’t think she’s one.

Apart from being a disability, I meant she was leaping while she walked And…

Axel switch on the Air condition, it’s hot in here… Amelia interrupted him.

She looks weird when she wanted to introduce herself. What a wicked voice I have heard from her… Arnold explained like a lady and got Amelia laughing.

So you are talking about a woman you just met today like that.. come on Arnold, you should get used to her. I’m sure she will have something good to offer after everything.. Amelia suggested and tried encouraging him.

Well I don’t think she will have something special to offer. What I’m sure of is that she can’t be good like Mr James, because he was the best teacher…. And now that he’s gone.. just how much I wished that Dad would get me a home nanny like a teacher.

It would be alot easier to cope with Mr James absence and this new old woman called teacher, I really don’t think I can cope with her… He explained sadly

So is that why you are decided to sit overhere and discuss about it without eating or resting after school?? Their parents said together and came out of their hidden place..

Dad;;; mum!!! They all called and ran to meet them.

Hey …be careful… we are on the stairs… Mrs Martin cautioned.


***AT NIGHT***

So children I got a week vacation from work and then spoke with your mom’s boss to give her a week leave and he agreed. Then we both planned a surprise of coming home without telling you all except from Mrs Lee.. and that’s how we got home when no one expected us to. Mr Martin explained

Wow!! Dad you and Mom knows how to plan a surprise…. Axel coed before eating out of his cookies.

Yes and that makes me and your mom a what??

A genius…. The children screamed happily followed my giggles from everyone.


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Episode 3

✍️✍️ unknown pov ✍️

Dear Amelia’s diary,

I wish I could be taking you to school with me diary, you know I was scared when I saw the maid touching you in the morning. She almost found out about everything I have told you.

It’s a good thing I took you from her on time, should I tell you something diary? Well today I got to school late as usual and you know that beast I always tell you about?

The school Monitor, He gave me another klling punishment. And now diary I am to start arranging things at the boy’s quarter everyday. All thanks to Brad, can you also sense how annoy he is?

Let’s forget about Brad, you should also remember me telling you about my close friend at school! Who bears Mina. Today she offered to help during the punishment and thank Goodness I have Mina.

Imagine how I would have done all the arrangings alone. But I’m wondering about something diary, Do you think I should inform Dad about everything? You know I asked Mina but she couldn’t give me better advice…

Then I thought about asking you, do you have any perfect saviour plan for me?

Seems I have many things to tell you today. Guess what diary, my parents are back today and they are taking us on picnic tommorow. It guess it will all be fun.

Also I read a book last night and it was talking about what I don’t understand. It was talking about FINDING LOVE IN PRINCE CHARMING. ..

Diary, what does that words mean? I have tried moving deep into the topic but I still didn’t get what they talked about him.

Although the book gave me brief discussion about prince charming but I doubted if love can be found in The prince charming.

The description has something similar to Brad, because he’s cute and charming, but seeing how Brad interact with girls, I doubted if he’s showing love. Because Brad is actually confused being.

So if the true definition about PRINCE CHARMING has to do with someone like Brad then that’s not An important Love. Or what do you think? Im thinking that I should just let the topic slide.. it’s not that important.

Don’t you think I should go to bed now diary since I will be having many work to do tomorrow, and I can’t even tell my parents about the punishment, MY MYSTERY.

Please keep my secret with you safe, it shouldn’t get licked.



Amelia finished writing in the diary and kept the Diary under her pillow before finding herself some sleep.



The stare got addictive, it seems nothing will be able to stop it. Tears streamed down the image. The desperate tension of changing things, That huge tension of turning things positively around.

Peace of mind that craved for the sight of peace, Fragile heart tearing apart. A shattered being. Everything seems like a mystery.

Tears threatened to fall once more, the strength tried leaving. The best explanation is that life is being unfair.

I thought you promised not to get the glance of this image anymore? Damon asked as he entered the room.

I said I won’t get the glance, I didn’t promise not to stare at it… he replied instantly without sparing Damon a glance.

Why are you changing the promise you made? This is not fair.. Damon insinuated and dropped the things he went out to get.

What’s all this? Have you been crying since I left? He asked tiredly but no answer came anyway. All his attention is on that COMFORT he’s staring at in his hand.

You shouldn’t be acting like this for Goodness sake… you are aware that your sanity is at stake here… Damon said worriedly and tried taking the image from him..

So what about my heart? Is that also not at stake? You should know I don’t care about sane anymore. This is where my sanity is, now can you stop trying to collect my Comfort… He complained bitterly

But she’s d.ead, she has died and can’t be brought back to life. You saw her c©rpse when you didn’t want to believe.

You confirmed her dead, so why are you doing this to yourself? Damon coaxed and started arranging what he brought.

I LOVE HER.. She was my first love… I find it hard believing it that she’s dead Damon. I feel she will come back to me one day. I love her and I miss her… He sniffed and tried taking in his tears

Listen Dean, I’m aware that you loved her…

I still love her Damon, don’t make it seems like a past tense… He snapped

It’s okay… you love her, but she didn’t even know that you love her and you couldn’t tell her also before she d!ed… He said trying to watch his words.

That was the expensive mistake of my life, I should have told her and left my dignity behind me.

She loves me Damon, she was inlove with me too, and things would have worked out well between us because we were both inlove.

I don’t think I have another way of telling you to stop thinking all that, she never mentioned loving you because she had a boyfriend. And you should remember how she maintained the relationship you both had…

I saw it in her diary… Dean muttered

Excuse me? Damon scoffed

I was able to read it secretly in her diary, that was when I found out about how she felt about me. Even when she always acted like she doesn’t love me.

She told her diary how it klls her when she’s looking at me but couldn’t tell me her emotion, just because of that her useless boyfriend… He explained with his eyes fixed on the picture in his hand.

I’m sorry I talked like that earlier, you never told me about that.. But still yet Dean, the truth still remain the same. You have to stop thinking about her… Damon insisted

So what should I do with my love for her? Should I forget that too? He stated you

It can’t be forgotten but you can do well by Reducing the feeling of her love in you.. there are many girls out there that want you… you shouldn’t harm your health, take care of your health cause you can still get another girl… Damon explained sounding confusing enough.

None of them can get my attention like FLORA.. Dean answered coldly followed by an eye roll.



I need to get home as early as I can to prepare for the picnic… Amelia voiced out

I hope to hear the news about it later, well that’s if you don’t block my ear before then with your gibbering words… Mina joked as they walked side by side to the car park.

You speak about rubbish Everytime Mina, well I think I should tell you this…

I saw that new girl with Brad yesterday at the boy’s quarter. Do you think that she’s going out with him already? Amelia asked trying to change the topic.

I don’t have idea, but if she was with him then definitely something is going on between them… G©sh!!! What a prince charming.. Mina yelled leaving behind what they were discussing about and continued staring at Alfred as he was heading to his car.

Don’t tell me you are drooling over Alfred now.. Amelia asked trying not to roll her eyes.

Is your eyes paining you now? It’s obvious that I am… she replied and got a h it on her arm.

What was that for? She yelped because the h!t really got into her

You shouldn’t reply me in such way again, if you don’t want another hit on your cheek next time… Amelia commanded

It’s weird seeing how you are trying to act like a senior here… Mina scoffed and waved at Alfred who didn’t even know she was there.

That was pa!nful… Amelia teased and ran off.

Wait for me you f©ol…. I’m klling you today… Mina shouted and ran after her.


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Episode 4

✍️✍️ unknown pov ✍️✍️

****THE NEXT DAY*****

Standing in front of the dressing mirror, Dean stared at himself. Touching his face side by side.. He’s been looking different for the past few days.

His beards has grown much that it’s almost covering the skin at his jaw. He looks A bit slimmer and that should be because he hasn’t been eating regularly.

He can’t remember the last time he stepped out of the house since FLORA died. Thank Goodness his father hasn’t done the school transfer yet.

He wouldn’t have been able to attend, To him life is being unfair during his lifetime. First it was his mother that he lost, but now he has lost the first girl he fell in love with.

His phone vibrated beside him and he rolled his eyes before picking it up…

You are blocking my space of breathing Damon… he cried out

I just had my bath and I promised to be there…..

Dress to kll? What for?

I’m not ready for all that now, I will just wear the first thing I pick in my wardrobe.

Listen Damon, you should know that I am coming because you promised to return my COMFORT back to me… He repeated

There’s no need of repeating it, I am coming but not because I want to go out with you. It’s just because of that picture you promised to return…That was the agreement that I am sticking to.. He said and waited for him to speak.

Well if you continue consulting me then I might not be able to dress quickly… He communicated with Damon and walked to his wardrobe instantly when the call ended.. WHAT SHOULD HE WEAR??



Yes I left them inside and came to use the restroom… Amelia spoke through the phone as she walked out of the washing room.

Yeah, it’s the best weekend ever, you know getting to enjoy free time with your family. She replied and smiled

Seems I will send you the description to come check it out yourself… she ranted

Stop asking me dirty questions Mina, I’m not here to check handsome guys out… She frustratedly said.

Oh my God…… she echoed as she bumped into someone making her phone to tripped down from her hand..

The stranger immediately bent down and picked the phone up giving it to her…

I’m very sorry… he apologized and left before she would answer.

Oh my!!! She murmured and heard Mina yelling by the other side of the call.

It’s nothing, I’m fine I just bumped into someone and my phone fell through the process..she answered and took her eyes to the direction the strange guy had taken.

A stranger actually because I haven’t seen him Before… She replied and finally continued going.

Stop questioning me Mina, I didn’t stop him to check his face, and he already left before I could speak… She snapped

You should come here tommorow to find him… I’m hanging up now bye. She rushed her words and immediately hanged up.



Why are you gawking around? Did anybody chase you here? Damon asked as he saw how restless Dean has been since he got there.

Nobody did, I just bumped into a girl on my way here making call, I think I broke her phone.. I dont know.. I didn’t wait for her to speak, I just left after picking up the phone.. he explained

What do you mean by leaving? Did you apologise to her?

Yes I did but I didn’t let her speak before walking away… I think she might be angry and probably follow me here. let’s just forget about her.. where is the picture? He asked trying to get himself some peace.

I’m not dvmb to the level of carrying a picture with me to a party… He snapped and took a gulp from his alcohol.

But you promised to give it back to me if I come ….

Yes but I never promised to give it to you here, just have fun and only ask for it when we get home, you are already klling the vibe with your questions… Damon Specified and passed him a glass of drink.

I don’t want alcohol… Dean rejected and took his eyes away

No one is ready to give you alcohol, that’s a fruit wine… Damon talked and watch how Dean was looking irritated by the drink infront of him.



Dad… today was fun.. Axel coed as he continued devouring his plate of sea fish…

I trust you my boy… I’m sure everyone is enjoying themselves?

Yes dad.. they all chorused

I remember now, Arnold I over heard your discussion with Amelia yesterday, discussing about needing a home lesson teacher. He asked and Arnold immediately dropped his cutleries.

Yes dad, I do need one…. It will help my studies.. he answered gladly.

I have thought about it yesterday and I have decided to Inform my friends about it… I should be able to get you one before I traveled, would you like it to be a male or female?… he announced and Arnold hurriedly flee to where he is…

Male will be fine dad. Thanks so much Dad… He said giggling.



Dear Amelia’s Diary,

How are you today diary? I’m sure you’ve been fine with keeping my secret safe with you.. Sorry I won’t be able to discuss about my outing with you today because I am sleepy.

Let’s just gist properly tommorow, I promise to tell you everything then… I’m dropping the pen now.




I think you should stop calling me frequently, I’m not a child neither am I a patient that needs attention.

I can look after myself… Dean Nagged as he cleaned his mouth with a napkin.

Well… I can’t control the word, you call me often like they’ve stolen me… He joked

I just finished eating, what else?? He rolled his eyes

A serious discussion?? What is it about?

Seriously… he yelped and laughed..

Because I trained Flora doesn’t make me a lesson teacher.. I just did it for fun…. Remember we were both young when I started teaching her.

But I don’t want to offer lesson anymore, it will be reminding me of Flora, and I can’t bear that…

I’m not thinking about it because I won’t accept… I don’t want to offer lesson.. you knew during when I was teaching Flora only mom allowed me..

Now that mom isn’t here, I’m sure dad would never agree… He answered and rubbed his face

I’m not telling him because I even don’t want to do it… HE argued

You should stop trying to force me into things, what I don’t want is what I don’t want.

Try to understand what I am saying. Accepting this will hurt me… He cried out

Because I will be remembering Flora while teaching and I can’t take it….

Search for people who needs money. My family is wealthy and to me teaching is just having fun.. I don’t want this offer Damon…. He continued arguing.

You should quit trying to blackmail me with my COMFORT Damon, the last time you gave me a task to do inorder to get it and I did as you said.

You refused returning it back to me. Now I have lost my hope on getting it back. Please don’t try to bring it up again now…

I want it back but not in a funny way, I know you won’t give it to me. Even if I choose to do everything you say… he continued ranting.

I don’t know how difficult it will be telling dad about this, but since you’ve promised your heaven and Earth to return my COMFORT back. I will give it a trial then… he finally accepted

You shouldn’t be too happy, I can change my mind over everything If not because of the deal. Just ensure I will be lessoning a boy this time around like you said .

I don’t want any female learner anymore… he concluded and gulped some water down.

If Dad approved it, then just return my COMFORT, if not I won’t follow you to anywhere.. He swore

I think you talk way too much, just hang up already. I will go speak with Dad .


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Episode 5

✍️✍️unknown pov✍️✍️

Showing a pleasant sight to be seen inside the King’s size bedroom, A wide wall television could be seen hanged up on the wall
There’s a shelf lying at a corner in the room with books properly arranged on it.

A small glass table with files neatly kept on it. There’s a King’s size bed placed at the center of the room Everywhere looks dazing. One could misunderstand the room to be an office because of the books and files arranged in it.

There inside the massive room is Mr Stewart getting out of the bed probably making his way to the table, wondering who that person disturbing his afternoon sleep would be.

He reluctantly stood up from the bed and walked gently to get the call..
I told you am coming home to get some rest.. why are you disturbing me with your call?

Sorry sir, I just want to inform you about something important… Came an answer

Whatsoever that thing is could have waited for me to finished resting… Actually what’s the problem? He asked anyways.

The management of the company we are having appointment with got here immediately when you left, I have been trying to keep them busy till you arrive.

But now they Don’t want to wait any longer, I’m calling to inform you sir… The manager concluded

Well I don’t know why you haven’t told me earlier. But that’s not a problem. Tell them I will be there in few minutes… He rushed his words and hanged up hurrying to get ready.

A knock came on his door, since the portrait of the CCTV camera already showed him who was there. He allowed him inside.

I’m dressing up for work.. do you need something? He asked as he fixed his shirt

Yes Dad, I want to discuss something with you.. Dean said and stood beside him.

I don’t think the discussion can take place right now, I’m having a meeting at the office and I need to be there.. can you hold on till I am back? He asked sparing him a glance for the first time since he entered.

It may not meet up then dad, I can quickly explain what it is before you finished dressing.. He answered

That means I will be doing two things together, just say whatever you have to say Dean I am listening, although you are not permitted to waste my time… He stated and got his hair combed infront of the mirror.

If you are meeting him for the first time, you might mistakenly assume him to be a teenager. He looks very young and handsome than his age. In addition to being one of the richest men in the country.

Well Dad… Damon called me today and discussed about getting a student for me to teach. I told him I will have to inform you before anything that’s why I am here Dad… Dean explained and the room was quiet for some moments.

If it’s what will make you happy then you should do it, actually I have been hoping for something to make you yourself once again.

You’ve been so lost after the de.ath of Flora, I understand how painful it will be for you, which is why I will be sending my thanks to Damon for being such a kind guy.

I don’t have any problem with you offering lesson since that’s what you love doing, and you are too young to take over the company now. So go for it son… He advised and carried his briefcase making a smile to crawl on Dean’s face

I don’t know how far my P.A has been working concerning your admission, but I can assure you that everything will be sorted out very soon. Now take good care of yourself..

Is Damon still staying overhere with you like he used to?
No dad, I told him I will be fine now, so he stopped spending the night here, but he never stop coming around to see me. Dean replied

That’s Good, you should be visiting him too, I think with that you won’t feel lonely at home.. is that okay?

Yes dad… I will go to his place later in the day..He answered

You can call me if you have anything to discuss with me. I will be leaving now… Mrs Stewart rushed his words and went out of the room.



I thought those workers clean this place everyday, if that’s so I wonder why it’s so dirty… Amelia complained as she dusted the chairs.

Well.. maybe we wouldn’t have had to do this if you were not adament. Mina replied and concentrated on what she was doing.

Nothing here is my fault.. I think you should rather blame Brad, he was the one pvnishing me after all… Amelia defended

Arghhh….. Mina suddenly cried out

What’s wrong? Are you okay?? Amelia asked and rushed to her.
Yes I am fine.. I’m just having abdominal pa!n and it’s been happening frequently. I think I need to use the washing room. I will be back… She Ranted and left.


Hearing his voice scared Amelia out, It’s their luck that Mina went out already.. she would have been in trouble..

You know I was waiting for you to come late as usual today but I don’t know how you did it.. you got here just at the right time… Brad stated

Well it’s a good thing you didn’t dare me.. He bragged but Amelia didn’t answer anyway. All she could think of was a way of stopping Mina from coming back here or else she would land in trouble.



I thought I did see a ghost when you entered my room honestly… Damon purred his mind out.

Why will you be? Am I not welcome here anymore? Dean asked

That’s not it. It’s just that I didn’t expect seeing you around anytime soon. You must have come here because of the image.. He stated

Maybe you are right, and also Dad told me to come around and to me it was a good idea because I was feeling bored at home… DEAN explained

It worth it, speaking of your dad. Have you spoken to him about what we discussed?

Yeah I did tell him earlier today.. but he said no way… Dean f©oled

Seriously… I wasn’t expecting that, what will I tell Dad now?? Damon said sadly

What does he have to do with this? Dean asked

The man searching for a lesson teacher is my dad’s friend. And my dad already assured him that he would get because he thought that you will accept the offer. Now I don’t know what to say to my dad? Damon ranted

Maybe you should tell him yes, because my dad told me to go for it… Dean surprisingly said

I don’t get what you are saying? He confusingly asked

I’m accepting the offer because Dad approved it already. Please can I get my COMFORT back now.. Dean confirmed and Damon immediately hugged him.

Were you trying to make a f©ol out of me before? Whatever!! I can’t wait to inform my Dad about this.. he said happily and released from the hug.

Don’t you think you should be bringing out my COMFORT now, the deal is done… Dean eagerly asked.

The deal isn’t done yet because you haven’t met your student… When you are done meeting him, I will return the image back to you… He said grinning

If that’s it then when am I getting to know him? Can I meet him today? He asked immediately

I will have to inform Dad first but you can’t meet today. Just be patient. Why are you so eager to meet him?

I’m not eager to meet any one, I just want to have my COMFORT back.. he snapped

Do you know that I actually never want to return the image back to you? Damon proffered

Why? Are you cheating in the deal now? Dean echoed

It’s not that.. since you’ve not been seeing the image you are improving. I’m just scared you will return back to being moody if I give you… Damon explained but Dean didn’t reply.

My girlfriend is coming over and I want to look dazzlingly handsome. Can you help me to dress up? Damon asked trying to change the topic.

I will rather sit overhere and play videogames than helping you get dressed. Dean replied nonchalantly getting a hard glare from Damon.


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Chapter 6

Unknown pov
I was worriedly stressed about you, but here you are enjoying yourself overhere.. Amelia lamented as she met Mina in the study room feeding herself with biscuits.

Why were you stressed in the first place? I told you that I would be fine when I was leaving… She recalled
I’m not stressed because you didn’t come back. I’m stressed because Brad came to the quarter, so I thought he would see you… She stated and finally took a seat beside her.

The fact is that I ran into him on my way to the washing room, it was a good thing that he didn’t meet me inside there with you.

In order to avoid any more punishment I decided to come over here and wait for you… Mina explained

Seriously!! It was our luck, I hope you get stomach aches often when we are close to landing in trouble… Amelia joked and took out of Mina’s biscuits.

I hope you get stomach upset after taking that biscuit. It was my turn today, and I saved us. Next ache will be directed to you… Amelia answered and they both laughed.

You haven’t tell me about the guy you bumped into during the picnic Amelia… Mina asked and threw the last piece of the biscuits in her mouth, receiving a hard glare from Amelia because she was just about to take it.

Nothing interesting happened there we just bumped into each other. What is there to talk about? She asked and scoffed

Probably something like his look, height, dress, shoe… Everything Amelia… Mina coed

Gosh!!! Mina you are such a pain in my neck, how do you expect me to check all that? He left before i could even talk… Just stop talking about the incident already. Nothing is special about it… Amelia answered frustratedly

The h’ll!!! You are so boring Amelia… You can’t even bring up something for us to talk about, and the one I brought got ruined by you… What’s your problem?

Talking about guys is my problem, after seeing how Brad behaves makes my thinking about guys different…

Even my study about love isn’t progressing like it’s supposed to because of Brad… He kept on disturbing me.. I just can’t stop getting annoyed whenever I remember him. She explained nervously

What’s your aim about love research? I don’t always get it. You just study love, you don’t have someone you love neither is there any relationship going on between you and someone. What’s hidden somewhere Amelia? Mina confusingly asked

Seriously… I’m fed up of telling you this, it’s a crave that I got since childhood. Sincerely I love studying about love but that doesn’t mean I must build a relationship. I haven’t even fallen in love before… She Ranted and All Mina did was gawking at her.

Don’t just look at me that way.. it’s not like you are also bringing something reasonable to talk about here… Amelia fumed

Well I do have many things to talk about since I am older here… Mina bragged and Amelia rolled her eyes

I had a f!ght with Elisa yesterday at home… She shared and got Amelia surprised

Isn’t that your rude step sister? What happened? Who started the fight? That must be interesting… Amelia talked repeatedly

If you continued raising up questions for me then I won’t be able to answer… She snapped at her

Well I got home yesterday and met her in the sitting room with her boyfriend… She answered anyways

Seriously! She came home with a guy?? Why? Amelia questioned

That was what you just heard Amelia, you ask questions alot.. Mina complained

Sorry ma’am, just tell me how things went there. I won’t question you again. She swore

You know after when the driver dropped me yesterday I was making my way upstairs when I saw her with that guy, he was ¢aressing her lap.. she recalled and Amelia yelled

What! Why would she do that? Why?

I didn’t remember asking her, so of course there is no answer to your questions.. she snapped and Amelia rolled her eyes.

Immediately when I saw that, I lost my senses and ran back downstairs .. She continued

Were you not already on the stairs? You were coming back from school right? Amelia proposed

No I was coming back from shopping.. Amelia I just told you I was making my way towards the upstairs. Meaning I have climbed some stairs but I didn’t notice them until I heard giggles from them… She reluctantly explained

I think I am getting it now. So what did you do to her?

I went downstairs and yelled on the two of them, like they were both scared. I think because they didn’t expect someone to come back so quick… She concluded

That was tough!! Amelia muttered

Exactly… It was just her luck that dad wasn’t around.. He would have sent her back to her mother instantly.. Mina vowed

Seriously! Why would he send her back? Since she came for holiday. . Amelia stated

I can’t explain much on that but trust me. You can’t imagine what dad would have done to her.. Even last night when I told Mom she didn’t take it easy. I just had to stop her from going to her… She explained

I think it’s nice that you stopped her… I’m sure she won’t dare to bring someone in next time..Amelia Bragged

Probably… She’s leaving soon actually and I can’t wait for that to happen… I’m tired of seeing her in the house. She has always been a pain in the neck…Mina Grinned

Just like you are a pain in my neck here..Amelia joked but Mina didn’t find it funny

Seems we are done discussing Everything… We should go home.. Amelia suggested

Let’s wait a little more… He’s not outside yet… She answered and Amelia scoffed

Oh my!! So you told us to stay here because you wanted to see Alfred…. Amelia coed and Mina blinked

That’s not good enough Mina… Well you can continue waiting for him.. I’m going home now. Amelia blurted and started leaving.



I can see you are all set to leave… Mr Stewart said as he walked on Dean outside the house.

Yes dad, I have checked you in your room but you were not there. Dean specified

I came downstairs to discuss few things with the workers, that’s why I wasn’t there.. He replied

I sensed that too dad, I’m going to visit the new student now Dad… He said

I can see that too… So tell me are you taking a boy or girl?
I won’t be taking a girl dad.. it’s a 17 year old boy… Dean replied

That’s cool… I don’t like asking about this but I need to ask.. How are you doing now emotionally? I hope you’ve been able to get over Flora? He asked and Dean’s mouth became shut for a while

Yes dad.. I’m fine now… Damon has helped alot in achieving that .. Dean answered

That’s good… You should start going now. I won’t want you getting there late and I hope you enjoy your new game.. since you’ve always seen teaching as fun… His father joked and they both laughed

We should talk properly about your school when you are back Son.. I’m leaving now… Mr Stewart concluded and left after parting Dean’s shoulder.



Amelia and Mina freely continuing talking as they walked out of the school mall.. Amelia saw Alfred coming behind them, knowing fully well that will create a scene if Mina sees him she decided to bring something else up in order to block her attention of seeing him.

Mina have I told you about Dad getting a home lesson teacher for Arnold? She beamed

If you had tell me then you wouldn’t forget… Mina snapped

Must you always make everything hard for me? Amelia ranted

Arnold complained about needing a home lesson teacher and Dad promised to get him one. One good thing is that he would be coming over to visit Dad and Arnold today for the first time.. she explained

Nothing is bad in that… But is the lesson teacher handsome or beautiful?? Mina asked and got a hard glare from Amelia

You spat out rubbish always Mina… Well it’s a male teacher and I can’t say if he’s handsome actually because I haven’t seen him.. Amelia ranted

Don’t you think that it will be nice if I see you off home today? Mina coed and wrapped her hand around Amelia’s waist

Why??? Aren’t you supposed to accompany your mom somewhere? Amelia asked and separated her body from her.

Yes I was supposed to follow her but I can’t afford to miss the drama that will happen at your house today… Mina said and immediately bit her tongue realizing it that she shouldn’t have mentioned that.

I knew it… You are such a pervert Mina.. Anyways I have managed to block your way of seeing Alfred, and he has gone without you seeing him… I’m leaving. Amelia confirmed and started leaving

Mina stood still and tried getting what Amelia just explained.. so Alfred was coming but Amelia didn’t wang her to see him…

What the h’ll!!!! She spat and jogged furiously after her.



How does it feels like going to school and coming back home without me? Amelia asked Arnold as she walked into his room

It was special! At least I didn’t hear ranting about being late from someone today… He joked and got a glare from Amelia

I was just joking before you’d kill me with your d.eadly glare… It wasn’t that fun because we had to listen to hornings from cars instead of your talks… He explained and she smiled

I think it’s getting late… When will your lesson teacher be here? Amelia asked and Arnold finally took his eyes away from the television.

Why are you staring surprisingly at me? I didn’t say anything bad… She defended

I never mentioned that either . I’m just surprised about what you just asked! My lesson teacher came and left a while ago… He blurted

Oh my!! How come I wasn’t able to meet him?? She asked shocked

Obviously because you didn’t come earlier.. why didn’t you get home early?

It was all Mina’s fault, she insisted on following me home and I had to hide from her.. She explained

That should be your fault… You should have seen my lesson teacher? Alfred coed and smiled

Why are your cheeks turning red? What’s up with him? She requested

Damn Amelia!! He’s very handsome and he speaks well. honestly I love his Germany accent!!! Arnold beamed and Amelia just stared at him

Trust me AMELIA he’s the most handsome young guy I have seen in my life… He said and Amelia furrowed her brow

A guy? How come? She asked and adjusted herself on the bed dropping her phone beside her

I was surprised too seeing how young he is, He mentioned being 20 years old when he was introducing himself. G©sh!! he’s dmn handsome!!!

Stop praising him too much and think well. If he’s 20 years old then he’s in high school also like us. How will he be able to teach you well… She asked

I haven’t thought of that… I just like him and want him as my teacher.. I seriously can’t wait for him to get here tommorow… Arnold concluded and relaxed his back on the small couch in his room.


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✍️✍️ unknown POV✍️✍️

I took a toll around the house hoping to get some fresh air from the night cool weather. Likewise staring at the beautiful garden by my left.

When Mom was alive she would always accompany me to catch butterflies from the garden. She would cancel all what she has to do and follow me here..

I miss you Mom… Dad has been a great father, cause even though he’s a business man and he needs to take his time concerning his work. He never seize to look after me.

Though he’s nothing like you, I must say that he’s not far from being you either… The only gap left behind is the only Bond between us mom. He continued saying to himself silently Fighting back the tears that tried to come.

Dean!!!! The voice echoed behind him and the sound that it brought made him turn quickly to check whom it was. His guess can’t be possibly right.

HI Dean!! I can’t believe it that I am meeting you again… The lady said and rushed to him.

Tiana! Is this really you?? He asked and tried recollecting her face

It’s a good thing you still remember my face. It’s been a while… Don’t you think that I deserve a warm embrace… She suggested and hugged him tightly.

Shocked Dean that wasn’t expecting her coming forced his hands to embrace her back.. almost a minute he detached himself since Tiana didn’t want to let go.

Seems you are not happy to see me… She said sadly noticing the strange glare Dean has been giving her.

You shouldn’t think like that… It’s been years we last saw each other and I Never expected it that we will see anytime soon. I’m just shocked that’s all… He defended staring at her.

I’m glad then…. So now tell me have I really changed so much that you can’t stop staring at me?? She teased and he quickly took his eyes away.

Quit the nasty talk Tiana, I’m surprised seeing you. Why did you come unannounced? He asked trying to change the topic

Well I didn’t really come unannounced because uncle knows about my coming… She answered instantly

So dad knows about her coming but he didn’t tell me… Dean thought

Well… I’m sure you came here for something, can I know what it is .. He asked
Instead of welcoming me. You’ve started questioning me… She ranted
I’m sorry about.. I just wanted to know it…. I’m eager to hear it… He answered

Well…Dad thinks it will be good for me to study over here, that’s why he sent me over… I came here initially because of my studies. In addition with spending more time with you. . She joyfully explained

It’s….. It’s a great new… Please can you tell the maid to bring some water for me?? I’m feeling drenched… Dean lied and she quickly hurried away.



Good day Dad…. I want to talk to you… Dean said as he walked into the room

Is the matter about your transfer? Don’t tell me you don’t like the choice of school that I choose for you? Mr Stewart asked

No Dad, the school is perfect for me… I’m just worried because I haven’t prepared enough for it…

If that’s the issue I have sorted it out…. Your uniform is already in your wardrobe. My guards together with my P.A will see you off to the school tommorow..

You shouldn’t worry yourself about anything, everything is under my control. And you know your father will never disappoint you…. He explained and raised his brows

Thanks Dad.. Dean said and the father smiled

Is there something else to discuss? He asked when he saw Dean still remained standing in front of him.

I saw Tiana outside earlier before I came here. You never told me about her visiting us Dad.

I got the message just yesterday that she would be coming, I thought I would tell you when I am back from office today but I didn’t arrive early…

I understand Dad.. but she mentioned staying here with us and attending the Same school with me…

Her father told me about that too and I don’t have any problem with it. I’m sure you will be happy that she’s here. It’s been awhile you both last saw each, and you two were so find of each other when you were young right?

Yes I haven’t seen her in many years … She’s really changed alot that I almost couldn’t recognize her…

I see… Let’s talk about your meeting today with your student. How did it go?

Perfectly fine… The family seems nice and I like the boy too. We even negotiated about my salary for teaching him…

So what did you tell them?

I would have told them not to worry but it will raise suspicious…. So I didn’t refuse it

I can see how smart you are growing to become and I’m proud of you… You should go to bed now, and get some sleep.



Do you think that Brad will pardon me from arranging here anytime soon??

That’s a question I can’t answer… You know how Brad behaves. I’m sure he won’t pardon you so soon… Mina replied sharply

Is there any reason for you to reply me? You could have just ignore and shouldn’t answer…

Well. I was taught to give answer to any questions I’m given… I can’t ignore your question. She replied

Seeing how you’ve been acting cold since morning made me think that you’ve got into a f!ght with your sister again..

Excuse me! I’m not acting cold and don’t ever tried calling Elisa my sister again because she’s just my Step sister…

Whatever…. If you are angry because I didn’t let you follow me home yesterday then I am sorry… Amelia forcefully said

Didn’t you stop me from meeting Alfred too, where’s the apology for that too? She snapped

Sorry! Sorry!! That’s it can I rest now? Amelia asked

You will rest when I say so, I’m very hungry and need to get something to eat. Can you finish up the little arrangement remaining?

You asked me like I can say no and you will listen… Just go who knows maybe Brad will come here soon… I will see you in class when I am done with this. She replied and Mina walked away



Dean stared around as he came down from the car, He noticed someone holding on to his arm and turned only to see Tiana smiling selflessly.

You two should come with me to see the principal… The P.A said and started leaving.

Can you let go of my arm Tiana, we are going to see someone and I need to walk faster.

She reluctantly let go of his arm and they all started walking there together…

When would we get there? I’m tired of walking. Tiana complained but no one answered. Dean just looked at her and took his eyes away.

They continued walking and on the way Dean doubted if at all anyone is in the building. It’s all quiet and they’ve been following the narrow road, not even a glance of animals have been seen not to mention human being.

Finally they got to a wide glass door and waited for it to open. Immediately it opened they all entered and that was when Dean started seeing the students around.

Oh my God!!!! Can you see that Dean? Tiana called and pointed at the paintings on the ground

They are nice.. Dean simply said and took his eyes away.

Following many doors and finally they got to the principal’s office. They discussed about their Admission and after hearing about the son of whom Dean is. The average old man couldn’t hold his joy.

He hurried with everything they needed to do and after awhile they finished and he directed them to their classes.

Since at last Dean and Tiana both ended up being class mates. The P.A left and through the help of the Phone map they were able to locate their classes themselves.

Immediately the students sighted them, they are exclaimed. Not only because of Dean’s charming appearance, also because they’ve all known him as the HEIR to A big platform that is well known in the country.

Oh wow!! He is very handsome

See how he’s lovingly counting his steps…

I wish I could touch him… He’s got a cute baby face

Do you think that’s his girlfriend?..

I heard that his father is very wealthy…

I have only been seeing him in the news paper..he’s dmn handsome..

The students whispered among themselves. Noises raised out when Tiana jealously wrapped her hand around Dean’s arm once again because of how the students were drooling over him.

Dean saw it and even though he doesn’t like how she’s been clinging to him. He still couldn’t say anything.

The map finally took them to the classroom and forcefully Dean released his arm, then he matched into the classroom that looks like a hall because of how big it is without giving Tiana the time to speak.

Everyone started murmuring immediately when he entered, ignoring the noises from everyone Dean stared around the class searching for a sit that has the number the principal had given him.

All the girls who’s eyes came in contact with his blushed, just then Dean finds his seat and walked to it.



Amelia…. Mina called and ran into the quarter

What’s wrong? Is Brad coming here? Amelia asked fearfully

Not that… A new handsome boy and a girl just got transferred into our class and the boy is damn handsome… Mina rushed her words making Amelia to roll her eyes
You should come with me to see him…. Mina coed

I need to finish this things before Brad comes, so I’m not leaving until I am done here. She replied and continued cleaning the things…

Seeing that Amelia won’t agree to follow, Mina joined and after rushing things up. They finished and left to the class.


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Chapter 8

✍️✍️ unknown pov✍️✍️

The steps that are been taken got too high and unbearable for Amelia since Mina wouldn’t stop increasing her steps.

Reduce your step Mina, why are you speeding? Amelia angrily asked

I don’t think I increased any step here… What’s wrong with how I am walking? She declined

You are taking your steps too much, just let go of my hand okay!! I will come by myself… She ranted but that didn’t stop Mina from fastening her steps.

Like a magic and also much like flying they got into the class .. right from the door post they’ve started hearing noises from the students.

Mina who was hurrying over had to stop when she noticed that a teacher was already planning to start the lecture…

I think we should join the class now, you should roam your eyes around the class. I’m sure you will notice the new handsome guy… Mina whispered to Amelia who just rolled her eyes and entered the class together with Mina behind her.

Where are you two coming from? The teacher who seems to be going through her note asked without raising her head.

Mina seems frightened hearing the teacher’s voice , Amelia didn’t see the need to be scared so instead she gave the teacher slight reason and they got pardoned.

You are my saviour.. Mina muttered and winked at her before heading to her seat.

Amelia went directly to have her seat, also bringing out her books that will be needed for the class.

She noticed a strange sweet Scent coming from somewhere around her.

What’s with the new scent? She’s sure that can’t definitely belong to Carol the girl who’s sitting next to her.

Maybe it’s coming from the teacher.. well it smells nice..she let go of the thought and joined in the class.

So before commencing on today’s lesson, you all must have heard and known about the new transferred students among us… Says by the teacher

YES!!!! they all chorused except for Amelia who was staring around probably to see the newbies too.

I know you’ve all gotten to meet them but there won’t be any harm if they come forward to introduce themselves right? So please Pardon me… She Specified

Can the two new students come out here and introduce themselves?? She asked and giggles could clearly be heard from the students.

Dean dropped his phone that he’s been holding on to and started matching to the front. He doesn’t like something that has to do with introduction but what will he do? It’s like a tradition here.

Tiana walked outside too right behind Dean, The students started clapping and only stopped when they got a gesture from the teacher.

Amelia stared at them and let out a sigh… The guy is quiet handsome now she sees the reason why for Mina to describe him that much.

Hi mister… Can you kindly introduce yourself to the students? The teacher spoke and smiled at Dean.

Dean raised his head forward and threw his hands inside his trouser pocket.. staring at the last seat at the end of the class.

I’m Dean Stewart by name … I’m being transferred from Headway high school to study here… I’m happy to meet you all… He stated simply and threw his eyes to the floor. Not minding the claps and friendly stared coming from the students to him..

We are happy to have you over here mister… I hope you get to enjoy your studies over here and hope for us Satisfy your high possibility. The teacher reprimanded and Turned to Tiana who has lost herself into gawking at Dean.

Tiana Scott is my name, and I got transferred from Germany to continue my studies here. I hope everyone likes me and accept me the way I am… Tiana introduced and After little more words from the teacher they both returned back to their seat.

That was when Amelia found out that Dean got the seat behind her and the saint she had smell earlier must have been from him..



Wow!! Amelia he’s sitting behind you… Mina Shared and dragged Amelia out of the class.

When you came to me Mina I thought you wanted to apologise for stressing me earlier… Amelia Stated

I stressed you because I wanted you to meet that new student, now tell me how did you feel when you saw him? Mina asked grinning

Nothing: I felt nothing… I just looked at him and took my eyes back..Amelia replied

Actually Amelia you are starting to become weird now. Every lady in the class couldn’t stop talking about him, including me but here you are talking about him like he’s nothing… Mina Ranted

Well I don’t think he’s someone that need special discussion.. why should I talk about him? She snapped and tried returning back to the class.

He’s the son of the popular Mr Stewart, not only that. He’s also the Heir of his father’s big company. So you also need to talk about like others. Can’t you see how handsome he is. Mina Asked

He’s handsome but there’s nothing to discuss about him, Carol already ranted everything about his background for me and seriously.. I don’t want to hear a word about him again… Amelia Indicated and walked back in to the class.

Mina hurried after her and stood in front of her. Staring awkwardly at her. And stylishly trying to look at Dean.

What’s wrong?? Amelia asked and brought out a snack from her locker.

Mina took her eyes to Dean’s seat and was surprised to see Tiana discussing and tapping him while laughing.

Seems they’ve known each other before coming over here…. She thought and after giving Amelia the last glare she snatched her snack and ran off..

Amelia chased her around the class, shouting and swearing to finish her once she catch her.
Dean feels disturbed by the noise and turned to see them both yelling and running after each other.

Immediately when he saw them he remembered when he Flora would chase after him whenever he took any of her things. It made him kinda sad and he took his eyes to the ground.

What’s wrong Dean? Are you disturbed by their noises? I can report them and make them stop… Tiana asked

No I’m fine… Can you please let’s stop talking now? We will continue at home… He said and since Tiana doesn’t have an idea of what’s wrong with him she left and assume it to be because of girls shouting.

She looked at them and rubbed her forehead. She knows what to do with them if only today is not her first day in school…



Amelia giggled alone downstairs as she put in all her attention on the movie she’s watching.

A knock came on the door and after staring around probably to ask a maid to get it.

She didn’t see any of the maids around so she decided to get the door by herself… Counting her steps to the door and putting her eyes on the movie she twisted the door knob and opened it.

She shifted back a little when she saw the same Guy that got transferred to her school today standing in front of her.

What’s he doing here?? She thought and stared surprisingly at him.

Hello… She said and opened the door fully for him to enter.

Hi…. Dean replied and entered, he tried recollecting where he had seen her before because her face looks familiar.

I’m Dean and I’m here to meet Arnold…. He said and got Amelia confused what does he have to do with Her brother.

Amelia open the door we have a visitor…. Arnold yelled from upstairs and hurried his steps downstairs.

I was just telling my sister to let you in… Arnold said immediately when he saw Dean.

Good afternoon… He greeted and Dean smiled at him.

I’m happy that you are here… I’ve been waiting all day long for you… He stated and Amelia was curious to know about what’s between them.

Arnold…. Who is he? Amelia asked finding everything happening confusing.

Forgive me Amelia I forgot you didn’t get to meet him yesterday. This is Dean my lesson teacher… He explained and Amelia stared shockingly at Dean.

You are not to stare at him… Just a Hi will be okay my darling sister.. Arnold joked and Amelia quickly took her eyes away from him.

I have told him that when he entered but if it’s to say it again then I will… She muttered silently

Hi… I’m Amelia, Arnold’s elder sister… It’s nice to meet you… She said and took her hand forward in order to shake him.

Hello… I’m Dean Stewart… He answered and shook her hand.

Let’s go upstairs to my room, Amelia will disturb us with her movie so we can’t stay here . Arnold bumped in and started climbing upstairs with Dean beside him.

Dean Stewart!! How can this be Possible??! Amelia thought


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Chapter 9

✍️✍️unknown pov ✍️✍️

Dean carefully arranged everything he had scattered earlier. He climbed his bed and got his phone. Dialing Damon’s number.

There’s no doubt that you’ve expecting my call… He said and smiled

Well I was just planning on coming over to your house.. where have you been? Damon asked

I wasn’t kidnapped so relax. I went to school and when I got back, it was already time for the lesson. So I hurried there. Infact I just finished arranging everything that I scattered when I was leaving… He explained and relaxed his back on the bed.

That’s cool. So tell me Dean, how was your first day at school? Have you encountered something overwhelming yet?? Damon coed

Everything went exactly the way it should. Tell me what you meant by something overwhelming? He asked confusingly

You should understand me better Dean. I know the ladies won’t be able to take their eyes off you. You must have put your eyes on some of them also and that is something overwhelming… Damon explained while Dean rolled his eyes.

Stop being nasty Damon, and that reminds me. How will I get my COMFORT back? At least I have done everything you told me to. It’s time for you to return it. I missed it… He said Ranted

We were just gisting now and you decided to ruin it. I will bring it over to your place tommorow… Damon reluctantly said

You are the best Damon… I can’t wait to have it over here, I miss it… Dean replied happily

I need you to promise that you won’t be depressed after getting it back. I’m happy you are changing and it’s obvious that it’s because you are not with the image, I have no idea of what will happen when I finally return it back to you… Damon explained

Well I have tried to control my emotion like you told me to, I can’t promise not to change. But I will try for it not to bring me down again… He assured but Damon isn’t convinced.

Your reply isn’t worth to make me smile but I am happy. Hope you are enjoying your lesson with Arnold?? He asked anyway

Yes he’s very sweet and understandable. I even wanted to discuss something with you..
Really!! What’s that? Are you inviting me over for dinner?? He beamed

Inform Lyra to prepare dinner for you and stop asking me for any… Dean snapped

Tell me what it is you have to say. I don’t want to argue anymore… He answered and rubbed his head

Take your senses to A day that you invited me to a restaurant, can you remember? Dean asked

I remember Dean it’s not necessary to mention my sense.. Don’t start the argument now… He snapped

I told you about bumping into a lady on my way coming, I’m surprised today when I met her at Arnold’s place…

Excuse me… What are you trying to…..

Dean are you there?? Tiana called and knocked the door repeatedly from outside

Let’s talk later Damon.. Tiana is here and I have to attend to her. Dean said and walked out of the bed

Tiana?? That your childhood crush? When did she arrive? He asked repeatedly

I can’t explain now. Let’s talk tommorow.. he replied and hanged the call up.

He immediately got himself a shirt, since he’s shirtless after which he hurried to get the door.

Hey Dean…. I have been looking for you.. she said immediately when he let her in.

I’m not a kid Tiana. Why will you been looking for me? He threw the question at her and walked up to the bed.

I Never said you are a kid, I was just worried when I didn’t see you after we got back from school, where were you? She asked and sat down opposite him on the bed

I must have forgotten that you are here maybe that’s why I didn’t tell you and also I was in hurry to leave. I actually went to teach my learner.. He answered and picked up a note going through it.

Excuse me!! What do you mean by teaching and your learner? She furrowed her brow

I’m a lesson teacher Tiana, I went to teach my learner after I got back from school… He stated without looking at her.

I can’t believe this Dean, what’s the need to lesson someone. It’s for low life people because they do it for money. Why are you doing it? She asked since she found it strange

Teaching is for everyone and can be offered by anyone, Its just how people thinks that anyone who’s teaching do it for money.

I’m not teaching to earn money, I’m lessoning someone because I consider it as a way of having fun… He stated and tried concentrating on what he was reading in the note.

Tiana tried discussing more about it but he kept on cutting her off. She noticed how careless he’s acting and shifted closer to him

We used to be very close when we were children. What happened to us now?? She asked sadly and tried holding his hand.

Nothing has changed here Tiana, We are still friends. He replied and looked their hands that Tiana locked together.

I know that we are friends but you didn’t seem happy to see me. I was talking to you then in school but you just suddenly changed and told me to let’s talk later. She explained sadly.

I’m sorry for doing that… He apologized and dropped the note he was holding, roaming his eyes around while Tiana continue staring at him.

You’ve become so handsome and charming Dean. Can I ask you something?? She asked

I’m listening…. He stated simply

Are you still interested in me like you were then? She threw the question making Dean to release his hand from her

I don’t know what you are talking about Tiana… He said and blinked his eyes

Try and understand what I am trying to say here Dean, you used to have interest in me when we were children right? She asked and he scoffed without answering.

Say something Dean, Don’t you love me?? She asked and Dean coughed

It’s late already Tiana you should go to bed… He said without looking at her.

I’m still discussing something with you, answer my question Dean . Don’t you love me??? She asked and before she would say something else.

Dean stood up from the bed and started heading to the wash room.

I’m stressed and I need to have a cold shower. Have a good night rest… He said and walked out if the room leaving Tiana stunned.




How are you diary?? Well I’m not fine today diary, I had to stress myself because of the Punishment Brad gave me and seriously I’m exhausted.

Bad news that I couldn’t access my phone because the screen broke when it fell and Dad promised to get another one for me.

My parents are leaving tommorow so I am hoping to receive another Phone from them.

New students joined us today and seeing how Mina couldn’t stop talking about them made me upset.

Something strange happened diary, Arnold’s lesson teacher and the guy looks so much alike.

I was surprised seeing him today when Arnold introduced him as his lesson teacher. He’s resemblance with the new guy gave me concern.

My doubts will be cleared when I meet him tommorow, That guy that came to join us today can’t be a lesson teacher, because I heard about his background.

Presently I am starting to doze off…….We should call it a night.




Seriously Mom:Dad I’m going to miss you and Mom… Axel said and hugged them with his small hands.

There’s no doubt we are going to miss you also too. So now I want us to get something cleared. Mr Martin said

We won’t be coming home soon and luckily you will be going on holiday in some weeks to come. I think it will be a nice idea for you all to come over to spend the holiday with us… He stated and the children beamed.

I want all of you to take care of yourself and don’t bother about us. Dad is always here for you… He assured

Mum also has never stopped being here for you also… And you!!! My mother in-law… She said to Amelia like she always does and they all laughed.

I want you to take care of your brothers and don’t hesitate to tell us if you need something. We’ve ordered a new phone for Amelia, I’m sure you will get it today. She explained and Amelia jumped on her.

Arnold make sure to inform me Incase you are having problem with your lesson teacher, I will get you someone else if he’s not capable.. He shared and everyone seems happy.

After exchanging love and care to their children, Mr and Mrs Martin entered their car and zoomed off. Looking behind to see the waves they were getting from the children.

Seems I am back into sharing car with you two now, come on let’s go. I can’t get to school late.. Amelia said and they all entered their car too.


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Chapter 10

✍️✍️unknown pov✍️✍️

Amelia ran absent minded into the classroom. She hurriedly dropped her things she brought with her, bringing out a handkerchief from her bag with her.

Just a second she took her eyes to Mina’s seat which was empty. She must have gone outside already. She thought and tried making her way out of the class.

She accidentally bumped into Alfred on her way. It was just a scene that took her space of breathing away. How dare her bump into him?

I’m sorry.. I was just in a hurry… She apologized and looked slightly at his shoe which she had stepped on.

I see that… You can go first.. He replied gently and made space for her to go.

Amelia stared at him in surprise. Is he really telling her to go? Well she doesn’t have the time to waste on thinking about that. She needs to get out of here to avoid Brad’s trouble.

Once again I’m sorry… She stated simply and left.

Getting into the quarter she didn’t meet Mina there like she expected. It’s obvious that she will have to do the Arranging alone that day. But where on Earth is Mina?

She Tried hurrying with it but just then she heard some giggles coming through the door and curiosity made her stopped what she was doing, she looked towards the door.

The hell!! Brad is coming in there. Fright gripped her, well she was clever enough not to let it show…

She watched as Brad marched up to a seat. A lady followed him and sat down on his lap. Amelia saw this and let out a gasp.

Brad kssed the lady’s neck and turned to Amelia who has just been staring at them.

I came here earlier and didn’t meet you… You must have thought that you can follow your own orders right? He asked and smirked.

So he came to check her earlier, wtf!! just when she was happy that she escaped.

I’m sorry… It wasn’t intentional… Amelia managed to say

Well your friend already told me that… He answered then bit the lady on her earlobe.

I met your friend here cleaning when I came and she told me exactly what you just said now. Seems everything you did has never been intentional? He asked and stunned Amelia couldn’t say a word.

So Mina was here!!! She must have landed in some sort of trouble After Brad saw her… Probably that’s why she didn’t meet her in the class;

We are sorry…. She muttered silently

She needs to be polite in order to reduce the punishment he would give to them especially Mina. G©sh!! She can’t believe Mina just got implicated because of her.

As you can see, today I’m in a good mood and I won’t want someone like you and your friend to ruin it.. I didn’t pvnish her because of that…

Even though you deserve punishment for coming late once again and letting your friend intervene in the pvnishment that I gave you…

I’m still not going to be offended… All I want for you now is to get out of this place right now. You can resume the cleaning tommorow… He stated and returned into fIirting with the lazy.

Amelia looked like she didn’t hear him properly, did Brad just pardoned her now??

She took her eyes to him and saw him already engaging in nasty moment with the lady… It’s obvious that she had to leave, and without saying a word, she walked away.



Dean and Tiana walked side by side into the classroom. The moment they got sighted by the students, murmuring raised up.

Dean walked up to his seat and took a seat looking around, he feels uneasy but he doesn’t even know the reason why.

He suddenly felt something beneath his feet and bent to discover what he laid his leg on.

Stretching his hand down he saw a package and got confused. Who could have dropped it there.

Tiana was staring at Dean and sharing angry glare at any girl that she caught gawking at Dean when she saw Dean checking out a package.

She left her seat and went to him, she stood in front of him. Dean almost got a fear because of how she just suddenly appeared.

I saw you checking this out so I came here wondering what it’s in there, I’m sure you weren’t carrying this with you when we were coming…. She indicated smiling

I don’t know how it got here, I’m just wondering on where it came from… He answered and took his hands away from it

I think you have something to do with this because it has your name written on it… Tiana said immediately when she saw Dean’s name boldly written on it.

Dean checked the name and smirked. He has no idea of where this package came from.

Let’s just check it out, at Least knowing what the content is won’t hurt… Tiana beamed and started tearing off the decorations placed outside the small package.

She finally opened it with Dean just staring at the package. There was already murmuring and glares coming from the students.

Tiana finished opening the package and was surprised when she saw a note dropping. She picked it up and stare at Dean first before reading it.


I HOPE I GET NOTICED BY YOU SOON. LOTS OF LOVE FROM HERE HANDSOME. I HOPE YOU LOVE THE WRIST BAND THAT I GOT FOR YOU.. Tiana read it out loud, well all Dean could do was staring. Who could that be??

Like someone who has just got burnt with fire, she squeezed the sheet together and threw it on the ground matching it with her leg..

Dean stared shockingly at her wondering about the reasons for her to do that without his permission.. Tiana turned to him and saw how straight he’s staring at her.

I just felt it’s something unimportant. One of those $illy girls must have dropped it here. She stated trying to hide her anger.

You could have given me the chance to decide for myself, you didn’t even let me read the letter by myself, even though it was meant to be my package. Dean said and opened the small box

A silver WRIST BAND showed itself immediately when he opened it and seeing it. He tried taking it out of the box when Tiana immediately took it away from his presence.

I will hold on to this… She said and hurriedly left with it leaving Dean in a confused state. WHAT THE H£LL!!



Amelia grinned continuously as she catwalk towards her class. No objection that today is such a lucky day for her.

First she ran into Alfred and he let her go without scolding or screaming at her. Well she’s still surprised because he wasn’t expecting Alfred to be that short tempered.

Just when she thought Brad would add to her pvnishment he also pardoned her.,.. she’s seriously can’t hide her happiness.

It’s obvious that Mina must have returned back to the classroom after Brad dismissed her… Thank Goodness Mina didn’t land in trouble.

She walked inside the class and went directly to Mina’s seat. She met her writing something down in a note.

First thing that came to her mind was to trouble her and she did trouble her.

She snatched the pen away from her and watched her yell on collecting it back.

You fo©l… I almost got pvnished today because of you and here you are frustrating my temper, is that the best way of saying THANK YOU.. Mina yelled

Tiana heard their yelling and turned to them. Those girls are back to it again… She thought and glared angrily at them.

Amelia argued with her for a while and finally gave her the pen. She was discussing what happened earlier with Brad to her when her eyes ran into Dean who was also looking towards her direction.

Her mouth became shut as she stated nervously at him. He’s the same::

It was him… She thought and Mina who was wondering why she suddenly stopped talking followed her gaze.

Then she found how Amelia was busy staring At Dean…. It came as a surprise to her when she saw Dean also staring back at her. SERIOUSLY!!

Waiting anxiously for Amelia to say something but h’ll no!! She was not ready to stop staring at him.

She h it her hard on her lap and Amelia immediately took her gaze away from him.

What’s the problem with you? Why are you staring at him? Mina questioned





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