KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 31 to 50 (31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36,37 ,38 39, 40, 41,42, 43, 44, 45, 46,47, 48, 49 50)

KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 31 to 50 (31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36,37 ,38 39, 40, 41,42, 43, 44, 45, 46,47, 48, 49 50)


Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin

Chapter 31

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

The shock impression written on Dean’s face couldn’t be measured. He wasn’t upset because of what she did to him. Infact he loved it when he saw Tiana Angrily walking out of the classroom.

It’s obvious that she was boiling it anger. That was such a rare sight. But Why did Amelia do that?? He thought uncontrollably while he stared nervously at her, hoping for to at least say something.


She kept on smiling like she did the right thing. He was just looking suspiciously at her. Well his curiosity increased when she came closer to him once again, before stopping at his earlobe.

He thought that she would give him another peck, but rather she whispered.

I hope you enjoyed the look on Tiana’s face? That’s my little way of helping you to get rid of her… She whispered lowly to him.

Dean lost himself into thought instantly. He couldn’t believe she did all that just to save him from Tiana. That was so huge!!

Thank you… He managed to say. That was the only word he could think of at the moment. Everything happening is just too much for him to actually understand.

Acting as if nothing happened. Amelia just smiled sheepishly at him before returning her eyes back to continue reading. She wasn’t concentrating anyways.

Few minutes has passed by, while some of the students has started minding their business.

Only few still took their time to spare Amelia and Dean a glance.

He watched her keenly and decided to leave to his sit from there.

He was surprised when Amelia suddenly held his wrist.

Firstly shaking her head and then signalling her head towards the door, the back at the sit.

He confusingly followed her gaze; just there he saw Tiana grumbling entering the class. Her eyes held so much anger.

All her concentration was on Amelia, she wasn’t even looking towards Dean. She would eat Amelia together with life in her if she gets the chance to.

Seeing this Dean understood what Amelia was trying to tell him. He returned back to his seat beside her, then shifted little bit closer to her.

You shouldn’t bother leaving now. I don’t think Carol will come today.. actually you can share the sit here with me. Amelia assured with a smile.

Understanding what her plan was perfectly. Dean nodded his head in agreement. Everything she’s doing was just to help him. He would happily adhere.

Seeing Tiana apart from him is one of his present goal. Making her get rid of the thought of love in her head, would be his actual goal. If not for this, she would have been tormenting him with talks from all sides.

Tiana who walked out earlier in anger was not able to contain her temper, when she saw them both still sitting down beside one another.

She had thought Dean would have leave before returning back to the classroom. Why is he still with her??

That stupid Amelia!! Why did she stop Dean from leaving? He was about to leave that wtch’s Cage.

All she wanted to do now was running over to where she was and sIap her pretty hard. She just hates Her so much.

Battling with the sight she was looking at and grumbling walking over to her sit. She didn’t spare them glance. She would have to teach Amelia a lesson.

And as for Dean? He should better prepare himself to explain the reason behind everything he was doing with Amelia when they get home.. How did they become so close??



Wow Amelia! Just Wow!!! Mina screamed as she jumped on Amelia immediately all the students went out of the class.

It’s break Time period, everyone has gone to get themselves something to eat.

Only Amelia and Mina stayed behind to have a nice discussion as usual.

Tell me why you are acting this way now? The happiness on your face seems brighter than the one I saw on Dean’s face… Amelia asked playfully

Obviously it will. Dean is still shocked you know? He didn’t expect it. No one expected that… Mina coed

Did you see how Tiana angrily left? Oh my!! I won’t mind paying just to watch that scene once again… She ranted

I never knew I could do something of sort… What actually pushed me into doing that? Amelia thought after saying it

I think it’s revenge. Tiana offended you. Now it’s time to pay her back.. Mina replied

That was Among… I just want to save Dean from her. I know he was shocked with what I did. But he understood perfectly…. She assured

The shy guy went Out of the class… Mina teased. They both shared laughter together afterwards.

Hold on Amelia! How did you come up with such a mind blowing Idea? That was tough you know? She curiously asked

Come sit here then I will tell you everything…. Amelia told while waiting for her to sit on the chair beside her.

I don’t really know what came over me. I was actually about to yell at the person who snatched my novel away from me. Then I realized it was Dean… She started explaining

Lessening my anger. Just then my eyes ran into Tiana boiling in her own anger. I took advantage of her state and decided to do something different…

Adding flame to her anger won’t someone you know… She smirked

I agree with that… Especially when the person has started boiling themselves with fire already. Mina added

Such a bad girl!! Let me round up everything by saying this. So after thinking about it all through. I decided to make her feel jealous… She pointed out

That was the reason why I pecked Dean… She finished explaining

That was so hot!!! The performance was lit. That isn’t the end of everything. Why did you stop Dean from leaving? You’ve achieved your Aim then I think. Why telling him to stay? She asked

That was because I saw Tiana entering the class. She must have gone to somewhere in order to take in her anger… So I bvrnt her or.gans once more… Amelia stated sharply

Go$h!!! Amelia . You are too good in this… Dean would forever be grateful for what you did today… Tiana praised

I also will forever be grateful to him. At least his presence helped me to seek my revenge.. Amelia shrugged

Exactly… Now she will realize where she belong. I couldn’t hold my laughter when I saw her eyes. She could have klled you if she had the chance. Tiana mentioned

I would have skinned her alive…. . Amelia Bragged. She someone feels bored and brave enough to do anything she wants.

Don’t brag much because you’ve done something now. Tiana could break your head with her phone once again.. Mina teased but it didn’t h it Amelia at the right spot.

She fumed angrily, before throwing her a hard stare.

Take it easy. That stare is meaningless to me….. Tiana shrugged. Before throwing a wink at her.

Do you know where Dean is? Let’s go in search of him..



He sat down alone lost in thought. With the incident that took place in the classroom displaying on his head. He kept the food aside then wished Damon was here. He has so many things to say to him.

He tried getting rid of the thought, just to be able to think about something else. Seems his trial was not enough.

While battling with that, he saw a lady approaching me. It was obvious because of how she her gaze on him.

Something that looks like her counting the steps she was taken. Is she coming to sit beside him now.? Could it be that she wanted to take a image with him too?

If so then why was her look so pale….. He imagined. Just like he thought, she came closer to him with a brief smile

Please can I sit here? I will like to discuss something important with you…. She asked. Her voice seems quiet upset.

No.. problem. Dean muttered. Whatever happens to her voice shouldn’t be his concern.

I’m Cinderella, I’m in the same level of studying with you. Have you seen me around recently? She asked

No I couldn’t remember…. What should I do for you? He asked somehow feeling uncomfortable with her presence. What’s the need for all those talks

I have seen you around many times and knew you before you got admission into this school… She started talking

I’m not supposed to say this out to you. It’s too early but I would have to tell you….. She stated while she watched him listen to her.

I was the girl who dropped Package at your desk the other day, the one you saw during your second day in school…

Can you remember that? I’m the secret Admirer who couldn’t taken her eyes off you because I love you very much… She said. Getting him surprised

I wouldn’t have come to tell you all this now. But I was curious when I saw Amelia with you earlier… She’s not the best girl for you. She said sternly

I am the best girl for you… I feel keeping myself in darkness won’t help me anymore. I sobbed silently when I saw you together with her. The pain I felt couldn’t be measured..

At first I was jealous of your sister. She kept on staying too close to you every time . I feel suffocated whenever she’s around you.

I was able tolerate her since she’s actually your Sister. I can’t watch Amelia snatch you away from me. I hope you understand how I feel? She Ranted like a nuisance

Dean looked Awkwardly at her. What was she trying to say? Is she in her senses? Everything is not properly clear to him.

I am to take your silence for better understanding? She asked.

Did she even think before saying anything? Dean thought

More like a roar from a wide animal. Just that it obviously came a human. An angry filled reply came from behind her.

Get out of that seat you slvt; That was the voice that startled everyone in the Cafeteria.


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Chapter 32

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

The yelling was so strong that everyone left whatever they were doing and darted their eyes to the direction, at which the angry roar came from..

Angrily matching forward, with her hair yanking behind her, before she pulled Cinderella up by her hair.

She made sure to make her winced in pain before pushing her backward. Making her to fall against the arranged chairs.

Cinderella stumbled repeatedly before Landing on the ground. “There was a stain of bIood trailing down her nostril” Gasp could be heard from the students. Even Dean was surprised after watching that.

Ignoring the murmuring from the students, she marched closer to her, then squirted infront of her on the ground; before mouthing “THIS IS THE TIP TO WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IF YOU REFUSE TO LISTEN” that was all she said without any effort.

No one else was able to hear her, except for Cinderella who was still shivering with fear on the ground.

After saying this, and watching Cinderella shaking her head repeatedly. she stood up elegantly” Her Job Is completed over here”

Sparing Dean a deep stare, unknowingly Dean was also staring at her. She broke the deep stare between them, just then was when she finally walked out of the Cafeteria while some students who looked like her followers hurried after her.

Only one of them stayed behind to help Cinderella, that was shyly sitting on the ground. She must have felt embarrassed because of what just happened.

The lady helped her to stand up from the ground, before they both walked out of the cafeteria together.

She’s the only nice person Among them all ” Although She’s also not far from being like others, but she doesn’t show that bad side of hers often” Only She knows what her punishment would be for helping A weaker like Cinderella.

Voices, Alarm, murmuring and various talks from different direction could be heard among the students. What just happened is the main discussion of them all.

Dean just watched everything happening in Awe. He still remained sitting on the seat. Why did that lady treated Cinderella like that? Who is she??

He hasn’t seen her anywhere before; but why was she staring so closely at him? And Cinderella” Why was she looking so helpless? She was blabbing minutes ago right? ”

Those were the questions that roamed his mind, He could not lay his hand on what to think of. Why was that lady so rude?

She entered randomly and created such a huge scene. What exactly happened between them? And the lady that was talking to him earlier (Cinderella).

Why was she looking so scared in front of her? She spoke boldly to him earlier right? why was she silent and couldn’t say anything to save herself? What was her offence?

All those questions were been processed in his head, waiting for whom to give answers to his confused mind.



Are you tired of looking around just like me?? Mina tiredly asked while she placed her hands, on her waist.

The complaints was supposed to be from me. This is your idea right? Tell me the reason why you are tired? Amelia snapped while she gulped some water down her throat.

Can I have that? I’m also thirsty, Mina requested while stretching her hand towards her for the water. She’s so tired.

I brought my water with me, because I knew it would be needed along the unknown journey you wanted us to embark on. But you didn’t come with yours because you felt it’s not needed… Amelia Ranted continuously

Everything you are trying to point out is that what, You don’t want to give me that?? Mina scoffed

Whatever you call it.. I think I know where to find Dean now…. Amelia finally remembered

SERIOUSLY… You knew where he would and still you allowed us to be wandering around huh? Mina scoffed at her

I can’t remember saying that I know where he is. I only mentioned that I think I may know where he is. Is there not differences between them? Amelia snapped

Just forget about that.. tell me where he is. I’m tired of wandering around like a f©ol.. Mina requested tiredly whole she gulped the water down her throat also.

You are nothing less than one…. Amelia mumbled

What did you say? I didn’t hear that… Mina furrowed her brows

You know we saw him at the old hall one day? I’m thinking that he would be there…. Amelia stated while she ignored Mina’s question

Oh my!! That’s true. You know he mentioned about enjoying staying there, because it’s calm and free. We should go check him overthere… Mina beamed

My brain function better than anyone could think off. The post of seniority isn’t about age. It’s the use of senses when it’s needed… Amelia blasted boldly

All those talks were for who? Mina snarled at her angrily… Mina raised her head at her



His heart bled as he stared Painfully at the image”His Comfort” it wasn’t his will to bring it along with him to school.

What exactly Should he do after catching Tiana in his room? Whatever she was looking for isn’t any of his business. But what if he didn’t get there before she could open the wardrobe?

She would have seen the image and finally finds reason to question him again. He can’t let that happen. For this he would have to be taking it along with him.

He misses her so much during the moment, that is obvious and clear.

But like Amelia Advised ” He should learn how to be strong by himself” Those words Always sneak into his mind whenever he wants to start being emotional.

He already promised her not to be broken anymore. But what should he do? Flora Always manage to enter freely into his thoughts.

Amelia wouldn’t be happy to see him break his promise to her like this. With that he Folded the image into a smaller size, before dipping it into his shirt pocket.

Afterwards he relaxed his back properly on the sofa. He’s supposed to start heading back to lecture room now. But why hasn’t he seen Amelia around since Break period? She didn’t even come to the cafeteria.



The two friends both walked inside the hall. Like they expected Dean was there alone, he wasn’t facing them.

They saw him sitting alone on the sofa, Amelia wondered about how the sofa got there. It wasn’t there before. Did someone suddenly bring it there?

He’s here… Let’s go meet him… Mina interrupted her thinking while she tried leading the way.

Amelia dragged her back by holding on to her wrist. She stumbled backwards and almost tripped. That was a quick escape

What was that for?? She almost yelled on Amelia

We shouldn’t just go in there like that… He hasn’t noticed our presence yet. Let’s watch him for while.. Amelia suggested.

What will that do for us? That was the dvmbest idea, I have heard today. Mina shrugged while Amelia fumed in anger.

Hey Dean… Mina screamed while she ran towards him, leaving Amelia behind. She was really upset

Wow Mina!!! You are here.. Dean exclaimed after turning to her direction.

Yes I am here. Amelia is also here… Mina answered happily while she pointed at Amelia who was watching the two of them from the door post. The look on her face wasn’t pleasant enough to see.

Seeing Amelia, Dean’s nervous state managed to activate itself. What if she talks about the pecking stuff here?



Well Amelia has done two times now. What about you? Isn’t that your third time? Mina asked

I’m just about to ask Amelia what she would be daring me with. She hasn’t given me the dare… Dean replied while he looked forward to Amelia’s reply

I told you Mina that I don’t know how to play this game. Amelia shrugged after they both wouldn’t stop staring at her.

You’ve started it with us already.. Give Him your dare now. Mina commanded.

Amelia firstly rolled her eyes at Mina. Before returning them to Dean who was trying to avoid her gaze. He has been doing that since they got there.

She kept mute for a while, and finally a nasty idea popped on his head.

I’m giving Dean the Dare of “sIapping MINA PRETTY HARD ON HER CHEEK” Amelia said in blank expression

Mina flinched after hearing this, alongside with Dean who looked shockingly at Amelia. First time he was really looking at her since they entered.

Why… Why…why would you asked Dean to sIap me.. Mina barked in anger. She couldn’t believe what she heard

Well that’s what I want.. you told me to ask him anything right. Well that’s what I want… Amelia replied with a wicked glare

I won’t spare you for this…Mina threatened while she turned to Dean who was still watching the scene.

Come on Dean… Mina said while she stretched her face closer to him. She was ready for the worst. Her cold eyes couldn’t stop gawking at Amelia. Who was just staring emotionlessly at her also.

I’m not going to do this. I’m sorry but I can’t sIap you.. Dean shook his head repeatedly. What sort of friends are they? Amelia just gave a dare for him to sIap her best friend. That’s so weird

It’s obvious Mina would kll Amelia instantly after the sIap. He can’t be the reason for them to f!ght.

So you both are planning on cheating me right? It’s okay if you can’t raise yourself to Do that.. I will help you in doing so… Amelia said while she stepped closer to them, with her face holding so much seriousness.

She was standing in front of them since, the sofa couldn’t contain the three of them. So she decided to stand still. Mina was so happy to sit beside Dean, asking her to let her sit will be pointless.

With a d’vilish smile on her lips, she took Dean’s right hand and Tried sIapping Mina with it. Dean saw that and tried going away from her.

He stood up hurriedly to avoid his hand touching Mina’s cheek. While he did that, the image that was in his shirt front pocket mistakenly fell at the process on Mina’s feet.

Everyone’s attention left the recent argument to the folded stuff on Mina’s feet. Dean cursed underneath his breath as he saw Mina picking up the image.

She unfold the first wrap and Read what was behind it out ” MY COMFORT” she read out while she looked at Dean. Who was looking around nervously. That gave them suspicions

Amelia also looked anxiously at the image in Mina’s hand. Mina shook her head before her eyes finally came in contact with what’s on the Image.

Who’s this??? She suddenly asked making Amelia to drew closer to her


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Chapter 33

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

The room went Quiet as no one was bold enough to say anything. They were all just staring at the smoke that filled the Air. It’s their duty to resume there every day during the school hour.

Where they all are is the special part of the school, since no students knows that it exists. No body Apart from them visits the office like building.

Probably because they forgot about it after building it there.

It was located by their group three years ago, they’ve not gotten any problem with any one’s presence at the surrounding since then. This made them assume that no one knows there’s such a building around the school.

I’m sorry Charlotte! It wasn’t intentional, I didn’t mean to go against you… Cinderella pleaded as she stood still in her presence, with her head bowed towards the ground .

She watched her for a while without saying anything, just dragging the ¢igarette anyhow from the stick. With her legs crossed on each other on the small bed placed by a corner in the room.

Only a small towel was wrapped around her waist, she was nked from the waist upwards. All her bbs and stomach were opened for everyone in the room to see.

That’s how she dresses whenever they are alone in the room, None of them is surprised seeing her in such a Weird way. They all know how she is. Clothes isn’t anyway use to her.

I told you”! I told you not to go to him. Did I not warn you?? She snarled with smoke puffing out of her nostril.

Cinderella nodded her head repeatedly, she won’t dare raise up her head to look at her.

Good girl; She knows that I warned her… She replied sarcastically

You were also warned when you sent a secret package to him then, I saw it that you wouldn’t listen to me. That was why I taught you that small lesson, when I found out about it…

Afterwards you still didn’t listen, now I am thinking if you continue being Adament on going after him like a puppy. I won’t mind doing something worse to you next time…. You understand that?? She asked with her eyes holding so much command

Yes…. Yes I do…. Cinderella stuttered fearfully

Good girl; You can come over here and tell me sorry properly. Or do you want to say something?? She smiled naughtily at her.

I… I love him…. Cinderella stuttered, after that everyone flinched because of the noise that came from behind her.

Charlotte just threw a glass cup against the wall. It crashes really hard, before landing few steps behind Cinderella.

She dropped her leg on the ground then marched angrily to where Cinderella was standing. Her big bbs wouldn’t stop jumping after her.

Immediately when she got closer to her, she threw hard sIap across her face. Before pulling her by the shirt. Her eyes wouldn’t stop burning in anger

You were told before joining that you can’t love a man, All the privileged I have given you, happened because you are useful to me… She yelled on her face

I could make your stay here miserable for you but I haven’t done that, if you had chosen someone else, maybe I would have not be too hard on you… She continued speaking

Dean Stewart isn’t someone I could allow the stick from my ¢igarette to spend a night with, talkless of you girls.

I despise him and y’all must despise him as well…. He has no place at anywhere close to where I am, y’all must banish him out of your sight also… She commanded

I kept my anger on hold in the cafeteria because I don’t want to take it further than that, you are still my subject anyways. “If you don’t stop ranting about loving him, I will make sure to cut your tongue right now, in your presence”

She threatened while she tightened the grip around her shirt collar so tight “Everyone in the room were shocked about the scene happening” Nobody knows the main reason behind her hatred for Dean.

Her grip was too tight on her neck that it has started ¢hoking Cinderella but She wasn’t given chance to speak.

All her power could do was forcing her two palms together in apology infront of her.

Seeing the gesture, Charlotte angrily let go of her shirt then she walked back to the sofa. Furiously taking a seat, before throwing her legs on one another.

Get me that … She commanded to one of them.

The lady hurriedly gave the pack of ¢igarettes to her, One of them tried to light it for her but, she stopped her from lighting it.

Just a drag from the cigarette filled the air with smoke “That would help in sustaining her anger” she watched Cinderella who was still whimpering then rolled her eyes.

Get that sIvt out of my presence… She commanded while two ladies tried taking Cinderella out of the room

I’m not going to disobey you anymore, please just spare me once more…. She begged while she avoided leaving with them.

The punishment that would follow if they take her out of the room is sequence, she won’t let that happen.

Hold on…. Let her be!! Charlotte commanded while she let out a smirk. Once more she’s getting what she wants

If you are going to obey everything I say. Then show me how much of an obedient child you would be… She said with her eyes focused on her bbs.

Cinderella reluctantly marched forward to where she was “She knows what her signal means” She bent down little before her, then she grabbed one of her big bbs, then she started ¢aressing and sv¢king from it.

That’s my girl; Charlotte m©aned out in pleasure as she watched her perform some magic on her.



Who’s she?? Mina questioned while Amelia came closer to get a view also.
Dean looked nervously at them, doubting if he should tell them the truth. Will they make fun of me?

That’s Flora… Dean answered like they were aware of she is to him.

Hearing Flora Amelia instantly remembered when Dean mentioned her name to her hearing.

The lady that he loves, Is that her?? She thought

Who is she to you?? Is that your girlfriend?? Mina confusingly asked.

She’s his sister… Amelia interrupted her

How do you know that? Let him speak by himself. Dean is she your sister? Mina snapped

Because you don’t know her doesn’t mean I also don’t. I have heard her name from him before…. Amelia replied sternly

She can’t be his sister. He’s the only child right? How can she be his sister?? Mina pointed out. That caught Amelia in surprise, even Dean doesn’t know what to say.

They are cousins. That makes her his sister.. just let it be Mina… Are you jealous of how beautiful Dean’s sister is?? Amelia Teased while she took the image from Mina. Returning it back to Dean who was looking obviously lost in thought.

Why would I be jealous of her? I am more beautiful than her. Right Dean?? Mina swayed infront of them

Definitely… Dean replied while he stared at Amelia. She was staring at him too with so much questions running in her head.

Let’s return back to the game… Dean have you prepared yourself to sIap Mina’s cheek? Amelia suddenly called out

Mina’s eyes changed immediately when she heard that, even Dean was caught in shock. Amelia still isn’t going to let go of the dare?

I don’t want to sIap Mina. What’s the consequence of refusing that? Dean requested as he waited eagerly for Amelia’s answer

I’m trying to consider only you, The only consequence I could think of is you getting me water to drink. Amelia said boastfully

Are you ¢razy Amelia? Why will you ask him to get you water? Mina scoffed angrily

Maybe he should slap you then, I don’t have anymore option. Amelia shrugged wi¢kedly

No problem… I will go get the water…. Dean agreed, and he wanted to leave

You don’t need to do that Dean, since you are kind enough not to tear my cheek apart, like Amelia wanted. I will go get the water for her. Mina cheeped in while Amelia just shrugged her shoulder.



Why did you bring that with you to school?? Amelia curiously asked Dean immediately when Mina left. Getting water was just a plan to get Mina to Excuse.

Excuse me? What are you talking about? Dean found himself asking her. What is she talking about?

The image that we saw.. Why did you bring it?? Amelia reminded

I…I..I don’t want Tiana to see it. That’s why I had to bring it with me.. Dean mumbled

Why would you be hiding it from her? Does she have any business with it? Amelia furrowed her brows

I don’t know but I once told her that I love someone. She might decide to search for anything pertaining to the girl I love… Dean replied

I get it now… Amelia nodded after giving it a thought

Why did you lie to Mina? Dean asked out of the blue.

I felt the need to protect you from her, she would have klled you with questions if I told her the truth…Amelia answered

Thank You… Dean managed to say. Hearing this Amelia smiled sheepishly. That was a funny scene between them.

Can I check the image? I couldn’t get the better view of it earlier… Amelia requested after awhile they’ve remained quiet.

Dean nodded then quickly brought it out, he happily gave it to her.

She Admired the beauty that Flora possess for a while before finally saying:

SHE’S REALLY BEAUTIFUL… Is that why you fell in love with her??



I really don’t like coming over here… That thought of coming to see this unfriendly drinks are always taunting me… Damon disappointedly said as he checked the drink in the fridge out.

I have told you many times to get yourself another fridge. You could have it filled it with Your prefer drinks… Dean answered rudely

That’s all you have to say? Ain’t you supposed to be ashamed?? You stock the fridge up with soft drinks like a lady. You should be ashamed Dean… Damon replied angrily

I can tell a guard to get you alcoholic drinks if you badly want it. Just don’t take it in here… Dean shrugged

Really….. Where should I take it then? I should stay at the car park? He asked sarcastically

I didn’t say that. You could go take it in your car. Just don’t pollute the Air in my room with Alcohol… Dean explained while he watched Damon grumbling walking over to the bed.

I won’t come here if I had remember this earlier… Damon stated

Remember that?? Dean scoffed

Remembered it that I am coming to a lady’s place. Go$h!! I am so thirsty. He lamented

There’s bottle water in the fridge… Should I get you one? Dean asked.

Just leave me okay! I don’t drink water when I am thirsty. Tell me why did you invite me here? Damon tiredly asked

Nothing in particular. I just wanted you to come here.. Dean shrugged

I’m leaving then… Nothing to talk about..I’m not staying here again.. He replied and was about leaving

Being patient for once won’t harm you Damon….. Dean advised

Ain’t you supposed to go for lesson? Why are you home? He asked on his way out

Because I resigned… Dean joked

What!!! Why would you do that? You didn’t inform me.. He exclaimed.

I didn’t go because Arnold wasn’t feeling well yesterday… I am giving him a day break….. He explained properly to avoid another yelling from Damon

So what about Amelia? How are you guys doing? Damon asked

She has been good and Always funny…. Dean replied politely. Followed by a giggle from Damon

I thought you would shout at me for asking you about her. I’m surprised to see you answering me politely…. Damon pointed out

Yeah… I’m trying to make use of my good side today…. Dean mumbled

That has never happened before… Are you Inlove already?? Damon teased

You talked about leaving earlier… When are you going??


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Chapter 34

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

“I just finished speaking with her now. Mum wanted me to come over” Arnold said to Amelia as he dropped the phone beside him on the bed

“I feel it’s the best idea, you will get some free time overthere and also some rest” She added

“I don’t want that. I feel it’s just the weather. I would be okay here” he declined instantly

“I’m thinking if your state is because of her?!” Amelia shook her head

“What are you saying Amelia? He asked innocently

“Just a guess to know if you are down because of her?! ” Amelia repeatedly while she looked certainly at him

“Not at all Amelia” I feel this is just normal, she doesn’t have anything to do with this.. Arnold rejected when he realized what she was talking about

Did you try speaking with her in school since then? Amelia suddenly asked out of the blue

I didn’t… I don’t want any more trouble from Xander… He shook his head

“So what about your feeling?” Have you thought about that?? She asked even still

“I thought of it, but it’s not a good idea to keep it. She doesn’t like me one bit. It hurts to see her, joining hands with Xander to humiliate me… He replied sadly

“You never told me that she was aware of what her brother did” Amelia surprisingly said

“Yes, because I thought the explanation wasn’t needed” He stated icily

I’m thinking things would be better if you tried talking to her. Who knows?! She might also have some kind of feelings for you? Amelia suggested

“I doubt that, she doesn’t feel anything for me” I will just let her be… Good things will come my way according to you.” He stated with A smile just to tease her

“Good things would come when you walk towards it” Don’t misunderstood my teaching for something else… She answered afterwards

“I understand Amelia, but there are good things I need to walk away from. In order to see better ones” He added in addition

“Yeah, there are even some that you need to fly away from, because they are too powerful to elope from, so just fly” Amelia replied sarcastically

“Do the right thing, don’t just turn to a day light coward” Amelia stated strictly after they’ve finished laughing



“Dean, the guard just informed me now that you are not attending school today,” what’s the problem?? Tiana asked as she walked nonchalantly into his room.

He left the clothes he was checking out and turned to her properly. He always have to deal with her over ever decision that he makes.

“I’m not going because I don’t feel like going to school.” Probably because the weather is fascinating, that I feel like just sucking myself on my bed… He stated casually

“That’s not an enough reasons not to attend school, you could have waited till Weekend; then you can sleep for all you want… Tiana replied sternly

“Just forget it Tiana, you can go to school already. I’m in the mood to stay at home today, don’t get yourself late to school by talking to me”. He Advised casually

I saw you checking out your clothes when I walked in. Are you going out? She asked while folding her two arms below her chest

It seems like that. I will go out later in the evening to teach, so I am checking out my wear before then… He replied while he played with his hair

Hearing this Tiana gasped.. what does he mean by teaching in the evening?

“I thought you resigned. You didn’t attend yesterday”. She recalled with her eyes curiously waiting for an answer

SERIOUSLY Tiana. How did you know that? Are you stalking on me?? Dean gasped

No…why would I do that? I knew because I saw Damon coming here yesterday. He came to see you anyways, which means that you were around.. She replied and immediately looked away

Arnold was sick, that’s why I didn’t go. He called me and informed me about his health. It’s time to resume work… Dean explained having to deal with the gawking she was giving him.

She remained quiet for some moment, with her eyes just staring at Dean who has returned back to checking the clothes out.

Why is he so happy about going to teach? Is there something else going on? Tiana thought narrowly

You will be late for class if you don’t leave now Tiana.. Dean jolted her out of her thought.

“I will leave now. Take care of yourself,” She stated while Dean nodded his head, in reply to what she said, then she reluctantly left the room.



Hey Dude, I’m just wondering if you will come over to my house. Dean said to the phone

“I didn’t attend school today” he answered

“Because I didn’t feel like attending. Are you coming over? ”

So what was your reasons for questioning me if you won’t actually come? He mumbled silently that Damon didn’t hear

Go$h! You are not coming just because of Alcohol!! He rubbed his head in frustration

“I can tell the guard to get it for you. Just come over here” He answered

A Friend in need is a friend indeed… He joked and laughed afterwards

Just forget it huh!! I just remembered what to keep myself busy with… He finally said

It maybe MY COMFORT or not, anything that feels right to me will help, bye. He rushed his words before dropping the call.



He had thought that Damon would come over. What exactly happened to him? Why would he decided not to attend school? Definitely he wasn’t thinking right.

He would have get to speak with Amelia and Mina if he went. Now he would have to deal with the atmosphere in the room, instead of their ¢raziness

What if Amelia calls him? Should he pick up? Should he not? Should he tell her sorry for not coming? Should he just let it be?

Gosh!!! Why is he thinking of her? It’s his choice anyways. He has the freedom not to attend school if he wants ..

He thought for awhile, while he drew nothing important on the drawing board. What about if he tries something na$ty?

He imagined that in his head and hurriedly got his phone. Firstly rethinking about the idea, then he agreed to it.

His hand shook by itself as he typed the message (HELLO BEAUTIFUL) he wrote before sending.

She wouldn’t reply him. She’s in school after all. What does it feels like she didn’t know who was messaging her. Is she pretending?

He thought while he dropped the phone, before heading to the Bathroom..

He had a nice shower alone and probably enjoyed it. At Least that seized boredom from roaming around his body when the water was flowing down his soft skin.

Dressing up himself in casual dress before heading to get his phone.

He was surprised seeing it that he has gotten a response from her.

He gasped and quickly walked up to his bed before reading out the message.
“(HI, WHO’S THIS?) that was all the content the message carried

If she can reply his message. Does that mean she wasn’t in school? Can it be that she took the phone with her to school?

That’s nothing to think of now, at least she replied him. Just the fact that she doesn’t even know it was him made him worried. Why didn’t she know?

“(YOU WILL KNOW WHO I AM, IF YOU TRY TO RECALL IT. HAVE A GOOD DAY AHEAD AMELIA) he simply replied the message the he rested his head on the pillow. He needs to take a nap



“I thought you didn’t attend school because you are not feeling well. Why are you here?” Amelia surprisingly asked after she walked into Dean and Arnold in his room

I wasn’t in the mood to attend, so I stayed by… How did you know that I didn’t attend? Dean asked

Tiana walked in like a widow. Why else would she sink her face in sadness if not because of that? Amelia shrugged while she and Dean laughed

“She won’t mind roasting you alive, if she hears what you just said. Dean joked

I won’t try to say that in her presence, just don’t Inform her when you get home okay?? My skin is too soft for someone like her to roast up… Amelia stated while Dean and Arnold just laughed at what she said.

“I never knew you both do interact playfully like this” Arnold suddenly stated his mind. It was such a surprise for him watching them interact freely with one another.

” Dean is a $illy boy that I always have to guide. He’s your teacher, but I am his teacher right Dean?? Amelia asked while he gasped in surprise

That’s not the truth… She’s not my teacher. We are just friends. Dean answered truthfully

I never brought up the idea of friendship, who did?? Amelia asked

I did but it was your idea to accept… Dean shrugged

I’m breaking it now then. I never liked it, if you don’t agree that I am your teacher. Then I am breaking the friendship.. infront of Arnold now. Amelia suddenly said

“IT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED THAT WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE” Amelia called out loud while the two boys wouldn’t stop laughing at her childish behavior

Alright, I have agreed. She’s my teacher Arnold… Dean finally surrendered while Amelia threw her hands happily in the air. It feels like a victory

Afterwards she told Damon her reasons for coming to his room.
How can I trace a number? She asked while they both looked Confusingly at her

What do you mean by that? Arnold asked confusingly

I have been receiving strange messages from someone.. I want to know who that person is… She explained properly

Hearing this Dean’s heart race. Will she be angry if she finds out that’s his doing? What if they find out now in his presence.


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Chapter 35

unknown pov✍️✍️

“Tension filled his system as he gawked nervously at her”. He watched how she gave the phone to Arnold who was also checking out the number.

“Do you know how to trace it?” Can you help with it? Amelia asked eagerly

“I’m still thinking Amelia, What has the person been discussing with you?”Arnold asked

“Nothing serious. Just asking about me and some sort of random messages that gave me concern.” Why did you ask? She returned her answer by also questioning him

“Why are you so concerned about it? It might someone that you gave your number to and probablyforgot about it.. “Arnold pointed out

‘I doubt that… I didn’t do that;” she declined

C”an it be Chris?? She mumbled absent mindedly to herself, “and immediately regretted ever mentioning his name.

“Chris?! Which Chris?” Arnold questioned after hearing what she mumbled

“Natasha’s cousin. Can it be him?? “She answered staring directly at him

“I don’t know. Do you have any business with him in some kind of way? “He asked while Amelia shook her head in disagreement. Truthfully she doesn’t have any business with him.

“It shouldn’t be part of doubt that Any of her cousins would give Chris her number.” She begged them not to, also Chris isn’t the type that would message in such a moral way.

“If it’s not Chris according to her thoughts, then who would it be?” She battled that with herself in thought

I think I’m having the idea of what to do concerning this…” Arnold said after processing stuffs on his head.

“Hearing this Amelia scurried closer to him, that’s a news her ear obviously wanted to hear. ”

” I have an app on my phone that traces and locates Numbers and their user.” Should we try it out? It should be able to help. Arnold asked like there is another option if she rejected the idea

“I don’t have any problem with that. Just do anything you feel will help me out.” Happy Amelia shrugged while she went back and sat down on the bed, where she ran away from after hearing what Arnold said.

“Arnold got his phone quickly and immediately transferred the number to his phone.”While exchanging nothing seems suspicious to him about having contact with the number.

Anxious Amelia who wouldn’t stop being curious left the bed and moved closer to him at the study desk, she placed her hand on the space by the chair Dean was sitting on, while she leaned forward to see what Arnold was doing.

Dean sat down one part Conscious and the other part scared of what, the outcome of what Arnold’s research would be. Words can’t express his anxiety

Call the number out for me Amelia, I have mistakenly deleted it here… Arnold suddenly requested.

Amelia stood up properly and immediately called it out to him then waited for the next move

Are you getting any helpful information yet? Amelia curiously asked, after examining and seeing Arnold just working on his phone without saying anything.

I’m sorry for wasting out the lesson time Dean.. Amelia apologized when her eyes ran into Dean

No problem Amelia. Arnold should finish helping Amelia then we would continue… Dean faked a smile.

It was a fake smile because a sweat rolled down his broad chest towards his navel immediately, with his body tickling him somehow. The tension in his body was nothing to write home about.

Just call his present state an Awkward moment or anything pertaining to uncomfortable.

Seems I have gotten a clue now. There’s no trace about the person yet, it seems the number isn’t public to use. Do you think I should try searching through Name? He asked without raising his head

“I don’t mind anything Arnold”. Just get this done. Amelia eagerly replied

“DEAN STEWART! DEAN STEWART!!” Arnold suddenly called out. Hearing this Amelia looked cluelessly at him

“What is he saying? Why is he suddenly calling out Dean’s name? “She thought and tried checking what he was doing on the phone that brought out the name.

“Dean knew he has being caught but he still maintained his position.” Nothing can be done to help the situation anyway. All he needed to do now is waiting for the worst that is about to happen.

“What are you saying Arnold? Why are you calling Dean’s name? “Amelia asked

“That’s the name of the user Amelia.” Arnold unbelievably answered

“What!! How can it be Dean? She doubted turning to look at Dean, who was also staring back at her.”

” am also confused. But all I am seeing here is Dean Stewart by name. How can it be Dean??” Arnold also said

” I know what to do…. He suggested and quickly snatched Amelia’s phone from her hand, just to compare it with Dean’s number that he has on his phone. ”

It’s the same NUMBER… This is Dean’s number Amelia. I have compared it to the one I have here with me…. Arnold stated surprisingly while Amelia gasped.

“HOW POSSIBLE?? She asked then looked at Dean”



“He walked soberly and devastated into the sitting where he met Tiana watching a movie. She wasn’t really watching the movie since her eyes were on her phone. ”

“His intentions was to just ignore her and walk directly to his room. ”

“He was so close into succeeding in finally walking away when she called his name. Go$h!!”

“Dean! Where are you heading to? I’m here… She said while coming to him”

“I’m not looking for you Tiana… Dean simply said”

“What do you mean? You met me here. Don’t I deserve your greetings? Tiana shrugged”

“Sorry huh! Good evening… He stated simply then he walked away.”



“Surprised!! Entering the room he met Damon playing video games alone.” When did he arrives? He thought while dropping his backpack on the shelf.

“Hey dude, you are here… Damon stated casually with eyes on the Television and his hands operating the controller for the game ”

“Humm…. That was all Dean says”

“Seriously; what’s wrong? Did you get into a fight with someone or what now? He asked while smirking”

” I think Amelia is upset with me… He finally talked.”

“Having hearing this Damon paused the game and turned to look at him on the couch, where Dean sat down alone devastated.”

“How? I don’t get what you are saying; Damon scoffed”

‘Oh my!!! Damon yelled after Dean finished explaining things to him.”

“You did all that? Why??? He asked”

“I didn’t do it on purpose. I thought she was joking when she was asking about who I am… “Dean replied innocently

“But still, you made mistake by not telling the truth when she requested for Arnold’s help. She would think you are flirting with her.” Damon pointed out

“That wasn’t my intention Damon, I was just trying to be a good friend. I couldn’t just tell her then, it wasn’t that easy to say…” He replied tiredly

“So what will you do now? What was her reaction when she found out?” Damon questioned

“She was surprised, although Arnold tried understanding me, when I told him that I thought she knows.” He stated

“What about Amelia? Did she understand you also?” He asked

“I can’t say .. she only nodded her head repeatedly. I think she’s still upset with me.” He tiredly said

“What do you think we should do now? Should I talk to her?” Damon asked even though it’s not actually possible.

“That’s not needed, I will try talking to her in school tomorrow. Or probably talk to Mina.” She should help out in this…. He replied

“Whatever, I’m still wondering on the main reason why you texted her though.” Are you Inlove with her or something?? Damon spoke his mind

“Who gave you the permission to wonder about that?” Dean snapped

“The fact that you texted her, you didn’t even bother to let me know…” Damon teased

“What would you have done to help me? I was just trying to be friendly with her. No feelings attached like your mind thinks…” He replied tiredly

“We would check that out later… Did you see Tiana while entering?” I’m sure you would have put frustration on her… Damon said while he took over the game’s controller.



“Sounds of cutleries and plates could be heard as everyone eats silently at the dinner. “The silent was so clear that even a weightless sound would get noticed by everyone.

“They all maintained their silence, as it’s better that way in order to abide by the table manner rules. ”

“I have something to discuss with everyone.” Mr cooker said while he cleared his throat before continuing speaking…

“Elisa won’t be returning back to her mother anymore. She’s staying over here….” He dropped the news getting Everyone in the dinning shocked

“Why honey? She was supposed to leave tommorow?” Mrs cooker immediately asked

“Yes but her mother refused and told her to continue schooling here… I couldn’t help that.” Because she refused to listen to me, so I have concluded it that she would stay here… He explained

“But Dad she can’t stay here with us… Mina chimed in instantly”

“Why?? Am I not a member of this family?? Elisa fired back”

“Call yourself whatever you deserve, aside being a family.. Mina replied sharply”

“Everyone Should keep shut and concentrate on eating. I can’t remember inviting any of you to intervene in this discussion?” The mother yelled angrily at their disrespectful acts.

“Dad this discussion is all about me. Mina wasn’t supposed to speak. Elisa tried taking her own side”

“I have all rights to speak because my mouth belongs to me and not you…” Mina stated angrily without allowing the father to speak

“Stay quiet Mina. And you Elisa; I don’t want to hear anything from your side too. I’m listening honey.” The mother once again made them calm

“I don’t want to engage in any problem with her mother. So I have agreed for her to stay here with us.. she’s my daughter after all..” He concluded his statement

“She’s not my sister… Boiling Mina said, regardless of the warning she got from her mother.”

“I’m better off than that level of being your sister.. Elisa blasted too”

“I want you both to keep shut.. anymore word from you both would include punishment. Their father frustratedly warned”

“None of them would dare to disobey him anymore”.

“What have you decided about her staying over here? Have you thought about it? What of her school? The mother questioned him”

“I have done that.. I have decided to get admission for her in Mina’s school. That will be easy for us to do.. I’m still thinking of so many things to do concerning her. He further explained.”


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Chapter 36

Unknown pov ✍️✍️


“No doubt because I was busy thinking whether her mother purposely did that. Why else would she insist that her daughter shouldn’t come over anymore?! Mina discussed

That was her plan. So what was your dad’s comment? Is she staying? Amelia inquired
Due to how Dad couldn’t let go of the thought, that she’s part of the family. He concluded that she would be staying with us. He’s also planning on registering her in the same school as me!. Mina expressed sadly

Oh h’ll!!! I saw that coming. Your mom didn’t intervene? Amelia gulped

“What would she say?” She has always been approving anything Dad wants. She also accepted what he says. Mina shrugged

Maybe she likes Elisa very much like your Dad… What do you think?? Amelia suggested

“She obviously couldn’t go against Dad”. You know mum doesn’t have any other choice than to accept all that he announces. Mina Added

“You are not happy with her staying right?” Amelia inquired after she remained quiet for a moment.

“I thought that’s written down on my expression” I wish could do something. Dad informed the driver to take me to college, before It was so frustrating to see everything happening, I felt like r!pping her h.ead off. Mina said amidst gritted teeth

“Seriously, you know, that’s not possible to do. She would have klled you… Amelia Reminded

“Because of? ” Hold on Amelia, have you seen Elisa before? Myna asked out of the moon

“Nope, I haven’t seen her.” The last time I came to your house, she wasn’t around. Amelia shared

“Now I get it, ” If you see her once, then you will understand the pain of living in the exact building with her… Mina blabbered nonstop

“Where are we heading to? That’s not the road to where everyone is receiving tutorial ” Amelia cried out

“I never told you that we would be going for the tutorial ” Mina cut her off
“Seriously, where are we going then? Amelia implored surprisingly
“To see the prince charming ” Mina happily replied

“Prince Charming? That’s? She asked by raising her eyebrow

“Alfred, I saw him heading to the basketball court earlier in the morning,”. I’m thinking that we should go check on him… She happily elucidated

“Seems I didn’t hear the right words, you brought me here just because of Alfred?? Unbelievable Amelia clasped

” What were you expecting? To see Dean?” Mina challenged

” Don’t start now” She notified

“Now I can recall it, what’s happening between and you and Dean? She questions

“Nothing, Did he report me to you?” Amelia snapped at her
” I’m not saying that,” earlier he came to me. And I am subsidies and confided in to admit guilt for him. What did he do?
“So why are you laughing? ” is there anything worth laughing at here? Amelia questioned by frowning

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t control the urge not to laugh” your anger isn’t justified. He was just trying to prove that, he’s a good friend… Mina asserted

“So what should I do?” She polled out

“Just forsake the anger, he was unhappy while telling me,” Mina informed her

“Where is he? I haven’t been seeing him around.” She conceded

“He’s at the basketball court,” Mina reported to her
“I thought you said, Alfred was there?!” She gasped

“That was a trick, I told him to wait for us there” Mina confessed

“I always find it difficult to understand your tricky ordinance. Why did you tell such a huge lie? Amelia questioned

“Because I desire to sort things out between you both.” Dean is sad because you’re mad at him. You are also upset because of what he did. Should I let you both continue being like that? She seethed.

Amelia stopped listening to her, then she walked ahead of her to the Basketball court.

Arriving at the court, she met Dean standing there alone.

“He was looking barely happy, with his dull long face. She nervously walked closer to him. He was not even aware of her presence.

Due to the footsteps, He was able to sight her coming. She went directly to where he stood in front of him… That got him surprised

“They both looked speechless at each other”. What’s the need for nervousness?

“I’m sorry Amelia” Dean broke the silence

“It’s alright, Mina explained everything to me”. I’m sorry for acting that way. I was just upset… Amelia declared

“I understand, so have you forgiven me now? Are you still upset? Dean asked while waiting for her answer.”

“Amelia kept mute for a while with her eyes just staring at him, Almost when Dean was about to say a word.” She nodded her head, which made Dean smile sweetly.

That was such a huge relief, I’m happy now… He informed rapidly

“Seriously, were you sad?” She asked nervously

I was not just in a good mood. I felt bad for making you upset… He truthfully answered

“That has gone… Why didn’t you come to inform me yourself? You know Mina almost klled me with her talks while saying it to me… Amelia joked while Dean laughed.

“I thought you will both lose each other in your embraces!; Why are you two just talking without showing love?” They heard Mina scoffed by the door, where she was standing.

“Hearing what she said. Dean laughed lightly, while Amelia threw her a long lasted hard glare.”



“The well-built building comprises of different workers, going on errands, given to them.”

“It was such a busy day for all the workers, as they all just got a huge contract approved to their company.

It was a long-expected miracle. A smile could be seen written on all of their faces. The contract would fetch them, millions of bills.

There in the building was a large hall, that is neatly arranged. It’s filled with chairs and a big tall desk for meetings.
“It’s the private conversation room for the company’s firm workers”.
“An average 30 years old young lady walked inside the hall, with some files properly arranged in her hands. Her shoe’s sounds were creating such massive attention towards her.

“She walked forward to Mr. Stewart, then dropped the file on his desk. Before resuming back to her seat.

“He finished checking out the files within a few minutes, then he proceeded by submitting his signature on it. After which He signaled the lady once again.

Everyone Should start working immediately, there shouldn’t be any reason to delay the contract. I have read the statement. Seems My son’s presence would be needed during the meeting.

I will provide him during the next meeting, before then. I want his P.A to manage Everything that needs an urgent response… The rest should be left alone for Dean… He announced officially to everyone present there.



Can we stop here?? Tiana said to the driver.

Dean who kept his eyes closed, flickered it open when he heard what she said.

Why are you making us stop here? He asked without sparing her a glance.

I wanted to get ice cream from the mall… She responded
You could have waited till we reach the house, Don’t you have them filled in your refrigerator? Dean let out

I just can’t wait to get home. I’m feeling drenched, can you accompany me to the mall? She asked him

The only person that needs the ice cream is you, you should go get it… He stated icily

Following me would be great, I don’t want to wander around alone… Will you accompany me, please?! She begged while staring at him.

He reluctantly unhooked the belt from his body, then went out of the car without saying anything. She wouldn’t stop pestering him if he refused to follow her.

He wonders why she’s so fond of making life uneasy for other people. Why would she be discomforting his Comfort, for herself’s comfort??



On their way to the mall, Tiana tried locking hands together with Dean, while entering the mall. That was a negative gesture, since Dean already put his two hands, in his trousers pocket.

After doing that, he acted as nothing happened. She disappointedly hung her hands by her side, why is he always avoiding her? She felt

Do you want that? Should we get it? She asked him after they have been walked for a while in the mall.

I don’t take pizza in the afternoon… Dean simply rejected after glaring at the notification board, which she pointed at.

She nodded her head in agreement. They proceeded and tired Dean kept on praying for the moment to slide by.

Where will you get the ice cream from? I’m tired of walking aimlessly around… Dean complained without minding his words

Overthere… She answered by pointing at a notification board ahead of them.

Seeing that Dean just nodded his head. Thank Goodness they are there ready.

Are you not going to get something for yourself? That would boost your energy. Want ice cream too? She asked

I’m not in the mood to take anything, moreover, it was your idea to come here, not mine. You should get the ice cream while I wait here… Dean stated after instructing her on waiting outside.



She finished purchasing the ice cream, and after paying she walked out with it in her hand joyfully.

Coming over there with him, was a dream coming through for her. At least they are together.

She marched happily to where she left him, Her thought was to meet Dean standing by the door. That was where she left him anyway.

Her emotion changed when she couldn’t find him there anymore.

Where is he? Did he leave? She thought then looked to search for him, her eyes ran into something unbelievable when she saw him sitting on a sofa by a drinks store with A lady sitting down beside him.
They were both discussing randomly.


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Chapter 37

unknown pov✍️✍️

“After seeing them together, her anger knew no bound”. She marched angrily almost closer to them, when she suddenly stood on her track. Her instinct suddenly changed.

Probably having a rethink of what to actually do. She remained on the spot, with her eyes just looking disgustingly at the two of them.

Finally concluding on what something. She walked carefree to them,but directly to meet Dean..

I’m done buying the ice cream. Can we leave now? I’m very hungry. She stated randomly making them both to look at her.

I think we should talk better next time . You have my number right? Dean said and turned to the lady beside him. After watching the nuisance Tiana has to display

SERIOUSLY!? I just told you that I lost it… The lady answered

It totally skipped my mind. How is it now? Should I give you mine now? You can reach out to me with it… Dean suggested

Sadly, I didn’t bring my phone with me. I left it with my sister in the car… She shrugged nonchalantly

Why are you making it difficult huh? I don’t know what to say again… Dean tiredly said

I thought you’ve stopped acting like a big head… The lady joked then hit his shoulder

Don’t say that to me out here. I’m a company’s heir, you shouldn’t humiliate me outside… Dean boasted. While they both laughed afterwards. While Tiana wouldn’t stop being angry

Just let me call my number out for you. Since you are with your phone. You can give me a call later….. The lady finally said

Oh my!! I didn’t think of that.. Have the phone and insert your number… Dean stated happily, then he gave the phone to her.



He waved lightly at the guard by the door, as he Marched frustratedly towards his room.

He walked in with anger, then immediately locked the door after him.. Tiana just finished frustrating life out of him in the car.

Why must she always intervene in everything concerning him? It’s better that way. At least he was about to put her in her place… he didn’t regret how he acted earlier. Can she ever stop being annoying, and talking too much!?

He removed his dress, with His mind filled with different questions. He should better hurry to the Martins house. “Thanks to Tiana for exhausting out of his time” now he would get there late.

Finally settling on a blue jean trouser with a white T-shirt. He rushed up with his dressing.

Few minutes later, he was already walking out of the mansion.. he walked towards the car and wanted to zoom off. When a guard rushed to him.

YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FROM YOUR FATHER MASTER… The guard stated while Dean watching him through the car window.

WHAT IS IT? Dean asked impatiently

HE REQUESTED TO SEE YOU TONIGHT… the guard delivered



See who came late today…. Amelia said out as Dean walked into the mansion.

I’m got into a fight with Tiana as usual. She delayed me. Dean poured, when he walked to where she was standing outside the wide compound.

I can’t wait to hear every details of the news… She beamed

That would be after when I finish with Arnold. Is he in his room?



She was commanding me!!! I nearly lost it. Do you think I needed to apologise for talking to a long time friend? He asked as they both sat down in the sitting room discussing.

I don’t know. Maybe to her point of view:you were supposed to apologies.
“According to my point of view, she doesn’t deserve an apology” Amelia answered truthfully

I would have been happy; Seriously HAPPY you know? Dean suddenly stated

What will make you happy? Is it about her? Amelia asked curiously

I would have been happy, if she can reason like you. At least I wouldn’t have to be answering every question she asked…. Dean finally said

People sees things in different point of view. That’s her own point of view. The one I told you, is my point of view. Amelia described.

After what she said, Dean didn’t answer. He kept on staring Strangely at her. Probably considering so thought on his head.

Why are you staring at me? Have I said something wrong? Amelia questioned

Not at all… I’m just thinking about what Mina said earlier.. Dean answered

That is..? She furrowed her brows

You are not upset with me anymore right? Dean asked out of the blue. Referring to their recent misunderstanding.

Of course yes! If I am upset with you. Would I be discussing with you? Amelia shrugged

Maybe it, maybe not… So in according to what Mina said. Why didn’t we hug? Or should I say; Why didn’t you give me a hug then?

Excuse me!! I should what..? Confused Amelia asked

I meant like…. we just resolved our fight as friends, we should celebrate it with something casual… Something that could make one smile.. Dean explained further

So you think hugging is among those things? Of course now. We could talk more, play games, and many other things… Amelia stated

Do you think that’s enough? Dean asked

Of course it Should be!!.. Amelia answered

Alright… Like you said earlier, that’s your own point of view. According to me and Mina’s point of view. We supposed to embrace each other… Dear stated by using her word against her.

Why are you also using my word against me?? That isn’t what I meant.. Amelia defen

I was just giving a description.. you told me that remember? Just let it slide… How about if I ask you for a warm embrace? Dean asked politely

Why? Why will you ask for such a thing? Amelia stuttered while blinking her eyes rapidly

You are pressuring yourself Amelia.. it’s just a normal embrace. It doesn’t harm you know? Dean shrugged nonchalantly

I never mentioned that it does either. I just want to know your reasons for all this introduction…. She reprimanded

Because I need it…. I feel lonely and slightly mad, I’m sure it’s because of Tiana. I know an embrace from someone would help in calming me down . Dean shared his reason

So why can’t you wait till you get home? Why should it be me? She snapped

Go$h Amelia!! Because you have positive vibes in you. I want to start thinking positive too. Just give me a warm embrace, then I would be fine … Dean begged

I… I can’t do that. It’s too much… I can’t do it… Amelia stuttered

SERIOUSLY!? It’s nothing… I will just feel your warmth, you will also share in mine….. Dean answered like it’s that easy.

I don’t need your warmth to be alright… She sharply replied

But I need yours to be alright. That’s what I need presently.. Should I come for it? Dean asked wanting to leave his seat.

Stay where you are…. I’m giving it a thought… Amelia stopped him

Oh my!! What’s there to think of? Common Amelia. Stop being childish. I’m coming to meet you… Dean refused and went to sit beside her.

So now!! Will you hug me? He asked immediately when he sat down. But her look wasn’t just scary, it makes him scared.

Sorry I meant… Will you embrace me? Dean corrected and waited for her approval.

She was mute for a minute, but finally nodded her head… Happy Dean stood up from the couch beside her.

He wanted to raise her up from the couch when she stopped him, by nodding her head. She stood up herself, facing him and likewise avoiding his gaze .

Dean who couldn’t wait to get calm by her embrace, places his hand on her waist carefree. She looked tensed immediately when his hand came in contact with her nothing but tiny waist.

Dean went forward by making her to face him. Amelia just obeyed his gesture like he was actually controlling her.

She faced him properly and couldn’t stop being nervous, when all Dean was doing is staring at her.

She was about to speak when he lovingly covered the space between them, and in the next moment. Amelia’s head was already placed on his broad chest.

Dean shut his eyes to fully enjoy her warmth, there’s this strange joy he was feeling immediately their body came in contact with one another.

Amelia wanted to enjoy his warmth too”even though it isn’t much”. But she couldn’t do that, as she was still surprised about everything happening.

Her heart skipped beats when Dean tightened his arms more around her waist… Her eyes wouldn’t stop blinking.

Without showing her sign, or probably alerting her. He whispered softly into her ear that was beneath his mouth: I LIKE YOUR EMBRACE AMELIA. that was all he said.

Upon hearing what be said, Amelia still wouldn’t stop assuming herself hearing the wrong wor. What did he just say to her?

Can you please me by wrapping your hands around me? It will help in increasing the warmth… Dean suddenly demanded

It was difficult doing that. But she did it anyways. She dragged her hand up to his back. And even though the hand wouldn’t stop shivering. She was still able to make it stay perfectly on his back.

Arnold stoop by the stairs and watched the drama that was unfolding itself right in his presence. His guess was definitely right.



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Chapter 38

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

“Mr Martin’s closed his eyes lightly as he sipped out of his hot coffee, in accordance to how he wanted it to calm his nerve down.” He has just gotten back from work after such a long hectic day. Taking night coffee after work has always been in his schedule.

Even though other people prefer to start the day by taking fresh coffee, ahead of the work that will be awaiting them during the day.

The saying just doesn’t work on him, as he would always prefer night coffee. Although he takes it when he wants in daylight. He just can’t go to bed at night with having fresh hot coffee.

A knock interrupted him, as he withdrew his eyes from the movie he was watching. Then he looked at the CCTV footage that was placed on the wall in his room.

“You can come in!!” He stated afterwards. Then he resumed his eyes back to the T.V and didn’t bother looking away from it until the footsteps was closer to him.

“Did you just get back from work? I sent a guard to you.” He said to him while dropping the jug on the table.

“Good evening Dad… He firstly greeted before proceeding into answering the question, that he was been asked.”
” I saw him. That’s why I hurried here” He stated

“Come and have a sit” He offered without saying anything about his excuse.

Dean obeyed him by sitting on the couch that was in front of his father. He looked around the room and saw the father sipping coffee.

He sure must have had a stressful day… Dean thought while he waited for him to speak. Sometimes their relationship is just so complicated.

They talk casually only when it’s necessary. Although it’s not as if they Don’t interact like father and son. It’s just rare to see them both chit chatting, as the father would have to work.

“I just got a contract from a company” we’ve been looking unto God concerning the contract. Thankfully we’ve been awarded with it… He started speaking

“Your P.A has been the one taking care of things in your absence. Have you met her aside when she came to know you then? Ever tried hearing from her since ?” He asked while Dean just shook his head in declination. The thought has never crossed his mind.

“Anyways the company requested to get in touch with you”. I would have preferred handling the meeting up all by myself. But that wouldn’t be enough to convince them of our abilities. And since your name has been added to the company’s higher management. There’s no choice than to just provide you…. The father explained afterwards

“I don’t mind attending the meeting Dad. I just don’t want it to disturb my work and studies” Dean Finally said

“It wouldn’t disturb your study.” I would schedule the day for them, how about putting it in this weekend? You would be free? The father asked

“Probably Dad… It has always been a free day for me.” Dean nodded his head in acceptance

“I would make arrangements concerning everything, you just get yourself prepared for it” the father concluded. After the discussion Dean set to return back to his room. While going he heard his father saying behind him.

“It will be an honour too, if you could come along with a lady beside you. I’m not making it compulsory”. Just that I have seen alot of companies heir being accompanied to different meeting, with a young lady beside them. I understand if you don’t have a relationship yet.

You can also do better by picking a girl. I would suggest you take Tiana with you, but you have the right to decide who you want to come along with. Just provide a girl…. The father said while Dean just watched him confusingly.




Dean rolled aimlessly on the bed as the recent discussion with his father kept on coming to his mind.

“He should provide a lady with him..!” Who would that be? He wouldn’t want to go with Tiana. She has always wanted to be the girl for me. He just doesn’t want her. Taking her with him will give her aimlessly faith.

How he wished Flora was here. He would have gladly take her with him. Who should he take with him? His mind wandered around feebly.

“Maybe he would sort that out during the day.” For now he just wants to think of his previous moment with Amelia.
“He remembered holding her waist tightly and smiled”. She has such a tiny waist. He was surprised because he has never noticed that about her.

“And her warmth? It exceeded how he imagined it to.” He just felt like not letting go of it. Amelia is just a friend that everyone needs to keep. She’s always positive and calm.

“What if he tries giving her a message now?” Telling her thanks for making his day wouldn’t hurt right? He thought and quickly got up from bed.

“He grabbed his phone and quickly texted her”… He placed the phone by his side and waited for a message to pop in. He hopes that she sees the message and reply him tonight. That will obviously make his night.




“You’ve Always been my best friend. The one I run to whenever I have something to say.” You know I don’t visit without something to say diary?.

I was wondering if we could discuss as usual tonight also. Just thinking diary. What would it feels like when you can actually speak? Would you tell people about what I have told you. Will you answer all my questions? Would you become my best ever friend?.

As usual today, i actually have something to tell you. I hugged Dean earlier today. He said that he needed my warmth to be fine since Tiana wouldn’t stop pestering life out of him. I just failed to understand Tiana.

Tiana just doesn’t know how to read body language. All Dean wanted was a free lifestyle of his own. She frustrated him today. And I had to give him a hug. The punishment for her misbehavior came to me directly.

Even though I feel hugging Dean was totally a wrong idea. But I wouldn’t lie! I don’t mind hugging him next time. His chest was so broad that I felt like spending the night in them. And when I reluctantly let go to avoid awkward moment. I felt like to continue holding on to him.

That was just a ¢razy thought, but it wouldn’t just stop processing itself on my head. What if he ask of it next time? Gosh!! What the hell am I thinking? He wouldn’t ask me next time. He’s an heir after all, he would easily get that from many ladies.

Even my two cousins are crazy about him, they would happily embrace him. Dean is such a nice guy, I’m just Amazed by how he’s been tolerating Tiana. A snap from him would make her mend her ways.

We should close the chapter of our discussion today diary, I feel tomorrow will be a long day. I’m off to bed.


She wrote her words carefully in the diary before keeping it under her pillow. Maybe playing night music to fall asleep wouldn’t be a bad thing to do. With that thought she got her phone beside her. Surprisingly Her eyes caught the sight of a text message as she was unlocking the phone.

“HEY AMELIA, THANKS FOR MAKING MY DAY BLOSSOM” she read in her mind. The hell!! She just got a message from Dean.



Mina hurriedly packed her school tools as she was already late for lecture. She threw her backpack on the car seat. And was surprised to meet Elisa sitting in the car.

What are you doing here? She asked coldly. Elisa heard but decided to keep mute. She just concentrated on her phone.
“I’m sure you heard me Right?” Why are you in my car?? Mina angrily questioned

“My father’s car, not your own kind of car” Elisa said for the first time.

“It is such a happy day, so i would let that slide”. I’m heading to school now, what are you doing in the car? Mina asked. But Elisa still didn’t plan on answering.

Thankfully the driver answered by telling Mina, Elisa’s purpose of following. After hearing that she rolled her eyes annoyingly before going to the front seat. She would never share a seat with that Illegitimate child!.



Dean and Amelia sat down quietly besides each other, at the Basketball court. He just saw her arranging the boy’s quarter. He brought her here just to talk things out with her.

Why were you arranging those things? He asked the same question that he has asking her. As he expected she kept mute. She has always been that way since they got there.

I want to know what happened. Was that a pvnishment? Why are you arranging them? He curiously asked hoping she would answer

It was a pvnishment that I got from coming late to school. I do that everyday… She finally answered.

“But why would you be given such a huge pvnishment? That isn’t a work for you to do!” He afterwards stated after hearing what she said.

It’s nothing… I’m sure I would be spared very soon. Tell me why did you come there? Amelia shrugged while changing the topic. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

I was just checking out things. Running into you just caught me unaware… He truthfully explained

I never knew you arrived early to school. Is today the first time? Amelia pointed out

It’s not my usual self coming late, but I don’t get to school early either. I guess I was just curious to see someone.. Dean stated with a smile

Someone? Who could that be?? Amelia inquired

A special friend of mine. She gave me warm embrace yesterday… Dean softly answered. After hearing that Amelia’s heart skipped beat.

What friend? She asked to clarify her doubt. It’s possible that he embraced someone after her right?
“You!! Amelia Martins”


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Chapter 39

✍️✍️unknown pov ✍️✍️

“YOU, AMELIA MARTINS!” Dean repeated feebly. His reply created an Awkward moment as she just had to watch him in awe.

Hummmm… Amelia mumbled and that made Dean laugh. Is that all she has to say? He wondered

Tell me, Did you see my text message last night? I sent you one… Dean asked to quench the awkward moment.

Yeah… I did… I saw it. Amelia stammered while nodding her head in confirmation

If you did, why didn’t you reply? I thought you didn’t see it. Dean pinpointed. She was Quiet for a while, probably fighting what to say in acknowledgment.

Do you feel it’s proper to message someone at night? I don’t like late-night Text messages… Amelia clasped all of a sudden. She doesn’t like how he’s making her think about him suddenly.

Really!? So why didn’t you tell me that? Dean asked subsequently, surprised by her action.

Because you never asked me… She replied sharply, with anxiety written all over her face.

Seriously… Why are you being all uncomfortable suddenly? Is it because of what I said?. Common that was just a joke. Fine, I came early because I woke up early. How about that? Dean clarified but she didn’t even bother looking into what he said.

“She continued ruffling her hair, in anticipation with her eyes trying to avoid Dean’s gaze”

So for how long now have you been arranging the boy’s Quarter? Dean queried

It’s been a while… She answered back softly

“So have you tried admitting guilt for your release? You ain’t even arrested after all. He sarcastically said

Have you apologized for pardon?” He interviewed

I don’t want to do that… That would make him feel supreme. I’m not ready to give him such power… Amelia stated nonchalantly

SERIOUSLY!!! Dean scoffed then laughed afterward

Does that mean you enjoyed cleaning? Why else would you refuse to apologize? He said sarcastically

Sorry isn’t enough to accomplish it. He needed something from me, well I don’t have it talkless of giving him. Amelia nagged

So what is that thing? Is it money or what? Dean stupidly reckoned

Why would anyone ask a fellow student for money? It isn’t money… Amelia glared at him then she shook her head

So what is it? I want to know what it is… Dean continued insisting

Must I tell you? Can’t we just forget about it? Tired Amelia asked

I’m so eager to know about it, I can’t take my mind off it. So we shouldn’t forget about it… Dean likewise stated his mind

Let’s do it this way then. I won’t tell you about it today. But I will later. She said to him waiting for a positive reply.

It’s fine by me. Just ensure that you are alright. Do you know I care about you? He said lovingly to her.

Seconds has passed while She watched him in surprise. Why has all his behavior seemed strange to her often? He’s so unusual of himself.

So who am I that you care about me? Amelia asked. She didn’t want to ask him that. But She felt the need to at least get an answer that will clear her doubt.

What should I say now?? Let’s do it this way then… Dean proffered then turned around to face her.

How about if you guess? I would just tell you the right guess you give to me… Dean suggested trying to give rise in some funny scenes

Seriously… Can’t you just say it to me without me guessing? I don’t know how to guess things. Amelia declined

“Maybe you should learn now then. Guess what you are to me, else we shouldn’t discuss it” He shrugged nonchalantly, then he continued staring at Amelia that ruffled her hair then bit her inner edge in difficulty
“Your friend or a girl you enjoy troubling” She forced herself to say those words.

“So now you think I enjoy troubling you?” Dean scoffed

Obviously. Why else would you be here discussing with me? Because you wanted to tease me… She babbled. Dean just watched her action in surprise.

“Let me get something clear then. I don’t enjoy troubling you. If you will permit me, I’d just say that I enjoy your company always. Sometimes when I stay around you it eases me of some stress” Dean asserted the truth.

I don’t know how we started talking and finally became this close. But I have found the type of friendship I would want in you. You are a close friend of mine that I do care about… Dean eventually concluded with his eyes roaming around Amelia’s face.

He wanted her to speak, he needed her to at least alter something, why isn’t she saying anything? Dean thought as he watched Amelia staring at the ground.

So!!! Do you understand who you are to me now? Should I explain further? Dean inquired. He’s getting fed up with the silence

I’m okay with your previous explanation… Thanks, Dean… Amelia eventually managed to say. Dean just smiled sheepishly at her.



So she took your car with her? Amelia questioned Mina as they both sat down in the classroom discussing.

Is that not what I just finished explaining to you? Mina snapped in frustration

I wonder why I didn’t get to meet her today. Amelia claimed
Where were you anyway? I also did not find you at the youth’s Quarter. Mina questioned.

I was with Dean. We both went to the basketball court together… She answered

“Are you for real!?” Why are you two hanging around during school hours? Is there something that I have been missing? Mina ranted

Dean caught me cleaning the boy’s Quarter earlier. He took me there so we could talk… Amelia replied,

Oh my!!! He saw you!? What did you say to him? Mina questioned

I just told him the truth… What else would I say?? Amelia snapped

So he knows what’s between you and Brad? Did you mention Brad’s Name to him?

I wonder why you like questioning a lot. I didn’t tell him what’s between us, and also I didn’t mention Brad’s name to him. She replied icily

“So!! What exactly did you tell him? He didn’t even know what caused the pvnishment” She questioned. Well, that made Amelia hit her head in frustration.

Well, I told him that I was given the pvnishment for a while now. He further asked about what led to the pvnishment but I couldn’t explain that to him.

I only told him what happened briefly but kept what’s between me and Brad aside. Any other questions asked won’t be answered. Amelia stated coldly after her explanation.

It’s good with how you handled everything. At least you amend something without me helping for the first time. So where’s Dean? Did you leave him there? Mina asked

We were coming together but Tiana had to interrupt. So I just left them together… Amelia answered

She wouldn’t learn easily… Mina irritatedly mumbled

Have you taught her any lesson before? Maybe She isn’t any type of small kid that adheres to rules. Amelia quipped



Standing a few meters away from her. He looked sweetly at her. Awkwardly admiring her from a distance. He closed the novel he was checking out, then he rested his elbow on the desk.

“She’s so cute!!” He thought before proceeding into bringing out his phone. He looked at her chuckling image which he took secretly then smiled.

How can he make her HIS??



Dean walked alone towards the car park. He just realized that he has a message for the driver. Because of how Tiana Always gets a chance to stay beside him in the front seat when he drives. He has planned it well by allowing the driver to carry out the duty of bringing them to school.

“While getting closer to the park he roamed his eyes around in search for the car when he jerked into a lady”
“I’m sorry, I’m very sorry.” Dean immediately apologized while he helped the lady to stand up to her toes properly. They bumped into each other. It was his fault so he had to help the lady out.

After assisting and getting a pleasant surprise gesture from her.
He was about to walk away when she called his attention back. He resumed back to where he stood earlier, then he waited for her to speak.

“I don’t know if you can help me with something mister.” I’m Elisa Godfrey. I came here earlier with my sister but had to return home to get something that I forgot. She started explaining

I can’t seem to reach out to my sister and it’s needed for me to check out the school premises as I would be getting a Referral here soon. Do you mind if you show me around? I will appreciate it if you can mister… The lady requested


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Chapter 40

Unknown pov✍️✍️

“Is that your girlfriend? She was asking about your whereabout right?” Elisa asked Dean promptly when he dropped the phone call that he was making.

“Was our discussion like lovers?” Dean sharply inquired. He hates it when people intervene anyhow in his matter, not to talk of a lady that they just met.

“Scarcely… It was just a guess though;” She responded sweetly while he just nodded his head. What he did that for wasn’t clear to her. Was it the answer to her Question? Or the reply to her explanation? She thought but didn’t say anything further. He wasn’t ready to talk about it.

“They continued walking around the school premises,” He has shown her many buildings and amazing things located in the school compound. He didn’t hesitate to show her all the places Dean got to know since he started studying there.

“Why is the school so quiet? It wasn’t like this where I came from?” Elisa raised an alarm after they’ve strolled past some buildings.

“I don’t know what to say. Are you saying that there should be noise?” Dean sarcastically asked

“That isn’t what I meant.” It’s normal for a school to be quiet… She confessed

what are you talking about? You just complained about the quietness now” Dean let out to her.

” I just want to experience the same vibe as the one I attained in my previous school,” it wasn’t this quiet over there; I feel maybe the population over here isn’t much… She bragged endlessly.

Dean watched her in confusion, while she was talking and couldn’t find anything to describe her. Is she here for the crowd, or to study?? He imagined while looking at her jaws that wouldn’t stop gibbering.

“This is a school premise. It’s meant for studying and learning. If everyone is making noise, who would listen to what the teachers have to share? Who would understand the purpose of inventing a school?” Dean explained while leaving her with a question to answer.

“Dean, seems you are not getting what I am saying?” She called out his name. Well, he told her his name ahead when she asked for it.

I meant like everywhere should be fun!! She expressed

“There are fun hours. But I don’t think anyone would come here because of that. It’s a place of studying, so everyone should study. There’s a goal to achieve”. Dean further clarified. While she just watched him talking in silence.

“I get it now. Maybe my previous mindset wasn’t right. Thanks for explaining how things work to me. That’s so kind of you, I appreciate your intelligence”. She praised him, and all he could do was just nodding his head.

They continued going, as the gentle young man that he is. He kept his hands in his trousers pocket.

Elisa kept on roaming her eyes around, she was so eager to know everything. They’ve gotten to the basketball court, she was exclaimed about how beautiful and wide it is.

“Wow!! The view is such a mind-blowing one.. She let out while marching forward ahead of Dean”. He watched her hurrying towards the court then let out a breath.

He’s tired of walking around, he’s sure would have missed like two to three lectures. He hopes that the driver has gone to deliver his Dad’s message.

“When do they normally come here to play? Are you a player?” She asked him.
“Twice in a week, I’m not a player.” He replied in short sentences.

“I’m a player where I came from. I enjoy playing it but not in school.” She started talking, now Dean Is standing beside her.

“Where else would you play if not at school? That’s where it’s being played”. Dean asked

“I do my playing and learning at home. But I have never dreamt of going outside.” She replied
“Why didn’t you play it outside? Are you shy or what’s wrong?”. Dean asked confusingly

“It was a $illy excuse but I will say it. She firstly mentioned

” The master, that gives the training to them happens to be my crush. Whenever I tried going to join them in training.

The thought of losing and making me a loser in his presence Always svcks my bIood.” She explained with her eyes staring at a distance.

Dean stopped himself from laughing out loud, but his inner self wouldn’t just listen to him. He suddenly broke down in uncontrollable laughter.

She watched him laugh childishly, then wondered what was funny in what she said.

“Is there something funny? I was just telling you what happened.” She irritatedly muttered after watching him laughing ¢razily at her.

“Pardon me for laughing at what you said. I find it funny that’s why. Why would you keep your passion indoors because you don’t want someone to witness your failure?.” Dean asked

“I couldn’t help it. He was my crush, making fun of myself in his presence wouldn’t be a better way to make him have interest in me.” She muttered, but he heard her.

“Why do you care about his interest in the first place? Why are you making that a hindrance to your passion?” He inquired of

“It wasn’t an easy situation for me… I just did that to avoid creating a scene.” She shrugged nonchalantly

“That made you careless about what you enjoyed doing. Truthfully you might have failed then in his presence.

But he would have helped you to overcome the failure.” “Hiding just wasn’t the best thing to do”. He might even start having an interest in you after that. Dean continued explaining even with the fact that they just met.

Dean is the type that loves talking and enlightening other people. He tends to make people stronger than he would to himself. This is why he could explain things to her like a long-time friend.

“Thanks once again, I would get myself engaged in the training over here then.” She assured and her reply made him smile. At least he was able to put her through.

After allowing her to admire and talk about the basketball court for a while, Dean decided on rounding up everything. The little he was about to show her would help right?

“I think you’ve known many places around the school premises already.

I have missed three lectures already, and I’m having another lecture in thirty minutes to come.” You should try calling your sister now. She should be able to help with the remaining places we haven’t been to.

I should return to class now… Dean rushed his words as they both walked side by side out of the court.

“Yes, I will ask my sister about the remaining places. I can as well get to know about it when I get admitted here.” She responded with a sweet smile.

Her beauty is overwhelming just like every other Ladies beauty would. Each time he saw her smiling, her cheek’s dimple would always remind him of Amelia’s deep chin dimple.
“When are you resuming? And what grade are you?” Dean asked friendly.



“So what were you two talking about? Did you show your secret place too?” Amelia Teased Dean as they both faced each other in the class. Carol has happily exchanged her seat with the young heir. Now Amelia and Dean shared the same seat.

“It has been such a fire-burning decision for Tiana since she couldn’t tolerate the sight of Dean and Amelia together.

Now that they’ve both decided to share the same seat. She would always find something to interrupt their conversation anytime she has the chance to.”

“Mina also would never stop acting as their bodyguard, she always makes herself available to wrestle Tiana if needed, whenever she tries disturbing Dean together with Amelia’s peace. ”

I didn’t show her our secret place, but I took her to the basketball court. Dean replied as well teasing Amelia also.

“She nervously looked at before turning to face her front.” He has started making her feel nervous as usual.



“It hurts! It hurts!! It hurts!!! It hurts seeing the one you love and care about being snatched away by another guy. The sight Always looks terrible and saddening.”

“His heart aches as he watched her laughing and smiling at him.
“He wished: she would look lovingly at him someday.”
“He wished: she would admire him from afar like he always does to her.”

“What would it feel like to have her ranting into his hearing alone all day long.”

“What a heart pleasure sight it would be to have her stare at him every moment.”




“Mina irritatedly kept herself busy with her phone on the way back home.” Being in the same car with Elisa is making her wanting to suffocate herself.

“She can’t imagine her coming in the same car with her to school henceforth.”

“Why didn’t Dad just send her to a faraway place? Why did he agree to let her stay with them? Keeping her from her would have made the rest of her life freely interesting.” She thought over and over again.

“She was still busy with her thought when she heard Elisa communicating on phone with someone.” She wasn’t interested in whatever she was talking about, nothing good will come out of her skull anyways.

“She annoying rolled her eyes, getting irritatedly by her voice alone when she suddenly heard her mentioning Dean’s name.”

“Her ear stretches closer to Elisa by itself, just to listen to what Elisa was saying.”

“I didn’t snap with him. But I love his personality, he talked about a lot of things to me. Even the ones I never thought could be solved.” Elisa explained to whoever was on the line.

“Yeah. He took me to many places in the school. Although everywhere was annoying quiet, he was able to solve that too. “He’s amazing”. She continued talking. During the moment Mina was busy listening to the discussion.

“Just Dean, I did ask for his surname. Why would I ask him anyway? We just met. Although I can’t stop thinking of how friendly he was to me, he looks wealthy and outspoken. It’s better off walking around with him than asking some fools here for it.” She ranted non-stop, purposely mentioned to upset Mina.

“She would suffocate me. She suddenly yelled

” Though I am not pleased with our grades. Yeah, we didn’t get to be in the same class.” She continued ranting.

“The h’ll!!, I’m not crushing on him ” I’m just telling you everything that took place earlier…. Elisa concentrated on her call, sometimes Mina would look annoyingly at her through the rear mirror.




Amelia Dried her hair with a towel as she walked out of the bathroom with another towel tied around her chest.

“She walked towards her dressing mirror, then she took a sit infront of it”. She finished drying with the towel then she proceeded into using the dryer.

“She had to do the drying by herself even though it was so difficult for her hand to reach part of her hair.” Once again the soberness of being the only girl h it hard at her.

“With the little parts her hand could reach, she stopped drying, and further packed her hair into ponytail.

Afterwards she put on her pyjamas”. In the next minute she was already lieing down on her bed.

“Roaming her mind on what to do. She wasn’t feeling sleepy. She would have prefer talking to the diary but she has nothing to discuss about.”

She thought of a nasty thing. What if she tried doing it? Would it make her night fun? Would it be a bad thing to do?

Curiosity to find out what will happen made her to start thinking of carrying it out. She grabbed her phone from where she was charging it, and immediately started typing.

“HEY HEIR, HOW ARE YOU DOING?” She sent the message after blinking her eyes rapidly.

What will he say after getting the message? She imagined as she kept on waiting for a message to be sent in.

“DID YOU SEND A MESSAGE TO ME AMELIA, OR IT WAS MY IMAGINATION?” Dean after seeing her message unbelievably replied her.


“IT WAS JUST A QUESTION. YOU TOLD ME YOU’VE NEVER LIKED LATE NIGHT MESSAGE”. Dean simply replied. Damon who was discussing with him earlier watched him as he concentrated on his phone. The only thing he could notice from him was a sheepish smile.



They both kept on interacting with each other through messaging. It was a great night to both of them as they got the chance to talk about other things.

“Who was that?.” Damon Questioned after Dean dropped his phone.

” Amelia, what’s wrong?” Dean asked while eyeing him

“I knew it!!!. Who else would make you blush f©olishly by this hour?” Damon pointed out.

“Anyone can. Even your girlfriend isn’t left out.” Dean replied by shrugging his shoulder nonchalantly


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Chapter 41

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

“Dean yawned lazily as he walked out of the restroom.” To his surprise, he met Damon also awake, though he was sleeping before he walked out of the room!?

“Come closer and stop staring at me like I am a ghost… Damon suddenly said to him”.How did he know that he was there?
“He rubbed his eyes with his palm then walked closer to him. Sitting down beside him then he peeped at what he was doing on the phone.”

“You are chatting with her by this time, are you not supposed to be sleeping?” Dean complained

“You were chatting with her last night, even when you were supposed to be reading. You always read at night right?” Damon fired back

“At least I didn’t chat with her when I was supposed to be sleeping”. Dean fired back

“But you did when you were supposed to study. Even though she isn’t even your girlfriend. The one I am chatting with here is my girlfriend. I have the right to stay with her all night long.” Damon Answered

“You said all that? Just to prove you are right?” Dean asked while covering himself with the duvet.

To make it worst Damon heard but didn’t reply. Bored Dean roamed his eyes around the room. What should he keep himself busy with? He just wasn’t feeling sleepy.

“What are you two talking about? How can a lady be awake during midnight?”. He interrogated after keeping mute for a while.

“About our first date. Seems she’s in the mood to talk about romantic stuff tonight.” Damon answered the first question while he ignored the aecond question with a faint smile

“Can’t believe you just told me that, isn’t there something else to do? That you had to talk about that during the night? I thought you saw her before coming here last night?” Dean almost yelled

“So? We shouldn’t talk again because I saw her?” Damon snapped then returned his attention to the phone.” His face became frowned at the next minute as he started complaining

She angrily left because I couldn’t reply earlier” You saw that? He stated with a frown
“Clearly. I saw it clearly. Now I can finally discuss what’s bothering me with you.” Dean rejoiced while smuggling himself with the duvet. “It’s such a cold night”.

He hissed annoyingly then dropped the phone on the bed. Laying his back on the bed also, “he just wants to keep mute”.

“What discussion are you talking about?”.


**** THE NEXT DAY***

“Standing by the door for some time now, with his eyes just watching her as she arranged the place.” He Quietly walked behind her, he got closer to the window and started dusting it also, without saying anything to her.

“She barely noticed someone else’s presence in the room aside from her”. Since her concentration was obviously placed on what sbe was doing.
“being aware was nothing closer to her sensitivity, until the mixture and saint that was in the air seems different from the recent one that she has been breathing.”

” Someone is in here.” She thought and turned to check it out. To her surprise, she saw him by a side of the room dusting the window.

Dean… She surprisingly called out his name after a gasp escaped her mouth. He heard his name then swiftly turned to her with a smile.

Worried, and freaky_ scared Amelia walked fast-forwarding to where he was standing. She gripped his wrist and tried leading the way out of the quarter with him.

“He remained on the spot while she tried to make him leave. Finally realizing that he’s been using his strength to stop him from stepping out of the spot.” She tiredly let go of his wrist, then took her two hands to her waist. Staring awkwardly at him, while he was busy smiling. Her reaction presently was so funny to him, well he didn’t expect something less than this.

“You know what will happen if Monitor sees you here? Do you want to land in trouble?” She fearfully Questioned

“Who’s the monitor? And why would I land in trouble for coming here? Can’t I come here too? It’s boy’s Quarter for crying out loud. You are the one that will land in trouble for coming here.” Dean filled the ground with his talk.

“I’m here because it’s a punishment. You haven’t come here to relax, why were you dusting the window?” She further questioned

“Because I want to help you. My friend is being punished by someone, so I am here to help her.” Dean replied politely

“So have you thought of what your punishment would be if they see you helping me? You shouldn’t do this. The punishment is mine, go to class from here.” Amelia continued nagging

“So are you coming after me?” Dean asked afterwards

“Excuse me!? I haven’t finished arranging, I still need to arrange those things”. She nagged while pointing at the scattered places

“Meaning I am not also going to leave now, I will be here cleaning also.” Dean shrugged nonchalantly

“Gosh!!! What if he comes? He would seriously pvnish you, and I won’t want that. Please Just leave I will join you in class.” Amelia begged nervously

“Why should I leave? You should come along with me to class. I will be bored without you there,” Dean confessed his mind
“Go$h!! You are so childish, Mina would keep your company, Tiana won’t mind staying with you too.” Amelia suggested
“Tiana is never an option for me. I don’t want her to keep my company” Dean refused what she said

“At least Mina would be, just go and I will hurry with these things, the lecture will soon commence.”

“Let’s do it this way, I will arrange things here with you today. And that will be all, I will try my best not to come tomorrow.” He suggested while she looked Confusingly at him.

“So what if he comes? I don’t want to implicate you.” Amelia sadly said

“I don’t see that as an implication, that’s a way to keep myself busy too. If he gives me the pvnishment of arranging here also, then we will both be here arranging things. That will be so fun!!” Dean happily clarified

“Seriously!! You want to get punished because of chit-chatting with me?” Surprised Amelia asked

“What’s wrong? Moreover it isn’t punishment. It doesn’t seems like to me. Me and you alone in this place, imagine that. Can’t you see that it would be fun? I would tease you freely. Also, I have something to discuss with you.” Dean finally remembered

“What’s that? Did another drama happen between you and Tiana?” She asked narrowing her eyes
“Not that… Let’s finish this, I will say everything to you during lunch.” Dean promised while putting his lips into thin line.

“Fine then! I would go continue arranging, but stop cleaning with your handkerchief. You could have asked for the rage meant for cleaning.” Amelia advised

“I didn’t want you to know that I am here, so I was cleaning it secretly. I can always get another one.” Dean replied while he continued scrubbing the window with the handkerchief.



“Are you getting your snacks before going to meet him? ” Mina asked Amelia as they both walked towards the old hall
“Do you think that I should get it? Let me just go and see him, he should be there waiting for me already.” She replied while she swayed her hair behind her back

“Did he tell you what he wants to talk about? I’m having a strange feeling.” Mina asked
“Seriously Mina, will I go to him if I know what he wants to talk about? I just hope he didn’t use that as an escape route” Amelia pointed out

“Escape route!? What do you mean?” Mina asked cluelessly

“You know when he came to the boy’s Quarter and I told him to leave. That was when he mentioned having something to tell me. Who knows? He might be joking.” Amelia concluded

“I still don’t understand what’s going on between you two, why are you guys getting closer every day? It’s strange to me. Well, I have been happy seeing how you’ve been helping to banish Tiana.” Mina shared

“We are not close, just being harmless friends, moreover you advised me to help him. So??” Amelia asked while furrowing her brows.

Can you ask if he meets any lady yesterday? Like showing her around. I want to confirm something. Mina suddenly stated

“He did… I could remember him discussing walking around the school premises with a lady yesterday. What’s wrong?

“So it was Dean Elisa was talking about. I should have known.” Mina mumbled
“What’s that?” Amelia asked
“While returning home yesterday, Elisa was on a call with someone. I told you she came with me to school?” Mina asked while Amelia returned her answer by nodding her head.

“I overheard her telling the person about meeting a guy, who showed her around. Blabbing nonsense from every corner of her mouth.” Mina explained

“I’m sure she was the one that Dean told me about yesterday. Did she mention his name?”

“Why else would I be interested in eavesdropping on her call if not that?” Mina snapped
“Don’t be harsh… Moreover, what’s wrong if he shows her around? Are you mad because of that?”

“I have just been curious to confirm. Also, I don’t want Dean to associate with her. I will talk to Dean about her.”

“What are you going to tell him? That he should not talk to her anymore?” Amelia questioned

“I still don’t know what I will say to him. But I will come up with something.” Mina replied tiredly



“See who has been here waiting for my arrival.. Amelia teasingly announced as she marched into the building”.
“I was thinking you wouldn’t come. Where have you been?” Tired Dean beamed immediately when he sighted her.

“So it’s the matter of questioning. I have been with Mina. Do you have any problem with that?” Amelia asked while taking the space on the sofa beside him.

“Why would I? And why didn’t Mina come over here with you?” Dean asked her
“Because I thought you have something to discuss with me. I can call Mina over if her presence wouldn’t disturb the conversation.” Amelia joked

“I’m not demanding for that. Although her presence wouldn’t prevent me from telling you.” Dean stated

“I’m all hearing, ” what do you want to talk about? Amelia asked while caressing her hair

“The way you asked made me feel scared of telling you. How about you make a promise not to give me a negative answer? That will help” Dean nervously requested

“I don’t know what you want to talk about. So I can’t make any promise on it. I can only assure to give truthful answer..” Amelia answered then she took her gaze away from his direction

“Sounds better. At least you won’t refuse it right?” Dean asked for confirmation
“Maybe, maybe not. I will decide after listening to it.” Amelia shrugged nonchalantly

“It is just a simple but huge request. But I will explain it in a way you will understand me better. My Dad is organizing a meeting with a company this weekend. Sorry if telling you this makes you feel uncomfortable.” Dean said

“As the Heir to the company, I must attend the meeting,” I have agreed to attend but Dad advised that it would be nice for me to attend it with someone by my side…. He explained further

“Although he suggested Tiana for me, I don’t want to go with her.” He stated and that made Amelia to return her gaze back to his direction.

“I have thought of what do severely, that now I feel I need to inform you about this.”

“I am humbly requesting if you won’t mind attending the meeting with me?. I WANT YOU TO BE THE LADY AT MY SIDE..”


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Chapter 42

Unknown pov✍️✍️

Amelia’s eyelids shook rapidly after she heard him saying that. She didn’t know what to say as she just stared absent-mindedly at him before she took her eyes to the ground.

“He solemnly waited for her to speak,” but she refused to utter a word. That got him stressed up. Did he say something that bother her? He thought while looking at her”
“Amelia, why are you not saying anything? Is there something wrong?” He carefully asked, not minding if what he was saying is the right word to say at the moment.

“Nothing… I’m fine.” Amelia nervously answered. After her reply, an awkward moment stepped in as they both were just staring into space. Different thought filled their heads.

” During when she was roaming her eyes around the hall without any intention to quench the awkwardness in the room. Amidst the silence, nervous Amelia thought carefully about what he told her.

“Follow him to meeting”? A lady by his side? Why her of all people? Her mind roamed nervously around with questions seeking explanations.

“Worried Dean watched her keenly, having different doubt in his mind.” Did what he said upset her? Was telling her the wrong decision?

“H’ll!! This was all Damon’s fault.” Why did he listen to him? Why did he discuss the matter with him? He’s always putting him into difficulty and leaving him to bear the consequences alone. What should he do? He thought in wishes undone.

“Why are you not heeding to your Dad? He wants Tiana to go with you” Amelia asked after the quiet moment has passed.
His lips shuddered by themselves as what to say escaped his feelings. What should he tell her?

Even he doesn’t know why he wants her to accompany him. He felt discussing what he believed with Damon would bring fortune for him. Now he regrets the gut that made him Inform her. What should he say?

“I_i don’t want her to accompany me.” He mumbled what came to his mind
“So are you neglecting your Dad’s idea? He wants you to take her with you.”Amelia Questioned with her eyes stalking him every of his reaction

“I’m not neglecting his idea, he precisely suggested it. Later on, he spoke of it that the choice is in my hand. All he wants me to do is get someone with me. Which is why I have come to you.” Dean rushed his explanation

“So why do you want me to go with you?” Amelia asked the unusual question. It was unusual because even she didn’t recognize it before asking.
“B_because you’ve always been the only lady I feel better when I am around.

After Flora, I see you always as my closest female friend. When I first thought of it, I didn’t know whether my decision was right. So I spoke with Damon, then he told me my decision was right. He expressed himself with a truthful explanation.

” Tiana is a discomfort in the neck, I don’t know if she would create a problem for me.”. He continued speaking. ” I don’t think I can cope with her accompanying me” He stated while staring at her. The mood he is presently was just so unreasonable. Unreasonable because He couldn’t differentiate whether he was nervous, or scared of her rejecting him.

“I’m ready to go with you to the party… We are friends after all and friends are meant to help one another” Amelia accepted after a while of being silent.

“You always say that”. Dean reprimanded with a quick smile. He’s just so happy
“Because I believe in it. I owe you a promise of helping you to get rid of Tiana’s problem remember?. So, I will be doing this mainly because of that”She further clarified her thought

“You can’t know how happy you’ve just made me Amelia. I was worried when you didn’t say anything at first.” Dean announced without trying to hide his happiness. Why would he do that in the first place?

“I was quiet because I needed to think properly.” Even still I don’t know how to confuse my parents into allowing me to go out with you. But I think Arnold Should be able to help, but you have my word already.” Amelia shared her worries
“Is that everything you have to tell me?” Dean asked after she finished speaking. Somehow the mentioning of her parent’s permission made him slightly sad. What if they don’t allow her?
“Yeah… That was what I wanted to say. ” Amelia uttered silently



“She smiled uncontrollably to herself as she walked towards the car park. She can’t wait to share this with Mina. Hope Mina hasn’t left? Surprisingly, Her eyes laid on Dean who was waving at her from a distance before entering the car.”

“Strangely her stomach formed with some unexpected noise.. what’s that for? She thought as she waved back at him even though his car was already making its way out of the school.” Hope he sees her through the car window. She thought then she continued going.

With joy in his heart, he watched her closely as she was going to the park. He would have run to her if he wasn’t planning on heading home. Even still, he didn’t hesitate to wave his hand slightly at her while ignoring Tiana’s deadly glare. He entered fully into the car then he peeped through the window.

It’s saddening that he couldn’t even get to talk a little with her. After then he took his eyes away from the window since the car had already driven out of the school and she was already out of his sight.

His eyes which ran into Tiana would have got burnt if she was anything related to fire. Her cold mind grew suddenly jealous and felt the need to get out of the car then beat Amelia to stupor. How dare she try to become closer to Dean than her? What on Earth is the reason why Dean Always directs his attention to her if he has a lady that he loves?

“Thank Goodness that she ran into His P.A today who came to submit some urgent work to the father. How would she have known if she didn’t eavesdrop on them? She wouldn’t have found out that Dean will be going to a meeting with a lady beside him?”

In addition with her knowing her name was the first chosen name for him. She’s sure he wouldn’t ever disobey his father. Now let’s watch how Amelia would stop her from getting Dean. She will be the one to accompany him to the meeting and stand out smart beside him. Everyone including Amelia would be jealous of her. She would be the talk of everyone in the country.

“Headline would talk about them and they will hear the news in Germany. How fortunate she will be then!?”All those thoughts ran through her mind as she concentrated her eyes on Dean.

He wasn’t even bothered with her eyes on him. He continued operating his phone ignoring her gaze. After a while, he felt her throwing her gaze elsewhere. What’s her problem?

Jeez!! Amelia shouted after unexpectedly running into Mina who was sitting down quietly in the car that was meant to drive Amelia back home. All she wanted to do was enter and head back home from there.

As she wasn’t able to finish her discussion with Dean earlier. It, unfortunately, happened that they were not able to reach the class before the closing time.

Which is why she thought Mina would have gone home. She hoped to call and just inform her of everything after getting her phone from the car.
“Now that you are here. What did you and Dean discuss?”

Amelia finished parking her hair, there she walked happily to where she placed her diary on her bed. Her mood tonight was so brightening that she felt her discussion with the diary might take up the whole twilight.


Highly season greetings to your diary. You must have been wondering why I came to discuss this so early with you tonight. I woke up early today because of my pvnishment.

“Happily, Dad talked about getting another driver for us. When he does that then there won’t be any reason for me to be late to school.”

“My day today was superb. I could say that it was my best day of pvnishment.” I was working all by myself in the quarter when I smelt someone’s presence.

“To my surprise diary’ who my eyes came in contact with when I turned happened to be Dean.” I met him Dusting the window.

“Not expecting to see him and the fear of Brad walking in at the moment made me want to get him out instantly. He refused and at the end, we did the cleaning together.”

It feels good when someone cares about your state, aside Mina Dean is the one friend that shows his caring towards me. Our ways of becoming friends happened so quickly.
“First he came as a lesson teacher to my brother, later as my classmate. And now we’ve become such a great pair of friends. ”

“I will be going with Dean to a meeting in his Dad’s company. I don’t know why he chooses me as the lady by his side. He could have chosen anyone right? ”

“When I asked him, he said he felt better around me aside from the lady that he’s Inlove with. I wonder how lucky she would have been if she’s alive. She would have enjoyed the specialty in Dean. He’s a sweet friend, I’m sure he would be a sweet lover also.”

“I’m just bothered about how to go about getting permission from Mom and Dad. Do you think they will allow me?”. I have assured Dean that I would accompany him. Now I am worried about how to inform my parents.

“Maybe I should talk to Arnold tomorrow. He might have something helpful to say. I’m just as confused as excited I am presently.”

“What would Tiana’s impression be like when she sees me beside Dean??”


Dean’s cheeks formed a spread hole on his face as he smiled non-stop on to himself alone. He just finished discussing what took place in school with Damon through a phone call.

Then walked up to the window.
He was entirely abusing Damon for giving him such a huge idea when God did his miracle. He felt his head swelling up each time he recollected everything.

“Now he would willingly attend the meeting.” It feels great working with Amelia today. At least he had little fun, and also derived pleasure from cleaning. That was the first time cleaning dirt since he was born. Apart from his parents’ wealth, he’s also their only child. Maybe that’s why they took their time in pampering him.

“The only reason he didn’t become spoilt brat was because of the teachings his mother taught him. He doesn’t care about the Influential lifestyle, according to his mother”. “WEALTH ISN’T EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING ISN’T WEALTH.” The words Always ring behind his mind whenever he thinks of considering their position and flaunt as every rich youth would.

“Doing work feels good, he did not only get to break the record of cleaning for the first time. He also fulfilled one of his promises to himself that he would always render help to anyone who needs it.” Amelia sure needs his help.

All his mind was filled up with different thought as he misses his mother. His eyes stared around the admirable city, while he leaned his head forward by the window to have a clear view of everything.

Checking out the city from here seems Beautiful at night. He thought while letting out a breath into the air.


Is Dean in the room? Tiana asked the guard by the stairs as she was walking up to Dean’s room. He immediately responded while she wiggled her body joyfully to where his room was located in the house.

Her heart danced more happily than usual as she took the last glance at her beautiful pajamas that shows all shapes she was given by her creator. “She wants him to be impressed by her appearance.”

” She was about knocking when her hand halted, making it hanged in the air. Having another thought about how to present the matter to him before entering the room.

“Getting him upset with her is that last thing that she wants. Her wish may not be granted if that happened.” Maybe she was doubting what has been granted. “Father already suggested me to him.” She assured herself and finally knock on the door.

“Are you enjoying the beautiful look of the city?” Tiana asked as she walked behind Dean, who was walking away from the window side where he was standing before she came.
“The sight was beautiful. That was why I stayed there to enjoy it.” He answered not sounding rude or calm.

“I do that also in my room once in while. I must say that the city is very beautiful.” She included with her lips pouted afterward.

Dean did not say anything further as he finally got to the bedside, but unexpected to Tiana he took his phone from the bed instead of sitting on it.

“Where are you going to Dean?” Tiana curiously asked after noticing he was walking out of the room. Dean was mute for few seconds before finally speaking.

“I’m going out to get fresh air, it’s been a while I last visits the garden.” He replied truthfully with his hand holding on to the doorknob firmly. With his ear waiting for her to just tell him to go.

“But_but I am here to gist with you.” Tiana sadly stated while making a sad face.

“Tiana! It’s the late time of the day. We could talk better during the day.” He responded while he watched her ruffled her face together.

“Can I accompany you to the garden? We can still discuss over there. You needed fresh air, right? I also want that.” She requested while she moved closer to him, without informing her. Dean twisted the doorknob, followed by the door being pushed slightly opened after he pulled the door closer.

“Actually, I feel like going there alone. Maybe we could visit there together next time. As for today, I would prefer going there and having some private moment alone.” Dean further answered with a smile.

It’s funny how he wouldn’t stop smiling after or without realizing the bitterness his smile was causing her. Only if he knows the sadness in her body.

“It’s getting late now. You should go to bed, Goodnight.” Dean stated after watching her for two minutes with her not saying anything apart from her lips that were shaking on it’s own.

Immediately when he left she stormed her bvtt angrily down on the bed. HE JUST RUINED HER PLAN!!


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Chapter 43


✍️Chapter Title✍️: HIS CARE TOWARDS HER 🥰


“Dean childishly whistled with his mouth as he continued trailing behind Amelia.” She wasn’t planning on talking to him anytime soon. He also wasn’t planning on leaving her to her thoughts. “He would do anything to make her say a word to him.”

“Don’t you know someone would think I did something terrible to you when they see your face this way?” Dean Teased her, but his word fell on the wrong side of hers. She didn’t respond to him and somewhat, increased her steps.

“Are you planning on keeping mute throughout the day? What’s need to be done for you to speak?” He questioned sadly. Suddenly becoming inconvenient with the silence that she was offering to him. “He doesn’t like it.”

“What exactly is making you upset?” Was it because I came to help? Dean further asked after not being able to keep up with the silent treatment she was offering to him.

“If you give it another thought on your head, you will realize what mistake you have made,” Amelia stated her first word since they left the quarter. She hasn’t been saying anything to him, all she does was angrily concentrate on her steps. His curiosity to hear her speak forced those words out of her mouth.

“I have suggested everything I know. Telling me my mistake won’t hurt you in any way.” Dean further said as he also increased his step in other to meet up with her, her way of walking looked like someone who’s jumping.

“I told you not to come to the quarter.” She reminded with furrowed brows while crossing to the other side of the entrance.

“I couldn’t stay alone in the classroom. I Came to meet you.” Dean replied back and also crossed along with her
“You promised to stop coming after yesterday.” She fired back instantly

“I promised, but my mind wouldn’t just let me fulfill my promise. Somehow I found myself coming over,” Dean confessed to the realization of his mistake
“You should have reminded yourself of the promise” Amelia furthermore insisted

“I tried my best. But don’t you like how I helped you? Was my presence not helpful?” Dean tiredly asked waiting curiously for the next word that would come out of her mouth.

“I told you that I caught the sight of Brad!.” Her voice utter those words solemnly
“I told you it was just your thought. He would have questioned my presence if he was there.” Dean assured. After then, Amelia suddenly stopped walking and rather turned to face Dean who was coming behind her.

“Why are you being Adamant? Your hand hasn’t started hurting?”She asked with little concern in her voice. All she wants is just for him not to land in trouble because of her.
“Why should it hurt? I didn’t burn it.” He sarcastically replied while she rolled her eyes furiously

“Have you cleaned before?” Came her weird question. Such a weird question because anyone would have gotten the privilege to take care of one thing or the other.

Why ask him such a weird question? She thought to herself before he would reply.
“I did cleaning with you yesterday, likewise today also. So I have cleaned before.” That was Dean answering with a smile.

She rubbed her forehead in frustration before directing her eyes to the school buildings that are been built one after another. It’s such a giant building. She thought to herself

“Your thinking is undoubtedly becoming silly like Mina. She firstly stated then further said

“Have you cleaned anything before yesterday?” She irritatedly asked while he chuckled in return. Her face presently looks like an angry little angel.

“I don’t have anywhere to clean. Which is why I haven’t cleaned anything before until yesterday. It was my first time cleaning something.” Dean answered truthfully and that made her surprised, although not surprised, he’s from such an Influential family after all.

Why would anyone expect him to clean something? There are many maids and servants to do that. Even she barely clean things during the stages of her life. Thanks to Brad now, she finally got a lifestyle of cleaning and arranging like a worker.

“She blinked her eyes rapidly as reality started getting into her. The first cleaning he did was because of her?” She thought before continuing walking.

She doesn’t want to think about it. It will be so daft of her to think she’s special to him because he did that. After all, He has always called her his friend anyway, sure he did that because of it. Amelia finally concluded on that thought.

“Why are you so scared of him?” She heard him asking behind her. Him!? She thought before looking back at him for a better explanation while she decreased her way of walking. Who was he talking about?

“You seem terrified by the monitor a lot. Why are you so scared of him? Is he dangerous? What’s he requesting that you couldn’t give?” He laid down all of the questions he hasn’t been able to keep off his mind.
“Strangely he couldn’t keep up with watching her cleaning just like a maid in a school where she came to learn. He could still remember very well the day she had told him about h!tting her toe while arranging.

How long will she continue doing this? What’s up with her and the monitor? And the fact that she wouldn’t allow him to help make him feel helpless. He just wants to find out what’s occurring?”

“I am not scared of him. Just know of that, maybe you should pardon me because the remaining of the question can’t be answered.” She answered sharply letting out a light yawn. He watched her as she tried hiding her face after saying all that. WHAT IS SHE HIDING? He thought as he couldn’t stop himself from getting worried about her.

Where’s Dean?? Mina questioned while she took the space left on the sofa beside her.and gazing at the book in her hand.
“I have never accepted the job of looking after him.”Amelia snapped then flipped the novel to the next page.

“But you’ve accepted the job of not getting tired of discussing with him” Mina sarcastically replied

“What’s with you coming around? As you can see… I am reading.” Amelia irritatedly complained
“My eyesight hasn’t been interrupted by dizziness. I have been watching you sitting alone for these minutes. Where’s Dean?” Mina further questioned

“You seem to care so much for him. It’s advised that you shouldn’t have too much obsession with him. “He’s Inlove with someone.” Amelia lectured without taking her eyes off the novel. This made Mina wonder if she was reading the novel truthfully or it was her way of getting out of any question she would want to ask her.

Mina roamed her eyes around the library only to see some of the students walking out already. It’s time for SCHOOL STAGE PRESENTATION. She thought while returning her eyes to Amelia

“Who’s that? Is it you?” Mina teased while she enjoyed the tension that spread upon her face.

“Your thought lack some manners.” Amelia angrily said. She hates it when Mina trys to tease words out of her mouth.
“Without any doubt… Your head needs to be smacked.” Are you acting cold because of the result? Why are you not believing in yourself? Mina questioned after observing the reason for her present state properly

Amelia after this closed the book that she was reading, walking slowly away from Mina then she came back to sit after returning the book she was reading back to the shelf.

“I tried… I’m just curious about everything that I don’t even know what to do. Do you think I will make it to the top three? She undoubtedly asked Mina who was also wondering if she would on her head.

“I can’t say.. BELIEVE YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL. your doubt won’t change anything. When is the result going to be dropped?” Mina asked after her words
“First thing tomorrow morning. I wonder if I would be able to sleep well..” Amelia responded which made Mina to chuckled uncontrollably

“Were you planning on sleeping before? How have you been preparing for the meeting? Chosen outfit yet or I should help with it?” Mina asked shifting the discussion away. She wants her to stop thinking about the result.

“It’s been one week since the test has been taken, anyone who made it to the top three would be given chance to have themselves pardoned from any pvnishment they are been given.

There are other things attached to making it to the TOP THREE. But what Amelia cares about is the first Condition. What would it feel like getting herself out of the mess Brad had put her into?”

“Why talk about this now?” I don’t have any plan yet because I haven’t been able to speak with my parents. I doubt if they will allow me to go. Amelia replied with a hint of doubt in her voice

“So what are you going to do? Break Dean’s heart after telling him that you will? So he can then beg Tiana whom he doesn’t want to accompany him?” Mina asked before resting her elbow on the table

“I’m not saying I wouldn’t follow. I just need courage on speaking with my parents. I’m thinking of speaking with Arnold about this?” She suggested tiredly
“Maybe it would help… I have a suggestion for that if it will help.” Mina stated while narrowing her eyes at her reaction

“What’s that?” Curious Amelia asked
“I feel you should talk to Mrs Lee, she should be able to handle that.” She stated what she thinks
“Do you think that will help? What if she refused?” She asked helplessly

“Maybe having positive thoughts won’t hurt your organ, she knows about Dean being Arnold’s lesson teacher?” She asked while Amelia nodded her head in confirmation.

“That makes it better… It wouldn’t be hard seeking her permission. You told me she’s been with you since you were still a baby. You can talk to her about it. I don’t think it’s compulsory to inform your parents.” Mina further explained

“I think you are making sense. Mrs Lee wouldn’t complain and telling her isn’t that hard. I will discuss with her when I get home.” Amelia accepted while a smile crawled out of her lips

“Now that I have solved two of your problem. Will you tell me about Dean’s whereabouts now?” Mina asked in return
“He’s at the old hall.”


Dean sat down alone in the old hall. Going through the notes which he brought with him to the hall. He got hold of his pen then penned down something in the jotter before he continued reading.

“Someone isn’t concerned about the result while Amelia wouldn’t stop pestering the weather to bring tomorrow faster..” Mina stated behind him while clearing her throat while she received a warning look from Amelia.

“I have been sulking myself up with different thoughts but, seeing you make me start believing in grace” Amelia also added as they both stepped forward in his presence.

“How do you both walk? I wasn’t even aware of your presence.” Dean questioned while focusing his eyes mainly on Amelia. She looks good in her new style of packing her hair. Earlier when he saw her it was parked in a ponytail.

Now that she left it to rest on her shoulder made him wonder why she has been packing it in a ponytail when this new style made her look extremely cute. Was this Mina’s doing? He thought before taking his eyes away from her to look at Mina.

“We hardly walk. I prefer flying during daylight.” Mina joked with some hints of seriousness in her voice
“Amelia also knows how to fly?” Dean asked while trying to blend himself into her childish excuse

“I’m still planning on training her. I make it my job to always allow her to hold on to my wing while flying.” Mina answered while avoiding her eyes coming in contact with Amelia’s.

“I must say that she has been learning so fast. How she was able to walk faster than me this morning was surprising to me. Now I realize the source of her power. ” Dean added while they both laugh afterward.

“Why are you not concerned about the result? Amelia has been thinking non-stop over it.” Mina started saying after the laugh has been extinguished into the thin air.

“I don’t see anything special in it. All the offers given none of them were able to entice me. And Amelia.” He paused while raising his eyes to look at her, and her also waiting for him to speak.

“Why are you working yourself up because of it? Don’t you have enough belief about what you can do?” He asked while she took her gaze away from him.

“She doesn’t know what to say”
“She’s still giving it a thought whether to murder the master in charge of the result… Should I get an arrow for you? You will easily get yourself into where the result is after firing him.” Mina teased followed by laughter from her and Dean except for Amelia who threw a deadly glare at them “Mina to be precise”
Come sit over here.. Dean offered her after Mina hurriedly left them. She suddenly receive some sort of message on her phone which she made her excuse herself to go have whatever it is.

Amelia stared at his eyes that were following every of her step before she sat down beside him, while he also shifted to face her. Her eyes blinked uninformed as she couldn’t tolerate how he was looking at her.

Did Mina apply something strange to her body before leaving? She thought while she watched him dropping the book he was reading in the space beside him.

“I can see how tensed you are about the result.” He said while resting his hands on his knees stretching his neck forward.

“Which is why I am thinking there might something special the result would have done to you if you make it to the TOP THREE.” Dean further said only to hear her clearing her throat. He thought she was about to say something but rather, she adjusted her position on the sofa.

“I feel something is bothering you, which the result might help to get right, and maybe sharing it with me. Why are you being too secretive? Don’t you see me as your friend enough the way I am seeing you?” Dean filled the ground up with his talks.

“What should I say? I already told you that nothing is wrong. Has Tiana fed you with something?” Amelia asked then heard him chuckling
“Things like what?” Dean asked raising his head at her while also maintaining close eye contact with her.

“I don’t know. Maybe what can make you a detective like her.” She managed to say while taking her eyes which has been reciprocating with his stare to the ground.

Dean chuckled softly while the thought of the meeting ran through his mind. It’s just two days remaining

“I don’t mean to intrude, but my curiosity wouldn’t just let me be. How has your preparation for the meeting been? Any positive response to that from your parents?” He asked then noticed how her eyes nearly left their socket after hearing that. She looked worried or sort.

“I haven’t been able to speak with my parents, but Mina already gave me an idea which I think would help.” She replied while focusing her eyes on the window that as been going back and fro.

She has been sparing it some glance for awhile, something in her mind told her It would break down if it continues. She felt the need to lock it, if she didn’t do that air would blow it open uninformed. And without giving it further doubt, she excused herself to go when she realized him holding on to her right arm.

She looked behind her to know what was going on but what happened next caught her off guard as Dean already made her to sit back making her feel somewhat nervous. She furrowed her eyes at him for explanation about what just happened when he released a slight smile.

“Seeing how worried and helpless you’ve been because of me made me feel responsible for whatever reason that is keeping you busy with different thoughts. ” Dean started speaking with his hand still holding on to her arm while she relaxed her back properly on the sofa speechless.

“I’m thinking that you should relax. I believe everything would be fine. You said Mina gave you an idea of what to do right?” He asked while she nodded her head in confirmation
“Try that first and let’s hope it works.

Now will you relax your brain? I feel it might burst if this thinking doesn’t get pended for now.” Dean joked while she laughed. Smile crept on his lips after watching her laughed and knowing he has just been able to at least get things better.

After minutes has passed with them just staring at each other’s eyes, she sees him as someone who knows a way to help her get over her worries. Not knowing or better say not imagining what suddenly came on her. She shifted closer to him and rested her head on his broad chest without giving him an idea.

He looked entirely shocked about what she just did but he instantly understood what she must have been going through.


“Everything would fall into the right places right?” She sluggishly asked him while she kept her eyes closed on his chest, then kept her left hand on his knees. With Dean still holding on to her right hand which he released afterwards before patting her back.

Not minding the present condition that they are he assured “Everything will fall into places”. After hearing this Amelia adjusted her head on his chest while he also wrapped his hands a bit tight on her back.


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“Yes! We did it..” The two siblings spoken together in satisfaction while making their way up the stairs.

“Don’t you think that I deserve a gift? I just assisted you” Arnold requested while looking at Amelia who was walking ahead of him

“Are you doing this just to receive the gift? I thought you are helprting because you are my brother?” Amelia questioned while she stopped on the staircase with her hand on the rail.

“I am not doing this because of the gift, but because of Dean.” Arnold corrected
“Dean!? Did he call to seek your help?” Confused Amelia asked

He didn’t… You told me yourself that he requested you to go with him. I don’t think it will be nicee for you to break his heart by not coming. Arnold lied not wanting to reveal the truth to Amelia
“You are right… Mina’s idea sure did work for me this time around. Do you think they tampered with her brain? She never brings helpful recommendations you know?” Amelia gibbered while Arnold chuckled before nodding his head in agreement.

“Do you think Dean’s Dad will be pleased with me going with him? He had suggested someone for him.” I’m simply as curious as bee would be. She talked her fear out to him

“But Dean didn’t want her to go with him. Which was why he picked you instead. I feel he would be pleased with Dean’s choice after seeing you.” The two siblings continued discussing

Hurriedly picked up her backpack then sparing herself a glance for the last time in the mirror. She made her way hastily down the stairs. “Must she always gets late to school” The reason why hasn’t gotten punishment from the monitor yet is still a surprise to her.

“Mom; Mom I’m leaving.” She called out when she reached downstairs. And without waiting for her to reply, she took the lead to the door where she made her way out of the house.”
“Let’s go now fed__” Her voice trailed off when she met Elisa standing by the car. With how she met her, it was obvious about her discussing something with the driver.

She walked past her without saying anything to her and tried entering when she heard her saying.

“You won’t be using this card today; I have someone to visit and this is the car I feel like going out with.” She heard her gibbering but to give peace it’s region, she decided not to speak and just let it slide.

Opening the car door without uttering a word with her just trying to have a sit. She felt her being dragged out of the car with her backpack. Her eyes blinked in rage and anger, before turning to glare at the girl who dared to even touch her belongings.

“Stop glaring at me senior witch, say something, and let’s get out of this place,” Elisa said to her. “What do you want?” She asked in anger with her eyes staring at the ground.
“Senior witch seems not to be hearing what people are saying properly now. I said I will be the one going out with this car.” Elisa repeated with a hint of mockery in her voice
“Because?” Mina asked before pulling her lips into thin line.

“It’s my father’s car, and I also have the right to take it with me .” She huffed loudly afterward

“We have like how many cars in this compound?” Mina asked quietly before snapping her head towards her side.
“Such a stupid question,” Elisa murmured under her breath before answering.

All cars here belong to my father as well as me… She replied while crossing her hands on her chest
Mina smirked then nodded her head, if not for her mother that begged for peace to reign; She would have put her in the right place where she belong. The sort of patience she’s been using is tampering with her brain and felt like it’s almost giving her bruises all over her body.

“I think you’ve been spending a lot of time with people who never think of using their brains. This car belongs to me, Dad got it for me on my birthday and you knew it. So tell me if not for your brain that isn’t functioning well.

What made you think you have the right to even touch my car window?.” Mina asked within gritted teeth. She’s losing her patience, the glance which she took at her wristwatch earlier made her body start burning. She’s late for school and this witch wouldn’t stop creating problems for her every day.

“Take a look at my dressing and this car.” Elisa started while swaying her body for her to see. My dressing looks so good on me, and after thinking it through, I realize that this car would be the one to take to my boyfriend’s party. So I am taking your car. She ranted endlessly while Mina rolled her eyes in frustration.

IS SHE DA.FT? Mina cvrsed under her breath
“People tend to care about the future, somehow curious to witness how bright their future would be. Around somewhere in the world, there lies some people who don’t care about whatever life turned them into in the nearest future.

They blabbed, they talked, and only think of partying. Have you noticed how daft those people are? Can you see the differences between them? ” Mina talked sarcastically hitting Elisa with her words in every part of her body. She waited for her to speak, after noticing how her eyes were burning in anger she continued saying:
“Not everyone has the opportunity to think, I know that and you also do. But don’t you think it will be nice to borrow thinking opportunities from people who knows how to think? Not because they feel they need it, but because their thinking wouldn’t matter to anyone if they refused to get the opportunity.” Mina furthermore demonstrate
“I hope you get yourself brains from people who have. You are not my sister, and I never see you as one.

But nevertheless, it’s not bebad thing for me to advise my neighbor not to talk of an Illegitimate child who stays with my parents.” Elisa’s body caught fire and started burning as she listened to each and every one of the rubbish which Mina was telling.

As if her words weren’t enough, She moved closer to her while tapping her hand across her face, looks like she has lost herself because of how she jolted out of thought while looking surprisingly at her. When did she get so close to her?

“Learn to guide your thinking and things you choose to do in your life. This is school hours, instead of you to think of attending one or getting yourself a book to read, you want to attend an early morning party.

What are you doing with your life?” Mina asked while inhaling the cold air
“It’s none of your concern because you are not my parents.” She huffed loudly before leaning on the car
“Maybe it’s my concern since the car you decided to go with belongs to me. Don’t you think I have every right to question you?” Mina started

“A pity was given for you to stay here. Don’t do things like the owner of the house. The only reason why you will be spared today is because of mom, I may not be able to tolerate your nuisance next time.”

“Her heart skipped while looking forward to the in awaiting for the sight of Mina. She leaned her head forward once again before finally relaxing her back on the sofa.”
“She furrowed her brows in confusion when she saw Dean and Mina coming towards her with their faces covered in a blank expression.” They both didn’t look like someone who’s happy.

Didn’t she make it to the TOP THREE? Why are they both looking sad? She thought eagerly while standing up from the sofa to finally come forward.

“How was it? I didn’t make it right?” She questioned Mina while tapping her shoulder for an answer.

“Your name didn’t come up on the list. I think you didn’t make it.” Mina replied silently while raising her eyes to look at her reaction.

Amelia let go of her shoulder and went back to sit, holding on to the pain which she felt and almost breaking down. She would have broken down if not for Dean and other students that were present in the environment.

“Are you sad? You will be fine right?” Dean asked nervously while taking a seat beside her. She raised her head from her palm before nodding her head at him.

“Dean came first on the list.” Mina shared while Amelia turned to face him after hearing that. ‘ Congratulations Dean, I’m happy for you. She says with a barely showing smile.

Dean after hearing this smiled then say; Congratulations to you too. I’m also happy for you. He responded while she snapped her head towards him once again. Is he making jest of her now?

“Is there something to congratulate me for? I didn’t make it to the TOP THREE. Are you congratulating me for my failure?” She asked sadly with her eyes curiously waiting for an answer. She’s more than sad now, her thought was to share the news about finally being given chance to go with Dean to the party, she had only decided to keep it a secret from them till after seeing the result.

Now that she knows what the result says, she wonders if she would ever be able to smile at the meeting even if she did go. Her last hope for freedom just gets ruined within the twinkle of an eye.

She had given herself so much hope, and now that she couldn’t get help from the source where her hope lay, she wondered if she would be able to save herself from Brad.

“It’s a congratulation for your success also because you made it to the TOP THREE,” Dean said to her. She looked unbelievably at him before looking up at Mina who was also smiling.

“You didn’t get below three Amelia, it was a plan between me and Dean to tease you before telling the truth,” Mina added while waiting for Amelia to speak. She kept quiet for a few seconds before blinking her eyes repeatedly and unbelievably.

She first cleared her throat before saying”I made it? I am among the top three?” She asked in a shaky voice while Dean nodded his head.

“Dean came first, Alfred came second and our Amelia came third. Alfred was able to surpass you with just nine marks, you could have been the next person after Dean.” Mina explained to see a beautiful smile forming on her face.
“Yes!!!!” She suddenly yelled then stood up from the chair, she pulled Mina in her embrace.

“I MADE IT!!”She continued saying then released herself fromMina, then darted back to Dean who was strutting. She happily wrapped her hand around his neck which got Mina and also some students who were passing surprised. They had no idea what they were discussing but seeing Amelia hugging the YOUNG HEIR raised talks among them.

“I told you that you will make it right?” Dean whispered to her ear which was close to his mouth while wrapping his arms around her small waist too.

Amelia after hearing this smiled slightly before pulling away from him, she stood upright like she had done nothing. She didn’t do anything wrong but seeing Mina foolishly smiling at her made her feel nervous for having to hug Him.

“So I have something to share,” Amelia announced while they both turned their faces towards her. After they’ve rejoiced about Dean and Amelia’s results succession. They all decided to have ice cream for themselves. It was Mina’s suggestion but everyone adhere to it.

While taking a sit together at the old hall with Amelia sitting in their midst. She believed it was the right time to inform them about her discussion with Mrs. Lee.
“Have they allowed you to go along with Dean to the party?” Mina suddenly chimed while Amelia ruffled her hair in frustration.

She just ruined her surprise with her watery mouth… Amelia thought angrily before rolling her eyes
“Is she right? Can you go with me to the party now?” Dean who heard what Mina said asked for confirmation.

“Yes, I have been permitted by her to go. I would have loved to make it a surprise but My untreated parrot talked ahead of me.” Amelia answered while throwing words at glare at Mina.

Dean hearing this smiled, while the two friends continued throwing each other angry stares.
“I’m coming to sleepover at your house today;”


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Chapter 45


“What’s the need to keep all this clothes if you don’t have any good enough for the meeting?” Mina complained as she checked out Amelia’s wardrobe for the meeting’s wear.

“I have told it like forty times now that you should check the next wardrobe out, Does your ear also pain at night?” Irritated Amelia answered her from behind

“You must have said it in spirit. You never told me to check anything.” Mina complained while opening the wardrobe. Her mouth gasped after seeing the beautiful dresses that are being kept in it.

She started checking them out while she unknowingly said; Oh my!! There are many beautiful dresses in here. She said out loud while Amelia chuckled
“Don’t you think my hair need trimming? It’s almost touching my waist.” Amelia complained ignoring what Mina was saying and checking herself out in the mirror.

For a second Mina turned to look at her before taking her eyes away. “You can get the tips or maybe Everything straightened. I believe it will look good that way.” She replied while checking out the gown which she had in her hand. Amelia nodded her head after hearing this and continued ruffling the hair.

“Don’t you think this is nice?” Mina stated while going closer to Amelia where she stood.
Amelia turned her face to her then rubbed her forehead afterwards in distaste.

The dress Mina has chosen looks so out of taste to her. “Don’t you think Tiana would be the first person to laugh if I go out with Dean in this dress? ”

She stated sarcastically while walking towards the wardrobe herself leaving her hair flying behind her as she has removed the ribbon that was holding it.

“Isn’t there something else good to water here than that dress in your hand?” She complained while searching for the dress herself.

“I’m not your maid that you can scold. Me helping doesn’t make me one.” Mina responded angrily while throwing her butt on the bed with the rejected dress thrown at the space beside her.

Amelia chuckled on hearing that. “It was your choice to sleepover at my place. You wouldn’t have wanted to return back home to that snake like sister of yours.” Amelia blurted back while Mina rolled her eyes in irritation.

“Can you help me? I need to get those dresses down here.” Amelia requested while staring at the clothes that are hang up in the wardrobe.

Mina murmured tiredly before going to her side. Collecting the clothes that were given to her by Amelia and placing them on the bed she complained. “Why do you have so much clothes?.
On hearing this Amelia smiled. Have you forgotten so soon that I am the only daughter?

She asked while placing some dresses on Mina’s arm, who looked upset with that.
“So what has that got to do with my question!? Anyways forget about it. Do you have any dress on your mind? Since the one I got didn’t sweet your taste.” She asked then crossed her hands beneath her chest ignoring Amelia who was trying to hand over some clothes to her.

Amelia would have asked the maids to help her get her things ready for the meeting. But what would she do when Mina decided to take responsibility on to herself.

Amelia didn’t reply instantly but rather took her time to check the clothes out before finally pulling one out of the wardrobe then throwing it on Mina who looked so tired of everything.

A gasp escaped her mouth after roaming her eyes around the dress that she threw at her. It’s a mixed cream coloured flay gown which has flowers decorated around it.

It’s off shoulder and looked excellently classy. Placing it straight on the bed before realizing how long it is. The dress would definitely be rolling after Amelia while she rock in it.

“What do you think about your choice and my choice?” Amelia asked with a smirk. Mina hearing this closed her eyes in annoyance before saying; The dress is beautiful, but I can’t talk about the one who would wear it.” Those were the sharp words that came out of her mouth. It didn’t hi t Amelia on the right spot as she already known Mina not to ever admit to her mistakes.

“Why didn’t I come across this when I was checking out the clothes?” Mina asked after considering where Amelia might have gone before bringing out the dress.
She chuckled lightly before saying; “The patience I used in searching for it wasn’t enough for you as you were too engrossed in blabbering than concentrating on what you were searching for.” Hearing what Amelia has to say Mina threw a hard hit at Amelia side. It hurts so much that she had to leave the bed to avoid receiving another h it.

“Come sit here.” Mina commanded while pointing at the chair that was placed infront of the dressing mirror while she took hold of the hair stretcher.

Amelia didn’t obey immediately but rather asked. What are you doing? You want to hit me with that? Mina threw her a hard glare before saying. “Are you not the one that complained about getting your hair trimmed?” Come here mouse and let me do that for you.” Mina answered hastily while rolling her eyes in frustration.

“Amelia seeing how her tease was getting into her smiled before going to sit on the chair.

Mina took her hand to get some hair oil before applying it on her hair. She combed it thoroughly without saying any word to Amelia.

Amelia seeing how Mina was concentrating on her hair rather than interacting with her asked; What’s wrong with this mood of yours? Are you upset now? Having hearing what Amelia said she continued her work on the hair before finally saying: Don’t you think my action is getting too much when it comes to confronting Elisa? She asked before applying another option of oil to the hair before she started combing it downwards.

“Giving what she asked a thought Amelia asked; Is that what is bothering you? Mina nodded her head before saying. Applying the hair oil reminded me of a day I got into a fight with because she touched my oil.

I wouldn’t have talked if she had seeked my permission before entering my room than her touching my things. I’m just wondering if I would have treated her in such way if she was to be my immediate sister. Mina explained with her eyes focused on Amelia’s hair.

“So, are you feeling bad for that?” Amelia asked while she shrugged her shoulder in confusion.

“You might have, but I think you could handle it better. The pain you feel whenever you remember her mother trying to ruin your home will always show up whenever you see her.

Even she also takes her time to frustrate you and nobody would have tolerate something like that either.” Amelia tried explaining things to her. Mina was quiet before saying:
“I told you what happened on my way to school right? I wonder if she uses her head to think.” Mina blurted out while straightening the hair.

“I won’t be surprised if I find out that she doesn’t know how to use her head to think. Even her step sister hasn’t learnt how to use hers. Amelia teased only for Mina to drag her hair closer to her.

“Ouch! That hurts. Amelia complained while throwing angry glare at Mina through the mirror.” I won’t mind straightening your mouth with this if you don’t stop blabbing nonsense. Mina warned and that made Amelia quiet.

“Now that I think of it. What shoe will you like to wear on that dress? Is it low shoes or high heels?” Mina started the conversation as she was almost rounding up with the hair.

“I’m not a fan of high heels, I think I will love to go with medium heels.” She responded while looking at her hair which Mina was beautifying for her.

“Hearing you saying this made me regret suggesting any for you in the first place. Maybe hiding your shoes while leaving only two pairs behind wouldn’t have been a bad idea.” Mina stated

“Why will you hide my shoes?” Confused Amelia asked
“Dean is taller than you, you can barely reach his shoulder while standing beside him. The smile I gave earlier when you hugged him wasn’t a way to appreciating you.

It was just the surprise I felt when I saw you tip toeing just before you could hug him. ” She explained while Amelia tried remembering how she always had to stand on her toe anytime she wants to embrace Dean.

“Stop thinking of that and hear what I have to say.” Mina interrupted her. “If you think about what I said then you will realize what I meant by making you to remember that. Dean is taller than you and it will be an eyes saddening sight seeing “THE LADY BY HIS SIDE” looking like a sister.

Mina tried explaining while Amelia threw her eyes at her in annoyance. Mina is trying to make fun of her height isn’t it?

“You should stop thinking of wearing medium heels or whatever you call it to the party. I will get a nice one for you to wear which your feet will be free with. We need something to lift your height higher that you are presently.” Mina concluded with a smile giving Amelia time to digest what she has to offer. She finished thinking and voluntarily nodded her head in agreement.

“Good girl! Now let’s check out the shoe that will match your outfit.” Mina stated while leading the way to the shelf that contains her shoes.

She had finished with her hair earlier, the little things that are left will be done tommorow after she’s done dressing.
“Can’t I wear that?” Amelia suggested while picking out a shoe. It was an high heels shoes that has the leather covered with flower decorations. Its almost remembering the flower decorations on her dress.

Her hope on it held so much that she thought Mina would agree to her first pick, but shockingly to her Mina rolled her eyes at the shoes before saying;
“This won’t suit you well as it has the same features with your dress. Anyone who sees you will only concentrate on your dress and not your shoes.

You know why? Because they are matching with each other and has nothing to show off. Don’t you think a black or red shoe would be better?” Mina suggested before raising her head to see Amelia just shruggling her shoulder in tiredness.

“Let’s check this out.” Mina finally picked out a black shoes which was designed with creamy flowers on the surface of it. It looked fitted with her dress, even Amelia couldn’t deny how gorgeous she would look while walking in this shoe beside Dean.

Speaking of the shoe, she could remember her mother getting it for her on their last outing before they travelled. She had begged her mother to get it for her then but never knew it will be useful during an important occasion like it.

She stepped into the shoes then walked around the room for Mina to blew her an air kss. She smiled sheepishly before going closer to Mina who helped her remove the shoes.

“I believe you won’t mind wearing this to the party?” Mina asked while she nodded her head in appreciation. “Thank you Mina.” She stated as she watched her returning the shoes back to the shelf.

“I didn’t come here to receive that, I’m here because I want you to look breath taking tommorow. You won’t want the YOUNG HEIR leaving you at the meeting to gist with other girls will you?” Mina teased while Amelia chuckled softly.

“So now we’ve chosen your dress and your shoe. What else is needed to check out again?” Mina pointed out while glaring around as if wanting the wall to give her an answer.

“Won’t we at least have some sleep too? The occasion isn’t early in the morning. There would be chance to get other things done before I will be leaving to Dean’s place.” Amelia advised while Mina looked at her in doubt.

“What if you don’t wake up early mouse? What are we going to do?” Mina snarled at her
“My alarm works properly than your brain.

It will wake me up. Let’s go to bed.” Amelia replied sharply while Mina threw her a hard glare for comparing her to an ordinary Alarm.


“Go$h!!! I feel curious to know how everything would be tomorrow.” Amelia muttered after throwing her body on the bed. Mina who was trying to have some sleep opened her eyes to see Amelia staring at her.

“What!?” She asked sharply after noticing Amelia’s eyes on her. How do you feel about tommorow? Have you thought of what Tiana would do if she sees me there? Curious Amelia asked only to see Mina rolling her eyes in irritation.

“She would rub her face to know if what she sees is real before going to soak herself in tears. Why are you concerned about her anyway?” Mina responded while trying to keep her eyes open.

She’s feeling sleepy already
“Maybe my curiousity made me think of her.” Amelia replied but Mina didn’t say anything else. She must have slept off. She thought while looking at her firmly closed eyes.

She would have love to talk to her diary if Mina isn’t here. Her eyes rested on the space between her and Mina before her mind think; WHAT WILL TOMMOROW LOOKS LIKE??


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Chapter 46


“Tell Dad we will be there.” Dean said to the guard who came to inform him about a message from his father. “Dad already sent a guard to me, he has left to office..” He stated to Damon was busy with a collar in his hand when he stepped into the room.

“Wear your suit then and let’s get you properly dressed.” Damon replied while he dropped the collar he was holding in his hand on the bed.

“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t come late.” Dean complained while wearing the suit. “I was supposed not to sleep at all before running here. Am I supposed to be doing this for you?” Damon replied while he helped him arranged his cloth. “You’ve always call yourself my best friend.

So why won’t you do it?” Dean sarcastically replied while raising eye brows at him.
“Have you tried talking to Amelia? When will she be here?” Damon questioned ignoring what he said as he helped him in tieing the collar down.

Dean took his time before saying: The last time I called her it was Mina that picked. I was told she went to bath. “Have you called her after then? Who knows she might not be ready yet.” Damon said while he stepped away from his presence after he’s done with the collar.

“I don’t want this to look like a burden to her, I have sent the driver over to get her. They should be here after she’s done dressing. We still have like two hours before the meeting commence. Dean stated before fixing a magnet earring on his left ear.

“So why did you accuse me when you entered the room? I thought you are late for it!? Damon asked offensively

“I can’t remember when that happened. How did I look?” Dean asked instead. “Such a charming Heir.” Damon exclaimed after strolling his eyes around Dean who shook his head because of his reaction.

“Your dressing is perfect. I’m thinking we should make your hair fall on the right side of your face, that will make you look breath taking.” Damon suggested while Dean chuckled.
“Will that make me handsome or turn me into a lady?” Dean snapped before he sat down on the bed.

“Your block head won’t allow you to yield by what is right.” Damon blurted after grabbing a comb then marched towards him on the bed where he was sitting.

“Get your head turned to that direction.” He commanded to him before he started working on his hair.
“It hurts slightly but I can manage with it.” Amelia stated while she returned the glass cup back to Mina after gulping the whole content in it down. “Can it be because of the food you took? Or has Tiana casted a spell on you?” Mina uncomfortably asked while Amelia laughed at her foolishness.

“I took too many sugary things nowadays, it might be the reason why my stomach is aching.”She stated only for Mina to shake her head in approval.

“I think my face look beautiful enough. what’s the need to apply those? ” Amelia complained as Mina insisted on applying make-up to her face. “Because you are beautiful doesn’t mean you should not try to advance your beauty. Don’t let your beauty just get guys drooling over you, let it also make them roll under your feet.” Mina replied as she continued applying them on her face.

She closed her eyes tiredly before opening it to stare at Mina’s hand that was being placed on her forehead.
“So what help do you think doing this will offer to me?

I’m not going to party but a meeting” Amelia reminded. “Who said you are going to party before? Tiana stays with Dean which means she would definitely see you after getting down from the car.

I need to make you look so beautiful that everyone who sees you will fall Inlove with you, most especially Dean.” Tiana ranted while Amelia chuckled softly

“I’m done!! Now take a look at yourself in the mirror.” Mina stated while stepping away from her. “Wow! You’ve done a great job. I never knew I can be this beautiful.” Amelia applauded while smiling at herself in the mirror.

“You can’t because you never like applying make-up. Stay over there and let me steal few pictures from you.” Mina demanded while Amelia relaxed her back tiredly on the dressing chair. “What’s the need to take pictures? It’s not like I am celebrating birthdays here.” She refused while Mina gawked at her.

After seeing that she dragged her leg to the free space which Mina had pointed at earlier. Letting out cute smile from her lips with her face which looked so adorable.

Whom in her dressing looked like a bride who is ready to get wedded. Mina took some snaps before they both walked out of the room after handling over a pulse that matches with her shoe into her hand.

The sound of her shoe could be heard as she made her way down the stairs, the maids who were working in the parlour and had no idea where the shoe step was coming from all turned to see Amelia climbing down the stairs with Mina beside her all dressed in her beautiful dress while Mina was still wearing pyjamas. Sparing both of them some glances before withdrawing their eyes away as their movement was already closed to the stairs.

“Mrs. Lee. who was standing while she instruct the maids walked closer to Amelia that was standing few steps away from her.” She smiled sweetly at her before embracing her. “You look beautiful my dear.” She said in her sweet voice while Amelia smiled sheepishly at her alongside with Mina who was holding hands with her. “Thanks Aunty.”

“It looks like you are ready to go. Should I ask a maid to Inform the driver about getting the car ready?” She asked while standing in Amelia’s front with her hand placed in her shoulder. “That won’t be needed Aunty, Dean already sent his driver over to get me.” Amelia informed while Mrs. Lee nodded her head in understanding. “I didn’t know about that…

That’s good. I hope you enjoy your outing. Let me see you outside then.” Mrs Lee offered. As they were about going Arnold spoke from upstairs. “You came to me when you needed my help, but now you want to leave without me seeing your face.” He said before climbing down the stairs.

“You look beautiful sister.” He complimented after he got closer to her. She let out a smile before saying “I was expecting you to come check on me but you didn’t, so I thought that you are not awake yet. It’s weekend after all.” Amelia gave out her excuse. He smiled at her while they all walked her outside.

“Is there a way to watch the meeting from home? I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they see you beside Dean.” Mina ranted endlessly as they walked closer to the car. Mrs Lee has returned back into the house after seeing Amelia to the free space infront of the house. “I’m suddenly feeling nervous, I don’t know why.” Amelia complained while she stopped walking.

Mina not knowing what to say shrugged her shoulder just then to hear Arnold saying: Probably because you are going to meet Dean. Is that the truth? He asked but she refused to say a word except from her eyes that looked anxiously away from him.
“I will hurry with things then return back home. Don’t forget to keep every details of what happens stored in your memory.

If chance is given you should bring Tiana’s heart broken picture to me. I won’t mind doing thanksgiving if I lay my hands on it.” Mina informed before Amelia could enter the car.
The fear and her heart that wouldn’t stop pounding increased over time as the car drove into the mansion. She has been closing and opening her eyes that she didn’t take notice on what parts or ways the driver took that led them to the building.

“So this is the Stewart’s Mansion.” Amelia thought internally as a guard came opening the door for her. “This direction miss.” The same guard offered simply while he led the way into the mansion. Her eyes tolled around the environment has everywhere looks dazzling expensive and speaks of royalty.

She never expected the house to be this heavenly made even after knowing how wealthy they are. She sometimes forget about who Dean is based on how he has taken his time to appear simple infront of her and maybe anyone who comes his way.

The steps which she was taking after the guard was quiet as nervousness proved much widened than usual. It must have been because they are almost entering the main house.

Many maids or guard who she came around bowed their heads in greetings to her, even though they are not aware of whom she is but with her elegant dress and how it was the house driver that brought her, it’s obvious she is an important person.

Holding her pulse with one hand then using the other hand to hold some part of her dress in her hand. She walked behind the guard who only stopped walking after they have fully entered into the mansion.

Appointing his hand towards one of the couch which Amelia went and sat down on. He said: “Please feel comfortable miss while I inform the young master.” He stated with his head slightly bowed before walked out of her sight.
“Tell me how I look. I heard you are best at aiding people’s beauty.” Tiana said to the make-up artist whom she has invited to get her prepared for the meeting.

She hasn’t seen Dean talking to her about and she also hasn’t gotten the chance to speak about it with him, probably because he always excuse himself from her whenever she tries discussing about it with him.

She finally concluded that he must be doing that because he was feeling shy to tell her about it. Why wouldn’t he be? After taking Amelia over and over her many times, and now he was told to come back to her.

He must have been shocked when his father suggested her to him. “It’s a good thing uncle didn’t know about Amelia” she thought while she heard the lady saying to her “I’m done with your face miss.

Should I have your hair resting one your shoulder or let it in ponytail?” She was quiet more like giving it a thought before saying “Park it into ponytail.” She commanded while the lady nodded her head as she get to work.

Up untill now Tiana has always enjoy letting her hair rest on her body, but she wouldn’t make use of that today. If it’s ponytail that’s making Dean wanting to develop likeness into Amelia then she’s prepared to get herself dressed like her. “I’m done miss.” The maid informed while she looked at herself in the mirror.

She doesn’t like how she’s looking as the way her hair was parked made her look like a pleasant. Shaking her head angrily she stated:
“Loosen it, I don’t like my look.” She stated while forming her lipgloss filled lips into thin line.

The lady as immediately loosen the hair, she hasn’t spent enough time with her but with how she’s been acting, she was able to identify Tiana as someone who’s grumpy.

She checked herself out before smiling sheepishly at the lady. “You’ve done a good job, I will get your money doubled.” She said while the lady smiled in awe appreciating her gesture while she packed her things setting to leave. “You can leave Tiana said then she continued admiring herself. She bowed her head before walking out of the room.”

“Now let’s go give Dean a surprise!!” Tiana muttered before stepping out of the room with her gown swaying behind her while she walked with confidence.


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Chapter 47




“First outing I am going with a lady beside me after your death Flora. The last time I went out with a lady it was you. We took so many pictures then as we get to spend enough time with each other. It hurts now as those pictures ain’t in my reach anymore. I told you how Damon secretly burnt it right?”.

“I was mad but I later had to let it go. Who knows why you died so early? I will be going out with Amelia today and strangely I have been happy each time I remember. I told you about Amelia?She’s my friend. Do you know why I am happy? Well I think it’s because I won’t be going with Tiana.

Mentioning her name now made me to remember not seeing her since last night. Do you think she’s upset? I haven’t discussed anything about the meeting with yet, Who knows she might be.”

Dean whispered his mind out to the image while he rested his back on the bathroom’s door. He kept one of his hand in his pocket, while the other hand was holding on to the image.

As he continued whispering to it then he heard a guard speaking to Damon. “He might come in here to check on me.” Dean thought and after placing ksses all over the picture, he slipped it into the pocket that was in the inside part of his suit before walking out of the place.

She didn’t notice, she didn’t see him coming, her attention was fully directed to the program they were showing in the Television. Sighting her while coming down the stairs after he had dismissed the guard who came to deliver message to Damon.

He looked back towards the part that leads to his room before resting his elbow on the rail admiring her from there. “Damon should still be busy in there.” He assumed then he continued admiring her from a far.

“She looks so beautiful” He thought and more like whispering he said to the image which he had kept in his pocket “Can you see how beautiful Amelia is looking today? I’m amazed by her sight you know.” He added while chuckling along before hearing Damon speaking from behind him, he was also coming down the stairs.

“Why are you standing there? I thought you’ve gone downstairs!?” Damon started while he walked closer to him only to see him looking down the stairs with his eyes meeting with Amelia’s.

Since Damon’s voice came out loud Amelia had no choice that to stare upstairs because of the voice that she heard just only for her to see Dean standing by the rail with his eyes on her. “How long has he been standing there?” She asked internally without saying it out.

Her heart skipped when she saw Dean walking down the stairs with Damon walking behind him when she sighted a wrist band in his hand. She knew Damon through her father since they were young as the two parents sees one another as family friends.

“Hey Amelia, I’m glad you are finally here.” Dean stated immediately when they got to where she was sitting.

Her eyes snapped open as she returned the glass cup which she had in her hand back to the tray before answering
“Yeah… Am I already late?” She asked nervously while keeping her eyes fixed on Dean’s. He was about to speak when Damon suddenly intervened “It’s just an hour to the meeting. Maybe you are not late.” Damon said before giving her a smile only to see her nod her head in satisfaction.

Dean not contented with what Damon did turned his head to look at him, snatching the wrist band away from his hand then whispering”Don’t you think no one needs your explanation here? You answered as if the question was meant for you. What’s your aim?” Dean whispered while smiling at Amelia who was looking at them like he had done nothing.

Digesting what Dean told him before responding back; He leaned closer to his ear to hear him say”Don’t bother about paying back now. You will ridicule yourself in her presence.” He chuckled softly after that before walking a bit closer to Amelia with Damon who was upset by what he did.

“You look beautiful, now I know why you took do much time before getting here. Did Mina help you to dress? Dean asked while she nodded her head followed by a brief smile from the both of them.

“Can we start going?” Dean asked sweetly while he waited for her to speak. “I don’t have any business over here, so I feel that we should go.” She replied back with a smile that didn’t last for three seconds.

He nodded his head on hearing that while Amelia stood up to his height.

Standing a bit closer to him “that was when she realized what Mina made her realize earlier. Dean is a lot taller than her even with the heels that she was wearing.”

“We were planning on calling you when the guard came to Inform us that you are here. Tell me Amelia, how long does it take for a lady to prepare?” Damon talked on their way out of the house.

All he wanted was bringing up something interesting apart from the noises coming from Dean and Amelia shoes as they walked, in return of what he did Dean glared at him before saying” You should be late already for your outing with Lisa, it’s Saturday right? I think you should get going.” He rolled his eyes in annoyance after Dean said that. “Why is he stopping him from having a discussion with Amelia?” All he wanted was just interacting with her since they’ve not been seeing each other.

Their walkings to the outside of the main house didn’t take time as a car was already parked in their front.
Getting closer to the car Amelia entered after Dean told her to but now without waving at Damon who wouldn’t stop waving back at her and telling her sweet words concerning her look. The anger Dean felt for what he was doing couldn’t be hidden as it was clearly showing on his face.

“Give my keys to the guard when you are ready to go, I don’t want Tiana to wander around my room before I get back.” Dean instructed before joining Amelia who was sitting quietly in the car.

“I will do that if I am leaving before your arrival. Your lips are clean now, I don’t want you coming back with lipgloss on it.” Damon yelled out loud while Dean rolled his eyes in embarrassment before asking the driver to take off. “Such a per.vert!” He murmured under his breath.

Amelia who listened to what Damon said blushed internally. What does he mean by Dean returning with lipgloss on his lips? Will he apply one by himself or??

The driving was solemnly quiet as none of them knows how to start any discussion. After hearing what Damon said Amelia had been feeling nervous to look at Dean. Dean wasn’t sure about how he feels because of what Damon said but he had something else on his mind that he wants to do.

Pushing his hand into the trouser pocket and bringing out what he kept in there. He gently took hold of Amelia’s wrist uninformed while she snapped her eyes that has been staring outside the car to his direction.

Her heart skipped when she saw him placing a wrist band infront of her hand before saying “Can you wear this for my sake?” He asked and at the same time staring into her eyes that was staring speechlessly back at him.

Her eyes blinked on it’s own as she stated confusingly at him. “I got it for Flora when I followed my Dad to a mall. I found it adorable in the hope of giving it to her when next we meet.” Dean started explaining with his eyes staring at her hand

“We didn’t get to speak one on one since then as I forgot to bring it with me while going to lecture her.” I made a promise to take it along with when next I will be visiting but she died before I could see her again and since then I have kept the wrist band with me.” Dean explained with his eyes showing up none of his emotion.

Amelia gulped the air down her throat before saying”Why do you want me to wear it then?” She asked while staring at hand which Dean held in his and nervousness taking over her.

“I want to feel your presence as well as Flora’s presence today. Seeing this on your wrist will be reminding me of her and that sure is a joy. I just want to wear it for me pls”

Her shoe made loud noises as she walked confidently around the house. Showing no concern to the maids that took out of their time to bow at her while she walked up to the room.

Her hand knocked on the door three times without anyone to make the door open. But then she heard no one answering her from inside. “He must have been in the bathroom” She assumed before twisting the doorknob and entering the room just for her to see Damon’s back laying on the bed, his legs arranged on the ground with his hand operating his phone, he looked towards the door to see her standing.

Her eyes looked around before Damon left what he was doing and walked up to her. “What’s she doing here?” Was the first thing that came to his mind before noticing her dressing.

“Where is Dean? Has he gone to wait for me downstairs?” She questioned while she walked deeper into the room. Damon who had no idea of what she was saying niggled his head at her before hearing her saying.

“Dean and I are supposed to attend a meeting together today, I am done dressing here but where is Dean? Is he upset that I am late?” She asked again before Damon shook his head in disbelief.
“Dean already left to the meeting.” He stated bluntly with I don’t care look on his face. Hearing this Mina laughed ¢razily before saying “how can he go? He can’t leave without me.

Who will be the lady by his side?” She responded while trying to force a smile out of her mouth which Damon managed to shake with his words ones again.

“He left with Amelia. Amelia already accompanied him to the party before you came. In addition they bother left few minutes ago.” Damon spoke with confidence while waiting for her body to boil in anger. She shook her head repeatedly more like not believing him then laughed crazily afterwards.

“Dean sure can’t go with Amelia. Maybe this fool is just deceiving her.” She thought before saying “you are not telling the truth, Dean can’t go anywhere with Amelia. I am the one to follow him” She insisted while Damon shook his head before walking up to the bed where he left his phone.

He operated two or three things on his phone before stretching it for her to take. She glared angrily at him without collecting the phone and he was forced to bring the phone closer to her face.

“I took this picture when they were going just to tease Dean when they return. I never knew it would soon be useful to clear doubt.” Damon started while he returned the phone back to his pocket, crossed his hands around his broad chest before looking at Tiana who looked lost.

“Why would Dean take Amelia along with him instead of me? I got myself prepared.” She blurted but Damon care less about her reaction as he replied “I didn’t remember to ask Dean.” He answered coldly while he prevented himself from chuckling on his words.

If only she won’t find it offensive, he would have loved to capture her face now. She ruffled her fingers against the door before angrily storming out of the room without saying anything to him.

Immediately when she left Damon quicky brought out his phone to text Dean “Tiana was here. I think she’s upset.”

The nervousness which Amelia has been trying to hide came out immediately when they got to the Company’s building. Before getting down from the car her hand roamed around to examine the compound and a gasp escaped her mouth.

The building in here her Giants and wide. Many buildings are in there that she couldn’t start counting to know their number as she wouldn’t be able to get to the final conclusion.

She couldn’t see the view of the compound clearly while she was in the car but she managed to examine some. Her heart skipped when Dean himself held the door for her to step out before a guard could get the door.

Amelia nervously came out of the car then seeing the view clear. Dean who was standing beside her speak “shall we?” He asked to see her nodded her head as they started going into the office.

Dean’s mind doubted on what would have happened as there was no journalist to question except from the guards who were walking behind, beside, and in the front of them. “Maybe the meeting wouldn’t be a bad one after all” Dean thought in his mind.

Stopping to look around just for his eyes to notice Amelia trying to catch in some fresh Air. “She must be feeling nervous” he thought before taking few steps back to here she stood only go face her.
“I can see that you are nervous, will you mind placing your hand here? I think you might feel better if you walked side by side with me.” He gave her Charming smile which made her to stare briefly at him.
He nodded his head for her to trust him while crouching his hand in the air by her side. She looked at him without knowing what to say before inter_whining her hand with his.


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Chapter 48


Mina returned to the room and decided to clear the places she had helped Amelia in dressing up. After she was done with the dressing table and properly organized the make-up things she had used back to her bag, she went directly to the Bed.

Getting on it in a kneeling position, she started arranging the pillows since the bed wasn’t entirely scattered. Her hand touched something while trying to lift a pillow which made her squirt forward to the pillow.

She sat down on the bed before bringing it out from the pillow under. “Diary” she read out as she held the book in her palm.

“This should be Amelia’s diary,” she thought before going forward into opening it, her eyes caught some write-up which was written on the first page of the book which she read out before chuckling afterward.

It was talking about Amelia and her childhood memories. “It isn’t good for her to invade her privacy” she remembered before returning the diary to the under of the pillow while she continued arranging the bed.
“Are you still feeling uncomfortable? Do you need water?” Dean inquired Amelia as they stepped into the company with their hands united together.

Amelia gulped nothing down her throat speechless before saying” I’m fine now, thanks.” She replied before letting out a deep breath. Her stomach aches and she wondered about the reason why? Was it because of the juice that she took when she woke up?

Dean after hearing her bouncing his head while they continued going, they are still walking to the main door that leads to the inside of the company.

Seeing one of the guards hurrying forward to get the door open for them to enter Dean said “We won’t be making use of the door.” Dean stated with his hand pointing at the guard.

The guard stepped back for Dean to take another route that leads to the elevator. “We would make use of this upstairs, you should all find something else to do,” Dean said to the guards that had been following before pulling Amelia by her shoulder together with him to the elevator that closed up in the next seconds after they’d entered.

“It seems to me that you don’t like guards around you.” Amelia turned on the conversation as they walked out of the elevator to a free space where there were transparent glasses and she could see the outside of the building in which they are in.

Dean wanted to reply to her when a man called out to Dean who come in an instant to where they are. Dean after seeing the man furrowed his brows to remember where he had met him before as his face looks familiar.
Before he could try remembering the man was already standing in front of him with smiles boldly taking over his cheeks.

The man looked almost the same age as his father apart from his belly that looks like a conceived woman, and his jaw that are been covered in beards which makes him look a bit older than his father which won’t be true if they are to examine him well.

This man standing in front of him might have looked like a 70-year-old man but he sure has young facial expressions.

Dean stared at the guards who followed the man before returning his eyes to him finally remembering where he had seen him before.

“Good day Mr. Vincent,” Dean greeted while bowing his head a little bit as he would do when greeting his father. “Hello son, you must have been really smart for you to recognize me so quick.” The man commented before patting him gently on his shoulder. Dean just smiled randomly like it wasn’t tough for him to remember coming across him the last time he accompanied his father to a meeting. That was the first meeting he had followed his father even before the death of his mother.

Amelia who didn’t know what to say stood still enduring the pain her stomach was causing her underneath. The man’s eyes went from Dean’s to lay on Amelia who was looking at the ground before taking it away from her. “Is this your girlfriend? You sure have grown into a big boy.” Says the man who took a sip from the glass of wine which he had taken from one of his guards who was holding it.

Dean on hearing this looked at Amelia before looking back at him only to mutter “Yes” a wow exited the man’s mouth before he replaced it with a smile. He must have been an average billionaire man who’s in his early fifties but he knows better how to behave around young boys.

“She must have been a sweet girl for you to choose her, tell me, something Dean, why hasn’t she been saying anything? ” The man’s eyes abandoned Dean’s to lay on Amelia again who was fighting against her thought not to take what Dean said to the man as the truth as he was just trying to free himself from him.

She knows better how people interact with their favorite people but seeing how Dean was trying not to engage in further talk with the man shows that he isn’t fond of him.

Feeling Dean’s and the man’s eyes on her she finally overpowered her nervousness to let out a word. “Good day sir,” she greeted just how she heard Dean saying to the man earlier.
Dean let out a deep puff as they both walked in the narrow corridor that leads to where the meeting will take place he ignored every sort of attention that was been thrown at them from the workers who were going around the office busy with their jobs.

“Why did you tell the man that I am your girlfriend?” Amelia asked while withdrawing her hand from his hand just only to keep it beneath her chest.

Dean hearing what she said firstly gave it a thought before remembering where it happened “I said that because I don’t want him to question me further. I am not interested in discussing with him.” Dean replied as they both stopped walking only to face each other discussing.

As she heard that her mind went to the first idea that niggled at her earlier where she already knew that was just an excuse, if not for her mind that wouldn’t stop sending her unintended jobs, she wouldn’t have asked him.

“Are you upset because I told him that you are my girlfriend?” Dean asked while taking a step closer to her to avoid bumping into people as he was standing in the center of the way. “I’m not upset, I just asked that’s all.” She replied sharply.

Dean nodded upon hearing that, moving his eyes around the place which they are in to examine everyone passing and while returning it to her he saw her wince. “What’s wrong Amelia? Are you okay?” He asked worriedly while he moved closer to hold her hand which she had taken away from him earlier.

She got hold of herself before saying “My stomach is aching slightly, but I will be fine.” She assured followed by a faked smile. “Are you sure you will be fine or should I get you food? Do you need a drug for it?” Dean asked while he waited for her to speak.

“I will be fine, it has reduced. Let’s start going before we would be late for the meeting.” Amelia got hold of herself said to him and finally had to drag his hand which held her hand along with her then they both headed to the hall.

On the first sit was Mr. Stewart, followed by Dean then Amelia who was sitting next to him. Her eyes roamed around the room before finally resting on the large table that was placed in front of them all and many people that are sitting around it.

The table contains all varieties of food, drinks, small chops, and many other appetizer fruits. This made her imagine if this gathering was meant to be for a meeting or for eating.

Her eyes caught a guy and a lady that was sitting opposite her table, they looks almost the same age with them as they interacted together “is he a company’s heir too?” Amelia wondered.

Afterward, she noticed another lady standing behind Dean with files in her hand, she looked so young but obviously, her look doesn’t speak well of her age as she looks younger like them but that shouldn’t be the truth.

Moving her eyes to Dean’s father who was sitting quietly with his fingers gently operating on his phone, as if he could see her gawking at him, he lifted his head from his phone for his eyes to meet Amelia’s who tried looking away but it was too late.

He already saw her, surprisingly to her he smiled briefly at her before returning his attention to his phone.
“Such a young father” she murmured inside of her before wincing due to the pain that she felt in her abdomen.

Dean who heard her breathe hard turned to see her pretending to keep a smile on her face. “Does it still hurts?” He asked then she nodded her head. “We will soon be done here, I will get you a drug on our way home,” Dean assured them before patting her back with his hand that was close to her.

The father hearing her son trying to lower his voice while he speak raised his head to see him speaking with the lady whom he had brought here as the lady by his side.
A smile escaped his mouth when he saw him patting the girl’s back. “It seems Dean sure cares for her” He murmured after thinking of things that had happened in the past.

One thing just gave him curiosity, if Dean decided to come with the girl who he hasn’t seen with him before, then where did he meet her? Why did he choose her over Tiana? His thought was that he would be happy after he suggested Tiana, but now that he choose to bring someone else. What’s with him and Tiana?
“Get out! Get out! Get out!!!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice to the maid whom she had ordered earlier to take care of the un_arranged room.

Seeing the maid trying to patch up some things because leaving and assuming her to be testing her patience, she marched angrily towards her, holding her by her hair letting her wince in pain before diverting into throwing her out of the room. She locked the door after that with her heart speeding heavily over her chest as the result of the force she had used in throwing the girl out.

Resting her back on the door at the same time while weeping, her eyes caught sight of the dressing table which she ran towards and scattered every single thing on it without thinking twice, her hand caught a vase that was placed on the side of her bed, more like speeding she quickly grabbed it in her hands and the next seconds, the vase had already been scattered on the ground.

Her breathing hitched as she ruffled her hair in agony, she caught the sight of another vase not far from her, when she tried hurrying to get it, mistakenly her steps got interrupted by her dress which made her slip and land heavily on the ground, with her elbow hitting the hard tiles floor pretty hard. She silently winced in pain before resting her head on the ground without bothering to leave the spot.

“Amelia! Amelia!! Amelia!!!” She repeated the name in her mouth while she was on the floor. Holding on to the bed for support and finally getting up from the ground she walked gently to the dressing table which she had scattered earlier.

Resting her hands on it when she felt pain in the elbow which she had hit on the ground earlier. Taking in the pain with tears still gushing furiously out of her eyes, she held the elbow in her palm while she sat down on the chair in front of it.

Damon’s words crossed her mind as her heart bled in pain “He went to the meeting with Amelia.” She remembered the word and hit the desk angrily, followed by her throwing the remaining things on it on the ground. She was the one who was supposed to go with him! He should have taken her with him! Why did he go with her? Why did he go with Amelia? Why didn’t he ever think of her feelings before hurting her miserably?

“Hello Miss, are you alright?” Her hand that was about to bang the table hung in the air when she heard one of the guards saying from outside. The loud noise that was coming from her room made them all scared as they didn’t know what was happening in the locked room.

“Get your filthy self out of there before I show you what it means to mind your business.” She yelled with her teeth gritted together. All the guards by the door had to leave after hearing her speak.

Not hearing any more voices from the door she assumed they were gone already. Her hand moved across her face as she touched the line of the tears that were rolling down her cheeks. Laying hand on one tear and rubbing it against her fingers she let in a deep breath.

Standing up furiously from the desk without caring about her injured hand, she marched closer to search the drawer one after another as she continued scattering the things in it before laying her hand on a book and a pen.

She returned to where she had sat down earlier, getting some things done on the book with the pen that was working according to her to wish in her hand. She finally dropped the pen and picked up the bookmaking the image she had drawn in it coming in contact with her eyes.

She frowned with pain and bitterness in her eyes at the image, and more like murmuring she whispered to it “I kept my h©rrible self aside just to maintain a normal youth’s life. I don’t believe in retaliation but I have faith in revenge. WE ARE NOT DONE WITH THE GAME YET!!”


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Chapter 49


As the meeting continues everyone kept their peace to themselves while they listened attentively to the man who was giving the speech. The man whom Amelia assumed to be a speech reader continued reading out the content in the note he was holding in his hand for everyone to listen to.

Her eyes trailed around the place as she observed that many people are already done with their food, some are still stylishly devouring the food, many hasn’t even touched it yet as they were so concerned about the speech which the man was giving.

Her eyes ran into Dean who was going through his phone, and in the next moment, a frown has already been placed on his face. She caught that sight of him that flee away before anyone else would.

“what’s wrong with him suddenly?” She worried before taking her eyes to the food which they served to her, she hasn’t even taken a spoon out of it yet as her stomach hurts brvtally.

She wondered what was making her have stomach aches! Why will the pain decide to come around on a day like this? She was supposed to be lively over here and not to sit down like an old woman!

“Why ain’t you eating your food? Don’t you like it in here?” Dean after controlling himself said to her. “I’m not hungry, I just need water, can you tell one of the maids to get me a glass of water?”

Amelia demanded and before she knew it, Dean tapped his hand at one of them, the maid returned with a tray that contains water in it. Amelia wondered why they were withheld to serve the people with water instead of juice that has been shared on everyone’s table including hers.

After dropping the tray on the table and standing in the center of the little line between Dean and Amelia’s seat, the maid wanted to pour the water into a glass but Dean resisted her from doing it. He shook his head at her (The maid) while the girl left after stooping her head, returning to where they all were standing.

Without thinking twice and not minding about those eyes that were peeking towards him, Dean opened the bottle of water, poured some amount into the cup before handing it over to Amelia. Even with her tensed self she still gulped the water down, returning the glass to the furniture herself after that.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked with care while he stared at her, Amelia was still able to notice the frown he was trying to hide on his face. She bounced her head with a smile.

Dean after seeing that returned his head to his father who was gazing at him “Is she fine? Any problem?” The man asked while crouching forward to rest his hand on the table that has been cleared since he was done with his food.

“She’s fine Dad, she has just been having an abdomen ache. I have given her water.” Dean replied politely then marveled at why he was being questioned. “So has it reduced? Should she be taken to my office? She can have some rest?” The father suggested while Dean shook his head in hesitation. “I don’t want her going Dad, I’m sure she will be okay here.

The meeting is getting to its ending.” Dean assured then saw the father revoking his elbow from the table. He made his back relax properly on his swirling chair which was moving around against his wish. He stepped on something at the bottom of it that made it stand firm “Who’s she?

I haven’t seen her with you before.” Dean’s eyes twitched repeatedly after hearing this, his eyes lifted to look at Amelia who was staring at the man addressing. “She’s my friend, we are in the same school.” Came his reply even though he imagined the reason why his father can’t wait to return home before discussing this.

After his response, the man only smiled before throwing his gaze forward to follow up with the speech. The first man finished speaking and left, just then another man walked up to the spot where the first man had left. He started talking about the growth, bond that the two companies shared in the past.

After a while, they left, just for Amelia to see Dean standing up to go forward and start delivering his speech too. “Wow!! He’s performing his obligation as the Heir of the company well” Amelia said to herself while she Admired him, he wasn’t looking at her as his eyes were fixed on the people which Amelia assumed to be the committee.

Unlike the two other men, Dean didn’t carry a note in his hand while speaking, everything he was saying was directly coming from his head while passing through his mouth for the information to catch up with everyone sitting.

Once, when his eyes ran into her eyes randomly he let out a smile that anyone wouldn’t have noticed except from her. She blushed innocently after he had taken his gaze away from her then he continued. She felt her throat saturated and immediately filled the cup with another which went down her throat in the following seconds.

She looked around for her to glimpse the lady who was standing beside Dean glaring strangely at her, she had seen her reaction before she could take her eyes away from her. Why was she looking weirdly at her?

“OUR COMPANY STANDS MANY CHANCES TO PROVIDE ANY CONTRACT GIVEN TO US BEST INTERVENTION AND GOOD INTEREST. WE ASSUME YOUR COMPANY TO HAVE HAD HIGH LEVELS STABILITIES WHICH IS WHY THE PROMISE WHICH WE’VE GIVEN TO YOU WILL NOT BE TAMPERED WITH.” “You can trust us with the work, we will make the best of it and help in manufacturing for you after it’s been done.” “Thanks so much for choosing to do this contract with us, I go by the name “DEAN STEWART, THE PRESENT HEIR OF THIS COMPANY.” Dean successfully gave out his speech which raised screams, claps, murmuring, and praises from everyone present as they were all impressed by his presentation.

Mr. Stewart where he sat down smiled broadly as his eyes followed Dean from the front back to his seat. “I’m proud of you son,” He declared to him while leaning forward to embrace him in their sitting position.

Amelia also who was exclaimed by his speech stretched her hand forward to shake him with her cheeks showing him how red it turns due to how she wouldn’t stop smiling at him. Dean instead of shaking her hand shook his head in declination to her request.

She looked stunned as she withdrew her hand which she stretched forward back to her lap. Dean who saw her reaction chuckled before turning properly only to wrap his hands around her body “He was hugging her”.

People yelled after spotting what he did which made Amelia nervous, she felt like flying out of here. He withdrew from her body then tickled her cheeks playfully with his fingers removing some strands of her hair that has fallen over her face to the back of her ear.

“I deserve something special than an ordinary handshake, I hope you don’t mind me hugging you? I was just glad that’s why I did that.
Also, you looked cute whenever your cheeks are red, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to resist myself from being a pervert.” He glanced truthfully at her with his hand still holding on to her cheeks which made her anxious, she wondered why he decided to keep his hand still on her cheeks even after knowing that everyone is looking at them. She closed her eyes tightly before opening it just to meet with Mr. Stewart’s eyes that were looking at them especially Dean.

Neglecting the announcement coming from the man on stage, Amelia flickered her eyes away from him, Dean who noticed her staring nervously around smiled softly before saying “Are you uncomfortable with me holding your cheeks? I’m trying to make the outing fun. Will you say something?” He asked before taking his hands away from her cheeks, Amelia was planning on releasing the breath that she’s been clasping only for the hands to hold on to her shoulder.

She’s speechless and doesn’t know what to say, what sort of impression was Dean planning on giving everyone present? She thought while closing her eyes tiredly only to open it again. “How’s your stomach? Painful?” Dean asked, “You are to listen to every single piece of information that will be shared here today, won’t you concentrate on that?” Amelia queried while trying not to sound rude as he was just trying to be nice to her.

“I don’t need them, my P. A is the one who needs it. Look at her she’s listening to it without anything distracting her.” Dean responded not finding her words rude but rather gesturing his face towards the lady standing behind him, who was writing down in a note. “So she’s Dean’s P.A, but why was she staring Strangely at her earlier?” Was it her imagination or it wasn’t meant for her? She thoughts


The meeting finally ended with happiness on the two companies representative and other people present’s faces. The contract has been eventually granted to THE STEWART’S COMPANY. Some people already left and some were seen discussing with one Person or the other in the hall.

Dean walked around with his father who introduced him to many people whom he doesn’t know about if not now. Some gave him praises on his speech, they took pictures, and before the Heir of the second company could exit the room, he came towards Dean while they had a little conversation together.

Amelia still maintained her sitting position without standing while waiting for Dean to come so they can leave. The meeting which she thinks wouldn’t pertain has taken 4 hours of their time.

She hasn’t had anything to eat since morning except the juice and two glasses of water which she had taken. Maybe she hasn’t been hungry, even the pain in her stomach had lessened which made her wonder if it was sent to only torment her during the meeting.

She brought out her phone from her pulse, tapping on it while searching for something to keep her busy. “Master said that you should be ready as you would be leaving soon, he sent this drink for you to have before then.” She heard someone speaking to her, after lifting her head her eyes ran into the lady Dean had called his P.A standing in front of her with a tray that contains a glass of wine in her hand.

She noticed the lady trying to fake a smile on her face before she stretched the tray forward waiting for her to get the drink.

Her voice came out silent as she hasn’t been saying anything for a while aside from her eyes that were busy looking around. “I’m okay, I don’t want to have that, Thanks.” She shook her head in disapproval after looking at the tray then back at the lady whose expressions couldn’t be explained.

The lady was silent for some time, more like thinking about what she said, and without uttering anything to her, she turned around and left. “Such a weirdo” Amelia murmured under her breath. Remembering Dean, she searched around to see him already coming towards where she was sitting, concluding that it was time to leave. Ahe stood up from the swirling chair which she had been sitting on, feeling Dean’s footsteps closer to her with her back facing him, she packed her pulse and phone then tried leaving the spot.

Not knowing what was happening, Dean who was walking slowly to where she was took lightspeed6 closer to her suddenly making her sit back in the chair which she had stood up from.

Few people who were in the room noticed what happened looked at them to see Dean leaning his body on the table beside the girl who was sitting down. Since they are not aware of what happened everyone turned around to mind their businesses.

Dean looked at the P.A that was carrying some files in her hand standing behind him “Excuse me now, that’s all for the day.” Dean said to her while he watched her depart after gawking at him in surprise. Although she tried hiding it he could still see the surprise that came when he said that to her.

After she had gone Amelia tapped his back to face her, while her face demanded an answer. If she can remember this is the second he would be doing this, the first time he had pushed back was in school when she wanted to leave. He permitted them to start leaving, so why would he force her to sit back?

“I’m sorry, I just had to do it so that you wouldn’t leave where you are,” Dean replied while standing beside her with his eyes looking around to confirm that no one was listening to their conversation.

“Isn’t it time for leaving? Why can’t I leave?” Amelia asked impatiently. His lips shook before pointing his hand at her dress. “My dress? What’s wrong with it?” She asked cluelessly. “It’s has been stained!” He managed to say while she looked Confusingly at him. Stained? But she didn’t eat? She doubting “Where is the stain from? I didn’t eat anything that can stain my dress.”

Amelia declined while she tried standing to check the dress out herself. He jerked his head, therefore, stopping her from moving “It has been stained with bIood at the bottom part of it, your dress has been stained with bIood!”


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Chapter 50


” Your dress has been stained with bIood!” Dean reiterated reluctantly, cause of how she’s subsisted glancing cluelessly at him. Not wanting to share the same eye contact with her when he’d said that, he seized his eyes elsewhere aside from her face. Her lips trembled as reality hit hard at her. The stomach ache!! The abdomen pain! This is what it’s all about!! Why didn’t she realize to think about this? She should have known when the pain came suddenly.

She accused herself of making such a huge mistake as she bit her inner lips. Even though it wasn’t the right time for it to occur. She should have known better when she started feeling te.rrible pain!; Word lost in her mouth, she could have spoken something out but what would she say? Not with the remorse that filled her body up already. Her eyes that were looking at Dean earlier squinted directly to stare at the ground.

Dean after a while of looking away from her, tossed his eyes at her to only see her looking at the ground in shame. He knows how she’s feeling as he wouldn’t have loved to make her feel embarrassed. He’s just powerless and needed to tell her. If he didn’t tell then what would he have done rather when he saw it!? He didn’t even think twice before hurrying to where she was standing. Thank Goodness the P.A was coming behind him, maybe she wasn’t able to see the stain.

“Do you__?” “Dean! You said that you are living. What’s wrong?” His dad interrupted him from behind, as he also was coming to where they both are. Dean who was silent instantly stood up from the table which he was crouching on to meet up with his father along the way. “I’m waiting for her to finish her juice, we would take off after that.” He told an untruth pretending to keep a truthful smile on his lips, which the father wasn’t able to understand as a phony smile.

Seeing them together now reminded him of not being able to forwardly speak with her since they got there. “I should have one or two words with her before leaving.” He told to him when he referred at Amelia where she sat with a glass filled up with juice in her hand. She remembered Dean lieing to the father about her drinking one, she decided to flow along with his idea as he only did that to help her.

The father removed his glasses from his eyes while he kept it in a small box that was in his hand, after which he started going to where Amelia was sitting with her one hand holding the juice while the other hand was resting on her lap, now she can feel her dressing sticking to her body from behind, it must have been because of the bIoodstain.

Her heart skipped beats when she noticed him standing beside her, before taking the seat which Dean sat down on earlier; she was planning on keeping the shame as he wasn’t anywhere behind her to see the stain, standing up in respect of whom he is when Dean spoke: “Finish your drink, Amelia, we will be late if we refused to leave now.” Dean said before she could stand while signaling behind his dad for her not to stand up with his eyes set on her.

The father was sitting in their midst, seems like Dean, and his father planned on exchanging their sitting position with one another.

There are still few amounts of people in the hall, even though his father wouldn’t be able to see the stain, others might since the stain was clearly showing on her dress. He doesn’t want her to feel more embarrassed than how she’s feeling now.

The man who was not aware of what his son was doing behind him stared briefly at her, letting out a smile before saying “How are you dear?”

“I realized we haven’t talked since you’ve gotten here. Hope you enjoyed your moment with us? Did Dean disturb you?” He asked while adjusting his eyeglasses which he had returned upwards to his eyesight followed by another smile from him. He loves smiling! Amelia thought while holding her nerve not to also smile along.

She was surprised that he came personally to discuss with her, but the thought didn’t last long as she let go of it early and in the next minute she replied “I’m good sir.. the moment was likewise interesting. I enjoyed everything in here.” She replied again maintaining her sitting position with her fingers kidding around the glass cup.

“What about my last question? Didn’t he bother you?” He asked with his eyes looking at her, she feared his smile as she didn’t know what gravity it carries. She thought deeply before shaking her head. Of course, he didn’t bother her, he has only helped her. Dean who was listening to their conversation smiled softly where he was sitting.

“I would ask you to pardon me for enquiring about you without your notion, you know I asked Dean about you earlier and he told me you both are friends. Can I trust him?.” The man stated that made Amelia smile faintly. She firstly nodded her head before realizing that was a rude gesture, after all the man was taking his time to discuss with her while leaving behind other things. “We are friends, also studying in the same school”. Amelia answered before thinking if her reply was enough to answer him.

“Her brother is the boy I am tutoring.” Dean chipped in then his father wowed before he shook his head. “You are here today as my son’s guest. Will you like to come over to my home as our guest? I have many works to attend to, Dean already made plans for you to leave. I believe you won’t mind informing me about Dean’s stubborn attitude right?” The father asked his eyes looking around the hall before he looked directly at Amelia whose eyes were also looking at him.

“Come so we can discuss about him, Incase you are bothering yourself that he might punish you for informing me about it, I can have him locked up in his room throughout your stay, at least with this you can be rest assured that you will be fine as my guest. Let’s do random negotiation about him.” The father added which made Amelia think if he knows how ridiculous and funny his words were.

“He’s friendly, she didn’t expect him to be this friendly.” She believes her father is the only man that takes his time to discuss with children, now that she has met him, she knows there’s a chance his affection towards children and everyone around him must be a good one.

“I will be happy to visit you. I will tell Dean to let me know during your free days.” Amelia replied
“No problem daughter,” He answered with his contagious smile still showing on his face.

“One more thing, as you’ve come as Dean’s lady by his side, you are entitled to some gifts which I have handed over to Dean, Do come to visit next time, also, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER.” He added which made Amelia’s cheeks turn red.

She was blushing internally while little outside on her face was there for them to see. Dean who was listening to them chuckled as he knew how playful and cheerful his father can be around youths.

It’s always difficult for him to identify where he got his kind character from as both of his parents are kind and perfect for everyone to be fond of.
He discussed one or two things with them, and after that, he left.

“What should we do about your dress?” Dean asked after his father was out of sight. Everyone has gone out of the hall, except for him, Amelia, and a maid that was packing up things out of the hall.


Going up to the stairs with her right hand holding on to her pulse, with the other hand trailing onto the rail as she was climbing the stairs.

She doesn’t need to hold her dress before walking as the suit that was tied around her waist helped to hold the dress a little bit tighter, which made it easier for her to walk in it.

She followed the guard whom Dean had instruct to accompany her to his room, he didn’t follow as he went to get her a new dress alongside things that she might need.

They walked for some moment in the big mansion, her eyes looking around the house to admire its well-built and decorated structure. “Where’s Tiana?” Realizing that she has not seen her around, she stays here right? She should be somewhere in here. She had thought of meeting her, but it seems her and Mina’s wish wouldn’t be granted. Tiana is out of sight!

The guard after bringing her to Dean’s room left since his work over there has been completed. Amelia walked inside the room while closing the door behind her without twisting the key lock. She stood by the door firstly admiring his room that was neatly arranged, and well furnished. When she was staring around, her eyes caught sight of a shelf placed by a corner in his room.

The shelf which was carefully arranged with books on it. “So Dean also takes his time to study much at home!? Such an admirable student!” She thought while she admired his features even without seeing him. She only left the spot when she remembered Dean would soon be here.

Removing all her clothes from her body, her eyes caught the stained spot on the dress which made her hiss in irritation. Dropping the dress and checking out Dean’s suit that was tied around her waist, she saw a faint stain on it where she immediately felt ashamed, and the need to escape from there as she felt so ashamed of herself.

Her eyes searched around for something that could help remove the stain on the suit but her eyes caught nothing.

Tiredly dropping the dress on her gown which she had dropped earlier, she run the water then stepped into the bathtub. “She would take the dress with her home for washing.”
Dean who had gone out earlier returned with a shopping bag in his hand that contains all of the things that he got for her.

Taking the routine that leads to his room, he can’t just send a guard to Amelia, that’s why he decided to go give the things to her by himself. Who knows she might have been waiting for him.

Standing In front of the door while withdrawing his hand from his pocket, he knocked repeated on the door, no one answered then he concluded that she must be in the bathroom.



Amelia who just finished wrapped herself up in the towel which was hung in the bathroom. To avoid further stress she didn’t bother washing her hair when she was bathing.

After tying the wrapper properly around her body, she walked out of the bathroom to the room. Her eyes were firmly closed because of the cold that welcomed her immediately when she stepped back to the room due to the air conditioner that was on.

Her eyes that were closed earlier before opening now met with Dean’s back who was walking towards the exit door. Turning because of the footsteps that he heard. He saw Amelia standing where she was shy with the towel still wrapped around her body.

Hurriedly turning his back away from her “I’m sorry for entering. I entered because I thought you were in the bathroom since you weren’t opening the door when I knocked.” Dean apologized and she nodded her head like he could see her gesture.

“I have dropped the things you would be needing on the bed, tell the guard to bring you downstairs when you are ready. I will be waiting for you.” He stated and without waiting for her to speak, he twisted the doorknob then walked out of the room. “Hmmm!” Amelia hummed after he left.

Dean came out of the car first before holding the door for her to also get down. Finally, the meeting has come to an end!!

“Is your stomach still hurting you?” He questioned after she had gotten out of the car. She kept mute more like thinking before saying: ” not really.” He nodded his head after hearing this, the rest of the moment was filled with silence as the both of them just filled their mind up with different thoughts that were running in their heads. Dean relaxed his back on the car and Amelia was standing a few steps away from him.

The wind blew his hair around his head but he didn’t mind it, as he liked the wonder the fresh air was doing to his scalp.

He roamed his eyes around her body then to her wrist that was bodying the band which he had given to her earlier, noticing his eyes on her hand she scoffed, before removing the band wanting to place it in his hand, he didn’t reject but rather let her keep it in his hand while she stepped away from him after that.

Heaving in the air, she wasn’t expecting it when he went close to her almost closing up the little space between them; he took hold of her hand then wore the band back on her wrist.

She stared at him nervously until she heard him saying “Keep the band with you, wear it often as it would always make me happy seeing it on you.

I hope you won’t mind keeping with you also?” He said to her though he was still holding on to the hand whose finger he was presently fiddling with.

Even though they are in her house, where anyone can come out to meet them together, Dean wasn’t bothered about it as he was just concerned about what his heart wanted.

Not wanting to leave his question unanswered, Amelia nodded her head in obedience which made him smile, he released her hand which was now resting on her side while he took his two hands into his pocket. The air was blowing silently, Dean’s hair blew around according to the air which he didn’t mind a bit.

Amelia’s hair would have been flying around too if not for the ribbon that she used in packing it. The air started becoming colder which made her body develop goosebumps instantly as she wrapped her hands across her shoulder, helping herself from shivering.

“You can go in now, I won’t want you catching a cold because of me.” Dean offered which she agreed to. She turned around to leave after saying “Goodnight” which Dean gave a sweet smile as a reply to.

Almost taking a step away from where she stood, Dean held on to her hand before pulling her closer to him, he made his chest and her chest come in contact with each other before wrapping his hands around her back. She stood there speechlessly as she didn’t know what to do.

“I don’t know my sanity wouldn’t stop making me do mischievous things whenever I am around you. You know it started since the very first time I hugged you.” He said while keeping his mouth behind her ear. Her both hands were placed beside her body, her head placed on Dean’s shoulder. She shivered because of the coldness coming from the wind, and the one coming from Dean’s body as she felt tensed presently.

“You must have been feeling ashamed of what happened earlier, it’s nothing! You don’t have to sulk your mind with it.” His words dropped directly into her ear, and her breath started becoming colder than usual. He noticed her shivering then smiled. The dress which he got for her as she requested was a top and trousers. It’s possible they were not able to keep her body away from the cold.

“Get me the bags that are in the car please.” In the next minutes, the driver had brought out the bags, his eyes trying to look away from Dean and the lady in his embrace. He released one of his hands from her back, he took the bag before sending the driver off.

“I got all for you, Dad also presented some to you, and you wanted to leave it for me to take home with me. Why?” Dean questioned sarcastically “I have forgotten about it. I will take it with me now.” She answered while forcing her body from his, she collected the bag from him then said; “Thanks for today, I will leave now.” She said to him then quickly departed from his presence.




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