KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 51 to 70 (51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56,57 ,58 59, 60, 61,62, 63, 64, 65, 66,67, 68, 69 70)

KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 51 to 70 (51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56,57 ,58 59, 60, 61,62, 63, 64, 65, 66,67, 68, 69 70)


Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin


He played with his tongue, rolling it around his mouth, with his lips slightly patted apart. He smiled sheepishly, after remembering what took place before he left Amelia’s house as he walked up to the stairs.

Remembering the message which Damon sent to him earlier. “Where’s Tiana?” He wondered as he finished climbing the stairs.

“Why has he not seen her around?”
His steps came one after another before he eventually got to the door, where he pressed the doorbell slightly with his fingers. His voice ushering him in from inside, he took a step into the room as he fully entered, with the breath-taking fragrance welcoming him into the room.


His shirtless chest also entertained him where he sat down there with his phone, in his hand. His fingers taping one after another on the iPad without lifting his head to look at him. “What’s the need to attend to the work even at night?” He thought after closing the door properly.

“Are you planning on staying there or you will come closer to me?” His voice brought him back to himself as he already filled his head up with different thoughts.

“Come. Come and get this done for me.” He said to him. “Is that why he was told to come?” On his way back home from Amelia’s house, he got a message from his father which informed him that his attention would be needed. Now that he’s stretching the iPad at him, is that the main reason behind his coming? He’s needed to finish up with the company’s works he isn’t interested in?

“I am almost done with the level, I don’t know why they don’t want to make it easy for me to win over them.” Mr. Stewart complained frustratedly after which Dean collected the iPad from him.

“Dad!” He called out suddenly before he started laughing, his eyes staring at the iPad in his hand.

The man who was about to remove his eyeglasses raised his brows at him where he sat down. He raised his eyes to make close contact with him. “Dad! Dad, it’s a game!” Dean unbelievably announced and his words were sounding uncleared to him.
“So? I have been trying to reach another level, you know those Computer knows how to cheat during the game. I have lost so many coins due to their silliness.” He ranted with seriousness all over his face. Dean who was holding his laughter suddenly burst out again after he has finished speaking.

“I thought you were busy with office work, I never knew you were playing game Dad!. Do you do that often?” He asked while staring at him.

“Have a seat son, let’s talk about the reason why you are here.” He stated instead of answering his question. His smile secretly vanishes away as his face looks so serious.

Dean after hearing this took a seat opposite him on the couch, the phone still in his hand when the father said: “Don’t lose the game after everything. I don’t want to be defeated after having such a stressful day” He informed then rubbed his hand around his shirtless chest. His way of acting, his look, attitude, and facial structure make him look the same way as a youth.

His pointed nose which Dean had gotten from him raised itself when his glasses were about to fall.

“You are not jealous of your father’s body, ain’t you?” He joked after noticing Dean’s eyes on his body. He smiled softly since he’s been caught.
“I want us to have a brief discussion about Amelia.” He announced as his words made his heart skip beats.

How did he find out about Amelia’s name?
“What should we discuss about her Dad?” Dean asked his eyes looking at the phone in his hand. “What is between you and her. That’s what I want to know” he replied instantly
“She’s my friend Dad. We are friends.” Dean answered. “Is that all?” He raised his eyes brows at him.

Hesitating for a while before nodding his head. “I don’t want to believe that you refused to go with Tiana to the meeting because of a friend.” He started

“Is Tiana not your friend too? Childhood friend” Dean’s lips became heavy as he found it difficult to lift it and speak. He knows not going with Tiana will later bring up a situation where he would have to face his father’s talk.

“I just don’t feel like going with Tiana Dad. I prefer Amelia instead.” Came his reply
“That’s why I am asking if that’s all aside from your friendship with her.” He raised his question once again
“I like her,” Dean responded, as he’s been forced, it’s right to just tell his mind. “I like Amelia than how much I like Tiana.” He added

“Is that all? Do you feel something else?” The father asked his face revealing no sign of being surprised because of what Dean just told him.
“Nothing else aside from that Dad. I just like her.” He repeated tiredly. “But you know Tiana will be hurt when she knows about this right? She must have gotten her happiness high thinking she would be the one to go with you.”

“I hope she doesn’t Dad, I have taken Amelia with me already. And I enjoyed her presence with me.” Dean poured out
“Just talk to her gently Incase she talks to you about it. I won’t want her parents thinking I am not capable of caring about their daughter’s happiness.” He added stretching his hands forward.

“I thought you wanted me to help you with it Dad. You didn’t give me the chance to start with it.” Dean complained after putting the iPad on his hand that was stretched to him.
“I don’t trust your capacity enough; by the way, I love the speech which you’ve given earlier. I’m proud of you son.” He complimented with a smile. Dean smiled sweetly after hearing that, followed by him bowing his head slightly.

“Your mother will always be proud of you. I’m thinking we should go visit her grave. What do you think about that?” He suggested while Dean’s lips patted open instantly. He would be paying his mother a visit after such a long time!.

“I can take the sudden smile on your face as the answer that I need. I will think of a particular day for us to visit her. Till then, make sure to take care of yourself, tell me if anything is bothering you.” He completed his words.

“Thanks, Dad, I never knew that gifts will be given to Amelia,” Dean said while looking at his father whose eyes had returned to his iPad.

“Just come straight with your words, I’m sure you already know that a gift will be given to THE LADY BY YOUR SIDE no matter who it is.” The father responded without blinking his eyes from the iPad.

“What’s the need for bringing a lady with me? She didn’t do anything till she left.” Dean shared his thought

“Her presence isn’t for her to say anything, but to honor you. Everyone present would think of her as either your girlfriend or fiance. That was why I suggested Tiana for you then.” He explained furthermore to him.
Her face was heavy, as she walked into the car. She joined him in the car without saying anything aside from sniffs coming from her. Seeing her acting all quiet made him curious to know what was going on in her mind.

Last night he thought she would nag with him whenever they see. It’s miracle that she isn’t saying anything.

“Good morning Dean.” She greeted her eyes staring outside the car. “Morning to you too.” He replied simply before relaxing his back properly on the chair. She didn’t say anything more after that and Dean quickly thanked his stars. At least he would not have to start his day with any issue from her.


Amelia and Mina walked each other to the basketball court. Mina’s body was boiling as she couldn’t wait anymore to hear about everything that took place where Amelia had gone during the weekend.

“Such a disgrace!” Mina muttered after Amelia finished narrating. She shook her head annoyingly before saying “But at least Dean was there to help you out.” She added with her cheeks almost turning red as she wouldn’t stop smiling.
“It wasn’t a good thing Mina. Dean saw the stain on my dress,” Amelia snapped angrily at her

“He saw it, but he didn’t refuse to help you. After all, he gave you his cloth to cover the stain.” Mina replied
“The cloth which I also stained with blood and eventually brought it home with me.” She fired back

“I didn’t know that the suit also got stained,” Mina replied. “You wouldn’t have known as your love for an expensive jokes won’t let you be,” Amelia stated in a hefty voice, her voice which was sounding like one who just finished racing.

“Don’t shout at me okay! It wasn’t my fault that you didn’t check your calendar.” Stated Mina

“But it was your fault that I had to think about it. I wouldn’t have if not because you requested for what took place over there.” She blurted out

“Sorry then! Let’s not talk about that anymore,” Amelia after hearing that rolled her eyes angrily before hearing her saying: “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind talking about what happened when he took you home.” “I thought you said that we should not talk about it anymore.” She raised her brows in surprise

“I can’t remember when I’d say it. Common tell me what took place there. After all, you couldn’t fulfill my wish of letting Tiana see you.” Mina complained

“I told you that she didn’t come to where I would see her. Your ears were asleep not to understand those words?” Amelia nagged

“They were asleep to hear about Tiana but Awake to know about Dean. Tell me what I need to know.” She insisted

“I don’t know what exactly to say, just listen to this one that will drop from my mouth. I won’t repeat my words!” Amelia warned, and she repeatedly nodded her head.

“He got me a new dress which I changed into and, we had little chat after when he dropped me at home. He also talked about doing mischievous things whenever he’s around me.” She shared

“Mischievous? Did something happen?” Mina raised her brows in confusion. “He pulled me back and hugged me when I was about to leave,” Amelia replied. “He did that!? So what did you do?” Mina tried holding her joy.

“What should I say? I was speechless at the moment. He also gave me this, and told me to wear it often.” Amelia added while showing her wrist to Mina. The band which she hasn’t noticed earlier came in contact with her eyes.

“Geez!! It’s so beautiful,”. She coed while removing it from her hand which Amelia didn’t bother stopping her. “Did he buy it for you?” Mina asked, still admiring the band.
“I didn’t ask him.” Amelia sharply said. She doesn’t want to tell Mina about Flora.

“He must have gotten it for you. Don’t you think Dean is such a nice guy? He helped you when you needed him, he gave you the band, followed by an embrace.” She gibbered non-stop after wearing the band back to Amelia’s wrist.

“So? I never said that he isn’t nice.” Amelia defended, also finding her words offensive. “Don’t swallow me okay! I was just talking about what I think about him.” She complained after seeing the displeasure in her eyes.

“I have heard the side of the story from you, I need to visit Dean. At least with that, I will find out about other things that took place. ” She replied while standing up from the sofa, her hand grabbing Amelia’s wrist.

“What’s the color of your problem? Don’t you believe what I told you?” Amelia questioned as she refused to come with her.

“I can’t identify my problem, which means that the color is still unknown to me. But if I am to choose a color for my unknown problem… I will stick with YELLOW.” Mina teased Amelia who couldn’t hold herself from laughing out loud at Mina’s stvpidity.

“I guess we wouldn’t be able to solve your problem then; Yellow is always difficult to clean.” She replied Amidst laughter


Amelia who excused herself to the restroom earlier washed her hands in front of the sink, her eyes looking at the length of her hair in the mirror that was hanged on the wall.

She didn’t notice someone entering as she wasn’t expecting anyone to.
Her mind was at peace until, she felt someone pulling her by her hair from behind to the other side of the room. The mirror wasn’t close to her anymore to know who it was. She winced in pain as the person’s grip on her hair was so tight that she could feel her scalp peeling off.

“What are you doing?” She managed to say as she closed her eyes while taking in the pain. The person didn’t talk, instead, she made her grip on the hair firmly than earlier.

“Who are you? You are hurting me! Let go of my hair!” Amelia murmured tiredly while trying to defend herself. She couldn’t help herself, as the person was standing behind her, making it difficult for her to turn her head.

“Let go of my hair! I’m in pain.” She tried screaming.
“Your pain isn’t up to the one I felt when you decided to replace me.” The words came out silently from her mouth, which made it difficult for Amelia to recognize who it was. Amelia’s heart skipped beats as she dragged in the air to her nostril just avoid her being breathless.

She raised her hand towards her head, and before her hand could touch the hand which was pulling her hair, she had already been hit on her back with her knee.

“What have I done to you? Let go of my hair, you are hurting me!!” She wailed in pain. Her eyes closed in excruciating pain. “Did you know that I was hurt too when Dean replaced you with me?” She yelled which made Amelia recognize who she is instant.


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Chapter 52


“TIANA!!” She called out faintly, gritting her teeth together angrily before saying “Let go of my hair, Tiana!!”
“And if I don’t? What will you do?” She replied sarcastically before tightening her grip on the hair, pulling her scalp along, the pa!n was te..rrible.

“I haven’t done anything to deserve this,” Amelia yelled as she took in the pa!n
“You’ve done everything to deserve this. What gut? What effrontery did you have to follow Dean instead of me?” She screamed out in anger

“It wasn’t my fault that he decided not to take you with him. You should go meet Dean, not me.” Amelia yelled in discomfort

“Meeting Dean won’t change anything,” she answered back.
“Hurting me this way wouldn’t do anything either!” Amelia fired back

“Seeing you grunting in pain gives me joy, it means everything that I need this moment to me.” She blurted out with a harsh giggle

“He doesn’t love you ” Amelia unawares said. Tiana burnt in anger before dragging her closer to her hair.

“Who said so? Who told you?” She queried repeatedly
“He loves me, and if not for someone like you who loves being an intruder. Dean wouldn’t be staying away from me.

Tell me what do you want from him? You want to force him to love you?” Tiana blurted out
“I haven’t done anything of the sort, but if that’s what you think, then so be it. After all, Dean deserves someone better than you.” Amelia replied

“So who’s that better person? Is it you? Or your talkative friend?” She questioned amidst gritted teeth

“Anyone who can give him happiness, not someone who torments him always like he’s a toy. Clean the mess you created by yourself and stop accusing people offer mistakes.” Said furious Amelia.

“So I have made a mistake!. Tell me what my mistake is? How did I torment him?” She sarcastically questioned
“Why did you lie that you are his girlfriend!? What were your reasons?”

“Because I am his girlfriend. Dean is my boyfriend!” She stated sharply, her chest rising up and down.

“Quit all those lies as it’s of no use to me. Dean never loved you! And you are not his girlfriend, You are only his childhood fri___ ouch!!” She couldn’t finish her statement because she dragged her hair more, she used her free hand to grab her arm, twisting it behind her.

“How stupid of you to inquire about me without my notice.” She blurted out

“How worthless of you fighting me here because of a guy that doesn’t love you.” Amelia fired back

“And who told you that? Was it because he took you with him? You think that’s a perfect way to tell you that he doesn’t love me?”

Amelia instead of answering her questions closed her eyes, ready on withstanding any pain that comes and in a second, she forcefully turned around, and her hair which Tiana was holding got freed.

Tiana’s mouth dropped as she didn’t expect her to outsmart her. She had planned on putting her through pain. How did she do that?

Amelia stood there while gasping for air, taking in all the pain then glaring at the little wtch in front of her who was gasping out loudly in frustration.

“I am not done with you;” Tiana stated while going closer to Amelia. In the twinkle of an eye, she hasn’t reached Amelia when she tripped and fall flatly on the ground. (Amelia’s leg that stretched forward earlier did the required work.)
“You little which, why did you do that?,” Tiana cursed furiously, feeling embarrassed before getting up from the ground.

“Do you think that everyone has a spoilt brain like yours?” Amelia questioned while standing up to her (the pain she was feeling on her scalp has started subsiding) now she will put the skills she memorized from Mina into action.

“You were causing me pain, but you expected me to remain weak. Tell me what side of your brain is paining you?” She further mocks her

Her almost popped-out eyes looked at Amelia annoying before saying “don’t speak to me in that way, else I would__” She tried threatening

“what will you do? Grab my hair once again?” Amelia asked also suspending her.
“I will show you the definition of wickedness,” She replied with her eyes glaring cruelly at her.

“I’m aware of that side of you. Show me something else,” Amelia shook her head before crossing her hands below her chest.

“This isn’t a child’s play.” Tiana instructed furiously
“I never said it is. Ain’t you ashamed of attacking someone you think you are better than from behind? It shows how powerless you are.” Amelia said to her

“I do what I want whenever I want it. You can’t tell me how my things should be done.” She muttered

“I believe you will need my help this time around as you’ve failed on how you want your things done.” Amelia further teased

“I don’t need it, stay away from Dean!!” She warned
“If I don’t? What will happen?” Amelia laughed at then took a step forward

“I will make it a priority to cause you harm in every single chance I get.” Tiana replied
“I was considering whether I should stay away from him before, but after hearing what you have to say. I will get closer to him!” Amelia replied
“You wouldn’t dare to do that, I won’t spare you.”.

“Speak only about what you are capable of doing, I have nothing to lose here if Dean finds out about what you are up to, and what you did to me.” Tiana’s body after hearing this boiled in anyentment, she furiously raised her hand to slap her, her hand which was to slap her got captured in the air before it’s been twisting to the back, as Amelia turned her around.

Amelia’s twist on the arm wasn’t welcoming! She twisted it further as she recollected all the pain she felt when Tiana held her hair. Tiana whose hand was getting twisted screamed out loud “Let go!” She said as she tried freeing herself, it was impossible because Amelia wasn’t taking things easy on her.

“I’m not weak! I don’t go around creating problems for people just like you, but that doesn’t make me weaker.” Amelia scurried her words as she worried someone entering to meet the two of them in that district, after all, it’s the school’s female restroom.

“Solve any problem you have at home with Dean, confront him, and say whatever you want to him.” She started talking
“It will be good if you choose to stay away from me as I don’t have hand in whatever is going on between you and Dean, let’s not create problems for one another as the one who looks weak might be better than the one who looks great!” Amelia stated sternly, twisting her hand once again which made out to scream in pain.

Sparing her, for now, wouldn’t cost her anything, with that satisfaction on her head, she released her hand before pushing her slightly forward, Tiana stumbled before starrutting firmly on her feet. She turned to let out her anger on Amelia but it was too late, she already walked out of the place.

“That wtch!!” She murmured angrily


Amelia who stormed out of the restroom got surprised when she met Mina outside the door, she was standing there with a broad smile on her face.

“Since when have you been here?” Amelia asked while standing beside her. Her forehead was letting out sweat profusely

“I have been here since Tiana entered. I trailed her over here ” she replied.

“So why didn’t you come in? She came to pick a fight with me.” Amelia shared as they’re starting to walk towards their lecture room.

“I wanted to come in but I changed my mind, you wouldn’t have taught her the lesson she deserves if I entered. Tell me how do you feel after saying all those hurtful words to her?” Mina teased which made her smile

“My intention was not to hurt her, I told her what the truth is.” Amelia shrugged her shoulders while taking in the headache that she was having. “she was bound to have a headache, not after everything that happened in there.”

“Twisting her arm wasn’t a way of appreciating her courage for coming to meet you.” Mina scoffed at her

“I repaid the pain she made me feel, the pain I gave her wasn’t up to mine.” Amelia opened up with Mina nodding in acceptance.

“I feel we should tell Dean about this. That will put her in the right place.” Mina suggested.

“I don’t think telling Dean will help anything here, he will pick up a fight with her then add to her pain. Just let her be.” Amelia threw away the idea

“You are being nice to her even after all she did to you? I’m not in support of that.” Mina refused which made Amelia smile;
“Two wrongs cannot make a right!” She educated
Dean’s persistence to make Amelia engaged in playing basketball with him forced her to go with him to the court. They both walked into the court with smiles over Dean’s face while Amelia kept her face forward.

Mina who added ingredients to Dean’s talk isn’t here to play with them as she complained of hunger and needed to get herself something to eat. She doesn’t have idea of how it’s done but Dean didn’t permit that as an excuse.

He promised to teach and he aided. “You just missed the ball,” Dean reprimanded as the ball didn’t enter the net
“I told you I can’t try it just yet,” Amelia complained as she felt her head aching badly. “I have used half an hour to teach you how it’s done. Is not hard.” Dean replied as he took hold of the ball and started playing by himself.

Amelia watched him quietly for some moments before asking “How many things can you do? Did you learn all this in your previous school?” Amelia questioned whereas Dean chuckled lightly, dropping the ball before walking up to where she stood.

“I didn’t learn it in school, my mom taught me how to,” He replied then watched her furrowing her brows in surprise. “Your mom?” She confusingly asked also tilting her head forward.

“She used to play it with me ever since I was a child. I knew how to play it from her.” Dean shared which Amelia finds strange to understand.

“She was a good basketball player, I guess that was why it wasn’t difficult for her to put it into practice even though she’s Married. And see something now, she shared her Lovely gift with me.” Dean shared as he turned back to spare her a glance.

“I’m surprised, but I love her personality.” Ameliaa admitted. She was still trying to get what he was saying clearly as the headaches got hold of her sense of reasoning.

“My mom is lovely, you would have liked her if you get to know her. Tiana did like her a lot” Dean shared. Hearing Tiana’s name reminded her of what took place between them earlier.

“Are you okay?” Dean asked after noticing her shutting her eyes weakly before opening it. “I’m having a headache, but I will be fine.” She assured
“Someone is having a headache after throwing two balls up, let’s go and sit over there.” Dean joked before locking his hand with hers, they both walked out of the field together.

Amelia sure wanted to laugh at what he said but she couldn’t, as it would make the headache worse. They got to where the sofa was then sat down on it together.

Dean let go of her hand which he held on to earlier then turned to see her wincing in pain. Things didn’t go well the last time he saw her wincing like this. “Did you stress your head?” He asked with concern
“I don’t know like I didn’t…” Amelia shook her head. “Should I massage it for you? It will help.” Dean offered as she shook her head in declination.
Why is offering such a huge help!? anyone can see them here.

“It won’t hurt, just wanted to help you get better.” He assured as he thought that she was scared of the pain.

She took her time to think, after she gave it a thought. Maybe receiving a head massage to help subside the pain which Tiana has given her wouldn’t be a bad thing to do.

She nodded head in approval which Dean smiled at, “Over here.” He said while pointing to his lap which Amelia shyly placed her head on, after looking around to make sure no one was there to witness what was happening.

Her open eyes went shut immediately her head came in contact with his lap. He adjusted how he was sitting properly so as not to hurt her neck before throwing his fingers to her head. When his mother was alive she would do this to him often each time he stressed himself out.

Amelia must be having headaches because of stress.
With gladness in his heart, he massaged the head properly, dipping his finger into her hair as he had removed the ribbon that packed it together earlier.

“Is it getting better?” He asked as he ruffled the hair with his finger. She was firstly quiet before nodding her head, he smiled softly before he continued massaging the head.

They were both enjoying the moment without giving chance to any unwanted thought to bother them. His fingers that drew lines in Amelia’s head tickled her as she closed her eyes, flowing along with the pleasure coming from it.

It lasted for a while then, she tried raising her head from his lap, “that should be enough”
Instead of allowing her to, he held on to the head instead of letting her rise up.

“I’m feeling better now,” Amelia said to him as well trying to make him take his hand off her head.
“I don’t feel like stopping yet. Stay still let me massage your hair a bit longer.”


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Chapter 53


“If you are to introduce me to someone who needs hair massage, what kind of ability will you tell that I possess?” Dean discussed as they both walked side by side out of the court, his hand rolling the ball on the tip of his finger, which Amelia finds captivating.

“I will speak good of you, then likewise advise not to lay head on your lap when you say so,” Amelia replied shrugging her shoulder nonchalantly which made him stop walking to look at her in dissatisfaction.

“Why will you do that?” He frowned at her
“How can I massage the head without it being placed on my lap?” He queried as well finding her excuse offensive.

“Maybe not stopping them when they say it enough would have proved your ability perfect.” Amelia shrugged as she tried stopping herself from bursting into laughter, Dean’s eyes glare wasn’t welcoming.

“Wasn’t the head massage that I gave you so fantastic that it sent your headache away?” “Tell me of the reason why you won’t just confess how good I am,”. Dean requested as he stood in her front, previewring her from going anywhere.

She shook her head tired before crossing her hands below her chest. Dean who saw her doing that forgot his anger then chuckled;

“Nothing is fun here!” Amelia stated annoyingly. The students were passing, some are sitting a few distances away from them watching the drama Dean is performing, after all the only reason they were watching was because of him, some were likewise watching because of Amelia, probably because of her beauty. Even with that doing the counting on whom they were interested in watching would have made Dean the reason why.

“Change your actions then I won’t laugh anymore;” Dean offered as he threw his hands in the air, unknowingly dropping the ball on the ground while doing that.

“The h’ll!!” He murmured as the ball rolled away from where he placed it on the ground. He ran hurriedly after it before he was able to get it, that didn’t stop it from creating a scene for everyone to watch as it went to hit a guy’s feet who was sitting close by.

“I’m sorry!” Dean apologized as he held the ball in his two hands. The young guy smiled sheepishly at him before he left.

His face was holding slight anger as he walked to where she was. She laughed uncontrollably while she held her tummy in her hand.

Dean watched her cluelessly for a few seconds before polling “Why are you laughing? Nothing is funny here,” He queried as he realized her making fun of him

“Change your actions then I won’t laugh anymore, such a mind-blowing drama you and that ball finished displaying,” Amelia said theain laughed, which made him raise his eyes at her, that was the same words he had used for her earlier, now she’s using it against him.

“Such a silly friend!”He murmured. After gawking at her like one who was about to explode. She continued laughing due to his expression, and in the next minute without saying anything to her, Dean turned around then started walking away.

“He’s angry!” She realized then ran to meet up with him, she called to no avail as he didn’t stop going, rather he increased his steps which made it difficult for her to meet up with him.

“I’M SORRY!” She yelled, the students who were watching them continued staring, not all were interested in the drama going on, some were waiting for the chance to devour every single bone in Amelia’s body as they couldn’t tolerate the sight of her beside the Young Heir.

A group of students who were all ladies gritted their teeth together in annoyance before walking out of the place. “They couldn’t tolerate what was going on as they have a huge crush on Dean. He’s Charming! Aside from being the young heir”.

Anyone interested was there watching, some were quietly eating the snack which they’ve gotten “It’s a lunch break, after all, everyone is outside to have a free period.”

Hearing Amelia’s pleas coming from behind didn’t stop him from going, rather he lowered his steps which made it easy for her to meet up with him. She increased her steps and was finally able to get to where he was.
Holding on to his arm as he wanted to continue going, she looked eagerly at his face that wasn’t giving her any clue about his expression as his face was cold and difficult to understand. Breathing heavily because she’d run earlier,

Dean threw the ball at a student who caught it happily before going away with it, his two hands went dip into his trouser’s pocket. Glancing around as well waiting for her to speak. She was still holding on to his hand. “He’s not upset, he only felt like teasing her.”

“Why are you angry? I only told you what you’d say to me earlier. Am I wrong with that?” She demanded as she set her lips into a thin line.
She waited for him to speak but he didn’t say a word, “I’m sorry,” She apologized again which made him smile softly.

“I wasn’t angry with you, I was just pvnishing you since you refused to admit that I am a good head massager.” He said more like whispering, tossing her hair before smiling broadly.

“Human beings choose to betray me when I didn’t expect,” Mina gibbered then she placed her elbow on the table.

Observing the two of them before saying: “I’m still wondering how you both ended up sharing the same seat, Carol was here before.” Mina queried which made her receive a hard glare from Amelia, she knows but her busybody made her raise the discussion.

“I couldn’t wait to start tormenting Amelia, so I switched my seat with her seat partner after I spoke a few words with her” Dean replied then winked at Mina, who smiled sheepishly.

“Are you sure you did that just to torment her?” Mina questioned while taking the matter up to what she wanted.

“What other reasons will be there!? You enjoyed tormenting me. I’m sure Dean’s reason for coming here would make you happy.” Amelia who took her eyes away from the novel she was reading snapped.

“Isn’t it weird that she’s suddenly angry!?” Dean said as he eyed Mina. She understood his gesture then quickly added “Exactly what I was thinking. Wasn’t the basketball game fun?”

“I tried my best to make it fun but Amelia complained of having headache after throwing two balls.” Dean shrugged like a lady.

“I didn’t throw two balls, I threw more than that,” Amelia argued. “So how many goals did you get? Didn’t you get a headache?” Dean asked then her lips went firm.

“What’s the headache for? Have you gotten better?” Mina asked with concern as she forgot about what she was planning to do.

“It’s better, the aches reduced,” Amelia replied with a nod. “So fast! You took the drug for it?”

“I gave her a head massage,” Dean yelled before she could talk by herself, the students that we were able to hear him stretched their neck towards him before looking elsewhere.

Amelia tried hiding her red cheeks as she felt shy, “why can’t he keep that as a secret?” Mina who caught Amelia trying to hide her red cheeks chuckled without saying anything further.


“Briefing you on how my day went would be difficult as many things occurred in it. I will start by informing you that I am finally free from Brad’s punishment, that was good news right?” I’m aware also, I knew making it to Top Three would give me a helping hand.”

“When the news came to me earlier I wasn’t able to get the best of all happiness, as I don’t want Dean to find out what’s going on between Brad and me, maybe because of the reasons unknown to me.’ I rejoiced with Mina who was likewise happy for me, do you think Brad has another punishment for me after escaping this?”

“I have stopped attending the school during late hours, Dad got a new driver for us who always carry Arnold and Andrea. With that i won’t have any issue with Brad. ” I’m thinking of informing Dad about going for the driving tutorial, learning it wouldn’t be a bad thing to do.”

“Tiana got into a fight with me today, I wasn’t surprised that she did, since I was already expecting her to show the bad side of her.” But I taught her little lesson, Mina’s displayed madness didn’t end up in vain.”

“I put them all into action today and got Tiana speechless. I’m still having headaches due to the f!ght that I had with Tiana, although it has subsided since Dean gave me helping hands by massaging my head.”

“He sometimes makes me feel lucky that we are friends, also knows how to get me upset.” “I thought Mina is the only ¢razy friend in the world, now that Dean has joined her, I don’t know where to run and hide.

“They are both pains in the neck, I haven’t finished battling with Mina, now Dean entered the game.” I can’t hide the fact I admire them actually, such sweet friends to be with. But you will always remain my forever first friend, I hope you aren’t jealous because I have new friends?”

“I miss studying on love.” “I doubt making a promise to stop studying until I can feel the love feeling is the right choice. When will I encounter someone who will give me the feelings?”

She discussed freely with her diary, and when she finished, she casually wrote:

“You visit my room whenever you want, what if I have a lady waiting in here for me?” He complained with a frown

“I’m aware you don’t have any, so I can come in whenever I want.” Damon scoffed also making fun of him.

“I will get myself one very soon, I can’t tolerate these harsh words anymore.” He stated offensively.

“You started it!” Damon shrugged nonchalantly, which made him roll his eyes like a lady.

“Must you finish it? He shrieked, which Damon laughed at.

“Maybe I am sorry!”Also, quit thinking about getting a lady to stay in this room, you can’t have a girlfriend anytime soon” Damon lighted the fire that was about quenching.

“The assurance? Getting a girlfriend isn’t a big deal for me.” Dean snapped

“You and I know that you only care about love, I don’t think you are ready to engage yourself into that.” Damon pointed out, he knew what he said was the truth. “He would never be with a girl he doesn’t feel anything for.”

“Whatever! Just give my room the respect that it deserves okay? Don’t go around entering anyhow, how will things go if I decided to bring a lady here? Is this how I would meet you eating snacks on my bed?” He nonetheless complained

“Jasmine sent her greetings, she wanted to come with me but I didn’t allow her,” Damon said as he ignored his words

“She had talked about coming to visit but I didn’t take it serious. Tell me why didn’t you come with her?” Dean replied as he operated his laptop. “The P.A called him earlier and told him to check out a project which he didn’t care about.” He would just slide through it then tell her he’s done going through it.

“Don’t act like you will appreciate her presence if she comes, I refused to bring because I don’t want her falling endlessly inlove with you than she already has,” Damon replied

“She can’t do that, she’s just being nice to me as my sister,” Dean told as his fingers were operating the laptop which Damon didn’t bother to ask what he was up to.

“Learn skills on how to make your lies perfect, I’m sure you know how she feels about you.” Damon rolled his eyes irritatedly
“Maybe I do,” Dean agreed

” so what do you want me to do about that? Do you want me together with your sister?.” Dean questioned, taking his eyes away from the laptop to see him silent.

“Then, not now that you’ve started liking Amelia,” Damon replied feebly

“Aside from the fact that I can’t do anything of the sort with your sister, because I have always seen her as my sister. What does liking Amelia has to do here? Isn’t liking someone a usual thing?” Dean scoffed

“Usual when it’s still likeness, fewer when it turns to feelings,” Damon responded
“What are those parables for? You haven’t answered my question” Dean threw him a glare

“I answered but you were not listening. I won’t bother saying it again” He told to him, Dean shook his head tiredly at him before returning his concentration to the laptop. “His eyes looking at the words written, but he wasn’t concentrating, Damon’s comment about liking Amelia seems to give him tough thought.”

“So what will happen?” “Tell me how things have been between you and Amelia” He requested while adding more pressure to his thoughts.

Dean rubbed his hair tiredly before saying “Can you ever stop asking about Amelia? Are you trying to cheat on Lisa now?” He scoffed at Damon who only laughed at his silliness.
“Won’t you murder me if I tried wooing Amelia?”


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Chapter 54


“I do everything to make you love me, but you choose to be with Amelia instead of me!,” Tell me what else do you want from me? She cried out at him

” Peace! I want consensus, I need consensus, I need the air of peace I have been breathing before you came into my life.” He responded without blinking his eyes

“I have never stopped you from breathing one before,” Tiana complained

“You’ve stopped me by disrupting my life and what I do,” “Why did you quarrel Amelia? Do you know how much pain you caused her?” He requested with furrowed brows

“She likewise caused me pain, I repay her by what she paid to me,” her answer came sharply

“Stop it, Tiana! Amelia doesn’t have anything to do with this. I was the one who told her to come with me. You could have quarreled with me instead,” Dean pestered

“I can’t do that. Everything was going well before she came, you started avoiding me because of her.” She wailed

“I told you that I love someone, must I repeat it for you every time?” He queried in annoyance

“So who’s the person? You are not ready to tell me and to deceive me further, you lied that it wasn’t Amelia.” She said

“Amelia is quite attractive, she has a good attitude, I like her and, I enjoy her presence around me but that doesn’t mean she’s the one I love.” Dean started talking

“The business I have with the lady that I love and you is different. Why must you always want to invade my privacy?” Dean interrogated as he gritted his teeth tiredly

“Because I love you! I want you for myself! I want you, Dean! You should be mine, not Amelia’s,” her answer was so quick

“I can’t be yours!;” “My heart can’t be shared as it’s already been given to someone, you cannot have me.” Dean rectified

“Why can’t I? Is it because of Amelia? I will kill her!!” She shrieked and before she could finish what she was saying, A dirty sIap already landed on her cheek.

She held her cheek in her palm, before staring up to see him glaring at her, “Why would you do that?”Came here thunderous question

“If I notice anything happening to Amelia because of you, I will make my sight your worst nightmare.” Dean instead of answering threatened

“And what if I refuse you being a nightmare? You can as well be my dream because I won’t stop battling to have you.” She replied sarcastically, her hand that was rubbing the cheek had been dropped to her side

“Who will win my heart doesn’t need to battle, as it would beat for you by itself if it wants to!” Dean reprimanded

“Amelia should stay away from you!” She claimed

“You should stay away from me,”… He screamed at her, which made her scared. “Why is he so angry?”

A sudden repeated calling from someone interrupted her sleep, she unlocked her eyes forcefully and everything dawned on her, it was all a dream!!

Rubbing her eyes with her palm, followed by a light yawning from her, her drowsy eyes caught sight of the maid who was standing by the bed. “What do you want?” Her voice was low as she just woke up from sleep.

“Good morning ma’am, the young master sent me to deliver a message to you!” The maid answered while appointing her head towards the ground

She grabbed a pillow, and after placing it under her head she says; “What did he say?” She asked while closing her weak eyes. On a normal day she would have broken the maid’s head for interrupting her sleep, but presently, what happened in her dream is still there to be taken care of. Was it just a dream or revelation?

” It’s time to go to school ma’am, he’s waiting for you in the car.” The maid delivered

“Tell him I am not going,” Came to her silent reply. The maid didn’t bother saying anything again as she walked out of the room.

Tiana sat up on the bed, her palm rubbed her head lightly as the remembrance of the dream she had kept on crossed her mind, standing up from the bed to where the mirror was being placed.

She crouched forward as she stared into the mirror, her eyes examining the cheek that Dean had sIapped in the dream. Placing one of her hands on the table while the other rubbed the cheek lightly.

“Amelia’s matter followed her to the Dreamland! She wondered if a day would come that Dean would speak rudely to her as he did in the dream, also, What was the slap for?”

She doesn’t know whether to assume it to be a dream or God’s way of showing what will happen in the future to her. Has Amelia told Dean about her fight with him, but he decided not to question her yet? What if he’s getting attracted to Amelia already?


“Elisa is resuming on Monday, I find it difficult to get the thought out of my mind. Can’t I lose my memory somehow before then?” Amelia chuckled softly after hearing what she told

“Nothing among what I said is funny!” Mina picked what she did as an offense

“Sometimes you don’t laugh because you heard something funny, at times you will laugh because of the teller’s expression.” Came Amelia’s teasing reply

“So you are laughing at me? Is this a new thing to begin with today?” Mina questioned

“Common, you were happy taunting me together with Dean yesterday, now that I am teasing you, you find it offensive,” Amelia reminded her

“So you want to seek revenge on only me?” Mina scoffed in disbelief

“I won’t be around in school next week!” Amelia announced as she remembered.

“Because of? Are you meditating now?” Mina joked
“Have you seen the one whose mediating eyes opened before? What is wrong with your brain?”She replied before rolling her eyes

“Mom and Dad asked us all to come over, so we are leaving to see them.” Amelia shared
“But, we are not on holiday, are you ready to miss lectures?” Mina questioned while she shrugged her shoulder “I can’t decline my parent’s request, I miss them a lot too, I will be back after a week, at least you are here to brief me about whatever happens when I am not here.” Amelia said

“I get it now, you are also free from Brad’s punishment which we would have worried about. So, that means I will be lonely!” Mina replied sadly

“You have Dean to torment your life, just be careful around him, you know everyone here has eyes on the Young Heir?” Amelia informed

“Have you ever been careful around him? Even though you are aware that he’s an Heir?” Mina snapped at her
“My relationship with him is different, all those girls are crushing on him because he’s charming, I only see him as my friend, I don’t realize it every time that he’s charming.” She shared

“So what about those times that you’ve realized? What have you done?” That was Mina trying to change the discussion

“I stare briefly at him, then appreciate his look. Dean is charming and I know, have I answered your question?” Amelia stared at her

“Partially not all, so let me ask you one thing,” Mina stated

“Don’t ask me what will result in me breaking your bones, I have exhausted all of my patience,” Amelia warned which Mina didn’t discover good enough to obey.

“I’ve been speaking calmly with you, now that you are threatening me, you are exhausting my patience” Mina replied but Amelia didn’t answer, rather she closed her eyes tiredly before opening them to stare at her

“Whenever you look at Dean. Have you ever thought of being his girlfriend? Or him as your boyfriend?” Mina raised her questions nevertheless, of Amelia’s reaction

“The source of those questions?” Speechless Amelia questioned

“Because I want to know. We are interacting, I am just asking about what crossed my mind,” Mina shrugged harmlessly

“For your information ma’am, I have never imagined myself as his girlfriend, or him as my boyfriend. I only like Dean because he’s fun to be with and ¢razy like you.” Amelia started explaining

“Anything aside my friendship with him hasn’t crossed my mind before,” she completed her words

“But what if he likes you? Will you consider all those things about him?” Mina further enquired

“He likes me and I know, he wouldn’t have asked me to be his friend if he doesn’t like me!” Amelia snapped

“Maybe mentioning likeness was a mistake, what if he loves you?” Mina corrected which made Amelia laugh before saying:

“He can’t, the heart can’t be shared and I understand that so, Dean can’t love me” Amelia answered, her mind thinking of when Dean told her about loving someone. He can’t fall Inlove with her!!

“What if he does? Will you be happy?” Mina insisted

“You are questioning me like you would gain something from it. He can’t! Also, let’s stop talking about him. I find the conversation boring and out of my taste” She rushed her words

“You will always deny whatever I suggest, must you always act like this?” Angry Mina asked

“Because that’s what I am, I have always been like this,” She replied instantly

“Don’t you want to save Dean from Tiana? Make him your boyfriend” Mina’s words made her shocked but she immediately recovered, today isn’t the first time Mina is saying nonsense.

“Is that a joke? Why will I do that?” She asked almost screaming

“Because I can sense it that Dean likes you, you only need to be a bit closer to him then he would love you,” Mina informed without having any idea on whatever thought was going through Amelia’s mind

“Hold on Mina_this_ isn’t funny anymore,” She stuttered then laughed ¢razily

“what’s wrong with you? It’s a joke right?” She asked in disbelief

“Most times we don’t do anything aside from taunting each other, that’s why you assume what I am saying as a joke,” Mina’s reply was enough to convince her that she wasn’t joking

“What else will it be? You know Dean can’t love me, and I don’t see myself loving him too,” She argued

“So all that he has done to care for you is what? Care dedication?” Mina questioned

“He did that because we are friends, I can also help him with them.” She shrugged her shoulder innocently

“Your eyes are blind to the extent that it can’t see the truth, should I get you a microscope instead of eyeglasses?” Mina replied, her reply was funny but Amelia didn’t find herself laughing at it.

“Get me a gvn to burst your head, I will prefer that!” Amelia answered with an eye roll, entirely tired of the discussion.

“Just give what I said a consideration, I’m sure Dean feel something for you,” Mina replied instead

“But I don’t feel anything for him. Wait for a second, why are you talking about this now?” Confused Amelia asked

“You will be gone for a whole week, Tiana might try something different with him then since you won’t be here,” Mina shared what she thinks

“That’s not an excuse, Dean can always take care of himself, after all, who Tiana wants to get rid of is me.” Amelia disagreed

“She can’t do anything to hurt him,” She expanded

“Relax your mind properly then you will realize what I am talking about, do you want Tiana closer to Dean? Will you like it if they start going out together?” Mina questioned repeatedly

“Why not? After all, they are friends, I’m not Dean’s girlfriend that I will feel jealous,” Amelia blinked her eyes repeatedly

“You’re studying on love but it’s difficult for you to recognize it,” Mina pointed out

“Which means?” Amelia raised her brows at her
“Which means you can’t recognize love and feelings when you see one, I don’t know if Dean can realize it yet that he’s getting attached to you, but at least you should be able to identify love when you sight it,” Mina tried explaining

“Everything you uttered is tampering with my mindset, I don’t know what to think about,” Amelia protested in confusion

“Think about you and Dean together, the one who you will fall in_love with won’t just appear, you have to go for it!” Mina further persisted
“What should I go for?” Amelia answered by also questioning her


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Chapter 55


“I don’t know why you are forcing me to go meet him, it’s not like it’s necessary any way to him,” Here are the complaints from Amelia.

“Sometimes I worry about the reason for your problem, even though you always say that you have none.” “Are you planning on traveling without informing Dean?” Mina clasped with an eye roll

“I never said I won’t inform him,” “I still have tomorrow to inform him. I don’t need to do today,” She complained tiredly

“Why didn’t you wait till tomorrow before informing me?”She pestered

“At least there’s still tomorrow,” Mina expanded sarcastically while crossing her hands across her chest.

“How can I do that!? You are my friend and you deserve to know,” Amelia informed

“Which means that Dean is your enemy and, he doesn’t deserve to know?” She raised a question

“Now you are turning the table around, I didn’t say that, “Amelia contended

“Fine then go to him! I knew about this and he will know too, he’s our friend,” She insisted

“I will go to him, but only if you will come along,” She tried making up an excuse

“Don’t think of that.” “You are the one who has something to talk about, you should be the one to go.” Came Mina’s sharp words

“Sometimes I feel you are simply looking for a way that I will be seeing Dean alone.” “What’s the reason why you won’t come with me?”


“Should I go and meet Brad before going to Dean? One of his followers (Men) told me earlier that he wants to see me.” Amelia talked about it as she took another bite from her snack.

“I’m curious about knowing what he wants to talk about; Do you have an idea?” Mina asked, also sipping from her juice

“How can I? I’m not a mind reader!. I’m just hoping that he wouldn’t be giving me another pvnishment,” Amelia shrugged as she chewed on the snack.

“So am I,”Mina also said
“I think it will be best you go see Brad first.” “He’s a mood spoiler, and presently nobody knows what he wants to talk about.” Mina shared while Amelia listened

“After meeting him you can then go to Dean, he will help replenish your mood also, don’t forget to tell him about your traveling” Mina explained

“I thought you would like to accompany me to go meet Brad,” She scoffed

“I didn’t mention following because it’s impossible, he will act insane and probably pick on me too,” She said to her
Mina’s reply which Amelia agreed to. They talked shortly later before Amelia went out in search of Brad. What’s waiting ahead of her?
“How did you do it?” His coarse voice, his body features that speak otherwise of what he is, his nostril puffing out smoke from both nostrils. She coughed consistently since the smoke had managed to enter her throat, which made it difficult for her to breathe. The whole space in the room has been filled with smoke.

“What did I do?” She asked in annoyance, then coughed thereafter. His sight has never held any importance in her eyes. If there’s something she would ask life to take away, definitely it would be him and Chris. All they’ve ever done is torment her.

“I didn’t see it coming. It’s rare seeing you unexpectedly smart.” He related in a cold voice

“All I did was do what will make my parents proud of me, nevertheless I had no idea what you are saying,” Her voice was firm and fearless, her heart kept on tugging repeatedly on her chest but she wasn’t ready to show the weakness, it’s not needed now!

“But you no longer arrange here,” Brad stated his hands pointing at the big space in the quarter. The cigarette in his hand which Amelia was praying to end soon. She needs to breathe in pure air!.

“That was because I got freed from it,” her sharp answered.

“I have been hoping that you would come late to school another time,” Brad replied without minding the gut she has to reply to him

“Dad got us a new driver. I can’t come late to school anymore,” She answered back, her voice slightly cold
“You don’t know what I am capable of doing to you,” Brad said Amidst laughter

“I can’t be punished without an offense,” She blabbed which outraged him.

“Keep shut!” He muttered but, it was a bit loud enough for her to hear.

“One more word from you and I will lose my patience,” Brad threatened, his right middle finger which was holding on to the cigarette was pointed at her. The smoke kept on polluting the air as he dragged it more than usual.

“All I am doing is answering the questions that you’ve asked,” She coughed consistently

“So!? Do you need to answer me rudely?” “Also, I can’t remember asking you to reply to me,” He told to her, after which she decided not to speak anymore.

Both of them were just in the quarter silent, Brad is in here so, definably no one will enter, no matter how much time they spend. Which is what Amelia worries about, how will she get out of here now? Oh h’ll!!

“Because I like you doesn’t mean I will tolerate you speaking rudely at me, I am capable of so many things and you know, don’t take advantage of my patience for weakness.” He further said which made Amelia speechless.

“I’m not weak, which implies that I won’t ever be weak. Have you seen how much I feel something for you? Is that why you’ve grown the courage to speak rudely at me?” He asked, his voice sounding d’vilishly silent.

His ev’l way of getting to have something with her one day hasn’t succeeded, that was why he decided to go through the sweet mouth process. If only he knows how bitter the words are for coming out of his bitter mouth and heart.

“Won’t you reply to me? You answered all of my questions aside from this; Don’t you believe that I like you?” He let out while trying to hold her hand, she stunned him after taking two steps backward which made it difficult for his hand to touch her, she glared at him, before taking her gaze away.

Her action offended him but, he decided to let it go. “Why don’t you like me?” “I realized now that using my power may not help to get you, so I want to ask you, Why don’t you like me?” He questioned about what sounded like a mad man talking to Amelia. Did he call her here just to ask stupid questions?

“Now you don’t want to answer me,” After seconds of waiting for Amelia to speak, she refused to say a word, then he continued speaking.

“You don’t want to like me? I am not a good person for you to like? Have I taunt you so much that you don’t even want to look at me?” His weird questions which sound like noises

“Can I leave? I want to attend to someone,” She asked while ignoring his questions.

“Who’s that? I called you here to talk to you. You can see that I haven’t been raising my voice on you,” He scoffed

“Many girls over here want me for themselves, so why are you backing out alone?” He sweet-talks

“Not everything that looks enticing can entice everyone, I don’t like you,” Amelia blurted out coldly, her words hitting him hard. He was surprised but didn’t let it show to his face.

“I’m aware, what I asked is the reason why you don’t like me? I want us to talk casually without raising voices on one another.” He informed but she didn’t move her mouth.

“You don’t have an answer to that too?”He questioned

“I will leave now,” she replied instead, and before he could say a word, she already walked out of his presence without looking back to glimpse at him.

Why does he like studying so much? He has everything a man needs to own in the world nevertheless, he takes his time to study at any given chance.

She can’t believe she would have to interrupt him now because of Mina’s persistence. She wondered what Mina’s problem is!?
“Are you here for just staring secretly at me then leave?” Dean who saw her through the glass door asked, without raising his head. Amelia who wasn’t expecting that got stunned, How did he find out that she was there?

“I’ve been watching you in that “Glassdoor” for sometime now.” Dean added as his head signaled her to the glass door which captured her image clearly. Now she can remember a day which she had caught him standing behind her too with the help of it.

“Maybe the glass is only here to serve as a detective and expose everyone’s identity.”She wondered.

“Nice dimples actually, I never noticed them on your cheeks,” Dean filled out without raising his head. Her cheeks turned red regardless of her mood which Brad ruined. She’s never going to think of what happened in there with Brad.

“Since you are here, come and sit here with me, then tell me the reason why you haven’t told me about those two cute dimples on your cheeks,” Dean added, she smiled sheepishly without knowing what to say.

“I haven’t seen someone notifying people about dimple before, people discover after staring at the face,” Amelia told to him after sitting.

“Does that means, I haven’t been looking properly at your face?” Dean asked sarcastically.

“I don’t know, maybe you haven’t,” Amelia shrugged her shoulder nonchalantly

“It will be the best time I do it now then,” Dean stated and before she could comprehend his statement, he grabbed hold of her cheeks in his warm palm.

Amelia’s heartbeat repeatedly, what is he doing? She gulped down nothing down her throat. Dean was smiling as he looked at her cheeks before raising his eyes to look at her eyes which made their eyes come in contact with one another.

“I have stared at it properly now, now I can see how gorgeous they are!,” He communicated with a giggle. While staring at each other Amelia’s eyes looked briefly at him as he talked, his soft_voice, his neatly and well_arranged teeth, that heart-melting smile, and that succulent pink lips! Why is he so Adorable?

She could only see his lips moving, she doesn’t understand what he was saying. His palm holding her cheeks made them warm.

“Look at me too and tell me what’s lovely about my face?” Dean suddenly demanded. Her eyes blinked continually as words weren’t coming out of her mouth. Looking at him to spot him staring directly into her eyes, probably waiting for an answer.

“Your eyes and, smile are beautiful?” She shyly said. He blushed insanely before saying; “Is that all you can say?”

“Your nose is very long that I feel it needs cutting into two,” Amelia joked which made him laugh ¢razily, his palms dropping from her cheeks.

Now she can feel her cheeks catching a cold! Why did he take off his hands? “That isn’t what I was expecting you to say,” Dean stated after he stopped laughing.

“What were you expecting me to say? That was what I saw about your face, “Amelia teased, likewise holding her laughter. He looked away sadly without saying anything. His act which she found funny as it was childish.

“I came here to tell you something,” She announced. “What’s that?” He asked without raising his eyes to glance at her. Is he still upset?

Amelia watched him as he flipped the book which he was reading to the next page, then she answered; “I won’t be coming to school next week,” She informed.

Dean after hearing that took his eyes away from the book to her face. “Why won’t you come? Did something happen?” He questioned as he forgot about his current mood.

“We are going to visit my parents, that’s why.” She further explained while finding the moment awkward. “All this happened because of Mina!”She cursed under her breath.

“So, when are you going to be back?” He asked with his blank expression. “Very soon! It’s just to visit, probably a week, “Amelia replied as he nodded his head.

They both kept mute afterward without saying anything to each other, Dean’s eyes were roaming around the hall while Amelia stared freely into space.

“Do you know the cause of a slight headache? It’s been worrying me since yesterday,” Dean discussed.

“I have no idea, but it must have been because of stress. Have you tried medication?” Amelia inquired

“I haven’t, probably I will go see our family doctor if it’s worse than this. But it’s still bearable for now,” He replied with light yawning, which shows that he was exhausted.

“Can’t you let go of reading for now? You just complained about headaches,” Amelia rebuked as she snatched the book away from his hand. Dean giggled softly before answering; “I get bored often, reading keeps my company when no one is there.” He shared with her eyes staring at his.

“I don’t know what to say; “Amelia announced as she took her eyes away from his. “Maybe you should see me off to the park, I need to go home,” Dean replied

“But! This is during school hours,” Amelia scoffed confusingly.

“My head is aching, I should go get some rest at home. You will be in school tomorrow right?” She nodded her head.

“Now that’s fine, I will get to see you before you leave right?” He questioned about her traveling. “You will,” She replied as they both stood up from the sofa.

“Keep to that promise, you should ensure that I see you before leaving, although I don’t want to believe that I won’t see you for days,” Dean told. His words were confusing, she doesn’t understand what he just blurted so she kept mute.

“Are you going to accompany me to the park?”Dean asked again. She nodded her head in reply which made him smile. He walked closer to her and surprisingly he joined their hands together.

Amelia’s heartbeat rapidly against her wish on her chest. “You don’t want to give me a helping hand, so I got it for myself, “Dean said then they walked side by side out of the hall.
An evil smirk escaped his lips due to the scene he just finished watching. THAT YOUNG HEIR!!
Something must be done concerning him! And Amelia!? She’s going away from school for days! There should be a slight war before she gets back. That Young Heir must be put in the right place!
Then he would get back at Amelia;


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Chapter 56


“Dean won’t be chanced to lecture you today, he isn’t feeling well,” Amelia announced to Arnold, where they all sat down in the room after dinner.

“I won’t say I don’t know about that, I noticed it when he was lecturing me yesterday but, I decided not to question him. What’s wrong with him?” Arnold asked while he stretched the tablet at Andrea who took it from his hand instantly.

“As he told me, he’s been having slight headaches.” “I’m sure he would be fine after medication. Although, he went home early from school today to relax. He should be better before tomorrow,” Amelia explained as she shrugged her shoulder hopefully.

“The game isn’t loading!” Andrea suddenly said. “I thought it would work after you check it out for me, “He cried out then he returned the tablet to Arnold who frowned tiredly before saying; “Just like you tried sorting it earlier, I have also tried fixing it for you.” He started saying;
“Get another game downloaded or take your mind off games, maybe it’s bound not to work for you, “Arnold instead of helping complained.

“But it’s working properly on your phone!” He argued. “Probably because it’s my phone and not yours,” Arnold said.

Andrea who was sober because of what Arnold told him angrily walked out of the sitting room to his room upstairs.

Since their conversation wasn’t in any way related to Amelia, she didn’t bother interrupting rather, she finds herself keeping mute with her mind thinking about Dean.

She hopes that he would be fine when next they meet. That was the thought on her mind as she closed her eyes tiredly.

“I hope that Dean would be fine,” Arnold whom she was not paying attention to after his conversation with Andrea spoke out what was on her mind.

She looked at him briefly before nodding her head. “Have you spoken to him about our trip?” He questioned then he picked the abandoned tablet from the couch where Andrea had angrily dropped it.
“I didn’t know about this as you’ve never told me all that took place,” Mina ranted as they walked into the lecture room together.

“You never asked me about it when I came back, so, what’s the need to tell you?” Amelia snapped at her.

“I was already worried about Dean, are you expecting me to still remember about that Devilish Brad?” She scoffed irritatedly.

“He said many words that I can’t remember it all, if you don’t mind you can go meet him for the remaining ones I forgot about, “Amelia irritatedly murmured.

“Now I have seen how far my training can go, you seriously dare to walk out on Brad, and now you are talking rudely at me!” Mina exclaimed.

Amelia rolled her eyes irritatedly before saying; “I did that with self courage, Also, I haven’t learned anything from you aside gibbering always,”

Mina chuckled softly at her words before saying; “You at least learned something from me, what can you say to that f©ol?” She taunted her but Amelia didn’t answer instead, she went ahead to have a sit.

“Elisa is resuming next week, are you seriously going to be away for a week? How should I cope with everything?”Mina cried out

“She’s your half-sister but, you worry about her mostly. Get your butt thrown towards Dean whenever you have a problem. He will be there for you,” Amelia advised.

“When are you leaving? What time is your flight tomorrow?” Mina rather asked,
“They don’t want me to see daybreak, exactly 7:00 am,” Amelia answered sadly which made Mina laugh.

“How was the discussion with Dean yesterday? Was he happy or sad when you told him?”

“He didn’t give me the chance to understand his expression, he complained of headaches and went home,” She replied

“Have you seen him around today then? Probably to know about his health, “Mina asked. “Seriously Mina, we have both been together since I got to school. I couldn’t have seen him alone,” Amelia snapped.

“So where will he be? He isn’t here!” Mina stated as she looked at everyone present in the class. “He must be hanging around somewhere in the school, he made me promise to see him before I travel,” Amelia informed.

“Let’s go check the hall, he should be there, since he isn’t here,” Mina suggested.

“He isn’t here either, where can he be?” Amelia worriedly complained. Inside the hall which they had expected Dean’s presence to guest them rather, it was the empty air and silent atmosphere that welcomed them.

“I don’t know where he is, Have you seen Tiana around too?” Mina asked and watched Amelia shake her head.

“Can’t we just call him? I think that should help,” Mina suggested.

“Who knows? He might be somewhere around the school premises alone,” She added.

Immediately dialing the number, steady sounds from the background could be heard which shows that the phone has started ringing.

“He isn’t picking up,” Amelia sadly said. She tried calling two more times and just when she was about to give up, he picked up.

“Hello, Dean! How are you doing? Where are you?” She asked repeatedly before realizing the strange sound in his voice. “What happened to your voice? Is everything fine with you?” She asked before putting the phone on speaker so Mina could also hear.

“I’m__I’m fine, “Dean’s voice trailed off when he was speaking. “Are you in school? I didn’t hear you properly!” Amelia asked instead. “I’m not in school, my health worsen after I got home yesterday,” He managed to say.

“What happened? Was it the headache?” She asked but didn’t hear him speaking. “Hello! Hello!! Dean, can you hear me?” She called out consistently before realizing the call has ended.

“Why did he hang up?” Mina asked no one in particular as she took the phone from Amelia’s hand. “He isn’t picking up anymore, I think something is wrong with him,” She stated.

“I was able to hear him saying his health worsen. How can we reach out to him? I have to see him before leaving” Amelia asked while she closed her eyes helplessly.

“I don’t know what to say? Anything crossing your mind?” Mina asked too. “I don’t know what to say, he made me promise to see him before leaving,” Amelia murmured to herself.


“Mister please, I need you to be fast in driving so we could escape the traffic. You get the address?” She questioned the driver impatiently.

“Yes ma’am,” the driver simply said as he concentrated on the road. It seems luck isn’t on their side as her fear finally came through when they ended up being stuck in traffic for some hours.

She rubbed her hair furiously as her eyes were closed before she realized the car that has been stuck on a spot after hours going forward. She immediately snapped her closed eyes open before it occurred clearly to her. “Thank Goodness,” she muttered gladly under her breath as they’ve finally drove the car out of the traffic.

Her body relaxed when the car was finally driven into the building “The driver has successfully brought her to the right house. ” Even though she has only been there once, her brain was still very intact to recognize the building.

“I will be back,” She said to him before she made her way into the hefty building.


As she was eager to see him and find out, why did the call suddenly drop? And why was he not picking when they called back? Has something gone wrong?.

A little discussion with the guard and they let her into the house “it isn’t like they’ve not met her before.”

Her steps were fast and steady, having different thoughts running on her head, the traffic had made everything worst and now!? The cloud is turning dark. “It’s getting late already,”

Unknowingly and out of consciousness collided with him since she was not concentrating on her way, “MR STEWART!”

“Good afternoon sir. Sorry for my mistakes,” she hurriedly apologized while staring guiltily at him.
“Beautiful Amelia!” The father instead of getting upset called.

“I can see that you’ve finally come to visit as my guest,” he added with a kind smile.

“No sir, I have come to check on Dean, he told me about his health,” She replied nervously. She wasn’t able to hide the truth that she was surprised that he called her name. “He still remembers up till date?” And his nature? He’s very humble;

“I’ve always told him to rest but, he wouldn’t listen to me. I’ve got the family Doctor check on him, he’s getting better after all the treatment that he received,” He explained to her.

She breathed out with easiness after hearing him. At least Dean is doing well!

As they were not able to reach out to him through phone calls, Mina encouraged her to visit Dean.

When she had to ask Mina to come along, she gave her the excuse that, it was her who needs to see him as she would be traveling the next day and wouldn’t get the chance to meet him again.

“I’m on my way to a meeting, I believe we will discuss properly whenever you visit as my guest,” He stated and she nodded her head shyly.

“I should get going. Ask any of the men (Guard) to show you his room Incase you find it difficult to locate it,” He said and she nodded her head with a smile.

“Thanks for the concern you’ve shown to my son.” “I’m happy knowing he has friends who care about his well-being,” He complimented her.

“Thank you, sir,” Amelia managed to say.
“Why don’t you rather refer to me as “UNCLE?” He suddenly said
“That isn’t a much request to demand right?”


He could feel his vision becoming blurry due to the light dizziness which he was feeling. His body temperature running higher than usual at the moment.

How everything suddenly became this serious is a surprise to him. He never knew the slight headaches that he was having could result in him lying on the bed.

Handling over the glass cup back to Tiana who collected it from him instantly. She had insisted on staying with him, even when he declared it himself that he wanted a maid around him instead.

Tiana boldly refused and, according to her, they might do something bad to him, that was a lie to allow her stay close to him after all.

He changed his sleeping position, then relaxed his back weakly on the bed, with his eyes staring at the ceiling;
“She’s leaving tomorrow and I wouldn’t get to meet her before she leaves,” He worries;

“Have you plugged my phone for me please?” He asked Tiana who was sitting beside him on the bed.

“I did after you gave it to me earlier. Do you need it?” She asked while dropping the glass cup on the tray.

“I have to call Amelia, we were on call before the phone went off,” He shared with her. Her face after listening to him is nothing to write home about, as it turned into a frown, but with the fact that she’s a clown, she had immediately faked a smile.

It was her who made up the lie that the phone doesn’t have enough battery, so he wouldn’t be able to reach through to Amelia.

“Even during the time that he isn’t in school, that witch, (Amelia) still won’t allow him to be for her,” She murmured

“The phone hasn’t changed yet, you will be able to call when it does,” she said to him then he nodded his head.

Taking his eyes to the plasma by changing his sleeping position once again, “Do you need anything?” He heard her asking.

“I’m fine, just tell me when the phone has changed, I need to speak with Amelia.” He answered without sparing her a glance.

It feels nice staying in the same room with him, and also sitting beside him. As he couldn’t have sent her away just like he would other time.

Unlucky for him today, he doesn’t even have the strength to do so. That means she would be the only person around him. Not even a maid will be allowed to come in between them

Surely, she can still have him, all that needs to be done is to detach him from that slut “Amelia.” just like she had done today. And boom!!! Dean would her hers;


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Chapter 57

“I was scared when I suddenly could not hear you speaking and, after several calls you refused to pick up!” She complained non-stop where they both sat down facing each other.

“My phone went off when we were speaking,” “Were you really scared?” He asked. “Scared? That was a short definition.” She scoffed
” I was terrified that I had to rush down here immediately” She blurted out.

“I sense that, now that you are here, how do you feel?” He asked then waited eagerly for her response.

“I feel less bothered knowing that you are indeed doing well and no harm has happened to you,” she answered with a smile.

Sharing from her smile then saying; So you wouldn’t have bothered seeing me before traveling if the call didn’t mess up?

“I would have.” “How can I leave without hearing from you?” “A good friend will never do that,” Amelia replied.

“You are right. So how will you prove to me that you are a good friend?” Dean’s question made her mute for seconds before saying; “By being there for you whenever you need me, just like I have done today,”
“What the h’ll are you doing here? What do you want?” She roared from where she was standing in the room as she saw her enter.

Marching closer in anger to avoid Dean waking up. “I asked you what you are doing here!” She questioned as she stood in front of her by the door.

“The one who I own such explanation has asked me, and I have given him the right answer.” “I could get in here with his permission. Do you feel less concerned now?” She answered effortlessly, then crossed her hands below her chest.

“The guard is not in the right position to allow you in here, you are not welcome to stay,” Tiana said.

“I don’t remember mentioning guards allowing me here when I was speaking.” If it’s a must you know then I will tell you. Stay close to the wall so you would fall over after hearing this,” Amelia stated sarcastically.

“Mr. Stewart, sorry, he just told me to stop referring to him as MR.” “UNCLE gave me the permission to come in here,” She clearly said. Her words did the job that she wanted on Tiana’s face, her lips went parting, and her face? It was h©rrific.

“I don’t believe you, as you will do anything just to get close to Dean. Uncle will never do that, he doesn’t even know you,” she argued.

“Seems you’ve forgotten that I followed him to the meeting instead of you as the lady by his side; Do you have a phone? Or maybe his number? Give him a call then sort yourself out,” Amelia fastened her words.

After enjoying the displeasure on her face before Tiana could retaliate, she entered properly into the room, her eyes sighted Dean where he was sleeping peacefully on the bed.

She smiled briefly about going closer to Dean, Tiana grabbed her hand from behind, and just with a swing which Amelia did, her hand got freed.

Walking forward to the bed, it was too late for Tiana to stop her as she already sat down on the bed beside him. “Dean!” She called his name lightly but it could wake him up.

She doesn’t want to interrupt his sleep, but if she doesn’t do that, Tiana would create more problems for her. “Dean!! I’m here,” She said as she stroked his hair.

Amelia was already sitting beside Dean, there was nothing Tiana could do any more than to stay there and watch.

He flickered his dizzy eyes open after he heard someone calling him repeatedly. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his palm lazily.
“Amelia!” He called lightly, his voice coming out low due to the nap which he took.

“Are you here Amelia? Or I am still dreaming about you?” He asked while his weak eyes stared closely at her. She smiled softly before saying; “I’m here Dean, do you feel better?”

He doesn’t know when he felt, as his emotion worked against his body. His eyes which were staring shockingly at her stared furthermore.

Gazing faintly before raising one of his hand to her back, he pushed her closer to him unexpectedly and this made her head, and chest falls flatly on his body.

Immediately that happened, Dean wrapped his hands around her body, “I was dreaming about you. It’s difficult to believe that you are here, in case this is a dream, allow me to do this please,” He managed to say while he kept his jaw on her shoulder which was closer to his head.

No one bothered about Tiana who was standing in the room watching the scene that was happening in her presence.

Her plan was smooth and almost succeeding, she thought she has separated her from him as for today, only for her to wander back here. And Dean!? Must he always do this to her? If this continues he would fall in_love with Amelia and that’s her greatest fear.

“Stand up from his body, he’s not strong enough for a load to be placed on him. Why will you fall on him?” She stated almost yelling. Even though she was there to witness how Dean himself made her lay on him, she still would blame Amelia.

Amelia who cwas still in shock because of what Dean did manage to rise from his body, it was impossible as Dean tightened his hands that were wrapped around her body.

“I made her lay on my body, she doesn’t need to stand up,” Dean said to Tiana who bit on her lips angrily.

“You are not strong enough, why would she lay on your body?” “I would help her stand up if she can’t,” she offered and was about dragging Amelia’s body when Dean warned;

“Don’t touch her!” It came as a warning but it was difficult to listen to. “But, I can’t stay here watching her being in your arms,”. She unknowingly yelled.

Truthfully, it was inconvenient for Amelia to lay on Dean’s chest but, remembering how Tiana runned her mouth earlier made her feel less bothered. Now she will get scolded by Dean. Even still, she can’t stand up without Dean releasing her as he was holding her too tight.

“It’s my choice to do that because I want to, “Dean’s replied which nobody expected.
“I’ve been here for hours but you didn’t even hold my hand,” Tiana soberly said.

Dean heard her words but he didn’t reply rather, he parted Amelia’s hair and whispered “I’m still praying for this not to be a dream,” Her heart skipped beats after she heard what he said.

“Get out of here now!” Tiana out of nowhere shrieked as she has started dragging Amelia’s hand. Dean doesn’t have the strength to struggle, he might have been speaking but, that doesn’t stop the weakness from taking over his body even still.

His hand loosened from Amelia’s back and she was finally separated from his body, “Let go of her now!” He managed to yell

“I won’t! I want her to get out of this room, and this house now!! ” Tiana insisted as Amelia was also trying to free herself from her.

“But I want you out of my room instead, you should get out of this room because I want Amelia to stay with me,” Dean said.
She resistantly let_go of Amelia’s hand, her chest rising up and down. Her teary eyes dropped a tear which Dean doesn’t care about.

She stared at Amelia in anger and without saying a word, she turned around then walked out of the room.

“Show me your hand, are you hurt?” Dean instantly said as he got hold of her hand after Tiana left.

“Nothing is wrong with my hand, I’m fine,” Amelia said. She could see him breathing out easily before relaxing his back on the bed.

“Your body temperature is running high,” Amelia said while she stood up from the bed.
“I have always thought that you are a strong heir but, seeing you lying here weakly because of headaches makes me realize how lazy you are,” Amelia teased as she rubbed the cold towel across his head.

After she realized his body temperature, she thinks rubbing a cold towel would help since the doctor isn’t around to check on him.

She read it from a book that would help, she never tried it but, she hopes that it helps today.

“I’m not weak, I have always been strong, “Dean argued while staring happily at her.

“Until I see you perfectly healthy, and out of this bed, I won’t believe any of your words,” Amelia nagged. She dipped the towel in the water, then placed it on his head.
She couldn’t move the towel around how she wanted, as Dean’s hair won’t stop sticking to her wet palm. “I need to get out of here then,” He muttered which made her chuckle.

“Mina sent her greetings,” She informed. “Thank her but, why didn’t she come with you?” He asked after yawning lightly.

“Because I wouldn’t get to see you before traveling, I am leaving tomorrow morning, she doesn’t need to be here compulsory.” She started explaining.

“A promise was placed on my shoulder, so I had to come to visit you,” she explained. “Would you not have come to see me if you didn’t promise?” He asked.

“Maybe, I may come and not come,” she replied nervously, she could feel her throat drying due to how Dean was staring at her.

“I know all you are trying to do is detach Tiana away, but don’t you think that was much?” Amelia stated. He had no idea what she was talking about so he stared cluelessly at her.

“Why did you make me lay on you? The moment would have been embarrassing if it was not Tiana and, I likewise know what you are up to,” She ranted.
Uniformly, Dean in an instant got hold of her hand that was placed on his head. She was stunned as she had no idea what he was up to.

Just like he did earlier, he pushed her slightly forward and she fell flatly on him, with their lips few distances away from each other.

Amelia gulped down the air below her throat as what he had done caught her unaware. The towel which she was using earlier had dropped on the bed.
She raised her eyes from the towel to see Dean staring keenly at her “I didn’t do that because Tiana was there. I did it because that was what my emotion want,” he started talking.

“If Tiana had not grabbed your hand, I wouldn’t have allowed you to leave,” Dean explained as he locked his eyes with her.
“You are_not_ doing well, I need to get up, “Amelia managed to say.

“Don’t do that, who says that I am not fine? Tiana has gone, which means that I am fine.” Dean warned and tiredly, she let her body stay uncomfortably on him.

Her heart which wouldn’t stop racing faster, Dean took off the strands of hair that fell on her face, he tushed them to the back of her ear. And now? He had the chance to look at her without anything hiding her face from him.

“I was sad when you told me about your trip, up until now I haven’t been able to control myself from being sad each time I remember,” Dean started speaking with her staring at his nose as she doesn’t want to keep her eyes in contact with his.

“Sometimes it’s you and Mina that makes my day in school, and now you want to be away for a week. I find it difficult to believe that you are here with me at the moment,”

“I thought I wouldn’t get to see you before you leave,” he paused for a moment to see her trying to hide her face, he smiled softly before calling;
“Amelia, this is you in my arms right?” She shyly nodded her head. Seeing what she did made him chuckle before reaching her neck with his palm.

“I feel some kind of emotion running through my body,” he let out but she didn’t say a word as she was speechless.
She remained quiet and tried taking away the thought on her mind each time she looks at his lips when he talks.

“I tend to do things against my wish whenever I am around you, I once told you that?” She nodded her head.

“Well the feeling is back now, and I can’t express how I am feeling. Will you be mad at me if I do something now?” He asked but she could only stare into space, she doesn’t want her eyes to share contact with his lips again.

“Tell me, Amelia, will you be upset with me?” He asked while staring eagerly at her face. “I don’t know,” her voice sent a cold shiver down his body.

Staring deeply into her eyes, he forced her to maintain the same eye contact with him by appointing her head rightly in front of his.

As the eye lock which they share was intimate, no one tried to blink, they lost themselves into it. Steadily, and slowly taking their head closer to one another.

Dean found himself drawing her head towards him. They didn’t blink their eyes, the closeness became much till they could feel each other’s breath on their nostrils.

She closed her eyes when she couldn’t control how she was feeling. His lips touching the side of her nose made her snap her eyes open, before she could realize it, Dean placed his lips on hers.

Her stomach grumbled as she felt herself burning from inside, Dean’s open eyes went shut when he kssed her tenderly.

She wasn’t reciprocating as it was her first, staying quietly in the position while fighting hard with her emotion.

Dean’s lips moved deeper into her mouth, he roamed his hand across her back, as he take in all of her mouth which she unconsciously opened for him.
His tongue made its way directly into all the corner of her mouth, as he had already gained free access.

He took his hand that was around her neck to her waist, holding them tightly, likewise enduring the aches he was having on his head

He dragged her waist closer to him and her body, his mouth didn’t stop moving around in hers. Enjoying the feeling which they never knew existed in them.

Losing themselves into the romance Dean whispered; “what are you doing to me, Amelia?” Amidst the kss which he didn’t want to detach.

Rubbing his hand all over her back, the feeling is new, he never felt that way before. He wants more of her, he wants everything to remain this way.
She doesn’t know when she moaned feebly at his touch, the romance went for a while until Dean broke the kss due to the sudden ache that he had.

Closing his eyes while taking in the pain, opening it to see Amelia nervously getting up from his body; “I-_ I want to__ I’m going to the bathroom,” She stuttered while she removed his hand from her waist, then hurriedly ran out of the room.


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Chapter 58


Hurrying to enter the bathroom with the door been firmly closed behind her, she relaxed her back on the door immediately. “What just happened?”

“No! No!! She doesn’t do that, she couldn’t have lost her senses then kssed him. “She has never to been so careless that she would lose her first kss to someone whom she doesn’t love.”

“Was it her thoughts or Dean did kiss her? And she doesn’t refuse?” “She didn’t pvsh him away?” “Oh h’ll!!” “What did she do? Kssing Dean?” “Her first kss!”

“She has only come here to check on him right? She offered to rub his head and he agreed, so his temperature would be better.” “How would she have lost herself to such an unexpected thing?”

“And Dean? What will he be thinking of her? “She ranted silently before relaxing her back properly on the door.
“Dean kssed her without anything between them! Why would he kss her when he has someone he’s in_love with?” The first kiss that was meant for her love had just been stolen by a friend!

“How will she go out there and face him? Has he started thinking of her taking advantage of his illness?” But, she didn’t make the move, she couldn’t remember all the words Dean told to her before she realized him kssing her.
“Can all that he said be true?” “What am I doing to him?” “What is he doing to me?” Oh h’ll! What has she done? Probably, she should call Mina.

She talked consistently to herself before realizing that her phone was left in the car, and the driver? He must have gotten tired of waiting.
She needs to return home as it was late already. Mrs. Lee would have been worried that she isn’t back yet.

How will she get out of this bathroom? She doesn’t want to step out there to face Dean, not after all that happened. She wouldn’t dare to face him.
Something, in particular, bothered her which she thought to consider later, she wouldn’t have allowed a guy to hug her just anyhow.

Now she kssed someone whom she doesn’t love.
What was with Dean? Why did she fall flatly in his presence?

Maybe if she didn’t look at lips, she wouldn’t have lost herself in the thought of it.
And, if she had refused to lay on his chest when he pulled her, all of this wouldn’t have happened, they wouldn’t have shared a kss together.

Everything seems much for her to think about, Dean has knocked on the door already but she wouldn’t open it. Not knowing what to think about precisely and finally concluding on how to get out of the bathroom then, leave to her house.
It’s been a while that she has been in the bathroom. Standing in front of the sink where she was washing her face with water. It’s already up to an hour that she has locked herself inside. Dean who knocking from outside wasn’t heard saying anything after a long period of knocking.

She hasn’t heard him knocking for a while, and he must have managed to go out of the room.

Gently stepping out of the bathroom, she closed her eyes tiredly while she tiptoed out of the room. Her eyes looked around the room to ensure no one was there, she sighted Dean where he was on the bed with his eyes closed. “He’s sleeping already!” Amelia murmured.

She was about to continue going out of the room when it crossed her mind. Her eyes watched him sleeping peacefully, his chest rising up and down slowly. He must have fallen asleep when she refused to answer.

As for Tiana, she wouldn’t come back in here since Dean already sent her away.

It was tough for her but, she managed to do it. Raising her hand forward from her side to his forehead, she examined his temperature to realize it was normal. “Thank Goodness!!” Rubbing the towel at least helped.”

Carefully taking his hand as she stared into his sleepy but cute face, she fiddled with his fingers gently as she stared into his face.

Although his look was still pale slightly, which made it obvious that he was sick, nevertheless, anyone can testify that he looks better than earlier.

“Get well soon Dean, I’m leaving now,” She whispered. Her whisper wasn’t loud enough to wake him up or for him to hear.

Caressing his head playfully before returning his hand to his chest. A glance at him for the last time before coming out of the room.
Chewing her inner lips anxiously while she walked down the stairs. It’s late hours already but one wouldn’t have known due to the brightness which was in the house.
More as if the worries that she was having isn’t enough for Tiana to come back with another version of trouble.

“Have you stolen from Dean, that’s why he couldn’t see you off,” Tiana asserted but she didn’t speak rather, she proceeded to go down the stairs.

“Did you steal from him or, you tried taking advantage of him?” Tiana tried creating havoc as she stepped into her presence.
Amelia listened to everything she let out, which made her remember what she’s been trying to take off her mind glared at her then said; “You were told to get out, were the words not ringing enough on your head that you cheaply came to meet me? And now you are suddenly searching for a f©olish argument? ”

“I can’t stay off knowing there’s a stranger in here, who can steal things from us,” she shamelessly replied. “As you’ve turned to the security suddenly who’s job is to look after the house?” Amelia snapped

“Maybe you truly are a security as you aren’t the owner of the house either,” She added while giggling afterward
“Who told you the house doesn’t belong to me? I belong here!” Tiana said.

“Gathering together what Dean has told to me and, what I saw by myself, you are a stranger here just like me,” Amelia’s words were sharp.

Tiana gritted her teeth together, taking in the anger that was boiling in her before replying; “It shows clearly who is a stranger here. You are leaving while I am still staying because I live here,”
“You live here but it doesn’t belong to you. You are living out of pity and covetous.”

”The house which I am heading to belongs to my parents so, the house is mine. Do you still want to say something?”
“Watch what you say to me Amelia, Dean might have done all that in your presence but he cares about me” Tiana warned

“I thought we are done with this topic? You don’t have to remind me of that, as I will only believe what my eyes see,” “In what I have seen, Dean never showed how he cares about you, except the fact that he sent you out of the room because I was there,” She mocked
“Believe it from now that I hate you, “Tiana furiously said.
“I never liked you either, step aside or I will inform Dean to get you out for me,”
Eight ‘O clock the next morning. Dean woke up realizing his headache has subsided. The weakness which he felt has reduced also. Turning his body around for his eyes to see Tiana placing her head on the bed beside him.

“Amelia!” He muttered lowly as he remembered what took place last night. “Amelia!” He called out loudly. Tiana who was sleeping woke up due to the voice that she heard.

“Where’s Amelia?” He asked as he tried sitting up on the bed. Tiana whose mind boiled because he mentioned Amelia’s name replied angrily.

“Last night it was all about her, today you woke up calling out to who left last night.” “I am the one here with you, you should call my name instead!” She ranted before she walked angrily out of the room.

He ignored her words as he got down from the bed, weakly heading into the bathroom where he expected her to be. She came in here after they kssed yesterday.

Entering to see everywhere empty except for the materials that were in the bathroom. “Amelia” He called then Tiana’s words came into his thoughts. “She left last night,”
“She left! And he didn’t know?” Did she leave without saying anything to him? How did he sleep off?

Ruffling his hair together and, likewise fastened his steps, “Take me to my lesson place,” He commanded the driver after he entered the car.
Coming down from the car, his hands in his pocket. He walked eagerly into the house, he would have preferred running if not because of the weakness which was in his body.
“Good morning mister,” A maid who had known as the lesson teacher greeted after he walked inside the house.

All he did was nod his head before saying; “I’m here to see Amelia, where is she?” He inquired impatiently. The maid who stared at him for a moment before answering; “Miss left together with her siblings to the airport this morning,”
He blinked his eyes after hearing what she said, “She left? When?” he asked before the maid could speak Mrs. Lee walked in on them discussing.
“The flight was by 7:30 am. They left to the airport for a while now,” She added as the maid left.

Seeing him in his nightclothes and his dull face she asked; Do you need to get something from her? I can help get it for you,” She offered

“Would they have gone already?” “Can I see her if I go there now?”Dean instead of answering asked.

“They must have gotten to their destination. It’s three hours already since they left, the flight was by 7:30 am. Now it’s past nine,” Instantly when he heard that he could feel himself getting weak from the inside of his body;
“She has gone and he couldn’t explain himself to her!”

“I was told by Amelia that you weren’t fine, how’s your health?” Mrs. Lee asked as she doesn’t have an idea about why what she told him had so much effect on him.

“It’s over an hour since he has returned home, he’s been there in the car without getting out of the car, even though he knows that they’ve gotten to the house,”

He has called repeatedly but she doesn’t pick up, could she have been angry with him? He rubbed his palm across his eyes as his mood was sober.

Everything isn’t given to him, Amelia speaking with him now is the only thing that he needs presently. “Dean! Come down from the car, where are you coming from?” Troublesome Tiana banged the car from outside.
“You went out without changing from your nightshirt, where did you go to?” She queried which only gave him headaches.

He’s starting to think if Tiana was the reason why Amelia left, who knows? She might have picked up a fight with her.

“How will he reach out to Amelia,” he thought as he took the phone lazily from his body.
Opening the car door where he met Tiana standing, “Where are you coming from?” She questioned. “What happened? Your eyes are red?” He left her question unanswered to then he walked absentmindedly to the house.


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Chapter 59


Twisting the key severally to ensure it has been locked, he walked lazily to the bed, the bed which he sat down tiredly on.

Dropping the phone which was in his hand on the bed, he relaxed his back weakly on the soft foam (bed). Closing his eyes tiredly before opening it to see the chandelier hung above shining into his eyes.

Lazily took his eyes away from it before he would get dizzy because of the brightness. He ended up losing himself to the memories, the memories which made him feel better but, a lot of weakness was activated.

Firmly closed his eyes as he remembered the sweet moments. A day ago Amelia was here taking care of him. Up until now, he has only been thinking about Amelia, he never thought of what made him kss her.
Has his mind started transgressing? What’s with the uncontrollable emotions that he gets whenever she is around him?
“I kssed Amelia yesterday Flora,” “I don’t know what’s mistaken with me? And now, Amelia wouldn’t even speak to me,” Dean spoke his mind to the image which he laid down facing on the bed.

“I never tried kssing any lady before aside you. You were the first lady I ever kssed on the very night when you came to see me at home after my birthday,”
“Yesterday I lost myself into the emotions I get whenever Amelia is close to me then I kssed her,”

“I have only felt something of the sort for you and, even though you are not here anymore, my heart still beats for you,”
“Amelia has been my friend and we share a friendship bond, how am I to explain the reason why I kssed her to her?”

“She will be away for a while, I thought I would explain myself to her but, she left before I could. Now she doesn’t want to pick up my call. What should I do Flora?”
“I had to leave behind what I was doing just to rush down here, I’m just getting your message today,”
“Smooching Lisa? “The message which I sent two days ago? You are just seeing it today?” Dean asked

“Your way of sending messages isn’t the right one at the moment.” ”Messages are sent through email when it comes to business, no one sends a casual conversation through E_mail,” Damon answered
“Were you expecting me to fall ill? How’s the mail casual?” Dean asked

“That isn’t what I said. Your messaging through E_mail isn’t just right to me. After knowing that I hardly visit it, “He further explained

“That was the only source I had then to message you after unlimited calls which you didn’t pick.”

“I have told you to associate yourself with social media, they don’t slaughter there!” Damon replied feebly
“Have you come here to see me or nag?”Dean demanded.

“Both are needed as long you wouldn’t give me peace of mind.” “How are you feeling?” Tired Damon stated
“Have I started looking fine?” “I wouldn’t ask you to come if all is okay with me.” Dean’s sharp reply

“Reasons why you are summoning all your anger on me? It wasn’t my fault that you are ill, or, has Tiana done something?” “Probably you feel like releasing the anger on me because, you don’t look unwell to me, except your eyes that are cold and red,” Damon ranted like a lady.

“I’m in trouble but it isn’t because of Tiana. I can’t say whether she added to my trouble but, I am in trouble,” Dean started speaking

“Your words weren’t coming to where I would understand it, speak straight now and don’t emphasis,” Damon told to him
“My trouble began after I did what I shouldn’t have done to Amelia,” He stated
“What did you do?” “You picked a fight with Amelia?” Damon questioned.

“I’m not a lady that picks fight around. I kssed Amelia when she came to visit me yesterday,” Dean said as he took his eyes away from Damon, he can’t withstand the mad reaction he would give.
“Excuse me!? Did you call me here to prank me? You can’t do that!” Damon scoffed yet laughed.

“I did, I don’t know how it happened or what happened to me, she was only trying to help me get better when I__” He suddenly paused
“When you?” Damon raised his eyes at him
“When I kssed her, “He eventually completed his words after reluctance.

“What were you thinking? I don’t know if I should believe you or not. You would not have kssed Amelia,” Damon stated
“She was close to me, I felt my body working against me. I made her lay on my body even when she didn’t want to, in the next minutes my hands were wrapped around her with me kssing her,” Dean explained as he thought about the incident.

One part of him isn’t sad because he kssed her, he was just confused and weak at the same time concerning everything;

Damon stared unbelievably at him, he would have assumed him telling lies, but he knows Dean when he’s deceiving him. The sincerity on his face wouldn’t have been there if he wasn’t telling the truth. But how did it happen?

“What did you notice happening to you before you kssed her?” Damon asked, his face serious as he knew there was nothing to joke about anymore.

“I can’t say, I noticed my body working against me as I said earlier, there was a turn up which I felt because she was close to me and when I stared into her eyes,”
“I’m sure that was what made me do that, I wouldn’t have done that if my sanity was intact. I don’t know what was wrong with me Damon,” He managed to clarify
“What was her reaction after the kss? Was she angry amidst the kss? What was her reaction?” Damon questioned repeatedly

Briefly thinking about it before answering “She was lying still on me, she doesn’t stop me but, she doesn’t allow me either.” “I couldn’t say whether she was angry then, but she hurried away to the bathroom after we stopped kssing,”

“Did she say anything when she came out of the bathroom?”
“She never did… After I called repeatedly but she didn’t open it. I went back to the bed because of the headache, that was how I doze off,”
“I woke up not to see her anymore the next morning, Tiana told me that she left last night,”

“Can it be that Tiana created scenes with her? You know what she’s capable of doing,”
“I met Tiana beside me, I don’t know what she did when I was sleeping.” “I’m just thinking that she left because we shared a kss,”

“I don’t know what to say… Should we go to her house? Maybe you can explain yourself to her,”
“What am I to explain to her? I’m not a f©ol who doesn’t know what to do at the right time.” “I went to her house but she already left,”
“Even though you need my help, you can’t fail to run your mouth like a lady. Where did she go? Explain that to me”
“On a trip to see her parents, she won’t be back till after a week”
“even during school days? Let’s give her a call, that’s the last hope”
“I explained calling but she wasn’t picking earlier, I don’t know what to do anymore.”
“You didn’t think of that before kssing her? Does she looks like Flora whom you claim to love?”
“I seriously don’t know, each time I tried understanding everything just entangled, and nothing comes to my mind,”
“All I remember was the crave I had then, which made me do that,”
“Small to the extent of not understanding what’s happening to you?”
“Get another way out for me, I need to speak with Amelia, I am restless”
“Give her a call once again,”
Doing the sorting of the clothes by herself inside the wardrobe. She would have asked a maid to attend to it but, the stress of going out to seek attention was what she doesn’t want to go through.

Picking the clothes one after another from the box, she heard her phone ringing where she kept it on the bed. Complaining brvtally before reaching out to it where she dropped it carelessly.

“Mina!” She mumbled in surprise before picking up
“You were thinking if you should pick up or not?”
“You shouldn’t have bothered calling as you didn’t remember to call throughout yesterday,” Amelia babbled

“You enjoy ranting during inappropriate times. Would I not have called if I was free? Do you know what has been keeping me busy here?” Mina snapped, Amelia rolled her eyes lazily before going over to take a sit on the bed.
“Sort yourself out,” She answered back

“How was your trip? You are sounding like you’ve been told to walk around the world,”
“Because I am tired.” “The journey was not so hectic but my joints are aching,” She complained after which she relaxed her back on the bed
“All you did was sitting in the plane, you were not the pilot,” Mina gibbered
“Story for another time, “Tired Amelia snapped.

“I have called Dean to ask about his health, have you spoken to you today?” Mina asked. Her constant heartbeat started racing against her chest at the mention of Dean.
The memory of what happened flashed through her mind, she let out a deep breath before thinking, “Has Dean told Mina what happened?”

“What suddenly happen? Did you catch sleep after hearing what I said?” Mina who was waiting for her to speak taunted
“I’m busy here, what were you saying?” She managed to say
“Dean told me he’s been calling but you weren’t picking. Can’t he just ask of you in peace?” Mina rushed her words
“I was busy throughout yesterday so I couldn’t speak with him, did you ask about his health?” She tells an untruth
“He’s doing well, he told me how you helped him when you went to visit. Tell me did Tiana see you?”
“Many things to talk about but not now. I have many things to do,” Amelia explained

“Include Dean in those things, I already told him that I would speak to you,” Mina told to her
“Tell if he calls that he should take care of himself, none of his medication should be stopped,”
“As I have turned to a messenger? End the call and tell him all that.” Mina stated firmly
“Such a lazy rat!” Amelia murmured.
“What did you say?”Mina was polled because she wasn’t able to hear her
“I was only meditating,”

“Dad didn’t tell you about my health? Why are you bringing this to me?” Dean asked the P.A who stood in his presence.
“He did, but he likewise permitted me to come to you.” “The files are to be submitted tomorrow,” The soft-spoken and, extraordinary beautiful lady contemplated on her words as she speaks to him.

She has a huge crush on Dean even before she started working in his father’s company. She can’t be questioned for having a huge crush on him as any lady out there would also have something to say if they are asked.

When the news of working with him came to her she was the happiest person on Earth. Never knowing he’s an Heir who doesn’t care about the company processes work.

She expected him to be around her as she works for him, maybe then she would lure him into being hers, but that hasn’t happened

“Place those files on the bed,” Dean instructed as he walked closer to her. He noticed how she was looking at him, each time their eyes meet she would bite her lips sxily but he doesn’t care.

Leaning forward to the edge of the bed where he signed the files, he knew her eyes were set on him the whole time. He has finished signing all the files even without going through them.

Rising back on his feet to stand properly, he gave the files which he had neatly arranged together back to the lady who looked lost in thought.

“Are you okay?” Dean innocently asked while he watched her nodding her head with a smile. “You can take the files away, although I don’t know what company will demand work on Sunday,” he said then he sat down on the bed

Taking away the part of his hair that was blocking his eyes which made look so handsome with the act “Tell Dad that I am done with them, you can leave now,” He completed his statement and in a go! He stood up then walked out of the room.


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Chapter 60


“I went to visit her mom but, she wasn’t around when I got there,”

“Did you return home after you didn’t see her? She must have missed her mother, that was why she asked only you to visit,” The mother explained
“Really mom!? I ended up spending the day with my two mischievous cousins who enjoys ranting,”

“I see that,” ” Your aunt must have been sad after hearing that you left,” She said
“She called to apologize, even though I don’t see anything wrong” Amelia replied
“Mom! How much do I look like a grandmother?” She asked
“Such a weird question! Haven’t you seen her pictures before?”She questioned
“I saw them but I don’t think she looks like me,” Amelia simply answered

“You both are alike, the only difference is your hair and eyes.” “When she was alive she has short hair when yours is long” The mother explained
“She uses glasses just like your father, the glasses which you haven’t used before.” She added

”Ruby considers you as her mother figure, that’s why she sends for you each time she misses her,” She explained thoroughly
“Mom! Has Grandma seen me before?” Amelia hesitantly asked

“She hasn’t like I always tell you, she died before I conceive you.” ” I’m sure if she’s here you would have been the apple of her eyes,” She stated
“Because I look like her?” Amelia scoffed

“Because she loves children, and also your resemblance,”
“Does Dad always miss her?”
“Always, but it lessen after I gave birth to you. He feels his mother came back as his daughter,” The mother and daughter discussed
“Wow! That’s why you refer to me as mother-in-law mom?” Amelia exclaimed
“Yes daughter, you should have seen how your Dad takes his time to look after you when you were born,” She started explaining

“What he didn’t do was birthing you, other things were almost done by him, “She shared
“Including brea$tfeeding?” Amelia scoffed which made the mother and daughter laugh at her $illy question.

“He couldn’t do that as he doesn’t have brea$t to feed you nevertheless, I only get to hold you properly in my hand when I am feeding you,” She answered anyways

“I thought only your father was obsessed with you until; Ruby started hers, she would take you home with her then, I will have to beg before seeing my daughter,” She shared while Amelia listened as she smiled consistently

“Your father will be so mad that he goes there to get you back home,” She concluded
“That was fun mom! Why would they do that?”Amelia blurted
“They have the love of their mother in their heart,” She said to her with a faint smile. Amelia understand what she said nodded her head in acceptance.
“How was your visit to the company yesterday? Did you have fun over there?”The mother asked

“We did Mom, Andrea took over Dad’s seat,” Amelia shared
“That naughty boy!” The mother muttered then giggle
“Even Arnold sat down on his desk, they were both silly,” Amelia informed
“So what did you do? You didn’t mention yours,” She questioned
“I was there getting entertained by them, “She shrugged nonchalantly which made her laugh.

“I have seen you hanging up the call many times since I got here.” “Why didn’t you pick? Who’s calling?” She asked suddenly. Amelia was nervous before answering;
“Dean is the one calling Mom,” She answered nervously. “Dean!” She repeated after her
“The one you followed to a meeting?” She asked after closing her eyes more like remembering the incident.
“You are surprised that I know you went to the meeting?” She questioned Amelia who looked startled
“Mrs. Lee told me about it, so I gave her my permission.”She stated
“I will have given you the permission if you had asked me,”

“I didn’t know that you were aware,” Amelia said.
“I know. Why aren’t you picking his calls? Because I am here?”She teased
“No mom, I will call him back when I am done with you,” She lied
“Fine by me!” She nodded her head
“He’s Arnold’s lesson teacher aside from being your classmate?” She asked
Amelia was firstly mute before she uncomfortably nodded her head. Why is she talking about him?

“Who is he in person? I am asking because I am curious to know what the meeting was all about,”
“Dean Stewart, his father owns STEWART GLOBAL_” She got interrupted by her mother’s impression.

“STEWART GLOBAL COMPANY?”She asked in surprise while a nod as an answer came from Amelia.
“What! Are you sure of that?” She questioned unbelievably
“Yes mom, he’s the Heir to the company,” Amelia answered
“I was asked to come along as the lady by his side to the meeting,” She immediately added
“I never knew, why is he lessoning Arnold? His family has money! They are wealthy!” She asked as her expression showed how surprised she was.
“He’s teaching for fun, he enjoys reading and teaching,”
“Hey mister, how are you doing? Can you remember me?”
“Hi! I’m fine,” He answered simply without bothering himself about the last question
“I was asking if you remember me, “The lady stated before taking the seat beside him even when he never gave her permission.

Dean looked at her briefly before taking his eyes away, he has met her before but where?
“I don’t remember where I met you,” he told to her
“I saw that you helped me around the school compound when I wanted to transfer then.” She answered

“Can you remember?” she asked with a smile as she drew her hair to the backside of her body.

“I do now, “Dean’s reply which was cut short when she scoffed, “I remember you very well without description, but I had to describe myself before you could remember meeting me,” She stated offensively.

As she was dressed in the schoolwear, Dean knows she’s been accepted to the school already. “What do you say, mister? Pardon me for referring to you like that, I have forgotten about your name,” She stated
“It’s fine by mine,” he tiredly said

“I thought you would reply by telling me your name, what’s your name?” She rather asked
“Dean!” he replied with his eyes staring away from her. The gap which was a bit much between them as started closing up and she would not stop coming closer when she was talking.

“My bad! I should have remembered,” She cursed icily.
“I was taking a walk around the school, never knew I would run into you,” She shared
“I’ve been here for two days and I didn’t meet you, it was my bad luck for not remembering your name,”

“I could have asked someone about you rather than going around in search of you,”
“Dean! You are here!” Mina entered the hall with the ice cream cup which she was fetching ice cream from in her hand.

“Do you know her Dean?” She rather asked when she met Elisa sitting with him
“Yeah, I have seen her around before,” He managed to say.
“How did you get in here? You shouldn’t wander around like a lost art,” Mina rudely said to her.

“I thought you wouldn’t speak to me as you concentrated on him before, can you live without picking on me?” Elisa snapped
“Just like you’ve never lived without wandering around, why are you with Dean?” She asked angrily

“He gives you an account about how people meet him?” She scoffed
“I came because he’s my friend, ” “I will pretend not to hear that,” Mina fumed before trashing the ice cream cup into a dustbin.
She walked closer to Dean who was already standing, grabbing his hand while her eyes looked at Elisa.

“I came here to discuss with you, seems the atmosphere has been polluted! Let’s go elsewhere,” She stated and walked him out.
“Is he Mina’s boyfriend?” Elisa mumbled silently

“Has she picked your call?” Mina asked impatiently immediately they were out of the hall.
“She didn’t pick, I even sent different messages to her,” Dean answered

“Now I don’t know what to say! What’s happening between you two?” “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?” Mina confusingly asked.
He was mute for some time before saying; “Should I tell you what I think made her start ignoring me?” Dean asked as Mina nodded her head repeatedly with her eyes impatiently staring at him for answers.
“Amelia and I kissed when she came to visit me,” Dean told to her.

As she was someone who’s not used to keeping her mouth shut, her mouth went apart as she looks shockingly at him
“You guys kssed? You and Amelia?” She asked her voice coming out loud

“We did, “Dean replied “But you were sick! Was she the one that kssed you? What happened?” “I was the one who kssed her and truthfully, I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Dean informed
“She didn’t tell me, that should be the reason why she refused to pick up your call.” “She must be feeling awful” Mina shared

“I know… That’s why I have been trying to reach through to her, I don’t know if she’s angry with me!” Dean explained
“She left your place in anger? Was she upset?” Mina asked
“I have no idea,” He replied.
“I’m speechless, I didn’t see that happening between you two soon,” Mina stated which only made Dean nervous.

“I’m thinking you shouldn’t call her, she’s feeling awful like I mentioned earlier, she won’t speak with you,”
“Her vacation is ending soon, she will be back then you both can discuss,” Mina advised
“Why is she avoiding me? Will I not speak to her throughout her stay over there?”Dean sadly asked

“That’s what I said, As that was what happened, Amelia won’t speak to you,” Mina informed
“If she won’t speak to me now, when will she do? She might not speak to me anymore even after she’s back,” He sadly asked
“I don’t know about that. Why did you kss her?” Mina asked after scoffing.
Dean’s lips which were formed into the thin line between opening;

“I don’t know why I kssed her, not a reason has crossed my mind even after asking myself” He answered truthfully
“Meaning you haven’t been understanding yourself, maybe you have feelings for Amelia?”Mina started speaking.
“You might have started growing feelings for her without knowing, what else will it be?” “You can’t just find yourself kissing an enemy as you don’t like them,” Mina discussed
“Why are you not saying anything?” She asked after realizing him keeping quiet
“I don’t know what to say! Amelia is my friend… Can I have any sort of feeling for her aside from that?” Dean confusingly asked

“That question is for you to answer, it was just an idea that crossed my mind,” Mina shrugged

“Can you not tell Amelia about what I told you? I will listen to you and try not to call her,” Dean demanded
“I don’t want her staying away from me too. For that I won’t tell her anything,” Mina assured

“Is that the only reason why you want to speak with Amelia? Just to explain yourself?”Mina asked
“I wouldn’t have been in the hall alone if Amelia is here. I miss her!” He said.

“Stop calling then, her words might help you sort things out,” Damon advised
“You never understand me, Damon, I want to speak with Amelia”Dean argued
“But, she doesn’t want to speak with you!”Damon answered
“That’s why I am worried,” He muttered

“Worried about?” He raised his eyes at him
“If she has started hating me because of what I did,” Dean informed
“it’s not your fault alone, so what if she hates you?” Damon questioned

“I can’t bear that, I won’t let her hate me,” Dean refused
” I know her hating you is bad but, Why are you so concerned about that? ” Damon further questioned
“Am I supposed to rejoice if she does? Should I entertain you since she wasn’t talking to me?” Dean taunt

“You look like someone ready to give up on everything if she says that, “Damon teased
“That’s because I MISS HER!”


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Chapter 61

✍️ CHAPTER TITLE ✍️: That Wicked Monitor!

After the long shower which she didn’t enjoy because of the thought on her head, she walked into the room with her towel_wrapped body.

Squirting in front of the table mirror to stare at herself, her palm rubbed her cheeks calmly. She could see how dull her face is looking, it’s been boring here without Dean and Mina.
“They both should be in school now,” She mumbled.

Her parents still go to their workplace and, sometimes only she and her siblings will be around to stare at one another.
The trip is fun! yeah, it is! They’ve gone out many times, having a view of new places and different malls.

Her siblings decided to visit the company along with their father as she refused to go, she doesn’t know why she feels empty and lonely.

It isn’t the best time for working out as she doesn’t like it but what options is she left with? Arnold and Andrea had followed Dad to the office, aside from her it’s just the workers that are around.

Lazily dragging her body away from the mirror side to her wardrobe, she searched through the cloths for sweat pants and joggers which she could wear, it’s not like she brought one with her when she was coming.
The new dresses which were bought for her should at least have something simple to dress in.

Luck was on her side as she finally dragged out the short nicker that her eyes caught instead, she immediately wore it only to realize that it was short… She would just wear it, for now, jog around their street with it then return home before it’s sunny.

She finished dressing and was about to leave the room when her sights ran into the band where she kept it last night
“Dean!” Amelia nervously murmured before going out of the room.
“Hi!” Somebody spoke to her where she sat down tiredly at the park.
She should have come along with her phone! What’s with the sunny weather?

Forcefully raising her head to see the giant guy standing close to her with a ball in his hand, she took her eyes away immediately before barely saying; “Hello!”
“I haven’t seen you around before, are you new in the estate?” He inquired while he rolled the ball on his fingertips. She was firstly mute before nodding her head.

“I have observed you sitting here for a while now, are you tired?” The stranger whose muscles were pulling out of the short shirt that he wore asked.
“Will I have sat down here if I am not tired?” Amelia thought angrily in her mind without saying it out for him to hear.
” The Match is about to commence, aren’t you among the players?” She asked relatively sending him away.

“I’m a player but I won’t play today, I hurt my ankle during the exercise, “He stated with a smile which Amelia found needless.

Amelia who heard that for a second took her eyes to the ankle which was bandaged before letting out a breath.

“Sorry!” She said to him after taking her eyes away from him.
“No problem, are you here to watch the match or exercise?” He asked her

“None of it,” She stated
“Can I keep your company before the match is started then? Will you mind that?” He offered.
I’m leaving now,” Amelia answered somewhat as she stood up from the sofa. She isn’t interested in the conversation, he’s a stranger after all, moreover, her mood isn’t good enough for a stranger to bother her more with unnecessary discussion.

“Ain’t you going to wait for the match to start?” He asked likewise standing in her way.
She stared uncomfortably at him then he realize what he did.
“I’m sorry,” He apologized then step aside for her to pass.

“I thought I told you none earlier,” She answered quickly
“Are you leaving because of me? I don’t mean any harm,” he said but she’s starting to walk away from him already.

“Nice meeting you! I hope we get to meet some other time,” He yelled from behind, her faint smile, without her eyes turning around to look at him, whispering
“I hope we don’t get to meet some other time,” then she left.
“Only you went for a workout? Which of your shape do you want to build? Is it your mouth? Or jaw?” Andrea teased Amelia as she gulped down the water in her hand.

“The one which your girlfriend lack, as you’ve seen someone building those before,” She snapped offensively at him
“Such bad words! I don’t have a girlfriend,” Andrea grumbled.
“Rejoice is? Your sister?”Arnold interfered from nowhere sarcastically.
“She’s just a friend of mine,” Andrea murmured. With his adorable lips bitten by him.

“A friend whom you went extra miles just to get flowers for? No one is new to that stuff here Lil bro,” He scoffed
“We are close friends, “He shyly snapped once again.
“Best luck Lil bro,” Arnold concluded before he smirked.
After that no one was saying anything, Andrea already concentrated on the movie he was watching.

“We are leaving in two days, Amelia hasn’t even been visiting Dad’s company for two days! Whereas I already have a crush after many times of visiting,” Arnold shared
“I will visit once again before leaving, tell me who was the girl you were talking to at the Mall yesterday?” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“That’s Maria, we met at the Mall when I fell her ice cream,” Arnold replied.
“She was supposed to slap you for that, what were you two discussing?”
“Little discussion. She asked for my contact and I gave her!”


“He hasn’t called me for two days now,”
“Why are you complaining to me then? I don’t own his phone”Mina snapped
“I’m not complaining! Just telling you about it,” Amelia corrected

“Okay then, “She replied
“seriously! Is that all you will say?”Amelia scoffed
“What else can I say? You refused to pick up his calls and now he stops calling, do you expect him to continue calling after knowing you wouldn’t pick?” Mina questioned
“I’m not doing good Mina, don’t rant on me” Amelia informed
“Is that why you didn’t pick?

You went to visit him and you saw his health, but you didn’t bother to call him and ask, when he called you also didn’t pick,” She further taunted
“I asked and you told me he’s doing well now, “Amelia states
“What if it was a lie?”
“You can’t lie to me!” She ranted

“That’s what you think? When are you coming back?”
“Tomorrow, “She managed to say
“Are you going to visit Dean at home?” Mina who was firstly quiet asked

“Why__Why should I visit?” She picked on her words
“You just stammered as something happened over there” Mina tried interrogating her
“I’m fine…” She defended
“You don’t know why he hasn’t been calling, although he isn’t supposed to after you not picking up, he must have been tired! ” Mina talked

“Can’t you call him and ask how he’s doing?” Amelia requested
“Since your phone is faulty?” She snapped in the next moment
“Have you gone through the pictures I sent to you?” She rather asked

“Yeah. if all you want is THANKS but I haven’t gone through them, “Amelia informed
“I didn’t do anything concerning it, Dean was the one who snapped and sent it to you,” she shared
“I asked you for it,” Amelia said

“Was I supposed to bark at him when he requested to do it?” Mina forced herself to say
“I didn’t know about that,”
“Will you be in school on Monday?” She queried
“You have work for me at home? Have I not received enough school leaves?” Amelia called out

“Elisa has resumed and she wouldn’t stop following Dean around, I want us to teach her brief lesson,”
Sitting quietly alone in the quarter with his book placed on a table in front of him, he twiddles his hair with his fingers. He doesn’t want to stay at the hall since Elisa wouldn’t stop following him around.

It’s not like he has been concentrating on the book as Amelia’s thoughts wouldn’t stop bubbling on his head, keeping up with Mina’s advice hasn’t been easy for him.

Sometimes he would almost dial her number before dropping the phone, maybe she would pick up if he tried calling but, Mina said he shouldn’t.

Amelia will be back soon and maybe then, Everything will be sorted out as Mina said. He would hug her deeply then tell her Sorry for what he did.
They will walk around the school together holding hands then he would discuss how much he misses her.

Hearing footsteps coming closer, he doesn’t raise his head to the person, anyone else can come here since it’s the boy’s quarter.

“Do you know when Amelia will be back?” The cold voice asked him, immediately raising his head to see the unfamiliar face staring coldly at him.

Such a question can’t be for him to answer, he only raised his head because of Amelia’s name that was mentioned; it’s not like he has had any business with him before.

“I’m standing while you are sitting, give me an answer”The voice angrily said
“I’m reading while you are disturbing, am I Amelia’s protector?” He angrily replied.
“You followed her around like hair so what are we talking about?” He asked while grinning wickedly

“We are talking about you coming in here to discuss what you shouldn’t discuss. Must you ask me before locating her?” Dean also answered back

“I don’t care about your status outside the school but inside the school, you can’t talk to me rudely like that,” He warned
“You are wearing the same uniform as mine, who are you that I shouldn’t speak to in such a way?” Dean sneered
“Someone who has the power to punish you despite your status. I’m the school Monitor,” He wickedly grinned after his words.

Hearing the word Monitor made Dean remember when Amelia spoke about him, so he’s the wicked monitor,

“You might have pvnished Amelia because she couldn’t speak for herself, you can’t do anything with me,” Dean informed
“Many things to be done with Young Heir,” He assured

“Bring it on then, I couldn’t avenge for Amelia then, but I will revenge now when you are coming to get it from me,” Dean stated with him still sitting nonchalantly on the sofa.

Brad laughed wickedly before saying; “Do you think your body fears me? Or because you are wealthy? I rule many affairs among the students here,” he bragged

“Those are students who allowed you to rule them, I don’t give space for people to rule over me, I rule over People” Dean fired back

“How far can you go in the process? What’s the source of your confidence?” Brad asked while leaning on his desk
“Bravery! I’m not a coward whose heart can be won at the mere sight of trouble,” Dean replied without caring about how he was staring at him.

“That means you are putting me into a challenge?” Brad scoffed
“If that’s what it looks like I am doing,” He boldly answered


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Chapter 62


“I was just surprised when she told me! You never told me that you informed her,”
“I didn’t want you to think about it, after all, she allowed you to go,” Mrs. Lee answered with a smile while Amelia smiled similarly
“How was the trip? You have not notified me if you get any snacks for me, ” Mrs. Lee communicated as usual

“Aunty, I have told you to stop taking those, the sugar in it ain’t good for your health,” Amelia complained

“What must I do then? I am used to taking it since I was young like you, “She complained as usual which only made Amelia shrug tiredly.

“I didn’t get snacks but, mom got this for you, “Amelia answered as she brought the carton, the one which she’s been hiding behind her into view.

“That looks adorable, what is in there?” Mrs. Lee asked as she took a few steps closer to her.

“It’s a gift from Mom, I haven’t checked it, I would have but she warned me not to, “Amelia after saying pouted her mouth like a baby.

Adjusting the glasses below her eyelids before collecting the box from Amelia, she was about to open when she said; “Don’t open it here Aunty! You can go check it out in your room,”
“What is that for? Have you checked it already?” She asked suspiciously

“I didn’t check it, but since Mom told me not to check it, it might be something I shouldn’t know about, “Amelia explained which made Mrs. Lee bounce her head.

She was about to go out of the room when Amelia let out; “Aunty did Dean come over throughout our stay?”
“He came on the day you all left, he looks terrified but he refused to tell me what he wants,” Mrs. Lee answered as she held the box firm in her hand.

“Did you keep what he needs with you? He was sad when I told him that you’ve gone,” Mrs. Lee asked since Amelia was quiet.

“I know what he wants. I will see him when I resume school tomorrow,”
“Amelia hasn’t been in school for over a week, tell me did she transfer?” Tina ranted
“Is that what you want?” Dean instead of answering questions.
“I don’t know…I’m asking because you have not gone to their house and, have they told you not to come anymore?” Tiana further asked

“Anyways, “Dean replied while he focused on the road. He knows Amelia is resuming school today but, Tiana already thinks that she transferred, he would let her get enough joy at the moment then get everything ruined after she sees Amelia in school today.
“Anyways? Is that all you will say?” Tiana taunted.

“What else? I haven’t seen her too, Maybe she transferred as you mentioned, “Dean said
“Such a relief!” Tiana mouthed but it was loud enough for him to hear although, she doesn’t want him to.

“Relief you say? Have you been praying for her to leave?” Dean picked on her words.

“I_ didn’t mean that__ it was a relief that she transferred and not drop out,” She rushed her words and he didn’t say anything further.

Tiana breathed out happily and turned her face to the other side of the car_window, “AMELIA IS GONE!!”

In the hall where Dean was reading, he realized needing a textbook to understand the topic but he doesn’t have the textbook with him.

The last time he asked Mina about Amelia she said Amelia hasn’t come, he hopes she comes today or else he would just have to forget Mina’s words and give her a call.

Standing up lazily from the sofa, he walked straight up to the library. He had to walk around the shelf which books are arranged on when he got there, Finally!! He saw the textbook.

After picking up the book and heading back to the hall with the book in his hand, he mistakenly bumped into someone and when he saw who it was, he just had to apologize forcefully then he tried walking away.

“Are you thinking of Amelia? You didn’t see the way properly and you had to bump into me?” He questioned.

Dean who was ready to leave stopped to say; “Can you do anything without mentioning Amelia? Each time you talk of her like she’s the one behind every one of your words! I already apologized,” Dean snapped angrily

“Your apology won’t clear your shoulder off my shirt. Can you bear it Young Heir if I tell you the reason behind those?” He smiled d’vilishly
“What will it be if not attraction? She’s attractive and I don’t see it strange if you make the best of your speech, “Dean replied

“You are attracted to her, that’s the only thing you can think of but there’s more to what you think you know” Don’t you know how to study People?” Brad grinned

“I study what’s relevance, “Dean replied
“Including this in your studies then!” “Amelia was my girlfriend,” Brad said.

Dean gawked at him lowly before he laughed. “Such a big status for someone like you, Amelia’s name at fault for not sIapping your cheeks really hard after what you said, “He told to him
“Your loss for not being able to understand the truth. I am her first love, “He stated again

“Must you lie because you want to prove what is not true? Amelia hasn’t fallen in Inlove before,” Dean yelled for him to hear

“She wouldn’t have told you the truth.”Brad grinned
” Amelia and I were dating but, she was angry with me so, we broke up!” Brad added
“I won’t believe that…” Dean refused.

“Why? Because you think going around with her and listening to what she says makes her not have anything with me?” Brad questioned but he didn’t answer
“No matter what she does,
Amelia still loves me. I am her first love and you know first love always go a long way,” Brad ranted

“I want to watch you gibber then leave when you are done because none of your words entered here!” Dean said before pointing at his head

“I can see that you’ve started falling for Amelia because you saw her lonely while she tried avoiding me because she’s angry with me,” Brad said then paused
“Her anger is justified because I was wrong, but when she talks to me even in her anger I know she still loves me,” he completed

“I haven’t seen that before in her, when she told me about you her emotion tells about how much she despises you, “Dean replied

“What’s in her heart is anger, I can’t be hated by Amelia, she loves me too much for that, only cheap guys who want a girl to fall in Inlove with him like you will notice things that doesn’t exist,” Brad said

“Only guys who are brainless to form what doesn’t exist just to create problems for others behaves like you, “Dean fired back

“You never told me that all that I said created problems for you, “Brad picked on his words

“Is my presence in her life alone not creating problems for you?”Dean fired back

“I’m sure you must have liked Amelia and now when you find out that we are close, you want to deceive me just to gain what?” Dean questioned in anger.

“I’m saying this to help you, it’s not like Amelia can be taken away from me as she loves me so you much, all these words are just to save you.”

“I see you are a Heir, it won’t be good getting your heartbroken over a girl that belongs to me,”Brad said
“A girl which you pvnished?” Dean raised his eyes irritatedly at him

“That was to make her stay around me, I could have given her bigger work to do, but I didn’t,” Brad replied

“Does anyone in their right senses punish the one they are Inlove with?” He asked after rolling his eyes

“You saw it as pvnishment, I see it as love. I’m just waiting for Amelia to speak about how she played you to me one day,”

“You should die before seeing that happen as she would never do that!” Dean blasted.

“Many guys that she played when we were still dating, it’s not something new. She would tell me about everything,” Brad assured

Dean doesn’t want to give it a thought but he has to think of it again! What if all he’s saying was true and Amelia lied to him?

Was Amelia his girlfriend? That’s why she doesn’t want to talk about him when she asked?
“Think less of it, I hope you get the right answer at the right time,” Brad who patted his shoulder informed, smirked d’vilishly then he walked out.
Her heart skipped beats as she walked over to her locker, she was finally back to school after a week. Dean should be in school already and she needs to talk to him.

Whatever happened has happened and it shouldn’t affect their friendship! He’s already sorry for everything after all!
Going with her backpack to the locker’s room, she wants to drop it before heading to the lecture room;

Mina called her already and it was a great trick which she played on her! She thinks Amelia isn’t coming because she told her that,

After she was done dropping the pack, she was walking out of the building when her name was been called on, no idea about who called as the voice was not actually close.

Turning around to see Brad standing a few distances away from her and assumed the caller to be him… “Was it Brad that called her?”She thought randomly

Her mindset changed immediately she set her eyes on him, she has resumed with the believe of having peace but doesn’t know even her first day would be ruined.

“Hi, Amelia!” He waved before he started coming closer to her.


Dean was standing where he is while he watched them, he was happy when he saw AMELIA that he called out to her, even after everything Brad told to him.

She watched her turning to look at him but instead of answering him, she answered Brad instead, and walked up to him.

“Can what Brad said to be true?” Dean imagined as he watched them both discussing but he wasn’t close to them, for that he didn’t hear what they were talking about.

He remained standing and watched them speaking, many times Amelia has looked towards his side but she never acted like she saw him.

Few minutes after, where he was busy thinking he didn’t realize that Brad already walked up to him, firstly sparing the spot where he was standing with Amelia earlier to realize that she has gone,
“Are you looking for something?” Brad wickedly asked.

“Which of it is anyway your business?” Dean replied in annoyance

“You called her before I do, but she answered me instead, you didn’t believe when I told you that she’s mine,” Brad said with a grin of victory on his face.

“I don’t think that enough for you to speak about.” ” I don’t want to know about what you think, I have to go!” Dean instead replied after which he walked away.


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Chapter 63


“Is that all I have to do?” Dean inquired after which he put forward his head from the table.
“That’s all for now.’ He replied then took the file from his presence.

“This could have still been done when I am back from school Dad,” Dean unbelievably complained

”You could have done it sooner than this but you weren’t ready,” The father responded as he flipped the files over.

“Did she tell you that I didn’t sign it? I can’t remember her giving it to me, “Dean nagged.
“She didn’t say that.” ”I was told you wouldn’t sign it after I told her to bring it to you,” He charged

“Is the decision not supposed to be made by me? She should have come first” “Moreover, I never told her that..” He reacted.

“Your actions were enough to tell her that you wouldn’t sign it,” He answered simply
“I didn’t do anything to her, “Dean defended

“But you complained about your health!” The father said while he relaxed his back properly on the rolling office_chair which he sat down on.

After hearing that Dean stopped speaking, it’s true, he wouldn’t have signed if it was brought to him.

“I’m leaving Dad, “He declared openly after he finished contemplating

“Are you going back to school or home?” The father asked while arranging the files that were on his desk.

“It’s late already… I had to come over after receiving your call,” ” I am not supposed to go back since they’ve closed already,” He told to him
“Does that upset you?” He raised his eyebrows at him in question.

“No Dad, it’s my responsibility and, I can always meet up in class,” He answered then watched his father smile sweetly at him.

He always does that when he’s proud of himself, after which reward would follow. He dropped the glass of fruit wine that he holding on the tray and then stood up from where he sat down.

“Ask Amelia when she’s coming to visit, I promised to create time for her, “The father let out to him.

“I will inform her in school tomorrow Dad, “Dean replied before he walked out of the office.
“Why would you believe such a worthy lie? It was just to make him feel better than you,” Damon exclaimed

“I never believed him.” ” I was just curious after she answered him before me, “Dean declined
“That should be because she’s upset with you, why didn’t you speak to her when she came?”

“She didn’t respond when I called her., “Dean replied
“What about when she was done with the guy?”Damon queried
“I got an important call from Dad and I had to rush down to the office,”
“You could have talked to her if you had gone to lesson her brother,”

“Her brother told me to give him one week’s break, I also need rest too, “Dean shrugged
“So what will you do? Don’t you miss your friendship with her?” Damon asked
“Often, I will get something done tomorrow.”
“Isn’t Dean supposed to be here by now? I thought he would resume today,” Amelia discussed as she threw her bum on the bed.

“He called me yesterday but I told him to let’s not start this week. His health hasn’t been well lately,” Arnold shared

“You suddenly sounding like a grown-up boy make me want to yell,” Amelia stated then laughed

“You haven’t resumed because you care about his health or, you are being a lazy bone to study?” She teased

“You think broadly Amelia,” “Well I am not lazy to study Because it’s always fun when Dean teaches me, “He retorted
“Do you know his status? Moreover Dean is cool to be with and his teaching is understandable,” Arnold stated
“I just want him to take care of himself, “He added whereas she nodded her head in understanding.

“How has your relationship been with Dean?” Arnold suddenly asked. “Fine as always, are you expecting us to fight?” She snapped cluelessly

“I thought I saw a bond forming then but it’s fine, everything will come for everyone to see soon, “His reply which wasn’t understandable to Amelia.
Tilting her head forward before asking; “What are you talking about?”
“I will be back! Let me go and speak with him, “Amelia told Mina then walked away.

Coming from the lesson room to the hall, she ran into Brad who was leaning his back on the building, standing over there with a look like he’s been waiting for her to arrive.
Amelia wondered what he was doing on the way to the hall, has he gone there to find her? or did he have another evil act to carry out?

Her conscience changed while she planned on walking quietly away from him without having any discussion with him, two other boys were standing beside him, the boys which Amelia has known as Brad’s boys.

She was close to walking away from his presence without saying anything when he suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. Amelia stumbled a little before yanking her hand away from his grip,

“What do you want?” She asked in anger while breathing heavily where she stood on her path.

“Were you planning on walking past with talking to me?” He mimicked

“I don’t owe any greetings, you also don’t have the right to drag me like that,” Amelia snapped

“I have come back with my bundle of gifts, will you mind me telling you what I come up with now?” He asked then pulled up a smirk from the corner of his mouth

“What are you planning to do? You don’t have any right to punish me as I am freed from you already!!” Amelia stated
“Why can’t I? Ain’t you mine? Are you not Inlove with me?” He insanely changed the topic of their discussion

Since Amelia was facing Brad, she had no idea there was someone else aside from the four of them watching what was taking place.

She threw Brad a glare before saying”Must you act insane often? Don’t you love peace? I wasn’t planning on talking to you!”

“I am still Inlove with you so why can’t I act insane? I love peace but my peace isn’t even ready for forgiving me, “He answered as he drew closer to her.

“Then go search for your peace elsewhere, stop creating nuisance often, it’s not always fun to watch you do this, “Amelia yelled in frustration
“Will doing this be fun then and probably bring my love back to me?” Brad rushed his words, before Amelia could contemplate what he meant, he pulled her closer to him before embracing her.

Her eyes blinked as she was shocked! What is he doing? She tried separating from him by pushing him away but it was impossible.

“I know I have wronged you, but how long will you be angry with me? You could have just remained mine then punish me with us together,” he started blabbering
“What are you saying? Let go of me Brad, “Amelia exclaimed helplessly

“Will you forgive me after I do? Will you believe the apology I have always rendered? Will you be mine once again after that?” He asked continuously while he placed his jaw sadly on her shoulder with a d’vilish grin coming out of his mouth to the other person watching what was happening.

The scene went on for a few minutes and he only let go of her body when he saw the person walking back to where he was; his mission has been achieved.

“You can leave now… I don’t need to punish you anymore,” Brad told to her while she shot the arrow of death in her eyes at him before angrily walking away without saying a word to him.
Dean left the hall and furiously returned to the classroom, he walked straight forward to his seat where he sat down as his eyes looked at the space beside him painfully.
Amelia who left Brad angrily was surprised to meet Dean in the class as she thought he was in the hall, she also took a seat beside him after contemplating.

Her intense change when she realized him not talking to her but rather focussing on the novel which was in his hand.

Putting the anger that was boiling in her because of Brad aside as she tried speaking with him, she glimpsed him not giving her attention even after several attempts.

Probably he’s upset because of what she did but, how will she explain herself if he refused to speak to her?

“Dean!” She nervously called, he raised his eyes from the book to look at her in a jiffy then he returned his attention to the book without saying a word to her.

Her lips went firm and she doesn’t find herself building up the courage to speak to him, Brad always made everything difficult for her, and now Dean is upset because she didn’t pick up his call.


Tiana sat down where she was, throwing all shades of bad glare at Amelia, she thought she has left! She thought she wouldn’t come back again! She wandered off and back to torment her peace!

Anger boiled in her as she looked at Amelia where she sat down, on her seat in the lecture room with Dean beside her,

As she has been looking at them closely for a while now she could identify Dean not saying anything to Amelia, but that isn’t something for her to think of.

She needs to come up with something favorable for her soon but what would it be? Even the hope she hoped for has been snatched off. What should she do to Amelia now?
After the school activities and everything, everyone made plans to return home and so were Dean and Amelia.

She walked over to where the car was parked before the books she placed by the side of her hand as she was following Dean to talk to him and dropped on Dean’s feet since she was closer to him already.

Surprised because he only looked away after noticing her book that fell on his feet without saying a word, and then taking his feet aside.

Amelia who thought he would help her to get it disappointedly bent down to pick the book up herself, immediately she stood back on her feet she faced Dean who was about to walk away with questions.

“I thought you would help me to get the book, I was coming to you before it fell on your feet,” she painfully said to him. He heard her but rather turned his face away from her, more like not ready to hear whatever she wants to talk about.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why have you been avoiding me? I tried speaking with you in class but you never gave me attention, why do you keep on shutting me out?” Amelia questioned painfully

Dean stood there watching her expressionless, his blank expression which was not giving way to know what he was thinking, he stared at her all through her body and what she’s made of then walked away from her presence to the car where he drove off directly without returning her word.
“What’s wrong with you Dean? I have noticed you been cold after you finished speaking with Amelia,”

“Don’t tell me Amelia has done something to you, why are you looking down like you are devastated or hurt? ” She asked continuously but Dean wasn’t replying

“Tell me the truth Dean did something happen between you and Amelia?”She insisted
“Have I mentioned something happening to me?” He snapped lowly.

“Something isn’t okay with you, the last time you were like this was whenever you are hurt,” “And now you are looking the same way to me, have you been hurt or you found out Amelia is with someone else instead of you?”

Her statement which Dean heard made him take his eyes away from the road to look at her, with the thought of if it was only him that hasn’t noticed what was going on between Amelia and Brad!

The event that happened earlier displayed frequently on his head that he nearly lost concentration on driving, leaving Tiana speechless with his reaction.

Tiana who only wanted to take advantage of when she saw Dean not speaking to Amelia, smiled victorious to herself and she watched Dean’s face turning colder.
Dean scattered his hair with his hand as Tiana’s words rang behind his ear. “Amelia hid the truth from him, she had a relationship with Brad, and she has only been fo©ling him to believe she’s great!”

Flora had a boyfriend and they couldn’t be together because of him, he had lost Flora and thought Amelia is a good friend that would help him feel less pained.

Presently she has scattered every trust he had in her! He planned on reprimanding their friendship, he wanted to tell her sorry and then hold her in his arms, rather Brad was the one who held her.

If what he was told isn’t real, what he saw can’t be unreal too, Amelia loves Brad and she’s only going to be around him just to hurt him!

Why must Everything be this way! First Flora now Amelia!! He won’t allow any emotion to hurt him anymore.

All this thinking was running on his head and he sat down devastated on the bed, holding his head firmly in his head before he suddenly went to his wardrobe,

“I’m sorry Flora you are my past, whom I thought to be my present is hurting me just like you did when you refused to tell me the truth about the love you had for me,”

“My emotion was played with and right now after witnessing him holding her in his arms today, I can feel myself tearing apart!”

“I won’t do this and I won’t take it!! No one is permitted to hurt me anymore, I cried for your loss, I was lonely when Amelia left me,”

“Not anymore because I won’t let anything overtake my sanity, if Amelia resolves her differences with Brad Tomorrow what will happen to me?”
“She’s only here to play with me for a while then leave me to endure pain while she watches me hurt,”

“Right now I am canceling all memory, I will stop the present memory from flowing in me too,”
“This shouldn’t happen to me again!!!” Dean yelled and Instantly he started tearing the image into pieces.
He went down on his knees and yelled; “I’m in pa!n!!”


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Chapter 64


“So what do you intend to do?”
“Nothing.” “What’s that question for? Do you want me to do something?” he said icily
“Aren’t you feeling hurt? I’m surprised that you tore Flora’s image, you’ve always cherished it, even I tried taking it but you wouldn’t allow me,”

“Surprisingly you tore it yourself today, I never expected that, that’s her last memory with you like you always say,” Damon stated in surprise
“I just had to, I wasn’t able to control myself and, I think it’s better I did tear it, the image is one of what made me stick to her memories,” Dean lazily responded
“So you tore that because of Amelia?” Damon raised a question

“I never held her responsible for it, “He murmured
“Maybe that’s what you think… and probably you have no idea about what’s wrong with you,”
“I found out you’ve fallen in love with Amelia since you told me that you kssed her,” Damon asserted.

Dean that was just relaxing his head on the pillow raises his head to spare him a glance before relaxing it back on the pillow quietly.

“You won’t say anything?” Damon asked after seeing him quiet without any expression
“Should I join you then? Agree to it that I love Amelia when I don’t think I do?” Dean furiously clasped

“You don’t think that you do? What do you need to know then?” Damon questioned but he didn’t say a word.

“You kssed her against your wish, right? That was what you told me and today, you got frustrated because you saw her with someone.”He started saying
“Tell me what will make you mess up your room this way, you even went to the extent of tearing Flora’s image,” Damon persisted then watched him rub his palm across his face

“You don’t just kss someone you feel nothing for unknowingly, I agree you think you are still Inlove with Flora and that’s why you think what you share with Amelia is just friendship,” Damon paused as he had to drop his phone on the bed.

“But, if you reason it just like I do you will realize that…you wouldn’t have gotten upset when you saw her with another guy if you feel no sort of love for her, so what if he was her boyfriend? Do you need to care about those if Amelia is just your friend as you confessed,” Damon tried explaining

“Tiana is your friend, you’ve never embraced her even though she stays with you, you see her often but rather get upset when she talks to you, you didn’t allow Tiana to accompany you to the meeting and what did you do? you choose Amelia instead,”
“That couldn’t have just been normal friendship like you always assume it to be.”

”What needs to be known here is the truth that you feel something internally for Amelia, maybe you think it’s not right just yet but you do, she also does, that’s why she couldn’t speak to you after kssing her,” Damon stated
“Sometimes the truth doesn’t need to always make the effort to reveal itself, people are also compelled to check the point of view and find out where truth is hidden,” Damon talked out his mind as he doesn’t feel the need to stay back and watch Dean assumed what has always been wrong.

“I don’t know if I feel something for Amelia like you insisted, but even if I do I am ready to let go of everything.”Dean after a while of being mute said
“She’s just like Flora, she can’t be with me no matter how much it takes, Brad was her first love, seeing them together today only made me feel less worthy of everything around me,” he soberly said

“If there’s an internal feeling for Amelia in my body, then I will ensure everywhere is cleaned.” ”I don’t want Amelia!” Dean’s voice which cold that even Damon was marveled at his words.

“So do you know how deep what you want to execute is in your body? Have you thought of the pain you will cause yourself with it?”

”Are you not seeing me pained already? Should I watch her going back to him and then feel rejected later? Which of your words should I listen to?” Dean snapped

“The part which tells you the truth Dean, just a proper reasoning about everything, speak to Amelia,” Damon replied
“That should be the one which told me then to forget about the past, which is why Amelia is also among the past that needs to be forgotten,”
“He changed totally and started acting cold, I was shut down by him each time I tried speaking with him,” Amelia and Mina talked about in school
“Maybe he was not in a good mood, you should go talk to him now,” Mina pursued
“What will I say? He doesn’t want to speak to me,” Amelia refused

“Apologize for not picking up his call… I’m sure he’s just feeling bad, it all happened because of your actions,” Mina suggested

“I also felt bad too, he should understand that all this happened because of him, “Amelia murmured
“Just a kss couldn’t have turned into a huge situation like this if you didn’t make it big,” Mina costless said.

Amelia tilted her head forward and then looked at Mina in surprise. “Who told her about the kss?”
“A kss you say? What do you mean?” Amelia imitated nervously

“I know what happened.” ”You didn’t pick up his call because he kssed you,” Mina noted clearly

“Did Dean tell you that?” “He did, although he doesn’t want to tell me. I thought you understand how love works better?” Mina asked
“You could have realized it lately that Dean loves you,” Mina said

“Dean can’t love me,” Amelia interrupted her
“He’s Inlove with someone and he told me about it, what happened was just a mistake,” She added

“Whatever comes out of your thought.” Tired Mina shrugged her shoulder tiredly
“Are you ready to speak to him now?” she asked

“It’s hard… I sense he would act like he did yesterday,” Amelia said replied
“He might but, saying sorry will amend everything,” Mina assured
She walked carefully into the hall, taking her steps gently and just as expected, she met Dean studying, as usual, walking slowly and nervous closer to him.

He raised his head to check who enters before he returned it to the books in his hand without saying anything to her, his reaction says it all that he doesn’t care about her entry.

Amelia already walked closer to him, her eyes scanning around the space beside him, biting her inner lips thoroughly before placing her bum on the free space.

After having the seat beside him, he still wasn’t speaking to her, he would adjust his glasses then concentrated on the book each minute.

Gulping down the saliva that was in her mouth, Amelia opened her mouth to say something and then immediately closed it back when Dean asked “What can I do for you?”

Her heart raced as words went missing in her mouth, “I’m just here to say sorry Dean, I’m sorry for not picking up your calls,” She encouraged herself to say.

Regardless of her words, all Dean could alter was; “What are you talking about? Did we have any issue together?” He inquired strangely
His question was strange to Amelia, maybe she needs to make use of Mina’s advice and not assume about what he said.

“I know you must have been upset with me, I was just feeling awful and doesn’t know what to say to you after what happened when I came to see you, “She nervously explained
“Something happened between us?” ”I don’t know you. how can something happen between us?” Dean whose eyes has been on the book looked at her with a blank expression.

“Was that a joke? how can you not know me?” Amelia confusingly scoffed
“That was what I said… I don’t know you and those words you were saying earlier, what did you say happened?” Dean requested

“Are you doing this because you don’t want to speak with me? I’m Amelia and you wouldn’t have forgotten who I am, “Her shaky voice managed to say those words

“I wouldn’t have asked if I knew you.” He scoffed
“You are disturbing my studying, if you can’t tell who you are, can you excuse me miss?” Dean rather said while he stared emotionless at her
Her eyes blinked rapidly after she heard that as the words Dean told to her made her shocked, what is going on?
“What are you doing? I am here to talk to you, “She managed to say

“Isn’t that supposed to be at my convenience? I don’t talk to strangers and I despise their presence around,” Dean answered coldly

“If I look like a guy you can just hang around then brief with silly talks, then I’m sorry because I don’t create such chance for people whom I don’t know,” Dean added

“I’m not a stranger,” ” We are friends and, I’m just here to say Sorry, I came here to say sorry!” Amelia said almost yelling out

“I can’t think of having you as my friend, please get out of my presence miss… I am losing my patience because of your presence,” Dean forehand warned.
“He did that? Are you sure?” Mina questioned continuously after Amelia finished speaking to her
“Was that Dean? Did you confirm that it was Dean?” Mina impatiently asked

“I can’t come here to frame something up, had it been you entered you would have seen everything, “Sad Amelia replied
“I’m not doubting you but it’s difficult to believe.” Mina cleared out

“Dean couldn’t have done that. He missed you when you weren’t here, he was ready to do anything just to speak with you,” Mina said, her words which only made Amelia’s heart skipped beats before remembering what took place again which left her broken
“Let’s leave.. he told me to leave, “Amelia instead said then tried taking Mina’s hand who stood in front of her but refused to adhere

“We can’t leave yet, I need to find out what is wrong, I will go and speak with Dean,” She notified and tried entering
“What will you say to him? He might act as he did with me to you, “Amelia tried to stop her
“He won’t… Hold on for me while I go see him,”
“You know who I am… why didn’t you remember Amelia?” Mina scoffed after Dean finished speaking casually with her as he would on other days but, he started acting clueless when she mentioned Amelia’s name.

“Who’s Amelia? I don’t know her.”Dean added to her confusion

“How can that be possible? You do not know who Amelia is?” Mina confusingly questioned
“I have only heard of the name today when a lady came around to interrupt me earlier, her name was Amelia,” Dean told to her

“Dean! Do you know me?” Mina asked to ensure her head wasn’t building up what isn’t true.
Of course Mina, you and I are friends. Why can’t I?” He smiled after saying

“How will you not remember Amelia then? She’s also your friend,” Mina tiredly said
“Don’t mention the name to me anymore, I don’t know who she is and I don’t want to know,” Dean suddenly snapped

“What’s going on with you? How can you not remember Amelia?” Mina almost yelled
“Because I don’t know who bears the name,” Dean answered coldly

” She doesn’t have anything to do with me, I also don’t have anything to do with her,” Dean answered back

“Amelia whom I am talking about was once the reason why you smiled, you were dying for her to come back!” Mina let out
“Maybe I should have cried instead of smiling if what you said was true, the name Amelia means nothing to me!”
“I don’t know who bears the name Amelia,”
“Hold on! Amelia wait!” Mina called as she ran after Amelia who took a race towards the school restroom.

“Why were you running? Don’t you want to know what Dean says?” Mina questioned as she hurried behind her

“I heard everything…”Amelia silently mumbled where she stood facing the sink.
“He does not want to talk about me, he doesn’t remember me too,” Amelia told to her in sadness

Mina’s shoulder which was raised higher relaxed after she heard what Amelia says. She had no idea that she was listening to their conversation.

“He did not mean it, I’m sure he’s doing that because of anger,” She assured
“What did I do to him? I wanted to say sorry! I went there to say sorry!” Amelia told while she clutched onto Mina.

The tear she’s been holding after hearing Mina’s conversation with Dean poured out freely from her eyes. She doesn’t even know why his words hurt her so deeply!

“I knew I was wrong, but I don’t deserve that… All I wanted was the chance to say sorry!” She talked behind Mina’s ear as she sniffed in her tears

“Everything will be fine.. he does not mean it, “Mina tried assuring while patting her back
“What you told me then came to pass,” Amelia said

“Tiana successfully made Dean dislike me.”She murmured
“Dean spoke to me like I was nothing to him, he sounded like I have never existed to him,” Amelia sobbed
“I will speak with him, “Mina assured

“what will you say? It hurts Mina, I don’t know why!” She interrogated while releasing Mina’s body who tried cleaning her face with a tissue paper
“I will let him know you are sorry…” Mina answered
“He doesn’t look like one who’s ready to hear that.”Amelia shook her head tiredly
”Why did he do that? I’m in pain!!”


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Chapter 65


Amelia laid with her back on the bed, her eyes which were pinned to the band as she rolled it around on the two tips of her finger.

Letting out a deep breath before changing her position by sleeping on her side. The memories that they shared displayed themselves live in her mind like an image each time she looks at the band.
She looks hurt! She was sober but it doesn’t entirely matter to her at the moment, what she wants to know is the reason why Dean acted that way to her.

They were always together, he was the first male friend she ever gave chance to trust. He won her friendship with his sweet self, now that she’s submitted to their friendship, Dean wants to let go!

Everything was going smoothly before they kssed, truthfully he was sorry but she acted stubbornly. Is that enough reason for him to behave like that? Does he not know her anymore?

He looked callous and unconcerned about her presence, and when Mina was speaking to him, she heard how he told Mina not to mention her name anymore.

Her name which he wouldn’t stop calling, he even fought Tiana for her, what must have happened to this headset that made him dislike her?

The band was given to her by him just to be remembering him, that was what he told her and she has always cherished it. Has he started acting cold because he remembers her?

Was he in a bad mood before she came back? She had no idea about what was going on, or what should she do. Probably Dean thought of her when she wasn’t around and now he’s acting cold once again.

If Mina was right and she feels love towards him, why are things not working out between them?

If Dean kssed her because he’s growing feelings for her, why then did he act as he has never met her before?

She thought about all related disturbances on her mind before sliding the band into her wrist where she has always been maintaining it.

Even after everything Dean did, she’s still not going to give up on him, he tried all he could to mend things with her when she was away, now she would cover up the space that has been created between them and bring their friends back into view.

Placing both of her hands beside her on the bed, she closed her eyes dizzily, humming out loud, gathering some courage in herself then picked up her phone from the bed.

“Can I be forgiven? I don’t know what I did but in all, I AM SORRY!” she calmly texted, after which she slide the phone beneath her pillow.

Opening and closed her eyes back and fro while she hoped for him to maybe reply. After hours of waiting, she ended up sleeping off while waiting as she didn’t get any reply from him.
“Dean didn’t return the message!”


Trying his father’s method of making coffee at night for the next moment, his hand which was holding the spoon that he was using to mix the coffee stopped for a moment to look at the text message again.

It was the message that he got from Amelia, he does want to reply, he feels the need to call her and then tell her how much he misses her, and how what he did earlier hurt him deeply seeing himself driving her away from him.

He isn’t left with any other choice than to do that, what hurts him is the reason why she never told him about her past. Why did she hide the truth?

He wouldn’t have done anything to her, it hurts whenever he remembers how he hugged her! Those images that he wants to flush from his memory! As they hurt deeply whenever he recollects.

When she came to him today, he could see how much his words hurt her, he just can’t allow her to stay around him and then leave when he has gotten used to her.

That was what happened with Flora and it hurts deeply, but, why is he feeling hurt over everything that happens?

If he doesn’t love Amelia why should he care about her relationship? They are friends and that’s what they’ve always shared! Has he started falling Inlove with Amelia?

Were Damon’s words true? Does he love her and that’s why he was hurt seeing her in his arms? G©sh! He doesn’t know what to think about!!!


*The next Day*

“I sent you a message last night, did you see that? I just wanted to say sorry,” Amelia told to Dean where they sat down beside each other in the lecture room since they are seatmates.

“I got a message, but I didn’t reply as I have no idea what it means, so it was sent by you!?” Dean answered while he roamed his eyes around the lecture room acting differently as usual.

“Didn’t you save my number on your phone? Why are you doing this? I was hurt by your actions yesterday but, I didn’t think about it, I still messaged you just to express how sorry I am, “Amelia’s voice which were calm and likewise trembling said to him.

“Doing to you? How can I do something that will hurt you if we don’t know each other? Wasn’t yesterday the first time we are meeting?”Dean scoffed innocently

“Is this a way to avoid me or you seriously can’t remember me anymore?” Amelia asked silently
“Why should I bother avoiding a stranger? Of course, I remembered meeting you yesterday,” Dean replied
“What did I do? Why are you making a mockery of my emotion?” Amelia suddenly asked while she bit her lips in sadness

“Emotion? Does speaking with me make you feel emotions? We just met yesterday, “Dean scoffed
“Did you feed anything for me too? I realized I am being hurt deeply by your actions because I have feelings for you, I wouldn’t have known if this doesn’t happen but, I wish you are not acting this way to me,” Amelia said to him while she took her eyes to the desk to avoid a tear from being shed.

They are not the only one in the room, as Dean always get glances from students every passing minutes, she’s sure eyes must have been on them.

“Can we not speak to each other anymore? Everyone is gawking at me and very soon, they will think I pick interest on a girl like you,” Dean managed to say after moments of silence.

Her words touched him deep down in his heart, what does she mean? Does Amelia have feelings for him? He gave what she said a thought but, he can’t help himself from acting cold to her.

“Have you not picked interest in me already? Why did you give me this? ” Amelia asked while revealing the band in her hand to him.

His instinct changed after he saw the band which was worn on her wrist, he took his eyes away immediately after realizing how Amelia was staring at his face.

Bringing out a book from his locker and then pretending to study as he was avoiding her question, Amelia didn’t hesitate to close the book in his front, she took it from his presence then kept it in her locker while her eyes return to meet his.

“I asked you a question, you answered the other questions, answer this too!” She demanded as she was staring deeply at him.

“Stop irritating me, it’s obvious that I don’t want to speak to you,” Dean finally said

“Why? Because I told the truth? Can’t you remember the band too?” Amelia asked but he didn’t say a word.

She took her palm into her hair, ruffling it painfully before looking at him with pain in her eyes,

“You assured me that you will be there for me! You are hurting me deeply with those words of yours and your attitude.” Amelia stated almost in a whisper

“If you won’t be there for me now over a little argument, you started it! I said sorry because I violated your apology but, does that mean if I fall today… You won’t help me to rise back?” She completed her words with a tear rolling down her cheeks already.

Mina sat down at her seat while she watched the two of them discuss. She wondered why Amelia was so sad! Has he said another hurtful words to her?
Amelia whom has turned her face downward, so no one will know what’s going on with her made Mina not able to see her face correctly.

“If you won’t let go of my mistakes now, what will you do to me if I fall one-day Dean?” She questioned again
“I will overlook you and simply walked away just like I barely care,” Dean responded


Tiana stood up on the stairs with the object she would be needing in her hand, impatiently looking around to confirm no one was there to witness what she was about to do.

She knew this would be the perfect place to carry out her plan, students don’t visit the place, she can escape from here and no one will know about what she did.

Dropping the object on the ground while she stood on her toe, she looked down the balcony and saw her walking closer to the under of the stairs already.

Hurriedly bringing out the already sliced watermelon from the leather which she kept it inside, the water which was dripping from it created lines behind her as she hurried towards the balcony with it.

She ensured all the students were busy with what they were doing, after making sure of her security, she watched her staying closer to the direction where she was beneath the stairs.

Without giving it any thoughts or doubt, she threw the watermelon in her hand directly down the stairs on her.

Since the watermelon has already been sliced into different parts, it all scattered on her immediately they made contact with her head, it was unexpected which is what made her fall on the ground along with the watermelon.

“Mission Accomplished!” Tiana breathe out in peace as she saw her lying on the ground with the watermelon that has scattered around her hair and body.

Instantly have the urge to go down the stairs to make a mockery of her.

The students had already gathered to watch the view, no one knows where the watermelon came from, although some were trying to help her.

Tiana’s mind was at rest while staring down since none of the students tried looking up the stairs or tried checking where the watermelon dropped from.
She quickly bent down below her knee when she saw Mina running from afar to where Amelia was trying to get up.

Her eyes which were roaming around unexpectedly met with Dean who was staring expressionlessly at her from where he was down the stairs with his two hands in his pocket.

Her heart races after she realized Dean just saw what she did, did he know it was her who threw the watermelon? Her eyes blinked unusually as she doesn’t want to look at him another time but he refused to break the eye contact, he was still looking at her with blank expression.

She saw her and aside from that he would help Amelia! That isn’t how she wants everything to go!

She started regretting, bitting her lips internally, but to her surprise, Dean turned around the next minutes she looked at him, like he isn’t aware of what’s going on, he walked out of the scene without any word like he cared to Amelia that was on the ground or going to meet Tiana that was up.
“What just happened?” She exclaimed!


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Chapter 66


“How did this happen? Did you slip and fell on the watermelon? Didn’t you see it?” Mina complained continuously as she helped Amelia into the restroom.

Amelia held her head in her palm as she relaxed her back on the wall with her dress and hair stained with watermelon all over.

Her hair which looked like watermelon lotion has just been applied to it, even her school uniform was nothing to write home about, it was all ruined with watermelon.

Probably due to the issue, her headaches terribly and it’s difficult keeping her eyes open. “I didn’t fall, it was thrown at me from upstairs,” She managed to reply

“How’s that possible? Was it by mistake? Did you see who threw it?” Mina angrily asked
“I was in hardship, how would I remember to check?” She answered tiredly then she began to remove her uniform.

“I saw Dean come there, did he walk away afterward??” Amelia asked Mina who was holding her hair so she could help in removing the uniform.
“Hum..”Mina after seconds of being silent hummed.

After hearing this Amelia didn’t say anything aside from nodding her head. She doesn’t want to think about him!

“I need to take a bath, I’m afraid because of turning into watermelon anytime soon, due to the stains on my body,” She made a joke out of herself
“Go on then. did you keep your sportswear in your locker?

Your uniform is all wrecked you won’t be able to wear it, “Mina asked as she created a way for Amelia to go into the bathroom.
“I kept it there, are you going to get it too please?” She asked after walking out of the bathroom with a towel in her hand

“I will go get it, is this the only towel that is in there? Should I get you another towel?”Mina asked with concern
“There’s another towel… I will go have a bath before you get back,” Amelia responded as she walked fully into the privy
“I wasn’t expecting this from you, is this who you are?” Mina yelled coldly at Dean, coincidentally, she ran into him on her to get Amelia another dress.

“What are you talking about?” Dean asked, tilting his head forward like he was clueless about what she was saying.

“You didn’t know what I was talking about? You were present and saw Amelia in trouble, couldn’t you have tried helping her instead of walking away?” Mina said in frustration
” That was too harsh! She felt hurt!” She added angrily
“It wasn’t my fault that it was thrown at her, what should I have done if I didn’t walk away?” He asked back without a hint of care in his voice.

“This isn’t you! Dean wouldn’t have walked away, he would stay over there and help her!” Her voice which trembled in sadness
”You’ve changed to a different person.” ”Then when Amelia hurt her toe, you got it treated for her! Even when Tiana hurt her head with her phone, you were there to help her! You never walked away!”Mina yelled but he gave no reply, rather, he appointed his head to another direction.

“I wouldn’t have done this if I were you,” Mina muttered calmly
“I thought she’s your friend, aren’t you supposed to be there for her instead of arguing with me?” Dean instead of answering asked

Mina was indeed shocked by his actions! He has suddenly turned callous! Speaking to him would only be a waste of time!
Sparing him the last glance, Mina walked away without another word to him.
“I was waiting for you to come since, tell me what hooked you on the way,” Amelia asked Mina while she put on the dress which she gave to her.

Mina doesn’t want to inform her about the words she had with Dean, it would only hurt Amelia further, she was left with no other choice than to find an excuse.

“I didn’t take your key with me to the locker, I had to go get it in your backpack,” She said to her with a smile

“Thanks, Mina… I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t come by,” Amelia appreciated with a faint smile
“Where were you walking to? Why did you go out of the class without me?” Mina scolded her
“Because I was not myself, I had another discussion with Dean and his words broke me apart,” Amelia looked beneath the ground as she speaks

“I was in search of somewhere peaceful when this happened,” She completed sadly, her mind drifting to all that was told to her by Dean.

“You shouldn’t think about Dean now… It will only make you feel sober,” Mina advised
“I won’t… Can you get drugs for me? My headaches and the pain is h©rrible,” She requested

“I will get it at the school clinic… Let’s head to class first, maybe news about the watermelon thrower would pop up,”
Her head which was placed on the locker since this while raised after Mina came, she collected the water and drug from her, getting a grip of herself as she hates drugs so much!

She closed her eyes lazily before throwing the drugs in her mouth after which she gulped enough water down her throat so as not to taste the bitterness of the drug.
“Does your head still ache?” Mina asked since her look was kind of pale.

Mina who sat down on the desk, with her eyes which wouldn’t stop looking angrily at Dean who was sitting beside Amelia quietly with a book in his hand.

“It’s aching… I should be fine after taking a nap at home.” Amelia replied
“I’m just thinking of whom it was that did this, was it a mistake?” Mina asked no one in particular

“No one knows.” ”I don’t think anyone was able to see anything even if it was someone that did it.” Amelia tiredly replied

“I heard the grade 8 are having a general meeting with the school management. You should get a quick nap before the next lecture commence then,” Mina said to Amelia as she ruffled her hair with care.
After school ended, Dean and Tiana bumped into each other at home as he walked up the stairs, the phone which she was pressing almost fell because she had no idea that she would run into him.

Seeing him walking up closer to her made her scared and suddenly felt the need to disappear from the spot.

Remembering what she had done earlier, and to even imagine it that he saw her! She would be questioned about what took place in school. What should she say?

That was her thought as she trembled in fright until Dean got closer to her and then walked past her like she wasn’t there…

Absentmindedly holding on to the rail and then looking at him from behind as he walked up the stairs calmly.
“He didn’t speak to her!”


“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Dean yelled at Damon as they argued in the park
“What the heck are you doing? Do you know what you are doing?” Damon still asked
“I’m aware of what I am doing and that’s… Drifting her away from me. Have I answered yet?” Dean asked
“Why are you doing this? She has not done anything!” Damon questioned

“Why do you enjoy saying what will make me feel like a terrible person?” Dean who was walking back and fro stopped to asked

“I don’t say things that make you feel terrible rather, you are feeling terrible by yourself!” Damon replied back
“How am I? Because I failed to help her? Was I supposed to touch her so all I have been trying to stop will return?” Dean scoffed

“Nothing can be done concerning that.” ”Have you ever thought of asking Amelia about her story?” Damon questioned
“I did… I thought of it but what’s the essence? She would eventually feel like I have been trying to enter her personal life then hurt me with her words,” Dean responded

“She doesn’t deserve this! She wouldn’t have done this if it was you!” Damon yelled at him
“I told her about mine, why didn’t she tell me also?” Dean yelled back

“Everything entirely may not be the truth!” Damon still replied but keeping his voice calm
“Stop it Damon you are suffocating me!” Dean suddenly yelled unexpectedly


*The next day*
“Carol is organizing a birthday party during the weekend, has she invited you?” Mina asked Amelia who was copying a note
“I met the invitation in my locker, she must have dropped it there when she didn’t see me,” She answered then raised her to look at Mina who was smiling
“Tell me are you going?” She asked further

“Do you need to ask me that? Carol will suffocate me if I don’t!” Amelia exclaimed as Mina giggled out loud
“She knows how to get you better, you wouldn’t have gone if it’s someone else, “Mina pointed out

“Not after all the ranting she’s been doing, I will be going only because I am interested in her madness!” Amelia responded then they both shared laughter.


Where they were discussing Carol herself came to where they are, they both thought she wanted to join the discussion until she bent down till her elbow relaxed on Dean’s side of the locker.

“Please will you come to my birthday party? It’s taking place this weekend and I will be turning__” She was interrupted by Dean himself
“I don’t know about my schedule but, I will be there if my day happens to be free.’

”Nevertheless, happy birthday in advance,” Dean response which came out with a sweet smile.

Carol melt at the sight of that, she chuckled ¢razily before walking happily away with the need to suddenly yell out loud!! ”Dean smiled at her!!”

Mina and Amelia threw each other a glance after what they just finished seeing, Mina suddenly leaning further to whisper to Amelia “I will be the one to dress you up for the party mouse,”

Amelia after hearing what she said hit her on her lap, she yelped out in pain as Amelia immediately glared hard at her.
“I can do that by myself… Must you always act like my mother?” She snapped irritatedly

“I am your school mom,” Mina teased then chuckled because of the hard glare from Amelia who was ready to decend on if possible.

“I will inform mom that I will have a sleepover at your place tomorrow, put it in your mind that I would be following you back home tomorrow after school comes to an end,”
“You can’t be serious! I can do that myself!”


Brad walked in on him where he was studying as usual alone in the hall, removing his glasses from his eyes after he sighted him entering.

Dean looked at him coldly before taking his eyes away, “looks like someone isn’t happy to see me!” Brad wowed as he went and sat down beside him on the sofa.

“If you’ve come here to talk rubbish, I won’t be having any discussion with you!” Dean forewarned
“Do I always speak rubbish?” Brad taunted

“Tell me how the journey has been without my girlfriend around you Young Heir,” Brad asked

“All awesome you can see, you should leave after getting your answer!” Dean said to him
“Nothing looks awesome here, it looks like you’ve been hurt by everything!” Brad further teased


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“How often do you visit this cafeteria in a day?” He asked fully before taking a bite from his snacks
“Quite a few periods I would say, I don’t come here often aside when I need to get something” She acknowledged feebly, with her eyes on the other corner of the room.

“seriously!!! He exclaimed
“Everyone comes here to do the same also!” He blurted sarcastically
“Don’t mind my words… I visit the cafeteria in my leisure time,” She shortly apologized and and then separated her eyes from the spot which it has been looking at.
“Now that’s a better answer than the previous one you gave, “Alfred answered back which a confectionary smile.

Mina was busy battling with her eyes from looking towards Alfred’s direction, the person who was sitting in front of her, each time he says a word she would feel like intervening but her mouth was too heavy to alter a word.

To avoid displeasing herself, she preferred keeping quiet and listening to their conversation while she enjoyed the presence of Alfred around her. “After all she doesn’t get to stay around him often.”
Sometimes her eyes would look towards what’s happening by the corner of the room, rolled her eyes frustratedly, and suddenly feel the nerve to walk over there then create a random scene.

It’s taking her a lot to stop herself from doing that, each minute she looks at Amelia and sight her looking over there, she could still glimpse the heartbreak which she felt in her.

“I haven’t seen you in the lecture room receiving lectures for a while, were you locked up in a classroom collectingg lectures all alone?” Amelia atarted another discussion since no one was saying anything, moreover, it was another distraction for her to stop looking at what hurt her.
Alfred himself ended up bursting out loud while laughing before, Mina also rolled her eyes at Amelia’s madness.

“How can I be locked up? I’m not a pet who stays indoor,” Alfred after everything said
“Were you in school then? I haven’t come across you, you suddenly disappeared after we took the test!” Amelia stated
” I went on a trip! Even the result from the test came to me where I was,” Alfred announced.
Mina who wasn’t looking at him instantly snapped her head to him, examining him a bit before she eventually looked away.
“What sort of trip during school period?” Amelia scoffed
“The same trip you embarked on!” Angry Mina thought sarcastically in her mind without saying a word except her eyes which would not stop rolling.

“I went to visit my Mom,” Alfred shard as his eyes met Mina’s whom had no idea that he was looking at her because her eyes were focusing on what was going on over there in the room’s corner

“I get it now, how was it? With your new self I will say that it was awesome,” Amelia mentioned
“Is there something revealing about my new self that I don’t know about?” Alfred sarcastically asked
“I will say yes because you are here discussing with us.” She simply replied, her eyes which met Mina’s winked d’vilishly at her before focusing back on Alfred

“Spare me that, why the allegation?” Alfred asked
“I haven’t seen you speaking with ladies before, if you look around you should realize everyone’s eyes on us,” Amelia responded

“I didn’t realize that I have turned so old with the title of an introvert, I should do this often then, it’s nice!” Alfred realized
“You meant discussing with us?” Amelia scoffed cluelessly
“Discussing with you I will say,” He corrected with a faint smile

“I’m not the only one present here with you, my friend is also here, how will it be only me?” Amelia demanded
“I haven’t heard your friend speak since I got here, I think she’s not among the discussion.” Alfred laid down his complaint

“She wouldn’t speak! She has a huge crush on you! How will she speak with you here!” Amelia wanted to scream that into his ear but after sparing Mina a glance, she knew Mina would kill her after saying that.
“Maybe she’s imagining a lot of things in her head with someone that she likes, things like to suddenly fly on him! “Amelia rather said

Mina was about to sip her juice quietly but then fumed to face Amelia with her eyes glued to her face, “why will she say such a thing?”
Alfred’s face didn’t change after what Amelia told to him, rather he smiled briefly before telling;
“Hello…” He seemed for Mina’s attention, Mina who fought against her anxiety before looking up into his brown eyes.

“You should not dream too much about him during daylight, everyone will assume you sleeping but, only you will know what’s on your mind,” Alfred stated while only Amelia giggled

“Have fun presently then think of that special someone later,” He advised, his eyes which weren’t looking anywhere else aside from her face.

” Amelia just accused me of not staying around ladies.” ” We should all have fun! You can think of your prince charming later,” Alfred completed his words, his words which were followed by a hint wink from him to Mina.

Mina felt her throat empty as she stared uncontrollably at him, she didn’t realize her elbow stretching to lay on the table until Amelia pinched her. “Alfred just spoke to her!?”
Like a sleepy puppy, Mina jolted out of her thought, giving Amelia a hard glare before looking back at Alfred who was smiling freely at them.
“You both have been glancing around for a while, tell me are you looking for something?” He asked

“We are not… Tell me what it feels being the owner of the school’s son? Does ladies crush on you? Have you fallen in love with anyone yet?” Amelia questioned continuously.
Alfred rubbed his head slightly as he looked around the room, his lips which were formed Into think line smiled before he answered;
“I feel like a normal being when it comes to the school belonging to my Dad,” He simply said.

“I don’t know if ladies are crushing on me but, many has approached me countless time for outing,” He also added.
“I saw that coming… So, have you gone on any outing with a lady before? I will say no because you don’t seem like an outing person to me,” Amelia shrugged her shoulder cluelessly once again.
“I once followed someone,” He simply replied, Amelia disappointedly shook her head, Mina felt jealous with his reply but, she dare not say a word.
“You didn’t answer my last question!” Amelia after being quiet pointed out.
“What was it about? I can’t remember.” Alfred asked innocently
“Have you fallen in love with any lady yet?”

“What were you doing!? That wasn’t nice!” Mina argued on their way back to the lecture room.
“What would have been nice then? I kept on discussing with him because I wanted him to stay around us,” Amelia effortlessly defended
“Why would you want that? Do you like him?” Mina fumed in anger
“You are the one that likes him as he’s your one time crush, I only did that to keep him around us so you will sleep well,” Amelia fired back
“Haven’t I been sleeping well? What were you saying?” Mina snapped

“I saw how you lost yourself in staring at him, I wanted you to stare harder that was why I did that,” Amelia said
“Your intentions were right but, what you did isn’t right. How could you tell me that I was thinking of someone that I like!?”
“He still talked with you, I wasn’t blind when he blinked at you also,” Amelia replied
“Which means?” Mina glared at her
“Which means that probably, he likes you!” She shrugged her shoulder cluelessly.
“He doesn’t look like someone who likes me!” Mina slowly replied

“You can’t say… At least he confessed that he could feel himself liking someone for the first time. That someone might be you,” Amelia reminded
After what she said, Mina didn’t say a word, she concentrated on her way and continued going, she was upset by how Amelia licked out what she feels but likewise happy because Alfred did talk to her after all. “What if he also likes her?”

“Who was that lady with Dean? Have you seen her around before?” Amelia whose smile had suddenly disappeared after remembering asked Mina.
” Were you also looking at them?” Mina also questioned then watched her nod her head slowly.

“Have you met my stepsister before?” Mina asked before she delayed her steps.
“I haven’t met her, has she resume school now?” Amelia asked
“She has resumed… It was here that you saw in the cafeteria with Dean, “Mina answered her questions altogether.

“Ohh… She’s an adult, how come she knows Dean so soon!” Amelia wondered in surprise
“I once told you that I heard her discussing about Dean in the car, she met him when she came for Admission,” Mina briefly explained
“Fine then… Are you having any lectures now?” Amelia asked as she battles with all the thoughts going on in her mind.
“I’m not having any.” Mina replied

” Were you hurt when you saw her together with Dean?” Mina returned the discussion.
She opened her mouth to reply but no reply crossed her mind, how can she explain? Even when she doesn’t understand herself!
Her facial expression doesn’t change, only her voice trembled when she said;
“Let’s not talk about Dean.” “Did you come along with cloth for the party or, we should do shopping together on our way home?”

He remained quiet alone in the hall, due to the calmness in there, it has become his usual place to stay whenever there’s no lecture for him to attend.
In the hall which was always quiet before, he wondered why other students started visiting every day.

He hates the atmosphere now especially whenever he’s been deprived of his privacy just like this moment.

“Why do you like staying in here alone? Isn’t the place too calm to stay?” He heard her question again, her mouth which hasn’t stopped moving since she got there which irritated him further.

“I stay where I love no matter what happens in there, what use is a noisy place for humans?” He said in a harsh tone
“I just asked, you don’t need to be upset,” She scoffed
He didn’t say a word to her after that, his two hands were crossed across his chest while he relaxed his head on the wall with his eyes closed.

“I’m here to keep your company, will you keep my company too by telling me a story?” She requested
“Have you been the one keeping my company? I was here all by myself when you came,” Dean scoffed
“I should say that I tried keeping your company but you didn’t let me.” She answered back. He was mute for minutes before he started;

“A boy enjoys staying alone, no noise around him, just himself and his books.” ”There was a time he enjoys his friends company around him, he felt betray by their current actions and now, he prefer sitting alone with his thoughts,”
“A day came right were he was enjoying himself quietly, an unwanted lady wandered in and started trying to build a friendship which he doesn’t need with him,”

“He has shown her everything needed to know that he doesn’t need her as his friend but she wouldn’t listen,”
“She comes around frequently and even drains blood out of his body because of her never-ending discussion and unnecessary talks,”
“Now can you tell me, If you come across that kind of person, how will you save yourself from such a running mouth human being?” He questioned after he finished narrating.

“I will shout at them each time they try invading my private moment, everyone knows what privacy means,” She instantly replied, having happiness in her that he at least did what she wants.

“So you also could imagine how annoying they are each time they stalk around you like your shadow?” Dean asked in satisfaction then smiled when Elisa nodded her head positively.

“You should stop stalking around me then because I am the boy in the story and you are the lady invading my privacy!” He rushed his words
“I don’t do this often but if it’s required forcefully now, then I will plead with you to stay away from my vicinity!!”


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“I collided with you both at the cafeteria, now I am running to you again on my way to the park. Don’t you feel suspicious?”
“Suspicious you say? Running into people is a casual incident.” Amelia said as she hung her arm across Mina’s neck.

“I didn’t know. I thought this happens when one of the people has what belongs to the second person,” Alfred said cluelessly as they take their steps one after another.
“Nothing of yours is with me.” Amelia slumped
” Mina, do you have anything that belongs to him with you? Maybe you stole what is his,” Amelia called out

“Do you want to die?” Mina angrily quarreled before she realized what she said.
“I meant why,” She corrected her words forthwith
“Why? Why what?” Amelia poked fun at knowingly
“I don’t steal… Why will I have his things with me,” She managed to say
“I don’t know… You just hesitated even though you have none of his things with you,” Amelia teased her further while Alfred giggled softly at their naughty argument.

“I wasn’t stammering. My throat hurts that’s all!” She affirmed
“So you both argued continuously? How Awesome!” Alfred exclaimed
“She’s annoying so, why won’t we argue,” Amelia spat, then withdrew her arm from Mina’s neck.
“Carol is organizing a birthday party tomorrow, are you coming?” She asked him
“So her name is Carol… I will come, so far there will be a chance to enjoy the atmosphere,” Alfred replied
“You should come with your girlfriend if you want a change in the atmosphere,” Amelia advised
“I would have done that if I have one… Lonely me, because I will be lonely,” Alfred responded
“You should get that if you want to look beautiful tomorrow,”
“Not only I will be attending but, you are on my neck like you wouldn’t need a dress too,” She nagged
“I got my dress already, let’s talk about you,” She likewise says
“I’m not the birthday girl, Carol will kill me if my dress should impress anyone there,” Amelia ranted
“Why will she do that? She invited you after all,” Mina said

“She didn’t ask me to be too classy, it’s not my birthday!” Amelia furiously yelled
“Don’t yell me, you can choose any dress from the ones I selected, after which we will leave”

“Come out of the car, do you want to stay in there while discussing with the driver?” Mina complained
“I’m not going to stay, I just feel nervous to step down,” She nervously murmured
“Why such? You ain’t the birthday girl,” Mina scoffed
“You didn’t think of that before dressing me up this way, I feel suffocated by everything!” Amelia complained tiredly

“Should we head back home? You can go wear your uniform if this makes you suffocate” Mina said with an eye roll
“I will manage with it… Can you help with your hand?” Amelia requested, in a jiffy Mina stretched her hand forward for her to hold.

She grabbed hold of the palm and after she eventually came out of the car, she refused to let go of it.
“Why are you still holding my hand? You can’t walk?” Mina questioned
“Let’s go in there together like this, I feel better this way,”
“Hello Dean, thanks for coming to my party!” Carol took a toll to where Dean was sitting quietly alone, his eyes roaming around the place like he was looking for someone.
“It’s my pleasure, here’s the gift I got for you,” He answered sweetly then passed over the gift which was on the table to her.

She giggled happily after collecting it before she handed it over to one of the servants that were with her. “Thanks a bunch.” “You didn’t only honor me with your presence at my party but, you likewise brought a gift for me,” she expressed her gratitude

“My pleasure.” Dean simply said
“Hope you’ve been enjoying the day, when is the party starting? I think I came too earlier, I didn’t remember checking the time from the invitation card you gave me.” He rushed his words as she wouldn’t stop smiling at him.

“In a few minutes, I haven’t seen Amelia none Mina around, have you seen them?” She asked.
“I’ve been here all by myself… None of them has shown up yet.” Dean managed to say,

“Probably, they both planned not to come. But, I can’t conclude that they are absent yet, they might be on their way,”

She let out, Dean didn’t utter a word, constantly he has nodded his head and sometimes faked a smile even when he wasn’t convenient with the discussion.

“All ladies are dieing for you, no one wants to take their eyes off you.” Carol spat out
“Can I request this now?” “Will you have a dance with me on the dance floor? I will feel honored if you can grant my request,” She childishly begged
“Sure.” He simply accepted after a thought.

“Thank You… I will go speak with the other guest, I will be back” She told to him with smile, he nodded his head slowly before eventually she walked away.
His head snapped forward due to the noises and murmuring which he knew nothing about the reason why everywhere became noisy suddenly.

His eyes which were looking around till it reaches the direction of what everyone was staring at blinked after he saw who entered.

She walked elegantly in her beautiful dress, her face which looks more beautiful than usual, her cheeks will form into a brief smile each time she opened her mouth to speak to Mina that was holding hands with her.

If no one knows who the birthday girl is, they can mistake her to be the celebrant, as her beauty was rare and she looks more breath-taking than she was on other days.

More as if she was also searching for him, their eyes met and after sharing brief eye contact, Amelia was the first person to break the eye lock.
After then was when he realized he has been staring non-stop at her.

“She’s so beautiful!” “Oh my! Take a look at her, she looks takeaway!”
Noises from different sides of the party due to Amelia’s arrival.

Tiana who saw this where she was rubbed her head furiously before taking her eyes forcefully away from her. If she continues looking toward her then, she might be forced to damage her body features instantly without any remorse.
Alfred has been with himself alone before he eventually stood up from where he was, he ignored all the stares from the people as he walked closer to them.


After a brief discussion they had, both Amelia and Mina followed Alfred to where he was sitting earlier.
“You both didn’t only waste time before coming, you took the admiration instead of me when you came in even though, I am the celebrant!” Carol joked as she came to join their table.

“It was never intentional, after all, I didn’t dress for myself,” Amelia shyly said
“I don’t mind your look, it’s beautiful and! Everyone is aware that it’s my birthday because my pictures are everywhere” Carol responded with a smile
“You can rock your beauty while I rock my cake,” She added as they laughed together at her joke.

“I thought you guys wouldn’t come, I’ve gone to ask Dean but he said, he had no idea if you are both coming,” She discussed
“We are here now after all, what’s next to do?” Mina was the one who speaks this time.
“H!tting the dance floor.. luckily for me, Dean said that he would be dancing with me!!” Carol happily announced
“Your luck… Amelia and I won’t be dancing,” Mina informed

“Because you can’t dance or… There’s no one to dance with?” Carol teased
“I can easily pick someone to dance with her,” Mina snapped at her
“You don’t need to do that… I will dance with you,” Alfred who has been quiet joined the conversation.

“You all should go to the dance floor… I will be here watching your steps” Amelia told to them.

“There’s no need of watching their steps, I am available here for you to dance with,” He came from nowhere and joined the discussion

“Thanks for that but, I don’t want to dance,” She refused after she rolled her eyes irritatedly because of his presence

“I thought It would be fun at your party, your friend wants to ruin your party by refusing to dance with your guests,” He said to Carol who furrowed her brows at Amelia.

“Thought dancing is a choice? You can choose anyone you will like to dance with here but, I am not stepping on that floor,” Amelia further nagged
“I must say that you look beautiful when you nag, I mistook you for the birthday girl,” He flirted with her,
“Just have a dance with me, then I won’t bother asking you for anything else again,” He added with a smirk

Amelia didn’t want to go with him but, after reconsidering it, she knew it was the best idea if she does.
Aside from avoiding Carol’s offense, she can cause him harm while dancing and silently revenge for herself.

“Okay. I will dance with you,” She finally accepted,
Mina who heard that turned abruptly to look at her, seeing Amelia smiling sheepishly at her but, that only made Mina worry further.

“Sounds great, let’s hit the dance floor then, shall we?” Brad asked then stretched his hand forward for her to hold.
She reluctantly stood up, placing her hand in between his arm that was crutched instead, Mina and Alfred already led each other to the dance floor with their hands locked together shyly, and Carol, she had already gone to meet Dean.
His heart broke when he saw them both dancing, he couldn’t even concentrate on dancing, as his eyes would not stop looking at them every moment.

If he knows the truth then, why does seeing her with him still hurts? He shouldn’t be feeling this way! She’s not his!
“Hello, I am Cherry!” A lady announced in front of him, where’s Carol whom he was dancing with? He wondered before he saw her dancing with somebody else.

He had no idea of when they switched partners. Although he forced his steps to go according to the beat but his eyes still looked at her at any given opportunity.
She smiled victoriously all to herself, she had hurt his feet badly, she’s sure he would never have expected her to do that but she did it anyway.

The only reason why she accepted to dance with him was to teach him a lesson, she has taught him a lesson by stepping on his feet throughout the dancing period, now she can enjoy the atmosphere after the pain she caused him made him feel te.rrible and unable to enjoy the party.
The dance was still going on, switching partners and eventually, Amelia got switched towards Dean, they both were firstly staring absent-mindedly at each other without making a move to dance.

And just as when Dean was about to hold her waist, Tiana walked up to them, their both eyes blinked repeatedly, before they know it, Tiana had already taken hold of Dean’s hand while she dances forcefully with him.
She was sad! Broken and hurt at the same time! even Dean could see the disappointment in her eyes.

Not wanting to show the pain which she felt in their presence, as there was no one to patch herself with for a dance, everyone is dancing with their partners and, only her was standing alone on the dance floor.

Without bothering to look at him again, she simply turned around then walked out of the stage alone.
Since the dance has ended, everyone went back to their seat including Dean who sadly returned to sit, his mood has already been ruined all thanks to Tiana.

He would have at least gotten the chance to dance with her, he would have held her hand if she didn’t interrupt. What was with the sadness he saw in her eyes when Tiana was dancing with him?

She was happily dancing with Brad so, why was she disappointed?
Soaking himself in his thoughts while his eyes searched around for her but, he couldn’t see her.

Dean closed his eyes lazily, he only opened them to spot Tiana coming over to where he was.
“That was such an awesome dance Dean, I never knew you to be a good dancer,” She complimented
“Why did you switch with me in place of Amelia? I was supposed to dance with her,” Dean asked without looking at her
“Was it that easy to discover? Well I did that because I knew you both are not in good terms and, I won’t allow her to touch you after dancing with her boyfriend,” Tiana shamelessly spat

“I never mentioned wanting to dance with you also, if I can’t dance with Amelia then, who are you that I will be pleased to dance with?” Dean coldly asked
“I’m a human and, I am after all better than Amelia who you showed love but bite you in the back,” Tiana responded
“I haven’t come across any mark on my back, where did you see it from?” Dean asked

“You think I don’t know what’s going on? Amelia played with your feelings,” Tiana answered
“Was that what you heard from me?” Dean slowly asked
“I heard it when you were discussing with Damon at the park, you shouldn’t bother about her, I already revenge for you by disgracing her,” Tiana confidently answered
“Not after all she made me go through, I threw the watermelon on her because she hurts you and… I was hurt too,” She added

“Which means you have no humanity left in you and, Amelia is better than you,” Dean after being mute said
“Amelia has never been better than me,” Tiana offendedly said
“She is… I might have deserted her but, I will still prefer her presence around me over yours” Dean stated
“I didn’t hurt you as she did, I have always proved to you that I am good.”Tiana declined
“I can’t see your prove as none matches your wickedness, you’ve never rectified your mistakes,” Dean replied

“I did that to revenge for you, I just wanted to see her in pain,” She nagged in anger
“That’s how you turned yourself into a bea$t.” Dean raised his voice at her

” Over everything, Amelia is still better to me than you, as you have no idea of what it means to be good!” Dean’s words rubbed her on the face
Tears dropped controllably from her eyes, his words which went directly into her mind then hurt her mindset in return.
How could he have said all that to her when all she ever did was craving for his affection? She never knew all her effort wouldn’t be appreciated by him and all thanks to Amelia for showing up beautifully like that today.

She had lost her sanity and didn’t know when she took a route of where she knew nothing about where it led to in the building.

Going further into the compound, she wiped her tears with the back of her palm as already she left her handkerchief in her bag outside.

Even though the tears kept on pouring, she shoved forward into the empty space.

An unexpected sight behold ahead of her and a d’vilishly smirk escaped her lips when she saw the one who put her in this position standing not far away from her.

Anger crept into her body and built a huge burning mansion already in her mind.

All she wants to do was to create another problem, the one which is bigger than anyone she ever created.

If she couldn’t find joy in Dean, she would get joy from seeing her dropping her last breath in the water.

The place is calm and, no one knew where she was! She would fulfill what she wants and then watch her drown deeply into the water without anyone coming to her rescue.
Taking her steps slowly, and quietly closer to where she crutches beside the pool.

She grinned d’vilishly when she got to her back, and as she wanted to turn because of the footsteps that she noticed.
Tiana as already pushed her forward into the water before she realized it.
Amelia had started flowing on the water with sympathy calling from her.

“She doesn’t even know how to swim!” Her breathing hitched while she tried keeping her head flowing on the top of the water but it wasn’t possible.
Her body constantly drowning deeper into the water, this made her close to being breathless.

“I hope no one comes to your rescue and, you ended up drowning deep down into the water!” Tiana spat out where she stood by the edge of the pool.


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Chapter 69


“Where are you heading to? Can’t you stay a little longer with me before leaving? Does my not make you feel convenient?”
“Amelia left the dance floor earlier, I saw her going towards the backside of the building.” ”I need to go check on her, we will come back together,” Mina told him as she stood up hastily.

“Should I come along?” Alfred offered then stood up as well.
“You have someone waiting for you, attend to him then you can join us later,” Mina shyly replied after signaling her head towards the guard that has been standing there for minutes now.

The day is blessed more than she expected! Having Alfred around her even though they’ve not had any close relationship before till now. Probably this is an opportunity to speak freely with him! Even if she can’t tell him how much she likes him.

Alfred nodded his head after what she said, she smiled faintly at him before walking away.
“Amelia! Amelia where are you? Are you in there?” Mina called out as she walked deeper into the backside.


She startled in fright as she heard Mina’s voice where she stood by the pool.
“That witch has arrived! She’s here to ruin things for me!” She muttered painfully then looked at Amelia who has started drowning already.
“Even if they come to your rescue, you still won’t be yourself for the rest of the day,”

“It’s not all about winning instantly, later wins also matter.”
”How I wished this pool contains acid that would peel off your miserable skin before you are rescued!” She stated wickedly

“I don’t care if you are rescued now, no one to help you both. How lucky it will be to see you both drowning,” She said amidst her gritted teeth.
Sparing Amelia the last glare in the water then she scurried off to hide before Mina could get there.


“Have you seen anybody around here? I’m searching for my friend who came in this direction,” Mina asked the young boy that she ran into.
“I’m just going over there, you can enter fully to check if she’s by the pool or at the garden,” He told to her then rubbed the pet he was carrying gently on the head.

“I have no idea where the pool or the garden is located here. Do you live here?” Mina asked
“Carol is my sister, I live here. I can take you there if you don’t mind,” he offered and without any reluctance, Mina started following him.
“Is this the only part of the backside? She’s not here!” Mina questioned him after they’d finished looking around for Amelia but they didn’t see her.
“If she isn’t here then, I think she must be outside.” the little one was saying before suddenly exclaiming!
”Oh my! Someone is drowning in the water!” He exclaimed after his eyes turned to the swimming pool’s direction with shock.

Mina turned hastily and yelled out after she saw who was drowning “Amelia!” She screamed and ran to the place, even the young guy ran after her.

“Amelia!”she called out again and absentmindedly, since she couldn’t tolerate the position she had met her, Mina likewise jumped into the water just to save Amelia.

The young boy already ran out of the place in fear, after he dropped the puppy on the ground.


As the pool was deep and filled with water to the brim, she wasn’t able to swim closer to where Amelia was in the water before she started drowning herself.

Sadly she had only learned the basics of how to swim but, she never tried swimming before. Maybe it would have helped if she had tried putting what she learned into action previously!
Her hand which stretched further to help Amelia lazily fell by her side, she also wasn’t able to survive in the water.

“Amelia! Please try keeping your head at the top of the water! Don’t give up!,” She begged in a whisper, as the water rushed into her nostril.
The crowd has started running over to the scene since the news has gotten to them with the help of the young boy who told his sister (Carol) about what happened.

Carol’s yell which Dean heard made him also head to where everyone was taking a speed to.
“Amelia! Mina!! Somebody help them!” Carol cried out where she stood by the side of the pool.

His heart breaks when he got there just to find Amelia and Mina drowning in the water, Amelia on her own has stopped battling with the water, even her body has started going down the pool.

While Mina was still trying not to drown. She was still trying to keep her head up without entering the water, but her nostril has already been filled with water, taking a deep breathe would make her take in the water directly to her skull.

“Sht!” Dean cvrsed seeing Amelia’s body lifeless in the water. Before he knew it, he already jumped into the water, the first thing that came to his mind was getting Amelia out of the pool.

He swam to where she was, his heart skipped a beat after he saw her becoming breathless already,

“Amelia open your eyes!” He shouted before he started swimming to the edge of the pool with her. But, that didn’t stop him from calling out her name.


Alfred finished what he needed to do and then went directly to where Mina described to him.
Up to his misfortune, he only got there to see Amelia and Mina drowning in the water. “How did this happen!?”

Jumping inside the water too after Dean already jumped, he fastly swam to where Mina was battling with the water, he crawled Mina into his arms immediately his hand came in contact with her body, then he tried getting her out of the water before she lost her strength to the water eventually.
“Amelia open your eyes! Amelia look at me! Get up please I am here! How did she fall!?” Dean shook her body non-stop as he tried to wake her up.

After pressing her chest so she could throw up the water that she took in. He bent to hear the sound of her heartbeat and that was when he realized the hitch that was in it, her breathing has started seizing.
He sat down on the ground instantly beside her, everyone present were watching, someone were videoing, only Carol who was standing beside him in fear.

“Her breathing is seizing, what should I do?” He muttered in silence as he rubbed his head helplessly.

What to do crossed his mind, he placed her head on his lap quickly, shaking her body vigorously so she would wake up.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!! Just open your eyes,” He talked in fright while he doubt if doing what he really think would help her get back to herself.


As Mina didn’t stay longer in the water, she recovers her breath after Alfred brought her out of the water, he handed over a towel to her after he finished wiping her hair with it.

Mina nervously collected it from him, instantly remembering Amelia. She breathe out heavily then she started running even with the tiredness in her body to where the crowd was.
“She isn’t breathing properly!” She sobbed after seeing Amelia’s position.

“Dean do something!! Amelia!” Mina yelled at him as she hit Dean’s shoulder unknowingly in fright.
Dean didn’t know what to also do, his mind has been tampered with, and now, no hint about what to do was crossing his mind.

“I have to do this!” He finally concluded.
Parting her hair aside from her face, he bent down his neck till his mouth touched hers. (MOUTH TO MOUTH REMUNERATION) is the only choice he has left!
“Jeez!” The people present murmured after his lips touched hers. He ignored everything to concentrate on her,

His heart which was tampered with was once again at peace when she coughed out!
He took his mouth immediately away from hers as he instantly wrapped his arms around her, throwing her head directly on his shoulder.
“Amelia are you okay?” Mina asked impatiently. She only coughed but has not opened her eyes,

“I need to get her out of here, is there any free room Carol?” Dean asked Carol impatiently
“Yes! I will lead you to the guest room,” Carol stammered where she was standing, everything was too shocking for her to bear.


“Everyone can leave, I will stay with her, “Dean announced after placing her body carefully on the bed.
“I can’t leave only you and Amelia alone, you don’t even care for her, you will cause her harm!” Mina resisted as she looked at Amelia who was laid on the bed with her eyes firmly closed.
“I won’t cause her any harm, you can trust me,” Dean assured.

“You’ve not been nice to her recently, how sure am I that nothing will go wrong if I leave? I’m not leaving, you should leave!” Mina yelled at him

“I can’t hurt a hair on her, I care for her.” Dean sadly said
“I know I haven’t been nice to her but please, allow me to look after Amelia else, I won’t be myself again if I don’t take care of her,” Dean pitifully pleaded.

“Why won’t you be yourself? You told her to stay away from you! You’ve always been yourself after that while Amelia was forced to handle the pain alone,” Mina blurted out as she held Amelia’s palm in hers.

“She had to weep because of you, I was forced to watch her crying without any remedy to ease her pain. I won’t watch you hurt her once again!” Mina stated firmly
“It wasn’t intentional, I promise not to do anything that will hurt her anymore, I will be there for her,” Dean pleaded
“Amelia won’t take it easy if she wakes up and sees you here,” Mina forewarned
“I will bear whatever she does to me, just let me stay here with her then you can also go take care of yourself,” Dean responded
“He won’t harm her Mina, let’s go,” Alfred said
“We need to get you another dress else you will catch a cold, Amelia will be checked on later when she wakes up, “Alfred told to her.

Mina was hesitant but after Alfred’s words, she was at least sure that aside from her, someone else knows about Amelia being with Dean. Moreover, she will come back soon to check on her after she’s done!
She sadly rubbed her forehead as tears gathered in her eyes. “How did she fall into the water?” She thought randomly before walking out of the room with Alfred without glancing at Dean who locked the door behind them immediately.
Tears rolled directly from his eyes down his cheeks where he held her palm in his. How did this happen? He started feeling bad.

She left the party because of him, how he wished he didn’t allow her to leave.
“Amelia open your eyes, I’m sorry!” He silently said then kssed the back of her palm deeply.

He looked into her pale face and was able to realize himself getting hurt internally.
“I won’t ever depart from you again, please wake up, I’m sorry I didn’t speak for you when I was supposed to,”
“I’m sorry for everything I did, don’t punish me further by lying down this way, it hurts seeing you like this, I’m here now!,”

“I don’t know how you got into the water but I hold myself responsible for it.” ”I should have followed you when you left, allow me to rectify my mistake, please open your eyes!” He continued speaking with her palm placed on his cheek.
She woke up to the strong aches she felt on her head, it was terrible! Her breathing isn’t stable since her nose was still very wet.

Recollecting what took place before she passes out in the water, “TIANA!” She muttered almost in a whisper.

Dean had no idea she had woken up until her palm that was placed on his cheek moved.
He flickered his tired eyes open to see Amelia forcing her eyes open too.

“Amelia! You are awake!?” He exclaimed then let go of her palm to stare at her. She looked tiredly at him, without any word.

Both of them were quiet with their eyes looking into each other until Amelia was about to force her body out of the bed.
“Don’t do that, you are not strong for it, “Dean cautioned as he stopped her from leaving.
“Don’t touch me! Why are you acting as you don’t care?” She weakly said
“I do… I care, “Dean softly answered.
“You didn’t… I am in this position because of you,” Amelia tiredly said
“I’m sorry… I’m sorry!” Dean pleaded repeatedly

“Why are you sorry? It wasn’t you who pushed me in the water,” Amelia cut him off, she held her head on her palm and then winced in pain.
“It was my fault that you left, I didn’t act nice towards you even when you didn’t do anything that warrant my cold attitude,” Dean explained then stroked her hair.

“Would you not have gotten a reason before concluding on excluding me from being your friend?” Amelia weakly asked
“I was just mad. After Brad told me that you had past relationships with him, I lost myself and couldn’t control my attitude” Dean responded
“What relationship?” Amelia confusingly asked

“He told me that you were his girlfriend. I was told you are still Inlove with him, that was why I felt betrayed after thinking that you didn’t tell me because you wanted to hurt me,” Dean answered
“I had nothing with him… He has only been on my neck because I refused to go out with him,” Amelia managed to say

“You weren’t his girlfriend?” Dean scoffed.
“I have never been one,” Amelia simply answered, just in the next minute Dean scurried closer and then wrapped her up in his embrace.
“Are you telling the truth? I thought I lost you! I was heartbroken! I’m sorry” He said repeatedly.

“What’s the wrong Dean?” Amelia asked while trying to release her weak body from his.
“I didn’t know what was wrong with me! I lost part of my sanity after listening to him, I thought you ended up leaving me just like Flora,” he explained

“That was why I stayed away from you, I should have heard from you,” he added in regret.
“Why did you listen to Brad? I told you I haven’t fallen in love before when you asked,” Amelia asked

“I didn’t think of that… I was convinced that he was telling the truth when he hugged you while I was coming out of the hall,”.

” He did that just to convince you, I never had anything with him.” Amelia nervously said
“I’ve been punished over what I knew nothing about, you hurt me because of what you heard and didn’t let me know!” She almost yelled

“I’m sorry! I would have blamed myself for the rest of my life if you haven’t woken up,” He apologized
“Were you scared? I was going to be fine, you didn’t care about me after all, “Amelia said as he released her body.
“Not after I saw you drowning deeper into the water, when I brought you out your body scared me further” Dean answered

“Thought you were upset with me? Why were you scared?” She asked then tried sitting up
“I can’t lose you! I must not lose you!” Dean shook his head consistently
“Why? Is it because you wanted to punish me furthermore? You are not satisfied?” Amelia scoffed
“I can’t let go of you… I’ve grown fond of you, even when I wasn’t in good terms with you, I still looked upon when I would get to hold you,” He responded.

After hearing his words, Amelia went mute, building up what to say before replying;
“I thought you didn’t care about me when you walked away after a watermelon was thrown on me,”
“I had to do that to show that I didn’t care. I blamed myself consistently when I got to my room,”

“The memory of when you came to check on me crosses my heart at night, even when I was avoiding you, I still wondered when we will be together again,”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not speaking with you during my trip,” Amelia begged
“I’m also sorry, I’m sorry for doing such to you without realizing how I feel, I wasn’t supposed to listen to him. I should have listened to my feelings,”
“How do you feel?” Amelia inquired

“I haven’t organized myself to see the truth but, after I saw you drowning today, I knew what I feel instantly and what made me kss you,”
“What would you tell me? Were you embarrassed also?” She asked

“I was happy that it happened but I couldn’t claim or express what I feel inside of me,” Dean stated
“If this doesn’t happen I wouldn’t have known the truth, I was ready to bury what I feel inside of me then hide the truth till it disappears” He started

“Another chance has been given to express myself, and I won’t waste this chance as it might be the last,” He concluded
“I don’t understand any of your words,” Amelia stared at him cluelessly.

“I’m not saying this because of what happened, I’m been forced to tell you because it shouldn’t be delayed,” Dean said

“Everything I did was due to the fear of losing you, I just want to be yours and you also should be mine.” He stated
“I want nk one close to you aside from me, I HAVE GROWN TO LOVE YOU AMELIA, AND I WANT YOU TO BE MINE,” Dean finally said.
Her heart skipped beats, gawking at him speechlessly, she sat down properly on the bed and then was about to walk out.

“Where are you going? I just expressed myself to you,” Dean asked then grabbed her wrist.
“You can’t love me, your heart beats only for Flora,” Amelia reminded
“It’s not Flora’s anymore, I can feel my heart beating for you presently and I want to be with you.”
I know I haven’t been good.” ”Forgive me totally and let’s be together please, I LOVE YOU” He begged as he held her wrist.

“I don’t want to be with you!”


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Chapter 70


“Is your head aching? Are you catching a cold?” He asked with concern where they sat down together.

“M head aches slightly but I am feeling better,” She replied with a faint smile after which she rubbed her forehead tiredly.

“Hope I didn’t make you pass through stress before getting this,” She asked while referring to the new dress she was wearing.

“I asked my guard to get it, is it perfectly your size? Can you manage with it?’ He asked.
“I had to describe what you are like to him since I didn’t know your size,” Alfred told to her.
“It’s nice… Thaks Alfred,” Mina nervously appreciated.
How special is the day!?

Alfred danced with her, he saved her from the pool when she she was close to drowning, he wiped her wet body, he got her a new dress, and now he’s discussing freely with her. He even cared for her even though they’ve never been close friends in the past! What should today be called?
“My pleasure. Do you feel better now?” He asked after grinning back at her.
“I’m fine… Just worried about Amelia, can’t I go and check on her yet? She must have woken up,” Mina said eagerly
“Why are you eager to meet her? She will be fine,” Alfred requested
“I don’t know how she’s doing, I’m worried,” She worriedly answered
“Dean is also worried about her and he’s with her,” Alfred assured

“I am not satisfied leaving him and her together, he has been cold to her lately, nobody knows what he would do to her in there! Dean can be a beast!!” Mina costlessly told to him.
“He can’t harm her, this will only force them to resolve their differences,” Alfred stated

“What difference? They have nothing alike, Mina scoffed in disapproval
“There’s something that I discovered, he loves Amelia,” He stated simply
“He doesn’t love her, he loves someone else,” Mina declined
“I don’t know what made you say that but, if it was what I saw today, he’s madly Inlove with Amelia.”
“I don’t want to be with you,” Amelia repeated then removed his hand that was holding her wrist.

“I know you are mad at me. I could not do anything to make you know how sorry I am, please don’t do this!” Dean stood up to say

“Were you expecting me to believe you? After making me know your heart can’t beat for anyone else, you told me you don’t know me.” ”You confessed to me that you can’t fall Inlove with somebody else aside Flora!”
”What is left to think of about you?” Amelia said in a cold tone

“It was my grave mistake, I didn’t mean my words, I might have said it out but I meant none of them, I just acted according to my frustrations” Dean replied guiltily
“Frustrations? You should have asked me before concluding on what to do. I want to blame Brad for this but, realizing you hurting me over what Brad told hurt me deeper,” Amelia said
“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew… I’m sorry!” Dean pleaded

“Will your sorry bring back my lost state of mind? Can you….” She suddenly held her head in excruciating pa!n.

“Take a seat… You were not supposed to shout, do you feel better?” He asked with care.
Within a glint of an eye, his hand which was resting on her shoulder got yanked away.
“Don’t touch me! Stay away from me!!” Amelia yelled out with her hand still holding her head.
“I’m sorry… I won’t touch you, don’t yell to avoid your head aching further,” Dean told to her
“Don’t act like you care! You never cared! Seeing you frustrates me,” Amelia shouted at him.

” I’m sorry… Amelia please, just a chance to prove it that I care for you. I need a chance to show how I feel towards you,” Dean pleaded

“You don’t need to show me anymore, I have seen everything.” She muttered then raised her head to maintain a stare with his eyes.

“Hurting me because of what you were told, you were okay with staying away from you, you acted like you never knew me!” She blurted out

“What else do you have to show me aside from that? Is there more to come?” Amelia asked in a whisper, but he was able to understand all she said since he was closer to her.

“I have love to show. I have different care to show! I want to make you happy for being mine. I want to rectify my mistakes and in all, I want you to be mine,” Dean explained while also staring directly at her eyes.

Amelia blinked her eyes constantly away from his, “What must be done? She doesn’t want him!!” She reminded herself.

“I don’t feel anything for you maybe I used to, but you’ve killed any sort of emotion I feel towards you,” She began saying

“I thought I wanted you around me, finding out what made you abstain from me only make me want to stay apart from you, we can’t have any relationship together. Please stay away from me!” She completed her words
“You can’t do this to me, you won’t do that to me. My heart is racing rapidly presently, I feel so broken, why are you doing this? You told me that you had feelings for me!!” Dean rushed his words in fright.

“Had! The feeling has gone! You don’t expect me to feel anything for you after treating me in such way! Were you expecting me to?” Amelia fired back

“I already apologized.. what must I do? I blamed myself for everything! I told you I would rectify my mistakes!” Dean’s words came in a shaky voice.

The silence which followed his words can’t be measured. Amelia remained quiet without a word tell to him aside her lips that were formed into thin line.
Dean looked up to her lips which were shut to open and say something but it was all in vain, she acted unconcerned on whatever came out of his mouth.
“How did you end up in the water? Did you fall or slipped? What happened?” Dean demanded.

“I didn’t fall by myself. I was pushed into it but you shouldn’t bother knowing, it’s all gone…” She answered then stood up from the bed.

”I need free space, I find it difficult to breathe because you are here, please don’t come after me,” Amelia forewarned before she started going out of the room without Dean doing anything to stop her.
“I can easily get another sleepover at your place, I can’t allow you to cry during midnight because you are dreaming about water, what if you turn into a fish?” Mina snapped at Amelia as she informed the driver to drop Mina at home.

“How did you fall in the water? Were you sleeping? You wanted to drown yourself just because of Dean?” Mina who realized her silence questioned.

“I didn’t fall on my own, I was pushed into the water by Tiana,” She told to her.
“Tiana pushed you!? How is that possible… Did you f!ght with her? How could she have done that!?”Mina shockingly questioned.

“I was by the pool edge when she came, I heard footsteps but before I could turn, she pushed me forward into the water.” Amelia shared.

“I don’t know why she did that, but I knew it was intentionally done by her,” she explained
“That bch!! How could she have done that!! I’m going to teach her a lesson once I set my eyes on her! I will rip her head off!!” Mina threatened with her teeth gritted together in annoyance.

“Don’t think about her for now. I will revenge but it’s not now.. let her enjoy the victory for awhile she won’t see her downfall coming. It was her bad luck that I survived,” Amelia said to ease Mina’s mind.
”Who saved you from the water? Was it Dean?” Mina asked after battling with herself to be patient.

“Alfred came to help me while Dean also saved you.” ”You were becoming breathless when he brought you out of the pool,” Mina informed
“I couldn’t help myself anymore in the water so, I stopped battling with the water.” ” Did I wake up after having a nap?” Amelia turned her head to Mina for an answer.

“You woke up after Dean used MOUTH TO MOUTH REMUNERATION for you!” Mina replied
“What!! Dean kssed me!?” Amelia exclaimed.
”He only did that to help you, I understood that was why I haven’t klled him yet, ”Mina assured.

“What will everyone present be thinking about me now? They must have taken pictures of that!” Amelia disgustedly mumbled

“No idea about that… Did Dean say anything to you in there? You came out in anger, did he act like a nuisance in there? Is it needed for me to rip him apart too?” Mina questioned.
“He confessed what he feels towards me,”” she stated.
” Dean confessed that He’s Inlove with me, he asked me to be his,” She added in silence
“You deserve everything she did! I told you didn’t I?” Damon said to him after he finished explaining what took place between him and Amelia.
That remembrance won’t help me, I need Amelia!” Dean said
“Were you not happy to tell me you’ve gotten rid of the emotion you feel as you don’t love her?” Damon asked

“I’d said that, it was just a word that dropped out of my mouth when I was upset, after seeing her condition today, I knew what I feel towards Amelia,” Dean answered
“You are not going to give up on her? Even when she doesn’t want to be with you?” Damon scoffed

“I understand her anger, I would have done the same if she did that to me.” Dean started speaking

”It must have been tough to understand getting punished for what she knew nothing about, but Amelia also loves me!” Dean confidently explained
“I’m glad you realize that faster than I expected…” Damon said
“What must I do? I want Amelia to be mine. I LOVE HER!” Dean mumbled

“How did she get in the water? Did you find out from her?” Damon asked
“She refused to tell me… I’m still wondering on whom it may be,” Dean answered

“Convince her with everything you know, let her see through you what you feel towards her. You are her first love, of course, she may not understand how she feels,” Damon advised.
“I was once told by her that she had feelings for me,” Dean absentmindedly muttered
“Make use of my words and stop meditating, she won’t be yours if you continue this way!” Damon told to him.
“I got this for you when I went to the cafeteria, I’ve seen you with it numerous times, so I got it, probably you might like it,” he dropped the pack of snacks on the desk before having a sit.
“I would like to say Thank You… But I don’t want.” ”Thanks!” She rejected them after eyeing the snacks.

“Should I get another one if you don’t want this? I can get you another one,” He offered
“I never requested for this in the first place!” Amelia angrily snapped.
“But I’ve gotten it for you already, I got it with love in my heart,” Dean said.

Not a word from her until she finished packing her books up;
“I’m not interested in this today, if I can’t stay here then I will leave you to stay,” she said to him then walked out of the class with her books in her arm.
Her head which was looking at the books spinned forward nervously immediately when he sat down beside her.

“I left the classroom for you, do you need to come here? Should I leave now?” She asked coldly without sparing him a glance.

“I can’t stay there without you… How long will you be mad at me?” Dean asked
“You were comfortably staying without me then, what happened now?” She snapped

“Love, the love I’m having for you but you are preventing me from showing it,” Dean stated
“Because I don’t want it, I never asked for it… I don’t want you around me! I don’t want to speak with you! I want you to stop telling me about your feeling!” Amelia cried out
“You are hurting me with your words… I can’t stay away from you!” Dean said

“Then I might stop coming to school because of you, I don’t want you to stay close to me! Stop acting as if you care!! You never cared!!” Amelia yelled at him coldly
“I care!!! I did what I did because I was jealous! I felt hurt! I thought you won’t be mine, I care for you, Amelia!!” Dean likewise yelled

“Then stop! Don’t care anymore!! Just stay away from me!! I don’t love you!!” Amelia warned while avoiding his eyes that were staring into hers.
“I won’t leave… I believe that you love me. I will continue coming till you accept me!” Dean stubbornly said
“I might just quit coming to school for you, I don’t love you!! I don’t love you, Dean!! I feel nothing towards you!! I don’t have…” His lips were uniformly placed on hers before she could complete her statement.

Amelia’s throat went dry as she shivered in shock. Dean let their lips remain on each other without moving them, “Don’t break me apart, I wouldn’t have hurt you if I knew it, stop hurting me now, you know how you feel towards me!” He whispered on her lips.

Amelia’s heart skipped beats twice, she went mute and tried fighting against her emotion, lazily closing her eyes because she found herself becoming helpless over time. “Do you not love me? Do you not feel anything for me even when I am close to you this way? Even with our position right now?” Dean demanded then held her cheeks for support.
“I don’t feel anything for you!” Amelia shook as she eventually separated their lips.

“I feel nothing for you, and I won’t feel anything for you, for as long as what you did keeps on reserving itself on my head,”

She spat out coldly, having the craving to yell further but she couldn’t anymore. Before she could realize it again, he shut her up by dragging her closer to him, with the help of his hand which crawled around her waist.

His other hand held her jaw tightly, then he shut the space between their lips together without giving her a hint of what he was about to do.
Unlike the first time, he made sure to kss her without any reluctancy during the moment.
His lips moved around her lips since she doesn’t want to open her mouth. She was firstly reluctant, f!ghting with her emotion which overpowered her against how she was feeling.

She out of no choice opened her mouth slightly, realizing this he deepen the kss further.
He continued to kss her tenderly, allowing the emotion to take over his senses and taking in all of her mouth with his eyes closed,

“I can’t stay away from you! You can’t despise me, just tell me you love me, then I won’t have to do this against your wish everytime he stopped the kss to say.

Realizing her keeping mute after what he said, he went for her lips once again. He grinned softly before hungrily taking in her lips again, butterflies danced around his stomach after knowing he still have a place in her heart.
“You said you feel nothing for me, even this way?” He asked then kssed her lips briefly again.

He knew she wouldn’t speak then he accepted to do all the talk, “I believe what you said. ” You feel nothing for me again, your feeling left since I was bad.”he muttered

Detaching their lips and then allowed her to breathe to her satisfaction. ”Can a chance be given to me once again then?” He started saying, his hand was still wrapped around her waist.
“Allow me to fake being your boyfriend for a month if you don’t believe what I feel for you now, after then you can decide if your heart will beat for me or not,” He requested
“If I can’t win your love before then, please stay away from me forever, I won’t bother you with my feelings after that,” he stared closely at her as he speaks.

”Just before concluding on detaching me from you, give me a chance to try my best! I believe your heart once again yarn for my love!”

“You can’t just keep ignoring me, Amelia. I blame myself for listening to Brad but what you expect me to do, seeing you two hugging each other so close… It broke my heart. I know you don’t want anything to do with me for now, perhaps it’s payback time for what I did. But I’m sorry and that won’t keep me off from getting close to you because I’m not giving up on you this time. Say whatever you want to me, hit me if it makes you feel better but please don’t ignore me.”

He watched her blinked her eyes nervously before speaking again,

“I’m still going to say this over and over again, I want you to be mine and I’m going to make you fall in love with me again within a month, if I fail you can end everything with me but if I win, you’re not just going to be my girlfriend but my woman.”

” I’ll use the month to make it up to you for what I did. please, Amelia give me a chance.”





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