Kid Cudi – Livin’ My Truth Lyrics

Livin’ My Truth Lyrics by Kid Cudi

lights flicker
For The mighty rager n****
I like
When the girlies lookin
Please dont ask for pictures
Its a
Mission everyday just livin out some scriptures
We here
We forever
Know that
I wont miss ya
Uh uh
Turn it loud
It dont matter when and how
Its cool
I Feel i graduated time I take a bow
New adventures we escapin w the crew
As we do
Get on in it
Ah ha
No more slackin
He a beast

Hmm mmm
This life goes on and on
Hmm mmm
Livin my truth
Is all i know yea
In this life it goes on and on
Livin my truth
Livin w LOVE

True story its the chapter of the chosen
We are
Hands hi feelin right im rosie golden
We off
To new experiences memories im holding
Feel like
Im winner
Uh huh
Never losin
Nah uh
I remember like my momma use to tell me
U can
do anything no matter what they tell me
He’d be proud, he be smilin from the clouds
No doubt
Got my angels
And God
on my job
To the moon


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