Knowmads - Last Breath Lyrics

Knowmads - Last Breath Lyrics

Knowmads – Last Breath Lyrics

(Verse One)
My last day on Earth
Perhaps I’ll write a verse
Asking for forgiveness
Feels different in a Church
What defines my worth?
My money or my name?
My last play challenged God to a chess game
I can take eternity for every move I make
Patience decides who gonna make the first mistake
Everyday I’ve grown, I told myself the stakes is high
Student in my vision, pupil to my naked eye
The world is a cold, lost place to make you try
But if you don’t try, you might as well wait to die
I’ve existed since birth, but at times I wasn’t livin
The future looks different when you see it from a distance
Kings look different when you see them without riches
Queens in the Kings’ dreams start to seem like bitches
And if this is the last thing you ever hear from me
Your spirit lives through death
You decide who that will be

Breathe in through the air, and let your spirit go
Breathe out to the Earth, it is a miracle
Sometimes I wonder why we’re here, and yet here we go
I can feel that I know that is a miracle

(Verse Two)
And in my final hour, the vinyl will be playing
I don’t know where I’ll be, but I know that this is what I’ll save and
Rhyming like Amen
Yo everything I meant
Done seen it out these eyes
I’ll prophesize what’s heaven scent
Even when I die and turn to dirt before I’ve bled
At least I’ve spoke the words I needed to get out my head
Hoping it’s a way of still existing when I’m dead
Silence just reminds us of the things we’ve wished we said
Like why is every human so afraid of being blamed?
Being looked down at, the fear is all the same
Fake motherfuckers tryin keep you in your brain
Cause’ they hate they own lives, and gotta vent they own pain
But once you understand we’re all a part of something larger
Then you ain’t scared to be a motherfucking martyr
Cause’ man really lives just to make his kids stronger
You live once on Earth
But your spirit lives longer


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