LCD Soundsystem – new body rhumba Lyrics

new body rhumba (from the film White Noise) Lyrics by LCD Soundsystem

The down escalator
To the frigid bardo (Up! Up! Up! Up!)
Rise (Up! Up! Up! Up!)
Kidnap yourself (Up!)
Don’t call the fuzz
Just gather the bills
You got fives, tens, twenties, fifties
Hundreds, hundreds, hundreds, hundreds

Yeah I need a new body
I need a new body
I need a bit of shape and a tone

Yeah I need a new body
I need a nobody
I can’t shake sleeping alone

You see I have been misplaced
I have been mislaid
Like a covetous dog that you can’t just leave in the home

Yeah I need a new lover
I need a new buddy
I can’t stay out too long
(Yeah the hands have gone numb)

Just give us what we want (Pana! Sonic!)

I never deny it
No point in denying
The ransom and the defense
Has drained us with their expense
It’s endless

Yeah I try not to hide it
I try not to buy it
But you can’t just sit on the fence
It’s true

And no I have been mispriced
I have been mispriced
Chipped and then deviced
Tagged and rinsed for lice

There’s nevera warning
I needed a warning
I try to be content
But I’m tight in the chest

So give us what we want (Necco mini nilla wafer pana sonic pana sonic)
Please give us what we want (Super! Super! Super! Super!)

Over 200 miles of turnpike
3000 milesof goods!
Would you like to add a protein?
Would you like to ask me about my day rates?

I need a new body
I need a new party
That represents my needs

Yeah my distance is growing
But so is the longing
Which leaves the in between

So this is the end
Or near to the end
Let’s say goodbye to our beautiful friend
Staggered and blind on the rack—on the mend
Let’s close the eyes of our beautiful friend

So I need a new love and
I need a new body
To push away the end
To the water we send you

Dim that light in your eyes
Coming out of your eyes
People can see it
When it pierces the veil
The pink ones at night
When it gets too much
Otherwise too much noise

If you look up
Block out the perifery
The earth and trees surround you
Framing your escape
Into the sky
Into the stars
Leaving the ground
You feel your feet let go

The air a bit cooler now
Thinner in the lungs
Cleaner in the mouth
And you know what they all say
“Don’t look down”
But they also always say,
Selfish, by the bed:
“Don’t go to the light”
Well, go into the light


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