MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 1 to 10 (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 1 to 10 (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)



Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve lost all hope?

How does it feel to be abandoned by your bride on your wedding day?

How does it feel to be brokenhearted and loosing hope in love?

Meet our male lead.
He is rich, he is hot, he is handsome, cute, good looking with a splendid male feature. He is every lady’s dream man. Each step he takes swept ladies off their feet. He is as cute as a demi god but he is sassy, rude, sharp tongued, arrogant and hate ladies.


His name is Gray Gerald, wealthy CEO of G.G Enterprise in California. Specializing in both the importation and exportation of brands from foreign countries. Gray has everything but there was one thing he despised and that is love. Ladies love him but he hates them. He is 25 years old, he was supposed to get married 2 years ago to a lady he loved so much but the lady abandoned him on their wedding day leaving him heartbroken.

Now he hates women cause he feels they’re all alike. All he focus on now is business. Barely smiling but still wins a lot of ladies heart.

Now Let’s meet our Loquacious Female lead.
She is a talkative from a middle class family, she is crazy, a foodie but isn’t fat, clumsy (don’t you ever give her dishes to wash else, she will break them leaving only the spoons for you).
She loves having fun and lastly, she has a huge crush on our handsome male lead.

Her name is Noel Patterson. A very beautiful 22 year old lady who has an unbeatable record of being fired from different companies due to her behaviors and mostly because of her craziness and clumsyness. She has tried on several occasions to make Gray notice her but it didn’t work as he always ignored her.

But luck shone on her when Gray fired his assistant and she was hired as a replacement for him. Now she was going to find out why he was always frowning and make him fall in love with her in the process

Come and see office drama!!!!

She was almost succeeding in her plans when the tables turn and the lady who abandoned Gray came back claiming she wants him back

Let’s meet our run away bride. Camille, daughter of Mr Evans, a business associate with Gray’s father. Camille is beautiful, proud and sassy. She is very ambitious and values money.

On the day she was to get married to Gray, not that she loved him but for his money and how popular she could get, she got a million dollar offer in Korea and ditched the wedding.

Now she is back with an ulterior motive.

What is Noel going to do?

Will Gray accept the lady who broke his heart or the one who mended it?

Will this lady take it likely with Noel?

Find out in this novel that will keep you glued to your phone screen.

Genre: Love and Comedy

Tags: Comic relief, love, betrayal and conspiracy.

From the shelf of your loving Authoress…Rejoice U Jason






Noel jolted down from her bed immediately she heard the ringing sound of her alarm clock. She groaned and turned it off laying back to sleep.

Scarlet looked at her and shook her head. They were both room mates and also agemates but she would be the one to always wake Noel up from bed.

“Lazy bones” She muttered

She slapped Noel’s butt

“Get out of bed you lazy dock. It’s almost 7am” Scarlet scolded

“It’s not late yet” Noel said trying to get back in bed

“You better get up cause I don’t wanna go meet your manager begging on your behalf today again”

“Who cares?” Noel rolled her eyes


“Fine fine I’m up. Jeez” She stretched her body

“Good morning Noel”

“It’s now you’re greeting me right?” Noel asked taking off her clothes

“Of course baby. You were just scattered on the bed like an antelope so I decided to wake you up before greeting you. Haven’t I tried?” Scarlet teased

“You’re so annoying”

“Please it’s Monday morning and I need to be at the office before my manager sacks me” Scarlet gave her a knowing look

“Are you trying to make fun of me?” Noel asked glaring at her

“I guess so” Scarlet shrugged

Noel groaned and she laughed

“You better come home early today Noel. Your shift at the restaurant ends 4pm and I will be closing 3pm so be home on time”

“Whatever” Noel rolled her eyes

“Love you” Scarlet smiled and left

Noel got down from the bed. Her hair was all messed up. She was indeed a sound and crazy sleeper. She went into the bathroom and had her bath then cleaned her body and started applying body lotion on her beautiful and flawless skin.

She was a very beautiful lady who many guys drool over but she doesn’t have their time cause she only likes one person and that’s Gray Gerald. She could get lost admiring him everyday. Speaking of Gray Gerald, he would be coming to the restaurant she’s working for lunch today. She couldn’t wait to see him

She wore her waitress uniform and took some flats. She wasn’t used to wearing heels.

After she finished dressing up,she rushed off to work



This was a five star restaurant specializing in all kinds of delicacies. Spanish foods,Italian,sea food, french food and many more. This has made it successful because most rich and influential men came there for breakfast,lunch and even dinner making it busy all the time.

Their manager,Mr Osborn was a no nonsense and disciplined man who doesn’t tolerate untidiness,lateness and lukewarm attitudes. He is married with a kid.

He kept checking his wristwatch. It was 7:30am and Noel wasn’t at work yet. He sighed and saw her running in

“Good morning sir” She curtsied and smiled sheepishly

“Why are you late?” Mr Osborn asked

“It was traffic sir” She lied smoothly (Yeah she was good at that)


“Yes sir. You know it’s morning and people are rushing off to work. Today is Monday and the road was filled with vehicles like motorcycle, motorbikes, range rovers, Benz, lamborghini_”

“Shut up” He cut her off

“I asked you a simple question and you are giving me names of the vehicles you saw on the road. You’ve been coming late since you started working here 2 weeks ago and I won’t tolerate that anymore. It shouldn’t repeat itself again you hear me?”

“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir”

“Better for you. You’re going to be the one to serve Mr Gray Gerald lunch today. Don’t mess up” He ordered

“I won’t sir” She smiled

“Now get to work”

“Thank you” She scurried to her post and met her fellow worker

“Late again?” Maureen asked

“Yes my sister. When did you come?” Noel asked

“I came since 6:00am and we’ve served a few business men” Maureen replied

“Wow. You’re an early bird”

“You can be an early bird too Noel” Maureen said

“No way. I can’t afford to loose my precious sleep” Noel said and Maureen laughed



The building was a huge one with amazing interior and exterior decor. The office halls buzzed with employees going about their daily activities. Others were seated with eyes fixed on their laptops.

Suddenly they felt a chill and knew the boss was in the building. They all stood up and bowed to welcome him. He only nodded with a straight face and proceeded to the elevator that normally takes him to his office. He was the only person that used that particular elevator.

His assistant hurried to the ones the employees use and took it up to the office. She made sure to be there before him else he would finish her with words.

He finally made it and entered the office while she tagged along. He sat down on his chair and she sat on her own table beside him.

He wanted it that way cause he didn’t trust her a bit.

“Raymond” He called his secretary and he rushed in immediately

“Yes Mr Gray” He bowed

“What is my schedule for today?” He asked

“Sir,you have a meeting with some business tycoons by 10am. After that you will be meeting with Mr Jones by 1pm to discuss about some foreign goods. Then you have lunch by 2pm” He said

“Cancel my meeting with Mr Jones” He ordered

“Why sir?” He asked

“My reasons are best known to me. You have no right to question my decision”

“I’m sorry sir” He bowed

“Get out of my office” He snapped and he left

He turned to his personal assistant and caught her drooling

“Teresa” He called but she was already lost

He took a little water from the glass cup on his table and sprinkled it on her

She gasped

“What were you looking at?” He asked

“Um… was nothing sir. I’m sorry” She pleaded

“The next time I catch you staring at me again,I will pluck your eyes out” He gave her a deadly look

“I’m sorry sir”

It’s just that she couldn’t help it. She has been working with him for a week now but was always distracted by his looks. Sometimes she felt like ruffling his hair and force him to make a cute puppy face. The guy was damn handsome.




It was a round table meeting with five of the best business men in California. They all had same motive to why the meeting was taking place. Mr Gray’s table was at the front and it was facing the rest.

“So why are we here?” He asked

“Our meeting today concerns your company Mr Gray” A man who was later known as Mr Harry spoke up

“My company? How if I may ask?”

“Your sales are increasing by 90 percent and you are making a lot of profit. It pains us to know that you turned down a deal by Jennifer’s company” Mr Romeo said

“Not to talk of the immense profit you could make with her as a business partner” Mr Liam added

“So you all gathered here to scold me or what?” He asked

“Seems so” Mr Harry answered

“You all are well aware I don’t do business with women no matter how huge,large or enormous the profits might be. Why don’t you take the deal instead? Why call a meeting to scold me?”

“You see Mr Gray,any of us could have taken that deal” Mr Ezra said

“Then go ahead and take it. What’s the meaning of all this nonsense. I am not interested in her deal and that’s final. Good day” Gray stood up and left the room

“He is such a troublemaker” Mr Brown muttered while the rest were fuming. It angered them to know that the opportunity they were looking for was given to Gray and he turned it down.



“Noel,why are you making up?” Maureen asked

“Don’t you know Mr Gray will be here soon?”

“Is that the reason for all these?” Maureen pointed at her face

“Yes because I’m his waitress today” Noel said putting on some lip gloss

Maureen shook her head and walked away

Minutes later…

Different types and brands of cars drove into the vicinity and Mr Gray came out of one looking so dashing and cute with his assistant always beside him.

They walked into the restaurant and Noel could feel her lungs giving out as she found it hard to breathe

“Oh my gosh, he’s dreamy” She said

“Yeah. Now control yourself and get to work” Maureen said

Noel breathe in and out before walking over to him and showing him his table

He sat down

“What may I offer you sir?” She asked giving him the menu

He collected it and went through it.

“I’ll have rice and tomatoe sauce with an orange juice” He said without bothering to look at her

“Okay sir. I will be right back with your order” She left to the kitchen and met Maureen then gave her the order she wrote

“Nice choice he’s got there” Maureen smiled

“Yeah and he didn’t even glance at me” Noel pouted

“Is he here to see you?” Maureen asked

“No but at least he should have looked to see how beautiful I am”

Maureen laughed

“You’re such a clown. Go give him his food and don’t try anything stupid. He is our best customer”

“Fine” She rolled her eyes and took the food to him

“Here is your order sir” She dropped the food and water mistakenly splashed on him

“What the h’ll?” He said

“I’m sorry sir. It was a mistake” She said

He ignored her as he wiped himself with a towel

He glanced at the tomato sauce

“Hope there is no garlic in the sauce? I’m allergic to garlic” He said

Noel thought for a while

“I’m not sure sir”

“You’re not sure? Aren’t you the one that cooked this food?”

“No I’m not the one but let me check if there’s garlic” She dipped her hand in the sauce and licked it

Gray’s assistant opened her mouth in shock

This lady is in soup. Who gave her the guts to touch his food?

Noel didn’t stop there. She took a meat and bit off a little from it then licked her hand

“There is no garlic in it sir. I have helped you to taste it. The sauce is delicious too and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it” She smiled brightly and continued licking her hand

Gray looked up to see her face for once

“Where did this psycho come from?”


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Chapter 02

“What’s the meaning of what you just did?” Gray yelled

“You said you were allergic to garlic and we didn’t know if garlic was in the food so I decided to help you taste it and know if the garlic is there or not and I confirmed that it wasn’t there so what is wrong with what I did? I only helped you” Noel explained

“Is this how to help someone?” He yelled again and Maureen rushed out

“What have you done?” She asked Noel

“He asked if there was any garlic in the food and I helped him checked now he is complaining”

“How did you help him check?” Maureen asked

“I tasted the food and the meat to make sure there was no garlic” Noel said

Maureen face palmed

“I am really sorry sir. Accept our sincere apologies. Let me give you a new set to eat” Maureen pleaded

“I’ve lost my appetite” He stood up

“I’m sorry sir” Maureen said

“I’ll let it slide for today but next time such nonsense occurs again,I will stop eating here for good” He dropped the money for the one Noel wasted and left with his assistant

“Noel” Maureen poked her forehead

“Ouch..that hurts”

“Must you always cause trouble?”

“I was only trying to help him. You know I’m new in this. I have been working in companies and haven’t worked as a waitress before. It’s just a week here” She complained

“So tell me,in the company you worked,if your boss ask you whether his or her water was cold or warm,you would drink it first?”

“Yes. It’s called experimenting”

“Seriously? You are something else. Thank your lucky stars Mr Osborn was not around to witness it. Thank your God he also dropped the money for the food so we will be able to cover up. Else,you would have been fired”

“So he paid?” Noel asked


She took the food

“Noel,what are you going to do with that food?”

“What is supposed to be done to it. I’m going to eat it or so you want it to waste?”


“Maureen,allow me to enjoy myself. Opportunity comes but once”She carried the food away

Maureen shook her head. She wondered the kind of planet Noel came from

After they had left the restaurant,Gray couldn’t help but think of what happened earlier.

How could a waitress be so dumb. She was cute too but is he supposed to be bothered about that? She is just childish and he wondered why she got the job in the first place. He swore he would have fired her long ago if she worked for him

They got to the company and he stepped down from the car. He met his best friend who was also his manager waiting for him at the door.

You could guess why his bestie became his manager. Well not everyone can put up with an arrogant boss except someone that knows him in and out. Most of his managers were sacked with the excuse of not doing their work right while some resigned because they couldn’t stay around him.

Do you think he cared? Nope he doesn’t give a damn

“Hey. You are back early. I was thinking we could go have lunch together but you left with out me. Why are you back early?” Austin asked

“I just got annoyed by a dumb waitress” Gray snapped

“What happened?” Austin asked worriedly “Did she behave like other girls?”

“No. I ordered for food and asked if there was garlic in the sauce. Do you know what she did?”

Austin shook his head

“She dipped her hand in the sauce and licked it”


“She didn’t stop there. She took my meat and bit from it. Can you imagine?” Gray said

Austin started laughing

“It’s not funny” He frowned

“It kinda is. She is funny”

“No she’s crazy” Gray said still frowning and Austin stopped laughing

“So you refused to eat”

“I was too annoyed to eat”

“Let’s go back cause I’m starving too”

“There’s no way I’m going back there”

“Come on Gray. She won’t try it again” Austin said

“How are you sure?”

“I’m sure” Austin assured him

Gray hesitated a little before turning back. He and Austin entered the car and they left. He didn’t allow his assistant come with him this time.

Teresa entered the office and met the receptionist

“Hey Reina” She waved

“Hi Teresa” Reina looked up “You look like someone who just got beaten up. Why is your face like that?”

Teresa sighed

“Our boss is really giving me a hard time. The aura around him is too cold and unfriendly. Making him unapproachable”

“We all are used to that Teresa. You just have to get to know him. You even lasted in his office unlike some that got fired days or weeks after they were employed. One was even fired the same day she got the job” Reina said

“Are you serious?” Teresa was shocked

“Yes. So try and do things to make him happy. Don’t argue with him. He hates that. He also gets annoyed easily”

“If not that I love him,I would have quit by now”

“Take heart dear”

“Thanks. I have to go now”

“Okay. See you later” Reina smiled and Teresa left.



Noel had finished eating the food when Mr Osborn entered

“Is Mr Gray here yet?” He asked

“He came but went back. Said he would be coming later” Noel lied

Maureen tried to talk but Noel stopped her

“Okay. I’m going out and will be back in few minutes. Make sure you attend to him well if he comes before me”

“Okay sir” Noel smiled and Mr Osborn left

“Why did you lie?” Maureen asked

“To keep my job of course” She left

Maureen shook her head

Soon,Mr Gray entered with Austin. Noel saw them and welcomed them

Did I say welcome?

“Hi it’s you again. You are here with someone this time around. Come over to the table and I’ll have your order” She smiled brightly

“Is she the one?” Austin asked


“She’s beautiful” Austin said

Gray scoffed

They sat down and she took their order. After placing the food on their desk,she turned to face Gray

“I made sure there was no garlic in this one. Taste it”

Gray opened his mouth to talk and she put a spoonful in his mouth

Gray eyes widened while Austin opened his mouth in shock

What guts!!!! She just fed him a spoonful of rice

Gray mumbled

“You see Mr Gray? There is no garlic. Enjoy your meal” She smiled

Gray tried to talk but it turned to a mumble instead

“No sir. It’s a bad habit to talk when food is in your mouth” She said shaking her head in a disapproving manner

Austin couldn’t help but laugh

Gray couldn’t pour the food back. He chewed and swallowed it then took some water

“Seriously?” He glared at Noel

“Yes. It’s a bad habit” She said

“That’s not what I’m talking about. Did I tell you I couldn’t eat on my own?” He snapped

“Bring your voice down sir. We have neighbors” Noel said

“Nei…Nei….what Neighbors” Gray was frustrated

“Neighboring restaurants and if they hear you yelling like this,they might think we’re kidnapping you”

Gray face palmed

“I give up. I can’t put up with this lady” He said and faced his food

Austin couldn’t stop his laughter. This lady was something else. He wondered where Mr Osborn took her from

“Please leave us to eat” Austin smiled

“Okay” She smiled and left

“You are going to get fired soon” Maureen said

She had seen all that happened

“I didn’t do anything. I only fed him the food so that he will know there’s no garlic” She explained

“You are something else Noel. A clown is what you are” Maureen laughed

Noel shrugged

“Take this and give to that young lady over there”Maureen gave her the tray and showed her the lady’s table

Noel took the food and catwalked past Gray who didn’t pay attention to her with eyes on his food.

“Here is your food ma’am” She dropped the food on the table gently

“Ma’am? Who you calling ma’am?” The lady asked

“You of course” Noel answered

“Do I look like an old woman to you?” The lady snapped

Noel looked at her from head to toes

She observed that the lady was not too young. Her body was covered with black spots and her face was a little wrinkled. She discovered the lady must have used a cream that is bad for her skin

“You look like one” Noel answered

The lady gasped

“How dare you?”

“How dare I? I don’t understand. You asked me a question and I gave you a sincere answer”

“You must be ¢razy. You are a fool. Look at how ugly you are” The lady snapped and Noel laughed

“Why are you laughing?” The lady asked

“You said I’m ugly when you’ve not checked yourself out in the mirror. Have you seen how you look?”

“Is that an insult?”

“No it’s the truth. The earlier you stopped the stupid cream you’re using the better for you cause your face is wrinkled. It’s squeezed. And look at the black dots on your skin like Minnie’s bow. In short,you are finished. The cream has finished you” Noel said

The lady bent her head in shame and was lost for words

What an embarrassment!!!! And in the presence of Mr Gray

Austin almost choked on his food as a result of laughter

“Noel” Mr Osborn called and entered

He was at the door and witnessed all that happened

“Welcome sir”

“Did you just insult this young lady?”

“Young lady? Sir,this lady is old. Can you imagine her calling me ugly when she hasn’t checked the mirror” Noel frowned

“You should have kept quiet. You shouldn’t have retaliated”

“I can’t let her go scot free when she insulted me. Just look at her and that slim body she’s carrying like crayfish. Do I look like a fool to her? Or is it because I’m a waitress and she earned more than me?” Noel snapped

“You’re a psychopath” The lady snapped

“And you need to visit a mental assylum” Noel sassed back

“Noel you’re fired” Mr Osborn said

“What! That’s so not fair. You can’t fire me cause I quit” She dropped the towels on her hand,took her bag and left

Gray stood up,glared at the manager and left with Austin too



Scarlet was already back from work. She came back early cause she had to take care of some things. She was on the couch watching a Korean drama series when the door opened and Noel walked in. She turned and saw Noel fuming

“Babe what’s up” Scarlet frowned

“Is there food in the house? I just quit my job”


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Chapter 03

“Is there food in the house? I just quit my job” Noel removed her shoes and plopped down on the couch

“You quit or you were fired?” Scarlet faced her

“He fired me then I quit”

Scarlet laughed

“Are you for real? You can’t quit after getting fired Noel”

“My case is different so I quit” Noel was adamant

“Okay fine. What did you do this time?” Scarlet eyed her


“Always nothing”

“I did nothing this time around. I only defended myself against a mean lady and he fired me”

“Seriously?” Scarlet rolled her eyes

“Yes. The lady said I was ¢razy. She called me a fool and said I was ugly. Look at me babe am I ugly?” Noel asked

“No you are not”

“You need to have seen how disheveled that lady was. Her face was all wrinkled and squeezed like an old lady. She was looking like someone who was brought out of a refuse dump and she dared called me ugly” Noel said

“Noel. I can see why you were fired. You gave her fire for fire”

“Yes. I can’t leave her just like that”

“It’s okay. We will find a better job for you. There’s food in the kitchen. Go serve yourself”

“Why can’t you serve me? I just quit my job”

“You’re such a lazy bones”

“I’m not. I have gist. I met Mr Gray today. Oh my gee he’s so cute. I really got a good view of him today” She blushed

“This guy you’re dying for doesn’t even like you. I’m sure he witnessed your ¢raziness today”

“Of course he did. He should know that his future wife doesn’t tolerate nonsense” She beat her chest proudly

“Future wife?”

“Yes Scarlet. Watch and see how I’m gonna make him mine”

“Good luck with that” Scarlet shifted her gaze back to the television

Noel stood up and made for the kitchen


“I can’t believe he fired her for what wasn’t her fault” Austin said after they had boarded the car and set for the company

“Hmm” Was his reply

“Should we help her?” Austin asked

Gray coughed

“Help who? That ¢razy lady? Do you want her to turn my office into a hall of shenanigans?”

“That’s not it. We could find a job that suits her kind of person. We’re in need of a cleaner for your office and the ones around it. She could do that”

“No. I won’t hire someone that’s gonna frustrate me. She is dmn annoying”

“But she’s cuter”

“What’s your problem Austin. If she’s cute then go marry her. Stop troubling me” Gray snapped

“Marry her? I won’t be the one to marry her. You will” Austin teased

“God forbid” Gray said immediately and Austin laughed

Soon he got a phone call that his parents were at his house and wants to see him.

Austin got down and boarded a cab to the company while the driver reversed and headed for his house



They drove into the compound and he saw his parents car packed outside. He dropped down and ran to see them. They have been out of the country for months now and he didn’t know when they returned.

He opened his door and saw them on the couch. His mother, Jasmine stood up immediately she saw him and hugged him before kssing his forehead

“Welcome mum” He smiled

“Thank you my son. I missed you so much”

“I missed you too. Welcome dad” He bowed to his father

He was an arrogant guy but still has respect for his parents. They were the most important people to him now. Austin included

“My son is looking more dashing than ever” His father Mr Gerald said

“You haven’t changed a bit dad” Gray smiled and they shook hands

“I won’t change till your mother change”

“Here we go again” Jasmine laughed and sat down

She was a very beautiful woman with round eyes and plump lips. One could tell Gray took her face and her lips making him cute and handsome. The only difference in his face was that he took his father’s nose.

His father was a handsome man too but always teased his mother that she purposely gave him her face. On the other hand, Gray’s teenage brother was the exact replica of his father. His moods depended on his environment.

He is sometimes friendly and sometimes rude. He was a tsundere most times but when you talk of looks, this teenage guy was dreamy and cute.

“You didn’t tell me you were back” Gray said

“We wanted it to be a surprise” His mother said

“Yeah it was. How was your trip?”

“It was splendid. I had fun” His father replied

Mr Gerald was a very happy and active man unlike his son. You can’t blame him though

“Has the maid attended to you yet?” Gray asked

“No I asked her to hold on till you come” Jasmine smiled

“I’m here now. Let me go meet her to prepare your favorite meals” He said

“Lia!!” He called as he went up the stairs



Scarlet had gone to work as usual and Noel was at home bored with nothing to do or trouble to look for. She took her bath and wore a pink top with black pants,packed her hair in a ponytail and stepped out for a while.

She kept walking and walked past the restaurant when Mr Osborn called her

“Why are you calling me huh? I’m no longer working here” Noel snapped

“Yes and I’m sorry about that. Please come back. I was wrong for blaming you” Mr Osborn said

“I am not coming back cause I quit” She wanted to leave but he drew her back

“Please I will double your monthly pay”

“I don’t care. Excusez moi” She glared at him and left

Are you wondering why he suddenly want her back?

After the incident where Noel quarreled with the lady and got fired,Mr Gray glared at Mr Osborn before leaving. Mr Osborn knew Gray wasn’t happy with his judgment and decided to get Noel back so he won’t be on Mr Gray’s blacklist but she has turned him down and he is confused on what to do now.


Noel kept working and saw a vacany poster saying they were in need of a cook. It was a beautiful company that sells food products. The lunch lady at the cafeteria just quit her job and they were in need of a replacement.

Noel smiled and entered the company. She met with the manager

“Good morning ma. I saw the poster that says you guys needed a cook and would like to apply” She smiled

“Okay follow me” The woman said and Noel tagged along

She was brought to the kitchen for a test run. She was to cook for them and they would taste before giving her the job.

“You’re going to cook for us now. If you cook well and your food is delicious,we will hire you” The woman explained

“Okey dokey”

“We have a timetable for each day of the week. Today is Tuesday so you will be making spaghetti and meatballs. Are you ready?”

“Yes ma”

“Alright. The ingredients are there already and are prepared. All you need to do is just to cook okay?”

“Okay” Noel smiled and ran in shutting the door behind her

“Are you sure she can do this?” One of the employees asked

“I don’t know. She’s a beautiful lady. She should know how to cook”

“Okay. Let’s wait and see”

They heard the sounds of broken plates and falling pots. Noel was working magic in the kitchen. The other employee wanted to run in but the manager stopped her

“Let her be”

“But ma, she’s breaking stuffs in there”

“Just let her be”


Some breaking and banging moments later,Noel came out

“I’m done cooking. You can grab a seat and I’ll attend to you”

“Okay” The manager sat down and forced the employee to sit too

Noel brought the food and the manager almost threw up on setting her eyes on it

“Oh my” The employee exclaimed

“Please what’s your name miss?” The manager asked

“Noel ma”

“Okay. Noel, please where is the spaghetti and where are the meatballs cause what I’m seeing here is mashed potatoes”

“Mashed potatoes?” Noel laughed “Stop being silly. That’s the spaghetti you’re looking at. Taste it okay? It’s delicious”

“Mrs Mira,I can’t eat this. This looks like what a child threw up. I’m not even seeing the spaghetti” The employee said facing the manager

“Woah what did you cook? I asked you to cook spaghetti” Mrs Mira said pushing the food away

“Yeah that’s what I cooked” Noel said

“But I ain’t seeing anything” The manager stood up and entered the kitchen

Her eyes opened wide as her jaw dropped

“What happened in here?” She yelled

“I cooked” Noel smiled sweetly

“OH.MY.GOSH!!!” The woman exclaimed

There were broken plates on the floor,disheveled pots and water everywhere

“This place is a big mess. Ms Noel you are fired”

“Fired? You haven’t even employed me yet” Noel retorted

“I don’t care. You are fired. Leave my company”

“Woah you really have issues” Noel said and walked out

Mrs Mira held her head in awe. Only to cook and the lady messed up her kitchen. She would never let someone like that work for her.


Noel got out of the company and continued walking. She was angry that the woman fired her. She wasn’t even employed and the woman dare fire her.

“It’s not like I even wanted to work there. I was only trying to do her a favor” She hissed

Then she stumbled upon a poster saying G.G Enterprise was in need of a cleaner. She jumped for Joy and headed for the company. On getting there,she met with Austin

“Good morning sir” She smiled sweetly

“Oh it’s you. What’s your name?” Austin asked

“My name is Noel”

“Wow. How may we help you?” Austin smiled

“I’m here to apply for the cleaning job”

Austin smiled

“That’s interesting. Follow me” He said and she obeyed

They took the elevator and got to Gray’s office. He was busy on some files when they entered

Austin walked over to where he was with Noel

“Hey” Austin said

“Hi” Gray answered without looking up

“Ummm…a lady is here to apply for the cleaning job”

“A lady?” Gray asked


Gray looked up and saw Noel who waved at him with a smile

His countenance changed immediately

“You again?”


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Chapter 04

“You again?” Gray gave her an annoying look

“Yes it’s me again. I saw the poster saying you needed a cleaner so,here I am. Your new cleaner” She said

“Really?” Gray faced Austin “Like really? You brought her here?”

“She wanted a job and there was vacancy so I brought her” Austin said

“This one you are busy saying really like really? Hope you are going to give me this job cause I don’t understand your sudden change in mood or are you a pregnant woman that keep having mood swings.

You were looking serious before we got here,now you’re frowning like someone that has been annoyed” She said

Austin was about to laugh but Gray sent him a hard glare shutting him up

“So,you want a job right?” Gray asked much to Teresa’s dismay

She was angry not only because she didn’t want Noel to get the job but also because Noel had talked back at Gray and he did nothing.

Instead he’s willing to still give her the job. She was also beautiful and Teresa feared she might take Gray away from her. She would just have to make the lady’s stay in the office a miserable one.

“Yes I want the job” Noel replied

“Sit down” He pointed to a chair in front of him

She sat down

“What is your name?” Gray asked

“Noel Patterson” She replied

“Alright Miss Patterson,I will_”

“Hold it right there” She cut him off “My name is Noel not Patterson. Patterson is my surname and not my name please”

“It’s part of your name”

“No it’s not. My name is Noel and will continue to be Noel. Call me Miss Noel and not Miss Patterson. Infact call me Noel. There was never a Miss in my name when my parents gave that name to me” Noel was serious

Austin couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore as he started laughing. He will make sure Gray employed her. She is a medicine to boredom. Trouble everywhere

Teresa could not believe it. Where did this one come from? She doesn’t even have respect for their CEO and to worsen it all,Gray is doing nothing about it.

Gray didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He was sure going to do a background check on this lady that can’t keep her mouth shut. He would love to meet the folks that gave birth to her.

“It’s fine Miss Noel”

“No sir. Noel”

“Okay. Noel. I’ll give you the job”

“What!!!” Teresa didn’t know when she said it out

Noel glared at her

“What is it? What is what!!!? Why did you scream like someone that just got sIapped?” Noel asked

“Are you talking to me?” Teresa asked

“No I’m talking to your shadow” She hissed “Please, let’s continue what we were doing Mr Gray”

Teresa was shocked

“Austin, please show her round the company and the places she will be attending to then she can come back to start working tomorrow” Gray said and went back to his files

“Okay sir” Austin stood up and held his stomach. He had laughed alot. “Come with me”

Noel stood up and shot Teresa a glare before leaving

“She just messed with the wrong person” Teresa said within her and planned on what to do with Noel inwardly.

Gray sighed. He just hoped he did the right thing by employing Noel. Although she was really beautiful but crazy. Yeah, she’s a p$ycho. He concluded within himself


Austin took her round the company and showed her many things while they discussed happily. She really was a fun person to be with.

“Mind me asking please,are you living with your parents?” He asked

“Nope. My parents live faraway from me. I live with my bestie and course mate Scarlet” She replied

“Oh okay. You’re done with the university?”


“What course?”

“Public administration”

“Wow then why didn’t you seek for a job in a company? Why work in a restaurant?” Austin asked

Noel laughed

“I have been fired from different companies. I’ll soon become a record breaker. There is no company I’ve worked in that will forget me that easily”

“So you were fired from them all?”


Austin thought for a while as an idea popped into his head. This lady could be the one that will take Gray’s sorrows away. He needs to get her closer to Gray. He has to make her Gray’s assistant.

If Gray could fall in love with her,he would forget about Camille for good. All he needs to do now is to get Teresa out of the office cause he didn’t like her a bit because of her disrespectful behavior and her attempts to seduce Gray. He must make Noel Gray’s assistant

Noel tapped his shoulder yanking him out of his thoughts

“What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about your wife?” She asked

“No..No…Not at all. I’m not even married” Austin countered

“Then why were you lost in thought?”

“Ummm…Noel can you bring me a copy of your credentials tomorrow?” He changed the topic


“Alright. We’ll see tomorrow then. You need to be here as early as 6am to clean the office before Mr. Gray arrive by 7am”

“No problem. Do you guys have a cafeteria here? You know,where people eat”

“Yes. Why are you asking?”

“I’m just asking. Byeeee” She smiled and left

Austin smiled añd went back to the office

“Is she gone?” Gray asked

“Yes she’s gone”

“Thank God”

Austin laughed

“Why are you thanking God?”

“She’s too troublesome. I can’t put up with her”

“You have to learn to put up with her because she will be cleaning your office” Austin smirked

Gray face palmed

His secretary entered

“How may I help you Raymond?” Gray asked

“Jennifer Peters is here to see you” Raymond replied

“I thought I told her,I wasn’t interested in her deal. What is she still doing here?”

“I don’t know sir”

“Tell her I don’t wanna see her”

“But sir_”

“Tell her I don’t wanna see her” Gray cut in stressing each word

“Okay sir” Raymond left

“Why don’t you wanna sign that deal?” Austin asked

“She’s a woman and I don’t work with women”

“But you are surrounded by them” Austin pointed at Teresa

“Do you think I like it that way? If I had my way,they wouldn’t be here in the first place. They’re all wicked creatures”

Teresa gasped and looked at Gray

“Yeah. I said it” Gray glared at her and stood up before leaving the office

“What’s with him?” Teresa shifted her gaze to Austin

“Are you asking me?” He swayed from left to right on his chair

“Is anyone else in this room other than the two of us?” She snapped

“Well, I’m not sure cause as far as I can recall,there is only one person in this room and that is me. You…I’m not so sure” Austin smirked

“Are you trying to insult me?”

“Call it whatever you want Teresa. Your time in this company is almost up” He stood up

“My time? What time?” She twitched her brows

“Adieus” He walked away ignoring her question

She banged the table in anger

“Dmn!! That dude is so annoying” She muttered



Noel came back,ate some food,played video games,read some comics,slept,woke up and repeated same routine again till Scarlet got back from work.

“Welcome baby girl” Noel smiled

“Thanks. Jeez I’m exhausted” Scarlet removed her heels and plopped down on the bed

“Why won’t you be tired when you are a secretary in a big company. You’re even lucky your boss is nice enough to allow you close early sometimes if not,you would have turned to skeleton. Look at how skinny the stress is making you”

Scarlet sat up and gave her a look that says “Don’t start”

“Anyways,my boss is in need of an assistant so I thought you could apply for the job” Scarlet said

“I’m not interested” Noel replied


“I got a better job at Mr Gray’s company”

Scarlet took some water

“Really? What kind of work?”

“A cleaner” Noel smiled happily

Scarlet spat out the water she was about to gulp down

“You said what!!! A cleaner? And you think it’s better than being an assistant?” Scarlet was surprised

“Yes. Do you know how long I’ve waited to become a worker in his company? I don’t care whatever work is given to me as long as I get to see him everyday”

“Are you serious like serious,serious?”

“Yeah. I’m serious. I’ll be resuming work tomorrow so let me go and pick what to wear” She stood up to her wardrobe and brought out an outfit

“Noel,cleaners don’t wear that”

“But I wanna wear this”

“That’s not the outfit you should wear. Drop it” Scarlet ordered

Noel pouted and dropped it



“Noel!!!!” Scarlet yelled and she fell from the bed

“What is it?” Noel asked standing up From the floor

“It’s almost 7am and you’re still in bed. I pity you. You’ll get fired today again”

Noel eyes widened and she ran to the bathroom

Scarlet shook her head and left for work

After bathing,she dried her body with a towel and applied some body lotion. Then,she applied light makeup and put on the outfit Scarlet warned her not to wear with a white canvas. She checked herself out in the mirror,smiled and set off to work.



Noel walked into the company and all eyes landed on her. Others couldn’t hold in their laughter and burst while the rest gossiped

💁what the h’ll is she wearing?

💁OMG isn’t she a cleaner?

💁Where on earth have you seen a cleaner wearing something like this?

💁 I’m sure she is cray cray

Noel ignored them and catwalked to the office after picking up her cleaning equipments

Gray was talking with Austin when she entered

“Good morning Mr Gray. Good morning Mr Austin” She greeted with that cute smile

“Noel…why are you la….” Gray trailed off immediately he looked up and saw her

Austin turned to look at her and burst into laughter

Noel didn’t mind

“Noel” Gray called after he snapped out of the shock

“Yes sir” She answered

“What are you wearing?” Gray asked not knowing whether to start laughing or just frown

“Suit of course” She answered “I’m wearing a black trouser,white inner wear and black jacket. It’s called suit”

Austin continued laughing without saying anything

“You’re a cleaner and you’re wearing suit? That’s not even the problem. The problem is you’re wearing suit on Canvas???” Gray sighed and ruffled his hair

He was done for


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 05

“You’re a cleaner and you’re wearing suit? That’s not even the problem. The problem is you’re wearing suit on Canvas???” Gray sighed and ruffled his hair

He was done for

“There is nothing wrong with this. I’m an official cleaner” Noel replied

“Official cleaner?” Gray asked


“Austin,can you tell me why I employed this lady in the first place?”

“Because she is an entertainer. Oh my gosh Noel, you’re quite a character” Austin laughed again

“Why are you laughing? I did nothing wrong” She pouted

“Are you educated?” Gray asked her

“Yes I am”

“Where did you school?”

“I schooled in Harvard University” She answered

“What course?”

“Public administration”

“Have you worked in a company before?”

“Yes. I’ve worked in countless companies”

“Okay. How do cleaners dress in the places you’ve worked?” Gray observed her closely

“They wear jeans trousers and white tops. Sometimes black or red” She answered

“Now look at yourself from head to toe” She obeyed “Are you dressed like them?”

“No” She bent her head

“Now tell me what I should classify you with now since you’re dressed like this?”

“A secretary or an assistant because they wear suits” She replied

Gray face palmed

“Just do your job and leave my office” Gray has had enough

Austin was exhausted with laughter. He already knew why the lady dressed like that. She wanted to please the boss and ended up embarrassing herself.

Gray stood up and stepped out

“Did you bring what I asked for?” Austin asked

“Yeah” She brought it out of her handbag and gave them to him

“Alright thanks” He smiled and left the office

Teresa wasn’t around because Gray sent her on an errand.

Noel swept the office and arranged it before mopping. Luckily,she was good at cleaning but clumsy with plates.

Gray entered the office after she was done

“Can I go now?” She asked calmly which surprised Gray a little

He looked up and saw that she was a bit sad

“Are you okay?” He asked not even knowing why

It’s not like he cared. He is just asking for asking sake

“Yeah I’m fine. So,can I go now? I promise to return in the evening and clean up” She said

“Okay. You can go” He said

Noel turned and left

She stepped out of the company and sat outside. She removed the canvas and glared at it.

“I only dressed like that to impress him. The blog I saw about him online says he likes ladies with swag.

I was such a fool for thinking that I could impress him looking like this besides I’m just a cleaner. I should have been his assistant instead” She muttered and pouted

Teresa was coming back and saw her pouting

“What’s wrong newbie? Did you get insulted or what?” Teresa laughed

“What’s your problem?” Noel asked

“My problem is that you should leave Mr Gray alone”

“Leave Mr Gray alone? I’m not holding him”

“That’s not what I meant dummy”

“Dummy? Me? Are you nuts?” Noel was pissed off

“Nope. I just want you to know that no matter how you try to please Mr Gray,it’s not gonna work so continue being the dummy that you are and stop changing yourself to draw someone else’s attention”

“I guess you’re right Teresa. So I’ll be who I am when I take what you have” Noel smirked

“What are you blabbing about?”

“I mean when Mr Gray fires you and I become his new assistant”

Teresa laughed

“Mr Gray will never hire a crazy person like you” Teresa spat

Noel stood up and faced her directly

“Watch and see” She threw the handkerchief she was holding on Teresa’s face “You’ll need this to wipe some tears away from your ugly face when I’m done with you”

Noel walked away

“What is she talking about?” Teresa mouthed and entered the company


Noel felt challenged. She wasn’t going to share Gray with anyone. She had crushed on him long enough to love him.

She doesn’t care if people get jealous. She would make sure she become his assistant so she can be close to him and make him fall for her.

She hurried home and changed her clothes to a white top on Jean trousers with snickers then packed her in a ponytail leaving a strand of hair to fall by her left and right hair.

Later,she headed to a restaurant for lunch

She ordered for some chips and juice then it was given to her.

After taking it,she rested for a while and decided to get some foodstuffs from the grocery store before heading back to the office

After her purchase,she was coming out when she saw a woman whose car just broke down. Looking at the woman,she knew the woman must be very rich and influential. She also looked like someone she had seen before. She thought of helping the woman

“Good afternoon ma’am” She smiled

“Afternoon my daughter. How are you?” The woman asked

“I’m fine thank you ma. It seems your car broke down”

“Yes and I’ve called my mechanic but he isn’t turning up. I called my son and he’s on his way now but I can’t wait any longer. My legs are aching” The woman said

“Oh sorry about that. Let me see if I can fix it” Noel walked over to the car and the driver moved aside

She did some necessary stuffs and closed the car bunnet

“Start the car” She faced the driver

The driver obeyed and the car started immediately

“Wow how did you do that?” The woman asked

“I’ve seen my dad do that to his car countless times so i learned it”

“Thanks for saving my a$s today. Have this?” She took some money

“No I wouldn’t ma. It’s fine”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Noel”

“Okay here is my card. Feel free to call me. See you around” The woman entered the car and drove off after calling her son that he shouldn’t bother that someone had helped her already.

Noel looked at the card and saw Jasmine Gerald written on it. Her eyes widened. She just helped Gray’s mother.

“I just helped my future mother in law” She muttered and smiled brightly

She jumped happily. This has really made her day. She rushed home and dropped what she bought then hurried up to the office.



Noel entered Gray’s office but didn’t see him there. Instead she saw Teresa working on something and she seemed really lost.

Noel looked at what she was doing and discovered that she was struggling with balancing the amount of the sales and purchase of a particular foreign brand.

“You got the whole thing wrong” Noel said

“And how did you know that?” Teresa snapped

“Cause I’m smarter than you”

Teresa scoffed

“Wait till Mr Gray sees what I’ve done. He will thank me”

“Only in your dreams” Noel took a paper and balanced everything correctly. She dropped it on Gray’s desk and smirked

Teresa looked at it and laughed

“You’ve done rubbish”

Just then Gray entered

“Welcome sir” Teresa smiled

He nodded and went to sit down facing Noel

“So you came back?” He switched on his laptop

“Yes sir” Noel answered

“Oh” Was his reply

“I have a question” Noel said and he looked at her

“Ask your question”

“Don’t you smile? I mean why are you always frowning?”

“You’ve come again with your trouble. How is that your business?” Gray asked

“I’m just curious but it’s fine if you don’t wanna tell me. I don’t wanna know”

“Then why did you ask if you don’t wanna know?” Gray asked

“Like I said before,I was curious”

Gray shook his head

“Here is the balance of the sales and purchase of that foreign brand” Teresa said handing him the book

Gray looked at it and his facial expression changed

“What’s the meaning of the rubbish you put down here?” Gray asked her

Noel coughed

“Sir I cal_”

“Oh shut up Teresa” He cut her off “This is the 5th time you’re submitting a wrong calculus for me. Can’t you do anything right?”

He turned and saw a paper on the table with same calculations. He picked it up and went through it. He didn’t know when a WOW escaped his lips.

Noel smiled in satisfaction on seeing his reaction

“This is the kind of work I want. It is so neat, correct and presentable. Who did this?” He asked

“I’m the one” Noel smiled

“No,that can’t be possible” Gray shook his head “How can you do this? You’re Noel”

Gray could not believe it

“Yes I’m Noel and I did it” She replied

Gray still couldn’t believe. He gave her another paper and she did exactly same thing

“Do you believe me now?” She asked

Gray looked at it

“Wow” He said again while Teresa was fuming in anger


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 06

“Wow” He said again while Teresa was fuming in anger

“Are you impressed?” Noel asked

“No. I’m only surprised you could do a thing like this” Gray said

He was impressed but he didn’t want her to know that.

“But sir_”

“Cut it off Teresa. I don’t wanna hear it”

“This isn’t fair. She can’t get it all right. There must be flaws” Teresa said

“Weren’t you here when she did it? You were present right?” Gray asked

“Yes but it can’t be perfect. I only had a bad day today that’s why. I’m also having a serious migraine” Teresa lied

“Oh really?” Gray looked at her


“I can’t believe I’m about to say this but since you are complaining, I’ll give you another one to balance tomorrow. If you get it right,you keep your job but if you don’t and Noel does it right, you’re fired” Gray stood up

Teresa’s eyes widened

“No sir”

“It’s final” Gray tucked his hands in his pockets and left the office

Noel snickered and Teresa faced her

“You…you’re the cause of all these. If I loose my job because of you,I will never forgive you”

“Just admit you’re brainless then all this will slide” Noel said

“You’re the one who’s brainless and has no fashion sense. Look at me from head to toe,I am dressed the way a responsible lady supposed to”

Noel laughed

“Responsible lady indeed. If I should ask you to balance the price of what you’re wearing and give me the gross and net profit,will you be able to do so?”

Teresa stiffened

Noel stood up

“I might act ¢razy and childish most times but that doesn’t mean I’m a fool or I don’t know anything. Don’t judge me by what you see me doing. I am more intelligent than you think” With that said,she left the office

Teresa clenched her fist in anger

Reina entered the office

“Why is your face like this?” She asked

“Ughhh…it’s that cleaner. She wants my job”

“Your job? I don’t get it”

“I don’t know the kind of charm she has used on Mr Gray that he happens to have a soft spot for her alone. He ignores whatever she does giving her a free hand to intimidate me”

“I still don’t understand where you’re driving at Teresa. Calm down and tell me why you’re fuming” Reina said

“Fine” Teresa explained all that happened to her

“Are you for real?”

“Yeah. I’m about loosing my job to a commoner. Do you know how I suffered to get this job? I only wanted to be close enough to him but he pays no attention to me” Teresa lamented

“I would have helped you but I’m not good in that aspect. Anyways,I came to see Mr Gray but since he isn’t around,I’ll have to come back later” Reina said and stepped out

Teresa sat down confused on what to do


Gray came back to the office later and sat down to work on some files. Today has been quite hectic for him

“Sir” Teresa called

“Not now Teresa I’m busy” Gray waved her off

Austin entered the office and locked gaze with Teresa. She gave him a hard glare before looking away. He sat down on the chair infront of Gray’s desk.

“Teresa,can you excuse us for a while? I need to talk to Gray” Austin said

“But I_”

“Excuse us Teresa” Gray cut her off

She sighed and stood up. She looked at Austin and felt like slapping that smug look off his face. He was so annoying. She slammed the door shut after stepping out

“So what are your findings?” Gray asked Austin

He had sent Austin out to get some information about Noel and he gladly did it.

“I got little information. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Patterson. They own a bakery along the road”

“So her parents are here in California?” Gray asked

“Yes. She graduated from Harvard University with a first class upper in Public and Business Administration and has worked in numerous companies”

“Impressive” Gray nodded

“She is also 22 years old and has a 16 year old junior sister” Austin said

“Relationship status” Gray looked at Austin

“She is still single” Austin gave him a look of suspicion

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Gray asked

“Nothing. Just wondering why you asked of her relationship status. Are you suddenly interested in her?” Austin winked at him

“No. Why would I be interested in a crazy lady like her? She isn’t my type”

“Are you sure Gray?”

“I’m more than sure”

“Okay. If you say so. Here are her credentials” Austin handed them to Gray and he looked through it

“Wow. She is really brilliant” Gray couldn’t hide his shock

“Yeah. She could also help you make more sales. Look at the business strategies she drafted in one of the papers there”

Gray brought the paper out and screened it

“This is cool. If she is this intelligent then why the ¢raziness?” Gray asked

“Well,maybe she is the type that loves to have fun. She is ¢razy at times but she is very intelligent” Austin said

“You might be right”

This was the first time he (Gray) was impressed by what a lady did. He have to admit he can’t put up with her character but she impressed him.

“I have to go now. You asked me to act as a substitute for the business meeting with Mr Romeo” Austin stood up

“Yeah. Just give me feedback”

“Okay” Austin nodded and left

Gray kept looking at Noel’s credentials. Even Camille wasn’t as intelligent as this. He sighed on remembering her

He loved her so much. He adored her and made sure she never lacked. His family was richer than hers but he never cared. He still showered her with love and praises but what did she do? She left him without a word. No phone calls or text messages.

He would call her but she won’t pick up. She blocked his number instead and he hasn’t been able to reach her since then. He doesn’t even know where she is and her parents are not helping matters either. They would chase him out whenever he came to ask about her.

Gray held his chest as his face turned pale. He was heartbroken and doesn’t know if he could ever love again. Camille really dealt with him. He feels void and alone. People may see him as a confident and ambitious man but inside,deep deep within him, he is dying slowly.

He sighed and bent his head when Noel entered

She was at the door and had seen his emotional display. Something is wrong and she could feel it. Noel stood in front of him

“Sir are you okay?” She asked calmly

“I’m fine just leave me alone” He said

“But you don’t look fine. You look…pale” She said worriedly

“I said I’m fine. Don’t you get it?” He snapped looking at her

Noel saw that his eyes were a little watery. He has been stopping himself from crying but the pain was just too much to bear alone

“I’m sorry for whatever is wrong” She placed her hand on his shoulder “Don’t worry,it will all pass away one day” She turned and left

Gray looked at where she touched him. Her words were a bit soothing and he calmed down a little bit. He composed himself and switched on his laptop. Maybe that will make him forget about it.


Noel was on her way to the equipment room when she met Raymond

“Hi” He smiled at her

“Hey” She replied still thinking of what might be wrong with Gray. She saw that he was really hurt and kind of pitied him

“Are you okay?” Raymond asked seeing her expression

“Yes I’m fine”

“Okay. I’m Raymond,the secretary”

“Oh..okay. I’m Noel. Nice meeting you” She smiled

“Yeah you too. Mind if we have lunch together?” Raymond asked

“I would love to but I’m a bit busy now. How about next time?”

“Okay that’s nice. See you soon” He said

“You too” She smiled before he departed

She sighed then her phone rang. She saw that it was her mum calling

📞Good afternoon mum

📞Afternoon sweetie. How are you?

📞I’m fine mum. How is Quinn doing?

Quinn is her junior sister

📞She is fine. Says she wants to see you. When are you coming to the bakery dear?

📞I’m at work now. I’ll come after that cause I really need to talk to you

📞Hope it isn’t about Gray again?

📞It’s about him but there’s a difference this time

📞Okay dear. I was thinking you want to tell me about proposing to him with a ring in a bread again

Noel laughed

📞No it’s not that mum

📞Alright then. Till you come. Can’t wait to see you

📞Can’t wait too

They hung up

Noel slid her phone back into her pocket and went to the equipment room to get her cleaning supplies. She got them and stepped out only to meet face to face with Teresa

“What do you want again?” Noel asked

She was beginning to get pissed off

“Just came to remind you of how worthless you are. If you think taking my job is what will make Mr Gray like you then you thought wrong. He isn’t into ¢razy girls”

“And he isn’t into Barbie dolls either” Noel said

“Are you referring to me?”

“Who else if not you. If you think you can make him fall in love with you by painting your face then you thought wrong cause he isn’t into overgrown elephants” Noel snapped

“Overgrown elephant?” Teresa asked angrily

“Isn’t that what you are? You’ve chose not to let me have peace in this company so that’s what you are”

“You really are ¢razy. I don’t know why you were hired in the first place. You aren’t even beautiful enough to be his assistant” Teresa spat

“What about you? Are you saying you’re the beautiful one? If you’re the beautiful one then you’re a beauty without brains. Your type should be washing toilets and not sitting in the office” Noel said

Teresa couldn’t think of what to say

“FYI you stink” Noel held her nose and walked away rendering Teresa speechless




Teresa entered the office before Noel and sat down. She looked at Gray but he didn’t look back at her. She just got insulted by a nobody and he is here acting like he didn’t care. She tried all her possible best to get his attention and make him ask what was wrong with her but he didn’t bulge.

Noel entered the office with her cleaning equipments and started mopping. Teresa used that opportunity to look for her trouble.

Whenever Noel looked at her,she would make seductive faces at Gray. Noel clenched her fists in anger and tightened her grip on the mop stick. Teresa was happy she was annoying Noel while Gray was busy oblivious of what was going on.

Teresa continued until Noel couldn’t take it anymore

“Why are you looking at him like you want to eat him up? Is he a bread or rice that you’re behaving like that” Noel snapped

Gray looked up and Teresa acted innocent

“What are you talking about?” Teresa asked making a puppy face

“Oh please. Do you think he will like you with that face you’re carrying?

That face you painted like someone they carried from a shrine. Didn’t I tell you you’re an overgrown elephant? Continue going after what is not your own. Nonsense” Noel hissed and continued with her work


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 07

Gray couldn’t understand what was going on between the two ladies. He wanted to mind his business but couldn’t help but ask

“What is going on here?”

“Teresa was making seduc_”

“Nothing is going on sir. We’re just having a friendly argument” Teresa cut in not wanting Noel to finish her sentence

“It wasn’t a friendly argument. If it was one,I wouldn’t have called you an overgrown elephant” Noel said

Gray wanted to laugh but it turned to a grin instead. They didn’t even notice his grin

“Noel it’s okay. Teresa stop bothering her” Gray said

“What? I wasn’t bothering her. She just insulted me out of the blue and you’re okay with that?” Teresa snapped and realized she was talking to her boss

“Were you talking to me?” Gray gave her a stern look

“No…No sir. I wasn’t talking to anyone. I’m sorry” She apologized

“Better be” Gray brought his head down again

Teresa glanced at Noel and Noel stuck out her tongue for her before continuing her work. Teresa frowned and pouted

After Noel finished what she was doing,she came to meet Gray

“Mr Gray” She called

“Hmm?” Was his reply

“I think I’m done for the day. I want to leave now cause I have to meet my mum” Noel said

“Oh really?” Gray rested both elbows on his desk and rested his jaw on his hands

“Yes or is there something for me to do again?” Noel asked

Teresa just watched them

“There might be so you are not going anywhere” Gray just wanted to look for her trouble a bit

“But…that’s not fair. The poster says I will be closing 4pm and it’s half past four already” She frowned

“Yeah,I changed my mind”

“Then you have to change your mind again. I can’t overwork myself besides I haven’t even eaten” She complained

“Why haven’t you eaten?” Gray couldn’t believe he just asked her that. Since when did he start caring? He couldn’t comprehend what was happening

“I don’t like today’s menu” She answered

“It’s Mac and Cheese”

“Yeah. Have you seen it? Yuck! It looks like poop. I can’t eat that”

“Fine then. You may go” Gray said and returned to his work

“Thanks” Noel smiled while Teresa glared daggers at her

She didn’t mind but left the office instead. She was off to her parents bakery

Teresa was about standing up to leave the office

“Sit down” Gray ordered with eyes fixed on his laptop

“But sir,I_”

“Sit down!” He half yelled and she found herself on her chair

Gray shook his head

“Women are really troublesome species. So obstinate and rebellious” He muttered and hissed

Teresa heard it and frowned



Noel finally got to the bakery and met her mum attending to some customers while her dad was busy in the kitchen. Quinn was in the kitchen too and was assisting their father.

The bakery was not that big but the sales they got from there was enough to meet their needs and also for some upkeep. Thanks to her father’s professionalism,customers wouldn’t stop coming.

He was good at making different kind of snacks and even gets contracts to bake for diverse events. If only he had extra money to make the building bigger

Noel stayed and helped her mum serve the remaining customers till 6pm when they were to close for the day.

“I think that’s all for today” Evie,her mother said

“Yeah” Noel smiled and fliped a board with “CLOSED” written on it. That way,the customers would know they’re done for the day

Her dad came out with Quinn wiping his hands with a towel

“Good evening sis” Quinn greeted flashing her a cute smile

“Hey Quinn. Good evening dad” Noel greeted

“Evening honey. How are you?” He asked

“I’m fine”

“Mum told me you’ve gotten a job. Is it true?” Quinn asked shaking her

“Yes it’s true now quit shaking me” Noel said and ruffled Quinn’s hair

“Come on! You know I don’t like that” Quinn pouted

“But I like it so I’m not gonna stop” Noel ruffled the hair again

“Mum!” Quinn whined

“Noel stop troubling your sister” Evie said

“Fine” Noel rolled her eyes

They sat down on some chairs there

“So tell me honey,what kind of a job were you employed for in Mr Gray’s company?” Her father asked

“A cleaner”

“Eww” Quinn said and Noel glared at her

“A cleaner? With the kind of result you’re carrying? Why?” Mr Patterson asked

“Because that was the only vacant place left. You don’t expect me to sit at home doing nothing dad”

“I understand dear. I pray you get a good one soon” Her father patted her head

“Me too sweetie. I know with time,we will have more than enough. We thank God that we even have all these” Her mother said

“Yes you are right. Thanks mum,dad” She smiled and they smiled back

“How is Scarlet? Hope you two are getting along?” Evie asked

“Scarlet is fine. And yes,we are getting along. She is my bestie and nothing can separate us” Noel said confidently

“I hope so my dear. So what was it that you wanted to tell me?” Her mum asked

Noel glanced at her dad and Quinn

“Um mm…can you two excuse us please?”

“Hey! That’s not fair. Daddy say something” Quinn protested

“She wants to have some time with mum so let’s excuse them” He said

“But it’s unfair. I was the one that told mum to call her so I can spend some time with her” Quinn said

“I’ll spend some time with you later” Noel said

“No. I want it now. I have so many things to tell you about my first day in Royal Woods High School. I have alot and I mean alot to say” Quinn was adamant

Noel sighed

“Okay I’ve heard you. How about you come visit I and Scarlet Friday evening? You can tell me everything then you go back home on Sunday. How about that?” Noel said

“That’s a great idea” She smiled

“Alright we’ll be heading home. Take care Noel” He pecked her fore head “See youu at home darling”He said to his wife

She nodded and he left with Quinn

“So what is it dear?” Evie asked

“It’s about Gray” Noel said

“I’m listening”

“Let me ask you this question. Why do you think most people are rude to their fellow? Like…they don’t seem to care about what happens around them. They have this tsundere attitude and don’t like making new friends”

“Sweetie,in most cases,people like that are traumatized. It could be as a result of distrust. They might have lost hope and they trust no one except themselves but it isn’t entirely their fault. It could be because of a past experience”


“Yes dear. They might have suffered a h©rrible past which makes them insecure. They don’t want what happened in their past to reoccur so they behave like that. While some people are naturally like that” Evie explained

“So that means,Mr Gray didn’t have a pleasant past”

“What do you mean?”

“I think the reason for his cold attitude is because he is in pains. He isn’t happy. It’s not his fault that he’s a tsundere. Something or rather someone made him that way”

“But who or what could have caused such?” Her mum asked

“That…I am going to find out. I will make sure I put a smile on his face” Noel vowed

“Good luck with that. I pray it yields good results but make sure you’re careful okay?”

“I will be careful” Noel smiled

“I’m not joking. I know how cray cray and troublesome you can be. Don’t go about frustrating the young man’s life” She warned

“I’ll try. I have to go now” She stood up and her mother did same

They switched off the lights,stepped out and locked the door

“Bye mum” She hugged her

“Bye sweetie. Stay out of trouble”

“Okay. I’ve heard you” Noel said and walked away

Evie kept watching her till she was out of sight before turning to leave.


Scarlet was pacing forth and back. It was obvious that she is worried. She kept glancing at her phone every now and then. Suddenly,she heard a knock on the door. Without wasting time,she quickly opened the door and Noel came in

“Hey girl” Noel smiled

“Where have you been?” Scarlet asked with both hands on her waist

“I went to the bakery to see my parents and sister” Noel replied

“And you couldn’t call to tell me. I called your line but it wasn’t going through. I was worried sick. I almost had an heart attack” Scarlet nagged

“Sorry babe. I ran out on airtime” Noel said

“Why didn’t you buy to call me huh?”

“I said I’m sorry mum” Noel teased

“I’m not your mum” She snapped

“But you act like one. Jeez,you nag a lot” Noel said

“I don’t have your time now. Thank your stars you’re back unhurt. So how are they doing?” Scarlet asked

“Oh they’re fine. Mum asked after you”

“Awwwn thats so nice of her”

“Yeah. So when are you going to see your parents?”

Scarlet was the only daughter of her parents. They were rich and raised her in a disciplined way making her different from other rich kids. She met Noel in the university and they became best of friends.

“I’ll take a leave from work and visit them soon. You know they’re in Detroit. It’s not that easy yunno” Scarlet sighed

“Yeah. But you could have found a good job over there. Why stay faraway?”

“I like changing environment Noel. Besides,my annoying cousin brother is there to keep them company”

“Okay. Hope there is food because I’m famished”

“Go to the kitchen. Serve yourself” Scarlet said

“Are you serious?” Noel pouted

“Are you expecting me to serve you? Oh No!” Scarlet said and laid on the bed

Noel groaned and entered the kitchen




Teresa dressed specially to work today. She had studied most of the business textbooks she had. Not everything. She only did the ones she felt she knew and now she is confident that she would impress Gray.

Noel has cleaned the office and sat on the desk facing Gray’s chair too. He stepped out to go get something.

Teresa entered the office and showed off before sitting down

“Good morning loser” She winked at Noel

Noel ignored her and hissed

Teresa wasn’t bothered. After all,she was going to be the one laughing in the end.

Few minutes later…

Gray entered the office and sat down. Austin was with him. Teresa greeted him and he nodded

“Let’s just get this over with. I have a meeting by 10am” Gray said

Austin nodded

“Okay ladies. Gray set this question himself. It’s only two questions and you’re to answer two of them. So take it” Austin said and handed the papers to them

“I’m so going to nail this” Teresa said and dragged the paper from Austin

“10 minutes is all I give you” Gray added

Noel glanced at the question and took a pen. Teresa’s face was drained of all color. This looks like an exam question. Where is she supposed to start from?

Austin watched them with a satisfying smile. He like that Teresa was having a hard time while Noel was almost done.

Noel finished her work and dropped her paper on his desk. She saw Teresa chewing her pen and racking her brain for what to write

“Seriously? You’re a beaver now? Chewing your pen? That’s pretty low for a responsible young lady” Noel smirked

Teresa frowned and returned to the paper in her hands

“Time’s up” Gray said

“I’m not done” Teresa complained

“I don’t care” Gray said

He collected the paper and went through it. He was really impressed by Noel’s work while he almost burst into laughter at Teresa’s own. He looked up and faced both of them

“Congratulations Noel. You’re my new assistant” Gray forced himself to say that. He can’t believe he’ll be spending his days with this ¢razy but intelligent lady in front of him from now onward. The thought alone made him shudder.

“Wow thank you” Noel smiled

Austin shook her hand

“Congratulations girl” He said and she laughed


“Wait…what…what” Teresa stuttered

“You’re fired!”


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 08

“You’re fired”

Teresa felt like a bomb just exploded in her head


“Let me help you darling. Fired” Noel said

Tears well up in Teresa’s eyes as she fell on her knees

“Mr Gray please have mercy” She begged

“I don’t go back on my words” Gray said

She looked at Austin and Austin looked away. She gazed at Noel and Noel rolled her eyes

“I can’t afford to leave this company sir. Please reconsider” Teresa begged

“No I can’t. You may leave” Gray said

“Isn’t there something else I can do here? If I leave this company,I may never find a good job again”

“Let me think” Gray twitched his brows and Austin whispered something into his ears

“So you want something else to do right?” Gray asked

Teresa’s face lit up with hope

“Yes sir”

“Why don’t you become the cleaner?” Gray said more like a question

Teresa’s face fell

“A cleaner?”

“Yes. That’s the only vacant space we have now” Gray said

Teresa sighed. She had no choice. Half bread is better than none anyway. That would also give her the opportunity to exert her revenge on Noel.

“I’ll do it”

“Congratulations Tete” Noel winked at her after shortening her name “Tete will be your new nickname from now onward”

Teresa groaned and left the office

Noel stood up and cleaned where Teresa stood up from before sitting.

“Here are the rules of being my Personal Assistant Noel” Gray said

“Where?” She asked looking left and right

“No I’m gonna say it” Gray said

“Isn’t it better to put it in writing? The stress will be less that way” Noel said

“I’m not lazy like you ladies”

“Don’t even go there. Ladies are special” Noel argued

“No they aren’t” Gray scoffed

“If we aren’t special then why do guys like you drool over us huh?” She asked

Austin winked at Gray and Gray frowned

“Drool my foot. Are you hearing the rules or not?”

“Of course I am”

“Good. Here they are:Dress corporately. No tardiness to the office,you must arrive before I do.

No gossiping because this is a private organization and employees are to be anonymous. No lying because I detest lies.

You must be disciplined and enthusiast to work and most importantly DO NOT WEAR SUIT ON CANVAS TO WORK EVER AGAIN” Gray emphasized the last part

“So if I’m not wearing suit,what am I gonna wear then?” She asked

“You’ll wear suit and high heels not suit on canvas. Your dressing must be moderate and corporate mostly neat”

“Okay but I can’t wear heels. I’ll wear flats because heels are not my thing” She said

“Fine but you won’t wear flats all the time. Wear heels once in a while” Gray said

Noel was happy step 1 of her plan worked. Now over to step 2 which is she must make him smile even if it means to frustrate him.

She made up her mind that if he tries to sack her,she’ll unlock part 2 of her ¢raziness and he will keep her. Everything was well planned and she couldn’t wait to implement it.


Teresa stormed out and Reina followed her to know what happened. Raymond followed too. He was the kind of guy that loves to gossip. Most people thought he was gay because of his behavior but that’s their problem.

“Urghhh” She yelled

“What’s the problem?” Reina held her shoulders

“That bch took my job. Dmn!!! I hate her so much” Teresa groaned

“Who are you calling a bch?” Raymond asked

“Noel of course”

“What has she done again?” Reina asked a bit annoyed

“She stole my job all because she wants Mr Gray’s attention”

“So,all this ranting is because of a man? Sheesh I expected more from you Teresa” Raymond said

Teresa glared at him

“Teresa,Mr Gray doesn’t have either you or Noel’s time. Your consistent bickering means nothing. He isn’t even aware of all these and both of you are ripping each other’s throats apart because of him” Reina said

“Then why has he suddenly developed a soft spot for her huh? He never complains about a single thing she does” Teresa frowned

“That’s because she’s crâzy. Why are you worked up over nothing?” Reina asked

“She isn’t cräzy Reina. She’s adorable and the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. She isn’t like you or Teresa who go about with raised shoulders. Noel is different” Raymond defended

Teresa shot him a glare

“Oh,so you have a thing for her now?” She asked in pure annoyance

“That’s none of your business” Raymond replied

“Who invited you here Ray?” Reina asked him

“No one. I came on my own free will”

“Now get the hell outta here on your free will” Teresa snapped

“I will Miss Cleaner” Raymond mocked her and left

“Urghhh I’m so gonna get him for this. This is bullshit. How can I be a cleaner while that góod for nothing enjoys in the office?” Teresa asked rhetorically

“This wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t challenged Noel. You should never have understimated her because of how she behaves. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but read the contents first” Reina said

“Jeez I’ll get back that position. She won’t sit there for too long” Teresa said and started walking away

Reina sighed and followed her. The workers in this company wouldn’t ki!l her one day.

The office activities ended for the day and the employees started departing one by one. Others worked through the night due to orders that kept coming. Noel left for her apartment too.



Noel flung the door open

“Someone’s got a job” She screamed and jumped on the couch

“Is that why you couldn’t knock?” Scarlet asked

“This is my house and I have the right to walk in here whenever I want” Noel said removing her shoes

“Point of correction Missy. It’s our apartment and you should knock. What if I was dressing up?” Scarlet asked

“Chilex. There is nothing there that I haven’t seen before” Noel said and Scarlet poked her forehead

“Naughty girl”

“Oh please”

“So,who got a job?” Scarlet asked

“Me of course”

“Were you fired?” Scarlet looked at her suspiciously

“No. I was promoted”

“To what? A janitor?” Scarlet laughed

“Ha ha ha very funny” Noel rolled her eyes

“Then tell me”

“I have become Gray’s personal assistant” Noel beamed

“Are you for real?” Scarlet was surprised


“How did it happen? I mean how can he employ you?” Scarlet asked

“Remember the test I told you about? The one I was to take with an arrogant lady who was his assistant before?”


“I crushed it” Noel patted her chest proudly

“Wow. Congratulations bae”


“I just hope he can put up with you” Scarlet smirked


“Your ¢raziness” Scarlet replied

“I’m not ¢ràzy”

“You’re ¢ràzy and annoying”

“Hey? Take that back” Noel pouted and picked up a pillow

“Why not come and make me” Scarlet said and picked up another pillow

Before you know it, a pillow fight ensued between the two. They giggled and had fun



Noel was enjoying her beauty sleep and rolling on the bed. She is ¢rãzy and sleeps ¢rázy too. In the process of rolling,she fell and h it her bvtt on the floor snapping out of her sleep.

“Ouch my bvtt!!!” She screamed and Scarlet ran to her

“What happened? Why are you on the floor?” Scarlet asked picking her up

“I don’t know. I was sleeping and the next thing I know,I was on the floor,on my bvtt” Noel said

Scarlet started laughing

“You’re quite a ¢rázy when sleeping too. You rolled and fell down” Scarlet said

“No I didn’t. I never roll” Noel argued

“Soothe yourself then. Ummm…I guess you might wanna check the time lady. You’re almost late for work” Scarlet pointed at the wall clock

“You refused to wake me?” Noel fumed

“I didn’t wanna disturb you. You were sleeping like a baby” Scarlet smiled

“Now you’re being sarcastic”

“Yes I am. I’m off to work. There’s food in the freezer. Stay outta troüble. Bye” Scarlet smiled and left

Noel undressed and rushed into the bathroom,coming out later with a towel wrapped around her waist. She dried her hair and applied body lotion then wore a black suit.

She looked at the heels on the shoe rack and wore flats instead. She let her hair down in waves,took her handbag and rushed to work.



She got to the company and saw Gray coming out of his car. He was on a black suit too looking handsome.

She tagged along and both came into the office same time. Gray sat down and looked up to meet her eyes. She was looking more beautiful today than ever today. He scanned her from head to toe

“Why are you looking at me like that? Did I wear the wrong suit?” She asked nervously

Gray cleared his throat

“No you didn’t wear the wrong suit but you’re late” Gray said

“Really? This is 7:30am” She complained

“You’re supposed to be at work before me Noel” He said

“But we came in together” She replied

“Must you have an answer to everything?” Gray asked glaring at her

“I have to defend myself from men like you who claim that they’re the boss” She answered

“But I am your boss Missy” Gray said

“My name’s Noel not Missy. Don’t call me that” She snapped

“And what will you do if I call you again Missy?” Gray asked obviously looking for her trouble

“I’ll..I’ll get my revenge” She pouted and sat down

“Time to work” Gray said and gave her some business transactions to balance.

After she was done,he dropped another one on her table. She glared at him

“What is it?” He asked

“I just finished one. You didn’t even give me a break and you’ve given another one to me already” Noel pouted

“It’s your job so do it” He said sternly

“Blah blah blah” Noel rolled her eyes

“Stop rolling your eyes at me” He warned

“And what will you do if I don’t?” She asked rolling the eyes again

She wants her revenge. He annoyed her first, now’s her turn

“Don’t make me sack you” He threatened

“I’d love to see you try” She said

“Gosh,you’re so annoying” Gray face palmed

“You’re annoying too” She fired back

“Noel!!!” He glared at her and she smiled

“Do you know you’re cute when you are annoyed?” She said flashing a smile at him


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Chapter 09

“Do you know you’re cute when you are annoyed?” She said flashing a smile at him

“Seriously” He rolled his eyes

“See? Now you’re rolling your eyes but you told me not to roll mine. That’s unfair” She pouted

“Do you know you’re ugly when you pout?” Gray asked

“I’m not ugly. I’m an Angel sent from above”

“To frustrate me right?” Gray asked

“Yes” Noel replied and he face palmed

“Get back to work” He ordered

She pouted and continued her work.

Soon, Raymond entered the office and smiled at Noel. Gray didn’t fail to notice that

“What do you want?” Gray asked feeling a bit annoyed with the way Raymond stared at Noel

“Mr Harry is here. Says he wants to see you” Raymond said

“Let him in” Gray said


“Hi Raymond” Noel waved

“Hey Noel. We’ll talk later” He said

“Okey dokey” She smiled and he left

Gray was annoyed. Must she smile at him like that? She only annoys me and never smiled at me. Gray complained inwardly and wondered why he is annoyed

Mr Harry walked in looking all handsome. He was 2 years older than Gray and also a fIirt. He took steady strides to Gray’s desk and sat down. He and Gray were never friends.

Though he was amongst the top five business men,Gray was richer than him, Gray’s company was also having more sales than his so he was jealous and has been looking for ways to jeopardize Gray’s business.

“Good morning Mr Gray” Mr Harry smirked

“Get to the point Harry” Gray snapped

“You haven’t changed. Still that grumpy and sassy young man huh?” Harry asked

Noel looked at him after hearing those words and glared at him. How dare he call her Gray grumpy and sassy? She is the only one that can call him that. She thought and marked his face. He is in her blacklist already

“Look Harry,I know you’re a lazy dork whose a$s can’t sit in a place but if coming to my office to annoy me is all you know how to do then get the h’ll outta here” Gray said and Harry laughed

“Temper…Temper Gray. Calm down. I’m here for peace”

“Then get to the point” Gray said

“Fine” He looked up and saw Noel. He was enchanted by her beauty and started drooling. She was cute

Gray noticed that Harry was looking at Noel and anger boiled inside him. He felt like putting his hands into Harry’s eyes and sIapping him across the face

“Noel” Gray called and she faced him

“Yes boss” She smiled

“Can you get me a cup of tea?” Gray asked

“By this time?” She asked

“No complaints. Go get me one and let it be extra hot” He said

“Okay” She stood up and walked out of the office

Harry’s eyes followed her till she was out of sight

“Are you done?” Gray asked looking at him with irritation

Harry composed himself and cleared his throat

“Who is she?” Harry asked

“None of your business” Gray answered

“She is the most hottest lady I’ve ever seen. Plus she is so adorable. Look at her kssable lips” Harry said and Gray clenched his fist tightly

“Aren’t you here for business Mr Harry?”

“Why are you getting annoyed suddenly? She is just your assistant. Can I take her with me?” Harry asked

“No. She works here and not for you” Gray snapped

“Just for a night. A cute damsel like her will be good in bed” Harry smirked

“Don’t you vomit such gibberish in my presence again” Gray threatened

“Why are you offended by it? Do you perhaps like her?” Harry asked and Gray stiffened

Did he?

“No. She is just an employee” Gray answered sternly

“Then let me borrow her for a night” Harry asked

“Get out of my office Harry” Gray said pointing to the door

“I haven’t told you what I’m here for”

“I don’t care anymore”

Harry stood up with a smirk

“Fine. I’ll go but I’m coming back for her” Harry said

“Leave” Gray snapped

Harry laughed and walked out. Gray ruffled his hair not knowing what was wrong with him. Why does it annoy him to see other guys drooling when they see her? He doesn’t have feelings for her but why does it annoy him to see her smiling at other guys?

He sighed and remembered that Noel has not gotten back from making the tea. Worse, Mr Harry was heading same way and they might meet. He stood up and scurried into his elevator


Noel was done making tea and turned to leave when Teresa stopped her.

“Hello you job snatcher” Teresa snapped

“Hello Miss Tete” Noel laughed

“Don’t ever call me that again”

“Really? But you called me a job snatcher” Noel said

“I don’t care. Just know that I will get my job back”

“I’m waiting to see you try”

“Do you know that you’re very annoying?” Teresa asked

“I like it that way. It gives me an upper hand against people like you” Noel sassed back

“I hate you Noel”

“And I love you Teresa” Noel smiled

Noel was about leaving but Teresa dragged her and poured the tea splashing some on her body

Noel glared at Teresa and wanted to talk when she saw some one in front of her. She looked up and saw that it was that guy in Gray’s office.

“Is this what employees like you do?” Harry asked facing Teresa who flinched in fear

“I’m..I’m…sorry Mr Harry” Teresa knew she was done for

“Why would you do such a wicked thing?” Harry asked

“I’m really sorry sir”

“Go and make the tea you spilled” He ordered Teresa

Teresa was about to leave

“Stop…Apologize to this lady first” Harry said

“But sir_”

“Apologize now!!!”

“I’m sorry” Teresa muttered

“So she can hear you”

“I’m sorry Noel” Teresa said and left to make the tea

Harry turned to Noel

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Yes I’m fine. Thanks” She smiled. Maybe he wasn’t that bad after all. She removed him from her blacklist for now

“Are you hurt anywhere?” He asked

“No I’m fine”

“What’s your name?”

“Noel sir” She replied

“Noel!!!” Gray called

“Thanks again” She smiled and went to meet Gray at the elevator

Harry smiled and left

Gray looked at her

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly

“Yeah I’m fine. I spilled tea on myself. Clumsy me” She laughed nervously

She didn’t want him to know Teresa spilled the tea on her. If she said that,Gray might fire Teresa and she won’t be able to have her revenge

“Okay. Let’s go” He entered his elevator

She was about using the staff elevator

“Where are you going?” He asked

“To use the staff elevator. This is yours” She pointed to the one he was in

“Get in” He said


“Its an order”

She sighed and entered then the door closed

The employees who were watching opened their mouth in shock

👥Did you see that?

👥Yes I did. Mr Gray just allowed her into his personal elevator

👥Does that mean he likes her?

👥Mr Gray will never like a low life like her. Maybe he’s going to pvnish her later

👥But no one in this office except Mr Austin is allowed in there

👥Could he be interested in her?

👥Hell No. Over my body will that happen

👥Oh please,he won’t even glance at you so forget it

👥Watch how I’ll make that lady’s stay in this office miserable

👥Silvia,I prefer you leave the lady alone if you don’t wanna loose your job

Silvia hissed and walked to her desk

Gray made Noel wipe her body with a towel and sent her home to have her bath. He was the type that likes when things are neat and looking at her stained clothes will make him uncomfortable.

Aftetr Noel left,Teresa knocked on the office door to deliver the tea but Gray sent her away.

Gray sighed as he thought about his life. Austin had gone out and is on his way back. Gray took his car keys and headed home.



Gray parked his car and entered into the house. He went to his wine shelf and took an alcoholic wine in his hand. He started gulping them down from bottle to bottle till he was drunk. His maid tried stopping him but she couldn’t so she phoned Austin who arrived immediately and rushed into the house.

Austin dragged the fifth bottle from Gray

“Stop all these. Do you wanna kll yourself?” Austin snapped

“She left me Austin. Camille left me” Gray mumbled drunkenly

“I thought we’ve been through with this. Forget about her and move on Gray. She doesn’t deserve your love anymore

“It hurts so bad. I loved her with all my heart. I adored her but she broke my heart”

“You have to forget about her. She is gone and I don’t think she’s coming back. So take her away from your heart and let someone else in” Austin said

“Who can fill the space Camille left in my heart?”

“Noel can. Give her a chance”

“Noel” Gray chuckled “She’s just gonna leave me like Camille did. Do you want me to fall in love with her then she’ll break my heart too?” Gray asked

“I understand your plight but come on dude. It’s been two years. Two good years. Forget about Camille. Noel is the right lady for you. Give her a chance to heal your broken heart” Austin drew him close

“I don’t wanna love anymore. I’m scared of getting heartbroken again”


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 10

“I don’t wanna love anymore. I’m scared of getting heartbroken again” Gray said

Austin put his two hands on Gray’s shoulders and held it

“I know you Gray. I know you can get over this. Not all women are the same. Give love a second chance” Austin said and Gray sniffed

“But it still hurts. It hurts a lot”

“It’s hurting because you don’t wanna let it go. Take it off your mind and you’ll see a difference”

Gray pondered on what Austin had said. He wasn’t gonna ki!l himself for someone who doesn’t know his Worth. There and then,he decided to let it go. To forget about Camille and move on. He can’t keep ripping himself apart after 2 years.

Although,it wasn’t going to be easy but he was going to try his best. As for Noel,he still needs to observe her. Even though he feels funny whenever she’s around him,he still needs to be careful.

“Alright Austin,I’ve heard you. I’ll try my best”

“That’s the spirit” Austin smiled “Now go freshen up,you stench of alcohol”

Gray stood up and headed to his room

“Lia” Austin called

“Yes sir” She came and stood before him then bowed

“Please cook something for him to eat” Austin said

“Okay sir” She bowed and headed for the kitchen

Austin checked his wristwatch, he was supposed to meet his parents today. Austin is from a very rich and influential family just like Gray.

Their families were friends which brought them together but Austin wasn’t the type that shows off. He was the heir to his father’s Oil and Gas company but he chose to work as Gray’s manager so as to watch him heal.

He took a deep breath and stepped out of the house. He entered into his car and drove off



Austin was let in through the gate and parked the car. He got out and entered the house. He met his mum watching a soap opera on TV and cleared his throat to draw her attention and it worked. She looked at him and smiled

“Good evening mum” He pecked her forehead

“Evening son. How was work today?” Mrs Rosella asked

“Work was fine mum” He answered and sat beside her

“How’s my baby boy doing? Has he gotten over the heartbreak?” She asked

“Mum,you know Gray is an aduIt. Why are you still calling him your baby boy?” Austin feigned annoyance

“You’re just jealous. Now answer my question”

“Okay. He is improving. I think he’ll get over it soon” Austin replied

“I hope so too”

“Where’s dad?” He asked

“He’s at the office so I decided to take a break from the hospital today” His mum said

“Hope you left some instructions for your nurses?”


“Hey big bro” His teenage brother said alighting the stairs

“Hi Damien. Seems you’re in a good mood today” Austin said

“Yes. I finally beat Miguel at a game of basketball in school today” He smiled

“Come on,you know how good Miguel is at basketball. He is just as good as his brother Gray. Till we left school,I wasn’t able to defeat Gray” Austin said

“I defeated Miguel this time. Trust me” Damien plopped down on the couch and put on his headphones

Austin looked at his mum and she shrugged



Mrs Jasmine was having a hearty discussion with Miguel. Although he was a tsundere but he was lovely around his parents especially his mum. His attitude most times also depended on his mood. His dad had gone to the family company.

“So you’re telling me Damien beat you at basketball for the first time ever” Mrs Jasmine asked

“Yes mum. I don’t know how it happened or could it be?” Miguel twitched his brows like he was thinking

“Could it be what?”

“There is this girl he likes but doesn’t want her to know. She is always at the field whenever we’re playing basketball but she wasn’t in school today”

“So you’re saying the girl is his distraction?” Mrs Jasmine asked


She face palmed

“You children of nowadays are something else”


“Don’t”mum” me. I’m sure you’ll come home one day and start telling me a girl is your distraction too. For goodness sake,you guys are in your second year in high school. I’m sure that girl is in her first year”

“Mum,quit the nagging. I’m not in love with anyone” Miguel said

“Oh really? Watch and see from next month if I won’t start hearing stories. I just pray you don’t fall in love with same girl Damien likes”

“Mum that’s not possible”

“I’m speaking from experience son. So becareful” She said

“I will mum. Thanks. About what I told you yesterday”

“Don’t start” She frowned

“Mum,you said I could go. Why the sudden change of mind?” Miguel frowned

“You and Gray in same house is like locking up a cat and a rat in the closet” She said

“Mum,I promise not to cause troûble. I’ll be a good boy. Please” He held her hand making a puppy face

“Seriously,a puppy face?” She rolled her eyes “You know that doesn’t work on me right?”

“Dmn! I wish dad was here” Miguel pouted and she started laughing

“Fine. You can go. I was only pulling your legs” She said and he smiled

“Let me go pack my stuff”

“Hold on young man. You’re only staying for few months not forever so I don’t know what stuff you’re packing”

“Mum” He whined

“Yes and that’s final. Do you want me to be all alone here? I’ll have to go to your Uncle’s house to bring your niece to stay with me till you’re back”

“You want to bring Summer here? She is very troublesome”

“Yes I know but at least she listens to me. Her school’s already on vacation so she’ll be staying with me for the mean time”

“Okay. Thank God I won’t be here to entertain her troûble” Miguel said and ran upstairs before she could utter a word.

She just smiled and remembered Noel. She realized Noel hasn’t given her a call yet and she forgot to collect her number. She just grew fond of her and wishes to know her more. Maybe…just…maybe she’ll be able to connect her to Gray.

She decided to go to the grocery store again. Maybe she’ll be able to see Noel there

“Miguel dear,I’m off to the grocery store. Stay out of troüble” She yelled

“Okay mum” He yelled back from his room

“Why don’t I help you do it ma?” Ella asked

“No dear. You need to rest. Let me do this one” Mrs Jasmine smiled at her

“At least let me follow you ma. Incase you would need an extra hand” Ella insisted

“Okay. Let’s go then” She said and they left.



Noel had just finished taking her bath and changing her clothes. She wore a black pencil skirt and a blue top then sat down.

“Why do I have the feeling something isn’t right with Gray? I hope he’s fine. He wasn’t really happy today. He hasn’t even been happy. I hardly see him smile. What could be the cause? Could he be heartbroken? How can I help him if I don’t know what is wrong with him?” She soliloquized worriedly

She turned to her left and saw the card his mum gave her

“What if I talk to Mrs Jasmine? She might be of help” She picked up her phone and dialed the number

“Ah Scratch that! I’m out on airtime”

She went into the fridge and saw that their groceries were finished. She decided to visit the grocery store and use that opportunity to buy airtime. She took her fancy slippers and some cash and headed out. Thursdays were normally busy days for Scarlet so she won’t be back early. Plus,Quinn was coming over after school the next day.



Noel walked into the store and picked up a grocery basket. She walked round the numerous foodstuffs having troûble figuring which to pick. This time,her head was occupied by diverse thoughts.

Ranging from how Gray is doing to why his face was a bit gloomy today. She sighed and continued wheeling the basket while picking some she has the feeling they might need.

She turned right and saw a little girl pestering her mother for chocolate. The girl should be around 5 years of age

“But mum I want chocolate now” The girl said

“No honey. If we buy chocolate now,we won’t be able to afford tonight’s dinner” The woman said

“No No No” The little girl stomped her feet and started crying

Noel walked up to her and bent to her level

“Hey baby girl. What’s your name?” Noel smiled at her sweetly

The guy looked up,her eyes glistening with tears and answered


“Okay Ivy. Do you know you’re beautiful?” Noel asked

“Am I?” She sniffed

“Yes. You are very beautiful. But beautiful girls don’t disturb mummy okay?”

“I only wanted chocolate but momma refused to get it for me” Ivy complained

“Momma didn’t refuse sweetie. Momma was only trying to give you a healthier snack” Noel said


“Yes. Now be a good girl and apologize to momma”

Ivy faced her mum and bent her head dabbing her tiny index fingers together

“I’m sorry momma. Please forgive me” She held her ears

“It’s okay honey. You know I love you”

“I love you too” She hugged her mum

“Now come on,I’ll get you chocolate” Noel said and the girl followed her happily

She bought the chocolate for the girl and gave her extra money then brought her back to her mother

“Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver” The girl’s mum smiled almost tearing up

“It’s my pleasure ma’am. Take care” Noel said and left

“Momma that pretty lady said her name is Noel” Little Ivy said munching her chocolate

“Oh really?” Her mum held her hand taking her outside


Noel sighed and continued picking her foodstuffs. Then she heard a voice behind her

“That was a wonderful thing you did there”

Noel turned only to see Gray’s mum

“Thanks. Good evening ma” She smiled

“How are you?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“I’m fine ma”

“I see you have a knack for helping people”

“Yes. I believe it’s the right thing. We all have a limited time on this Earth so let’s spend it helping people and uplifting the downtrodded” Noel said

“That’s true. Are you done?” She pointed at the basket

“Yes ma”

They walked over to the receptionist and Mrs Jasmine paid the bills ignoring Noel’s protest. They got out of the store and Noel thanked her.

“Where do you work?” She asked

“G.G Enterprises ma”

“Wow that’s awesome. You work in my son’s company”


“What position are you?”

“I’m his personal assistant” Noel replied

Mrs Jasmine was overjoyed. She didn’t know this lady was closer to Gray than she thinks. Her plan will finally fall into place

“That’s awesome. Give me your number please”

“Okay” Noel gave Mrs Jasmine her number and they talked a little. They dropped Noel at her apartment before heading home.

Noel entered and saw Scarlet standing with both hands on her waist

“Where are you coming from and whose car just dropped you off now?”


Gray wants to forget about Camille. It won’t be easy but I hope he scales through.

Noel is really a nice lady..

Mrs Jasmine wants to connect Noel to Gray.

Guess who Miguel and Damien are?


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