MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 11

“Where are you coming from and whose car just dropped you off now?” Scarlet asked

“I can explain. Just let me in first” Noel said

Scarlet moved aside and Noel entered then sat down on the couch

“Start talking” Scarlet sat down too

“Where do I start from?” Noel asked

“From who dropped you”

“Okay. It was Gray’s mother”

“What!!! How?” Scarlet was shocked

She wouldn’t have believed it but she always knew when Noel was lying


“It’s a long story”

“Well,tell me” Scarlet moved closer

“You see…” Noel told Scarlet everything starting from when she met Gray’s mum for the first time till when they met at the grocery store.

“I think she likes you” Scarlet said

“Yeah. Which has given me an upper hand” Noel smirked

“Yes you’re right”

“I bought some foodstuffs” Noel smiled and dropped them

“Awesome. I’m eating those carrots now” Scarlet picked the nylon up and entered the kitchen

“Save some for me” Noel said



Scarlet was all dressed up for work and Noel was woken up by her phone’s ringtone. It was her mum calling

📞Good morning mum

📞Morning baby. Hope you slept well?

📞Yes I did. You?

📞I slept like a baby

📞Okay mum

📞Baby I need your help with a delivery

Scarlet waved Noel goodbye and left

📞Okay mum. Where am I delivering it to?

📞You will be delivering it to Hans corp company. I believe that is where Scarlet works

📞Yes mum and she just left. You would have sent her

Noel pouted

📞I am sorry baby. Her line wasn’t going through

📞No problem. Who will I be giving it to?

📞The CEO

📞Okay mum. I’ll be right there in few minutes

📞Okay. Till you come

They hung up

Noel slid out of her pyjamas and took her bath. Did her daily routine and phoned Gray but his phone was switched off. She decided to call Austin and was lucky enough to reach him. She told him where she was off to and left the house for the bakery.

On getting there,her mum had already wrapped everything up and gave it to her to deliver. She hugged her mum and boarded a cab to the company. She opened her mouth in awe. She hasn’t visited the company ever since Scarlet started working there a month ago.

It was big and beautiful but Gray’s company was bigger.



She informed the security at the gate that she was here on a delivery. They called the manager and she confirmed that they let her in. She kept admiring the building and admired the lovely flowers surrounding the building too.

She came to the reception and met the secretary

“Good morning ma” Noel smiled

“Morning. How may I help you?” The lady asked smiling back

“I’m here with a delivery for…” Noel looked at the tag on the package and saw the name “…Mr Harry Cooper”

Why does that name sound oddly familiar? Noel thought

“Okay. Excuse me” The lady stood up and entered the office then came out later “You may go in”

Noel smiled and walked up to the door. She opened it slowly and then fully. She saw Scarlet busy on some files at the other end of the room. Scarlet waved and smiled at her giving her the “What are you doing here?” look

Noel smiled and walked up to his table

“Good morning sir. Here is your delivery” Noel smiled and he looked up

The smile on her face turned to a shock expression when she saw who it was.

“Mr Harry?” She called

“Wow wow wow. Who do we have here?” His lips curved into a sly smile



Gray was at the office and has stayed for almost an hour without seeing Noel. He kept checking his wrist watch and looking at the door but she didn’t come. He tried calling her but her number wasn’t going through. He became worried and bored. If she was around,the office would have been lively or they would have been bickering at each other. He sighed and called Austin

Austin entered the office few minutes later.

“Where is Noel?” Gray asked

“Oh sorry I forgot to tell you. She went to Hans Corp” Austin answered

“What? What is she doing in Hans Corp? That’s Harry’s company” Gray said remembering what Harry told him yesterday

“She said that her mum sent her on a delivery there. Its not that far from the company,she’ll be back before you know it” Austin said

“No Austin you don’t understand. Harry has his eyes on her” Gray ruffled his hair



Scarlet glanced at Noel

“Do you know him?” Scarlet asked

“Yes. We met yesterday. Nice to meet you again Mr Harry” Noel smiled

“The pleasure is all mine” He shook her hand

“Here is your delivery. My mum asked to give you” She stretched her hand and gave it to him

“Actually it’s for Scarlet” Harry winked at Scarlet and she smiled

Noel arched her brow

“Huh?” She gave Scarlet the look that signifies “What’s going on here?”

Scarlet gave her the “I’ll explain at home” look

Noel nodded

“I have to go now. I’m almost late for work” Noel said

“Okay then. Bye” Scarlet said

“We’ll see some other time Miss Noel” Harry smiled

“My name is Noel not Miss Noel. Why do you guys like calling me that?” Noel glared at him

“But aren’t you a Miss?” Harry asked

“No I’m not. I’ve said it again and again that when my mother gave birth to me,I was named Noel not Miss Noel. There was never a Miss in my name so why call me one?” She nagged him

“Noel” Scarlet whispered her name for her to stop but Noel ignored her

Mr Harry could no longer suppress his laughter and burst out laughing

“Okay. I won’t call you Miss anymore. I’ll call you Noel. Happy?” He asked still laughing

“Now you’re talking. Byeee” She smiled and left

“Sorry about that” Scarlet apologized on her behalf

“No need. She just made my day. I think I like her”



The school was a typical example of a magnificent high school. It was established with so many things a high school would need. The classes were conducive and the environment buzzed with students. They weren’t the type that wear uniforms.

Quinn just got out of Biology class and put her textbooks into her locker. She turned and saw Damien coming her way. She gasped and put her head into her locker pretending to look for something.

Then someone tapped her

“He’s gone. You can come out now” Snow,her bestie said

Quinn slowly bought her head out and sighed in relief

“How long are you gonna continue doing this?” Snow asked

“For as long as he is still in this school” Quinn replied

“Girl,if you like him,befriend him. You might never know if he feels same for you”

“Tell that to the birds” Quinn snorted

“Are you serious?”


“Then it would interest you to know that he asked about you yesterday. He asked me why you weren’t in school?”

“Then what did you tell him?”

“I told him you were down with a cold” Snow replied

“Then what did he say?”

“He said “oh” then left”

Quinn’s face fell

“Really? Oh was his reply?”

“Yes. It was even nice of him to ask. That rude friend of his didn’t mind at all” Snow frowned


“Yes Quinn. Miguel never asked of you”

“I don’t care if Miguel asked after me or not. All I care about is Damien” Quinn said

“Oh,look he’s coming this way again” Snow said and Quinn buried her face in her locker again



Noel was happy the ride from Hans corp to Gray’s company was a short one. She got down from the cab and ran into the office but was stopped by Silvia

“Hi” Noel smiled at her

“Don’t hi me. Why are you at work by this time?” Silvia asked

“I’m sorry. I went to deliver something” Noel replied still in haste

“To deliver something? Who gave you that right?” Silvia sassed

“Has it become a right to deliver a package?” Noel asked

“Why will you answer my question with a question? I can see you lack respect”

“Look lady or whatever your name is. This thing you’re doing is unnecessary. You’re not my boss so quit sticking your long nose in my bizz” Noel pushed her out of the way and rushed to the elevator leading to Gray’s office.

“I told you to let her be but you chose to be stubborn. Now see what it has cost you” A lady behind her muttered

“Urghhh she’ll pay for that” Silvia frowned



“Come on Gray. She’ll be back. Why are you worried anyway?” Austin asked

“Because Harry is a flirt” Gray replied and Noel entered

“Sorry I’m late Mr Gray. I went to deliver a package to Mr Harry” Noel said

“It’s fine. Just get to work” Gray said

“Before that,can I speak with her for some minutes?” Austin asked

“Seriously? She hasn’t been here since morning. Now she’s back and you’re leaving with her again?” Gray asked

“Yes. Now stop being a Mum and allow her come with me” Austin teased

“I’m not being a mum. It’s just not fair” Gray pouted for the first time and Noel laughed

He was so cute with that pouty face

“It won’t take time” Austin said

“Take her with you. 30 minutes” Gray said

Noel stood up and followed Austin outside. He took her to his own office

“Please have a seat” He pointed to the seat facing his chair

“Okay thanks” Noel sat down and he sat facing her

“You must be wondering why you’re here” Austin said

“Yeah” She replied

“I don’t want to go beating around the bush so I’ll go straight to the point”


“Noel,I need your help”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)


By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 12

“Noel, I need your help” Austin said

“My help? How do you need my help?” Noel asked a bit confused

“Yes it’s with Gray”

“What’s wrong? Is he okay?” Noel asked

“He is okay but not completely okay”

“Then what’s wrong with him?”

“Before I answer your question,are you in love with Gray? Do you love him?” He asked and she blushed

“Yes” She answered and bent her head

Austin smiled

“Then you’re his savior”

“Wait! What?” She arched her brows

“Gray is broken. He doesn’t believe in love anymore. He has gone through a lot in his life leaving him traumatized. Gray was never this cold towards everyone. He was once a lively and jovial guy who loves smiling,making other people happy and playing funny pranks but something happened that changed him”

“What happened?” Noel asked,giving him her full attention. She was finally going to know what happened

“He was left heartbroken by his fiancee. I don’t wanna go into details but he was abandoned on his wedding day”

Noel gasped and tear drop trickled down her cheeks

“H©rrible right?” Austin asked sadly

“That’s worse than horrible. I can’t believe he went through all this. I would have ki!led myself if I were in his shoes. How long has it been?” Noel asked,fighting her tears

“Two years”

“That’s so sad. He must have loved her alot”

“He did love her but I want him to forget about her. I want him to move on with his life and I’ve come to realize you’re the only one that can mend his broken heart”

“What do you want me to do?” Noel sniffed

“Noel please I want you to fix gray’s heart to it’s normal place, fill his heart with everlasting joy and perform anything that can make him laugh and forget his sorrows” 🌺Jasmine Coker made this line🌺

“I’ll try my best. I will do whatever it takes to make him smile even if it means turning myself to a fool before him” Noel said confidently

“Thank you so much. I’ll also help you in any way I can” Austin smiled


“You can go now” Austin said

She stood up,wiped her tears and composed herself before stepping out. Austin smiled in relief. He was happy he finally found someone willing to help Gray recover.


Noel walked back to the office and saw Teresa mopping the floor while Gray was busy on some papers. Teresa shot her a glare but she ignored. She wasn’t in the mood for trouble now. She sat down and faced Gray

“I’m back sir” She said

Gray looked at her and noticed something was off. She wasn’t her cheerful self

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Yes I’m fine. I’m just having a little headache” Noel said

“Maybe you can get some paracetamol from the first aid kit” He said

“Okay” She stood but he stopped her

“Sit down. Teresa go get Noel paracetamol from the first aid kit” Gray ordered and Teresa frowned

“Me?” She asked

“Do we have any other Teresa in this company or in my office?” He asked giving her a sassy look

“No but_”

“You know how much I detest disobedience. Do what I ask you to do now!” Gray snapped and Teresa flinched

“Okay okay. I’ll go get it” She said and stepped out of the office


Teresa walked to the equipment store to get the first aid kit and bumped into Silvia.

“Why are you looking like someone who got drenched on a rainy day?” Silvia asked

“I’m so angry I feel like tearing someone apart” Teresa said

“What’s the reason behind your anger?” Silvia asked

“It’s Noel. Ever since she stepped her miserable feet into this company,things have changed. First she stole my job now she made Gray turn me to her servant by sending me on errands for her”

“Same here my sister. Do you know she almost beat me up today? Just because she came late to work and I asked her why”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m sure she has used something on him. Mr Gray was never like this. Can you imagine he allowed her use his private elevator yesterday?” Silvia said

“Oh my gosh. We need to do something about this” Silvia said

“What do we do then?”

“I’ve been thinking and I think I have a plan” Silvia said

“Okay tell me”

“Come closer” Silvia said and Teresa came closer

Silvia whispered something into her ear and she smiled

“That’s a brilliant idea. That will surely get her kicked out of the company for good” Teresa said

“Yeah. See you at lunch” Silvia smiled and left

Teresa smirked and took the first aid kit to the office. Gray asked her to get water from the dispenser and she obeyed. Noel took the pills and Gray asked her to rest her head. She did it and slept off.

Teresa clenched her fists in jealousy witnessing the affection Gray showed Noel. She finished cleaning up and left the office.

Gray watched Noel as she slept. He admired how cute she was and his heart stirred. He looked at how peaceful she was sleeping. When she awakes now,she’ll start frustrating him. He chuckled at that thought and poked her forehead gently

“Troûblesome lady” He muttered and continued working

She woke up later and still saw him working

“Don’t you ever rest?” She asked

“Nope” He answered

“How do you still keep your muscles intact when you’re always busy? You should have developed a pot belly by now” She teased

“I work out” He answered

“Oh. No wonder”

“No wonder what?” He asked

“People that work out are always annoying” She replied

“Annoying? Have you observed yourself? You are the complete replica of annoying” Gray said

“I’m not annoying. I’m cute” She smiled sweetly watching to see if he’ll smile too but he didn’t

She rolled her eyes. This wasn’t gonna be easy

“Cute? No you aren’t” He teased

“Yes I am. You don’t know that”

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” He said

“So who is the beholder? You?”



“What was that?” He glared at her

“Nothing. I’m hungry” She rubbed her tummy

“You’re such a foodie”

“No. I haven’t eaten since morning” She retorted

“Now you’re lying” Gray said

“Hmph” She folded her hands and pouted

“Okay. Go to the cafeteria” He said

“Okay” She smiled and stood up for the cafeteria while he shook his head

Women are a handful


Noel met the lunch lady and took some rice with chicken sauce. She held the tray and sat on an empty table enjoying her meal. Most of the female employees there glared and gossiped about her.


She turned to see a lady with blonde hair and beautiful stature standing before her holding a tray of food.

The lady was slim and very beautiful. From her dressing and the name tag, you’ll know that she is the assistant manager.

“Hello” Noel smiled at her

“Can I sit with you?” The lady asked

“Sure” Noel replied and she sat down

“The name’s Cassie. What’s yours?”


“Nice meeting you Noel” Cassie smiled

“You too. What a coincidence,we ordered same lunch” Noel said

“Yeah. I didn’t even notice that” Cassie said and they laughed

They gisted for a while before Noel went back to the office.



Scarlet had finished her work for he day and was about stepping out when Mr Harry called her back

“Scarlet, I’d like to have a word with you” Mr Harry said

“Okay sir. I’m all ears”She replied

“It’s about Noel”

“I’m sorry for her behavior this morning. It’s just that she is an overactive lady” Scarlet thought otherwise

“No it’s not that. I like her straightforwardness”

“Okay thank you sir”

“I like her and I want to know more about her. Can you please tell me a bit about her background?”

“Well,I’ll tell you the one I know. She is the first daughter of Mr and Mrs Patterson. The couple that own the bakery we normally patronize. She is jovial,friendly and very sociable. She is also hyperactive”

“Hmmm,how old is she?”

“She is 22years old sir”

“That’s interesting. I think I’m in love with her” Mr Harry smiled

“In love with her?” Scarlet asked

“Yes and I need your help”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 13

“Yes and I need your help” Mr Harry glanced at her

“My help? I don’t understand”

“She is single right?”

“Yes but I don’t think she will accept you” Scarlet said

“Why not?”

“She likes someone else”

“And does that person she likes reciprocate her love?” He asked

“No. He doesn’t know that yet” Scarlet answered

“Which means I still have a chance to make her fall in love with me”

“You don’t understand what I’m trying to say Mr Harry. Noel is a very determinant person. She goes for what she wants without looking back. She could do anything to achieve her goal except committing crime or hurting others”

“You leave that to me. I just want you to tell me the kind of things she likes” Mr Harry said


“So I can use them to win her over to my side”

“Mr Harry, why do I have the feeling that there is an ulterior motive behind your sudden love for Noel”

“Ulterior motive? Why do you say that?” Mr Harry asked

“Because I know you. You only like a lady you want to bed” Scarlet said

“How dare you say such to me?” Harry glared at her

“It’s the truth and I don’t want my friend to fall into your trap”

“Because you were betrothed to my brother doesn’t give you the right to insult me. Need I remind you,this is my company and I can fire you whenever I feel like. I’m only leaving you here cause of the love I have for my junior brother”

“And I’m respecting you for that same reason Mr Harry. Don’t even bother yourself cause Noel,the Noel I know will accept no one but the man she loves” Scarlet glared at him

“Watch and see how I’ll make her dance to my tunes Scarlet” Harry said

Scarlet picked up her handbag and left the office

Mr Harry smiled mischievously

“So she likes Gray huh? That bà$tard is just like his father” Harry muttered


Scarlet came out of the company and saw Harry’s junior brother. He was the one she was betrothed to.

“Good evening babe” He pecked her forehead

“Evening Ryan” She smiled

“You look worried,angry and sad. What’s the problem?” He asked

“I’m fine. Just stressed out” She faked a smile

“And you think I’m buying that?” He gave her a knowing look

“I was hoping you would” She laughed nervously

“C’mon,tell me what’s bothering you”

“Umm..I’m just worried about Noel. She hasn’t called me and I’ve been trying to call her but her line is switched off” Scarlet lied

She didn’t want to tell Ryan she had an argument with his brother. It could cause a rift between them.

“You shouldn’t be worried about Noel. Noel is an adult and can look after herself. Forget that she has a child like attitude. She is very smart. I’m sure she is home now so, stop beating yourself up over that” He pinched her cheek playfully

“Okay. You’re the best” She smiled

“And you’re better than the best” He kssed her “Come on, I’ll drive you home”

“I thought you were entering the company. Don’t let me waste your time. I’ll board a cab”

“No. I disagree. Get in the car and let me take you home. I’m even supposed to have bought you a car. Princesses like you deserves special treatment” He winked and she blushed

“Thanks love” She said

He opened the car door for her and she entered. After closing it, he entered the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition. He performed other actions and drove off



Noel left work and picked Quinn up from the bakery. Both came home together. Noel didn’t see Scarlet at home and wondered where she could be because it was unlike her to come home late.

“That’s weird. She should be back by now” Noel bought out her phone

“I’m hungry” Quinn complained

“Hold on Quinn I’m coming” She dialed Scarlet’s number but she didn’t pick up

She sighed and went into the freezer to get a soup. She warmed the chicken soup and gave Quinn some fruits before putting rice on fire.

🌷Scarlet please hurry up before Noel burns the kitchen down o🌷

Scarlet entered later with Ryan

“No wonder you came home late. You were chilling with your boo” Noel winked

“Don’t start. Hey Quinn” Scarlet went to sit beside Quinn

Ryan turned and his gaze met with that of Quinn. His eyes widened in shock as she kept looking at him.

“Have you met him before?” Scarlet asked Quinn who was staring at Ryan

“Um..No. He looks like someone I’ve seen before that’s why” Quinn smiled

“I’ll be on my way now” Ryan turned to leave

“Wait and eat dinner Ryan or are you scared I’ll ask you for money again?” Noel teased

“No. I have something important to tend to at the company” Ryan opened the door

“So you’re leaving? When can I see you again?” Scarlet stood up and leaned on him

“I’ll call you” He pecked her forehead,glanced at Quinn for the last time and rushed out

“He seems to be in a rush” Noel said

“Yeah I guess”

“Aunt Scarlet,is that your boyfriend?” Quinn asked

“Silly girl. He’s my fiance dear”

Quinn’s mouth curved into an “O” and she smiled

Ryan entered his car and cvrsed

“Sht! Why did I have to see that girl today? She might ruin everything for me now” He hit the engine and sped off

“So how was school today?” Scarlet asked

“School wasn’t fun at all Aunt Scarlet. School isn’t fun nowadays” Quinn complained

“Why dear? Is anyone bvllying you?” Scarlet asked

“Not yet. Its just_”

A sound from the kitchen cut her off

“Is Noel in the kitchen?” Scarlet asked

“Yes. She went to cook rice” Quinn replied

“Oh No!” Scarlet exclaimed and ran to the kitchen

“Haven’t I told you not to cook in this house?” Scarlet poked Noel’s head

The floor was a mess. In fact everywhere was covered in rice seeds

“Yeah but you weren’t home so,I decided to do the cooking” Noel answered

“Do you wanna burn the kitchen down? Don’t cook again. Thanks” Scarlet dragged her to the living room

“But it’s not fair” Noel pouted

“And you think what you did to the kitchen is fair?” Scarlet asked and Quinn laughed

Scarlet quickly cleaned the kitchen up and cooked rice. She served them. After they were done eating and relaxed,she turned to face Quinn

“Okay Quinn. You were about telling me something before your sister cut us off” Scarlet glared at Noel


“I was even going to tell Noel too but since you two are very special to me,I’ll tell you” Quinn smiled

“I’m more special cause I’m her sister”

“I am cause I’m her sister’s bestie” Scarlet said

Noel rolled her eyes

“Do you wanna hear it or are you two gonna continue being cat and rat?” Quinn glared at them

“We’ll hear baby” Scarlet said

“Okay. I’m crushing on someone in school” Quinn bent her head

Noel and Scarlet looked at each other

“A crush? Who is the lucky guy?” Scarlet asked

“His name is Damien. He is in his second year”

“You mean Damien,Austin’s brother? I’ve seen him with Austin before. They came to our company the other day” Scarlet said

“Wait..Austin has a brother? I thought it was only Gray” Noel exclaimed

“Yes he has a brother and that’s the guy I’m crushing on. I don’t know if he likes me too. The problem is I get nervous whenever I see him and run away. One day,I tried talking to him and I ended up sputtering rubbish” Quinn said

“Don’t worry dear. Even if he doesn’t like you now,he will, with time. Stop running away from him. That’s not gonna help you at all. You should at least try to be friends with him then give him reasons to love you” Scarlet said

“Yes Scarlet is right. Be brave. If he knows you’re hiding from him,he might dislike you” Noel said and Scarlet laughed

“Seriously?” Quinn glared at her

“What?” Noel acted innocent

“He’ll dislike me?” Quinn asked

“Yeah. I have to tell you the truth. Don’t expect me to pamper you the way Scarlet did” Noel pouted

Quinn face palmed

“Sometimes,I wonder how we became sisters” Quinn said and they laughed




Noel brought Quinn to work because she didn’t want to leave only her at home. She was planning to Leave Quinn with the lunch lady

“Good morning sir” Noel smiled

“Morning. Who’s the girl?” Gray asked

“My little sister”

Gray looked up to see her. She was beautiful too with long wavy black hair

“Good morning sir” Quinn greeted

“Morning” He answered

“I know you’re wondering why I bought her here but I can explain. She came to visit me and I didn’t wanna leave only her at home so I decided to bring her to work so she could stay with the lunch lady” Noel explained

“Okay” He said

“You’re okay with that?” Noel asked

“Yeah” He replied and continued working

“Let’s Go Quinn” Noel muttered and went down the elevator to the cafeteria



Noel strode towards the lunch lady’s direction ignoring the glares the female workers were giving her.

“Why are they glaring at you?” Quinn asked

“That’s their business” Noel replied

Quinn almost stumbled and fell but Noel caught her. She turned to see who put out the leg for her and saw a lady with brown hair standing before her

“Silvia what were you thinking? You almost hurt my sister” Noel snapped

“That would have been good you know. If she dies now,it would be good for the future generation because she won’t go about snatching what’s not hers like you” Silvia snapped

“If you have scores to settle with anyone, its me. Don’t ever get my sister involved in your shenanigans”

Silvia laughed and Teresa came

“Look at the girl. An exact replica of our bçhy assistant. Hey girl, are you gonna be a shameless bçh like your sister” Teresa mocked them

“That’s not nice young lady” Quinn snapped

She has been taking in their insults for a while now and she couldn’t take it anymore

“Who? Me?” Teresa laughed

“Please close that mouth. Nobody wanna see your dirty teeth” Quinn said and the ladies jeered

“Don’t you have respect?” Silvia sassed

“I don’t give my respect to mannerless people. Haven’t you heard the saying “Give honor to whom honor is due”? It’s so obvious you do not deserve my respect so fk off” Quinn fired back

Silvia was shocked

“She is just like her sister. Look at how troublesome she is. She even had the guts to insult us. Who do you think you are?” Teresa yelled at Quinn

“I’m a human and I’m better than the two of you. Chubby barbies that won’t go and look for husbands to marry” Quinn said and the spectators started laughing

“Quinn,that’s enough” Noel held her

“No it isn’t. Allow me teach these Tom and Jerry a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason


“No it isn’t. Allow me teach these Tom and Jerry a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry” Quinn said

“If I_” Teresa was about to talk but Quinn cut her off

“If you what? Huh? What are you gonna do?”

“Quinn, let’s go” Noel pulled her away from them

“What effrontery!!!” Silvia exclaimed in anger

Teresa still stood in shock. This one was worse than Noel


Noel pulled Quinn close to where the lunch lady stood

“What you did back there wasn’t nice” Noel scolded her

“I know but they deserve it”

“Even if they did, it wasn’t cool. No matter how frustrating they make you,learn how to keep your cool. Those two ladies are ev’l. I didn’t want you to get involved because they may come after you”

“But they insulted you and you know I can’t stand that. I love you” Quinn pouted

“And I love you more. But leave me to do the talking next time okay?”

“Okay” She smiled

“Umm…Mrs Briggs,Can you please look after my sister?”

“Of course. She looks just like you. Pretty and jovial” Mrs Briggs smiled

“Thank” Quinn smiled back

“Thank you ma. Quinn,stay with her and help in any way you can. Don’t make troûble” Noel said and she nodded

Noel was on her way back to the office when she saw Miguel heading to the cafeteria. The teenager was very handsome like his brother. Miguel had his hands in his pockets and was about entering when Cassie stopped him

“You ain’t going anywhere young man till you meet your brother” Cassie said

“But Aunt Cassie,I want to check the cafeteria out first” Miguel pleaded

“Aunt Cassie?” Noel twitched her brows

“No. You’ll do that after you see Gray”

“Okay. I’ll go” Miguel started walking towards the elevator

“Hey Noel” Cassie smiled

“He just called you Aunt Cassie. Are you in any way related to them?” Noel asked

“Yes. I’m one of their relatives” Cassie smiled

“Wow. That’s cool” Noel smiled and her phone rang

She saw that it was Gray calling

“Oh gosh,I have to go now. See you at lunch” Noel said and ran into the elevator

She entered immediately Miguel entered and both of them were in the elevator together. She was panting as a result of the run and that seemed to annoy Miguel

“Hey lady,can you slow down your breathing? It’s pissing me off” Miguel said

“Excuse me? Can’t you see I just ran here from the cafeteria?” Noel frowned

“Pfft. Is that why you’re panting like a dog who just got chased by a hunter?” He sassed her

“You’re rude” Noel said

“And you’re ¢ràzy” Miguel said and the elevator door slid open

They were still arguing till they got to the office. Gray watched as they bickered

“What’s going on here?” He asked and they stopped and glared at each other

“Your brother is very disrespectful” Noel complained and sat down

“This lady is a psycho” Miguel glared at her

“Take that back sassy shorts” Noel said

“No I won’t ¢ràzy skirts” Miguel replied

“Enough” Gray yelled and everywhere became quiet

“What caused the fight in the first place?”

“I saw your call and ran from the cafeteria to the elevator panting. He complained that why am I panting like a dog who just got chased by a hunter?” Noel said

“It was annoying” Miguel countered and Gray face palmed

When two troûblesome species cross paths, expect the worst. Miguel is troûblesome,Noel is troûblesome too. Both in same place is like fire and ice

“It’s okay. Miguel,what are you doing here?” Gray asked

“I was bored at home. I called Damien to come over but he said he would come in the evening. I decided to come check this place out” Miguel said and slopped on the chair

“So disrespectful” Noel muttered

“I heard that” Miguel glared at her

“Like I care” Noel glared back

Gray sighed

“I can’t put up with this woman. You’re really trying Gray” Miguel stood up

“What do you mean by that? He’s trying for putting up with you too. You’re a handful”

“Seriously? I’m out of here. I’m going to the cafeteria. I’ll be free from this psycho there” Miguel started walking away

“Sassy shorts” Noel snapped

“¢ràzy skirts” Miguel smirked and left

“Urghhh he is so annoying” Noel snorted

“Now you know how it feels” Gray eyed her



Miguel strode into the cafeteria and saw Quinn. He walked up to her

“Are you the new lvnch lady?” He laughed

“Ha ha ha very funny” Quinn rolled her eyes “I came with my sister”

“Don’t tell me it’s that ¢ràzy lady I encountered in the elevator?” Miguel said



“Yup she is my sister” Quinn said

Miguel laughed

“Now I see where you got your ¢raziness from”

“Meaning?” Quinn frowned

“I mean the ¢raziness runs in your family. She’s ¢ràzy, you’re ¢ràzy and_” He couldn’t finish his statement as Quinn threw a spoonful of tomato sauce into his mouth

He mumbled and she started laughing

“That should teach you not to mess with me” She laughed again

He swallowed it

“Oh I am so getting you for this” He thundered and she ran while he ran after her

He continued chasing her till they got to the company’s garden

“You’re too slow. I wonder how you beat people in basketball” She said and almost slip but he caught her and pulled her to himself making her land on his chest

They stared into each other’s eyes with racing hearts



Scarlet was busy setting up some files when Mr Harry entered. He just got back from a meeting

“Good afternoon sir” Scarlet greeted like nothing happened between them yesterday

“Afternoon Scarlet” He answered and sat down

She smiled and continued what she was doing

“Spare me a bit of your time” Mr Harry said

Scarlet walked and sat on the chair facing him

“Okay” She replied

“I really love Noel and I’m ready to give you anything if you get her for me” He said

“What about her happiness Mr Harry?” Scarlet asked

“She’ll be happy with me. I admit I’m a flirt but I really love her. Whether she gets into my bed or not”

“So the bed is still involved? Mr Harry, sx isn’t a way of showing love”

“You can’t dictate to me on how to live my life” He was getting a bit annoyed

“Obviously” She rolled her eyes

“Just name your price Scarlet. Many ladies are looking for opportunities like this?” Harry snapped

“Unfortunately for you,this lady…” She pointed to herself “…isn’t one of them”

“Why are you being difficult?”

“Because I am not a betrayal like you” Scarlet snapped

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me. I’m sick and tired of pretending like I don’t know what you’ve done and what you’ve been doing. I can’t act like a fool anymore Mr Harry. I won’t set my friend up with you for your own selfish gains” Scarlet said

Yes, she was right. Mr Harry doesn’t want Noel only for warming his bed, he wants her for revenge. He wants to make Gray feel same thing he felt. He wants Gray and his family to feel what they made he and his family pass through.

“One more word from you Scarlet and I’ll forget the fact that you’re my brother’s betrothed and sack you” He yelled

“You know what? Forget it cause I don’t wanna work here anymore. I can’t work with someone that wants me to betray my friend” Scarlet yelled back

“Don’t you dare”

“I dare Mr Harry. I’m out. I quit. Expect my resignation letter tomorrow”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 15

Harry sat down and smirked

“You quitting won’t stop my plans Scarlet”

Miguel stared into Quinn’s eyes and she pulled away from him smiling nervously

“Thanks for breaking my fall” She said

“You owe me” He replied


“For saving you of course”

“What should I do?” She rolled her eyes

“You’ll buy me lunch in school on Monday” He replied

“Really? You barely talk to me especially in school. I was even surprised that you talked to me today. Then when you have your poker face on in school tomorrow, you want me to come and be like Hey Miguel,I bought you lunch”

“You talk too much” He poked her forehead

“It’s the simple truth” She pouted

“Okay fine. I won’t do that again. Happy?”

“Yes. Also tell Damien to stop giving me the cold shoulders. One time he’s lively,the next he’s frowning” She complained behaving as if she isn’t the one always hiding in her locker whenever she sees him.

Miguel sighed

“And I thought only mum could nag” Miguel said

“I’m not nagging. I’m only complaining”

“Soothe yourself then” He puts his hands in his pockets and went back to the cafeteria with her trying to keep up with him



Gray was busy on his laptop while Noel was reading comic books. Gray looked at her and frowned

“Hey Missy,are you just gonna sit there burying your face in comic books while I work my butt off here?” He asked

“You didn’t give me anything to do again. I’ve done the ones you gave me already” She replied innocently

“So? Can’t you ask for more?”

“I can when I’m less busy” She said flipping a page

“Less busy?” He frowned

“Yes I’m busy now”

Miguel entered the office and Noel hissed before going back to her book. He ignored her and sat down. Just then, Gray’s phone rang. It was Mr Harry calling


📞Mr Gray

📞Get to the point Harry

📞You need to learn how to be nice to people you know

📞I don’t have time for your games now. What do you want?

📞I want to see you Gray. We need to talk about business

📞What business?

📞Sooner you come,the better

📞 I’m not coming

📞 Really? It kinda involves your finances Gray

Gray adjusted in his seat

📞How is that going to affect my finances?

📞Your question will be answered whenever you come

Gray sighed


📞My company

📞 I’ll be there. Gray said and hung up

“Where are you off to?” Noel asked

“Hey,I’m your boss and not your boyfriend for you to always know where I’m going to” Gray said

“I know but I am your assistant. I’m supposed to go with you”

“Yeah but you can’t go with me today” Gray didn’t want Mr Harry to see her with those lustful eyes of his.


“Because it’s a man to man discussion”

“But I’ve followed you to a conference meeting before. The people there were mostly men” Noel countered

“Don’t follow me for today. Just go home okay? I give you the remaining hours off” Gray said hastily

“That’s awesome. I’m going home. See you tomorrow” Noel smiled and Gray nodded

“Come Miguel, I’m dropping you off at home before leaving” Gray took his car keys

“No I’m coming with you then we go home together”

“No you_”

“I don’t wanna hear anything else. I’m coming with you” Miguel cut in

“Fine but you’ll have to wait in the car”

“No problem”

Miguel stood up and glared at Noel before leaving with Gray. Noel was so happy she’ll be going home early. That means more food,more films and more snacks to stuff her face with.

She reached for her handbag and took it. She stood up and was about leaving when her eyes caught something. She looked closer and saw Gray’s credit card on the chair he was sitting before. It was a black one which means Gray was even richer than she thought.

He must have forgotten it. She took it and decided to return it but remembered that he went somewhere so she put it in her bag hoping to return it to him once he’s back. She was glad she knew his address. Being his assistant really has its own advantages.

She walked out of the office and Reina stopped her

“Where are you going to?” Reina asked in a friendly way

“I’m going home. Mr Gray asked me to leave early” Noel replied

“Oh okay. See you tomorrow then” Reina smiled

“You too” Noel was about leaving but Raymond stopped her

“You aren’t going anywhere without me” He said

“Really?” Noel laughed

“Yes. I wish I was lucky like you. Do you know how much fun I would have at home if I go early like you’re going now. Oh why does the universe hate me so?”

“Stop being dramatic Raymond” Reina rolled her eyes

“Stay out of this Reina. Don’t you know how lucky she is?” Raymond frowned

“Yes. She’s lucky. We get it Ray” Reina said

“Okay I’ll be going now”

“You aren’t going till you grant my request” Raymond blocked her way

“Which is?”

“Lunch at the cafeteria with me tomorrow. Remember the other time I asked you and you said I should wait?”

“Yes I remember”

“So, we’re doing it tomorrow”

“Okay Raymond. I’ll have lunch with you tomorrow. Can I go now?”

“Yes” He smiled and went back to his seat

Noel smiled and walked out

“Raymond,Raymond,Raymond,how many times did I call you?” Reina held her ears

“Three” He replied without looking at her

“Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking?”

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking” Raymond smiled and she shook her head

Noel went to the cafeteria and thanked the lunch lady for looking after Quinn. She later took Quinn and they boarded a cab heading home.



Noel entered the house with Quinn and was surprised to see Scarlet at home.

“Hey babe, you’re home early. What’s up” Scarlet smiled at her

“I should be the one asking you that question” Noel closed the door and removed her shoes. Quinn did same and went to lie on the bed

“Mine is a long story which I will tell you in four words then explain the rest at an appropriate time”

“Okay. What is it?”

“I quit my job” Scarlet said

“You what? Why?”

“Like I said before It’s a long story and I’ll tell you at an appropriate time” Scarlet winked tilting her head to where Quinn was and Noel got it immediately.

She wanted Quinn to go before saying it

“Okay no problem”

“How about you?”

“Well,Gray went to meet someone. I heard him call the person Harry. I think it’s the man that I delivered bread to recently. Your ex boss to be precise. I wanted to go with him but he refused insisting I come home” Noel said

Scarlet sighed in relief

“That’s good”

“Yeah. I also found something” Noel brought the card out of her bag

Scarlet gasped

“It’s a black card. Where do did you get it from?” Scarlet asked moving back

“It’s for Mr Gray. He left it in the office. I’ll go return it this evening cause if I wait till tomorrow,it might cause troûble”

“Please return it because it can buy you more than a hundred times” Scarlet teased and they laughed



Gray drove into the company and parked the car. He instructed Miguel to stay in the car and not come out. He strode to the door and saw Harry’s secretary waiting for him. He followed her to Harry’s office. While Gray walked through the Halls filled with busy employees,they couldn’t help but stare and admire his features.

He walked with so much pride and vigor that the female employees were blown away. Some couldn’t even breathe while some drooled shamelessly. Even the secretary he was working with used all the strength she had to control herself.



They got to the office and the secretary left them. Gray strode elegantly to the chair in front of Harry’s desk and sat down facing him. Harry had a smug look on his face.


“Let’s get this over with Harry” Gray cut in

Harry sighed

“My reason for calling you here is simple Gray. You are aware of the conference meeting coming up after next week”

“Yes” Gray nodded

“Actually,it’s going to be a contract signing conference. Mr Romeo told me that,it will be a mersion of two business organizations selling almost same product”

“Like a collaboration” Gray said

“Exactly. We are to be in groups of twos for that day and make a business speech” Harry said

“So what has that got to do with me?” Gray asked

“The other business men have chose their business partners so I was thinking if we could merge together”

“Me and you?” Gray asked

“Yeah. See,I know we don’t get along but we can try for the sake of our businesses” Harry said

“Oh. And you think I’m that dumb to work with you? C’mon. I’ve known you for years. I know you like the back of my hand. All these you’re saying is for your own benefit. Sorry but I ain’t working with you” Gray replied

“So who are you gonna work with?” Harry smirked

“We have many business men in this city. Just a snap of my fingers,I could get anyone I want. Man or woman. Too bad I don’t collaborate with women” Gray said

Harry laughed

“Speaking of women, isn’t your hot assistant supposed to follow you here? I mean,she is your assistant and needs to be wherever you are”

The aura around Gray changed immediately

“Tell me why you’re selfish Gray. Can’t I have access to her because she works for you? If you aren’t interested in her,I am. Let me have her” Harry said

“She isn’t something you can have now shut up” Gray snapped

“Sometimes,I wonder why you hate me talking about her but that can’t and won’t stop me from taking her away from you”

Gray stood up trying hard to tame his anger

“I believe we’re done here” Gray turned and started walking away

“Let me ask you a simple but difficult question Gray,do you love her?” Harry asked and Gray stopped in his tracks

Did he love her?

He isn’t even sure

He sighed and walked out while Harry snickered

“Watch out Gray. Watch as I’ll destroy everything you worked hard to achieve. You might have refused working with me but that’s not gonna stop me from exerting my revenge. I’ll snatch her away from you before you even discover that you love her” He chuckled

Gray got out and entered the car.

“Hey,Damien called. Said he’s at home already” Miguel said

“Let’s go home then. I don’t think I’ll be returning to the office today again. I need to rest” Gray started the engine

“Yes. You look stressed out”


All through the drive,Gray was thinking about Harry’s question. He know he had a soft spot for Noel but he couldn’t comprehend whether he loved her or not. The thoughts alone started giving him a headache


It was 5pm and Noel figured he might be home by now. Scarlet had gone to see Ryan leaving her with Quinn. Now she had to go to Gray’s house with Quinn again.

She sighed and took the card

She wore a black jean trouser with a white handless top and black leather jacket complemented with black sneakers while Quinn wore a blue gown.

She took the address to his house and they boarded a cab there. It was an hour drive to where they lived.

She got to the gate and knocked. She told the guards she was his assistant and showed them her ID card before they let her in.

They got to the door and she knocked. The door was opened by a slim lady who was about her age. Looking at the lady alone,you could tell she was the maid.

“How may I help you ma’am?” Lia asked

“I’m here for Mr Gray. I’m his assistant at work. I just want to return something of his” Noel replied showing her the ID Card

“Okay. Come in. I’ll go inform him of your presence” Lia smiled

Noel entered and her eyes almost popped. The place was like heaven on Earth. Quinn also stared in shock.

“Wow this place is huge” Quinn said and the maid smiled

“Let me take you to the living room”

“Wait…isn’t this the living room?” Noel asked

“No ma”

“Call me Noel please”

“Okay” Lia nodded and took them to a glass door

They heard two male voices from inside and Quinn could swear she has heard them somewhere before

“We’re here” Lia opened the door

Noel entered followed by Quinn.

Quinn’s jaw dropped at who she saw

Damien was playing a video game with Miguel when they entered

They stopped playing their game and looked up only to lock gazes with Quinn who stood dazed on the spot

She never knew she would meet Damien here


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 16

They stopped playing their game and looked up only to lock gazes with Quinn who stood dazed on the spot

She never knew she would meet Damien here

Damien on the other hand was shocked to see her while Miguel smirked

“Boys, won’t you welcome them?” Lia folded her hands

“Welcome” They said simultaneously

“Please have a seat while I go inform him” Lia smiled

“Okay” Noel smiled back and sat on a couch opposite that of Damien and Miguel. Quinn became shy suddenly and bent her head. She sat close to Noel

“So you’re at my brother’s house ¢räzy lady” Miguel smirked

“Don’t start now Miguel. I don’t have your time” Noel glared at him

“But I have yours” Miguel said and was about standing up but Damien dragged him back

“Leave the nice lady alone” Damien said and Noel smiled

“See, he’s a nice guy unlike you sassy pants” Noel said

“I will pretend I didn’t hear that since cràziness runs in your family” Miguel looked at Quinn and she raised her head

“What did you say?” Quinn asked

“I said ¢ràziness runs in your family” Miguel repeated and she threw a pillow at his face making him fall back on the couch

Damien started laughing

“Serves you right Miguel. Nice move Quinn” Damien said still laughing and Quinn’s eyes widened in shock

He just complemented her. She felt like screaming in joy right now.

“Thank you” She blushed

“You should see your face and ruffled hair right now” Noel laughed

“Hey, that’s not fair. You both just complemented her for throwing me a pillow” Miguel frowned

“What? Should we spank her?” Damien rolled his eyes

“Help me ask him. Meanwhile,he was the one that looked for her troûble” Noel added

“I’m going to wash my face and re arrange my hair. And when I’m back,Quinn gets it” Miguel glared at the three of them and left


Gray was in his study when Lia came. Although the door was open,she still knocked. Gray turned and saw her

“Good evening sir” Lia curtsied

“What is it Lia?” He asked

“Your friend came and asked to see you”

“My friend?” Gray asked

“Yes sir”

“Okay. Let him come see me here” Gray said thinking it was either Austin or one of his male workers

“Okay sir” Lia curtsied again and made for the living room

“Come with me” She pointed to Noel

“Okay” Noel stood up “I’ll be back Quinn”

Quinn nodded and watched as Noel left with Lia. It was remaining her and Damien. She couldn’t even look up at him and felt like entering into the couch where he wouldn’t see her. There was an awkward silence and she wanted to stand up and step out

“So what are you doing here?” Damien asked and she froze

“” She pointed to herself unsure of whether she was dreaming or not

“Yeah” He looked up to meet her eyes and she looked down making him smile

She’s shy. He wondered how someone can be crazy and shy at same time

“We came to um..return something of Gray’s” She replied

“Oh” Was his reply

Then silence came again

“Where is Miguel? We need to finish up this game” Damien said breaking the silence agay

“What game is that?” Quinn asked

“It’s a video game”

Quinn looked at it

“Um…do you mind me playing with you?” Quinn asked biting her lower lip

“Do you play?” He arched his brows and looked cute

Quinn nodded

“Okay. Let’s play” He shifted and she sat beside him. He handed her a gaming capsule and they started playing. It was an Avatar war game

They seemed to be having fun as Miguel and Lia watched them through the glass door

“Awwn they look so cute together” Lia said

“Yeah” Miguel sighed

“You like her too don’t you?” Lia asked

“Unfortunately yes but I want Damien to be happy. Damien loves her and I love him so leaving her for him is right. Miss Lia,am I stupid for doing this?” Miguel asked

Lia has been their maid for a very long time so they take her as part of their family. They wanted her to work in Gray’s company but she insisted on being a maid instead. All their efforts to persuade her was futile so they let her have her way.

“No dear. You aren’t being stupid. You’re being selfless and considerate. You love her but you want her to be with your friend because you love him and want him to be happy,people who do that are rare this days. It shows that you are a good friend” Lia patted his head

“Thank you. I’ll try my best to join them together because Damien is really good at hiding his feelings” Miguel said

“Same way you’re good at being naughty sometimes” She poked his forehead playfully and he smiled still watching them


Gray was surprised to see Noel

“How did you know my house?” He asked

“Is that how they welcome visitors around here?” Noel rolled her eyes and sat down facing him

“Don’t give me that attitude Missy. I’m your boss” Gray said

“We aren’t at work so I wouldn’t say you are my boss. Since work hours ended 10 minutes ago,you aren’t my boss anymore till we resume work tomorrow” She replied

“Have it your way then. How did you know where I live?” He asked

“I’m your assistant. Remember?” She said

“Oh. So what are you doing here?” Gray asked

“I came to return this” She dropped the card on his table and he gasped

“Where did you find this?” He asked

“Your seat in the office. You left it this afternoon”

“And you returned it? You didn’t take it?” He asked

“Why would I take what doesn’t belong to me? It’s wrong. I decided to return it to it’s rightful owner” She smiled

“Wow, I’m surprised”

“Wait..are you thinking I would have carried it? You don’t trust me?” Noel asked. She was a bit hurt

“I trusted someone once but all I got in return was wounds which have left countless scars”

Noel knew he was talking about Camille. If only he could loosen up a little and allow her into his life. She was going to think of what to do

“Anyways, thanks for returning my card. I owe you one” He said

“You’re welcome. Um..I’ll be on my way now” She said

“Goodnight” He said and left the study

Noel stood there and sighed. She looked round his study,there was a shelf with different genres of books. She wanted to venture into it but changed her mind and left instead.

She walked down the stairs to the veranda where she saw Lia and Miguel watching Damien and Quinn play.

“What’s going on?” Noel asked

“Quinn defeated Damien in Avatar war 3 and he is determined to béat her. It’s quite interesting” Lia said

“He won’t be able to béat her” Noel said

“You don’t know that?” Miguel retorted

“Yes I do. She is a gamer. She also create games so she knows the nook and cranny of it all. Tell me how he’s gonna defeat her huh?” Noel smiled

“Wow” Miguel exclaimed

They opened the glass door and entered the living room

“Game over. I won again” Quinn yelled happily forgetting that she was shy few minutes ago

“Damn! You’re really good at this” Damien said

“Thanks” She smiled

“Quinn, it’s time to go” Noel said

“But I was having fun” Quinn complained

“Maybe next time okay? We need to be home now”

“Okay. Bye Miss Lia,Bye Miguel and um…bye Damien” She said

“Bye Quinn. See you in school on Monday” Miguel said “Don’t forget my lunch”

“I won’t”

“Lunch?” Damien asked

“I’ll tell you later. So tell her bye dude” Miguel tapped him

“Bye Quinn” Damien smiled and she blushed

Lia thanked them and led them out. They were about stepping out of the gate when Gray’s chauffeur stopped them

“Mr Gray said I should drive you to your destination ma” He said

“Me?” Noel pointed to herself

“Yes ma”

“No thanks. We’ll board a cab” Noel was about to walk away but he stopped her

“Please ma,for the sake of my job. If I don’t do as he has ordered,I will loose my job and I don’t want that so please come and let me drop you off” He said

Noel sighed

“Okay” She held Quinn and he opened the door for them

“Please visit next time” Lia said

“Okay thank you” Noel replied and shut the door

The driver started the engine. The gate was automatically opened and he drove out




Quinn updated Snow on all that happened

“OMG,he really spoke to you?” Snow shrieked

“Yes babe. We even played video games. Avatar War 3”

“I love that game. Did he win?”

“Of course not. I won three times in a roll. Who’s the best? Me” Quinn bragged

“That is so cool. What about Miguel?” Snow asked

“I’ve come to realize that Miguel is nice if you get to know him. My assumptions about him were wrong. He is fun to be with” Quinn said

“Awesome” Snow said and looked behind Quinn

“He’s heading this way. Damien’s is heading your way” Snow said and Quinn quickly hid her face in her locker

Damien walked up to where she stood

“What’s wrong with her?” He asked Snow

“Um…she…um..she is looking for… something” Snow lied

“Really?” Damien asked

“Yeah” Snow nodded

When Quinn didn’t hear voices anymore,she slowly brought her head out only to meet his face. She smiled nervously

“Hi Damien” She waved

“Are you trying to avoid me?” He asked

“No. Not at all. I was…um..looking for something but couldn’t find it” She answered

“Okay. Just wanted to ask a favor from you”

“What favor?” She asked

“I was thinking if you could…you know…teach me some of the moves you used in the game we played yesterday. It was cool” He smiled

“Really?” She screamed and covered her mouth “I mean yeah I will”

“Okay thanks”

Snow winked at her and she smiled

Just then they heard the principal’s voice from the mic in the halls.

🎤🔊 Students of Year 1 class B and Year 2 class B should take note of this important announcement. We are going to give you a project to work on together. So we’ll mix you guys up. We’re gonna be having two students from each class respectively to work together…

Miguel came and stood with Quinn,Snow and Damien. They all arched their ears to hear.

🎤🔊So we’re gonna have four representatives from each class and here are their names. Quinn,Snow,Damien and Miguel

“Wow” They exclaimed as the students clapped for them

🎤🔊Now I’m going to divide them into two groups and will give them the list of those that will be working under them. So, Miguel and Quinn will be partners for Group A while Damien and Snow will be partners for Group B. The rest should wait patiently as we share your names to the groups. Goodbye for now

Miguel saw the disappointment in Damien’s eyes for not being partners with Quinn. In as much as he was happy within him that he was going to work with Quinn,part of him was sad that Damien won’t be happy. He decided to fix it

“Hey guys, I’ll be right back” Miguel said and headed to the principal’s office

Damien put his hands in his pockets and walked away

“I wish he was my partner” Quinn pouted

“Calm down babe. I won’t snatch him from you” Snow teased and they laughed



Miguel entered the office and bowed to the principal. He was a short man in his early 35’s and looked handsome. He wasn’t too fàt nor too slim. He looked up and saw Miguel

“How may I help you today Miguel?” Mr Andrew asked

“I would like to talk to you about the project stuff”

“If you’re here to confirm whether you’re among the representatives then yes you are” Mr Andrew said

“No. It isn’t about that. It’s about our names”

“What happened to your names?”

“I want you to switch the names. Put me together with Snow and Damien with Quinn” Miguel said

“Why, if I may ask?”

“Because it will be better that way” Miguel answered with a straight face

“I’m not doing it. I don’t know why you rich kids act like you own the world. Are you coming here to order me around or what?”

“Last time I checked,I am the reason you’re here but I still respect you and I’ve come in a cool manner to ask for your help and you’re already trashing rich kids” Miguel said in a calm tone

“I am the principal and whatever I say is final. Besides, you’re not even the owner of this school. Your father isn’t either so why come here to boss me?” Mr Andrew was annoyed

Miguel chuckled

“Need I remind you that my father and some of the richest men in California joined hands together to create this school so technically it belongs to us. Does the name Mr Gerald ring a bell?” Miguel asked

“You’re his son?” Mr Andrew’s eyes widened

“Yeah I am. Now do what I asked you to do” Miguel said

“But I can’t switch it. Damien is the best in math while Quinn is also the best among the girls. Putting them together won’t work out”

“Leave that for me to handle principal Andrew”


“So do it!” Miguel frowned and he had no choice but to comply

He quickly made an announcement telling them that Quinn has now become Damien’s partner while Snow is now Miguel’s partner.

Miguel sighed and went to the school garden for some fresh air. He has done what even his desires forbid. He knows he loves Quinn but Damien loves her too. He wasn’t gonna be selfish. He will make sure he brings them together

He felt someone hug him from behind. It was Damien

“You made him change it didn’t you?” Damien asked

“It’s the least I could do for a friend” Miguel replied with a smile


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 17

“You made him change it didn’t you?” Damien asked

“It’s the least I could do for a friend” Miguel replied with a smile

“I really appreciate it” Damien sat down beside him

“So when are you gonna tell her?”

“Tell her what?” Damien asked

“That you like her” Miguel replied

“Do you think she’ll accept me?” Damien asked

“Of course she will. I think she likes you as well”

“Who told you that?”

“Seriously? You didn’t notice her stare and timidness when ever she’s with you?” Miguel rolled his eyes

“I thought it was a normal thing”

“You thought wrong bro. She likes you”

“Wow. I guess I’ll tell her during Prom night” Damien said

“I almost forgot about prom night”


“Yeah. It’s Next month right?”


“Okay. Till then” Miguel said



Mondays were normally busy days for the employees. Struggling to get different hair and makeup brands out of the country and receiving cosmetic brands from other countries as well.

They all rushed around getting things done. Noel entered the office and sighed. Before Quinn left on Sunday,she had told her a little secret about what Ryan did and Noel couldn’t stop thinking about it. If Scarlet gets to find out, it’ll really break her emotionally. But she can’t allow her friend to continue getting deceived by Ryan.

She was pondering on what to do

“Hey Noel”

“Hi Austin you’re back” She didn’t know when she hugged him

Gray cleared his throat and she pulled away from the hug immediately

“Good morning sir” She greeted him

“Morning Noel” Gray replied and entered the elevator

Noel and Austin followed him. The door closed and he pressed the button that will take them to his office

“How was your trip?” Noel asked

“It was fine. I never knew Korea had lots of business opportunities” Austin said

“Wow. I really missed you” Noel said

“I missed you too Noel” Austin answered looking at Gray who was already burning with jealousy and trying hard to control himself

“So hope you brought something for me?” Noel asked and Gray turned back

“Will you two stop being all lovey dovey in my elevator?” Gray glared at Austin who smirked

“Lovey dovey? Nope. We were only having a hearty discussion. Care to join?” Noel asked

“No. I’m not as childish as you both are” Gray said and the elevator door opened

“ seriously?” Austin followed him

“Yeah” He entered the office and Noel walked in

“Good morning Noel” Raymond greeted

“Morning Raymond. Good morning Reina” Noel smiled

“Morning Noel” Reina replied smiling

“Wow you look so gorgeous this morning” Raymond complemented her


“Noel! In here! Now!” Gray yelled from the office

“See you guys later” She said

“Don’t forget the lunch date” Raymond said

“I won’t” She smiled and entered the office

She glanced at Gray and went to sit in her chair. She looked into her locker and screamed

“What is it?” Austin asked

“I forgot my comic books at home” She pouted

Gray face palmed

“So that’s why you want to make us deaf?” Gray asked

“I can’t work without them. They’re my solace” She puts her hand on her head in a dramatic way and Austin laughed

“Don’t worry. When you’re coming to work tomorrow,bring them and drop them on the desk here. Don’t take it home anymore” Austin suggested

“That’s a great idea” Noel smiled

“Hello, I’m the boss here. I decide whether she brings them or not” Gray said and Noel laughed

“Not in my case boss” Noel said

Gray sighed

“Get to work” He threw some files on her table

“See you guys later” Austin said and left the office

“Raymond!” Gray called and Raymond entered immediately “My schedule for today”

“You have a conference meeting today by 10am then lunch at FOOD PALACE by 2pm” Raymond said

“Any other thing?” Gray asked

“You asked me to postpone them”

“Okay. You may leave” Gray said and Raymond left

“You’ll be eating breakfast early today Noel. We have a meeting by 10am” Gray said

“That’s awesome” Noel replied and licked her mouth

Gray grined but didn’t smile

“I was so close” She said within her “Watch out Gray, I’ll make you smile whether you like it or not today”




Noel sat on the chair taking her breakfast when Raymond came and sat down

“I heard you’re going for a conference meeting with Mr Gray”

“Yeah” Noel replied and took some water

“So we can’t have lunch together today” Raymond pouted

“Hopefully not. Tomorrow might be cool. Let’s see how things go” Noel said

“Okay. I’ll wait. It’s not like you’re going anywhere” Raymond said and she laughed

“No I’m not. I have to go now” Noel stood up

“Okay. Buy a snack when coming” Raymond stood up too

“I’ll try” She replied and left

She went to the office and took her phone. She left her bag in the office and left with Gray. The chauffeur dropped them at the conference Estate.



The building was large and Noel marvelled at the decor. There were flowers and oak trees surrounding it making it look like a green house.

They entered inside and Noel’s jaw dropped. It was so spacious. She could tell it was a round table conference. The seats were filled up with only the head seat left meaning that Gray would be the one heading the meeting. There were 10 men in all.

“You’ll stand behind me okay?” Gray said

“Okay boss” She smiled

“Gentlemen” Gray said and sat down while Noel stood behind him

They turned to face Gray but diverted their gazes to Noel. Soon enough, they started drooling over her. Gray noticed it and boiled with anger. He wondered what was wrong with men of nowadays. They can’t just take their eyes off women.

Gray hit the table and they all flinched diverting their attention to him

“Now that I have your attention,can we proceed with this meeting?” Gray asked

“Yes” They replied

“Mr Harry,are you with us?” Gray glared at Harry who was lost gawking at Noel

“Yes Yes” Harry replied

“So,Mr Romeo,Please tell us the business strategy you were talking about during the last meeting” Gray said and Mr Romeo stood up and started talking

Many heard what he was saying while others were focused on Noel

Gray clenched his fist angrily to the extent his knuckles were turning white

“Are you all listening at all?” Gray asked

“Oh Mr Gray,how do you expect us to pay attention when your hot assistant is blowing our minds. She’s too sxy and cute” Mr Jasper licked his lips

Noel glared at him with disgust

“I will pretend I didn’t hear that” Gray said

“Why are you acting like this? She is only your assistant or is there something between you two?” Mr Larry asked

“Why don’t you direct that question to your wives at home?” Gray said and they kept quiet

The meeting came to an abrupt end and most of them avoided his gaze. He stood up and was about leaving with Noel but Mr Romeo called him aside.

Noel stood alone waiting for him when Mr Harry cane to her

“Hi Noel” He smiled

“Hey Mr Harry. How have you been?” She smiled back

“I’ve been good. I’m sure you are too. You are looking more beautiful everyday”

“Thanks” She smiled

Gray would look back all the time and wished he could teleport Noel from there

“You know Romeo, let’s talk about this some other time. I have to go now” Gray said

“Okay. Whatever you say” Romeo smiled

“So I was thinking we could have a drink together someday?” Harry asked

“That would be_”

“No she is not” Gray interrupted

“It’s just a harmless drink Gray” Harry frowned

“There is no drink that is harmless with you Harry. You always have a selfish reason for doing most things” Gray retorted

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. Let’s go Noel” Gray dragged her out and they entered the car.

“What was the meaning of what you did there? It was only a friendly dude asking for a drink” Noel said

“That friendly dude is a chameleon. He is a fIirt” Gray replied

“How are you sure?” She furrowed her eyebrows

“Because I’m sure. Now get that into your small head” He poked her forehead

“So if he’s a fIirt then what are you? A jealous boss?” Noel smirked

😂Troûble mode activated😂

“Me? Jealous? Never!”

“Stop lying it’s obvious. You don’t want anyone having anything to do with your assistant and that is me. But can I ask why you don’t want that?” Noel asked tilting her head

“Because…” He trailed off

Noel laughed

“You’re short of words” She laughed again

“Stop making fun of me” He pouted

“Okay fine. But I just want you to know that I am your Personal Assistant and not theirs so if you see me smiling and laughing with them, I’m just being friendly and won’t work for anyone but you” Noel smiled and turned to the window.

Gray felt good by what she said and smiled genuinely this time. The driver saw it through the mirror but Noel didn’t see it.



The car parked in front of the vicinity and Gray got down. Noel got down too. Gray told the driver to go home that he and Noel will board a cab when coming back.

They entered the restaurant and Mr Osborn gasped on seeing them. It’s been long Gray visited the restaurant and he hasn’t seen Noel since the day he begged her to come back to work.

Maureen ran and hugged Noel

“Hey welcome Noel”


Gray walked to his table and she followed him. She stood behind him

“Sit down” He ordered

“But I’m supposed to stand” She replied

“Can you stop arguing and obey me for once?” He glared at her and she sat down

“May I take your order?” Maureen asked and winked at Noel who smiled

“Anything light please” Gray said “Also get something for her too” He pointed at Noel

“Okay. No need to ask Noel,I know your favorite” Maureen smiled and went to get the order

There were about five waitresses around. Since Monday was a busy day, all the waitresses came to work but other days will be two waitresses.

Maureen served them and left them to eat. She texted Noel saying “You have alot to gist me young lady”

Mr Osborn was too ashamed to go near them so he went out.

After they had finished eating,Gray paid and Noel thanked him. He nodded and they headed out. Noel hugged Maureen before catching up with him.

“So where are we gonna find a cab?” Noel asked

“I have no idea and it seems the weather is getting a little windy. It might rain anytime soon” Gray said

“Oh No. It shouldn’t rain yet. I can’t stay in the rain else I’ll get sick” Noel frowned

“Really?” Gray asked


“Let’s hasten our footsteps then. I’m sure we’ll get a cab before the rain starts” Gray said

They walked a little farther and tried flagging down a cab but none were stopping. Before they knew it,an heavy downpour started. Gray looked at Noel who was almost drenched and held her hands taking to where there was shelter.

Before they got to a shade,both were already drenched. Noel pretended to be shivering.

“Are you okay?” Gray asked

“Yeah” She smiled

“I’m sorry” Gray said and her eyes widened

“For what?”

“For bringing you out here. I should have left you in the company. You would have been safe there. I brought you out and now you’re going to get sick” Gray pouted and she laughed

“And you think I would have stayed in the office?” Noel asked

“Maybe. I can’t tell” Gray replied

“I’m fine okay. You worry too much” She h!t his shoulder playfully and he smiled

Noel’s eyes widened more

“Did you just smile?” She asked

“Yeah. Should I be frowning?” He asked

“Nope” Noel’s joy knew no bounds. He has loosened up a little

Jeez he finally smiled. Her diary must know this.

Gray saw that the rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon and noticed she was shaking a little so he removed his suit jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. He was left with only his long sleeves.

“Warm enough?” He asked

“No” She shook her head hoping to see what he would do next

To her surprise,he drew her close and hugged her making her to feel the warmth of his body. Noel felt like fainting due to joy. Her little acting really paid off

“You’re being nice to me” She muttered

“Yeah. It’s weird isn’t it?” Gray asked

“Kinda but I like it” She looked up and he smiled again

“Noel you’re getting there” She praised herself inwardly and enjoyed the feel of his warm chest


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 18

“You’re being nice to me” She muttered

“Yeah. It’s weird isn’t it?” Gray asked

“Kinda but I like it” She looked up and he smiled again

“Noel you’re getting there” She praised herself inwardly and enjoyed the feel of his warm chest

Gray looked at how cute she was. Putting her on his chest like that made him feel peaceful. It made him feel like,the loads on his shoulders were taken off.

Soon enough,the rain stopped. He brought out his phone and saw many missed calls from the office. He sighed and put it away then called his driver to come pick them up. He didn’t want to bring her out of the shade to avoid her getting sick

“Are you okay?” Gray asked for the umpteenth time and Noel liked it. It shows that he cares

“Yes I’m much better. Thanks”

“You’re welcome”

They waited for a while and the driver came. Gray held her hand and they walked to the car. They entered and the driver drove them to the office.

Getting to the office,Noel wanted to come out but Gray stopped her.

“I’ll go get your bag for you” Gray said and stepped down before she could stop him

He rushed to the office and the employees were shocked to see his clothes wet. Teresa and Silvia watched as he entered the elevator and came back with Noel’s handbag

“What is he doing?” Teresa asked

“I don’t know”

Teresa peeped to see where he was going and saw him enter the car. She didn’t fail to see Noel wrapped in Gray’s suit jacket.

“Silvia,you won’t believe this”


“I just saw Noel wrapped in Gray’s suit jacket. He came to give her bag to her”

“Are you Sure?”

“Do I look like I’m confused? What has this lady done to Mr Gray?” Teresa frowned

“That’s why we need to step up in our plans. We have to kick her out of here before it gets out of hand” Silvia said

“So let’s do it then”



“You shouldn’t have bothered yourself” Noel said

“Really? You said you would get sick so I’m taking you home. Or are you going to work like this?” Gray looked at her

“No but you should have allowed me board a cab. That would have saved you the stress besides you’re soaked too”

“I wanted to keep an eye on you” Gray said “Is it wrong to look out for my employee?”

“No it isn’t. It’s awesome” Noel smiled


They got to hers and Scarlet’s apartment and she stepped down

“Thank you” She smiled

“You’re welcome” He held her hand

“I can go in myself you know”

“I know” He knocked

Scarlet opened the door and her eyes widened

“Good evening Mr Gray” She looked at Noel

“Good evening” He replied and faced Noel “You can go now”

Noel smiled and entered inside

“Missy,I need my jacket” Gray said

“I wanted to help you wash it” Noel replied

“That’s not necessary” He smiled and collected it “See you at work if you’re fine by tomorrow” He said and entered the car

Scarlet closed the door and turned to Noel with same shocked expression

“I’ll tell you everything after I take my bath” Noel undressed and entered the bathroom

She turned the heater on and had a warm bath then she wore a trouser and sweater

“Okay,start talking” Scarlet sat her down

“Okay. Here goes…” Noel told her everything

“Oh my gosh,he likes you” Scarlet exclaimed

“No way! He’s just being nice” Noel looked away

“Are you like seriously not seeing this? Okay tell me. A person that can’t stand his employees and gets them fired within days no matter how punctual and dedicated to work they are put up with a ¢rázy person like you for weeks and you’re telling me he’s just being nice?” Scarlet asked


“Stop trying to explain. He likes you like,like like you. Watch and see, you’ll notice it soon”

“If you say so Scarlet”

“Come on girl,I have a plan to prove it too”Scarlet smirked

“Tell me”

“Since you told him that you will fall sick if you got beat by the rain, don’t go to work tomorrow. He will come here if truly he likes and cares about you”

“Are you sure about this?” Noel asked

“Positive” Scarlet nodded

“Okay then. I need to sleep now” Noel stood up and laid in her bed

“I have something to discuss with Ryan so I have to go and see him”

“About Ryan,there is something I need to tell you” Noel sat up on the bed

Scarlet smiled

“I already know Noel. I heard when Quinn told you”

“You did? How?”

“Well it started like this…”




Scarlet was on her way back from seeing Ryan and decided to come home early. She reached for the door knob but froze when she heard what Quinn was saying. She decided to stay there and listen

“Sis Noel,I have something to tell you about Aunt Scarlet’s boyfriend or fiance, whatever she calls him” Quinn said

“Okay. What is it?” Noel asked

“Um…I don’t wanna go beating about the bush so I’ll say everything straightforwardly”

“Tell me then. My ears are itching”

“Ryan is cheating on Aunt Scarlet” Quinn said

“What! How did you know that?” Noel furrowed her eyebrows

“I caught him. That’s why he came the other day and was in a hurry to go. He couldn’t meet my eyes incase I’ll expose him”

“Okay Quinn pause. did you catch him?”

“I and Snow were on our way back from school the other day when we saw him and a lady making out in his car. I saw his face like clearly. That wasn’t even the last. We were also coming back from school when we saw him and another lady kssing and entering Swizzy Hotel. The last time we caught him,he chased us away”

“Are you sure about this?” Noel asked

“I am. I also have proof. I took pictures of him and them. I was planning on trashing him online but changed my mind. So I came here and I saw him. When Aunt told me he was her fiance,I was relieved they aren’t married yet”

“Let me see the pictures” Noel said

Quinn brought out her phone and clicked on Gallery. She opened the photos and showed it to Noel

“Oh My Gosh!!!” Noel exclaimed “Why would Ryan do this? After all the love and affection Scarlet has been showing him. His parents are not even richer than hers but she loved him and he betrayed her like this?”

“Not all men can be trusted sis. I love Aunt Scarlet and I don’t want her to get hurt but she can’t keep dating this guy. She should escape from the relationship now that there is still a way out because if they eventually get married, then there won’t be any way again”

“Wow,this is still unbelievable. How am I gonna tell her now? I don’t want her to get hurt”

“Same here but you have to do it”

“I’ll try” Noel said

Scarlet stood outside with a broken heart. Tears slid down her eyes as she stepped away from the door. She wondered why she isn’t always lucky in relationships. This is the 4th heartbreak she’s experiencing. She was kinda used to it though but she loved Ryan with all her heart.

She turned back and went somewhere else to cool her brain.



“I’m ending that relationship tonight Noel. I can’t keep getting my heart broken” Scarlet forced back the tears that threatened to come out of her eyes

Noel climbed down the bed and went to sit beside her

“Please calm down. I know you don’t deserve any of this at all. It wasn’t your fault that you fell for him”

“It’s my fault Noel. Don’t you remember I’ve had 3 heartbreaks before meeting Ryan? I should have given up when I had the chance. Now I’ve experienced the Fourth one. Four fking heartbreaks” She couldn’t fight her tears as she let them roll down freely

“I know how you feel”

“No you don’t. You haven’t had an heartbreak before. I should have been like you who never cared about relationships but my parents won’t let that happen” She cried “You know what, I’m done with love. I won’t love again. Men are so heartless”

Scarlet cried more and Noel pulled her in for a hug and started patting her back

“Cry all you want if that will make you feel better. Let it all out Scarlet. I got you”

Noel comforted her while she cried on her shoulders



Gray got out of the car and ordered the driver to wash it. He entered the house and saw Miguel working on his laptop.

“I’m home” He said

“Welcome Big bro” Miguel looked up “Oh my,what happened to you? Did you bath in the rain?”

“Shut your tiny mouth up” Gray rolled his eyes

Lia ran down the stairs and gasped when she saw him

“Oh No. You got beat by the rain? How? Your body’s cold. I’ll go turn on the heater” She said

“Miss Lia,you worry too much. Let him take a cold shower. He’s a man” Miguel teased

“Don’t make me cut your tongue out young man” Lia said

“But Miss Lia,this is unfair. You take care of him more than me while I’m the one that needs special attention” Miguel pouted

“If you want me to start giving you special attention then you need to pay me monthly allowance” Lia teased

“H’ll No!!!”

“Then forget about it”

“You two are acting like children. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry now” Gray spoke up

“You can do both” Lia replied and he smiled

Lia was surprised it was a genuine smile. She has been working for him for 2 years now and she has never seen him smile like this. Something might have happened.

“I’ll be in the shower” With that said,He walked upstairs

Lia followed him and turned on the heater for him. After that,he went under the shower while she prepared the lotions he would use before going to make hot tea for him.

Gray stood under the shower and smiled when he thought of how he hugged Noel. He wished to hug her again. He knew he was falling for her gradually or he has already fallen but somehow,he is still scared of getting hurt. He couldn’t stop what he felt for her no matter how hard he tried.

It hasn’t gotten to a month that she started working for him and he has already fallen in love with her. He sighed and ruffled his hair.

He got out of the shower and applied the lotions Lia had prepared for him before wearing his clothes. He wore a black jean trouser with a blue t-shirt and blue sweater with pockets. His thoughts drifted to Noel again but a knock on the door brought him back.

“Come in” He said

Lia entered with a cup of hot tea

“Take this sir,it will help you” She dropped it on a stool beside him

“Thank you” He said

“It’s my pleasure sir” She turned to leave but he stopped her

“Are you busy?” He asked

“No sir”

“I would like to talk to you. I need your help understanding something”

“Okay sir”

“Please sit down” He said and she took a chair from the corner of the room

“I’m all ears sir”

“What does it mean to fall in love after a heartbreak?” Gray asked


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 19

“What does it mean to fall in love after a heartbreak?” Gray asked

“Sir,it definitely means that person who could make you love again even after an heartbreak is very special to you. It means the person has mended your broken heart” Lia answered

“So how will you know if you’re in love with that person?”

“You easily miss the person even if they’re out of your sight for a minute. You can’t stay without thinking about the person. You wanna hug the person. You get jealous when you see her smiling with other men or guys. You care about her a whole lot and lastly,you would do anything to make her happy” Lia smiled

“That’s interesting” Gray said. That’s exactly how he feels for Noel now but one problem is if she loves him back

“What if the person doesn’t like you back?” Gray asked

“Then it’s up to you to make that person like you back. Do whatever it takes to make her happy. Get her things she likes. But remember,you can’t win her over with money alone. You need to be there for her emotionally too” Lia said

“Okay. Thanks for your help”

“You’re welcome sir. So,who is this Angel that has stirred my boss’s heart?” Lia teased

“Is it really that obvious?” Gray asked

“Yes sir. Seeing you smiling like this is really fishy. Also,the questions you asked me. You know them but you Just wanted to be sure. That’s how love is”

“You’re right”

“So who is she?” Lia asked

“You’ll get to know her soon” Gray answered

“Hmmm, I’m thinking it’s that pretty lady that visited on Saturday”

“Lia, you’ve started. Go to your room” He said and she laughed

“She’s the one. I knew it. This is awesome” She stood up and left while Gray smiled

He will do whatever it takes to make Noel love him. He just hope she won’t be like Camille.



He was in his living room with one of his sx toys. He had just finished riding her and immediately he gave her some money, the door burst open revealing Scarlet and Noel. His eyes widened in shock and he started thinking of excuses to give.

“Wow,this is really nice” Scarlet cIapped for them

“Baby” He wanted to hug but she gave him a d!rty sIap

“You’re so shameless. After all you’ve done, you still have the guts to call me ‘baby’. Are you dvmb?”

“What are you talking about?” He asked feigning innocence

“What is this bçh doing here?” Scarlet pointed to the half nked lady beside him

“Who are you calling a bçh?” The lady faced Scarlet

“You of course. Are you so daft that you can’t see that he is using you?” Scarlet asked

“That’s my job lady. To satisfy his urge. I can tell you are his girlfriend. Since you couldn’t do what you were supposed to do for your man, I’m helping you out. He’s so hot and a bada$s in bed” The lady smirked

“If you think that’s gonna get to me, you’re wrong lady. Well,since you’re done selling your body for a cheap price,why not go and look for where to trash your worthless remains” Scarlet sassed and the lady got angry and charged at her but Noel pushed her back

“Hello,is your brain on strike?” Noel asked

“Who are you and why are you poking into what’s not your business?”

“I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear your question well. But let me warn you, you’ve done enough and I appreciate you for that but don’t you ever,I repeat ever in your entire lifetime try raising your dirty and maggot infested hand on my best friend. SIeeping with her fiance wasn’t enough,you want to béàt her. Seriously?”

“Am I the one you are talking to?”

“Is there any other oversized bag of rice here? Look at how chúbby you are,you won’t go and start hawking in the market place instead you’re here snatching people’s boyfriend. Shame on you” Noel spat

“Ryan you stand here and watch them insult me?” The lady faced him

“I…I..” He stuttered and she sIapped him

“I hà.te you” She yelled and stormed out

Ryan wanted to go and beg Scarlet but Noel gave him two sIaps

“Don’t dare come close to her you unfaithful imbé¢ile. Scarlet, let’s get this over with”

Scarlet nodded

“Ryan,I admit I loved you with all my heart but you broke it. When trust is broken,it becomes hard before it can be mended so let me save you the stress of betraying me in secret. It’s over between us. We’re done”

“Scarlet please don’t do this to me. I love you” Ryan went on his knees

“Love? You showed your love by cheating on me? Wow you really are something. I hàte you Ryan. Get out of my life” She yelled and turned to leave but he held her legs

“Scarlet please don’t leave me. I’m sorry”

“Too late” She yanked his hand off and left with Noel.

When they got outside his gate,she turned to Noel and cried on her shoulders

“It’s fine okay? He doesn’t deserve you. You’re too special to be heartbroken. Just know that I will always be there for you no matter what” Noel said

“Thanks Noel. You’re the best friend any one could wish to have” Scarlet said between sobs

“I love you” Noel patted her back till she stopped crying

“Let’s go home. I don’t wanna remember him” Scarlet said

“As you wish”

They boarded a cab and went home.





Mrs Evie was arranging some orders to take to her customers and also trying her best to attend to some of them on the table.

She went to meet her husband in the kitchen

“Honey,since Noel is working now and Quinn is in school,I suggest we hire a sales girl who would help us. We are making a lot of profits now and things are more balanced than before. We also need to expand this establishment”

“You are right darling. Prepare a poster for recommendation of a sales girl. We really need it. And for the expansion,I have already put some things in place. We are working on that” Mr Pat said

“Thanks honey. I am sure things will go well with time. Are we needing two or one sales girl?” She asked

“Two for now” He replied

“Okay then. Let me go and make the poster” She pecked his cheeks and went out

She took a board and wrote on it then pasted it outside. She turned to go back inside but a Jeep pulled over in front of her.

Mr Harry stepped out and smiled at her

“Good morning Mr Harry. You shouldn’t have come. I have already delivered your order” Evie said

“I know ma’am. I haven’t come for the order but for something else” He replied

“Hope there is no problem?”

“No. There isn’t any problem”

“Okay. Come in and have a seat then” She smiled and ushered him in

They took a table and sat down

“I would like to discuss something very important with you and your husband” Harry said



“It’s past 9 Scarlet. Are you sure he’s gonna come?” Noel asked

“Trust me babe. He will come” Scarlet replied

“What if he doesn’t?”

“Noel,calm down okay? He will come” Scarlet laughed

“I hope so”




Gray kept checking his wristwatch and the wall clock but still didn’t see Noel. He tried calling her but her phone was switched off

“Are you sure she is fine?” He asked Austin

“Maybe she is sick from the rain” Austin replied

“Oh No. It’s all my fault for taking her out”

“Don’t blame yourself dude. She’ll be fine”

“If she is,she would have been at work” Gray said

“Why are you acting like this all of a sudden? Don’t tell me you’re worried?” Austin smirked

“Of course I’m worried”


“Because I care about her. I really do” Gray said and Austin smiled


“Take care of the office” Gray said and picked his car keys

“Where are you going?” Austin asked

“To her house” Gray said and left hurriedly

“Sir,you have a meeting by 10am” Raymond followed him

“Cancel it” He replied and entered the elevator

Austin couldn’t hide his joy. He gave a thumbs up to Noel.

Gray refused to allow the chauffeur drive him instead he drove the car himself. He drove past a beautiful boutique but stopped when something caught his eyes. It was a silver high heels with black designs. It was really beautiful and he thought it would look good on Noel’s legs.

He was contemplating on whether to buy it or not. Later he decided to buy it so he stepped down and entered the boutique.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 20

He was contemplating on whether to buy it or not. Later he decided to buy it so he stepped down and entered the boutique.

“Welcome to Boutique de Fantastique sir. How may we help you?” A lady came out and bowed

Due to her accent,he could tell she was a French lady.

“I would like to purchase those silver heels” Gray pointed to the ones he had seen earlier

“Magnifique Monsieur. Come with me” She said as she led him to the stand. There were different types of the shoes

He didn’t know which colour Noel liked but that silver one had already caught his eyes so he wasn’t gonna let it go.

“Which one Monsieur?” She asked

“The silver one”

“Okay” She reached for the shoes and took it “That’s a very nice choice sir. The person you’re buying it for must be special”

Gray smiled

“Yeah. She is special”

“Do you mind giving her some roses. It would be so r©mantic”

“Yes please”

The lady brought out a bouquet of roses and gave it to him. She escorted him to the cashier and he paid. Then the shoe was packaged. It was really cost but it was worth it

He got back in the car and sped to Noel’s apartment.



“I would like to discuss something very important with you and your husband” Mr Harry said

“Okay. Let me call him” Evie stood up to the kitchen and came back immediately with her husband

“Hope there is no problem sir” Mr Pat asked

“No. It’s about Noel”

“Oh No. I knew she was going to get herself in troûble one day. Mr Harry please forgive her. She can be quite hyper active at times” Evie pleaded

“No Mrs Pat. She hasn’t done anything wrong. Well,you see,your daughter is a very sociable girl with splendid qualities that I admire a lot. I have come to love her and I can proudly tell you that I love her with all my heart” Harry explained

Mr and Mrs Pat looked at themselves and then back at him

“Have you spoken with her?” Mr Pat asked

“I’m planning to do so”

“I think it would be nice if you spoke with her. We can only give her parental advise in cases like this. The final decision is hers to make” Evie smiled

“I understand you Mrs Pat. I would love to let her know my intentions but the problem is that her boss has held her down in the office. He wouldn’t even allow me come close to her talk more of inviting her for a date” Harry frowned

“You mean Mr Gray?” Mr Pat asked

“Yes” Harry replied

“I know how we can solve that problem. One thing I have come to know about Mr Gray is that he values family alot. So I’ll just call Noel and ask her to come over then you will take her out and tell her how you feel. If she agrees,we will support her but if she disagrees, please don’t force her. We want her to be happy” Evie said

“You can count on me Mrs Pat. I won’t force her. It’s gonna be her choice” Harry smirked

“So when are you planning on taking her out?” Mr Pat asked

“This coming Monday will be okay” He smiled

“Okay then. I will talk to her” Evie said

“Okay. By the way,I will buy a gown she would use that day so you don’t need to worry” Harry stood up

“No problem” Evie smiled

“Have a nice day Mr and Mrs Pat”

“You too Harry” Mr Pat said and he left

“Are you sure Noel will accept his proposal? We both know she loves Mr Gray” Evie whispered to her husband

“Everything falls on her. We can’t make decisions for her. If she doesn’t like him,she should reject. It’s her choice. All we need to do is guide her to make the right decisions”

“You’re right honey. She deserves the best even with her childish behavior” Evie said and they laughed



Noel was already getting impatient. Many thoughts ran through her mind. What if Silvia and Teresa gang up against him? What if he decides to fire her from not coming to work? What if Austin is not there to persuade him?

“Babe chillax” Scarlet said

She went to their window and saw a car pull over

“OMG he’s here. Go and lie down now” Scarlet screamed and Noel ran to the bed and laid down pretending to be sick.

Soon,a knock was heard on the door

Scarlet composed herself and opened the door

“Good evening sir” She greeted

“Good evening Miss. Please I’m here to see Noel” Gray said

“Oh okay. Come right in”

Gray walked in and admired the room. It was very neat with a standing mirror by the dresser. There was a beautiful pink carpet on the floor. He snapped out of his thoughts and decided to focus on Noel.

“She is over here” Scarlet pointed to another section of the room where there was a bed. The bed Noel laid on.

He walked over and sat on the chair beside the bed

“How are you feeling?” He asked touching her forehead

“A bit sick but I’ll be fine” She replied,trying all her possible best to keep her pretence on.

Scarlet sat on the couch and watched them

“Look! I bought you roses” He smiled and gave them to her

Noel collected it and sniffed it

“It smells beautiful. Thank you”

“I’m sorry” Gray said

“Here you go again. I told you it wasn’t your fault. Just forget about it and let’s look on the bright side” Noel said

“Really? What bright side?” He asked

“Umm…Me coming to work tomorrow”

“You are not strong to work now. Maybe we should take you to the hospital” Gray said

“No need for that. I will be fine before tomorrow trust me” She said


“No buts Mr Gray. I’m coming to work tomorrow and that’s final” Noel interrupted him

“Fine but you won’t work or do anything. You’ll only come to eat and sleep till you’re back on your feet. Deal?”

Scarlet laughed

“Deal” She shook his hand

“I wish I could stay with you but I have to go now” Gray stood up

“Thanks for visiting. It was really nice” Noel smiled

“You’re welcome. Here’s a little gift for you. Wear it to work tomorrow” He dropped the bag beside her and turned to face Scarlet

“Thanks for having me”

“Its our pleasure. The name’s Scarlet and I already know yours so don’t bother to tell me” She smiled

He stretched his hand for a handshake and she took it

“Nice meeting you Miss Scarlet” He smiled and walked out

Scarlet watched him through the window till he got into the car and drove off

“He’s gone” She said and Noel got down from the bed

“OMG that was lit. He gave me roses. So romantic” Noel sniffed it again

“Yeah and he bought you something. I’m literally dying to see what’s in that bag”

“Let’s open it then” Noel took it and brought out a shoe box “Scarlet,its a shoe box”

“Yeah duh. Open it already”

Noel opened the shoe box and gasped when she saw the heels. Scarlet eyes widened

“Oh My Gosh,he bought you the latest heels. Babe this shoe you’re holding can buy over ten of this house”

“I can’t believe this. This is super expensive” Noel squealed

“Told you he likes you. Infact,he is head over heels in love with you” Scarlet smiled

“Awwn. I’m wearing it tomorrow whether I’m good at wearing heels or not. This is too special to be kept in one place”

“That’s the spirit girl”

“Scarlet you have to teach me how to walk in heels now” Noel put the shoe on and it was exactly her size

“He has very good taste Noel. Now take a step” Scarlet said

Noel took a step and fell down almost immediately

Scarlet face palmed

This wasn’t gonna be easy




Quinn was having her lunch with Snow when Damien came

“May I sit?” He asked

“Of course” Quinn replied

He sat down

“Hey Snow” He waved at her

“What’s up? Do you have anything for me?” Snow asked

“Just wanted to tell you that Miguel is waiting for you”

“Urgh…that friend of yours is something else. I don’t know why Principal Andrew changed his mind. I can’t work with him. He’s too grumpy” Snow frowned

“When you get to know him,you will discover that he’s nice and fun to be with. It’s just that his moods change alot” Damien said

“Is he a pregnant woman?”

“Snow!” Quinn poked her forehead

“I’m just asking”

Damien chuckled

“Ignore her. She is a pain in the àss herself. Two of you would really go together” Quinn teased

“No way” Snow said immediately and they laughed

“Meet me in the school garden when you’re done eating Quinn. Our group members are waiting” Damien stood up

“Sorry,I forgot to ask you to join me” Quinn said

“No problem. That’s how foodies are” He teased

“I’m not a foodie” She pouted

“Then explain what happened to a big bowl of Mac and cheese” Damien laughed

“Ummm….I did justice to it” Quinn replied

Spending time with him has really helped her get over her shyness a little. She still can’t look him in the eyes but at least she isn’t stuttering anymore.

“Justice? Sheesh” He smiled and left

Quinn turned to face Snow and Snow winked

“What is it Snow?”

“I’m sensing love in the air” Snow winked

“Between you and Miguel right?” Quinn smirked

“If you say that one more time, I’m gonna use this fork to remove all her tè..èth”




Gray entered his office and saw Teresa cleaning up. She looked at him and greeted

“Good morning sir”

“Morning” He replied and sat down

Teresa frowned. He couldn’t even ask how her night was. She finished up and left the office in a foul mood.

When she got out,she met Silvia

“Were you able to get the stuff from his office?” Silvia whispered

“Yes. Here it is” She gave it to Silvia

“Let’s see how Noel is gonna get out of this one” Silvia smirked



Gray had just received a call from his mum that she was on her way to the office. He knew she had an ulterior motive for wanting to visit him at work today.

He kept checking his wristwatch expecting Noel but she didn’t come. He thought maybe the sickness held her and she couldn’t come. He decided to wait for an hour and if she isn’t at work by then,he was gonna take her to the hospital.



It’s an hour and Gray became worried. Austin entered the office and noticed his mood

“What is it again lover boy?” Austin asked and sat on the chair

“Don’t call me that” Gray glared at him

“Your wish. I can see you’re worried about somebody. It’s Noel right?”

“Yeah. She isn’t here yet and she told me she would come to work today”

Austin laughed

“Why are you laughing?”

“It’s just so funny to see you behaving like this” Austin laughed again

Gray was about to talk when the office door opened and Noel walked in. She was wearing a white gown with black spots and it reached a bit below her knees. Her hair was let down in waves making her beautiful face more radiant.

Gray scanned her body from head to toe with wide eyes. She was wearing the silver heels he bought for her and her beauty alone charmed him.

She raised her chin up and started walking to her table. She didn’t even reach the center of the room before falling on the floor.

Gray and Austin looked at each other and burst into laughter. She tried standing up but couldn’t. Gray couldn’t hold in his laughter anymore and laughed his heart out.

“You’re laughing at me. If it’s Austin that’s laughing,I understand because that’s what he’s good at but you Mr Gray, you’re joining him to laugh at me?” Noel pouted

“I’m sorry. It’s just too funny” Gray laughed again

“Oh my stomach will burst today” Austin continued laughing too

“Come pick me up and stop laughing at me” Noel half yelled

Gray stood up and walked to her. He held her hand and was about pulling her up when the door flung open revealing his mum who was shocked at what she saw

Gray was laughing. She looked down and saw Noel

“What’s going on here?” She asked

Gray was startled and mistakenly left Noel who fell back on the floor.

Another round of laughter ensued as she glared at Gray

Why would he allow her fall in the presence of her Future mother in law?


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 21

“What’s going on here?” She asked

Gray was startled and mistakenly left Noel who fell back on the floor.

Another round of laughter ensued as she glared at Gray

Why would he allow her fall in the presence of her Future mother in law?

Mrs Jasmine joined in the laughter and Noel was embarrassed.

“Pick her up Gray” She ordered

Gray wanted to pick her up but she stopped him

“I’ll get up myself. I don’t want you htting my bvtt on the floor twice” Noel glared at him

“Let me help you up” Mrs Jasmine pushed Gray away and helped her up. Noel stood up and cleaned her body

“Thanks ma’am”

“You’re welcome dear. Why did you fall in the first place?”

“I’m not really good on heels” Noel smiled nervously

“Then why did you wear it?”

Noel laughed and glared at Gray again

Mrs Jasmine laughed

“Austin!! Stop laughing” Noel half yelled

“Okay okay. I’ll stop. You’re just too funny” He was about laughing again but one look from Noel shut him up immediately.

“Mum please sit down” Gray pointed to a seat for her and pulled out the chair then she sat down while Noel sat on her own position.

“I can see you’re in a good mood today” Mrs Jasmine smiled

“Yeah. All thanks to Noel” Gray said but she glared at him

“I’m still mad at you Mister” Noel took some files

“Please it was an honest mistake. I was startled,that’s why” Gray pleaded

“That lie is too expensive. I’m not buying that. You only wanted to make fun of me” Noel frowned

“Okay I admit it and I’m sorry”

“Apology not accepted” Noel looked away

Mrs Jasmine watched them in awe. It seems that she was too late in her plan to join them together. They’re already in love.

She couldn’t believe Noel really made her son smile and laugh. He is even begging her

She couldn’t believe it even though it was happening right in front of her

“Noel please”


Gray sighed

“Women are really good at keeping things in mind”

“Hey” Mrs Jasmine and Noel exclaimed in unison

“No we aren’t” His mum chimed in

“If you aren’t,why can’t she forgive me?” Gray pouted

“Because you don’t deserve it”

“Mum?” Gray pouted again and Noel laughed

“I forgive you” Noel said and they laughed

“I can see you’re tired of laughing at people” Mrs Jasmine faced Austin who rested on the chair he sat on

“Me? Tired? Never! I’m only quiet because Noel asked me to” Austin replied

“So,why are you here mum?” Gray asked,his tone evident of suspicion

“Um….” She was thinking of what to say

“Aren’t you gonna tell me anything?” Gray asked

“I…you know invite Noel over to our house for dinner. Yes! That’s exactly what I came for” She smiled nervously

“Really? I’d love to” Noel replied

“Mum” Gray gave her a knowing look

“Don’t judge me” She pouted and eyed him

Gray shook his head. These women were something else

“So when is the dinner Mrs Jasmine?” Noel asked

“You know my mum?” Gray was surprised

“We’ve met on two occasions” Mrs Jasmine replied

“And no one told me?”

“Why do you wanna know?” Noel eyed him

“Help me ask him. It’s not like he’s a woman” Mrs Jasmine cut in

“Gray, you’re in for it. Imagine if you get married to Noel and she joins hands with your mum to frustrate you” Austin laughed

“That would be cool” Mrs Jasmine smirked

“Mum” Gray said

“Don’t ‘mum’ me” She replied

Gray face palmed

“So Noel,how about dinner at our place the day after tomorrow” Mrs Jasmine smiled

“It’s nice. I’ll be there” Noel smiled back

Gray’s mum stood up

“Gray will come pick you up” She said


“No,young man. No buts. You’ll pick her up whether you like it or not” She eyed him “Have a nice day” She smiled and walked out of the office

Gray turned and glared at Noel

“So now is your turn to glare at me?” Noel asked

“It’s just not fair” Gray said

“It wasn’t fair when you made my bvtt kss the floor either” Noel said

“You two are acting like children” Austin said

Just then, Cassie walked in

“I’m set to go Gray” Cassie smiled

“Go where?” Noel asked

“To Paris. My dad just made me a CEO in his company” She replied

“Wow. So you’re resigning from here?” Noel asked


“Good luck to you Cassie. I’m sure gonna miss you” Gray smiled

“I’ll miss you too” She replied

“Now you’re leaving? Where are we gonna find a person that can be a manager and who can also speak French?” Austin lamented

“You’ll find someone better than me okay? I need to get going so I won’t miss my flight” Cassie hugged Gray “See you soon Cousin”

“You too” Gray said and she left

“We need an assistant manager urgently” Gray said

“I have someone” Noel spoke up

“Who?” Austin asked

“Scarlet. She is my bestie. She isn’t working for now so she is available”

“Can she speak French?” Gray asked

“Yeah. She speaks french like a pro. She was also an assistant manager in her last place of work”

“That’s good. Call her here immediately” Gray said

“Okay” Before she could reach out to her phone,she got a text from Scarlet telling her she was outside the company

“Wow,she just texted me that she is outside the company. Let me go and bring her in” Noel said but looked down “I’m not gonna walk in these heels”

“Fine. I’ll go and bring her” Austin stood up and left

“Let me get you some flats from the shoes department” Gray said and stood up

“I’m coming with you” Noel stood up

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t walk?”

“I’ll manage”

“I forgot to ask of your health” Gray said

“Well,as you can see I’m bubbling with energy” Noel smiled

“Okay but you’re not following me. Sit here now” Gray ordered and she sat down

He left the office for the room. Noel waited and didn’t see Austin and Scarlet so she stood up and took the elevator down ignoring all Raymond’s nagging. He was complaining that she didn’t fulfill her Promise of having dinner with him.


Austin looked for Scarlet but couldn’t see her. He was about returning to meet Noel when he bumped into her and she almost fell but he was able to pull her back.

“Thanks” She smiled

“You’re welcome. I couldn’t find your friend” He said

“Are you sure?” Noel twitched her brows and looked then saw Scarlet leaning on her pole “There is she is”


“There” Noel couldn’t run. She took out her phone and texted Scarlet.

Austin watched as the lady looked at her phone and started coming towards them. She was wearing a face cap so he couldn’t see her face clearly but he admired her shape. She got closer and closer and her face was revealed but the shadow of the cap covered it a bit.

“Hey Noel” Scarlet smiled

“Hey Girl. So nice to have you here. Meet our manager,Mr Austin, Austin,meet Scarlet. My bestie” Noel introduced them to each other

“Nice meeting you Miss Scarlet” Austin stretched his hand for a handshake and she took it

“Nice meeting you too Mr Austin” She smiled

“Remove the face cap madam. You’re entering an office” Noel teased

“As you wish mum” Scarlet teased back and they laughed

Scarlet removed the face cap and Austin’s mouth dropped

“Mama Mia” He exclaimed “Your friend is a goddess of beauty” Austin drooled

“Thanks” Scarlet smiled

“Hey pretty lady,mind if I take you out for dinner sometime?” Austin winked

“Don’t fIirt with my best friend” Noel dragged Scarlet into the elevator and they rode it up to Gray’s office.

Austin followed them immediately. He couldn’t imagine such beauty still exists on Earth. Her pink plumped lips with almond shaped eyes and beautiful features were charming. If men were Demi gods then she is a Demi goddess.

Noel entered the office and saw Gray. He was already back and was holding a black flat

“Where were you?” He asked

“To get my bestie” She replied and sat down

“Good morning Mr Gray” Scarlet bowed

“Good morning Miss Scarlet. Please have a seat”

“Thank you sir” Scarlet smiled and sat down

“Here are the flats. Put it on and stop walking like a drunkard” Gray gave it to her

“Thank you” Noel collected it with a smile. She removed the heels and wore it. “Much better”

“Miss Scarlet,Noel informed me you just got off a job” Gray said

“Yes sir”

“What work were you doing before?”

“I was Mr Harry’s assistant” She replied

“That’s interesting. Why did you get off the job or did he sack you?” Gray asked

“No. I resigned. I got fed up with his shenanigans. He is a flirt and a jerk. A pervert if I must say. I detest working with such people” She said straightforwardly

Gray smiled

“So what about me? Am I a j.erk?” Gray asked

“Not at all. You’re a hundred times better than him”

“Good. So, would you like to work for me?”

“If there is vacancy,I will” She replied

“There is. You’ll be our new assistant manager. You speak French right?”

“Yes sir”

“Then you’re hired” Gray said

“Won’t you check my CV?”

“No need for that. I’ve seen how intelligent you are so there won’t be any need. Hope you’re trustworthy?”

“Yes sir. Thanks so much”

“You’re welcome to G.G Enterprises. Austin is the manager so you will be assisting him. He will also be the one to fill you in on what the company is all about”

“Okay sir”

“Austin” Gray called but no answer

He turned only to see Austin drooling over Scarlet. He shook his head

“Austin” He yelled and Austin snapped out of his reverie

“Yes Yes” He answered

Noel laughed

Now is her turn to laugh at him

“She is your new assistant. Work and cooperate well with her”

“Okay. No problem” Austin smiled

“Congratulations bestie” Noel said


“Gray,I need the company’s credit card” Austin said

“Okay. I kept it in this locker yesterday” Gray looked for it but couldn’t find it

“I can’t find it. Summon the workers in the financial department for me” Gray ordered and Austin did so

Soon,they all lined up in front of him. Silvia included

“Is anyone ready to explain what’s going on or I should sack all of you?” Gray was serious

“Sir we know nothing” Annette replied

“Where is the company’s credit card?” Gray asked again

“We don’t know sir” They replied

“It seems you all want to loose your jobs”

Teresa walked in pretending she was there for her work

“No cleaning for now Teresa. There’s an issue at hand” Austin said

“What happened?” She asked feigning innocence

“The company’s credit card is Missing. Any suggestions?” Noel asked

“Why are you asking me when I saw you taking it the before yesterday?” Teresa snapped

Noel gasped

“Me? I would never do such”

“Stop lying. I saw you. If you all think I’m lying, check her bag” Teresa pointed to the bag

They searched the bag and found it. They all gasped except Gray

“I have no idea how that got there. Trust me” Noel felt like crying

“Noel would never do such a thing” Scarlet supported her

“I agree. Someone set her up” Austin chimed in

“She did it. I saw her trying to take it the other day but she dropped it on seeing me” Silvia said

“So you both are sure that Noel took it?” Gray asked

“Yes” They replied

“Show me proof” Gray said

“We never thought of proof” Silvia said

“Yeah. She threatened to make my stay here miserable if I tell you. I was too shocked to get proof” Teresa replied

“That doesn’t sound like something Noel would say” Gray said much to the surprise of everyone

“She said it” Teresa defended

“I never said anything. Why are you framing me? You and I know that you are lying” Noel said

“I caught you too so stop acting innocent” Silvia snapped

“I’m giving you the last chance. Did she do it or not?” Gray asked them

“She did it” They answered simultaneously

Gray smirked and took his laptop. He opened it to the CCTV footage from that day. He saw when Teresa took it and gave it to Silvia.

He also saw when Silvia sneaked into the office after Noel left to meet Scarlet and put it in her bag. He took the laptop and showed them

“So she took it huh?” He asked angrily

Teresa felt like they’ve poured her cold water as she fell on her knees. Silvia was dumbstruck and speechless. They never knew Gray’s office had security cameras

“I’m sorry sir. It was Silvia that forced me to do it” Teresa started crying

“Stop lying you lizard. We did it together. Don’t blame me” Silvia snapped “I’m sorry Mr Gray. It won’t happen again”

“Of course it won’t happen cause you’re leaving my company for good. Parasites like your species are not welcome here” Gray said

“No please” Teresa wailed “Noel help me beg him”

“If I hear my name from your mouth one more time, I’ll give you a resounding and brain resetting sIap. You’re shameless” Noel spat

“Please Mr Gray” Silvia begged

“Two of you! Get your à$ses out of my company. You’re fired”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 22

“Two of you! Get your àsses out of my company. You’re fired”

Gray’s words sounded like a thunderclap to them.

“Please we are sorry. I am sorry” Teresa begged in tears

“Mr Gray please,it won’t repeat itself” Silvia pleaded

“My decision is final. Get the heck out of here” He yelled and they scurried out of the office

Gray dismissed the remaining employees leaving only him, Noel, Austin and Scarlet in the office.

Noel sighed in relief

“Thanks for trusting me” Noel smiled

“You earned my trust the day you returned my credit card. If it’s someone else,they would have taken it” Gray replied and she smiled

“Come on goddess Scarlet. I wanna give you a tour of the company” Austin winked

“Stop fIirting with her” Noel warned

“Sorry but she is irresistible” Austin said

“Don’t worry Scarlet,if he messes with you,deal with him” Gray said

“You see, I’ve been given permission by the boss. Thank goodness I’m a badass at dealing with men like you” Scarlet said

“Seriously Gray” Austin glared

“Don’t bring me into this” Gray faced his work

“Let’s go. Ladies first” He said and she went out before he followed

“Scarlet is gonna nag her throat out with the way Austin is behaving” Gray said

“She nags alot so she’ll be fine” Noel replied



“This is bvllsht. I just lost my job because of some stupid plan” Teresa lamented

“Stupid plan? Few days ago you were busy screaming that the plan was awesome. Now the plan has failed then you resorted to calling it stupid” Silvia said

“It failed because it was your plan. I won’t forget this” Teresa half yelled

“Instead of complaining and crying over spilled milk,why not think of a way to get back at Noel”

“I am not succumbing to any of your plans again Silvia. I will get my revenge my own way. Noel should watch out cause I’m coming for her” Teresa clenched her fists

“Let’s join hands together. It will be better that way”

“No. I’m doing this on my own this time and I know where to start from” Teresa smirked and walked away leaving Silvia

Silvia ruffled her hair. She needs to think of something too. Where is she gonna get a better job again? This is messed up



Noel was free so she was reading a comic book when her stomach rumbled.

“Hungry?” Gray asked

“Yeah” She answered

“Go and eat then” He said

“Okay” She stood up and stepped out

Raymond saw her

“This is a good chance for us to have lunch together. You promised” He said

“Fine. Let’s go” Noel said

“Yay!” He shrieked and followed her to the elevator

Gray happened to hear their conversation and swore to teach Raymond a lesson. He will make sure that lunch doesn’t take place. He doesn’t play pranks on people for nothing. He smirked and took his phone then made a phone call.



Raymond kept talking and talking till they got to the cafeteria.

“Geez,stop talking already” Noel poked his forehead

“I’m an introvert. Is that bad?”

Noel facepalms

They kept walking and were halfway to the table when Raymond slipped on a banana peel and fell


“Oh my Gosh, Raymond” Noel ran to him “Are you okay?”

“Ouch!!! My bvtt hurts” He winced in pain

“Sorry. Should we cancel the lunch date?” She helped him up

“No. We are having this lunch whether they like it or not. Who dropped this banana peel?” He yelled

No one answered him. They were just laughing

“Let’s go to the table”

“But you’re limping” Noel protested

“My mouth isn’t limping”


They got to the table and Noel helped him sit down. They were served. Noel started eating and urged him to do same

Raymond put a spoonful of the food in his mouth and spit it out immediately as hot tears dropped from his eyes. He took a glass of water

“What happened?” Noel asked

“Pepper! Geez my mouth is on fire” He screamed and ran away

Noel tried following him but got a call from Gray to come up. She sighed and walked out of the cafeteria.

Taking the elevator,she entered the office and Gray pretended like he didn’t know all that was going on

“What happened?” He asked

“It’s Raymond. First he slipped on a banana peel then he ate a pepperish food. I guess he’s in the men restroom now” Noel said as she sat down

Gray fought back his laughter and coughed

“Maybe today isn’t his day”

“Yeah I guess”

Raymond got back and his lips were already red. He entered the office and Noel almost burst Into laughter.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me” Raymond snapped

“What happened to you?” Gray asked

“With all due respect Mr Gray,you must fire that lunch lady. She doesn’t know how to cook. She added too much pepper in the pasta”

“Oh sorry about that. But you’ve been eating her pastas and you love them. Why is it suddenly pepperish today?” Gray asked

“I don’t know. I think someone played a prank on me. I slipped on a banana peel then this” He pointed to his lips

“Sorry” Noel held her laughter back

“I’ll give you some money to get it treated okay? Sorry” Gray said and Raymond smiled

“That would be better. Does that mean I have to take the day off?”

“Yes Raymond. You can take the day off” Gray smiled and gave him some money

He collected it

“Thanks Boss. See you tomorrow Noel” He ran out

Noel released her laughter

“I wish he could see how reddish his lips are” She said

“Leave him to enjoy himself” Gray said



Mrs Jasmine entered the house and met her husband at home. She removed her heels and sat beside him

“No work today?” She asked and rested her head on his shoulder

“There is..I just wanted to take a break from work today. I needed to refresh this muscles” He said

“Your muscles are skinny” She teased

“No they’re not” He pouted

“I was only joking honey. Skinny or not,I love them” She kssed his cheek

“That’s more like it but you would have directed the kss to my lips” He frowned

“Naughty man” She giggled

“Naughty man’s wife” He teased and they laughed

“Less I forget, you won’t believe what I witnessed in our son’s office today”

“What is it?”

“I met Gray laughing”

“Tell me you’re lying” He was shocked

“I’m serious. Remember the lady I told you helped me at the grocery store”


“Turns out she is his personal assistant. She made him laugh and pretended to be angry then he started telling her sorry”

“Wow. She must mean alot to him then. Our son is in love again and it’s all thanks to her. I wish I could see her and appreciate her”

“Worry no more my husband. I invited her over for dinner the day after tomorrow”

“That’s why I love you Jasmine. You are too smart” He pecked her lips

“Thanks. That’s the main reason you Married me” She teased

“No it isn’t. The main reason is because I love you”

“Seriously” She rolled her eyes


She laughed and puts her head on his chest.



Mrs Evie was instructing the new maid they hired. Her husband had gone to deliver a package.

“Finally,Make sure you’re always polite”

“I will adhere to that ma. Thanks” The girl whose name was Rita replied

Just then,Mr Harry entered with a nylon

“Good afternoon Mr Harry” Mrs Evie smiled

“Good afternoon Mrs Pat. How are you doing?” They shake hands

“Fine sir” She turned to the girl “You may go”

The girl nodded and left

“Come have a seat sir”

“I’m actually in a hurry so I won’t be able to do that. I just brought the gown she is going to use for the dinner” He gave her the nylon

She collected it

“Okay. Thanks. Wow,colour red,her favorite” She smiled


“Thank you sir”

“It’s my greatest pleasure. I have to go now”

“Okay. See you around” She smiled

He smiled back and walked out,entered his car and drove off



Harry parked his car in the compound and entered the house. He saw Ryan on the couch sipping wine.

“You bà$tàrd! What have you done?” Harry yelled

“Don’t raise your voice at me. It wasn’t my fault” Ryan replied

“Then who’s fking fault was it?”

“It was a girl’s fault. She told Scarlet”

“It’s partly your fault Ryan. Why can’t you keep your dk in your trousers?” Harry yelled in frustration

“I’m sorry okay?”

“The problem is how are we gonna inherit her father’s wealth now?” Harry ruffled his hair

Ryan tried thinking

“I can’t think of anything. I’m sorry. That girl must pay for this” Ryan frowned

“This is dmn frustrating” Harry sat down



School was finally over and Quinn was putting her assignment notes in her bag

“Ready to go home?” Snow asked

“Yeah. Let’s go” Quinn stood up and hung her bag on one shoulder

They were almost out of the class when three girls emerged from no where and blocked their way.

Fear crept into Snow immediately. These three girls were mean. Their leader whose name was Sapphire is the daughter of a very rich business tycoon. She is very beautiful and dangerous as same time. She was a rebel who committed many atrocities in school but still get away with it.

Her minions were Hayley and Maya. Also from a rich background and notorious too. You would never want to be in their blacklist else you’ll face the consequences. They are not remorseful at all. Even the principal is afraid of them

“Hey What do we have here?” Sapphire clicked her tongue

“The newbie that had to get everybody’s attention lately” Hayley replied with an evil smirk

“” Snow asked

“We have no business with you now do my eyes some good and scurry out of here” Sapphire said

“But.. I’m leaving with Quinn” Snow replied

“Leave!!!” Maya yelled

“She is going no where” Quinn spoke up

“Says who?” Sapphire smiled

“Says me” Quinn replied courageously

“I can see you’re brave newbie. Snow leave if you don’t wanna see your own blood now!” Sapphire threatened and Snow ran away

She ran outside and saw that Damien’s car was about to drive out. She ran to the car and Damien whined down the window

“What is it Snow?” He asked

“Quinn is in troûble with the rebels” She said

“What!!!” Damien got down from the car and rushed in with Snow

“Who do you think you are for taking Damien’s attention? You’re just worthless” Sapphire spat

“I have nothing to say to you. Let me through” Quinn said

“Let me teach this dumba$s some lesson Sapphire. Her mouth making is enough” Maya clenched her fists

“I’ll deal with her myself” Sapphire said and brought out a pocket knife “When I leave a scar on your body with this, you’ll stay away from him”

Quinn was able to reach into her bag and brought out her pepper spray

“Yeah. Give her a good scar right in her face” Hayley laughed

“I think you should run” Quinn smirked

“What do you mea_”

Before Sapphire could finish what she was saying,Quinn sprayed the pepper spray directly in her eyes. She turned and sprayed it on Hayley and Maya too

The girls screamed and there was a commotion between them

“You might be rebels but I am Quinn Patterson. I’m ¢razier than you think so stay off my lane” She warned and walked past them

“My eyes. My beautiful eyes” Sapphire cried.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 23

“You might be rebels but I am Quinn Patterson. I’m ¢razier than you think so stay off my lane” She warned and walked past them

“My eyes. My beautiful eyes” Sapphire cried

Damien heard screams and thought it was Quinn but when he got there, he saw Quinn coming out.

“Are you okay?” Damien asked

“Yeah I am fine” She replied and looked back at the girls

“What did you do to them?” Snow asked

“I sprayed pepper into their eyes”

“Wow. They’ve seen their match then” Damien said

“Stop encouraging her. Their parents are rich and will come for Quinn. They might take her to juvenile” Snow panicked

“What are you saying? That I should have left them? Do I look like a fool?” Quinn asked

“No but_”

“Hold on. She was about tearing my face with a pocket knlfe and you expect me to stand like an id!ot and watch her do it.

I don’t care if her parents come over, I’ll handle them too. They should learn the proper ways of training and taming their children”

Damien could not believe Quinn could be this fierce. He had to admit he loved it.

“I’m sorry” Snow bent her head

“I support what you did and in case her parents come, I’ll be here to help you” Damien said and she smiled

“Should we take them to the school nurse? I think they’ve had enough” Snow said

“You guys can take them there cause I’m not laying a finger on any of them” Quinn blurted

“Okay but you’re coming with us” Damien held her hand and took her to them

“My eyes,I will never forgive her for this” Maya said

Quinn rolled her eyes

“Let’s take you girls to the school nurse” Damien said and held Sapphire

“Damien is that you?” She asked

“Yes” He rolled his eyes

“Oh thank you. Look at what that psychopath did to me. I will make sure I make her pay for this” Sapphire kept talking till they got to the school clinic

Damien and Snow took them in while Quinn stood and leaned on the door frame

“What happened to them?” Nurse Tina asked uninterestedly

She knew how violent this girls were. They even scattered the clinic the other day. She was grateful to whoever did this to them

“They got pepper sprayed” Damien almost laughed

“Oh really? I’m not surprised. Troublemakers are likely to get into trouble too” She mocked them

“Shut your mouth and attend to me first” Sapphire snapped

“You better mind the way you talk to me. Don’t forget, whether you will get well or not depends on me so if you piss me off,I’ll make sure you get blind” Nurse Tina was firm and Sapphire went mute

She took water and washed their eyes one by one. After that, she put some eye drops and told them to lie down for a while so the pain will subside

“Whoever did this to them must be really brave but she has to be careful. These girls are deadly. It’s no doubt that they’re coming for her” Nurse Tina whispered to Damien

“Thank you ma. We’ll be leaving”

“Okay. Goodbye” She smiled

Damien went out with Snow and Quinn followed them. They got outside and Quinn was about leaving

“And where do you think you’re going?” Damien asked

“Home” She replied plainly

Seems she was still mad

“You’re coming with me. I’ll be dropping you at home from now on”

“No it’s fine”

“It’s not. It’s dangerous. So I will be dropping you from now okay?”

Quinn hesitated for a while before nodding

She and Snow entered the car with him and the chauffeur drove off.




Mrs Rosella who was Austin’s mother is Mrs Jasmine best friend cause both of them work in same hospital. They tightened their friendship bond by opening a hospital together. They have many employees working for them which is why they are not too busy.

Mrs Rosella had come to visit after Mrs Jasmine called her and told her about Noel. They were drinking wine and chatting heartily. Their husbands were well…at work

“So you mean this pretty lady made our Gray to laugh. This is beyond amazing” Mrs Rosella said

“I know right? Since I have a niche that Gray is falling in love with her,I invited her over for dinner tomorrow night”

“Wow. That was a smart move. Then you are gonna use that opportunity to ask about where she is from and other stuff”

“Yes Rosy. I can’t wait like I’m psyched for that day to come quickly”

“I know you. You are the cràzy type” Mrs Rosella teased

“You do not know the half of it” Mrs Jasmine laughed

“How about Miguel?”

“That one,he left me and went to stay with Gray”

“That explains why Damien has been disturbing me that he wants to stay in Gray’s house for two weeks too. I had no idea Miguel was there” Mrs Rosella laughed

“Please let him go. He wants to be with his friend. I had to bring Summer here”

“Summer is here? Are you sure? Because everywhere is quiet”

“She is sleeping” Mrs Jasmine said Mrs Rosella mouthed an “O”

“That small lady is a handful” Rosella smiled

“She is too energetic. I had to bribe her with a doll before she decided to sleep”

“That’s children for you”



Maureen was attending to some customers when a lady walked into the restaurant. She was average in figure and had hips a little. She had curved eyebrows and was a bit beautiful. Maureen recognized her immediately. She was the lady that worked as Mr Gray’s personal assistant before Noel got hired.

When she texted Noel,Noel had told her everything that happened including how Teresa became the new cleaner.

She walked up to the lady

“What may I get you today?”. Maureen smiled

“Strawberry shake would be fine” She replied

“Okay. Give me a minute” Maureen said

Maureen entered the kitchen to prepare the milkshake when she overheard Teresa’s conversation with someone on the phone

“I don’t care whether she is crãzy or not. Get the job done…Her name is Noel and she will be passing that alley to get to her apartment. Get her there” Teresa dropped her phone and smirked

Maureen was frightened. She had to call Noel immediately. She quickly made the strawberry shake and served Teresa then she went to the back to make a phone call. She dialed Noel’s number and fortunately,it went through

📞Hello Maureen What’s up

📞Noel, Noel,this is no time for greeting. Your life is in danger


📞Yes. The girl you said became the new cleaner is in our restaurant now

📞How is that my business?

📞Shut up and listen to me. She arranged some boys who has laid an ambush for you in the alley. Do not follow the road you normally take home

📞Are you sure about this?

📞 I’m dmn sure

📞Okay. Thanks for the information

📞 You’re welcome. I have to hang up now. Stay safe

📞You too

Maureen hung up and returned to her post.



Noel dropped her phone and sighed

“What happened?” Gray asked

“I just got a call from Maureen. She said some men are planning to kll me and that I shouldn’t follow the usual route I take home”

“What!!! How?”

“She overheard Teresa making a phone call so she called to warn me” Noel said

“This isn’t good”

“The problem is what am I gonna do? I don’t know any other route cause I never tried them” She ruffled her hair

“I’ll drive you home” He said

“Really? Thanks a lot. You’ve really done so much for me”

“That’s what friends are for” He replied and her heart leaped for joy

“Friends? Like I’m your friend?”

“Yes or don’t you wanna be my friend?” He asked

“I want to. I’m just…”

“Surprised? Yeah you can be. You aren’t my personal assistant but my friend so act like one and stop frustrating me”

She smiled



Austin was in his parents house. He couldn’t go to work cause his dad,Mr Smith wanted to have a discussion with him. Luckily, Scarlet was there to attend to some office matters. Her thought alone made him smile. Could he be falling for her?

He sat on the couch and watched as his father descended the stairs. Mr Smith was a disciplined man who doesn’t tolerate nonsense. All he cares about is business and more business. He was very strict.

People wonder if he smiles at all and Mrs Rosella thanked God that Austin and Damien didn’t act like him. They were lively and jovial children.

“Good morning dad” Austin greeted

“Morning son” Mr Smith answered and sat down facing him

“Why have you called me here dad?”

“Austin you need to get married”

“I’m working on that”

“For how long will you work on it?”

“Dad,I haven’t found any woman that fits my standards yet”

“I am not getting any younger. I told you to come and take over the family business but you chose to work under someone” Mr Smith sounded disappointed

“That someone is my friend. You know why I decided to work there dad. Gray needs people beside him. If I had left him alone,he might have klled himself. I’m only trying to help a friend”

“I know but_”

“Dad please, we’ve talked about this. I told you that once Gray recovers,I will resign. Even in the office he takes me as a friend. We don’t act like boss and employee. Don’t worry dad,I’m still your heir”

“Okay but what about this marriage issue? You and Gray are agemates and should settle down before it’s too late”

“I’ve heard you. I’ll find a wife sooner than you expect” Austin smiled

“I’ll be waiting”

“I’ll take my leave now” Austin stood up

“Have a nice day” Mr Smith stood up and went back upstairs. He had drove home from work to discuss with Austin but now he isn’t willing to go back.



Quinn was in the class with Damien. They were almost done with their project. The group members have done their part so it’s left for the group leaders to put the finishing touches on it.

“This Principal of ours is something else. How is he expecting us to construct an airplane then solve an equation on it?” Quinn complained

“But it’s beautiful…like you” Damien said and she blushed

“Really? You really think so?”


She was about saying something when they heard the principal’s voice from the mic

“Quinn Patterson,report to the principal’s office immediately”

“Here we go again” She rolled her eyes

“I think it’s about yesterday’s incident” Damien said

“Good thing I came prepared” She stood up

“Let me come with you”

“No Damien. Stay here. I can handle this” She said and walked out



The door to the office squeaked as Quinn opened it slowly and entered. The eyes she met weren’t happy eyes at all. She saw Sapphire and a woman. She figured the woman must be her mum.

“Good day Mr Andrew”

“Mum she’s the one. Look at the monster that almost took my eyes” Sapphire pointed at Quinn while crying dramatically

“So you were the gold diggér that almost made my daughter blind” Mrs Lucy shot her a glare

Quinn pretended not to hear the woman

“Quinn,did you pepper spray Sapphire and her friends?” Principal Andrew asked

“Yes sir”


“Because Sapphire and her friends tried tearing my face with a pocket knlfe” Quinn replied

“It’s a lie. She’s lying. I did nothing to her” Sapphire snapped

“You’re the one who’s lying. I did nothing wrong. I only defended myself that’s all” Quinn snapped

“So because of that you almost made my daughter blind huh? You’re a wtch”

“With all due respect ma,your daughter is a rebel, a troublemaker and a big time bvlly. You don’t expect me to stand and watch her wound me. Why didn’t you correct her? Even the law won’t pvnish me for this” Quinn said

“I can see you lack respect. Wait till I call my husband, you’ll be sent to juvenile. Mr Andrew,I want this girl expelled” Mrs Lucy yelled

“As you wish ma” Mr Andrew replied

“I won’t let that happen Principal Andrew. Why are you being unfair? Are they gods because they’re rich? You all should be mindful else I’ll file a case against you because you have no right to expel me for the wrong of someone else” Quinn said

“Are you threatening me? Do you know who I am?” Lucy yelled angrily

“Who you are doesn’t matter to me ma. What matters is that you should train your daughter well”

“How dare you?” Mrs Lucy raised her hand to sIap Quinn

“I’d bring that hand down if I were you” Damien walked over to where they stood

Mrs Lucy brought the hand down

“You know you shouldn’t get involved in this Damien” She smiled nervously

“Why not? She is my friend and is about to be treated unfairly. So I want to get involved”

“You know Damien, your friend was at fault” Mr Andrew said

“Principal Andrew,you and I know how Sapphire behaves in this school. Are you scared that you can’t stand as a leader?” Damien asked and he kept quiet

Damien turned to Lucy and looked her right in the eyes

“Apologize to Quinn now” He said

“Umm…I’m sorry Quinn” Lucy said

“Sapphire, apologize now”

“Never” Sapphire snapped

“Sapphire, do it now if you don’t want to stay poor for the rest of your life” Lucy yelled at her

“Okay okay. I’m sorry Quinn for accusing you wrongly” Sapphire said

Quinn nodded even though she was shocked at what Damien was doing

“Good. Now get the h’ll out of this office” Damien ordered and Lucy dragged Sapphire out immediately

Damien turned to face Principal Andrew and he broke out in cold sweat.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 24

“Good. Now get out of this office” Damien ordered and Lucy dragged Sapphire out immediately

Damien turned to face Principal Andrew and he broke out in cold sweat

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Damien asked

“I’m sorry” He replied

“Sorry? Always sorry. Why would you treat your own student unfairly because of a mere threat?”

“I didn’t wanna lose my job”

“And you think she can fire you? Is she the one that employed you? Sometimes I wonder what my dad and Mr Gerald saw in you. I hate to be disrespectful but you are incompetent.

You are the head of the school, you should know how to take a stand even in the midst of numerous adversaries. Why are you scared of someone that is supposed to be following your orders?” Damien was displeased

“I promise to change and take a stand. This job means a lot to me and that’s why I’m scared of loosing it” Mr Andrew said

“Then it’s better you act like you’re supposed to before that fear becomes reality” He held Quinn and took her out

Mr Andrew sighed


He dragged her to the school garden

“Hey easy,I wasn’t the one that pissed you off” Quinn complained

He sighed

“You really are a magnet for troûble” Damien said

“I’m not. I’m only giving it back to them the way they brought it”

“What am I gonna do with you?” He face palmed

“Are you saying you’re getting tired of me?”

“Not at all. I’m just_”

“You’re just what?” She cut in

“Never mind. You were really brave out there. I love how you defended yourself” He smiled

“Thanks and thanks for helping me out too” She smiled back

“My pleasure. Let’s go finish up our project” He said and they returned to class


Mrs Lucy dragged Sapphire outside of the school

“Mum” Sapphire called

“Now listen to me. Stay away from that girl. Since Damien has gotten involved,don’t do anything rash” She warned

“But she almost made me blind mum. I can’t and won’t let her go scot free”

“Sapphy listen to me. Our wealth is at that boy’s mercy. One word from him and we are done. You do not wanna piss him off”

“But I like him and he hasn’t even glanced at me. He spends most of his time with that girl” Sapphire whined

“My dear,you know I’ve always supported and helped you but I can’t help you on this one.

I have accumulated enough wealth and it won’t be good if I loose everything and starts from scratch so to avoid living in poverty, leave that girl and Damien alone” Mrs Lucy warned

“This isn’t fair”

“It’s a must for you please. I have to go now” She said

“But mum”

“Stay out of troüble Sapphire” Mrs Lucy warned one more time before leaving

Sapphire stomped her feet angrily

“If it means to hurt you secretly Quinn, I’ll gladly do that”


“Done!” Snow said as she put the final piece on their project

“Our Helicopter look cool” Miguel said

“Yeah. It wasn’t that bad working with you” Snow said

“Wait,you didn’t wanna work with me before?” He asked

“Not exactly. I thought working with you was gonna be hell but I was wrong. You’re a nice guy” She smiled

“Not everyone knows that” Miguel sighed

“Because you don’t show them. Maybe they haven’t known you too well. They could think of you in a whole different manner if you let them” She held his shoulders

“You think that’s gonna work?” He scoffed “They are mostly scared of me. I don’t know why”

“Well…I might know why. Probably because your dad is super rich and you are giving them the cold shoulders” Snow said and he sighed “But don’t worry,we can make it right”

“How?” He asked

“By making you act nicer to people silly” She laughed

“I hope it works” Miguel smiled




“Will you stop staring at me like that?” Scarlet poked Austin’s forehead

“Nope. You’re just too beautiful to look away from” He replied

“Ugh you’re frustrating me” She frowned

“If that is gonna make me get your attention then it’s worth it”

“No Mr Austin. It’s not gonna work. I don’t believe in love” She replied

“Well,I do and that’s what I feel for you”

“Stop fIirting with me Mr Austin. This is an office” She warned him sternly

“C’mon Scarlet”

“I’ll draw your ears if you mention my name again”

“You wouldn’t dare” He held his ears

“Try me”

“Umm.. Scarlet”

“That does it” She stood up and drew his ears “That should shut you up for a while”

“Ouch! That hurts. Now I have to get ice cubes” He whined and stood up “But_”

She shot him a glare and he ran out.

“Funny guy” She laughed and went back to work


Austin walked to the freezer and met Noel getting ice cubes

“What happened to you? You look like someone who just got beaten by his wife” She laughed

“Your friend is really strict” Austin held his ears

“That’s Scarlet for you. Did you piss her off?”

“I think so” Austin replied and took an ice bag “She drew my ears”

Noel laughed

“You like her?” Noel asked

“I think so. She wouldn’t even give me a chance to get close to her” He massaged his ears with the ice bag

“You know, it’s not actually her fault” Noel said holding a cube box filled with ice

“What do you mean?”

“Just like Gray,Scarlet had gone through a terrible heartbreak. The 4th one actually”

“Are you kidding me? 4 heartbreaks!” Austin exclaimed

“Yeah. So you see,it’s not gonna be easy winning her over”

“Then I’m gonna win her over”

“You’re very stubborn Austin. She is gonna deal with you” Noel laughed

“It’ll be worth it after I win her heart and you’re gonna help me”

“Me? How am I gonna help you?” Noel asked

“By telling me the kind of things she likes”

“You can’t win her over with money. She is from a very wealthy family. Her father is the owner of Oscorp in Korea”

“Mr Evans is her father?”

“Are you surprised?” Noel smirked

“Woah she’s an heiress”

“Exactly so think of other ways to win her heart. You can start by character” Noel smiled

“Hmmm okay. Thanks with Gray Noel. I appreciate how you’ve changed him” Austin smiled

“You’re welcome. But you know I am not done with him yet” Noel smirked

“I think you are cause….” He trailed off


“Nevermind. I don’t wanna be a spoiler” He laughed and left

Noel shook her head and returned to the office



Noel returned with the ice cubes

“What took you so long?” Gray asked

“Just advicing a certain guy on how to win a lady’s heart” She answered and sat down

“Austin right?”


Gray just smiled

Noel put some cubes in his juice and gave it to him. He collected it and stared at her

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked

“Just wanna see if I’m being poisoned” He replied

“Seriously?” She rolled her eyes

“Just kidding” He laughed and sipped it “Are you ready for the dinner tomorrow?”

“Of course I am. I want to see if your dad is jovial and cheerful like your mum and if he is,I will deal with you”

Gray blinked

“Deal with me? Why?”

“Because,how can someone have interesting parents and be grumpy?” She frowned

“I’m not grumpy”

“Yes you are”

“Have it your way then” He pouted and she laughed

“Just kidding”

“So you’re paying me back?”

“Yeah” She sipped her drink too

Raymond entered the office

“Mr Harry is here to see you sir”

“Let him in” Gray said

Raymond left and Mr Harry entered and sat down. Noel didn’t bother to give him a glance not after what Scarlet told her. She would never get herself involved with a flirty man

Mr Harry looked at her but she ignored him. He smirked,two days to go and he would have her all to himself

Gray cleared his throat and drew Harry’s attention

“Aren’t you here to see me Mr Harry?” Gray frowned at him

“It seems you’re quite protective of your beautiful assistant” Harry smirked

“Yeah especially from misfits like you”

“That hurt me but I’ll let it slide. Anyways,I’m here for business. I would like to purchase one of your hair brands”

Gray laughed slyly

“My hair brands? Why?”

“Mine got exhausted and I need to deliver an order” Harry answered

“Do you know you’re such a sly fellow?” Noel cut in

“Why would you say that pretty?” Harry smiled

“So after your plan of making his company go bankrupt failed miserably, you decided to purchase some brands from him so you can steal his idea and claim it to be yours” Noel glared at him

“I would never do that” Harry acted innocent

“Spare me the pretence you wicked man. I know how to handle people like you. Mr Gray, don’t ever make the mistake of selling any of your brands to this fool”

Gray smiled

“Noel” Harry called

“Don’t you ever call my name again. You are nothing but a flirty betrayal with a tip of jealousy and envy. Your type are supposed to be in jail” She blurted

“I can see Gray has poisoned your mind towards me but believe me when I say I mean no harm. I’m only trying to seek help”

“Sorry to burst your bubble but we ain’t offering that help. Now get out of this office” Noel ordered

“You’re seriously sending me out?” Harry was shocked

“Yeah duhhh 😌 Now get out” She pointed out to the door

Harry looked at Gray

“She said get out Harry. My beautiful assistant said you should get out. Obey her for Christ sake” Gray laughed

“This isn’t over” Harry stood up and stormed out angrily

Noel sighed

“Feels good to finally get that out of my system”

“You were amazing” Gray said

“Thanks. All he needs is someone to put him right where he belongs. He’s a stinky scvmbag” Noel said

“I have to say I’m impressed with how you chased him out. Totally cool” Gray said and they laughed “Time to go home. Get up and let me take you and Scarlet home”

“Okay thanks” She smiled

Noel finished up her work and called Scarlet. They left the company and entered the car. The Chauffeur started the engine and drove off. They dropped Noel and Scarlet and made sure they entered their apartment before driving off.


The men Teresa hired waited for Noel but couldn’t see her and it was getting darker. Teresa waited for good news but didn’t receive their call. She tried calling them but it wasn’t going through so she decided to meet them.

She got to the alley and met the men

“What the bvtt is going on? I didn’t get any calls” Teresa snapped

“The lady didn’t show up” Scott who was their leader spoke up

“What do you mean by the lady didn’t show up? Stop messing with me here” Teresa frowned

“We aren’t novices in this field Teresa. The dmn lady never showed up”

“Stop lying Scott. Maybe she bribed you and you let her go”

Scott stood up

“Don’t you joke with me. You made us waste our time waiting for a ghost when we should have been elsewhere enjoying ourselves and you have the effrontery to tell me to my face that I’m lying”

“I don’t care about that. All I know is that I’m not giving you a penny” Teresa said and Scott smirked

“You are going to pay whether you like it or not. I am not leaving here till you pay”

“Don’t leave then. I’ll leave here for you. Incompetent men. Just a simple task and you coukdi carry it out” She hissed and turned to leave but Scott dragged her back with her hair and gave her a blinding sIap

She stumbled backwards and fell down

“Since you think you are very smart, let’s show you what we do to blabbermouths like you. Boys! Teach her a lesson”

She tried to run but they caught her and gave her the bé..ating of her life


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 25

“Since you think you are very smart, let’s show you what we do to blabbermouths like you. Boys! Teach her a lesson”

She tried to run but they caught her and gave her the bé..ating of her life

Her face was all swollen and she was aching all over her body

Scott bent to her level

“Next time you want something done,get your facts right and watch your dirty mouth” He laughed and they left her there

Teresa cried and forced herself up. Her legs were aching so she crawled. She looked like a mad woman and no one came close to her. She kept going till she flagged down a taxi who she pleaded with to take her to the hospital.

The taxi man pitied her and dropped her there before driving off. She got to the hospital door before passing out.



“I can imagine Teresa’s face when she find out her plan failed” Noel laughed

“Same here. If she doesn’t want to give up,she should face those jobless men wrath a little. I pray they teach her a terrible lesson” Scarlet said

“Me too. So how are you coping with Austin?” Noel asked

Scarlet sighed

“Honestly,that guy is a handful. He won’t let me be. He is a funny flirt”

Noel laughed

“Austin is a nice guy though”

“Yeah,I guess. So what about the dinner tomorrow?” Scarlet winked

“I’m quite nervous. I don’t even know what to wear”

“I know. You’re gonna wear your red handless gown”

“Won’t it make me look too showoffy?” Noel furrowed her eyebrows

“No. It’s gonna make you look hot and I’m sure Mr Gray will drool”

“I just pray it goes well” Noel laid in the bed



Gray entered the house in a cheerful mood. He was happy because Noel actually stood up for him today. He was really impressed and that aroused more of his feelings for her. He couldn’t help but smile whenever he thinks of her.

Lia was surprised to see him that way. It’s been long since she saw him in such mood. She wanted to talk but Miguel beat her to it.

“Someone looks cheerful tonight” Miguel teased

“Yeah, I’m just happy nowadays” He plopped down on the couch

“Are you in love?” Miguel asked

“Probably” Gray answered and their eyes widened

“Why are you two looking at me like that?” He asked

“We are surprised sir” Lia said

“I’m still shocked. You? In love?” Miguel touched his forehead “Are you sure you’re fine? Do you need to be taken to the hospital?”

“Miguel, I’m fine. Stop worrying. Lia, I’m off to take a shower. Prepare a delicious dinner for me” He stood up

Lia looked at him and nodded. He smiled and left

“Miss Lia,are you sure he isn’t drunk?” Miguel whispered

“I don’t think so. He doesn’t smell like alcohol”

“Then what is wrong with him?”

“I’m as confused as you are Miguel”



Harry barged in angrily

“Ooh someone just got his feathers ruffled” Ryan said

“Shut the fk up ingrate” Harry snapped

“Seriously?” Ryan laughed

“How dare she embarrass me like that?” Harry fumed

“Who embarrassed you?”

“Noel of course”

“Oh your baby doll” Ryan teased

“This isn’t a time for jokes Ryan. I’m not gonna let this go down well”

“What are you going to do?”

“What I’m supposed to do to exert revenge on both her and Gray. It’s gonna be like klling two birds with a stone” He smirked

“Is it what I’m thinking?” Ryan asked

“Exactly. Do you still have that drug?”



Mr and Mrs Patterson called Quinn to talk to her.

“Quinn dear,you know how much we love you right?” Mr Pat began

“Yes dad”

“The way you are getting in troûble with the rich kids is quite alarming. Those kids are devilish especially when they are with their parents. They can make anything happen to you and no one will blame them for it” He said

“He is right dear. We are aware the incident that took place wasn’t your fault. You acted out of self defense and we aren’t angry about that. We are only worried about your safety” Her mum added

“I understand. I’m not troublesome. I only act like that when I’m being bullied and downgraded. Those kids are super ànnoying. One time you’re minding your business,the next you’re trying to put up with them. I was ignoring them till she brought out a pocket knife and threatened to slice my face”

“We understand dear. Please and please be careful. Even if they make you mad,ignore them and walk away. You and Noel are the most precious beings to us right now. We can’t afford to lose either of you”

“Okay Dad. I’ve heard you. You and mum are the best parents any girl could ask for. I’ll do just as you’ve said”

“We love you”

“I love you more” She smiled

“Now off to bed. You have school tomorrow” Her dad said

“Good night mum,dad” She pecked them and ran to her room.




Quinn was alone. She was putting some books back in her locker. Snow had been busy with Miguel and Damien wasn’t in school that day. She was told that he had followed his dad somewhere and will be back the next day. She felt so bored and alone.

She turned to leave but met Sapphire and her minions again. She sighed and tried to ignore them but they blocked her path.

“It’s like you girls haven’t learnt your lesson” Quinn said

“No we haven’t. I just discovered your savior isn’t in school today so why don’t we have a bit of fun” Sapphire chuckled

“I haven’t got time for your childish shenanigans” Quinn looked away from them

“What? Are you scared to look us in the eyes now?” Maya smirked but Quinn kept mute

“So you’re acting dumb now. You can’t talk. Where was your ego of last time?” Hayley said

Quinn tried walking away but they pulled her back

“Why can’t you guys leave me alone” She said,alterly frustrated

“We can’t leave you till you do what I say” Sapphire smiled

“You all are ¢ràzy” Quinn pushed them and walked away

“You let her go?” Hayley half yelled

“Calm down. I got her pepper spray. Let’s see how she likes the taste of her own medicine” Sapphire smirked



Noel just rounded up her work. She had to be extra fast today cause of the dinner with Gray’s parents. Gray had told her not to come to work but she insisted on coming.

“That’s enough. You need to go get ready” Gray said

“Yeah I’m done already” She picked her handbag

“I’ll come pick you up by 3pm” He said

“Okay. See you then” She smiled and rushed out

Gray hoped his dad would like her because after the Camille’s stuff, he had been careful.


School was over and Quinn was seated putting her home work in her bag. Since Damien wasn’t around today,she and Snow were gonna trek home. Miguel had offered then a ride but she turned it down.

“Ready?” Snow asked

“Yes. Wait…my pepper spray” She searched her bag and smiled. Those foolish girls took her bait

“Quinn, what did you do?” Snow asked

“Since I pepper sprayed Sapphire and her gang,I knew they would try getting back at me. So,I hid my pepper spray else where and put a fake one where they can easily get it and they did. I know they are planning how to pepper spray me by now” She laughed

“That was a smart move. Where is the real pepper spray?”

“I have it. I’m having the feeling I’m gonna need it today. I feel funny,like something bad is gonna happen” Quinn said and hung her bag in one shoulder

“Don’t get me scared. I hate funny feelings” Snow said as they left the class.

They came out of the school premises and headed home. They were discussing and laughing when a car stopped in front of them. Ryan came out with five hefty men wearing a smug look on his face. Quinn and Snow moved back in fear

“Who are these guys?” Snow asked

“It’s Ryan” Quinn held her pepper spray can tight. She was happy it was a small one so they won’t suspect a thing

“I’m glad you know me little brat. I have come to repay you for what you did for me” Ryan smirked

“I did nothing for you now get lost” Quinn said

“You really are a brave one. You are smart too for making Scarlet dump me”

“That’s because you’re a cheat” She replied

“A cheat is a strong word. Your bravery is quite impressive. Too bad it’s the last time you’ll exercise it. Get her boys” He ordered and they started walking towards them

“Snow! Run!” Quinn said


“Forget about it. Just run!” Quinn yelled and Snow took to her heels

“Forget about that one. We have who we want” Ryan smiled

“Do you guys know Taekwondo?” Quinn asked and dropped her school bag

“Who cares?” Ryan rolled his eyes

“It would interest you to know that I have the highest belt in taekwondo class. You do not wanna mess with me. I have defeated countless karate masters. Dealing with you all is going to be a piece of cake” She smirked

The men knew she was serious and moved back

“What! Don’t tell me you’re scared of her? She is just sixteen years old” Ryan was vexed

“I know but I don’t want to get karate chopped please” One of the men replied and the rest agreed

“Then I will have to do it myself” Ryan wanted to drag her but she kicked him in his midsection twice and sprayed the pepper in his ears,took her bag and ran away.

Ryan fell down in pains

“Don’t just stand there like statues, help me!” He yelled at the men and they took him to the hospital


Noel finished dressing up. She looked really hot. Scarlet had taught her how to wear heels and she was getting a bit used to it. She wore a red handless gown with a tiny waist embedded with tiny crystals.

The gown was a bit below her knees. She let her hair down in waves and applied makeup. She wore the heels he bought for her and a silver handbag to match.

She heard a horn signifying that Gray was here already. She sighed and stepped out.

Gray got out of the car and froze immediately he saw her. She was looking so stunning he couldn’t take his eyes off. He was stuck drooling. Noel smiled at his behavior and waved her hand at his face

“Hey! You’re drooling” She laughed

“No…No I’m not” Gray looked away

“I just caught you”

“Okay. You look breathtaking” He said

“Thanks. You look really cute” She smiled

“Shall we?”

“Yes” He opened the car door and she entered. He closed it and entered then drove off



They arrived and she stepped down and admired the huge building. It was one of a kind. She bit her lower lip nervously and he held her hand

“Why are you acting like I’m your fiancee and you’re taking me to see your parents?” She asked

“Don’t jump into conclusions Missy. I’m only trying to be a gentleman here” He glared at her and she laughed

She put her hand in his and they entered the house. Gray’s parents were all dressed and were already waiting for them

When Mrs Jasmine and her husband set their eyes on them walking hand in hand,Mrs Jasmine almost cried at how perfect they looked together. Mr Gerald was mesmerized by what he is seeing. He leaned closer and whispered to his wife

“Honey, is it okay if we get them married today?”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 26

When Mrs Jasmine and her husband set their eyes on them walking hand in hand,Mrs Jasmine almost cried at how perfect they looked together. Mr Gerald was mesmerized by what he is seeing. He leaned closer and whispered to his wife

“Honey,is it okay if we get them married today?”

Mrs Jasmine laughed

“I agree with you hubby but the problem is if they will agree”

Gray and Noel finally got to where they were

“Good evening mum,dad” Gray smiled

“Good evening sir,Good evening ma” Noel greeted with a smile too

“Good evening. How was your day?” They asked simultaneously

“It was fine. Thanks” Noel smiled

“So nice of you to honor our invitation Noel” Mr Gerald said

“The pleasure is all mine sir”

“Please come sit down. Emma is in the kitchen and will be done in no time” Mrs Jasmine led them to sit. She made Noel and Gray sit on same couch while she and her husband sat facing them

“So tell me more about yourself Noel” Mr Gerald said

“Well,My name is Noella Patterson but I prefer being called Noel because it’s kinda related to Christmas which is my best time of the year” She replied

“That’s cool” Mrs Jasmine mouthed

“I am 22 years old. I graduated from the University with a first class upper in Public administration. My parents are Mr Tyler Patterson and Mrs Evie Patterson. They own the bakery along the road”

“You mean Pat’s bakery?” Mr Gerald asked

“Yes sir” Noel answered

“Wow,I never knew your parents own that. They deliver bread to my company. I decided to have a taste the other day and I couldn’t stop buying from there. It is simply the best. Who is the main person running the restaurant?” Mr Gerald asked

“My dad”

“Why hasn’t he expand it yet? If he does,sales will increase”

“My dad has that in mind. The problem is money” Noel said

“Oh okay no problem. I’ll see what I can do about that. Another question”

“Dad,it’s enough. Do you wanna ki!l her with questions?” Gray asked

“She isn’t your wife so stay out of our business” Mr Gerald glared at him and Noel laughed

“Exactly” Mrs Jasmine supported him

“She might not be my wife but she is my friend” Gray said and his parents looked at each other and smiled

“Okay no problem. We will leave your friend alone since you’ve become jealous of your own parents”

“Mum,talk to Dad. He has started again” Gray pouted

“Don’t tell me anything jealous bones” Mrs Jasmine said


She turned away. Noel just laughed. She really like his parents. They were very jovial and different.

“Food is ready” Emma announced

“Okay. Let’s proceed to the dinning my dear” Mr Gerald said as they stood up

They strode to the dinning and Noel couldn’t hide her amazement. The dinning was like a room itself. It was beautiful. Everything, starting from the expensive table cloth to the expensive chairs,she couldn’t keep her wonder at bay.

They sat down and Emma served the food. Noel almost salivated at the scent of the food. She wished she was able to cook like that. She decided,she was going to learn how to cook.

They started eating and a little girl ran to Noel’s feet

“Aunt Jasmine,is this an angel?” The little girl asked,her big eyes bulging into that if Noel’s

“No she isn’t but she is something like that. Why did you ask love?”

“Because she is super beautiful and my mum always say that angels are super beautiful” Summer replied and Gray smiled

“That’s interesting” Mr Gerald said

She managed to climb and sit on Noel’s laps

“Angel,My name is Summer. What is your name?”

“My name is Noel dear” Noel pinched her cheeks playfully

“Noel,is it the one I normally hear them saying in Christmas songs?”

“Yes Summer” Noel answered

“That’s cool”

“Summer dear,Aunt Noel is eating. You can come down from her lap now” Mrs Jasmine said

“I don’t wanna. I want her to feed me” Summer positioned herself well

“Don’t worry ma. I’m fine with her” Noel smiled

“If you say so” Mrs Jasmine said

All through the dinner, Gray’s eyes wouldn’t leave Noel. He would glance at her from time to time and his parents didn’t fail to notice that. They knew their son was in love but they won’t rush him this time around. They were going to allow him take his time.

After the dinner,Summer slept off and Emma took her inside. They talked and chatted for sometime before it was time to go.

“Thank you so much for having me here” Noel said

“it was our greatest pleasure” Mr and Mrs Gerald replied

“Goodnight mum and dad. I have to go drop her off” Gray said

“Okay. Feel free to visit any time Noel”

“Thank you sir”

Mrs Jasmine hugged her before Gray took her out. They watched how Gray started the engine before driving out of the gate

“I like her. She is perfect for our son” Mr Gerald said

“Yeah she is”



“Thanks” Noel said

“For what?” Gray asked

“For taking me to see your parents” She replied

“It’s nothing”

“Your parents are really nice” She played with her fingers


They got to the house and he dropped her off

“I’m having an interview on TV tomorrow and you’re gonna join me” Gray said

“I might get nervous. I’ve not really been on TV before” She bent her head

“You’ll be fine. Make sure you wear something nice tomorrow” He said

“Okay thanks” She got down from the car and walked to the door

“Bye and Goodnight” He said

“Goodnight to you too” She smiled and entered the house before he drove off.


Immediately Noel entered,Scarlet rushed to her

“Welcome babe. How did it go?” She asked

“Splendid. His parents are super nice” Noel removed her heels and sat on the couch

“Wow. That’s amazing then. I’ve always had the feeling they’re nice” Scarlet said

“I’m gonna be on TV tomorrow” Noel said

“Wow. How?”

“Mr Gray would be having an interview on TV tomorrow so he said I should accompany him but I’m nervous”

“Why are you nervous?”

“I’m nervous because I haven’t been on TV before. Everyone will be watching. I wouldn’t know if my posture us right or red. What if the smile on my face looks fake to them” Noel said

“You’re very funny” Scarlet laughed “You don’t have to worry about all that. They will be more focused on Gray and if they should focus on you,trust me, they will be mesmerized by your beauty so just be yourself”

“Are you sure?” Noel arched her brows

“Yeah but I’m sure”

“Thanks Scarlet. You’re the best”

“I know I am. By the way, my mum called. She said they are moving to California here”

“What! Does that mean you are going to leave me here?” Noel asked

“Of course not. We are rommies. They can move to this country but I’m not staying with them and all their boring rules” Scarlet rolled her eyes

“Better. So when are they coming?”

“Next week”

“Okay. I’m so exhausted. Just wanna take a cold shower and sleep” Noel stood up

“Lazy bones” Scarlet teased

“Ha ha ha” Noel rolled her eyes and her phone rang immediately

📞Hello Mum

📞Noel,Ryan almost kidnapped Quinn today

Her mother’s anxious voice blared through the phone

📞What! How?

Noel sat up in the bed

📞He said she made Scarlet break up up with him. We need to do something

📞Mum,please calm down okay? We will do something about it. Tell Quinn not to go to school tomorrow. I’ll do something about it

📞Okay. See you soon

📞You too mum. Don’t worry too much

📞I won’t

Try hung up the call

“What happened?” Scarlet asked

“Ryan tried to kidnap Quinn. He said she is responsible for the breakup” Noel answered

“What is wrong with him? He is lucky she outsmarted him else…I’m getting him arrested tomorrow. We can’t sit still and allow him do the worst”

“You’re right. We’ll take action on him tomorrow” Noel said



Ward 05

“Are you for real?” Silvia was shocked

“Yes. Those men dealt with me. They treated me like trash” Teresa wailed

“It’s okay dear. You see why I told you to work with me. We could have achieved something but you chose to work alone. Now see what it has cost you” Silvia said

“This has made me hate Noel more. I hate her so much” She yelled

“We will think of something the moment you get on your feet” Silvia smiled

Ward 23

“How can you be so foolish Ryan?” Harry yelled

“It wasn’t my fault. That girl is a bada$s bçh. She knows how to defend herself. She attacked me unexpectedly” Ryan said

“Noel’s family is really giving me headache. I think it’s high time I step up my plan”




“And we are live on Cali’s Billionaire celebrity show. And the Billionaire we are fortunate to interview today is no other person than Gray Gerald,CEO of Gray Gerald Enterprises,the best company who has made immense profit from importing and exporting foreign brands. Nice to have you here Mr Gerald” The interviewer who was a woman in her 25’s smiled dreamily at him

“Nice to be here Carlota” Gray smiled and the viewers watched with keen interest

While the ladies were more focused on Gray’s looks and demeanor,the guys were ogling Noel who stood beside him in a black fitted suit and heels as she packed her hair in a ponytail.

“So,tell us who the lady with you is Mr Gray” Carlota said

“She is my personal assistant and has been a huge part of my life” He said and smiled at her

“Wow that’s great. Over to business. G.G Enterprises has been the best company so far here in California,can you please share how it all started with us?”

“To be honest Carlota,it wasn’t an easy start. We started as a minor company dealing with hair brands alone. Business wasn’t moving the way I expected it to and it was a great cause if worry but then again,I looked at where I’m coming from and where I’m aiming to be and that gave me the enthusiasm to continue. From theft and fraud to battling with competition. But as God may have it,we are where we want now” He said and the hall thundered with applause

“That was cool. I’m sure our viewers and spectators will like to know why your business almost went down the drain two years ago before coming up again?”

“The truth is I was suffering from emotional trauma. The news was all over the place two years ago when my fiancee ditched me on our wedding day. I almost committed sui¢ide but my friends and family followed me up. I was heartbroken and stopped working but with a little help and counselling,I decided to build back my company after two years which I succeeded but the pain was still there until I met her” He said

“Met who sir? We are dying to know who that Angel is” Carlota was psyched

This was the best show she had done and it was going to be a boost to her career by making the famous Gray Gerald talk about his life

Gray smiled and looked at Noel

“That lady is standing before us right now” He said and all cameras pointed at Noel who was shocked, overwhelmed and speechless

The whole hall shook with applause and cheers



A lady sat on a chair,sipping her wine and watching an interview on television. She chuckled

“He looks more hot and handsome than I remember. Gray hasn’t changed at all” She said as she swayed from left to right

She kept watching until a particular question drew her attention. She listened with keen interest and when Gray pointed to Noel,she boiled in anger and smashed her glass cup on the marble floor

“How dare she take what is mine! Julie! Julie!” She yelled and a young lady ran to her

“Yes ma’am” She bowed

“Book an emergency flight for me, we are going to America”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30


By Rejoice U Jason

“How dare she take what is mine! Julie! Julie!” She yelled and a young lady ran to her

“Yes ma’am” She bowed

“Book an emergency flight for me,we are going to America” Camille said

“America? But you have a runway show tomorrow” Julie said

“Are you mad? Book an emergency flight now” She ordered

“Maybe after the show ma. Besides there are no available flights to America yet”

Camille sIapped her

“How dare you utter such words before me? Who are you to define my life?”

“I’m sorry ma’am” Julie bowed

“Leave my sight immediately” Camille thundered and Julie scurried out



The place still shook with applause

“I’m showing her off because I want the world to know one thing. Something that I have always kept within me for so long. You all are in anticipation right? Nah, I’m not gonna tell you. We’ll sort it out ourselves” He winked at Noel and she blushed

“OMG Mr Gray, don’t. The suspense is unbearable” Carlota whined

“Let’s leave it that way and go back to business” Gray said and she agreed

The interview ended successfully. Carlota was happy cause it was all over social media and her name was on it. It’s really gonna boost her fame.

After they left the TV station, Gray and Noel entered the car as the chauffeur drove off. She was too shy to look him in the eyes and he noticed it.

He laughed

“What? Are you shy now?” He asked

“It’s not like that. I’m still surprised” She replied

“You normally look me in the eyes when we talk. What happened today?”

“Um..I feel unworthy of your kind gesture Mr Gray” She said sincerely “You really got me by surprise. You showed me off to the world like I am some Angel…”

“But you are” He cut in “Look,I am a man of truth and whatever I said out there I meant it. You mended my broken heart with your innocence and ¢raziness. I wish I met you before knowing Camille”

A tear drop from her eyes

“You really mean it?” She sniffed

“Every word” He smiled

She didn’t know when she hugged him. She realized and pulled away immediately

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know when I d_”

She couldn’t complete her statement as he pulled her in for a hug

“Your hug is comforting” He said and she smiled

The driver saw everything and his joy was unlimited. He was happy that Gray finally fell in love. He had been with Gray for a long time too and has witnessed the pains he went through. He prayed God join them together.



“Roses…for you” Austin said giving Scarlet a bouquet of roses

“No thanks” She replied plainly even though she was dying to collect it from him

“Scarlet,I know we’ve known each other for a limited time but why can’t we be friends?” He asked

“I’ll leave that question hanging for now. Instead of pestering me,why don’t you throw a congrats party for your friend Gray,cause it seems his heart has been mended”

“I am happy about that. My happiness is more than yours. Do you know how many years he spent in heartbreak? I have been waiting for a day like this” Austin said

“You must really be a good friend” Scarlet said

“Thanks. I had to be there for him. That’s why I’m working under him”

“That’s amazing. I never thought you could do such” Scarlet was surprised

“That’s the kind of love I have for him Scarlet and it hurts when I’m being treated coldly” He looked at her

“I’m sorry about that. It isn’t your fault. It’s my fault for not letting go and moving on” She bent her head

“Letting go?”

“Yeah. My life as the only daughter of Evancho, popularly known as Evans,has always been under numerous rules. I fell in love and got my heart broken 4 times. I find it hard to believe that good men still exist. They’re all the same but you’re different. My ego didn’t let me treat you well. I’m sorry”

“It’s not your fault. None of this were. Funny enough,your father has same name with Camille’s father”

“The girl that broke Gray’s heart?” Scarlet asked


“Um…she is my relative. Evans is our family name and it has gone around the family for ages. We answer our fathers names too but Evans is a general one. Camille’s father is my father’s brother so technically she is my cousin”

Austin opened his mouth in shock

“What!!!! You’re related to Camille?”

“Yeah. I recently told Noel about that when she told me about Gray’s stuff. She was as surprised as you are but what can I say? It’s family. We were together but since she got a job offer in Korea two years ago,she forgot about me” Scarlet said

“She got a job offer and ditched her own wedding?” Austin couldn’t believe it

“She likes money Austin” Scarlet rolled her eyes

“This is a huge discovery”

“Yeah but please don’t tell Gray about this. I don’t want to ruin his chances with Noel now that he is in love with her”

“No problem. Our only prayer is for Camille not to come back else there might be troûble” Austin said

“Thanks. Can I have the roses now?” She smiled and he beamed

“Yay!” He gave it to her

Harry couldn’t believe Gray actually showed Noel off on TV. He smirked. Today he would make sure he wiped that smile from Gray’s face. He took his phone and called Noel’s mother.



Teresa spat out the water in her mouth

“Can you believe this Silvia?”

“I saw it but I still can’t believe it” Silvia said

“She is really ahead of us. She actually succeeded in making him fall for her” Teresa frowned

“We need to break them apart. They can’t be a thing now. Not while we’re still alive” Silvia clenched her fists

“What are we gonna do?”

“I’m still thinking”

Suddenly, they heard some noise outside and ran to see a guy being dragged out of his ward by police men with two teenagers ordering them.




Damien had come to school and didn’t see Quinn

“Where is Quinn?” He asked Snow

“She didn’t come to school” Snow answered

“Why?” Miguel asked

“We were almost kidnapped by Ryan yesterday”

Miguel and Damien glanced at themselves

“How?” Miguel asked

Snow sighed and told them everything

“She called and told me she was fine but won’t be coming to school till the matter is cleared up” Snow concluded

Damien’s eyes darkened immediately

“How dare that bà$tàrd try to hurt what is mine?” Damien snapped

“He needs to be dealt with. Wherever he is we will find him. Let’s go” Miguel said

“Stay here Snow” Damien said and left the school with Miguel



“Let go of me you fools” Ryan yelled as he was brought out to face Damien and Miguel

“Who gave you the guts to threaten Quinn? You even went as far as attempting to abduct her? Why?” Damien asked

“That girl is a bçh” Ryan yelled and Damien sIapped him twice

“Mind the words you speak before me. It would surprise you to know that I am the son of Mr Smith,owner of Exclusive trades and services plus the biggest Oil and Gas company here in California. A word from me and you’re finished. Do you still wanna mess with me?” Damien glared at him

Ryan froze as he tried to process all he just heard. He looked at Miguel and knew he was Gray’s brother.

These two teenage boys were well known that their fathers did whatever pleases them. It won’t take them a second to ask their father to bring a particular person down.

“I’m sorry” Ryan pleaded “I was angry”

“Next time,tame that anger” Miguel said

“Take him away and make sure he doesn’t get bailed till I say so” Damien said and the policemen took Ryan away

Miguel patted Damien’s shoulders and they left the hospital

Silvia turned to Teresa

“These boys just defended Quinn. Noel’s sister” Silvia said

“Yeah. Noel’s family are witches. What have they used on this billionares?” Teresa asked as they went back in


Noel and Gray got to the company and she was about coming down when her phone rang. She picked the call and her mother told her to hurry up to the bakery.

“Excuse me Mr Gray,my mum asked me to come over” Noel said

“No problem. Let me drop you off” He said

“Don’t bother, you’ve done alot already. See you tomorrow” She said and ran away

Gray smiled and entered the office



Noel rushed into the bakery

“Mum,you called me. What’s wrong?” Noel asked and her mom smiled

“Nothing dear. Come dress up. You have a dinner date” Evie said

“Dinner date? With who?” Noel furrowed her eyebrows questionably

“I’ll tell you while you dress up okay?” Evie brought the gown out

“Wow this looks pretty. So fashionable” Noel exclaimed

“Glad you like it. Now put it on” Evie said and she obeyed

She undressed in another corner of the bakery and put it on. It looks gorgeous on her. Her mum styled her hair and did a bit of makeup for her.

“You look stunning darling”

“Yeah mum now tell me who I’m going out with”

“It’s Mr Harry” Her mum smiled

“What the h’ll! Mr Harry? No I’m not” Noel said trying to undress but her mum stopped her

“Come on. It’s a friendly dinner. Go for my sake. I’ve told him not to force you if you don’t accept him.

I know you don’t like him at all but for courtesy sake and my sake,just go for the dinner. Whatever decision you take there,I will support it” Evie said

“Did he buy this dress too?” Noel asked


“Shit!” Noel said and sighed “I’m going for your sake mum but I’m having nothing to do with him”

“I understand baby. He’s on his way to pick you up”

“Okay” Noel sighed and called Scarlet telling her where she would be headed. Scarlet nagged but Noel was able to calm her down assuring her that all will be fine.

Harry came few minutes later and started drooling

“You look beautiful” He said

“Yeah I know. Let’s get this over with” Noel walked away and sat in his car

Harry smiled at Mrs Evie before leaving


Scarlet was still worried. She didn’t trust Harry a bit. She knew he was cooking up something and it wasn’t nice so she ran to Gray’s office.

“Mr Gray,Noel has gone to dinner with Mr Harry”

Gray sprang up from his seat

“What!!! Where?”

“I don’t know” Scarlet ruffled her hair



Immediately they entered the restaurant,Noel texted the name of the restaurant to Scarlet so as to ease her worry.

They took the VIP table and sat down. Mr Harry tried complementing her but she shut him up

“We are here to discuss right? Don’t piss me off. I hate flirty men” Noel wore a serious expression on her face

“Okay. Let’s have a drink while we talk” Harry said and called the waiter

He brought a glass of wine with two glass cups then poured it in. Harry took his and gave Noel hers but she refused

“I don’t trust you so I’m getting a drink myself” She said and stood up for the counter

“Take your time” Harry chuckled and winked at the waiter who stood by the counter

Noel picked a glass cup and served herself before returning to her seat. She sipped from the wine

“Now why are we here?” She asked sternly

“I said let’s have a drink first”

“No you said while we talk. Don’t mess with me”

“I prefer we finish up” He smiled

Noel gulped down all the wine in her glass cup. She would do anything to leave here right now

“I’m done. Now talk and stop wasting my time” She said and Harry chuckled slyly

“You really think you’re smart don’t you Noel?”

“What are you yamming about?”

“Payback” He smiled

“Payback?” She asked as she started feeling dizzy. Her eyes widened and that was when it dawned on her “You drugged me”

“You’re welcome” He chuckled again

“But I served myself. How did this happen?” She asked tearing up

“I was prepared for your every move” Harry smirked ev’lly

She stood up angrily and slapped him

“You’re a mon$ter” She yelled as her legs became wobbly

“And I’m proud of that” He smirked

She tried standing up again but she couldn’t and passed out immediately. Harry smiled satisfyingly and took her, placing her on his shoulder. He winked at the waiter again and stepped out

He opened his car door and threw her in before entering

“Swizzy Hotel” He said and the chauffeur drove off


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 28

She tried standing up again but she couldn’t and passed out immediately. Harry smiled satisfyingly and took her, placing her on his shoulder. He winked at the waiter again and stepped out

He opened his car door and threw her in before entering

“Swizzy Hotel” He said and the chauffeur drove off

Harry was happy. His own has finally worked. Now he was going to show Gray that two can play that game



“Why would she go out with Harry? He’s a backstabber” Gray said pacing to and fro

They’ve tried calling her but it isn’t working. Suddenly, Scarlet saw her message

“She’s at 5 star restaurant” Scarlet shrieked

“I’m off” Gray took his car keys and left immediately



Gray got there in no time and entered not bothering if he turned off the car. He ran his eyes round the restaurant but saw no one. He walked up to the counter and that waiter was there smiling sheepishly as he counted the money he was offered to drug Noel.

Harry knew Noel would refuse to drink from him so he made the waiter put the drugs in all the glass cups on the shelf and also on the juice that Noel carried. Gray noticed something suspicious and asked

“Did a young guy and lady come for dinner here?”

The waiter turned around and saw Gray. His countenance changed and he became nervous

“I…I..don’t know sir” He stuttered

“Don’t you work here? Did they come? Yes or No?” Gray asked angrily

“Sir it’s not what you think”

Gray grabbed the guy by his collar

“You know how dangerous I can be when my demands are not met so quit wasting my time and tell me what I need to know” Gray said

The waiter flinched and explained everything that happened to him. Gray left his collar with shock written all over his face

“Where did he take her?” Gray asked

“Swizzy hotel sir”

Gray didn’t say anything as he rushed out. He was gonna save Noel first before dealing with this às$hoIes. He just prays nothing happens to her. He entered his car and sped off to the hotel.



Gray got there in no time and ran to the reception.

“Please did any man come here with an unconscious lady?”

“She wasn’t unconscious sir. She was sleeping. Her boyfriend said she got drunk and slept off” The receptionist said

“I need the spare key to their room” Gray said

“I’m sorry sir but the privacy of our customers is our priority. Their security matters too” The lady whose name was boldly written on her name tag as Daisy said without blinking or looking up from what she was doing

“I’m pretty sure you do not wanna lose your job” Gray spoke authoritatively and she looked up

“I’m sorry sir. I didn’t know you were the one”

“The key! Now!” Gray stretched his hand and she gave him the key “Room number?”

“Room number 116” She answered and Gray hurried up the stairs

He kept going using his eyes to scan the room doors. He was lucky room numbers were written at the top of the doors else he wouldn’t have known where to go.


ROOM 116

Harry had gone to the bathroom and taken his bath. He came out with only his underwear on while wiping his wet body with a towel. He looked at unconscious Noel and smiled in satisfaction. Now he was finally going to pay Gray back for what his father did.

He glanced at her again and licked his lips before moving to her. He removed her shoes and jewelries and as he was about zipping her dress down,the door burst open and Gray entered.

The first person Gray looked at was Noel and he was relieved Harry hasn’t touched her yet. He looked at Harry who still stood there in shock and gave him a deadly glare as he walked towards him.

“How dare you?” Gray clenched his fist and before Harry could utter a word,Gray sent a heavy bIow to his nose making him bIeed

Harry held his nose and smirked.

“Since you are here now,why don’t you watch me defile your bride then after that you can marry her. Boys!” Harry said and almost 10 men emerged from all corners of the hotel room

“Sht!” Gray muttered

“Gray,you must be foolish to think I wasn’t prepared for this. I knew you would poke into this so I was well prepared. Let’s give you the opportunity to watch this live” Harry smiled and asked the men to deal with Gray

Gray counted them

“It’s just ten of them. Is that how many men you have?” Gray asked

“Let’s see if you can stop them. Get him” Harry ordered and they walked towards Gray

Gray yawned and smirked. It’s been long he ki¢ked some às$es and his fist is kinda hungry.

The men charged at him and within a minute,they were all down and unable to move. Gray crossed them and walked towards Harry slowly

“How did this happen?” Harry couldn’t understand. He watched the fight and couldn’t see how they all got bé..aten. Not even a hair on Gray’s head was out of place. Harry moved back in fear. If Gray can do this to ten men,how much more him?

“I warned you to stay away from her” Gray landed another punch on Harry’s face

“You can’t blame me. Your father took what belonged to mine.”

“You’re lying Harry. My mum never loved your dad. Your father threw himself at her” Gray said

“Seriously,is that what he told you? My father met Mrs Jasmine and they were best friends until your father came in the picture and snatched her away” Harry yelled

“They loved each other genuinely. Unlike your dad who was after what was under her skirt” Gray said

“That’s not true. Your dad is a betrayal and you aren’t any different”

“Here we go again” Gray rolled his eyes

“You took Camille away from me. We were happy together until you came and became friends with us. You distracted her and made her fall for you then you took her away and forgot about me”

“Forgot about you? Harry,you almost klled me. I am not as selfish as you are” Gray yelled “Right from the time we met, you’ve always been jealous of me. You hated that I was always ahead of you.

You tried to be like me but it didn’t work and that fueled your jealousy more. All these years, you’ve made me your worst enemy and tried to bring my business down. I have tolerated enough cause what you’ve just done has pushed me to the wall”

Harry chuckled

“You can’t do anything cause if it means to kill you and have my way with her,I will” Harry said

“Bring it on” Gray said

Harry charged at him and Gray bè him mercilessly till he went unconscious.

Gray quickly carried Noel in a bridal style and took his phone

“Hello Inspector,I have some trash I need you to pick up at Swizzy hotel,Room 116” He dropped the phone and rushed out

He put her in his car and drove her home after telling Scarlet everything.

Scarlet was furious and stormed out of the office. She was going to talk to Noel’s mum.



Gray parked the car and carried her into the house. Lia rushed to him

“What happened to her?” Lia asked

“I’ll explain later. Just prepare a bath for her in my room” Gray said and Lia rushed to do as instructed

Miguel was alighting the stairs and saw Gray coming up with Noel in his arms

“What happened to Miss ¢razy Skirts” Miguel asked worriedly

Yeah,him and Noel were always arguing but that doesn’t mean he didn’t like her. He liked her personality and the fact that she was the only lady that made his brother smile again.

“Let me take her to the room first” Gray rushed to his room and Miguel followed immediately

Lia had already prepared the bath while Gray told them all that happened

“That man is a mon$ter” Lia covered her mouth

“I’m gonna treat his fk up. Where is he?” Miguel asked

“He should be in jail by now” Gray said

“Good. Let him join his brother there” Miguel said

“Ryan?” Gray asked

“Yeah. He almost kidnapped Quinn today” Miguel said and Gray sighed while Lia shook her head

This family was something else.

“She is about waking up” Lia said

“Leave us please” Gray said and Lia left with Miguel

Gray moved closer and sat on the bed.

Noel jerked up immediately and screamed

“That monster!” She yelled and started crying “He…He..”

“He did nothing” Gray said and she turned to face him

“What are you doing here? I’m supposed to be dead now right?” She wailed

Gray hugged her while she cried on his shoulders

“Don’t worry dear. Harry didn’t succeed. He’s been taken care of” Gray patted her back

“Are you sure he didn’t touch me?” She cried more

“Do you feel funny?” Gray asked

She waited for a while,like she was observing something

“No” She answered

“You see?” Gray patted her back as her tensed body relaxed. You need to take your bath now

“Here?” She asked nervously

“Yeah. Don’t worry I’ll leave the room for you to have your bath” He Said and stood up but she held him

“Don’t leave. Please don’t leave me” She bit her lower lip and he smiled

“Sure” He sat on the bed and she went to the bathroom.

She saw that the bath was already prepared for her and undressed before sliding into it. Her body relaxed and she smiled knowing that Gray actually saved her from getting raped today. She frowned when she thought of what would have happened to her.

After bathing, she stepped out and tied a towel. The towel was somehow short so she held it and walked out of the bathroom. Gray was on the phone and she heard him telling the inspector he was going to sue Harry to court.

He finished making the call and dropped the phone then turned only to see her that way. He gulped in as he stared at her. His eyes roamed her body. He had to admit she had the perfect body

“Why are you staring at me like you want to eat me whole” She asked


“Speechless huh?” She laughed

“Kinda” He smiled

“I don’t have anything to wear” She said

“Let me get you something” He stood up and took one if his long sleeved shirt and gave it to her. She collected it and ran to the bathroom to wear it.

After wearing it, she stepped out. The shirt didn’t reach her knees and her wet hair made her look hot and se..ductive.

Gray cried within

“God,what kind of temptation is this?” He muttered

“Are you hungry?” He asked facing her

“No” She replied but her stomach rumbled and it gave her out. She smiled nervously “A little”

“Let’s go to the dinning room then” Gray said

“Like this? What if your loosed tongued brother tease me ” She said

“Then we will teach him a lesson” Gray said and stretched his hand to her

She took the hand and he led her downstairs



Scarlet drove and stopped in front of the restaurant. She was not only angry but disappointed. She flung the door open and thank goodness there were no customers. Evie,Quinn and her husband were already getting ready to leave.

“Mrs Evie I need to talk to you and your husband” Scarlet faced them

They noticed her anger. Scarlet has not acted like this before meaning that something was wrong somewhere

“Okay” Evie said

“Noel almost got rapped by Mr Harry today and it’s partly your fault for allowing that scvmbag deceive you”

“What!” They all exclaimed


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 29

“What!” They all exclaimed

Evie burst into tears

“What have I done?” She said

“I know he must have used sugar-coated tongue on you but seriously? She is your daughter. You shouldn’t have allowed her go cause I know Noel didn’t go on her own free will” Scarlet half yelled

“We didn’t know he had such motive in mind. I love my daughter and would never do anything that will hurt her feelings” Mr Pat said

They’re right Aunt Scarlet. They love her. If they knew that he had such an ulterior motive for meeting them, they would not have allowed her go, it was an honest mistake” Quinn said and Scarlet calmed down a bit

“How am I going to pay this man back” Evie wailed while Quinn comforted her

“No need ma. Gray has already dealt with him. He should be in jail by now” Scarlet said

“What of Noel?” Mr pat asked

“She is with Gray. She is safe” Scarlet emphasized the last word

“Can we go apologize to her?” Evie asked

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s leave her so that the shock will die down first” Scarlet said and they nodded

Evie stood up immediately

“Where are you going?” Her husband asked

“To sound a warning” She replied and stormed out while Scarlet followed her

Both took a cab and headed for the police station



The police men dragged Harry and his men into the police station and threw them in jail. Ryan was shocked when he saw Harry.

Harry regained consciousness and his eyes met with that of Ryan

“What are you doing here?” Harry asked as he winced in pain

“I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing here?” Ryan asked

Harry saw that he was in jail and his eyes almost popped out of its sockets

“What am I doing in jail? What are you doing in jail?” He faced Ryan

“Those little rascals came to the hospital and arrested me because I tried teaching Quinn a little lesson” Ryan scoffed

“Gray will pay for this” Harry yelled

“Gray can’t pay for this until we get out of here” Ryan said “Now tell me why you are here”

“Our plan failed Ryan” Harry said

Ryan sighed

“We have to do something” Harry said

“What can we do when Damien has instructed that I can’t be bailed till he says so” Ryan complained

“That little d’vil” Harry clenched his fists

“Get out of there you have a visitor” A police officer opened the door and dragged Harry out

“Treat me with respect you imbecile” Harry snapped and the police man used his stick to hit Harry’s head

“No one is your mate here so behave yourself”

He brought Harry to sit down before Evie and Scarlet

Harry couldn’t look Evie in the eyes. He knew she had found out already

“Look me in the eyes you betrayal” She yelled

“I’m sorry” He said and she sIapped him three times

“Why would you do this to me? I trusted you but you turned out to be a gold diggér. You wanted to use my daughter for revenge” Evie said as she sIapped him again and again

Harry couldn’t talk and watched as she poured all her anger on him despite the pain

When she was done sIapping and be..àting him, she sat down

“Mrs Pat” He called

“Call my name one more time and I’ll deal with you. You are a very heartless and wicked man. You deserve to die” Evie said

“Of course he does. Womanizing runs in their bIood anyway. People of your kind of species deserve to be put to de..ath the very day they were born. It’s not fair to take advantage of women” Scarlet snapped

“I hàte you with everything in me Mr Harry. Your face alone disgust me” Evie spat

He tried calling her but she sIapped him again

“Go to h’ll” She yelled and stood up

Scarlet stood up too and they left

The police officer raised him up and dragged him back to his cell

“Who did this to you?” Ryan asked but Harry ignored him and put his face in his palms


Sooner than later,the news went over social media as everyone started talking about how two brothers were arrested for an attempted kidnap and rappé.

Teresa and Silvia were preparing to leave the hospital

“This is serious. So the famous Mr Harry has been arrested” Teresa said

“Yeah. I’m sure Noel has a hand in this” Silvia said

“Of course it’s her. She is a witch and we will deal with her” Teresa said as they left

She took care of the bills herself cause she still had some money with her. They strode out of the hospital and boarded a cab to Silvia’s apartment. Teresa was owing her landlord rent but has refused to pay. Her plan was to sneak in one day and pack her stuffs to Silvia’s place.



“Screw you Mr Lee Sung” Camille fumed

“I won’t tolerate this nonchalant attitude of yours Camille”

“Shut up! Foolish Korean Man. Do you know you are senseless and irresponsible? How can you tell me to buy my own dresses for the runway?” Camille snapped

“Because you aren’t under any company yet. Just admit you’ve squandered the money so we can stop stressing ourselves” Mr Lee Sung yelled

“Do you know who you are talking to?”

“An incompetent model yes” He replied

“You are an imbe¢ile. I’m even helping your career and here you are talking back at me”

“You never helped me Camille. You’ve only made my life a living h’ll. You know what? I quit” He slammed the files he was holding on the floor

“I don’t care. I can hire another manager with just a snap of my fingers. Get lost” She yelled

“Karma is warming up for you” He glared at her and left

Julie ran in immediately

“Ma,the company that hired you just called to tell me they’ve withdrawn the contract” Julie said

“Not possible. They can’t terminate that contract” Camille ran her hands through her hair “Did you try to negotiate?”

“Yes but the man is adamant. He refused. He said you should return whatever they have given you. The cars, houses and other assets” Julie said “He said he never wants to see your face in his industry again else he will send you to jail”

Camille couldn’t believe her ears. What was happening? This is the time she needs Gray’s help. She has to return to America, California to be precise. She also needs to cook up some lies as to why she left in the first place.

“Book me an emergency flight now?” She ordered

“To where?”

“To America Dummy” She yelled and Julie ran to do as she was instructed



Quinn had called Noel and Noel assured her she was fine and that she was not angry with their parents. She understood they made a mistake and promised to come home soon.

She was watching a movie when she heard a knock on the door. She checked the time and it was already past 7pm. She sighed and dragged her legs to the door.

She opened the door and saw Snow. She hugged her

“Oh I miss you baby girl” Quinn said

“I missed you too” Snow hugged her tight

“Did you see the news? Ryan was arrested. That means I can come to school now” Quinn said

“Yeah. All thanks to Damien” Snow smiled


“Yeah. He and Miguel were the ones that arrested Ryan”

“Wow. He really did that for me?” Quinn was touched

“Yes he did”

“I wish he was here. I could have hugged him so tight” Quinn said

“Do you really mean that? Cause my arms are open wide” Damien said and she opened her mouth surprised

“Why didn’t you tell me he came with you?” Quinn asked Snow

“Surprise!” Snow smiled nervously

“I’m still waiting for my hug” Damien said

Quinn blushed a bit before running into his arms

“Thanks for helping me” She said

“It’s my pleasure” He replied scenting her hair and smiled then winked at Snow who gave him a thumbs up

“Can we go in now? I’m getting jealous” Snow said and they laughed

“Come on in” Quinn said and they entered

“So what can I get you guys?” Quinn asked and Damien dragged her to sit down

“Don’t bother” He said and she smiled

Mrs Evie came to the room and they greeted her. She smiled but froze when she saw Damien

“Um…Damien is here too” She smiled awkwardly

“Yeah mum. I told you about him remember?” Quinn said

“Okay dear” She was surprised how her children got to know this Billionaire children. First it was Noel and Gray, Now it’s Quinn and Damien

Sue is only hoping for their safety

“I wanna watch cartoons” Snow shrieked

“Jeez are you a baby?” Quinn said

“Yeah. I’m a baby by heart” Snow replied

“Cartoons are kinda cool” Damien said

“Even you?” Quinn was surprised

“Yeah” He smiled

Evie smiled and left them as they continued arguing



They had finished eating dinner and Noel was with Lia in the kitchen

“Thanks for everything Noel” Lia smiled

“For everything? I did nothing” Noel said

“No dear. You did something. Mr Gray has never been this happy. He was always lonely and cold towards everyone but since you came into his life,a lot changed” Lia said putting some cutleries in the dish washer

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. The heartbreak really changed him. He became boring and hates when love was being mentioned. He was easily angered and fired most of the people that work here for little or no reasons at all but now he is back to who we all know and it’s all thanks to you” Lia said

“It was my pleasure” Noel smiled

They finished what they were doing and it was time to retire for bed. Gray gave Noel a room to sleep in and went to his room. Few minutes later,he heard a knock on his door and opened it only to see Noel standing there

“I can’t sleep alone please. I’m scared” She bent her head

“Do you wanna sleep here?” Gray asked and she nodded

“Okay come in” He gave way and she entered

She slept on the bed and he was about sleeping on the couch in his room but she made him sleep on the bed. Gray enjoyed her being beside him. He felt like cuddling her but she wasn’t his so why would he? He was still in thought when Noel sleepily h!t his head with her pleg.

He looked at her and she was sleeping peacefully. He wouldn’t call it peacefully cause she was rolling and h!tting him everywhere

“How can a human b sleeping like this?” Gray said

She turned and cuddled him tight. He face palmed and prayed for no naughty thoughts. She cuddled him tightly and when he was set to sleep her hand hit him again and he jerked up but she pulled him down. He didn’t know whether to cry or start screaming for help

He was about sleeping again when the final attack came and this time it knocked him off the bed and he fell down. He glared at her,took a pillow and ran to the living room

He cannot come and die in her sleeping hands tonight


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 11 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 30

Lia saw him hurrying downstairs with a pillow and followed

“What happened Mr Gray” She asked worriedly

“That girl is a sleep dancer or fighter. I don’t even know which one to call it but she doesn’t sleep peacefully” Gray pouted

“What did she do?”

“She threw me off the bed”

“I thought she had her own room” Lia said

“Yeah but she came to my room saying she couldn’t sleep alone so I asked her to sleep on my bed. I was about using the couch but she made me sleep on the bed. I obeyed not knowing she would turn me to a pvnching bag” Gray pouted

Lia laughed

“This is hilarious. So you’ve escaped?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to die untimely please” Gray put the pillow on the biggest couch there

“Why not use one of the rooms?”

“I want to stay where I won’t be able to share a bed with her incase she wakes up”

Lia laughed again

“Okay then. Goodnight” She smiled

“Goodnight” Gray smiled back and closed his eyes

Lia laughed again and left.



Miguel kept rolling on the bed unable to sleep. His mind was clouded by thoughts of Snow again. Whenever he lays down to sleep,he thinks about her.

Her delicate facial features with a cute black dot a little below her lips. She had rosy pink lips with almond shaped eyes. Her skin was pale white and a brown wavy hair complemented her beauty as well. Her smile alone sends butterflies down his stomach. He gets that fluttery feeling when ever he’s with her.

He remembered the last person he thought of like this was Quinn but now he doesn’t feel that way around Quinn anymore. Maybe,because he accepted the fact that he can never have her. Now he’s feeling same way for Snow. Could he be in love with her?

He sat up in the bed and sighed tiredly.

“Am I the only one unable to sleep tonight?” He asked no one in particular




Snow couldn’t sleep either. She groaned as another image of Miguel popped into her head. Ever since they finished that project and aced it,she had started having weird feelings that she couldn’t understand.

Sometimes she would be alone admiring his dark black hair with brown eyes. His red lips was another distraction for her as she would stare at it most times. He was tall and light skinned and has a kller smile which always made her weak in the knees.

She admits that she never liked him from the start because she had the feeling he was too sassy and arrogant but when she became close to him,she found out he was a very nice boy and she couldn’t believe she had fallen for him even though she doesn’t want to accept it.

She sighed and sat up in the bed

“I hope I’m not the only one feeling this way tonight” She puts her jaw in her hands and puts her elbow her her laps,sighing




Noel stretched her body on the bed as the sun shone directly at her eyes. She sat up and rubbed her eyes so as to clear her vision

“Good morning Mr…” She trailed off when she turned and didn’t see Gray in bed.

She sighed and rushed to take her bath. Maybe he’ll be back before she comes out. She came out but he wasn’t around either. She picked another of his long sleeved shirt and put it on.

She strode out and looked down from up the stairs but he wasn’t there. She got down from the stairs and went to the living room only to see him sleeping peacefully there.

She wondered why he came downstairs. She looked at his features,he was really cute and she felt like touching him. She used her index finger to brush his right cheek and smiled. She stretched her hand to touch his cheek again but he caught it and opened his eyes giving her a smirk.

“Is it not too early to seduce me Miss Noel?”


“Hmm now you’re speechless?” He glared at her

Noel didn’t know what to say. She just bent her head. He caught her so there was no need lying about it

“I’m sorry. I only wanted to wake you up but when I touched your cheek and felt how soft it is,I couldn’t stop myself from touching it again” She explained and he left her hand

“Oh really,so you are in love with my cheeks now?” He winked

“No that’s not what I meant. Your cheeks are just too soft. It was so fluffy like bread”

“Bread?” He glared at her

“Yes” She laughed

“My cheeks aren’t fluffy. They’re um…how do I put it?” Gray scratched his head

“You don’t even know what your cheeks are like” Noel scoffed

“Don’t piss me off this early morning Missy. Besides I was the one who caught you drooling” Gray said

“Me? I wasn’t drooling”

“It’s too early to bicker” Miguel entered inside and sat down “Good morning bro, Morning Noel”

“Morning” They replied in unison

“You woke up surprisingly early today. Hope all is well?” Gray asked

“I couldn’t sleep last night” Miguel replied

“Why?” Noel asked and sat down

“Just occupied by different thoughts”

“Thoughts? Miguel you are too young to think” Gray said

“Yeah but this particular one won’t leave my mind. It comes subconsciously” Miguel sighed

“Miguel,are you in love?” Noel asked

“Woah,Woah,calm down young lady. I’m not in love” He looked away and she smiled

“Teenagers” Gray rolled his eyes and stood up

“Meaning?” Miguel asked

“Nothing” He said and walked upstairs

Miguel looked at Noel and she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but smile back.

Minutes later, Noel stood up to Gray’s room and opened the door only to see him drying his hair with a towel around his waist. She screamed which drew his attention. He looked at her and she turned her back at him

“Why aren’t you putting on clothes?” She asked

“Hello, this is my room and I just got out of the bathroom. It’s your fault for coming in without knocking”

Noel bit her lower lip. He was right. She even forgot she was in his house. She was actually used to barging in like that because of Scarlet that she forgot it was Gray’s room.

“Look you’re right…” She turned only to see him in front of her. He had already put on his suit meaning he was off to work.

She looked up at him since he was taller than her.

“Why are you so close to me?” She asked, feeling a bit nervous

“Maybe I wanna kss you” Gray teased and she blushed

“Kss me?”

“Yeah. You’re just irresistible” Gray held her jaw up making her look into his eyes

“So now, you’re a fIirt?”

“I could be a fIirt,for you” He said in a low voice

Noel was praying for him to stop. If only he knew what he was doing to her body right now.

“Gray, I’m gonna nod you” She said and he laughed

“I’d love to see you try” He blew air on her neck and she grabbed his shirt

“Flirt with me next time and I might just steal a kss from you” She warned and ran out

Gray replayed her words in his head and smiled before stepping out

“I’m off to the office” He announced

“What about me?” Noel said

“You can’t go like this”

“Then drive me home and I’ll change” Noel said

“Not gonna happen. I’ll get you some stuff when I get back. So have fun with Lia” He said and Lia smiled


“No buts young lady” Gray shakes his head “Miguel are you ready so I’ll drop you off or you’re waiting for the chauffeur?” Gray asked

“Go on without me” Miguel yelled from his room

Gray smiled at Noel before leaving.

“You’re gonna spend the whole day with me” Lia squealed happily

“But I’m gonna miss him” Noel confessed

“Miss him?” Lia smiled

“I’m used to being around him so a whole day without him is like a whole day without food” Noel pouted and Lia laughed

“I can see love in the air. Come and tell me everything” Lia dragged her to sit on the couch

“Miss Lia,I’m off to school” Miguel rushed out

“Why is he in such a hurry today?” Lia asked

“He’s got a crush” Noel said

“Interesting. Now over to you,tell me how it all started”




Gray got down from the car and entered. His employees stood up and greeted him. He answered and smiled which surprised them cause most times they would greet and he would nod. Sometimes he won’t even answer but today was different to the extent he even smiled.

He took the elevator to his office and Raymond came in

“Good morning sir”

“Morning Ray” Gray answered with a smile and Raymond blinked

This was the first time since he started working here that Gray shortened his name and even smiled at me.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Gray asked

“I’m surprised. You’re not your usual self today”

“I’m in a good mood. My schedule for today please”

Raymond smiled

“Jennifer Peters is still insisting she sees you by 10am today then you have to attend the international board meeting by 2pm” Raymond said

Gray sighed

“Okay. I’ll meet with Jennifer Peters by 10 but have it in mind that I may not return to work after the board meeting. I have something very important to attend to”

“Okay sir”

“You may leave” Gray smiled and Raymond smiled back before leaving

Gray groaned. He misses her already. He looked at Noel’s seat and smiled. That Crazy girl that has driven him crazy with love. The lady he could no longer control himself if he’s with her. He loves her and he’s gonna tell her when he ask her to dinner. But he’s worried.

He glanced at her comic books and took one. He looked at the title and it read “Mending his broken heart”. Gray smiled. Same way she has mended his. He flipped a page and started reading. Soon,he was engrossed in the story and didn’t know when Scarlet entered.

She cleared her throat and he quickly hid the book

“No need to hide the book Mr Gray. I already saw everything” Scarlet laughed


“Don’t explain yourself. Comical Romance aren’t for ladies alone” Scarlet said before sitting down

“Are you sure?” He asked

“Definitely. So how is Noel doing?”

“Fine as always” He replied with a smile

“Have you told her yet?” Scarlet asked

“No I’m scared. What if she rejects me?” Gray was worried

“Reject you? If I know Noel too well,that would be her dream come true. She came to this company on a mission to make you fall for her and heal you while doing it. She has accomplished her mission and you think she would go back?” Scarlet asked

“No. It’s just that the feeling that she would reject me is still there”

“Take her on a r©mantic dinner. I’ll give you tips on how to ask her out” Scarlet smiled

“Thanks. I would like you to follow me to the boutique today. You know what she likes right?”

“Of course”

“Okay. 4pm sharp” Gray said

“I’ll be there” She said and stood up to leave



Noel was watching a movie with Lia when they heard a knock on the door. They stood up to the door and Noel opened it. She saw a man in his late forties. She knew Gray’s dad so this man was definitely not his dad. Lia didn’t know who he was either

“Good day sir. Please how may we help you?” Lia asked politely

“I’m here to ask Gray why he got my son detained because of a bçh” The man said

Noel took the word bçh to heart


“Yes. The lady is a bçh for laying false accusations on my son. First it was Ryan and now Harry”

“So you’re their father” Noel smirked

“Yes I am. Where is he? He must tell me where that bçh is” Mr Cooper yelled

“Bring your voice down mister. I’m trying to respect you but it seems you’re tired of being respected. Why use offensive words?” Noel glared at him

“Are you cràzy or just plain stupid? Do you know who I am?”

“Sir you’re creating a scene here” Lia said

“Shut up. You both are bçhes. I’m sure you’re one of his fk toys”

Noel and Lia gasped

“Fûck Toys?” Noel got angry


“Hey listen up Mr whoever you are,I don’t give a dmn if you’re older than me or not but when you don’t respect your old age,I will show you that I’m ¢razier than you think”


“Hold it!” Noel waves him off “I am not done talking to you. When I’m done,you can open your mouth but that would be if I permit you to so don’t talk when I haven’t permitted you. This isn’t your house”


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