MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 31 to 50 (32 33 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45,46, 47, 48, 49, 50)

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 31 to 50 (32 33 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45,46, 47, 48, 49, 50)

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 31


“Hold it!” Noel waves him off “I am not done talking to you. When I’m done,you can open your mouth but that would be if I permit you to so don’t talk when I haven’t permitted you. This isn’t your house”

Mr Cooper was speechless

“Who are you?” He managed to ask

“The lady your son almost raped. He wanted to use me for revenge claiming Gray’s father stole your girlfriend” Noel replied

“So is that a good enough reason for you to insult me?” He asked

“You were the one insulting us. You called us fk toys without knowing who we are. You called me a bçh as well. Are you that unfair?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. So please leave” Noel said

“I’m not leaving till I see Gray”

“If you wanna see him,go to his office. This isn’t a business organization”

He was about talking but Noel shut the door

“Damn! That man is annoying” Noel said,walking back to the living room

Lia looked through the keyhole and saw that he was already leaving. She turned and ran after Noel

“Oh girl, you’ve got some guts” Lia sat down

“I just don’t know what is wrong with men like him. Has he gone to jail and ask of what his sons did?” Noel said

“Ignore him. At least you’ve given him what he came for”

“Yeah I guess”



Quinn was at the cafeteria having lunch. Snow wasn’t with her. She looked up only to see the rebels in front of her. She ignored them and continued eating.

“Did she just act like we don’t exist?” Maya asked

“Maybe she has gone blind” Hayley chimed in

Quinn still ignored them and Sapphire slammed the table hard making her sauce to pour in her body. Quinn looked at her white gown and glared at Sapphire.

“Glad I now have your attention” Sapphire smiled evilly

Quinn stood up angrily. By then,the students have gathered around to watch what was going to take place

“How dare you?” Quinn asked angrily

“Ooh I’m so scared. I only came to remind you incase you’ve forgotten so soon. Damien is mine” Sapphire said

“I don’t care about whoever or whatever is yours. Why would you ruin my gown?” Quinn said

“We aren’t done yet” Maya said and Hayley splashed her with smoothies drenching her from head to toes

Quinn was shocked and speechless

“This is just a tip of the iceberg Princess. Next time, we’re coming hard on you” Sapphire said and they made to walk away

“Stop right there” Damien’s angry voice sent chills down their spine and they froze on the spot

“I can explain” Sapphire said

“The situation is self explanatory so I don’t need your explanation” He said and they flinched

He looked at Quinn who stood disheveled on a spot. He removed his jacket and covered her with it. When she looked up,he noticed she was angry and that fueled his anger.

He turned back to look at Sapphire and her gang and they got scared. His look was intimidating.

“You brought bags to school right?” He asked calmly but his voice was scary

“Y…Y…Yes” They answered at once

“Go get your bags,you’re expelled” Damien said and Maya fainted

Quinn tried to stop him but he was adamant

Sapphire went on her knees

“Please I’m sorry. I made a mistake” She cried

“We are truly sorry. We promise not to bully Quinn again” Hayley begged

“I hate repeating myself. Get your bags and get out of here” He said and led Quinn out

The Principal was there to witness everything. He couldn’t say anything with the fear of loosing his job so he kept quiet as Sapphire and Hayley cried their eyes out.

Maya fainted because she had been expelled from countless schools and this was her last resort. She knew she won’t get admitted anymore because of her bad record and that was what shocked her that made her faint.

Damien took Quinn out and she entered the girl’s bathroom to wash the stuff away from her body. Thank goodness it was a sports day and they normally bring two clothes so he went to her bag and gave her the second pair of clothes. It was a jean trouser with white crop top and black jacket. She wore it and came out then they went to the school garden.

“I know you’re angry but about those girls,I think you should have mercy on them” Quinn said

“And why?” He asked

“Because,everyone deserves a second chance. Even the most evil person deserves a second chance” Quinn said

“But they are rebels. Pitying them won’t change their character”

“It might. You never can tell” She smiled

“So I should pity them? No” He said

Quinn bit her lower lip. She can’t believe she is going to do this. She intertwined their fingers and pecked his cheek then gave him a cute face

“Please” She said and he couldn’t help but smile

“You’re cute” He said

“Yeah I know now please forgive them” She pleaded

“Fine. I’ll forgive them” He said and she hugged him

“Thank you. Let’s go” She took his hand and dragged him back to where Sapphire and the rest were.

Maya was already awake and was crying with the rest. Damien rolled his eyes at the sight of them.

“I’ll forgive you but on one condition” He said and all eyes were on him

“We will do anything” Sapphire said.

She wasn’t ready to go to Washington and live with her strict Aunt. Her dad had told her that he would take her there if she gets into troûble in school.

“Stay away from Quinn. Don’t even come close to her” Damien said and they nodded

“We will stay away Damien. We won’t even talk to her” Hayley said

“Better. I’m only forgiving you because she asked me to. You all know I don’t go back on my words but I did it for Quinn sake cause she begged on your behalf. If this repeats itself,I will make your stay in this school a living hèll” Damien warned

“Thank you so much Quinn. Thank you” Maya said as they stood up and ran away

Snow came in with Miguel

“What did we miss?” Snow asked

“A lot” Quinn replied



“Calm down ma’am. Don’t cause a ruckus here” A police officer said trying to calm a woman who was forcing her way into the station down

“I said I want to see my sons. Don’t waste my time” Mrs Precia yelled

“You’ll see them but you have to wait so that we will bring them to you”

“Wait? Let me in”

“What’s going on here?” Inspector Sam asked

“Thank God you’re here inspector. This moron is denying me entrance to see my sons” Mrs Precia yelled

“No sir. We told her to wait and we would call them but she isn’t taking it” The officer explained

“You may go” He ordered and the officer left

“I want to see my sons” She said

“You’ll see them but you have to behave yourself” Inspector Sam said

She glared at him and nodded

“Follow me” He said and she obeyed

They got to the room where inmates come to see their relations

“Bring Ryan and Harry here. 30 minutes is all I give them”

“Yes sir” The officer saluted and the inspector left.

They went in and brought Ryan and Harry before her. She burst into tears immediately she saw them

“My sons,what have they done to you? You’re looking skinny” She wailed

“Calm down Mum. We are fine. We just need to get out of here” Ryan said

“Is it true you really did what they’re saying on the news?” She asked

“They’re just fabricating it to make us look bad” Harry said

“But there were evidence”

“It’s all a lie. Gray and his family just wants to bring us down” Ryan said and she burst into tears again

“Just look at how you’ve become. They aren’t feeding you guys well. I’m getting you out of here” She said and stormed out before they could stop her

She walked to the counter where an officer was busy on some files

“I want to bail my sons out” She said tersely

“Names?” The officer asked

“Harry and Ryan Cooper” She replied

“I’m sorry ma’am but they can’t be bailed. Damien’s orders”

“Damien’s orders? Are you mad? Release my sons to me now” She yelled

“Someone should take this cràzy woman out of here” The officer at the counter announced and two female officers dragged her out while she kept raining curses on them.



Scarlet was trying to round off the day’s activity before leaving with Gray. She turned and caught Austin staring at her. She just smiled.

She was having feelings for him too but she didn’t want it to be too obvious. She’s scared of getting hurt again. Though she knows he’s different after interacting with him for some weeks but that fear is still there.

“Stop staring at me” She said

“I can’t help it my lady. You’re very beautiful” He winked

“Stop flirting else I will report you to Noel” She warned

He laughed

“I’d love to see you try. Speaking of Noel,I really miss her. The office isn’t the same without her” Austin said

“Yeah. My cràzy bestie” Scarlet laughed and he joined her


She finished what she was doing and left the company with Gray.

They entered the boutique and purchased varieties of clothes,shoes and bags. Scarlet showed him many things she thought Noel would like. When they were done,she followed him to his house so they can give it to Noel.

They stopped and knocked. Scarlet was surprised at how beautiful the house was. It was even more beautiful than theirs.

The door opened and Lia welcomed them in. They went to the living room and Noel hugged Scarlet

“I miss you boo boo” Noel pecked her cheek

“Miss you more sugar” Scarlet said and Gray cleared his throat

“Welcome Mr Gray” Noel smiled

“So I don’t get to be called boo boo or sugar?” Gray frowned

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous” Noel laughed

“Of course I’m jealous” He pouted and sat down “For you” He gave her the package

“Are you sure? This is too big for a person” Noel said

“Yeah but it’s yours. I helped him shop for them” Scarlet sat down

Noel looked at Lia

“Go on. Open it” Lia said

Noel opened it and couldn’t hide her shock. They were all beautiful.

“They’re beautiful. Oh my gosh I love them” She shrieked

Gray smiled satisfyingly. He was happy she liked them

“Thank you so much. I don’t even know how to thank you enough” She faced him

“Well,you could go with me for dinner the day after tomorrow” Gray said

“Dinner?” She arched her brows and looked at Scarlet who winked

“Yeah. I just wanna spend some alone time with you. Is that too much to ask?” He pouted

“No it’s not. I’ll love it” She said and he smiled

“Wow these are beautiful Noel. I’ll help you pick an outfit for the dinner” Lia squealed

“No way lady. I’m her best friend and I’m gonna help her pick an outfit” Scarlet glared at Lia

“Not gonna happen Missy. I’m her new best friend” Lia glared back and Gray shook his head

“Women” He said and they all glared at him “I didn’t say anything” He raised both hands up in a surrendering manner

“No more bickering. Both of you will pick my outfit. How about that?” Noel said

“That’s okay by me” Lia smiled and Scarlet nodded

Gray just laughed at them




Mr and Mrs Evans were at home. Both decided to return from work early. They had sent the maid out to get some provisions.

They were watching a TV programme when they heard a knock on the door.

Mrs Suzie Evans stood up and opened the door. She was surprised at who she saw


“I’m back mum” Camille smiled brightly


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 32

Mrs Suzie Evans stood up and opened the door. She was surprised at who she saw


“I’m back mum” Camille smiled brightly holding her luggages with Julie behind her

Julie has been her personal assistant even before she traveled to Korea.

“Aren’t you letting me in or you are not happy to see me” Camille frowned

“No it’s not like that. I was just surprised to see you. You didn’t tell me you were coming” Mrs Suzie said,giving way for her to come in

Camille entered the house with Julie and her father gasped on seeing her

“Hello Father”

“Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?” Mr Evans asked

“Network failure dad. Both of you are behaving like you don’t want me here” She said and sat down

“We are surprised. No one expected you to come since you never called” Her mum said

“But I’m here now so let’s talk business”

Her parents glanced at themselves

“Business?” They asked in unison

“I’m back for Gray. I want him back” Camille went straight to the point.

She was the kind of lady that doesn’t play with words or go beating around the bush. She believes action speaks louder than words which makes her dangerous whenever she’s determined to achieve a goal.

“You can’t get Gray now. Not after ditching him” Mr Evans said

“Yeah. All we need is a good enough excuse to brainwash him. Let’s make him think something happened to me. For example,I was kidnapped and taken to another country. Something like that” She said

“What about the ill treatment we gave him?” Her mum asked

“We will cover that up as well. My job is at the verge of falling apart. We are going to loose all we’ve worked for very soon. You didn’t tell me you were going bankrupt but I know. As of now,Gray is the most richest man in California followed by Austin. I would have gone for Austin but I hate his guts” She said in irritation

“What about the deal you got in Korea? Don’t tell me you squandered all that money” Mr Evans said

“Well,I have nothing to say about that. Just give me the keys to my apartment and let me leave here. I want to stay where I can track him easily” She said

“Are you sure about this Camille? Gray showed_”

“Yes I know he showed off a bitçh on television and she is also part of my main problem now. I won’t let her take him” She interrupted her mother

“As you wish then but becareful” Her dad said and she nodded

He stood up for his room and got the keys then gave them to her.

“Julie,call a cleaner for me. I want that place to be sparkling when I return. Take the keys and be snappy with it”

Julie collected the key and stepped out. It’s been 2 years since they visited California but she still knew her way around.



“I still can’t believe all these” Silvia said

“Believe what?” Teresa asked

“Noel and her sister of course. How can they be so heartless as to allow Gray and Damien detain two brothers” Silvia lamented

“That’s their own cup of coffee. All I want is a quiet and unnoticeable revenge. The problem is we can’t do her anything as far as she is still in the company” Teresa said

“You’re right. We just need something that will make her step out even if it’s a little” Silvia said

“I’m sure we are gonna think of something” Teresa smirked



Noel finally left Gray’s house. Lia pleaded for her to stay but she had no choice. Scarlet was determined to bring her home. Gray wasn’t happy she left either but he took solace in the fact that she will be his very soon.

“Gosh I’m so exhausted” Noel plopped down in the bed “i miss my bed but I’m gonna miss Gray’s bed more”

“You slept on same bed with him?” Scarlet looked at her suspiciously

“I thought I was until I woke up this morning to find him in the couch. I don’t know why he left the bed” Noel said

“I think it’s because of how you sleep” Scarlet laughed

Noel rolled her eyes

“I don’t sleep cràzy. I sleep peacefully”

Scarlet scoffed

“Anyways,my parents are in town” Scarlet said

“Wow. When did they come?”

“Yesterday” Scarlet answered

“Have you gone to see them?”

“They’re still settling down so I’ll go some other time” Scarlet smiled

“I can’t wait to see your mum”

“I can”

“You don’t seem happy that your parents are here”. Noel said

“Who told you that?” Scarlet laughed

“It’s obvious. Now spill the beans and tell me me what’s up” Noel said

“When they come now, they’ll start asking me to prepare for marriage and if I don’t have any suitor before they asked me that, they’ll choose for me”


“I’m their heiress” Scarlet replied plainly

“So? I’m giving them a piece of my mind if they try that”

“I trust you girl” Scarlet laughed



Mr Cooper paced forth and back thinking of what to do to get them out of jail.

“Should we beg them?” He asked

“Never. We won’t beg any of them. I don’t Know why Gray is so stone hearted. And Damien,he is even the worst. How can he réstriçt me from bailing my sons out” Precia said

“Our hands are tied now Precia. The only thing to do is beg them. I told you my visit to his house wasn’t a nice one. The so called Noel of a lady embarrassed me” Mr Cooper said

“I’m so frustrated right now. I can’t watch myself beg a teenager”




She sat on her chair and sipped her wine continuously when Julie entered.

“Good day ma” Julie bowed

“What are your findings?” Camille asked,ignoring the greeting

“He is still at G.G enterprises only that he renovated the building making it look bigger and better than before” Julie said

Camille smirked

“What about the lady?”

“She is his personal assistant. I was able to hack into his phone and got a record of his last conversation. He is taking her on a date tomorrow night at Food Palace” Julie said

“A date?” Camille stood up abruptly “This can only mean one thing. He wants to profess love to her”

“I guess so” Julie said

“I won’t let that happen while I’m still alive” Camille yelled

“What are you going to do now?” Julie asked

“What else if not to ruin that dinner” Camille chuckled evilly


Noel didn’t go to work that day. She was missing Gray terribly but she needed to purchase something for her mother’s birthday which is today.

She entered the phone store and looked around. Her mum was always complaining about getting a new phone so she decided to gift her one for her birthday.

She heard her mum saying Samsung Galaxy S7 was a good phone so she took it and went to the counter.

“I’d like to purchase this please” She said and the man directed her to lady who seemed to be the cashier. Noel smiled and was about leaving when she bumped into a lady with a big hat and sunglasses.

“I’m so sorry ma’am” Noel apologized

“No problem” The lady replied and continued moving when the alert siren in the phone store blared noisily.

“A thief A thief” The manager yelled “Lock everywhere in the store. No one must go out” He ordered and they obeyed

People started murmuring. Who could be the thief and what did the person steal?

Noel wasn’t as shocked and confused as everyone else.

“You all should surrender your bags for proper checking. Someone stole a very expensive phone from here” The manager said

He walked over to Noel

“I want to check your bag ma’am”

“Sure. Go ahead” Noel gave him her bag and he checked but saw nothing.

He scratched his head nervously and looked at her in surprise

“What? Were you expecting it to be me?” She asked

“No I just…”

“You don’t even know what to say. Open the doors and let the reporters in. I want the whole world to see this” Noel yelled and the doors were opened

The reporters rushed in,ready to see and hear what was going to take place. Their cameras were already flashing and it was gonna be broadcasted live.

“This man you see here attempted to frame and get me arrested” Noel pointed at the manager and everyone gasped “That’s not all. He has an accomplice too” Noel pointed at the lady with a big hat and sunglasses

The lady tried to run but people caught her and brought her before Noel

“Two of them planned to sneak one of the most expensive phone in this store into my bag”

“You’re lying. Do you have proof?” The lady asked

“Of course I do” Noel brought out her phone and played the recording



Noel was still going around looking for a phone when she saw them discussing. She hid to listen

“You see that lady on blue gown? I want you to frame her for stealing” The lady said

Noel looked at herself and she was wearing a blue gown so she brought out her phone and recorded the conversation.

“Why?” The manager asked

“I have a score to settle with her. I will pay you excellently and help your business if you do this”

“But who are you?”

“Who I am doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that I want her jailed” The lady said “Are you doing it or not?”

“I’ll do it”

“Good. Here is the plan. I’m gonna pretend to bump into her at the store then slid the phone into her bag. When she’s going to the cashier,I will give you a sign to raise an alarm and lock everywhere”

“Okay ma’am”

“Don’t scrèw this up okay?” The lady said sternly

“I won’t”

Noel ended the record and left there immediately. She acted like nothing happened and kept searching the store for a phone when the lady bumped into her. Noel smiled and took the phone out of her bag. She hid it and took her mum’s own.

When she left the man at the counter to go to the cashier,she bumped into the lady purposely and put the phone back in the lady’s bag before the alarm sounded



After listening to the record and Noel’s side of the story,the people jeered and insulted the lady and the manager.

“You are a liar” The lady snapped

“Tell that to the cops” Noel said as the cops came in and handcuffed her and the manager

“You’ll pay for this” The lady yelled

“Pfft” Noel scoffed and moved closer to her “I wanna see who you really are” She said and removed the hat and sunglasses “Teresa?”

“You may have won this time Noel but I won’t relent till I wipe you off from the surface of this Earth” Teresa said

“You can do that in jail. Take them away” Noel ordered and the cops took Teresa and the manager away. The manager was too ashamed to say anything. He just covered his face.

The people looked at Noel and commended her for her bravery and smartness. The reporters aired all that happened live and Gray who was watching it in the car couldn’t help but smile. He was actually on his way to Noel’s parents house. His father had a surprise for them.

Camille on the other hand was furious because she knew things like this makes people popular and she hates getting overshadowed.

The owner of the store came and thanked her before she left with a victorious smile on her face.



“Happy Birthday To You” They ended the song and cheered as she cut her cake

“Hip Hip Hip” Noel said

“Hurray!!!” They all shouted

“Happy Birthday Mummy” Quinn kssed her cheeks

“Thank you baby” Evie replied

“Happy Birthday mum. Wishing you long life and prosperity” Noel hugged her

“Happy Birthday Honey” Her husband kssed her

“Ewwww” Quinn shouted and they laughed

Suddenly,they heard a knock on the door. Noel opened it and was surprised to see Gray

“Before you ask,I’m here for your mum” Gray said and she let him in “Happy Birthday Mrs Pat”

“Thanks Gray. You’re welcome” She smiled

“I would like you all to follow me. My dad has a special birthday gift for you” He said and they glanced at each other

“A gift?” Evie asked

“Yeah. Come with us please” He said

Noel gave him the “What’s going on?” Look and he winked at her making her blush

They all entered the limousine he brought for them and he personally drove them to their location. His parents, Austin’s parents, Scarlet, Austin, Damien, Miguel and Summer were already there. They stepped out of the limousine and looked around. The place was really beautiful. There were balloons everywhere and refreshments lined up on the tables.

They all turned towards Mrs Pat and sang a birthday song for her. She was shedding tears of joy and her husband couldn’t hide his shock.

“Welcome to your birthday party” They all cheered

“Thank you all so much” She said as they led her to the place

“You did all these for my mum?” Noel asked Gray

“Yeah. She deserves it for giving birth to an Angel like you” He winked

“Don’t start” She glared at him and he laughed before leading her to the dance floor

The DJ made everyone dance to their hearts content. Scarlet was also dancing with Austin while Quinn was too shy to even come close to Damien and Miguel. They just laughed at her and danced with little Summer instead.

After they had finished dancing,Mr Gerald collected the Mic to make an announcement.

“May I have your attention?” Mr Gerald said

They all turned to face him

“Once again,happy birthday Mrs Pat” He smiled

“Thank you so much sir” She smiled back

“On behalf of Myself and everyone present,I would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Patterson on the launching of their new bakery and restaurant” He said and they clapped

“New bakery and restaurant?” Mr Pat asked in confusion

“Yeah” Mr Gerald smiled and pointed to the big building in front of them. It was made of glass and looked really beautiful.

“It’s for you” He said and Noel almost fainted but Gray held her

“I don’t understand” Mrs Pat said

“This building is officially yours Mr and Mrs Patterson” He said and everywhere shook with applause

Mrs Evie stood there as tears rolled down her cheeks


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By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 33

“This building is officially yours Mr and Mrs Patterson” He said and everywhere shook with applause

Mrs Evie stood there as tears rolled down her cheeks

“Am I dreaming?” Mr Pat asked as Mr Gerald gave him the key

“No you aren’t. Now go open your new restaurant” Mrs Jasmine said and they clapped and cheered

Noel ran and hugged Gray’s parents

“Thank you so much” She said and they hugged her back

“This is the best birthday gift ever” Mrs Evie said and hugged them

Her husband opened it and the music started playing again as they cheered. Noel hugged Gray too

“Thank you” She said and pulled away

“You’re welcome” Gray smiled

They continued dancing. Quinn kept looking at Damien from where she stood. He was really cute and dreamy. She was so lost that she didn’t know when he left and stood before her.

“You’re drooling” He said and she snapped out of her reverie

“No I wasn’t” She looked away shyly

“But I caught you” He made her look at him

“I was looking at something else” She replied

“You’re not good at lying” He laughed

“So you noticed?”

“Yeah. Now tell me why you’ve been avoiding me?” He asked and she bit her lip


“Don’t lie this time around” He glared at her

She looked at him nervously. How is she gonna tell him she was shy and nervous? What would he think of her? She needed to do something

“I wanna dance with you” She said and he smiled, forgetting the question he asked her

“Really?” His smile mesmerized her and she gulped before answering


He took her hand and led her to the dance floor


“Aren’t you tired of dancing?” Austin asked Scarlet who danced like there was no tomorrow

“Nope. I love dancing alot” She said

“That means you’ve been dancing since you were a child then” He said,sipping his wine

“Yeah but my parents never allowed me to dance”


“Story for another day” She said and continued dancing

Mrs Rosella looked at Austin and their eyes met. She winked at him and continued dancing with her husband.


Summer got sight of Noel and left Miguel.

“Hi Angel” She waved,smiling brightly

“Hey little Summer. How are you today?” Noel asked,bending to her level

“I’m fine. I missed you” She said and Gray cleared his throat

“Awwwn” Noel carried her up

“Don’t you miss me?” Gray asked

“No” Summer glared at him and looked away

Gray held his chest dramatically


The party ended later in the day. Noel’s parents thanked Mr Gerald and the rest continually.

After sometime,they all headed to their respective destinations.





Quinn and Snow sat on their table. Snow couldn’t eat. Instead she was using her fork to play with the food.

“What’s wrong Snow? Don’t you like the food?” Quinn ashed worriedly

“I don’t feel like eating” Snow replied sadly

“What happened? I’m your friend and you can tell me”

“It’s complicated” Snow replied

“I wanna hear it” Quinn said

“This might sound cràzy but I think something is wrong with me” Snow said


“I can’t seem to get Miguel’s images off my head. My thoughts gets clouded by his. I can’t do anything without thinking about him. I dream about him and it’s really giving me a hard time concentrating” Snow said

“This can only mean one thing Snow. You love him” Quinn said

“It can’t be” Snow shakes her head

“Stop acting stubborn and accept the truth already”


“It’s complicated. I keep thinking of her all the time. I can’t even sleep without seeing her face” Miguel complained to Damien

They were in the garden

“That means you love her dude” Damien said

“I’m not sure”

“Stop arguing with me Miguel. You love Snow” Damien said

Miguel was quiet for a while

“I guess so but does she like me too?” Miguel asked

“Why don’t you ask her?” Damien said

“I’ll try” Miguel smirked

“Seriously?” Damien rolled his eyes amd Miguel winked at him




Gray was in his office getting some files done. It was only 2 hours left before the dinner and he needed to be ready. He already sent Noel home so she would get ready. He sent Scarlet after her too.

Damien entered his office with Miguel and they sat down.

“What are you two doing here?” Gray asked

“We came to tell you good luck on your date tonight” Damien said

“Who told you I was going on a date?” Gray asked

“Miss Lia told Miguel. Miguel told me so I said we should come and wish you luck” Damien said

Gray glared at Miguel

“Stop glaring at me. It’s not my fault that I was too excited” Miguel said

Austin entered

“What are these two troûblesome rascals doing here?” Austin asked

“Hey! We aren’t troublesome” Damien said

“Are you minding him?” Miguel hissed

“What did you say?” Austin asked giving them a threatening look

“Nothing” Miguel smiled nervously

Raymond entered the office

“Mrs Precia Cooper is here. She request to see you” Raymond said

“Let her in” Gray smiled and Raymond left

Mrs Precia opened the door and came in

“Have a seat” Gray said and she sat down “How may I help you ma’am?”

“Mr Gray,Damien and Miguel,I have come to plead for mercy on behalf of my sons. I know they did the wrong thing and I’m sorry on their behalf. Please don’t sue them to court” She begged in tears

They all looked at themselves then back at her

“You’re aware that what your sons did is punishable under the law right?” Gray asked

“Yes and that’s why I have come to beg”

“Your husband came to my house to cause troûble over this issue. He insulted the people that matters to me. If you were in my shoes,will you listen to his pleas?” Gray asked, looking at her intently

“I’m really sorry on his behalf. Please they’re the only children I have. Please have mercy” She burst into tears

Gray pitied her and sighed

“Fine. Harry will be released but I don’t know about Ryan. He won’t be released till Damien says so” Gray said and Mrs Precia cvrsed under her breath

She has been trying to avoid this and now she is compelled to ask a teenager for help. She swallowed her pride and decided to do it for the sake of her sons

“Damien,please I’m sorry for what Ryan did. It was so childish of him to do that. Please pardon him. I’m begging as a mother” She said in tears

Damien exchanged glances with Miguel and they nodded

“Fine. I will but if such action should repeat itself again,your sons will be gone for good” Damien warned

“They won’t try it. Thank you so much. I owe you one” She said

“Please don’t owe me anything. I have made my point” Damien said

“Okay. Thanks a bunch” She smiled

Right there in her presence, they made a phone call requesting for Harry and Ryan’s release.

“It’s done” Gray said

“Thank you” She said and ran out in a hurry to get to the station

“If those two rascals try anything,I will make sure they rot in jail” Gray said

“I think they’ve learnt their lessons” Austin laughed

“I hope so” Miguel said

Gray stopped what he was doing.

“I have to go now. I need to prepare for the dinner date. Tell all the employees to go home. We all are closing early today” Gray said

“I think the love bug bit him so hard” Miguel whispered into Damien’s ears and they giggled

“I’ll soon cut out your tiny throàts one by one” Gray said and they flinched

Austin went to make the announcement and the employees started leaving. After they had all gone,Gray drove them to his house.



They entered and Lia dragged him upstairs

“You’re gonna be late. I’ve prepared your bath already so go in and freshen up then come back while I get your suit ready” She said in one breath and Gray laughed

“Stop laughing and get in” She yelled and he rushed into the bathroom

He came out few minutes later and she had prepared all he needed.

“Taa_daa” She showed him his suit

“Lia I_”

“Don’t you like it? Since Noel is gonna be wearing red,I thought it would be r©mantic for you to put on white. Now you don’t like it and I’ll have to choose something else. I’m sorry. I should have thought of what you need and what you liked”

“Lia stop already. I’m the one going on a date and I should be nervous not you. Besides I was gonna say I love the suit” He said and her face lit up



He put it on and she styled his hair making him look hot and attractive. She gave him a bouquet of roses and asked him to give it to her when he gets there.

Gray alighted the stairs and Austin,Damien and Miguel jaws dropped. He looked breathtakingly handsome and they couldn’t take their eyes off him

“Stop drooling. I know I’m handsome” He said and they laughed

“You look awesome” They said at once and he winked before leaving



Scarlet was done with Noel and she looked amazing. She was wearing a red handless gown with a tiny waist. It’s chest was embedded with emeralds and there was a silver lining at the end reaching a bit below her knees. Her hair fell on her back in waves and her red lip stick made her look hotter.

“Gray is gonna drool when he sees you” Scarlet squealed happily

“You sure? I feel like I overdid everything” Noel said

“It’s perfect” Scarlet said and they heard a car horn

“I guess he’s the one” Noel said

Scarlet peeped through their window

“Yeah. He is the one” Scarlet replied

Gray knocked and Scarlet opened the door. He came in and when he saw Noel,he froze and stared.

She was looking hot and melting his heart at the same time

“I told you he would drool” Scarlet said to Noel

“He isn’t looking bad either” Noel smiled and poked his forehead

He jerked up and smiled

“You can’t lie. I caught you this time” Noel said

“Fine. You’re just looking too beautiful. Good job Scarlet” Gray said

“My pleasure. You two have fun” Scarlet said

Gray turned to Noel and gave her the roses

“For you” He said and she took it

“Thanks. You look kissable” Noel smirked

“Now you sound like a flirt” Gray said

“Yeah I know” She said and stepped out

“Good luck” Scarlet shook Gray’s hand before he left

He opened the car door for Noel and she entered. He closed it then entered and drove to Food Palace.



Camille was dressed up too. She wore a long black gown and heels then let her blonde hair fall on her shoulders in waves.

“He has left ma. They would be there any moment from now” Julie said

“Sweet. It’s go time” She smirked and stepped out of her house.

She took her car keys and entered while Julie followed her. She stepped on the engine and drove out as the gate opened automatically.

She was gonna make sure that dinner doesn’t hold and if it holds,she would ruin it. Gray is hers and hers alone. She won’t let any one take him. She had all she was going to say planned out and no one will stop her.



Gray had reserved the restaurant for that evening. No one except them would use it. He led Noel in and it was decorated beautifully.

“This place looks beautiful” She said

“You’re more beautiful Noel” Gray said and she blushed

He pulled out a seat for her and she sat down before he did same.

Maureen came and served them red wine first

“Enjoy” She smiled and winked at Noel

A minute later…

“I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you Noel” Gray started

“Okay I’m listening” She said

“First,I would love to thank you for coming into my life. Second,for always being there. This was the first place we saw each other and interacted for the first time” He said

“Yeah I remembered. That was when I tasted your food to be sure there was no garlic” She said

They laughed

“Yeah it was. In as much as I hated to admit it back then,I grew fond of you. Your character,your personality. Everything about you made me wanna know you more. I never realized how much my heart yearns for you then. I don’t want to go about saying stories,I want to go straight to the point” Gray smiled

“Which is?”

“I love you” Gray said and tears dropped from her eyes

“Are you sure like you’re sure?” Noel asked to confirm

“Yeah I’m really sure. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart” Gray said

She was about to reply when the door burst open and Camille walked in

“Baby, I’m back” She smiled,walking towards them majestically

Gray’s eyes widened in shock. Noel was confused. Who is this lady and why is she calling Gray baby?

Gray stood up,still unable to process what’s going on

Camille got to where they were and glared at Noel ev’lly before wrapping her hands around Gray’s neck

“I’m back my love and I miss you dearly” She said

Gray was still in shock

“Ca…Ca…Camille?” He managed to say and she smirked


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 34

“Baby, I’m back” She smiled,walking towards them majestically

Gray’s eyes widened in shock. Noel was confused. Who is this lady and why is she calling Gray baby?

Gray stood up,still unable to process what’s going on

Camille got to where they were and glared at Noel evilly before wrapping her hands around Gray’s neck

“I’m back my love and I miss you dearly” She said

Gray was still in shock

“Ca…Ca…Camille?” He managed to say and she smirked

“Yeah I’m back” She smiled and wanted to kiss him but he pushed her away

“She’s the Camille?” Noel asked,looking at her from head to toes

“Yes” Gray replied “Where have you been and what are you doing here?”

“Gray come on. Stop behaving like this. You wouldn’t want to know what I passed through” Camille started shedding tears

“What you passed through? What damn thing did you pass through that made you ditch our wedding” Gray asked

He noticed Noel was feeling uneasy so he took her hands and intertwined it with his. She smiled and he gave her an assuring hug. Camille was so angry after seeing that but she suppressed it.

“I never ditched you Gray. I was kidnapped” She said,bursting into tears again

“What!!” Gray and Noel exclaimed at same time

“Yes. After dressing up that day,I told the driver and my first lady that I and Julie want to purchase something nice from the store since we weren’t late yet. On the way,two men approached us with knives and took us away. I was so scared that I lost my voice”

Noel couldn’t believe this lady

If she didn’t know the truth,she would have believed it too.

“They took us from here all the way to Korea and turned us into slaves. They seized our phones and crushed it. I couldn’t even call my parents or anyone for them to save me. We suffered for a year and half there before someone rescued us and took care of my hideous features before bringing I and Julie back” Camille burst into tears again

Gray didn’t know whether to believe her or not

“Are you sure of what you’re saying?” He asked

“Yes Gray. I really suffered. Thank God that man saved us from there” Camille said

“What about your parents? They didn’t file a complaint instead they treated me like trash. They never said anything to me” Gray said

“They didn’t know. That morning,I had an argument with my parents and I threatened to run away to another country. Maybe they thought that was what happened so they didn’t bother” Camille lied

“That’s irresponsible. What if you had died?”

“But I’m alive Gray and I’m back for you my love” Camille wanted to hug him but he moved back

“For me? I don’t think so” Gray said,looking at Noel

“What are you talking about?” She asked,pretending to tear up

“I want to introduce a very special person to you. Her name is Noella Patterson and she is the woman I have deeply fallen in love with” Gray smiled

“What are you saying Gray? What about the love we shared?” Camille asked

“That is all in the past now. You weren’t around when I needed you the most. I almost committed sui¢ide because of you” Gray said,feeling pain once again

Why must she come back now that he has decided to move on with his life?. Why now that he has buried his feelings for her and loved someone else. He doesn’t feel anything for her anymore. All his heart yearns for now is Noel and no one else. Not even his first love.

He admits he loved Camille so much in the past but things has changed and no one will be able to replace Noel. Not even Camille. And she said she was kidnapped? Gray watched her intently. She doesn’t look like someone who was kidnapped. He would have to find out how true that story of hers is.

“But it wasn’t my fault Gray. I was taken against my will. Do you think I would ditch you on purpose?”

“I don’t really know. I don’t even know if you’re saying the truth or not” Gray said

“Of course I’m saying the truth. I still love you and I know you do too”

“Camille please leave. We will talk about this some other time. You just ruined our date” Gray said as the pains h it him again

Noel patted his hand quietly, trying to calm him down.

“Why are you doing this? Have you forgotten the love we shared so quickly. You loved me so much remember?”

“Camille I said we’ll talk about this some other time please” Gray was getting annoyed


She didn’t finish her words as he walked out. Noel wanted to follow him but Camille stopped her

“Who are you?” Camille asked,glaring at Noel

“His present” Noel smiled and was about living but Camille dragged her back

“What are you talking about?”

“If you don’t get me,you can go check your dictionary or ask Google” Noel freed herself and walked out

“How dare she?” Camille said glaring at Noel’s back

“What do we do now ma?” Julie who had been quiet all along asked

“My plans are best known to me” Camille chuckled and glared at Maureen before leaving

Maureen sighed sadly. She knows who that she devil is. Camille! She had come to the restaurant and caused unnecessary troûble before. Anyways,Noel would gist her later though.




Gray was moody and he didn’t want to drive in a bad mood so he sat down in the backseat. Noel opened the door and sat beside him before closing the door and locking it.

She looked at him and sighed before hugging him tightly.

“I’m sorry things had to turn out this way” He said

“It’s nothing. She is your past so forget about it. I am aware her presence has opened up closed wounds but you don’t have to work yourself out because of that” Noel said

“This isn’t how I planned our dinner Noel. She had to come out of nowhere and ruin it”

“It’s okay Gray. Besides I’m not complaining about it so don’t worry. Cheer up darling,I don’t like the mood you’re carrying” She pouted

“Can you call me darling again?” He smiled a little

“Darling” She bit her lower lip and he drew her face closer to his

“Noel,do you love me?” He asked staring into her eyes

“Yes. I love you so much Gray” She replied

“Are you gonna ditch me on our wedding day?” He asked and she laughed

“Never” She smiled

He brought his face closer to hers. Warmth blossomed in Noel’s chest,Sparks igniting as Gray leaned in close,lips brushing together,tentatively,for the first time. The smell of her perfume and the soft peachy scent of her conditioner was dizzying and it was driving Gray crazy as he wanted more. The sensation he got from kssing her was unmeasurable.

Noel could feel butterflies dancing in her stomach as she leaned into the kss,Gray’s lips impossibly soft against her own.

After what seemed like forever,they pulled out to catch their breaths

“I love you” Gray said, breathing heavily

“I love you more” Noel replied and they stayed in each other’s arms feeling their racing hearts.

Gray had to call his chauffeur to drive them home. They dropped Noel before heading to Gray’s house. On the drive,Gray flashback to his kss with her,he licked his lips and smiled.



Noel entered inside and saw Scarlet who ran to meet her immediately.

“How was it?” Scarlet asked

“It was going well until Camille showed up” Noel said,removed her shoes then sat down

“Camille came back?” Scarlet said,obviously surprised

“Yeah. She came back but Gray put her in her place. We spent the remaining hours of our date in his car” Noel said and then she remembered the kiss and blushed

“You’re blushing. Tell me what happened in the car” Scarlet said

“Well,he said he loves me and then…” Noel trailed off

“Come on tell me. The suspense is klling me” Scarlet said

“He kssed me”

“OMG that was so romantic” Scarlet shrieked happily

“Yeah. Best night ever!” Noel said

“What about Camille?”

“I’ll deal with her later. Allow me to savour the moment” Noel licked her lips and smiled

“Congratulations dear”

“Thanks. I can’t wait to hear yours and Austin” Noel said,taking off her dress

“Stop it” Scarlet blushed

“Don’t give me that attitude. You love him but you’re too obstinate to admit it” Noel said

“No I don’t” Scarlet looked away

“You’re blushing. Yeah you love him. I can’t wait to tell him” Noel said and Scarlet poked her forehead

“Don’t try that. I don’t wanna rush things”

“Okay then. But be fast about it because this mouth of mine won’t remain sealed forever” Noel finally undressed and entered the bathroom

Scarlet sat down. She knew she had fallen in love with Austin and she was aware he felt same for her. She sighed. Hope there won’t be any heartbreak this time around?

Her thoughts drifted off to Camille. She wondered why Camille came back. If it’s because of Gray then things would be complicated and Noel’s life would be in danger. Camille is very vicious especially when she wants something.

She ruffled her hair

“I have to see her” Scarlet muttered



Gray stepped out of his car when they got home and headed in. He opened the door and the first person he saw was his mum.

“Mum!” He said in surprise

“Come in and tell me how the date went” Mrs Jasmine dragged Gray to the sitting room where Lia and Miguel were already sitted.

“It went both good and bad” Gray said

“How? Didn’t she say yes?” Mrs Jasmine countenance changed immediately

“Camille interrupted our dinner” Gray said and they all gasped

“No way!” Miguel snapped. He had hated Camille from the onset. He wasn’t this big then but he knew Camille was evil but couldn’t say anything because he didn’t want to hurt Gray’s feelings.

“Camille is back? How? Why?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“According to her,she was kidnapped and suffered for one and a half years before someone helped her. Now she’s back for me” Gray said nonchalantly

“That’s a lie and won’t happen while I’m still alive. That witch is never gonna set her feet in my house” Mrs Jasmine said

“Mum calm down. You should know me by now. I can’t accept her back,not after passing through that emotional turmoil. Noel is the one I love and I’ve told her already” Gray smiled

“Really? Did she reciprocate it?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“Yes mum. She did” Gray said happily

“Yay!” Mrs Jasmine screamed “That’s exactly what I want. A rare gem like Noel shouldn’t be allowed to slip away. Thank God my son is the one who finally got her” Mrs Jasmine danced

“Congratulations” Miguel and Lia said at same time

“Thanks” Gray said then suddenly his phone rang

It was Austin calling


Gray said

📞Are you back from the date?

📞Yes I am

📞Tell me how it went now. I need to know

Gray laughed

📞It went well. Although there was a little disturbance but it’s been handled for the mean time. So,the dinner was a success

📞Wow Congratulations bro


📞And be sure to tell me all about the disturbance tomorrow


📞Okay. This is so amazing. I can’t wait to tease Noel at work tomorrow

Austin said and hung up

Gray dropped his phone and smiled. He turned and saw his mother giving him an awkward look

“Um…mum,why are you looking at me like that?” Gray asked

“Well,I was thinking of something” Mrs Jasmine replied

“Thinking of what?” Gray asked suspiciously

“Well…since you and Noel are a thing now,when am I going to see my grandchildren?”

“Mum! So soon!”


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Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 35

“Thinking of what?” Gray asked suspiciously

“Well…since you and Noel are a thing now,when am I going to see my grandchildren?”

“Mum! So soon!” Gray exclaimed

“What do you mean by so soon? Isn’t she your wife already?” Mrs Jasmine asked

“But we are not married yet” Gray said

“Then you better get married as soon as possible because I’ve already thought of names for my grandchildren” She shrieked

They laughed


“Don’t ‘Mum’ me. I’m saying what I want here” She pouted

“Okay. We will get married very soon” Gray said

“Now you’re talking” She sat down

Gray shook his head and stood up

“I’ve prepared your bath sir” Lia said

“Okay. Thank you so much” Gray replied and went upstairs

“I can’t wait for those lovebirds to get married” Miguel said and they laughed

“Miguel” Mrs Jasmine called

“Yes mum” Miguel replied and faced her. He knew what she was going to say “Mum,No I’m not coming with you. We agreed on three months”

“No we said two months” Mrs Jasmine argued

“But I don’t wanna come home yet. I like it here. What of Summer?” Miguel whined

“Summer left yesterday to start school. I can’t stay there all alone”

“But you’re going to work aren’t you?” Miguel asked

“Yes but I’ll be home early” Mrs Jasmine replied

“Mum I’m coming” Miguel stood up

“Where are you going to?”

“I’m running to my room so that you won’t persuade me further”

Before she could speak,Miguel ran out of the sitting room for his room

Lia started laughing as Mrs Jasmine pouted

“The children of nowadays are something else. Just to spend some quality time with me,his mother,he is running away”

“You can’t blame him when he likes it here” Lia said

“So you’re on his side?” She pouted

“No ma” Lia laughed again






“I’m happy you’re back from prison Harry” Mr Liam said

“I’m happy to be back but I hate the stigmatization I’m getting” Harry said sadly

“Don’t worry. It will pass away”

“I hope so Liam. I hope so”

“So what’s your next move?” Mr Liam asked

“Next move? I don’t understand” Harry said with raised brows

“I mean what are you going to do to get back at Gray for taking your woman?”

“I really don’t know. I’m planning on leaving them alone”

“What! Don’t be senseless. Why would you do that?” Mr Liam asked

“Because I don’t want public shame again. I’m sick and tired. I only wanted her for revenge but it didn’t work. I don’t want more troûble please” Harry said

“Harry,think like a man and stop being a coward. So you’re gonna let them go scot free after what they did to you? Come on”

“Even if I want to pay them back,how am I gonna do that?” Harry asked

“Become their friend” Mr Liam said

Harry looked at him and burst into laughter

“Friend? Did you just say friend? That’s Impossible!” Harry said

“Listen to me Harry. It may sound impossible but it’s easy. I’ll tell you how to go about it”





Gray was busy on some files while Austin paced back and forth waiting for Noel and Scarlet.

“Dude! Calm down. They’re on their way” Gray said

“They’re a minute late Gray” Austin said

Gray laughed

“So,does that mean they won’t come to work today?”

“They will but_”

He was cut short by the sound of the door. He turned and saw Noel walking in with Scarlet,who looked as charming as ever

“Good morning” Noel said

Austin ran and hugged her

“Congratulations Noel” He shrieked happily

“Thank you Austin”

Gray cleared his throat

Austin pulled away from the hug and saw Gray glaring at him

“Why did you hug her?” Gray asked

“I was only congratulating her” Austin said

“I should be the first person to hug her every morning” Gray said

“Calm down bro. I’m not gonna take her away from you. I have my own Lollipop right here” Austin walked over to Scarlet and hugged her

“Won’t you hug me too?” Gray asked Noel,who was lost staring at Austin and Scarlet

“Oh” She smiled nervously and hugged him

She was about pulling from the hug when he kssed her. Her cheeks turned red immediately

“Naughty guy” She h!ts his shoulder playfully

“I’m already addicted to your lips” He wanted to kss her again but she pvshed him away

“Seriously,in front of them?” She pointed to Scarlet and Austin

“Yeah. I can even do it in front of the whole world. Let them know how much I love you” Gray said

“Awwwn” Scarlet said

“Seriously?” Austin rolled his eyes at her

“What! They’re r©mantic” Scarlet said and started walking away

“Are you saying that I’m not r©mantic?” Austin asked,following her

Noel and Gray laughed.

She strode over to her desk and sat down

She saw that her table was empty

“Is there no work today?” She asked

“Work? For who?” He asked,facing her

“For me or am I not your assistant anymore?” She raised her brows

“Yes you aren’t my assistant anymore” He replied frankly

“Are you firing me?”

“No I’m promoting you darling. My future wife shouldn’t be my assistant. You’re now the second CEO of this company” Gray smiled

“Are you for real?” Noel asked,shock evident in her tone

“Yes. Why would I allow my wife to be become an assistant? You deserve this and more” He said

“Wow I’m honored. Thank you” Noel said

“My greatest pleasure wifey” He said and she blushed



“You can’t tell me that. She needs to be released now” Silvia yelled at the police man in front of her

“I’m sorry but we can’t do that” The man replied calmly

“I’ll pay whatever amount you ask of just let her out. She’s starving there” Silvia begged

“Well,you can bring food for her”

“I want to see her now” Silvia said

“Sure. This way” The man led her to a room “Sit down and wait while I bring her”

Silvia sat down and the man left. He came back in no time with Teresa and made her sit,facing Silvia

“Leave us” Silvia commanded and the man excused them

“Have you come to take me out of here?” Teresa asked

“I tried but they’ve not consented” Silvia said

Teresa’s face fell

“Why? Is this how I’m gonna continue living my life? In this hell hole?” Teresa asked tearfully

“I won’t give up. I will find a way” Silvia said

“I swear,when I get out of here,I will make sure I pay Noel back ten folds” Teresa wept

“Calm down. I’ll keep trying and I won’t rest till you’re released”

“Please keep trying. I can’t spend two more nights here. Those witches that call themselves my inmates will ki!l me”

“Don’t worry. You’ll be out of here in no time. I have to go now” Silvia stood up

“Thanks for visiting” Teresa said

“You’re welcome. Stay safe” Silvia stepped out

Teresa sat down while the officer came and took her back to her cell.




Quinn closed her locker and leaned on it. She sighed and closed her eyes. Exams were fast approaching and she had been busy studying. Snow was sick and didn’t come to school today while Damien and Miguel went to the principal’s office. God knows what they’re talking about.

She opened her eyes and saw Sapphire in front of her. She stood at alert immediately. Even though they haven’t bothered her for days now,she still didn’t trust them.

“What do you want?” She asked

“Calm down babe. I’m here for peace” Sapphire said

“What are you talking about?” Quinn asked

“I came to apologise”

Quinn blinked

“Say what?”

“I came to apologise. Yeah I know we didn’t like each other before which was entirely my fault and I’m sorry about that. We can make amends and behave like friends” Sapphire said

Quinn touched a side of her neck

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Quinn asked

“I’m completely fine. I’ve returned to my senses. Sorry for all the troûble I caused. I was only jealous that Damien likes you” Sapphire said

“Hope you aren’t playing a trick on me this time around?” Quinn gave her a suspicious look

“No I’m not. I’m really being sincere” Sapphire smiled

“Okay I’ve forgiven you” Quinn said



“Thank you”

Quinn laughed and Sapphire smiled. It was then Quinn realized how beautiful Sapphire was. They had been on each other’s throats that she failed to notice that.

“Friends?” Sapphire stretched her hand forward for a handshake

Quinn took it

“Friends” She smiled and they hugged

The two of them spent the rest of the school hours today.




Noel was bored with doing nothing. She played some games in her phone and read a few of her comics, slept,woke up and became bored again.

“I’m bored” Noel said

“Why?” Gray asked

“You refused to allow me work. I’ve been lazying around since morning and it’s not fair” She pouted

“I wanted you to take the day off. You should rest”

“I’ve rested enough now give me something to do” She said

“Why don’t you come massage me instead?” He winked

“Don’t start” Noel glared at him

“But it will feel so good. If you don’t massage me now,how are you gonna do it when we eventually get married?” Gray said

Noel laughed and Austin entered

“I can see Noel is having fun with her hubby” Austin said

“Who told you that?” Noel asked

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m saying. I caught you stealing glances at him” Austin sat down

“No I didn’t. Stop lying” Noel countered

“Why would I lie? I can’t lie when love has blinded you”

“Austin stop” She said

“Stop what? I’m saying the plain truth here. You can ask Gray. He knows what I’m talking about”

Noel looked at Gray

“No I don’t. Ask Austin” Gray said

“Now I’m confused” Noel face palmed

“It soothes you” Austin said

“Gosh! You’re so ànnoying. I wonder how Scarlet is able to put up with you” Noel threw one of her comic books at him

Gray laughed and she threw him one too

“Hey,what was that for?” Gray asked

“You are ànnoying too” Noel said and folded her hands,sulking

Gray and Austin burst into laughter

“Where is Scarlet when I need her? She’s the only one that can deal with you guys” Noel rolled her eyes at them



“Massage my back well dúmmy” Sarah,one of Teresa’s prison mate yelled at her

“I’m not a dúmmy” Teresa retorted

“So you now have the effrontery to talk back at me” Sarah said

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t like the way you ladies are treating me” Teresa said

“You should have thought of that before committing a crime” Sarah said

They all laughed at her as she fought back her tears

The door to the cell screeched and an officer entered.

“Teresa,someone is here to see you” The officer said

She stood up and followed him with her head bent

They got there and she sat down. The officer moved aside to allow them discuss whatever they wanted to.

Teresa looked up

“Who are you?” Teresa asked

“The question should be,what do I want?”

Teresa gulped

“What do you want?”

“I want to get you out of here”


“Yeah but on one condition”

“What condition and please who are you?”

“Camille Evans”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 36

“What condition and please who are you?”

“Camille Evans”

“Camille? You mean Gray’s ex fiancee?” Teresa said

“I am not his ex fiancee. We are still together” Camille said

“Really? But he professed love to Noel” Teresa said

“Yeah and that’s the reason for my presence here”

“Oh okay”

“I’ll bail you out on the condition that you feed me on some information you know at the office. You will also help carry out most of my plans against Noella”Camille said

“I will do anything to leave here and get my revenge on Noel”

“So we have a deal?”

“Yes Camille. We do” Teresa said and they shook hands

“Get over here” Camille gestured to the officer standing beside them

“Yes ma’am” He came forward

“I want to bail her out so she’s following me to the reception” Camille stood up

“Okay” He nodded and led them there

Camille got there and spoke with the officers. She gave them some money and they wrote Teresa’s name down before releasing her.

“You can go home and freshen up. Meet me at Rino’s bar tomorrow by 5pm” Camille said

“Okay. Thank you so much for bailing me out” Teresa smiled

“You’re welcome. I’ll be on my way now” Camille entered her car and drove off.

“She couldn’t even give me a ride home” Teresa muttered before trekking down to the main road.

She stopped a cab and entered before he drove off.




The cab pulled over and Teresa stepped out and told him to wait while she go get money.

She knocked and Silvia opened the door

“Teresa” She gasped in shock

“Do you have any money there? I need to settle the taxi driver” Teresa said

“Yeah” Silvia rushed in and came back with money

Teresa collected it and gave it to the man

He smiled and drove out

“Come in” Silvia dragged her in

“I need to take a bath. I’ll tell you how I got out after that” Teresa said

“Okay. Take your time. Let me go and prepare something for you to eat. You must be famished and exhausted”

“Yeah” Teresa slid out of her dirty clothes and tied a towel around her chest. She entered the bathroom and took a clean and nice bath. She came out and wiped her body with a towel,applied some lotion then put on her pyjamas.

Silvia gave her food and she ate

“So tell me how it happened” Silvia said, after she had rested

“Camille bailed me out” Teresa said

“Gray’s ex?”


“She’s back? This spells troûble” Silvia said

“It does. She bailed me out on the condition that I help her carry out her plan of dealing with Noel”

“Wow. I think she has an ulterior motive behind all these”

“Same here. I want Gray and she wants Gray as well so I’m working for her so I can favour myself. I only agreed because she was my ticket to get out of there” Teresa said

“Are you sure all these won’t backfire? When ladies become desperate,they turn to d’vils. Are you sure about this?” Silvia was worried

“Silvia,why are you talking like this huh? I’m going to be careful. Camille can’t hurt me” Teresa said

“I hope she doesn’t”




Mrs Linda sat in the living room with Snow

“Mum, I said I’m fine. You can’t keep pampering me like this” Snow said trying to stand up from her mum’s laps

“I’m still worried sugar. Your body is still heating up” She said

“No it’s not. I’m fine” Snow said


“Mum calm down. I’m fine now. So can I go to school tomorrow?”

“Let me think about that… No!”

“Mum! The school dance is this Saturday. It’s only four days from now and I don’t have a date yet” Snow pouted

“Your health is more important sugar” Mrs Linda said

“Mum! Please” Snow whined

Suddenly,the door bell rang

“Are you expecting someone?” Snow asked

“No. Go and check”

Snow stood up and strode over to the door. She turned the door knob and opened it. Her eyes widened at who she saw.

“Miguel!” She closed the door abruptly and breathe in nervously

“Who is that?” Her mother asked

“My friend at school” She replied

“Let the person in” Her mum said

She breathe in and out before opening the door

“Seriously,you had to slam the door at my face? Is that how they welcome people where you come from?” Miguel asked

“No. I was surprised” Snow answered

“To see me at your house?”

“Yeah. Please come in” She gave him way and he entered

They walked to the living room and Mrs Linda gasped

“Miguel’s your friend?” She asked

“Yes mum”

“Good evening ma” Miguel greeted

“Evening handsome. How are you doing?” She asked

“I’m fine ma” He smiled

“Even his smile is cute”

“Mum!” Snow called

“What! It’s the truth” She said “Please sit down”

Miguel smiled and sat down

“What do we offer you?” Snow asked

“Nothing. I’m cool” Miguel replied

“You can’t come to my house and take nothing. Snow go get him something” Mrs Linda said

“Water would be fine” Miguel smiled

“Okay. If you insist” Mrs Linda said

Snow left for the kitchen

“So how is your father?” She asked Miguel

“He is fine ma”

“How come you know my daughter?”

“I knew her through Quinn and we became friends from there” Miguel replied

“Okay so why are you here?”

“I heard she was sick so I came to check on her” Miguel said

“So you care about her?”

“Yes ma”

Mrs Linda smirked

Snow came back with a glass of water and gave it to Miguel. He stared at her and smiled before taking it. She smiled back and sat beside him.

Mrs Linda didn’t fail to see all these

“Let me excuse you guys” She said and stood up

She winked at Snow before leaving

“Your mum is super nice” Miguel said

“Yeah. She took after Quinn” Snow said and they laughed

“I heard you weren’t feeling well,how are you now?” He asked

“I’m fine now. Thanks for checking on me. That’s so sweet” She said

“You’re easily pleased” Miguel said


“Nope. Just joking” Miguel said

“Hey that’s not fair” Snow pouted and he laughed

“Let me be serious now,I was not joking”

“I won’t believe you again” She said

They heard someone laugh

Snow walked to the door and saw her mum

“Mum! I thought you said you were leaving. Why are you here?” Snow gasped “Were you spying on us?”

“Kinda” Mrs Linda laughed

Snow shook her head and went back to sit with Miguel

“I want to ask for a favor” Miguel said

“What is it?” Snow asked

“You know the school dance is this Saturday”


“I was um… wondering if you could um…be my date”

“You want me to be your date to the dance?” She asked to be sure

“Yeah. Will you?”

“You bet I will. I’ll be your date” Snow smiled

“Thank you. I’m so happy you said yes” Miguel said

“Really?” She bit her lower lip

“Yeah. Thanks again”

“It’s my pleasure” She smiled






Noel had gone to the cafeteria with Scarlet leaving only Austin and Gray in Gray’s office.

“Wait…Let me get this straight. Camille is back?” Austin asked

“Yes. I’m confused. I don’t know how to handle this situation” Gray said

“Do you still love her?” Austin asked

“No. I don’t love her anymore” Gray answered

“Then what’s confusing you?”

“My confusion is what she wants. Seeing her brings back the memories of the past and it hurts me”

“You have to get over those memories Gray. I know it’s not gonna be easy but you have to. Don’t give her a chance to get to you” Austin said

“I won’t but what if she was right about the suffering she went through?” Gray asked

“We will find a way of confirming that. All you need to think of now is how to strengthen the relationship between Noel and you” Austin said

“Okay. I’ll try. What about you and Scarlet?”

“Well,she has stopped h!tting me with books,drawing my ears and threatening me” Austin said

Gray laughed

“That means she is interested in you”

“I hope so. She is really strict and I can’t help but get scared of her sometimes” Austin said and Gray laughed again

“Take her on a date and do the needful”

“That sounds good. I pray she doesn’t spank me with a spoon when she hears what I have to say”

“I don’t think she will” Gray said and they laughed




“Noel,do you think I should accept Austin?” Scarlet asked

“Well babe,I don’t wanna choose for you or tell you how to go about your love life. I can only guide and counsel you. My advice to you is to follow your heart. If it beats for Austin,go for him. Austin is a very nice and jovial guy who Every lady would be willing to go out with but the choice is yours” Noel said

Scarlet sighed

“Do you love him?” Noel asked

“Yes I love him and I don’t even know how it happened” Scarlet said

“Love is quite complicated but since you love him,I don’t see any reason why you should turn him down”

“But what if he breaks my heart, like the rest”

“I know Austin very well. He loves you alot. He might be a joker but he will never break your heart. I give you my word on that”

Scarlet smiled

“You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for” Scarlet blew her a kiss

“You’re one in a million bae” Noel smiled

“Noel,how are you doing?” Raymond asked, sitting down beside her

“I’m fine Ray. You’re looking happier than usual today” Noel said

“Yes but I don’t know why”

Noel and Scarlet exchanged glances

“You don’t know why you’re happy?” Scarlet asked

“Yeah. Anyways I just came to check on you here since your husband won’t let anyone an inch near you” Raymond said

“My husband?” Noel arched a brow

“Mr Gray of course” Raymond replied and they laughed

“Who told you that?” Noel asked

“No one. It was just too obvious” Raymond said

Noel just shook her head and laughed

What a clown!





“Before you work for me, you must know that I am not tolerant. I detest when my orders are flaunted for unnecessary reasons. I hate when things don’t go the way I planned it and when I’m determined to get something, I never give up till I get it either by nook or by crook” Camille said

“I understand and I’m ready to work for you” Teresa said

“Most importantly, I don’t condole betrayal. Betray me and I’ll ki!l you”

“I’ll never think of betraying you Camille. I’ll be loyal to you” Teresa said

“Good. Now let me tell you how I want the job done”

They talked for few minutes before Teresa left.

“Ma, are you sure she is up to the task?” Julie asked

“Yeah. She is desperate and will do anything to get what she wants” Camille answered

“You do know she wants Gray right?” Julie asked again

“I’m not stúpid Julie. I know she wants Gray but I’m gonna use her to get him. She is nothing but a tool in my hands” Camille said

“But what if after all this, she rebels?”

“She won’t dare. The girl is so foolish. I only released her so as to use her get what I want. After I’m done with her….” Camille trailed off and smirked

Julie gulped

“What will you do after you’re done with her?”

“Simple. I’ll ki!l her”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 37

Julie gasped

“Why the shock? It’s not like it’s my first time” Camille said and Julie sighed.

Camille stood up and catwalked out of the bar while Julie tagged along. She headed for her parents house.




Mr Evans sat on the couch listening to the evening news when the door to the living room burst open revealing Camille and Julie.

“Good evening dad” She greeted, wearing a weird expression on her face.

“Evening. You seem to have forgotten how to knock dear daughter”.

“Dad please”, She waves her hand “I’m not cut out for this right now”.

Mrs Evans came out of the kitchen, cleaning her hand with a towel.

“Camile, what are you doing here?” She asked

“Seems you aren’t happy to see me” Camille said.

“Calm down. Just talk to us.”

Camile sighed.

“Mum, Dad, Gray doesn’t love me anymore.” Camille said.

“You can’t blame him darling. 2 fking years without you in his life is enough reason for his feelings to fade.” Mr Evans said

“Which means that he doesn’t love me truly. After everything I told him, he still chose that destitute over me.”

“Calm down dear. You can’t blame Gray, just like your father said, he got over you because you never came back to him. If you had returned a year ago, things would have been a bit different” Mrs Evans said

“It’s not fair and I’m not gonna take it. Noella will pay for taking my man. I will make sure she regret ever coming into his life”

“Don’t try anything rash Camille. You know we aren’t popular like we were before. Mr Gerald isn’t my business associate anymore and any thing you do would easily be used against you. You have to tread with caution” Her father said

“Dad, I’m throwing caution to the wind. Do you expect me to sit, fold my hands and allow another woman take my man? Even if you hate me so much, can’t you at least support me on this?” She spat out in anger

“Camille you are_”

“No mum” She interrupted “Not now. Listen, I won’t rest till I get what I want. I don’t mind spilling some bIood to achieve that too. Stay away till my mission is accomplished” She said and walked out of the house with Julie.

“What are we going to do about this daughter of ours?” Mrs Suzie asked.

“I don’t know but I’ll keep talking to her and if she doesn’t listen, I won’t take responsibility when trouble ensues” Mr Evans said.

Mrs Suzie sighed and sat down.




“Are you sure this lady isn’t using you?” Silvia asked

“Using me? No she can’t. She won’t” Teresa said, immediately.

“Don’t you think you two are going overboard with all these? Klling Noel won’t help matters at all” Silvia said.

“Silvia, why are you saying this? You want to see Noel suffer as much as we do. Or, have you suddenly change your mind?”.

“I guess so. I don’t see the usefulness or importance of troubling Noel and trying to get Gray when, he has already revealed that he loves Noel.”

“You sound somewhat foolish Silvia.” Teresa said and turned to face the other side




Mr and Mrs Patterson had already prepared the new place given to them and so far, business has been booming. They made more profits each passing day. Now they had about five sales personnel working for them as the restaurant is always jam-packed with people from the ups and downs of life.

Noel entered the restaurant with Scarlet and they made way for the counter where Mrs Evie stood.

“Good evening mum” Noel greeted.

“Good evening Mrs Pat” Scarlet smiled.

“Hey my Angels. How are you two doing?” She asked.

“We’re fine. Just came to check on you to see how you’re doing” Scarlet said.

“That’s so nice of you. As you can see, I’m doing fine and dad who is now the CEO of the restaurant is doing fine as well” Mrs Evie winked and they laughed.

“Mum, I finally did it” Noel said.

“What did you do?” Mrs Evie asked

Noel and Scarlet grabbed two seats at the counter and sat down, facing her.

“I accomplished my mission. I and Gray are finally dating” Noel said.

“What! Are you being serious right now?” Mrs Evie was excited.

“Yes mum. He is taking me to see his parents next month” Noel smiled.

“Really? That’s good news. Congratulations My Queen” Her mum blew her a kss.

“Thanks mum” Noel smiled.

“Scarlet dear, I heard your parents have moved here” Mrs Evie said.

“Yeah” Scarlet replied.

“Have you gone to see them yet?” Mrs Evie asked.

“Not yet but I planned with Noel to visit them tomorrow” Scarlet said.

“That’d be great. I wish you ladies all the best in whatever you do” She smiled

“Thank you mum” Noel said.

Mrs Evie’s phone rang and she stepped aside to answer the call.

“Hey Noel” Scarlet whispered.

“Yeah babe?”.

“Look at that guy over there, the one beside that lady wearing yellow”

“Yes Scarlet, I see him” Noel said

“He has been staring at you since we got here” Scarlet said.

“Don’t be silly. How are you so sure?” Noel laughed.

“I’m dmn sure babe” Scarlet said.

Noel turned to look at him and their gazes met. He turned his face away immediately.

“I guess you’re right. But, why is he looking at me?” Noel asked.

“Maybe he likes you” Scarlet laughed.

“Sorry to burst his bubble but this gal is taken” Noel glared at him and faced Scarlet. Mrs Evie was already back by then.

“Mum, I wanna eat a sausage roll” Noel said, making a cute face at her.

“Sure. Serve yourself and bring some for Scarlet too” Mrs Evie said.

“Okay” Noel stood up and went to the glass where the sausage rolls were neatly placed.

“How about I help you with that?”

Noel turned and saw Gray.

“What are you doing here?” Noel asked, surprised.

“I wanted to make sure my darling wife got to her destination safe and sound” He tapped her nose with his pinky finger.

“So you were stalking me?” She wrapped her hands around his neck.

“No I was protecting you” He answered.

She laughed and he pecked her forehead

“Come see my mum. She will be psyched to see you” Noel dragged him to the counter.

“Where are the sausage rolls?” Scarlet, who had been craving for some asked.

“Oh I forgot but I brought someone better” Noel said holding Gray’s hand.

“Mr Gray, what a pleasant surprise” Mrs Evie shook his hand.

“Good evening Mrs Evie” He smiled at her.

“How was your day?” She asked, returning the smile.

“My day was great because I had to spend it with a lovely lady” He looked at Noel.

“I see” Mrs Evie smirked.

“So, you refused to give me a sausage roll simply because you saw your husband” Scarlet snapped.

“Yes sweetie. Besides, my husband is more important than a sausage roll” Noel said.

They laughed.

Scarlet stood up and served herself while Gray talked with Noel’s parents.

“What do you think my dad is saying?” Noel asked when she saw her father arching his brows.

“I’m not a magician Noel. You don’t expect me to know when I’m here with you” Scarlet said, munching on her sausage roll.

“Won’t you you even give me a bite out of that?” Noel asked, licking her lips.

“No I won’t. Go get one for yourself. I’m sure Gray isn’t there to distract you this time around” Scarlet laughed.

Noel pouted and sat down.





“You mean Miguel asked you to be his date?” Quinn asked

“Yeah he did. My wish is finally coming true. I’m sure Damien has asked you” Snow said

“Not yet” Quinn replied

“Don’t worry. I know he will. He will probably ask you in the most r©mantic way ever” Snow said

“I hope so. You’re resuming tomorrow right?” Quinn asked.


“That’s a relief because I’ve been waiting for you to resume. I spent these last two days with Sapphire” Quinn said.

“Sapphire? How did that happen?”.

“She apologized for all she did and asked me to be her friend”

“Are you sure she isn’t up to something? I don’t trust her” Snow said

“Neither do I but I think she has really changed. Hayley and Maya are not causing troûble too. But, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let my guard down” Quinn said

“I know you won’t. I have a magazine filled with dresses. Let’s pick matching outfits” Snow said.

“Good idea” Quinn smiled





“So what do you say?” Mr Liam asked.

“Liam, I am not having a good feeling about all these. I know I and Gray have never seen eye to eye but I can’t stoop so low to ki!ling him” Harry said.

“What if he ki!ls you?” Liam asked

“What do you mean?”

“Since you’re back from prison, Gray is gonna see you as a threat to his relationship with Noel and he might ki!l you” Liam said.

“If there is one thing I know about Gray, it is that he is not irresponsible. He can’t ki!l me. Have you forgotten that we were friends once?” Harry asked.

“Yes I do but_”

“Mr Liam,” Harry cut in “I think we are done here. I don’t know what ever grudge you are holding against Gray but let me warn you, don’t ever think of using me to achieve your selfish aims. Go settle your scores with him and leave me alone”

“Harry listen_”

“Get out of my office” Harry half yelled at him.

Mr Liam stood up and walked out.

Harry sighed deeply.

“I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice” He muttered.




Gray was attending to some files in the office. Noel had gone out to collect some documents from Austin.

Raymond entered

“Sir, Camille is here to see you”

Gray sighed. What does she want now?

“Let her in” Gray said

“Okay sir” Raymond smiled and stepped out before Camille came in.

She walked majestically to the chair infront of him and sat down.

“Good afternoon Mr Gray” She smiled.

“Good afternoon Camille. How may I help you?” He asked casually.

“Wow! It’s so easy how feelings change. So you don’t love me anymore” She said, tearing up “After all I went through Gray. I was always thinking about you. I thought I would still come back to meet you the same but I was wrong”

“Camille please don’t start” Gray said

“It’s fine. I won’t judge you. It was all my fault for deciding to buy something on my wedding day” She burst into tears.

“Please don’t cry. Things aren’t the same anymore” Gray said

“Do you still love me?” She asked.

Gray was quiet for a while.

“Your silence says it all. You don’t love me anymore. You love Noel right?”


“Okay. I have accepted my fate. I won’t go against your love for her. I’m hurt but I will still support you Gray. If you love her so much,go for her. You have my support and blessing” Camille smiled.

“Really?” Gray was surprised.

“Yes Gray. I want us to be friends from now on. Will you accept me as a friend?” She asked stretching forth her hand.

Gray stared at her hand and reluctantly took it.

“Yes. As a friend” He said


Just then, the door opened and Noel entered. She looked at Camille then back at Gray.

“What’s going on here?” She asked, looking at Camille again.

Gray was about to talk but Camille stopped him.

“Don’t worry Gray, I will tell her myself.”

Camille smiled and stood up. She took steady strides to where Noel stood and hugged her with a dangerous smirk on her face.

“Watch and see how I will make your world come crumbling down. You want Gray right? You can have him but for a limited time. I won’t stop till I get him and if you, by any chance, try to stop me, I will make your family suffer my wrath” She whispered into Noel’s ears before breaking the hug.

She held Noel’s hand and smiled at Gray.

“Noel, I’m leaving Gray for you. You deserve him” She said, much to Noel’s surprise.

Didn’t she just threaten her? How come she is acting like nothing happened all of a sudden.

Noel was speechless as she stood there with a quizzical expression on her face.


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Chapter 38

“Noel, I’m leaving Gray for you. You deserve him” She said, much to Noel’s surprise.

Didn’t she just threaten her? How come she is acting like nothing happened all of a sudden.

Noel was speechless as she stood there with a quizzical expression on her face.

“Come on Noel, say something already.” Camille shook her hand jovially.

“Um… I don’t know what to say.” Noel replied sincerely.

“I guess it’s because you’re surprised. Don’t worry, I was as shocked as you are.” Gray said.

Noel nodded and went to sit down.

“I’ll take my leave now. See you guys around.” Camille smiled and walked out.

“Isn’t it nice that she has changed?.” Gray smiled.

“Yeah but I still don’t trust her.” Noel said, remembering the threat Camille gave her.

“Same here, but we will be cautious okay?.”

“Yeah.” Noel smiled “Here are the documents.” She handed them over to him.

He collected it

“Thanks. You’re the best.” He drew her close and pecked her lips.

Noel pushed him away.

“Stop being naughty.”

“I’m not being naughty wifey. I am simply doing what a r©mantic husband should.” Gray said.

“We aren’t married yet hubby.” She tapped the tip of his pointed nose.

“But we are getting engaged next month.”

“Says who?.” She asked, anxiously.

“Me” He replied and stole a kiss from her before taking his laptop.

“I’ll get my revenge you kss thief.” She pouted and he laughed.





Mr Evans and his wife Brittany were watching the evening news when they heard a slight knock on the door.

“Daisy, someone’s at the door.” Mrs Brittany yelled and her housemaid rushed down the stairs to the door.

She opened the door and Scarlet came in with Noel.

“Scarla My darling” Mrs Brittany rushed to hug her.

“Good evening mum.” Scarlet hugged her tightly.

“I miss you baby.”

“I miss you more.” Scarlet replied.

She pulled from the hug and ran to her father, enveloping him in a tight hug.

“I miss you too daughter. How have you been?.” He asked.

“Pretty fine dad.” Scarlet replied, sitting down beside him.

Mrs Brittany hugged Noel as well.

“You ladies have grown more beautiful than last time.” Mrs Brittany said.

“Ella dear, come give me a hug, I miss you but I missed your ¢ràziness the more.” Mr Evans said.

Noel laughed and went to hug him.

“And I missed your nagging.” Noel said.

They all laughed.

“Daisy, go prepare something special for my beautiful daughters.” Mrs Brittany said.

“Okay ma.” Daisy bowed and rushed to the kitchen.

“How has work been?” Scarlet asked.

“Work has been fine. We decided to move here and open a new firm. Chicago became boring.” Her father said.

“Dad, you’re easily bored.” Scarlet teased.

“Don’t mind him. He keeps making me move from one place to another.” Her mother said, sending glares at her father, who returned his.

“So, Scarlet, when are we going to see your fiance?.” Her father asked.

Scarlet’s expression changed to a sad one. Noel noticed it and patted her shoulder.

“You will see him soon enough dad.” She replied.

“I want to see him next week. Can he make it?.” He asked.

“He is a busy man dad. I don’t think he can make it, I will talk to him and we will decide on a day to come see you and mum.” Scarlet faked a smile.

“I can’t wait to see the handsome man that has won my daughter’s heart.” Mrs Brittany squealed.

“How about you Noel?.” Mr Evans faced her.

“Mine is busy too.” Noel said.

Mr Evans rolled his eyes.

“No problem. I will be expecting them.” He said.

Noel and Scarlet were relieved, he didn’t push further.




“I told you he was gonna ask, I knew it!” Scarlet said, immediately they came back and sat down.

“Calm down babe. It’s gonna be fine.” Noel said, removing her shoes.

“What am I gonna do? If I don’t show him the guy I am interested in, he will choose for me. I am sure, he has already arranged someone for me.” Scarlet said.

“That can’t happen. If that happens, what happens to Austin?.” Noel asked.

“I don’t know, I’m confused.”

“I’m sure Austin is working on something. Chill okay?.” Noel comforted her.

“Okay.” She sighed.




“Don’t tell me you are not up to the task.” Camille snapped at the man in front of her.

“I never said that ma. I’m just being careful since Mr Gerald is involved. If there is a mista_”

“There can never be a mistake Bruce.” Camille cut in. “I just want you to set her up that’s all”

“I understand.”

“You know the amount of money involved here, I am sure you need it.” Camille said.

“Yes I need that money.” Bruce replied.

“Then do it.”

“Okay. I will.”

“They’ll be going for a dinner at Chicken Grenada tomorrow night. Her name is Noella Patterson. I am sure you know what to do when you get there.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“So do your best and don’t s¢rèw this up.” Camille said warningly.

“Trust me, I will get the job done.”

“Good. Now leave my house!” She said.

“See you there.”





Scarlet was busy on her laptop while Austin stared at her in both admiration and love.

“Are you going to continue staring at me like that?.” Scarlet asked.

“Yeah. Please allow me stare for one more time.” Austin pleaded.

“You can as well mvrder me with your eyes.” She teased.

“I will never do that.”

“You better don’t.”

“Um… Scarlet?” He called, softly.

“Yes?” She faced him.

“I want to ask something from you, please don’t say no.”

“What’s that?” She asked, expecting it to be an answer to her prayers.

“I want you to go on a dinner date with me.” He paused “I’m sorry for asking, forget, I ever said that.”

“No, it’s fine, I will go on the date.” She smiled.

“Really?” He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yeah. So, when are we doing this?”

“How about the day after tomorrow, by 5pm.” Austin said.

“Sounds splendid.” She smiled brightly.




Quinn just returned from the library with Snow and they looked exhausted.

“I need to take a nap.” Quinn said, resting her back on her locker.

“Same here. I think the desk in class will do.” Snow replied.

Miguel came to them

“Hey ladies.” He smiled.

“Hi, how are you doing?” Quinn asked.

“Fine fine fine” He replied with a sly smile forming on his lips.

“That’s 3 in all. Tell us what’s up.” Snow said.

“Well, you have to follow me to the school garden to find out.”

With that said, he started walking away.

Snow and Quinn exchanged looks.

“Are we gonna follow him?” Quinn asked.

“Yeah, duh.” Snow replied and dragged her there



Snow entered before Quinn and her eyes almost popped. The place looked festive. She wondered who was getting married in school today. All she knew was that, it was Quinn’s birthday. Wait… Is this the surprise Damien told her about?.

Just then, Quinn rushed in and balloons started falling down. It was literally raining balloons on her right now.

“What is going on?” She asked, turning to face Snow.

“I’m as confused as you are. But, I think, he has an explanation for these.” Snow said


“Damien” Snow replied.

Quinn turned to see Damien. He was coming towards her.

“What’s going on? Is someone getting married?” Quinn asked.

Damien laughed.

“Married? Where did you get that idea?”

“Look at the balloons, cakes and decorations.” Quinn said, gesturing to them as she mentions them.

“No one is getting wedded today.” Miguel said.

“Then what’s happening because, I am totally confused.” Snow said, winking at him.

“These are for Quinn. Happy birthday!” Damien said.

Immediately he said that, some students came out and started singing a birthday song for her.

Quinn stood, dazed at the spot. He threw a birthday for her? A middle class girl like her? She wasn’t good enough for all these. She doesn’t deserve it at all but he had surprised her.

When the song had come to an end, Damien led her to the cake stand.

“You did all these for me?” She spoke, tears rolling down.

“Yeah and I’m gonna do more, you know why?” Damien asked.

“Why?” She sniffed.

“Because I love you.” He smiled and held her hand.

“Awwwwwn.” All the students present started taking pictures.

Quinn hugged him and he pecked her forehead.

“Let’s cut your cake.” He said.

She took a look at the cake. She looked closer, trying to see what was written on it.


Quinn looked closer to be sure that she saw and read it completely.

“Yes I will.” She said and they hugged while the students clapped and cheered.

The social media is gonna be on fire today.

She cut her cake and the music started playing.

“Congratulations Quinn” Snow hugged her.

“Thank you Snow.” Quinn smiled.

“So glad you finally came clean.” Miguel teased Damien.

“Me too. It feels good.” Damien smiled “So, are you gonna do yours now or when?”

“School party” Miguel replied simply and smirked.

“Don’t try anything naughty.” Damien teased.

“You’ll see.” He smiled more.

“My gift for you is in your bag. My mum helped me get it. Do not check it out till you’re home.” Snow whispered into Quinn’s ears.

“How were you able to put it without my knowledge?” Quinn asked.

“I have my ways.” Snow smiled slyly.

“Thank you.”




Bruce sat down on a chair beside the counter, sipping from a glass of orange juice. He kept checking his wrist watch now and then and had a disappointed look on his face. Could Camille be wrong about the address? He is sure, he is in the right place.

“When are these people going to come?” He muttered.

Just then, Noel entered the restaurant, holding hands with Gray.

Bruce licked his lips as he roams her body with his eyes. She was wearing a short blue gown and her hair was packed up in a bun.

He smirked.

“She’s beautiful.”

With that said, he stood up and walked towards them.

Gray left Noel to go get their order. He told her, he will be the one to serve her today.

Noel stood there waiting for Gray with a big smile on her face.

Suddenly, Bruce enveloped her in a hug.

Noel’s eyes widened and she pushed him off her.

“What’s the meaning of this?” She asked.

“Don’t you know me?” He asked.

“No I don’t. Do not try that again.” She warned.

Gray saw what happened and ran to where they were.

“What’s going on here? Who is this man?” Gray asked.

“I don’t know.” Noel replied.

“Noella, you don’t know me? We dated once remember? Remember how we normally pleasure ourselves in bed?” Bruce asked, wearing a sinister smile on his face.

Noel gasped.

“What!” Gray exclaimed, facing her.

“He’s lying Gray. I haven’t set my eyes on this man before.” Noel said.

“Noel, stop denying me. We were happy but after I caught you cheating on me with my friend, you left and I never saw you again. I still love you.” Bruce said.

“I don’t even know you. Why are you doing this?” Noel asked.

“Babe come on, I’ve forgiven you.” Bruce said and was about kssing her but she sIapped him hard across the face.

People were already gathering to watch the unfolding drama.

“Are you màd?” She asked.

Bruce looked at her in shock.

“You slapped me?”

“And I’ll do it again and again if you utter such rubbish from that gutter you call a mouth.” Noel snapped.

Gray stood, watching everything quietly.

“You’ll regret doing that.” He said and made to h it her but a pvnch from Gray sent him flying to the floor.

He was already bleeding from the nose.

Gray hugged Noel.

“Don’t cry. I believe you, I trust you Noel.” He said

“Thank you.” She smiled.

Gray bent to the man’s level.

“You’re gonna rot in jail for attempting to frame and abuse my wife.”


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Chapter 39

Gray bent to the man’s level.

“You’re gonna rot in jail for attempting to frame and abuse my wife.”

“All I said was true. You can ask her.” Bruce said, wiping his nose with the back of his hands.

“You will have to confess at the police station, Whoever sent you should know that you’re dealing with fire.” Gray stood up and picked his phone.

He dialed the cops number and was speaking with them.

Bruce saw that Gray was distracted, he used that opportunity to scurry out of the restaurant before anyone could say anything.

The people that gathered started murmuring before going back to sit down. Noel patted Gray’s shoulders.

“He ran away.” She said, softly.

Gray ended the call and balled his fists so hard, his knuckles were turning White.

“No problem, He won’t run forever.” Gray smiled.

“I don’t know why we always encounter problems whenever we want to have a relaxing dinner.” Noel said.

“I know right.” Gray laughed “Come sit down, nothing is gonna stop today’s dinner.”

He pulled out a chair for her before going to get their order. Noel watched him as he left and a smile played on her lips.

She didn’t believe he was going to trust her this much. All the way from high school to the university, she had been crushing on Gray. Despite his tsundere attitude, she didn’t know why her heart beats for him.

She never had a boyfriend like any High School girl would. She was very beautiful and countless boys were after her. She turned down their advances because of one person and that was Gray.

She had loved him from the beginning, nothing was gonna change that.

Gray brought the food and set them on the table.

“Looks delicious.” Noel licked her lips.

“Yeah, it does. Now open your mouth.” Gray said.

“I can feed myself.” She said.

“No I wanna feed you and you can’t say No.” Gray was determined.

Noel sighed in surrender.


He took a spoonful of the food and brought it to her mouth. She opened it but he refused to give her and ate it.

Noel glared at him and he laughed.

He did same thing the second time and had to beg her to collect the third one from him. That was how they fed themselves.




Camille gave Bruce a slap.

“How can you fk this up huh? I gave you a simple mission but you blew it.” Camille yelled.

“It isn’t what you’re thinking ma’am. I tried my best but she was something else” Bruce replied.

“You’re very stúpid Bruce. Why were you trying to retaliate on a woman?” Camille asked.

“She slapped me”

“You screwed this up by trying to slap her back. You should have remained calm because if you had, Gray would have been left to ponder on it for a while before I confirm it. Instead, you messed up my plan.”

“I’m sorry Camille. I won’t fail you next time.” Bruce said.

“There won’t be a next time. The cops might come after you and I don’t want anything that would implicate me because I’ve just started. If you’re caught and by any chance, you tell them about me, I will hunt you down and ki!l you.”

Bruce gasped.

“Now get out of my house!” She thundered angrily.

Bruce stood up and left.

“What’s the meaning of all these? This lady called Noella is really frustrating me.” Camille put her hands on her forehead.

“I’m sure you will find other means of dealing with her ma.” Julie said.

“I will. I will make sure she begs for my mercy. I will make sure Gray forgets about that lady, even if it means ki!ling her.”




Noel was on her way back from the nail salon when she bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry about that. I wasn’t looking well.” She said.

“No problem.”

She was about leaving but the person held her hand. She turned and looked up at him.

“Mr Harry?” She quickly removed her hands from his.

“Good afternoon Noel.” He smiled.

He hasn’t seen her for a while but his heart still skips beats the moment he set his eyes on her. He loved her but his greed and unnecessary thirst for vengeance, made him believe she was a tool and nothing more.

Noel tried to ignore him but couldn’t. He had a sullen look on his face.

“Good afternoon.” She replied curtly and made to walk away.

“Wait… please we need to talk.” He pleaded.

“I don’t wanna talk with you so leave me alone.” She said.

“Please, even if it’s for 5 minutes.” Harry pleaded again.

She studied him.

“Fine. A minute is all I’ll give you.” She replied.

“Thank you so much.” He smiled and they sat on the chairs there.

“Now talk. I’m all ears” She said.

“I want to apologise for everything I did especially what I attempted with you. It’s a shameful thing for me and a disgrace to my reputation. I’m sorry.”

“Why were you doing all that in the first place?” Noel asked.

“Jealousy Noel. I was jealous of Gray and everything about him. He always got the good stuff. Things were going well with him and I wasn’t happy about that. I wanted it to be me and that’s why I cause all those trouble. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Noel sighed.

“I will forgive you on one condition.”

“What is it?”

“You apologize to Gray as well. Stop envying others and plan on improving yours. If you were his friend too, his success would have rubbed off on you. Good luck.” She said.

“Thank you. It feels so good to finally have your forgiveness.” He beamed

“You’re welcome. I’ll take my leave now.” Noel stood up.

“Mind if I drop you off?” He asked.

“That won’t be necessary. Thanks.” She smiled and walked away.




Mrs and Mrs Rosella sat down watching a soap opera.

“Are you sure skipping work today is a good idea?” Mrs Rosella asked.

“Yeah, duh. You don’t need to worry. We have qualified and professional doctors and nurses working for us, we should be resting.” Mrs Jasmine replied.

“I guess you’re right. How about Gray?” Rosella asked.

“My son is getting engaged soon. Gray has found the woman he loves.” Mrs Jasmine said.

“Could it be that lady?” Rosella asked.

“Yes Rosy, it’s her. She has really brought happiness into his life and made me smile.” Jasmine said.

“That’s great news. I can’t wait for their engagement day. I’m gonna rock it.” Rosella said.

“You can’t rock it more than me” Jasmine replied.

“Watch me” Rosella smirked.





“I saw it but I still can’t believe you got me an iPad. Where in the world were you able to get the money and purchase it?” Quinn asked.

“Well, I took the money from my piggy bank but it was a thousand dollar short so, mum helped me complete it before buying this for you.” Snow said.

“It really came at the right time. Thank you so much and thank your mum too.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m waiting for the games you’re gonna plan out with this, I will be your first customer.” Snow said.

“Okay, no problem then.” Quinn laughed.

Sapphire came to them.

“Hey girls.” She waved.

“Hey Sapphire, how are you doing?” Quinn asked.

“I’m doing great. How about you?” Sapphire asked, smiling.

“I’m doing fine. Thanks.” Quinn replied.

“Mind if I sit with you girls?” Sapphire asked.

“Sure.” Quinn smiled and she sat down.

“What about Hayley and Maya?” Snow asked.

“Those two are past tense. They aren’t serious about their studies at all so I left them.” Sapphire replied.

“You weren’t serious too you know.” Snow said.

“I’m aware of that. But, since I developed a new attitude and got to spend more time with Quinn, I realized that I’ve been unserious and have been wasting my parent’s money so, I decided to change.” Sapphire said

“Okay, I get that.” Snow replied bluntly.

Sapphire ignored her.

“Um… Quinn, I wasn’t in school yesterday to wish you a happy birthday and I’m sorry. Is it okay if I wish you now? I can give you a gift later right?” Sapphire asked, cutely.

“Sure” Quinn replied.

Snow hissed and stood up.

“Snow, what’s up?” Quinn asked worriedly.

“Nothing.” She replied, took one more look at Sapphire before leaving.

“What’s wrong with her?” Quinn asked.

“I think she doesn’t like me.” Sapphire replied.

Quinn got the hint immediately and smiled.

Someone is jealous.

“Don’t worry Sapphire, she will come around.” Quinn said.

“I hope so.” Sapphire replied




Scarlet just returned from the supermarket. She went into the kitchen and dropped the foodstuffs she bought. Returning to the living room, she heard a knock on the door. She walked to the door and opened it.

“Camille” She gasped.

“Hey cousin, are you gonna stand there gawking or let me in?” Camille rolled her eyes.

Scarlet moved aside and she entered with Julie.

“What are you doing here?”Scarlet closed the door.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t miss me?” Camille asked.

“No I didn’t. Leave!”

Camille chuckled.

“You’re asking me to leave after letting me in?”

“What do you want?” Scarlet asked.

“Now you’re asking me the right question. What I want is simple”

The door opened and Noel entered. The smile on her face disappeared, replaced with an angry one immediately she locked gazes with Camille.

“You!” Both exclaimed.

“What are you doing here wtch?” Camille asked.

“I should be the one asking you that millipede. You’re in my house.” Noel answered.

“Your house? What a joke! I’m sure you can’t afford something like this.” Camille blurted out.

“Camille! Enough!” Scarlet said.

“Stay out of this Scarlet!,” Camille snapped.

Noel closed the door and took gentle steps to where Camille stood, facing her.

“Yes Scarlet, stay out of this because this toad right here just stepped on my toes.” Noel said.

“Who are you calling a toad?” Camille asked.

“You!” Noel answered, looking her in the eyes.

“If I…”

“Shut the fúck up!” Noel cut her short “If you what? What are you gonna do? Set me up like you did yesterday?”

“You’re lucky my plan failed else you would have been on your knees by now.”

“You should know that Gray trusts me more than he trust you. You are his past, I am his present. So, deal with it!” Noel said.

“You’re ¢ràzy” Camille snapped angrily.

Noel smirked.

“If I’m ¢ràzy then you need to get your diapers changed”


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Chapter 40

Camille gasped.

“Repeat what you just said.”

“I hate repeating myself.” Noel replied tersely.

“Scarlet, say something.” Camille was frustrated

“You told me to stay out of this. Why are you bringing me in? Please I am not interested.” Scarlet replied.

Camille stomped her feet angrily.

“Watch your back Noel. I will show you the stuff I’m made of.”

“Make sure you change your diapers before you show me what you’re made of. I don’t want my nose to inhale the stench of your failure.” Noel said.

Scarlet burst into laughter.

Camille was totally embarrassed.

“It’s not over.” She said and stepped out with Julie.

After she left, Noel released the breath she didn’t know she has been holding.

“Babe, you were on fire.” Scarlet shrieked happily.

“I needed to show her that I’m not scared of her. She is a green snake in a green grass. You need to see the theaterical display she put out in Gray’s office today.” Noel frowned.

“What did she do?” Scarlet asked.

“She threatened me. That threat isn’t an ordinary one. The more I think about it, the more I get scared. I don’t want anything to happen to my family.” Noel said sadly.

“Nothing will happen to them. I know you’re going to win this. Gray loves you. He can never love Camille. She’s a thing of the past.”

“Yeah, I guess. What did she come here to do in the first place?” Noel asked.

“I don’t know. She was about stating her mission before you came in.”

“I need to be careful around her from now on. I don’t trust her a bit. I’m worried about Gray too. What if she decides to get to me through him?” Noel asked.

“Babe relax, what is yours will forever be yours.”

Noel nodded.




Mrs Evie had two plates of mashed potatoes on hand and brought it to a table. She served the first table then moved over to serve the second one.

After serving the man, she was about turning to leave but he stopped her.

“Sorry ma’am, can I please have a bit of your time?” He asked politely.

“Hope there is no problem?” She asked.

“No there isn’t any. I just want to discuss something very important with you.” He answered.

“Okay.” She replied and sat down.

“My name is Jeremy Matt, son of Mr Matt Jude.” He smiled.

“Oh… He owns a huge petroleum company just down the road. So you’re his son?” Evie smiled.

“Yes ma’am”

“Nice knowing that. So, how may I help you?” She asked in a serious tone.

“Ma’am, I want to tell you that I am deeply and seriously interested in your daughter, Noella.” He said.

“Noel, How?” Evie was surprised.

“The First time I set my eyes on her here when she visited with a friend of hers, I fell for her. I love everything about her and I’m sure she has good character.”

“That’s nice sir but there is a problem.” Evie said.

“Which is?” He asked anxiously.

“Noel has a man who wants to get married to her already. Her engagement is taking place next month” Evie said.

Jeremy bent his head.

“Can I speak with her?”

“I’ve already told you she’s taken. Speaking with her will be meaningless.” Evie said.

“Anything can happen ma’am.” He smiled.

“Nothing bad will happen.” She replied and they laughed.

“I know speaking with her won’t yield results so I guess you’ll speak with her and get to listen to her own view.”

“Okay. Thank you so much ma.” He smiled.




Camille entered the house and threw her bag on the couch angrily.

“What gave her the guts to talk to me in such manner?”

“Calm down ma” Julie said

“Don’t tell me to calm down!” She yelled at her in frustration. “What is there to calm down about? That lady is really frustrating me. I won’t take it likely at all.”

“I don’t think anger will solve anything for now. Let’s calm down and think of a way out.” Julie said.

“How?” Camille sensed that Julie had a plan.

“How about we set her up with Austin instead?” Julie asked

“Hmmm” Camille sat down and crossed her legs. “Tell me more.”

“You never liked Austin in the first place. Setting him up with Noel will be like klling two birds with a stone if not three because, it will tarnish their long built friendship.” Julie smirked.

“That idea is gold. But, I need to call Scarlet for something. If she agrees, then we don’t need to set Noel up with Austin. If she refuses, we will proceed with this plan and crush her.” Camille laughed.

“Sounds good.” Julie laughed too.





Snow sat all alone in the class with her head on her desk. Ever since Quinn became friends with Sapphire, she couldn’t help but feel left out. She believes Quinn is giving Sapphire more of her attention.

She still didn’t trust Sapphire and that’s giving her a cause for concern.

She felt some one tap her shoulders.

She looked up and saw Miguel.

“What’s wrong? You look bothered.” He sat beside her.

“I’m fine.”

“No Snow, you aren’t fine. Don’t you trust me enough to share what’s up with me?” Miguel asked

“I do.”

“Then tell me.” Miguel said.

She bit her lower lip and sighed.

“I feel neglected and abandoned” She said.


“Ever since Sapphire became friends with Quinn, Quinn no longer has my time. She spends all day with Sapphire and won’t even do normal stuffs with me” Snow said.

Miguel laughed.

“Don’t tell me you’re pouting because of that?”

“Of course I am”

“You should know Quinn is your best friend. No one can ever replace you in her heart. She can’t leave you for Sapphire. She is just being nice” Miguel said.

“Are you sure?” Snow asked.

“Yeah. Now stop being jealous of someone else” He poked her nose.

“I’m not jealous but worried. I still don’t trust Sapphire.” Snow said.

“Then the best way to clear your doubts is to be nice to her.”

“That’s a brilliant idea. Thank you.” She smiled.

“Anything for my Queen.” He muttered.

“You said what?” She asked.

“Nothing” He smiled awkwardly.

“Okay.” She turned her face aside and blushed. She actually heard what he said but pretended.


“Come on Sapphire, I wanna give this ice cream to Snow before it melts.” Quinn said.

“Okay.” Sapphire replied.

They kept running through the halls and laughing. They got to a place they were to turn and entered the class before halting immediately.

They saw Maya and Hayley standing before them.

“Let us through.” Quinn said.

“Not gonna happen.” Hayley replied.

“Why if I may ask?” Quinn asked.

“Because of Sapphire. Tell us why you had to take her away from us.” Maya said.

“Because she wants a change. She doesn’t wanna put up with your lifestyles anymore.” Quinn replied.

“Oh really, maybe she needs a little reminder that she can’t do without us.” Hayley said.

“You’re wrong Hayley. If there is anyone who won’t be able to do without the other, it is you guys.” Sapphire said straight faced.

“Maybe they think they’re gods now. Going about wasting their parents hard earned money is now a source of living to them.” Quinn added, sparing them no glance.

Maya chuckled slightly.

“Need I remind you Sapphire that Quinn is a poor brat. The reason she agreed to be your friend is to empty your pocket.”

“I came to her Maya. She didn’t come to me.” Sapphire replied “Please stay away from us. I want nothing to do with you girls anymore.”

“Is she really serious?” Hayley asked.

“I guess so. Let’s give her time. She will come around.” Maya chuckled before leaving with Hayley.

“Thanks for standing up for me. No one has ever done that to me before.” Sapphire was grateful.

“You’re welcome dear. Now let’s give this ice cream to Snow. It’s melting already.” Quinn dragged her and they ran back.




Noel just finished dressing Scarlet up for her date. She wore a velvet gown reaching a little below her knees. Her hair was packed up in a bun leaving a few strands to fall on her forehead. Her makeup was moderate making her look extraordinarily beautiful.

She wore blue heels to match with the gown and a white purse to match with her hair band.

“Perfect.” Noel smiled, making her face the mirror.

“Wow. I look beautiful. Is that even me?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes babe it’s you.” Noel smiled.

They heard a knock on the door.

“He’s here.” Noel smiled and opened the door. “OMG you look breathtaking”

“Don’t drool too much.” Austin teased.

“I’m already drooling too much.” Noel said.

“Let Gray catch both of you.” Scarlet said.

They laughed.

Austin came in and Scarlet almost fell from the chair she sat on as they stared at each other.

She was practically drooling. She has never seen him this hot before. He was wearing a black suit and the most expensive shoes she had ever seen. Just take a look at his golden wristwatch, it fitted him perfectly.

Austin couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was mesmerized by her outstanding beauty which was one of a kind.

Noel cleared her throat loud enough for them to come back to earth.

“You look too beautiful.” Austin finally said, stretching out his hand for her to take.

“And you look hot.” She replied, taking his hand.

“You two look adorable together.” Noel smiled and took a pic of them.

“Hey, you better not post that.” Scarlet said.

“Watch me.” Noel smirked.

They laughed.

“Shall we?” Austin asked.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Have fun.” Noel waved at them.

“We will.” Scarlet said and they left.




Austin stopped the car and helped her out. Scarlet looked at the restaurant in awe. It was so large, one would think it was a mansion. It was beautifully decorated too.

When they got in, her eyes widened more. It looked as if everywhere and everything was made entirely out of glass.

“This place is really beautiful.” Scarlet said, glancing around.

“Just like you.” Austin said, making her blush.

The waitress led them to a table and took their orders.

After they were served, both digged in.

“Are you enjoying your dinner?” Austin asked.

“Yeah. Believe me I love it.” Scarlet replied.

He smiled, still staring at her with so much affection in his eyes. He held her hand and intertwined her fingers with his.

“Isn’t it ¢ràzy?” He chuckled.

“What?” Scarlet asked.

“Falling in love at first sight.” He answered and she smiled.

“It is, isn’t it?” She batted her lashes.

“Yeah. How I feel about you is indescribable Scarlet. After experiencing a terrible heartbreak for the first time, I never knew I could even love again. I actually thought my heart was dead.” He said.

“I know that feeling.” She replied.

He smiled.

“I want you to know that I will always stand by you and support whatever you do. I will never hurt you.” He said.

Scarlet could sense the seriousness and sincerity in the way he spoke.

“Where are you driving at?” She asked.

“Love! I love you Scarlet. I love you so so much, more than you can ever imagine.” He said sincerely.

Although she was expecting this from him but hearing him say he loved her took her feelings to a whole new dimension. She smiled brightly.

“I love you too.”


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Chapter 41

Although she was expecting this from him but hearing him say he loved her took her feelings to a whole new dimension. She smiled brightly.

“I love you too.”

Austin was overjoyed.

“You do?” He asked to be sure

“Yes. I really do.” She replied.

“Gosh! I’m so happy I could kss you.” Austin said.

She blushed.

“You can.”

He leaned closer and pecked her lips for 2 seconds. Scarlet smiled and he did same.

They chatted more about themselves and laughed. The dinner went well.



“Babe I’m back” Scarlet said happily.

Austin just dropped her off and left.

“Wow, I’m sure it went well” Noel smiled.

“Well? It went glorious.” Scarlet said and Noel laughed.

“So, gist me.”

“He finally asked me out!” Scarlet squealed happily.

Her Joy knew no bounds now. Her and Austin dating simply means that her parents won’t get to pick a man for her anymore. She was gonna take him to see them soon.

“Wow, congratulations bae.” Noel hugged her.


“This calls for celebration. You know what? Go in, take your bath and come let’s have a drink.” Noel said.

“You’re right girl” Scarlet stood up and left for the bathroom.





Maureen had called Noel over for a visit.

“This place has really changed.” Noel said.

“Yeah. I think he’s gonna drop the towel soon” Maureen said.

“Everything has it’s own time dear. This is his time. He shouldn’t drop the towel yet.” Noel said.

“Yeah but things haven’t been the same since you left. He wants to apologise for firing you but I think he’s too ashamed to do it.” Maureen said.

“He shouldn’t feel that way. Besides, I’m happy he fired me; if he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been where I am today.” Noel said.

“Yeah you’re right. Speaking of that, how is it going with you and Gray?”

“It’s going great. I’m really lucky to have him.”

“You know, I’m still finding all these hard to believe.” Maureen said.

“What is that?”

“Gray finally loving you. It feels like I’m dreaming. I remember how hard you tried to please him back then just for him to notice you, even the makeups you did then…”

Noel laughed.

“Well, with determination, anything can be achieved. I’m even wondering how it happened before two months. Seriously, I am grateful to God for finally answering my prayers.” Noel said.

“Wow this is cool. So, how about that lady that almost ruined your date that day?”

“Camille? She is the main opponent I have now. Though I know Gray will never love her, I’m still worried at the stunts she would pull to get him. She is dangerous.” Noel said.

“I know you can do this. Do not let her intimidate you. I’ve had an encounter with her once in this restaurant. She is so saucy” Maureen said.

“Tell me about it.” Noel glanced at her wristwatch “I guess I have to go now.”

“Already?” Maureen pouted.

“I’ll come visit from time to time. I’m not going forever you know.”

“Okay but I’m already missing you.” She pouted.

Noel laughed.

“Stop being a big baby”

They laughed and strode out. Maureen hugged Noel before she stepped into the car and the chauffeur drove off.




“It’s like you aren’t serious with this deal. Don’t make me punish you.” Camille snapped at Teresa.

“I’m sorry. I went to see my sick mother, the reception there is bad that’s why I couldn’t reach you.” Teresa said.

“I’m not buying that excuse and I don’t want to push this matter further. Let’s get to the reason why I called you here.” Camille said.

“Okay.” Teresa replied.

“Noel and Gray are going to be engaged soon. We can’t let that happen. Their relationship keeps growing strong day by day, giving me a migraine and I detest that.” Camille said.

“So, what are we gonna do?” Teresa asked.

“I need more information about the happenings in the office before I can plan things well. That is where you come in”

“Me? I was fired from the office remember?” Teresa glared at her.

“Glare at me one more time and you’ll loose an eye.” Camille pointed her index finger at her, signing her a warning.

“I’m sorry.” Teresa bent her head and rolled her eyes.

“Now, I want you to go back to that office, do whatever you can to make him hire you back.”

“But Gray never goes back on his words. He will refuse.” Teresa said.

“At least try before complaining. Put up whatever pitiful act you can. Gray is easily moved by tears so shed some.” Camille said.

“Okay I’ll try but what if he refuses?”

“He won’t. I promise you that. I will also be at the office when you’re begging so as to add a few words in for you.”

“That’s better. When are we doing this?”

“Today. I don’t want to waste time at all. I will be leaving for Gray’s office by 4pm, be there by 5.” Camille said.

“Okay. Till then, I have to go now.” Teresa stood up.

“Yeah Yeah leave!” Camille turned to switch the TV on.

Teresa strode towards the door, opened it and left.




Mrs Evie was discussing Jeremy with her husband.

“Didn’t you tell him that Noel is getting engaged?” Mr Pat asked.

“Of course I told him but he insisted on seeing her. I won’t tell her anything about this to avoid a reoccurrence of unpleasant events. He should meet her himself.” She said.

“I suppose that’s a good idea. Where is Quinn by the way?”

“She went to the mall with Snow, Miguel and Damien. They went to purchase matching outfits for their school dance tomorrow night.” Evie answered.

“Wow. We really have lucky children”

“Yeah. I have never in my life imagined us having a restaurant and bakery this large.”

“Yeah. This is way bigger than our original plan Evie. I pray God bless the work of their hands.”

“Me too. Now let’s talk about the sales girls we are going to employ. We have two already but work has been too hectic this week, we need two more.” Evie said.

“Yeah you’re right. We have four women at the counter waiting to be interviewed. You can go and interview them then pick the best.”

“Okay.” She smiled and stepped out.




Ryan sat on a chair by the counter, puffing out smoke from both his mouth and nostrils. This has been his lifestyle since he got out of jail. Drinking, smoking and laying down with women.

Not like he didn’t have work to do or a company to look after, he wanted to have fun. YOLO* was his excuse for an abnormal lifestyle.

He gulped down three bottles of beer.

“More” He said to the waiter. He was already getting tipsy.

The waiter gave him another glass and he gulped it down in no time.

“Good day Ryan.”

Ryan turned to behold the man beside him. Although he was tipsy, he recognized the man right away.

“Liam.” He muttered.

“Smart. You still remember me.” Mr Liam said.

“Of course I remember you. You’re a monkey.” Ryan laughed drunkenly.

“I’ll spare you because of the state you are in now. I have an offer for you and it comes with a price.” Liam said.

“I am not interested in whatever offer you have for me. You are an evil man.” Ryan blurted out.

Mr Liam was surprised at his behavior. Aren’t drunks supposed to be easily persuaded? Good thing he had a plan B.

“Ryan, the offer is indeed a huge one. You wouldn’t wanna miss it.”

Ryan grabbed him by his collar.

“Did I tell you I’m in need of money? Look at me, I am richer than anybody in California. I have houses and estates in numerous places. I’m richer than Austin and that fuçking Gray.” He yelled.

“I understand. Please, let go of my collar now.” Liam begged.

Ryan hesitated for a while before releasing him.

“Get out of my face.” Ryan said drowsily.

“Yeah I will, but before that, oh Krysten!” Liam called and a beautiful lady walked in.

Ryan eyes almost popped as he stared at her lvstfully.

Liam stood up and faced her.

“You know what to do.” He said.

“Yes boss.” She replied.

Liam chuckled and left.

Krysten gave Ryan a se..ductive smile. She walked towards him and twirled showing off her bos$om in the skimpy dress she was putting on. She rubbed his chest se..ductively and caressed his back, turning him on.

Ryan was lost and couldn’t think straight as she pulled him up. She dragged him into a room and shut the door tight before unbuttoning his shirt.

He tried to push her back but she crashed her lips on his making him loose it totally. When she pulled away, he brought her back and slammed his on hers, caressing her bbs. Before you know it, they were on the bed with clothes flying in different directions.





Noel was done with her work for the day before sitting to rest. Gray didn’t want her to work, but she stubbornly refused. She went through some files on her laptop before picking up a comic book to read. Gray had gone for a business meeting and will be back in few minutes.

The office door opened slowly revealing Camille. Noel looked up and saw her making her countenance change immediately.

Camille finally entered and helped herself with a seat in front of Gray’s desk while glaring daggers at Noel.

Noel was about to say something but she kept quiet and ignored Camille. She crossed her legs and continued reading the comic book.

The door opened again and Tina, the assistant Gray hired for her entered.

“Good evening ma.” She bowed slightly at Noel.

Camille scoffed.

“Tina, how are you doing?” Noel smiled.

“I’m fine ma.”

“So, what do you have for me today?”

“The CEO of LogsVille has invited you over for a business meeting.” Tina said.

“That’s nice but I want you to reschedule it for 2pm tomorrow. I am waiting for my darling fiance to return from where he went to.” Noel said, smiling smugly at Camille.

“Okay ma.” Tina bowed and left.

Camille cursed inwardly. All these should have been her and not Noel. She was jealous, damn jealous!

Noel loved the look on Camille’s face. She would make sure she keeps frustrating her.

Soon enough, Gray entered the office. Noel was about standing up to meet him but Camille rushed and hugged him tightly.

“Welcome bestie. Hope your day wasn’t stressful?” Camille said.

Gray pulled away from the hug.

“No it wasn’t thanks.” He answered casually and walked towards Noel. “Darling.” He pecked her lips and she hugged him.

“You didn’t tell me you were gonna be back late sweetie.” She pouted, rubbing his chest fondly while looking at Camille who was burning in anger and jealousy.

“I’m sorry Sugar. I was too busy to touch my phone.” He said.

“I missed you.” She rubbed his lips with her index finger.

“I missed you more baby.” He had totally forgotten about Camille.

“So how are you gonna make it up to me darling?” Noel whispered into his ears while using her other eyes to wink at Camille.

“How about dinner at my house.” Gray suggested.

“No I want something else. Something like your lips.” She brushed her lips against his own.

Camille couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up and was about leaving.

“Camille dear, won’t you stay for a while?” Noel smiled at her.

Camille was blazing with fury but hid it behind a smile.

“I have something important to take care of.” She replied.

“Awwn, didn’t you say you wanted to see Gray? Sit baby, Gray will be with you shortly.” Noel said.

Camille sighed and sat down.

“Now where were we?” Noel said.

Gray chuckled.

“You want my lips, you can have it.”

“With pleasure.” Noel smirked and kssed him.

Camille widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe Noel actually did that, in her presence.

She felt like crying.


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 42

“You want my lips, you can have it.”

“With pleasure.” Noel smirked and kissed him.

Camille widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe Noel actually did that, in her presence.

She felt like crying.

What hurt her most was that Gray was playing along. How could Gray do this to her after everything they shared in the past.

She couldn’t bear it anymore and stood up, glared at Noel and stormed out of the office, cursing under her breath.

After her departure, Noel broke out of the kss and they started laughing.

“I really enjoyed myself teaching her a lesson.” Gray said.

“Yeah, me too. Serves her right for trying to seduce my man.” Noel said, emphasizing the word ‘My Man’.

Gray chuckled.

“Now that I have finally dealt with her, let me continue working.” Noel said, trying to sit down but Gray pulled her back to himself.

“Ms. Noel, you can’t go just like that after using me.” Gray said, a knowing smirk playing on his lips.

“W-What do you mean?” She took a step back but the wall was too close.

He trapped her with her back against the wall and smiled smugly, licking his lips.

“You are getting pvnished for using me without my permission.” He said.

“Come on, you played along dude.” She said.

“I did but my reason was to get my revenge.” He bent over and claimed her lips again, svcking and nibbling on her lower lip.

“Per.vert!” She said.

“I’m a per.vert fo your sake sugar.” He gave her a se..ductive smile.

“FIirt!” She blushed.

“All for you.” He smiled seductively again.

She rolled her eyes and was about walking away but he pinned her to the wall again.

He just couldn’t get enough of her, could he?



Camille stormed out of the company and stood outside angrily. She just felt like smashing stuffs now. She looked at her car and realized that she was too angry to drive.

Her head was on fire. Not only was she angry that Noel kssed her ‘Man’, she was infuriated that she had the audacity to do it in front of her, right before her very eyes and Gray? Gray played along.

“Arrrghhh.” She yelled, pulling her hair.


“What is it?” She half yelled in exasperation.

“I’m here.” Teresa replied.

“Can’t you see that I’m not in the mood? Or are you a fool?”

Teresa ignored her question with an eye roll.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I don’t wanna talk about it else, I might end a lifë today.” Camille replied, fuming.

“How about the stuff we were to do in Gray’s office today?”

“This isn’t the right time for that now. I am furious so leave!” Camille yelled at her.

“Calm down please. I know you are angry because of Noel, no matter what happens, we will find a way out.” Teresa said.

“Teresa leave here now before I break your head.” Camille glared at her.

“Fine. I’ll leave, Jeez!” Teresa turned and walked away without even looking back.

She didn’t care whether Camille ki!ls herself. If Camille should ki!l herself then she would have a better chance with Gray. If Camille doesn’t ki!l herself, then she would try to get rid of her.

Camille paced forth and back like she was thinking of something. Swiftly, she got into her car and zoomed off.




She parked her car, not bothering to turn it off. The gateman should do that. She entered the house and smashed everything in sight. Julie, who was startled by the weird sounds of broken glasses in the living room, rushed down the stairs, only to meet Camille breaking stuffs.

“Ma, please calm down. Whatever it is that angers you so much should be sorted out.” Julie said, trying to come close.

“Stay away from me!” Camille yelled, picking a bottle from the wine shelf and smashing it on the floor, spilling the contents everywhere.

She pulled the wine shelf down to the floor, breaking almost everything in it.

“I hate Noel! I hate her with passion and disdain! I detest her guts to the core!” She yelled, breaking the lampstand.

“Ma, please, I’m begging you. Stop all these. You could get hurt.” Julie half yelled, almost at the point of tears.

This was the first time she saw her boss like this. Normally, if Camille was vexed, she would drink herself to stupor but seeing her at this rate means what happened to her was not likable.

Camille picked up a glass cup, held it tight to the extent that it broke, the shackles shoved themselves deep into her hand, making it bIeed.

She saw her bIood and smiled satisfyingly.

“Noel, your bIood will be dripping like this very soon.” She curved her lips upward, smiling ev!lly.




Ryan got up from the bed with a throbbing headache. He held his head and furrowed his brows as he couldn’t make out where he was.

He looked to the side and saw a nked lady sleeping soundly. He screamed and jumped down from the bed, discovering he was nked too, he jumped back on the bed. He looked at her in disgust as the memories of their previous activity played in his head.

Krysten woke up and turned to face him with a huge smile plastered on her face. Mission Accomplished. She never knew se..ducing him and making him fall was going to be that easy.

“Good morning hottie.” She greeted, flashing him a se..ductive smile.

“There is nothing good about this morning.” Ryan replied nastyly.

“Why? Didn’t I pleasure you the way I’m supposed to?” She asked innocently.

“Why did you se..duce me?” He asked, ignoring her disgusting question.

Krysten laughed.

“Se..duce you? I didn’t even lift a finger. My charm and beautiful did the magic.” She winked.

“You’re so shameless!” He half yelled at her.

“Seriously?” She rolled her eyes “Says the guy that almost ripped my v apart. I’m not angry but I’m happy cause you are a monster in bed. Let’s do this more often.” Krysten said, smiling se..ductively at him.

Ryan was turned on but he ignored it.

“Look Sarah_”

“It’s Krysten.” She interrupted him.

“Okay Krysten,” He glared at her “I don’t ever want to hear anything about this okay? Consider it as a one night stand.”

“But I love you.” Krysten pouted.

“Did you just say love? I’ll take that as a slip of tongue. Now get up and leave my sight.” He said.

“After using me?”

“You gave yourself out Sarah_”

“For fk sake, my name is Krysten. J.erk!” She yelled in annoyance.

“Okay I get you. Just leave!” He yelled and she flinched before smiling dangerously.

“I’ll go but you will come begging me sooner or later.” She said.

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise.” She chuckled, put on her clothes and left.

Ryan ruffled his hair vigorously.

“Bçh.” He muttered before putting on his clothes.




Liam sat on the king sized couch in his spacious living room. He was going through some files when Krysten entered.

“Baby” She said, trying to hug him.

“Please go and shower first.” He stopped her.

“Okay.” She rolled her eyes and went upstairs.

Few minutes later, she descended the stairs gracefully. She wore a short black skirt and white tank top. Her hair was still wet, making her look hotter than she was and more irresistible.

Liam looked at his hot girlfriend from head to toes. Krysten was a very beautiful lady with cute curves, slender waist and slender legs, giving her a model-like look. She was also tall with black shoulder length hair.

They’ve been dating for two years now and hoping to settle down soon. She was 24 and he was 26. She was a striper before he met her and they fell in love, so they say.

He had convinced her to set Ryan up and she willingly obliged. By the way, she wanted something new and got it. Now, she isn’t so sure she wanna let it go.

“How was it?” Liam asked.

“It was cool. The guy is a badass in bed ” Krysten smiled, remembering what happened.

Liam frowned a little but waved it off.

“It means our plan has finally fallen into place.” Liam smirked.

“Yeah.” She replied, sitting on his laps.

“So do you have the video?”





The halls were decorated beautifully with white, red, blue and green ribbons. PROM NIGHT was boldly written on a glittery board close to where the DJ stood, entertaining the students with music.

Quinn entered with Snow. Both were wearing peach coloured ball gowns with silver lining and Crystal gem stones on the waist. They wore crystal embedded high heels with matching handbags. The only difference was that, Quinn packed her hair in a bun while Snow let hers fall down in waves.

They looked cute and most of the boys were drooling.

Damien and Miguel entered looking more handsome than ever. The girls almost fainted as they forgot to breathe. Admiring, gawking and giving the demi gods seductive looks.

They made their way to where Quinn and Snow stood.

“Someone looks kissable tonight.” Miguel drooled at Snow’s beauty.

Snow blushed and took his hand in hers.

“You look hot.” She commended and he smiled dreamily.

Damien pulled Quinn to himself.

“You look more beautiful than a goddess” He said.

“You are more handsome than a Greek god.” Quinn smiled and he smiled back.

Soon, the DJ started playing a slow and r©mantic music.

“Wanna dance?” Damien asked.

“Sure.” Quinn replied.

The four made their way to the dance floor while Quinn used her eyes to search for Sapphire. She later spotted her dancing with one of the cute boys in her class. She sighed and danced with Damien.

In the middle of the dance, Damien and Miguel dragged Quinn and Snow to one of the classrooms. It was dark.

“What are we doing here?” Quinn asked but got no reply.

“Where are they?” Snow asked, frightened because they didn’t see the guys.

“Are you scared?” Quinn asked.

“If you’re scared then I’m scared.” Quinn said.

Suddenly, the lights came on. Snow and Quinn’s jaw dropped at what they saw.

Not only that the floor was filled with red and white balloons, which they failed to notice due to fear, there were two fluffy teddy bears hanging right in front of them both with their names engraved in hearts. The teddy bears were their favorite colors. Quinn took hers and Snow did same.

Another light shown on the wall before then and it was boldly written;



Snow and Quinn turned back to meet the guys stretching out roses to them.

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Chapter 43

Snow and Quinn turned back to meet the guys stretching out roses to them.

“Oh my gosh! This is… Wow!” Quinn said, taking hers.

“I don’t know what to say.” Snow said.

“Say you love me too if you really do.” Miguel smiled.

“Yes, I love you too.” Snow said and hugged him.

“I love you.” Quinn hugged Damien.

“This is the best night of my life.” Damien hugged her tightly.

“Same here dude.” Miguel said.

They returned to the party and danced to their hearts content.

Sapphire ran to them.

“Hey girls, meet Cole, my new boyfriend.” She smiled.

“Hey Cole, nice to meet you.” Quinn said.

“Nice to meet you Cole.” Snow said.

“Nice meeting you girls too.” He smiled.

The girls left the guys and went to the punch stand.

“Hey Sapp, how did it happen?” Quinn asked.

“Well, it’s a long story but I like him and he likes me too. He asked me out and I accepted.” Sapphire answered.

“I’m so happy for you.” Quinn hugged her.

“Thank you.” Sapphire smiled.

“I’m happy for you too Sapphire.” Snow hugged her, much to her surprise.

Snow pulled away from the hug and studied her expression.

“Why do you look surprised?” Snow asked.

“I didn’t know you would hug me or even be nice to me.” Sapphire answered.

“Forget about my recent behaviors. I was being dramatic.” Snow chuckled.

“So… We’re cool?”

“We’re cool.” Snow replied.

“I’m so happy you girls are back together.” Quinn squealed.

“Same here.” Sapphire said.

“What about Hayley and Maya? Haven’t seen them since we got here.” Snow said.

“Oh they’re grounded.” Sapphire said.

“What did they do?” Quinn asked.

“A video tape of them making out with boys got to their parents so they’re being pvnished.” Sapphire answered.

“Ewww! Why would they do that?” Snow asked in disgust.

“I don’t know. I was shocked when my parents told me about it.” Sapphire said.

“Thank God you left them, else, they would have put you in trouble as well.” Snow chimed in.

“Yeah you’re right, I’m glad I met you girls.” Sapphire hugged them.

“Let’s go dance!” Quinn said and they proceeded to the dance floor.





“Teresa, I’ve warned you and I’ll keep warning you, stay away from Camille. That lady is a she devil.” Silvia said, facing Teresa who was dressing up to meet Camille.

“I am not a coward Silvia. Trust me, I will be fine.” Teresa said, combing her hair.

“I know you aren’t a coward and I don’t want you to prove that. I’m only worried.”

“You don’t have to worry about me. You need to be worried about Camille.” Teresa smirked, dropped the comb and picked up her lip gloss.

“I know what I’m saying Teresa. Camille might ki!l you if she finds out that you double-crossed her.” Silvia said.

“She won’t find out and before she does, I will end her.” Teresa replied and applied the lip gloss on her lips.

She checked herself out in the mirror before standing up.

“Please, give this a second thought.” Silvia tried to persuade her once more.

“It’s too late to go back dear.” Teresa replied and stepped out.

Silvia sighed.

What is she gonna do now?




Ryan just finished putting on his clothes. He wanted to go to his company for once. Since his father handed it over to him for him to look after, he hasn’t been serious.

He picked up his phone and her thoughts came into his head again. Why is it that he can’t get her off his mind ever since they met. His minds drifts off to her most of the time and he couldn’t comprehend why.

Her beautiful face and the way she talks to him makes him yearn for her. He shakes his head to wave the thoughts away but it didn’t work.

Suddenly, he heard a sharp knock on the door.

“Who could that be by this time of the day?” He grumbled and walked towards the door.

Opening it, he saw Liam standing with a big smile on his face. He hissed and was about closing the door but Liam held it and came in.

“Hey, I never asked you to come in.” Ryan said.

Liam chuckled and sat down.

“I didn’t ask you to sit either.”

“Ryan Cooper, calm down and let’s talk like matured men.” Liam smirked.

“I’ve told you I’m not interested in whatever you want me to do for you.” Ryan said.

“Just sit down.” Liam was calm.

Ryan sighed and sat down. There was no point jumping into conclusions anyway. He would sit and listen to whatever this a$s.hole want to say.

“What do you want?” Ryan asked impatiently.

“Calm down Ryan. Don’t rush things.”

“As you can see, I’m dressed up for work so go straight to the point.” Ryan said.

“Okay. I need your help.” Liam said.

“With what?” Ryan asked, looking at him with suspicion.

“I want you to destroy Gray’s business.”

“Here we go again,” Ryan rolled his eyes “Was there water in my mouth when I told you I wasn’t going to do that?”

“Ryan, I am here for something serious. I don’t care about whatever you think. You need to do as I’ve said or there will be consequences.” Liam said in a more serious tone.

“What the butt are you talking about?”

“Destroy Gray’s business. He is succeeding more than he should.” Liam said.

“How is his success your business? He is way smarter than you.” Ryan said.

Liam shut him a dangerous glare making him shudder a little.

“I won’t repeat myself, if you don’t do what I want, then I’m going to show this video of you and Krysten to the whole world.”

“What video are you talking about?” Ryan asked, he isn’t comfortable with where this is going.

“This.” Liam brought his phone out and showed Ryan a sx tape of him and Krysten. Their faces were clear and people would easily recognize him.

If this video should get leaked out, he would be done, his family, done! and even his business.

It was there it all became clear.

He had been set up!




“So, today is the day right?” Teresa asked.

“Yes it is. You’ll come to his office and beg.” Camille said.

“Okay. But, you haven’t told me what made you so mad that day.” Teresa was curious.

“That’s none of your business. Get out of my house.” Camille said.

“If you say so.” Teresa sighed and stood up.

She exchanged looks with Julie and left.



“Are you sure about this?” Julie asked Teresa.

“Of course I’m sure. The po!son will surely do alot of damage to her and eventually kll her.” Teresa said.

“But I’m scared.”

“You can’t be scared because there is no going back. I thought you said you hated her.”

“Yes I did and I still hate her for making out with my boyfriend.” Julie said.

“Good! You want revenge, I want Gray so we hate her and the only way for you to have your revenge and for me to have Gray is for us to kll her.” Teresa said.

“Yes, you’re right. I’m supposed to put it in her food right?”


“Okay. I will call you when it’s done.” Julie said.

“No problem.” Teresa said and left.

“Camille, your end is near.” Julie smirked.



“Um… Ma, aren’t you going to eat before leaving?” Julie asked.

“No. Let me go and come back first.” Camille stood up and walked away.

Julie cursed under her breath.





“You look more ravishing and beautiful everyday my love.” Austin said, immediately Scarlet entered the office.

Scarlet blushed.

“You keep showering me with praises everyday.”

“You deseve it and more darling.” He winked and stood up to meet her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Coming to meet my beloved of course.” He said, coming closer.

“Stay back mister.” She replied, taking a step back.

“Nope.” He pulled her to himself and captured her lips instantly.

Scarlet was shocked for a second before snapping out of it and kssing him back.

They broke the kss to catch their breaths.

Austin held her jaw up, looking her in the eyes.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you more.” She replied.




Gray was feeding Noel some cornflakes.

“How does it taste?” He asked.

“Splendid. You prepared a wonderful breakfast for me. I love it.” She said, taking more from him.

“I’m glad you like it. Waiting for the day you’ll taste my home made dishes, I’m sure you’re gonna bite your tongue.” He said and she laughed.

“I’m coming to your house for that very soon.” She said.

“Can’t wait,” he suddenly had an idea. “There’s something on your face.”

“Really? Where?” She asked.

“Bring your face closer let me remove it for you.” He said.


She brought her face closer and he kssed her.

“You pe.rvert!” She pinched his cheek.

“I love you.”

She blushed.

She was about to talk when Camille entered.

Seeing them like that angered her to the extreme but she maintained her cool. She remembered when Gray normally fed her like that. He wouldn’t let a morning pass by without feeding her his delicious cornflakes.

Now, that ev!l Noel has taken him way from her.

She controlled her emotions and went to sit down.

“Good morning Mr and Mrs.” She greeted, giving them a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Morning Camille.” Gray answered, putting a spoonful of cornflakes in Noel’s mouth.

“Mmmm.” Noel mumbled.

“You know, I really missed when you use to feed me like this.” She said.

“Yeah.” Gray replied and continued feeding Noel.

Camille sighed.

Just then, Teresa entered.

“Who let her in here? Raymond!” Gray called.

Raymond ran in.

“I’m so sorry sir. She ran in before I could stop her.” Raymond said.

“What about Camille?” Gray asked.

“You said I should let her come whenever she wants.”

“Okay, you may go.” Gray said and Raymond left.

Teresa ran and knelt before Gray’s table.

“I’m really sorry for everything sir. I was such a fool for trying to accuse Noel wrongly. Please forgive me and hire me back.” She begged.

“That’s not possible.” Gray said, still feeding Noel who just watched them with keen interest.

“Sir please, even if it’s to wash the toilet, I’ll do it. I will do anything, please sir.” Teresa begged.

“Gray, please pity her. I don’t know whatever she has done but I know you have a good heart. Forgive her please.” Camille chimed in.

Gray was about to talk but Teresa burst into tears. In as much as he didn’t want to accept her back, he couldn’t stand her tears. The only person who can handle this situation is Noel.

“It’s okay please stand up.” Gray said calmly.

Teresa stood up and sniffed.

“I have forgiven you.”

“Thank you so much. Thank you.” Teresa wiped her face immediately.

Camille smiled. Their plan is finally falling into place.

“But, I won’t be the one to decide your fate. Noel will. She will be the one to tell me whether to employ you or not so your fate is in her hands. Whatever Noel tells me to do to you is what I’m gonna do.” Gray said and faced Noel.

Teresa and Camille exchanged looks.

Noel adjusted her suit and cleared her throat.


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 44

Teresa and Camille exchanged looks.

Noel adjusted her suit and cleared her throat.

She licked her lips and gave them a knowing look.

“Miss Teresa, may I know why you want to be hired back?” Noel asked.

“Um… I want to be re-hired because since I lost my job, I haven’t seen anything to do or places to work. So, I decided to come back and beg, maybe you’ll have pity on me.” Teresa said.

“I see.” Noel said.

She studied Teresa’s body language and was certain that Teresa was lying. She looked at Camille as well and couldn’t help but wonder.

Could these two be working together?

She also recalled how Teresa almost framed her up at the phone store. How did she even get released?

Noel waved her thoughts away and brought her focus back to them.

“I’m sorry Miss Teresa, I can’t hire you back.” Noel said.

Camille frowned.

“Please, you can’t do this to me. I have nowhere else to go.” Teresa said.

“How about you try Camille’s parents company, I’m sorry they’ll need someone like you.” Noel said, looking intently at Camille.

Camille clenched her fists angrily. She felt like cutting Noel to pieces for ruining her plans.


“Her decision is final Teresa. Please, do us a favor and leave.” Gray said.

Teresa sniffed and started walking away.

“Why didn’t you hire her back?” Camille asked Noel, she was trying so hard to conceal her anger right now.

“Because I don’t want to. Do you have a problem with that?” Noel asked.

“Not at all.” Camille forced a smile and looked away.

“You haven’t told me what you came to do in my office today Camille.” Gray said, feeding Noel the remains of the cornflakes.

“Is it wrong for me to visit a friend?” Camille asked hurtfully.

“No it isn’t but_”

“I get it Gray,” She cuts in “I get that we have nothing going on anymore. I only came as a friend and nothing more, why are you treating me like a total stranger?”

Noel scoffed and stood up, picked the cup of cornflakes and strode out of the office. She was going to wash it.

“No Camille. I am not treating you like a total stranger.”

“Yes you are. Stop lying, ever since I came back, you never bothered to ask how I survived, we never sat down to discuss the hell I went through there. You just didn’t care Gray! You went ahead and replaced me.” Camille burst into tears.

“You’re taking this the wrong way Camille. It wasn’t easy for me as well.”

“Cut the crap!” She yelled at him in frustration “It wasn’t easy for you? Yet, I came back and met you with another lady. Do you know how I counted days, weeks, months and years to finally see you?”

Gray was speechless. Each word she said was heart breaking, he was kinda having a feeling of guilt but pushed it aside.

“Camille, let’s talk about this some other time.” He said.

“Some other time? Then when your so called love comes in, you forget that I exist? It’s not fair Gray, I have feelings that can get hurt too.” With that said, she stood up.

“Camille wait.” He tried to stop her.

“Don’t touch me!” She snapped at him even though she yearned for him to touch her but she didn’t want her plan to fail yet.

Gray tried to hold her but she walked away. She opened the office door and slammed it shut.

Gray sighed and plopped down on the chair.

His mind went back to all those days they spent together.





“Come on! That’s mine!” Camille yelled, running after Gray who just stole her ice cream.

“It isn’t yours till you get it.” Gray replied, munching on the tasty strawberry covered ice cream sundae.

“Wait, till I lay my hands on you thief!” She laughed and kept running after him.

He laughed and kept running round the spacious garden of his penthouse.

When she couldn’t catch him, she pretended to h it her leg on a stone.

“Ahhh! My leg!” She screamed.

Gray halted and ran to her.

“What happened to your leg? What is it?” He asked.

“I h it my leg on a stone and it hurts.” She whined.

“Show me.” He said.

“Over here. Look closer.”

Gray bent to look at the leg, she used that opportunity to snatch the ice cream and took off.

“Hey! You liar!” He yelled, running after her while she giggled cutely.

He caught her and both fell on the soft grass, laughing.

“I love you Camille.” Gray said, looking into her brown eyes.

“I love you more Gray.” She replied.

“Promise that you’ll never leave me Camille. I won’t be able to survive if you do.”

“I will never ever leave you Gray. I love you a whole lot to do that.” She replied.

Gray smiled and kssed her forehead.






“How does this one look on me darling?” Camille asked, showing off the wedding dress she was putting on.

Gray studied it for a while.

“It looks too transparent, I don’t like it.” He pouted.

Camille laughed.

“Okay, I get what you’re trying to say.”

She went back inside and tried another gown.

“How’s this one?” She asked.

“Too short.” He said.

She went back in and came out.

“How about this?”

Gray looked up and smiled.

“Perfect,” He stood up and hugged her “Now you look like a bride.”

Camille laughed.

“But I don’t like this one.” She decided to tease him.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because it’s too big.” She answered.

“But it’s perfect. Anyways, if you don’t like it, you can change it.” He said.

Camille laughed and pinched his nose.

“I was only joking.”

He laughed.

She went back in and changed to the dress she wore into the boutique.

The wedding gown was packaged and they left the boutique for the shoe store.






Gray stood on the podium waiting for when the bride will march in. Austin, who was his best man, stood beside him.

Both were dressed on white suit, looking gorgeous and breathtaking. The church building was filled to the brim with different influential business tycoons from different parts of America. Some of his foreign business associates were also in attendance.

A smile made it’s way to Gray’s lips immediately the piano started playing urshering in the bride.

They waited but the bride didn’t march in. Everyone waited for a while, maybe something was delaying her.30 minutes passed, still no sign of the wedding bride.

They became worried and paranoid.

Suddenly, one of the flower girls ran into the church and screamed.

“She’s gone!”

Gray almost fainted but Austin was there to catch him when he almost slumped. There was commotion everywhere and people started leaving.

Gray got back to his senses and started running, searching everywhere for her but couldn’t find her.

He ran to her house, she wasn’t there. He ran to her parents mansion but they sent him away. He called her line but she didn’t pick up. The next time he called, his number was already blocked.

He fell on his knees and wept uncontrollably, he clutched to his chest tightly, the pain was unbearable. He didn’t care about the shame and digrace, all he knew now was the terrible heartbreak.

He continued searching till sunset. His parents tried to stop him but couldn’t as he wandered to and fro like a madman.

He kept weeping and wallowing in pain for a year until Austin couldn’t bear it anymore and made him start his business again.






Gray sighed and ruffled his hair. He couldn’t comprehend why he was feeling guilty. She sounded hurt and disappointed. It wasn’t his fault that he fell in love with Noel.

Noel was there to comfort him when Camille wasn’t. She even showed him more love than Camille ever did while they were still together.

Regardless of whatever happened to Camille, it was too late to turn back the hands of time. Noel is who he loves now and he will continue to love her no matter what.



Camille rushed out of the office to the elevator. She smiled cunningly and cleaned her tears.

“Gray, I am going to use your worst weakness against you. I will make sure I ruin your relationship with Noel.” She muttered and chuckled.

The elevator dinged, revealing Noel.

Noel was about to ignore her and step out but Camille rushed in and closed the elevator door.

She turned, glaring daggers at Noel.

“Don’t think I’m scared of you Camille because I’m not.” Noel said.

“Oh no darling, I don’t want you to be scared of me… Yet!” She chuckled.

Noel scoffed and wanted to press the button.

“Stop right there,” Camille said and she froze “You know, after my warning the other day, it seems you became determined to try my patience.”

“You can’t do anything Camille.”

Camille laughed.

“It seems you don’t know me. I go for whatever I want without turning back. I don’t give a fuçk about whoever gets hurt in the process, I’m warning you for the last time, stay away from my man.”

“You keep blabbing like a loosed dog. Gray was yours in the past but you never valued the relationship. Now, he is with me and we are happy together. Why are you trying to come in between us?” Noel asked.

“You came in between us.”

“As if.” Noel scoffed with an eye roll.

“Look! I can be very dangerous when I am angry, leave him while I’m being nice because once I throw caution to the wind, I might kll you then go after your family members.”

Noel gasped.

“Think about it.” Camille smirked and faced the other way.

Noel wanted to press the button.

“And if Gray should hear anything about this, Quinn will be first on my list.”

Noel was shocked.

“How did you know about Quinn?” She managed to ask.

“There are so many things I know about you Noella. Don’t take me for granted.” Camille snickered.

Noel sighed heavily, pressed the button and stepped out immediately the door opened.

Camille smiled d’vilishly.



Noel rushed into the office. Gray noticed the change in her mood immediately.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” He asked but she was lost in thoughts.

Noel became a bit scared. If Camille knows who Quinn is then her life is in danger. She was contemplating on what to do. She mustn’t allow Quinn trek home any longer. It’s either she follows the bus or Damien drops her.

Gray was worried, he stood up and walked towards her, hugging her from behind.

“Are you alright?”

Noel nodded.

“Come on darling, whatever it is that’s bothering you, tell me and we’ll find a way out together.” He said.

Noel was about to speak but remembered Camille’s words as it replayed itself in her head.

“And if Gray should hear anything about this, Quinn will be first on my list.”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 45

Noel composed herself and forced a smile.

“Nothing is wrong dear, I’m completely fine.” She answered, gulping down nothing.

“Are you sure?” Gray asked.

“I’m very sure. Now let’s get to work.” Noel smiled and walked to her seat after pulling away from the hug.

Gray sighed and went to sit as well.

“You know, it’s time for me to take you to see my parents.” Gray said.

“Yeah, you’re right. So, when are we going?” She asked.

“How about tomorrow?”

“Isn’t that too close?” Noel asked.

“It is. I just wanna get engaged and married to you fast before any weirdo comes, claiming to take you away from me.”

Noel laughed.

“So, you’re scared of loosing me?” She asked.

“You don’t know how terrified I am just thinking about it.”

“You don’t have to be. I am yours and yours I will forever be.” She smiled.


“I promise.” She smiled.

He smiled back and wanted to lean close.

“Not now fIirt.” She pushed him back.

“That’s t©rture you know.”

“T©rture?” She laughed “What t©rture?”

“Depriving me of my right of course.” He pouted like a wronged puppy.

“Hmmm, you’re very funny.” She rolled her eyes.

Gray sat, thinking of how to trick her.

“And don’t you dare think of tricking me because it’s not gonna work.” She said, as if reading his mind.

“Hmph.” He folded his hands, sulking.

Noel couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wanna hug?” She spread her arms wide.

His face lightened up immediately and he hugged her. She was about pulling out but he tightened the hug.

“Let’s stay like this for a while.” He whispered into her ears.

She smiled but her mood changed immediately she remembered Camille’s threats.

What is she going to do?




“How did this happen?” Ryan asked in utter disbelief.

“How it happened isn’t the problem now. The problem is if this video gets out,” Liam chuckled “I’m sure it’s gonna be internet famous.”

“Please, you can’t let this video get out. If that happens, I’ll loose everything.” Ryan said.

“You should have thought of that before fking my girlfriend.” Liam spat out.

“She se..duced me!” Ryan half yelled.

“She never forced you on herself Ryan. You willingly gave yourself to her.” Liam laughed.

“Please, let’s stop all these. Delete that video, I beg you.”

“It will be deleted but on some conditions.” Liam stood up.

“Which is?” Ryan stood up with him.

“Meet Krysten at a location I’ll text you tonight. She will tell you what to do.” Liam said.


“No buts Ryan, I don’t like saying same thing all over again.” Liam walked out of the house.

Ryan ran his hands through his hair frustratedly.

“Sht!” He yelled and kicked the couch.

How could he be so foolish? Why in the world did he allow her se..duce him? Now, he’s been set up and blackmailed. How is he gonna find a way out of this?

“Harry.” He muttered under his breath and took his car keys, dashing out of the house immediately.




Ryan barged into Harry’s office and helped himself with a seat. Harry looked up from what he was doing.

“Well, that’s the most pleasant form of greetings you got there.” Harry said sarcastically.

“I’m not in the mood for battering words with you. I fked up, big time.” Ryan lowered his head.

“What do you mean?” Harry became worried. Ryan has never looked as serious as he was now.

“I was set up.”

“Set up? By who?” Harry asked.

“Liam set me up Harry and now he’s blackmailing me into doing what he wants.” Ryan said.

“Wait, let me get this straight. Liam, set you up and is blackmailing you? I’m utterly confused. Make me understand what’s going on.”

Ryan sobbed slowly and narrated everything to Harry.

“Why would a grown man stoop to such level of shamelessness?” Harry asked rhetorically.

“It’s all my fault for living a reckless life.” Ryan admitted, sobbing slowly.

“Calm down. You made a costly mistake but we will surely find a way out of this.”

“Do you think we should tell Gray?” Ryan asked.

“Not yet, let’s wait for a while. Gray might think we are up to no good. We need proof and evidence.” Harry said.

“So, what do we do then?” Ryan asked eagerly.

“Let’s be careful. Try as much as you can to record most of your conversations with them. Do as they say for now so we can see what they are really up to. As for Liam, I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind.”

“Harry No! Don’t go. He might be expecting you. If he sets you up too then we’re done for.” Ryan said.

Harry halted, pondering on what Ryan just said.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t get involved.” Harry said and sat back down.




Camille paced to and fro. She was thinking of the stunts to pull next while Julie stood at her back, shooting deadly glares at her. If eyes could kll, Camille would have been dead long ago.

“Madam, are you sure you don’t wanna eat?” Julie asked. She was already getting impatient with all these.

“I will eat after I think of something. Why are you bothered anyway?” Camille asked.

Julie cleared her throat.

“Because I’m worried about you ma. You haven’t been eating well for the past few days and I think you’re loosing a little weight. Your body needs to be agile and ready in case of any modelling contract.” Julie said.

“I can’t eat now Julie, not when my heart is a turmoil.”

“How about the set up I talked to you about?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, I don’t wanna get Scarlet involved anymore. Her obstinacy might make her reveal my plans to Noel and also testify against me in front of Gray.”

“So what are your plans? I am willing to carry them out.” Julie smiled.

“That’s why I like you. You’re always ready to work.” Camille smiled pleasingly.

Julie smirked.

“Here are my plans, I need you to hire a host for a fake meeting. It should be business oriented so Gray won’t get suspicious. The meeting place will be an hotel Suite, something is gonna happen that will make them spend the night…”

“Then we drug them.” Julie finished it for her.

“Exactly. Wow Julie, you’re getting more smarter these days.” Camille smiled.

“I think your smartness is finally rubbing off on me.” She said and Camille laughed.

“You wish!” Camille said sarcastically “Be fast about it. There mustn’t be any mistakes.”

“Yes ma.” Julie smiled before leaving.

She smirked endlessly. She couldn’t wait for their plan to work so Camille would be gone for good.




After work, Noel decided to visit her parents restaurant. She met Quinn by the counter.

“Good evening.” Quinn smiled at her.

“Evening Quinn. How are you doing?”

“I’m supercool.” Quinn replied.

“I can see that Damien is really taking care of you.” Noel teased.

“Don’t start!” Quinn glared at her.

She laughed.

“Where’s mum and dad?”

“Dad took mum to the hospital when she complained of a cold.” Quinn answered.

“And no one called me?” Noel took her phone and dialed her dad’s number.

He didn’t pick up but sent her a message instead, informing her that her mother was fine.

Noel sighed in relief after reading the message.

“Are you the only one here?” Noel asked, taking the apron.

“Me and the sales girls.” Quinn replied.

“Okay.” Noel said.

She took some orders and started helping out. She got to a table and someone drew her attention.

“Please can I have a word with you?”

Noel thought for a while before nodding. She sat down and faced him.

“Be fast with whatever you want to say please. I’m quite busy.” She said.

“Okay thanks. My name is Jeremy. What’s yours?”

“Noel.” She answered impatiently.

“Wow that’s a lovely name for a lovely lady. I must say you are really beautiful.” Jeremy smiled.

Noel wasn’t moved. She didn’t even blush, she simply nodded her head.

“Is that all you have to say? I want to go now.”

“Please Noel, don’t be in a hurry. When can we meet so we can talk more since you’re in haste now.” He said.

“I don’t know because I’m a busy person.”

“How about you give me your number?”

“No. I barely know you. Go straight to why you called me here please.” She tried her best not to sound rude.

He was already disgusting her. Although he was very handsome with dark brown hair and greyish eyes. His body structure was also a sight to behold. A sight any girl would drool over but not NOEL, not just HER.

“I called you because I like you. Infact, I love you and would be honored to be part of your life.” Jeremy said.

“Sorry but I’m engaged.” Noel stood up.

“But I love you.”

“Please I beg you to throw those feelings anywhere you know you will never find them again. I am some one else’s fiancee and I’m not interested.” She smiled at him casually before leaving.

Jeremy sighed.

He wasn’t gonna give up.




This has been her place all along. She decided to move in with Liam some months back which is why majority of her stuff were in his house but she couldn’t stop coming back to her own apartment. Besides, she was getting bored with Liam anyways.

Since Liam told Ryan to see her, she specially dressed up for him. She couldn’t comprehend the sudden attraction she had for him after their one night stand and she sure didn’t want it to be what she was thinking.

After dressing up and applying a se..ductive makeup, the door bell rang.

“It’s open.” She said, sitting on her pink leather couch with her legs crossed.

Ryan opened the door slowly and walked in. Immediately his gaze landed on her, he almost lost it but he knew better than to s¢rew this up.

“Good day.” He greeted casually.

“Sit down.” She pointed to a seat beside her, pretending not to hear his greetings.

She used that opportunity to admire him. He was absolutely gorgeous with thick black hair and almond shaped eyes. His red lips were so tempting, she felt like having a feel of it.

“Liam asked me to come here.” Ryan said, snapping her out of her reverie.

“Oh yes he did. What may I do for you?”

Ryan scoffed.

“He asked me to do whatever you tell me. Why are you asking what you may do for me? You and your fre..àking boyfriend set me up and now you want to blackmail me. Shame on you both.”

She felt bad seeing his hurt expression but hid it behind a straight face.

“I will not have you speak to me in such manner ever again. What I and Liam want from you is clear.” She said.

“What is that?” He asked abruptly.

“Make Gray bankrupt!”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 46

“Make Gray bankrupt.”

“What!” Ryan stood up abruptly.

“You heard me.” She glared at him.

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because it’s not right. Tell me why Liam would want to use me to make Gray bankrupt. Why didn’t Liam do it on his own?” Ryan asked.

Krysten became quiet. She was wondering same thing as well.

“You see? You’re quiet. He is using both of us.”

“You don’t know that?”

“Yes I do. He is using you to get to me. Open your eyes and see that you’ll be in trouble after all these. How about the video huh? It was both of us. Do you think if it leaks out, you won’t be exposed as well? Our faces were clear Krysten so you will be affected same way I will. Think about it.” Ryan walked away.

Krysten stood dazed at the spot. This was a shocking truth. Is that how he wanted to get rid of her? Ryan was right. He is using her and she hates being used. If he wanted to dump her, he should have told her instead of trying to get rid of her.

“Liam darling, you won’t know what h it you.” She smirked.

She ran out to see if Ryan was still there but he wasn’t any longer. She sighed, maybe she’ll see him soon.




Ryan entered.

“Welcome.” Harry said.

Ryan nodded and sat down.

“How did it go?” Harry asked.

“I just hope she buys what I told her.” He brought out his phone and gave the recording to Harry.

Harry played it and listened to their conversation.

“Did she look shock when you told her that?” Harry asked.


“Then she’s gonna buy it. What you said could convince anyone.” Harry chuckled.

“I hope it convinces her.”

“I’ll go see Gray in his office tomorrow. But first of all, I would go to Liam and get some recording from there as proof.” Harry said.

“Okay. Please be careful.” Ryan said.

“I will.” Harry smiled.




Krysten entered the house gracefully. She saw him seated on the couch, sipping wine. After pondering on what Ryan told her, she has developed a hatred she never knew she had for him.

“How did it go?” He asked, not sparing her a glance.

“It went well.” She replied casually.

“So, what did he say?”

“What do you expect a person who can’t stand loosing his reputation to say?” She asked, forcing a friendly smile.

“You sound mad.” Liam said.

“Do I? I didn’t notice.” She acted innocent.

“He agreed right?”

“Yes. He said we should expect feedback soon.” Krysten said.

Liam smiled.

“Nice, I love where this is going.”

Krysten glared at him.

“I’ll be in my room.” Krysten stood up but he drew her back, making her to sit on his laps.

“What are you doing?” She asked and wanted to stand up but he brought her down, turning her to face him.

He brought his lips to her neck and she moved.

“Liam, stop. I’m not in the mood.” She said, pvshing his head back.

“But I am.” He whined and claimed her lips.

She tried pushing him but he was too strong for her. So, she decided to play along. She kssed him back like her life depended on it. He broke the kss and smiled at her.

“See, I know you can’t resist me.” He said and wanted to kss her again but she pvshed him and stood up immediately.

“I said, I am not in the mood.” She hissed and hurried upstairs.

Liam frowned. Must she turn him on then live him like that?




Liam got up, showered and got dressed for work. He wore a black suit with matching leather shoes. He stepped out of his room and passed Krysten’s room. She wasn’t in a good mood the previous day. Could it be that she knows about his plans?

He will have to brainwash her. He knocked on her door gently.

“Come in.” She said from inside.

He smiled. Her voice sounds cheerful.

He opened the door and stepped in, she was on her bed sipping tea.

“Good morning darling.” She greeted, that’s how she greets him every morning.

“Morning. Hope you slept well?”

“Pretty much.” She said.

“It’s like you had a bad day yesterday. You were kinda angry.” Liam said.

“Yeah. It was a stupid taxi man that almost crashed on my car yesterday.” She replied.

“Oh sorry about that. I’m off to work.” He said.

“Won’t you kss me before going?” She asked.

“Always reminding me.” He laughed and kssed her before stepping out.

“Have a nice day.” She yelled after him.

“You too.” He replied.

When she was sure that he was gone, she ran to the bathroom and watched her mouth thoroughly with water. She even brushed.

“That stinky scümbag!” She yelled.

She had only put on an act this morning to avoid him getting suspicious and it worked.

She dialed Ryan’s number but it wasn’t available. She was an expert tracker so she decided to track his number. Few minutes later, she got the location and rushed in to take her bath, dress up and go see him.





He got to the office and sat down. He turned on his computer before taking some files. Then, his secretary entered.

“Good morning sir.” The girl greeted.

“Morning Beulah. How may I help you?”

“Someone is here to see you.” She said.

“Who is he?”

“He is Mr Harry Cooper sir.” She answered.

Liam smiled on hearing the name.

“Let him in.”

“Okay sir.” She went out and Harry entered.

Harry helped himself with a seat.

“Rude!” Liam snapped.

“Do I look like I care?” Harry snapped back.

“You’re one annoying fellow. You and Gray are just the same.”

Harry ignored him.

“I’m here for something more important.” Harry said.

“And what is that or did Ryan tell you already?” Liam laughed.

“What you did wasn’t nice. Ryan is supposed to be like a junior brother to you.” Harry said.

“Too bad he isn’t. He’s just an egoistic Playboy that needs to be tamed. That’s want I’ve done.”

“By blackmailing him into doing something against his wish?”

“Are you here to beg or preach?”

“This isn’t right, you need to delete that video.” Harry said.

“I won’t delete it till he does what I want.” Liam replied.

“What do you want?” Harry asked.

“I want him to dupe Gray and make him bankrupt. Gray is leading in both marketing and finance. He is in the spotlight and doesn’t want to pave ways for others to come in.” Liam confessed and covered his mouth.

He didn’t know when he blabbed everything out.

“So, making him bankrupt is the best option you have?”


“Why don’t you make him bankrupt yourself? Why are you using my brother?” Harry asked.

“Because_” He stopped.

“Go ahead, finish it,” Liam became quiet. “Wow! You really are something Liam. You don’t wanna get into trouble that’s why you’re using my brother.”

“I don’t care Harry. Let me warn you, whatever we have discussed here should be between us both else I will upload this video where the whole world will see it. You know it’s gonna affect you as well.”

Harry frowned.

“You won’t dare.”

“Only if you convince your brother to do what I want.” Liam said.

“I will.” Harry said.

“Good boy. Now, get out of my office!”

Harry stood up, glared at him and left the building. He got into his car and brought the recorder out before.

“What a fool Liam is.” He laughed and headed for Gray’s company.





Noel has not come to work yet. She was with her mum at home, she wanted to take care of her even though her mum confirmed that she was fine.

He really missed her dearly. Who was he going to feed cornflakes to?

Raymond entered.

“Mr Harry Cooper is here to see you.”

“Let him in.” Gray said.

Immediately Raymond stepped out, Harry came in.

“Good morning Mr Gray.” He greeted in a friendly manner, surprising Gray.

“Morning.” Gray replied and watched him sit down.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Harry asked.

“You look and act different.” Gray said.

“Well, I’m a changed man now.” Harry replied.

Gray simply nodded.

“So, what are you doing here?” Gray asked.

“I’m here to tell you that your enemies are much. Mr Liam is planning on sabotaging your business.”

Gray laughed.

“Did you join a comedy show or something?” Gray asked.

“No, I’m serious. He came to me trying to create more feud between you and I. When I refused, he set Ryan up and now he’s blackmailing Ryan to make you bankrupt.”

“This sounds awkward. I don’t believe you.” Gray said.

“I figured so I brought evidence.” Harry brought out the recorder and played it.

Gray’s eyes widened in shock.

Why would Liam do this? They were business associates for goodness sake!

“Do you believe me now?” Harry asked.

Gray was too stunned to talk.

“I… I… Sht!” Gray exclaimed “Why did you decide to show me? You should have worked with him. Why did you decide to help me?” Gray asked.

“I have a lot of bad deeds to make up for. I have done a lot of bad things to you and I want to make things right. So here I am, helping you.” Harry smiled.

“Thanks.” Gray smiled back.

“Now, we need a plan.”




Ryan just returned from his morning exercise and was about to go take a shower when he heard a slight knock on the door.

He wiped his sweaty face with a towel and went to open the door. To his surprise, Krysten stood there looking as beautiful as ever.

Krysten almost lost her breath when she saw him. How can a human be this hot!

Ryam cleared his throat, snapping her back to reality.

“How may I help you?” Ryan asked curtly.

“We need to talk.”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 47

“We need to talk.”

“Talk?” Ryan scoffed.

“Yes, we need to talk.” She repeated, trying not to look him in the face.

“What do you possibly want us to talk about?” Ryan asked curtly.

“Quit the pretence please, I’m not here to argue with you. Let’s talk all these out.” Krysten said.

Ryan sighed.

“Okay,” He gave way. “Come in and have a seat.”

“Thanks.” She replied and walked in majestically.

She sat in the white leather couch with silver handles and crossed her legs. Looking round the living room, she could tell they were quite rich. No wonder Liam came up with this stupid plan.

“What can I get you?” Ryan asked, trying his possible best to be hospitable.

“Nothing, thanks.” She smiled at him and he cleared his throat before sitting down.

“So, what are we discussing?” Ryan asked.

“I came here to see you personally because I took what you said to me into consideration, pondered hard on it and realized that you were right. Liam is only trying to use us. I figured that, even after helping him achieve his aim, that video might still be uploaded, landing both of us into trouble.” She said.

“I’m glad you finally realized that you were only being used. Think of this, how can a man ask his own girlfriend to seduce his fellow man? What if reverse becomes the case? What if… The tables turn and his girlfriend falls in love with that same man.” Ryan said.

Krysten bit her lower lip nervously, wondering why he said that last line but she wanted to act cool.

“Let’s forget about that one. The issue on ground now should be how we are gonna resolve this. I want to help stop him.” She said.

“You want to help? Hope you aren’t trying to trick me?” Ryan asked.

“Observe my expression and see if I’m lying or not.”

“But I don’t have a plan yet.” Ryan said.

“I do.” She smirked.




“I am absolutely too shock to think of anything now.” Gray said sincerely.

“Well, I and Ryan have a plan already. We just need that lady to be on our side first.” Harry said.

“Okay, thanks once more for telling me this.” Gray said.

“It’s nothing, you’re a good man, you deserve this and more.” Harry smiled.

Gray stretched forth his hand for a handshake and Harry was shocked. This was the first time ever, he was going to shake Gray. Like seriously?

“Are you gonna leave me hanging?” Gray asked.

“Not at all, I was only surprised.” Harry replied and took the hand.

“I understand but you deserve it.” Gray smiled.

Harry smiled back and stood up.

“I’ll inform you about the latest development.”

“No problem.” Gray said and he left.

The joy he felt for helping Gray was something exquisite. It was like a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders, he couldn’t wait to do more.

Gray sat in his office, wondering how the Harry he knew changed so fast. He didn’t even remember to ask of Noel like he always does. Gray shook his head when he remembered what Liam has done and is still doing.

He made Liam who he was today. The Rolands (Liam’s parents) were never rich from the onset. He just saw Liam as a brother and picked him up then gave him a job. He talked to his father who opened a company for them. There, they started making money and were able to expand their business which grew into what it was presently.

Humans! You can never satisfy them.




“So, when am I meeting your parents?” Austin asked Scarlet, who was busy on her laptop and had to look up because of his question.

“My parents?” She asked nervously.

“Yeah, why are you acting nervous?” Austin asked.

“My father is very strict so, if you’re to come, you need to be highly disciplined and your parents need to be rich.” Scarlet said.

“Is that why you suddenly tensed up?” Austin laughed.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“Stand up, I’m taking you somewhere for you to know who I truly am.” Austin said.

“But I want to finish with this one I’m typing.”

“No need, stand up and follow me sweetheart.” He winked and she blushed.

She stood up and he held her hands, leading her to his car.

They entered and he drove her out.




They arrived at a massive building and he stopped the car.

“Why did you stop?” Scarlet asked.

“Because, we’ve arrived at our destination.” He answered.

“Here?” She asked.


He helped her down and held her hand, leading her in. As they walked in, all the employees stood up and bowed to greet him.

Scarlet couldn’t believe her eyes. Was he that rich?

They got to an elevator and entered. Austin pressed for the sixteenth floor and it started taking them up.

“Talk to me, the suspense is klling.” She whined.

“What do you want me to say?” He asked, teasing her on purpose.

“Many things,” She answered. “I want to know who owns this massive company, why the employees are bowing and greeting you like some god and especially, why we’re here.”

“Okay, I’ll answer your questions accordingly.” He smiled.

“Please do.”

“This massive company belongs to Mr Smith, my dad,” She gasped. “Let me finish… The employees are bowing because I’m the heir to this establishment and finally, we are here for you to meet my dad.”

The elevator dinged open.

“What? To meet your dad? But_”

“Don’t worry. Trust me.”

She nodded and he held her hand. They passed by the reception and that was how those there bowed as well. Austin opened his dad’s office door slowly and entered with Scarlet.

Mr Smith was busy on his computer when he looked up and saw them. When he saw Austin holding her hand, his lips curved into a smile.

“Good morning dad.” Austin greeted and they sat down.

“Morning son.” He replied.

“Good morning sir.” Scarlet greeted, smiling nervously.

“How are you doing pretty?” He asked.

“I’m fine sir.” She replied.

“Today is fortunately good that my son decided to visit my workplace.” He said, stealing glances at Scarlet.

There was this resemblance about her that he couldn’t place his fingers on.

“I came on an important notice actually.” Austin smiled.

“I see it’s because of Miss Scarlet over here?” Mr Smith asked.

“Yes dad.” Austin replied.

“I see and I thank God that you’ve finally decided to settle down with an amiable lady. But first of all, I would love to meet her parents.”

“That’s the main reason why I’m here dad. I want us to create a day for our family dinner. It can take place at our house, there, her parents will come and we all discuss on how to go about everything.” Austin said.

Mr Smith was impressed.

“This shows that you’re finally a man.”

They laughed.

“Welcome Miss Scarlet.”

“Thank you sir.”

“You know how much I detest wasting time so, we’ll be meeting next week. Miss Scarlet, please inform your parents.”

“Okay sir.” Scarlet replied.

They talked for sometime before Austin decided to take her back.

When they got into car, Scarlet started.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these before?” She asked.

“I wanted it to be a surprise.” Austin answered.

“I was shocked. How on Earth did you land in Gray’s office if you’re this rich?” Scarlet asked and he laughed.

“Well, I started working for Gray because of his condition. I was actually stubborn because Gray and my dad were against it. I ignored them and worked for Gray instead.” Austin explained.

“That’s so nice of you.” Scarlet smiled.

“It is, isn’t it? Anyways, since Noel has done the magic and Gray is back to who he was before, I can leave but I want to keep an eye on Camille.” Austin said.

“My devilish cousin, I still can’t believe we are relatives. She is totally different.”

“All fingers are not equal babe.” Austin winked.

“Yeah, you’re right. I love you.” She said.

“I love you more.” He kssed her forehead and started the engine before zooming off.





Noel finished what she was doing and dropped the noodles on the table for her mum.

“Mum, food is ready?” She called.

“Okay darling.” Mrs Evie said, coming out of the room.

She sat down and Noel gave her the food. Evie looked at the food and back at Noel.

“This looks… attractive.”

“Taste it!” Noel said.

Evie took her fork and took some into her mouth.

“Oh my gosh! This is delicious.” Evie said.

“Yup, have been taking cooking lessons from Scarlet.” Noel smiled.

“I know it’s because of Gray.” Her mum teased.

“Of course it’s because of him. I want my future husband to know that his wife can cook.” Noel beàt her chest proudly.

“I’m so proud of you dear. You’ve really brought good things to this family.”

“You’re welcome mum.” Noel smiled.

“Speaking of that, I thought I heard you mention that Gray was taking you to meet his parents tonight.”

“Yes mum.”

“What are you still doing here? Get going!” Evie said.

“But, I wanna take care of you.” Noel whined.

“You’ve done enough, Quinn will handle the rest when she’s back.”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay without me?” Noel asked.

“Yes, I will be great. Now, get going so you’ll prepare and don’t mess things up.” Evie winked at her.

“Trust your daughter,” Noel said and pecked her forehead. “I love you mum.”

“I love you more my baby girl. Good luck!” Evie smiled.

“Thank you.” Noel smiled and stepped out too.





Noel was all dressed up but Scarlet was helping her put some finishing touches to her hair. It was almost 6pm and Gray would soon come to pick her up.

Noel stared at her reflection in the mirror and sighed sadly. She was going to meet Gray’s parents tonight but she wasn’t happy.

“I’m supposed to be happy right?” She asked, still staring into the mirror.

“Of course babe. You’ll finally get to know your engagement date from there. I’m so happy for you!” Scarlet squealed happily.


“I know you’re nervous,” Scarlet cut in. “Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing. Act cool for Gray okay? You already look ravishing.”

Noel nodded.

She fought back her tears and stood up.

Who was she going to tell all that is happening? She would have told Gray but she doesn’t want to put Quinn’s life at risk. If she tells Scarlet, Scarlet may tell Gray, same thing goes for Austin.

She was confused on what to do.

“Noel!” Scarlet tapped her.

She gasped.

“What’s wrong babe? I’ve called your name 5 times.” Scarlet asked worriedly.

“I’m fine Scarlet.”

“Do I look like a fool?” Scarlet asked. “I’m your best friend, whatever it is, you can tell me. I know you like the back of my hamd Noel. This isn’t you, this isn’t the cheerful lady I know.” Scarlet said.

“I’m just tired and thinking of the meeting with his parents. I’m scared and nervous.” She lied.

“But, didn’t you say his parents liked you?” Scarlet asked.

“Yeah but who knows, they might change their minds.” Noel said.

“That shouldn’t bother you okay? They like you and will continue to. You’re a very good person, who wouldn’t love you and want you for their son?” Scarlet asked rhetorically.

“I guess you have a point there. Thanks, you’re the best.” Noel hugged her.

“You’re welcome, I love you girl.”

“I love you too Scarlet.” Noel sniffed.

“I’d like to use the restroom.” Noel said.

“Okay, be snappy so I can fix your makeup before Gray gets here. Your teary eyes spoiled it.” Scarlet teased.

“Okay,” Noel forced a smile and entered the restroom, she shut the door tightly and let her tears flow freely. “I’m sorry Scarlet, I can’t tell you this else Quinn will be in danger, my whole family will be in danger, I’m scared and don’t know what to do.”

She sniffed as Camille’s threat echoed in her ears again. It was so serious and she knew Camille would do it.


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 48

She sniffed as Camille’s threat echoed in her ears again. It was so serious and she knew Camille would do it.

A knock on the bathroom door brought her down from her cloud of thoughts.

“Noel, aren’t you done yet?” Scarlet asked.

“Just a minute more please.” Noel said.

“Okay, be fast with that.” Scarlet said.

“Okay sweetie.” She stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Her makeup was already messed up because of the tears. She knew Scarlet will surely force her to talk if she sees her like this, she walked round thinking of what to do then, an idea popped in her head.

She took some water and washed her face before stepping out.

Scarlet gasped immediately she saw her.

“What the fúck, you washed your face?” She asked.

“Yes, you said my teary eyes messed it up.” Noel defended.

“I was only teasing you, come here,” Scarlet dragged her to sit down. “I’m starting over, we haven’t got much time, oh Noel! You won’t be the end of me.”

Noel giggled.

In few minutes, Scarlet was done and a knock sounded on the door.

“Just in time.” Scarlet smiled and walked up to the door.

She opened it and Gray entered. He was wearing a white suit and Noel couldn’t help but drool.

“I know I’m handsome, stop drooling.” He teased.

“I wasn’t drooling, who told you that you’re handsome?” Noel asked, bending her head.

“You of course.” He replied.

“I said nothing like that. You’re too ugly for my liking, go away.” She said.

Gray laughed and hugged her.

“You look most beautiful every passing day. Do you have any idea how much I missed your presence in the office today?”

“Awwwwwn.” Scarlet said, taking a photo of them.

“Thank you, I missed you too. Let’s go.” She said.

“See you guys later.” Scarlet blew them a kss as they left.

Gray opened the car door for her, she entered and he followed. The chauffeur will be the one to drive today.

On their way, Noel put her head on his shoulders while he wrapped his hand around her waist.

“I love you so much, I wish I could tell you all that is happening.” She said within her.




The car drove into the compound and they got out. Gray’s parents were already at the door, waiting for them.

“Look at how beautiful she looks.” Mr Gerald said, watching them approach where they were standing.

Mrs Jasmine glared at her husband.

“She isn’t just beautiful, she’s adorable and they look cute together.”

“Must you always add to everything I say?” Mr Gerald frowned playfully.

“Only if you stop admiring her before me. I’m her mother in law so, I should be the first person to compliment her.”

“I’m her father in law too you know.”

Jasmine scoffed.

“Says who?”

Gray cleared his throat to draw their attention. These couples called his parents won’t stop arguing and bickering.

“Good evening dad, mum.” Gray greeted with a bow.

“Good evening Mr and Mrs Gerald.” Noel curtsied.

“Look at our beautiful couples. How are you two doing?” Mrs Jasmine hugged Noel.

“We’re fine mum.” Gray answered.

“Come in, come in, let’s have a nice time.” Mr Gerald said, leading them inside.

They got in and sat down.

“How are your parents doing?” He asked Noel.

“They’re fine and ever grateful sir.” Noel answered.

“Good, I spoke with your father yesterday but the network was interrupted. Anyways, welcome.” He smiled.

“Thank you sir.”

“Please stop with all this sir you’re calling me, you’re not my employee. Call me dad or pop.” Mr Gerald said and they laughed.

“Pop indeed, tell me whether she’s licking a lollipop.” Mrs Jasmine teased, making them laugh again.

“You two are really funny.” Noel said.

“Tell me about it.” Gray rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at us young man.” Jasmine glared at him and they laughed again.

“Ella! Get us something to eat!” Mr Gerald yelled.

“Okay sir.” Ella replied from inside.

Food was served and they ate. After that, they had a little discussion on how to go about the preparations for the engagement but they wanted Noel’s parents to be present before making further plans.

Noel really enjoyed their company, it made her forget her worries and had fun. While they were living, Mr Gerald called Gray aside.

“Be hasty and propose to her immediately, wasting time is dangerous because there are other men out there who want her.” Mr Gerald said.

“Okay Dad, I understand your point. I’ll do that as soon as possible.” Gray said.

“That’s good, if God permits, it could be a double wedding between you and Austin.”

“That sounds splendid dad.” Gray smiled.

“You may go now, don’t keep her waiting.” He winked.

Gray laughed and went to meet Noel and his mother having a hearty discussion.

“What are you two talking about?”

“Oh, I was telling Noel what you did when you were 10 years old.” Mrs Jasmine said.

“Mum!” Gray whined.

“Shut up!” She snapped at him and Noel laughed. “As I was saying, so Gray asked me why girls were allowed to wear skirts and boys weren’t, then I told him that it’s because, that’s what girls are supposed to wear. Gray refused saying it was unfair. One fateful day, I returned from the hospital only to meet Gray in a blue polka dotted skirt.”


“Seriously?” Noel couldn’t contain her laughter.

“Yes, he refused to take it off until the day he wore it to school and everyone laughed at him especially Austin, that was when he removed it.”

Noel laughed more.

“Mum, you really need to stop all these, why tell her of all people?” Gray asked, embarrassed.

“I wanted her to know how funny you are.” Mrs Jasmine replied.

“It’s a lie, you wanted her to laugh and tease me with it.” Gray said.

“Exactly.” She laughed and winked at Noel.

“Let’s go Mr polka dots.” Noel teased.

“Mum, see what you’ve caused.” Gray pouted.

They laughed as Noel dragged him to the car.

“They’ll make a good couple.” Mr Gerald said.

“Yeah, like us.” Mrs Jasmine winked at him.

“Exactly.” He smiled and pecked her forehead.

They watched as the car drove out of the compound and out of sight.

“Thanks for taking me to see your parents.” Noel smiled.

“You’re welcome.” He pecked her cheek and she puts her head on his shoulders again, dozing off.

He smiled at her sleeping figure and played with her soft hair.






Ryan and Krysten were seated on two seats facing Harry’s desk.

“So, you want to help us?” Harry asked, looking at her suspiciously.

“Yes.” Krysten answered.

“Let me ask you this question, why did you agree to do as he said in the first place?” Harry asked.

“I agreed because, he was quite richer than my parents and I didn’t want to be a liability to them. I wanted to do my own stuffs and earn my own money. He also promised to give me half of what we were to gain from this.” Krysten said.

“That’s not nice at all.” Harry said.

“I’m sorry.” She lowered her head.

“No problem though. You say you are the one in possession of the video right?” Harry asked.

“Yes.” She answered.

“Let me have it.” Harry said.

She handed the tape to him.

“What if he put it elsewhere other than here?” Ryan asked.

“You’re right, people like him doesn’t really hold one copy.” Harry said.

“So, if he has another copy of the video, where could it be?” Ryan asked.

“I think it should be in his drawer, he always keeps things he feels are important there.” Krysten said.

“Can you get it?” Ryan asked.

“Of course I can.” She replied.

“So, when are we expecting you?” Harry asked.

“Tomorrow will be okay.” She said.

“Okay.” Harry said and faced his laptop.

“Thanks.” Ryan smiled at her.

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back and stood up before walking out.

Harry cleared his throat, giving Ryan a suspicious look.

“Don’t get any ideas.” Ryan glared at him.

Harry laughed and shook his head. Whatever is going on will be clear soon.





Gray had just finished feeding Noel some cornflakes and she took the mug out to the cafeteria.

Liam entered the office.

Gray adjusted in his seat pretending not to know all that happened.

“Mr Liam, what a lovely surprise, you came to see me today.” Gray smiled.

“Don’t mind me Mr Gray, I’ve been busy lately.” Liam said and they shook hands.

“It’s still nice of you to visit though.”

“Actually I came to inform you of something.” Liam said.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Gray said.

“Mr Harry is planning on duping you of your money.” Liam said.

Gray felt like laughing, this man was truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Noel arrived at the cafeteria and just as she dropped the mug, she received a phone call from Quinn.

“Hello Quincy baby, aren’t you in school yet?” Noel asked with a smile.

“Good morning.” A voice spoke from the other end of the phone.

Noel froze, who was this?

“Who is this and what are you doing with my sister’s phone?” Noel asked.

“I am just a passerby ma. I was on the road when your sister got involved in a ghastly motor accident. I tried the numbers on her phone and was able to get only yours and one Damien guy.” The man said.

Noel almost fainted.

“What! Where is she?” Noel asked as tears stream down her cheeks.

“She’s in Lakeville hospital and_”

Noel didn’t wait to hear more and stormed out of the office.

She boarded a cab and rushed to the hospital.




Noel paid and ran into the hospital.

She stopped a nurse.

“Please, a teenage girl was admitted here, where is her ward please?”

“Ward 26, over there.” The nurse pointed to a closed door.

Noel wanted to run there but the nurse drew her back.

“You can’t go in there.” The nurse said.

“Leave me alone.” Noel yelled at her and ran there but was stopped by the people there.

“Be patient ma, she is being attended to.” A man told her, he was the one that called her.

“My innocent sister.” Nope whispered and cried.

Camille came and dragged her to a corner.

“This is just the beginning of your trouble Noel.” Camille said.

“Stop putting my family into this, Quinn is innocent.” Noel cried.

“I don’t care, do as I say and I will spare the rest.” Camille said.

“What do you want?” Noel asked.

“Resign from the office.”


“You heard me, stay away from Gray. If you don’t and luckily your sister survives this, I will come for her and your mum.” Camille said.

“Please don’t, I’ll stay away.” Noel said.

“Good.” Camille smirked and left.

Noel returned to the ward, crying. Damien, Miguel and Snow were already there.

“Miss Noel_” Damien rushed to her but they stopped him.

She wasn’t in the right frame of mind right now.

Damien paced up and down worriedly.

The door opened and the doctor stepped out, with a sad look on his face.

Noel and the rest rushed to him.

“How’s she? How’s my sister?” Noel asked.

“I’m sorry ma but we lost her.” The doctor said.

“You’re… You’re joking right?” Noel and Damien asked at same time, their voice cracking.

“I’m sorry, we tried our best.” The doctor shook his head.

Noel sIumped and fainted.


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Another commotion broke out in the hospital, they carried her and quickly took her to the next ward.

“Quinn.” Damien whispered and ran out while Miguel followed him .

Snow ran into the ward and met some nurses covering Quinn with a white piece of clothing.

“Stop and get out! Who told you that she’s dead!” She yelled vigorously.

The nurses shook their heads and moved aside.

Snow ran to Quinn’s lifeless body on the hospital bed, crying furiously.

“Quinn, I know you’re sleeping, you can’t die on me please. We promised to do many things together, we promised to always be beside each other right? Don’t leave me please, I need you, Damien needs you, Aunt Noel needs you more please wake up.” Snow cried holding her hand.

“Quinn!!!” Snow screamed, pouring out her tears more.

Damien rushed into the car that brought them and took out a gvn then stormed back to the hospital.

“What are you doing?” Miguel asked, blocking his way.

“Step aside!” Damien said with a deadly voice.

Miguel knew how he could be whenever he’s angry so he gave way. Damien entered and the nurses started screaming and running helter skelter, the doctor finished attending to Noel and rushed out to see what the commotion was all about.

Damien grabbed him, pointing the gvn at his forehead.

“I’m sure you know who I am Doctor Blaine.” Damien said.

“Yes.” Doctor Blaine shivered.

“Do whatever it takes to revive her else I’ll ki!l you and burn this hospital down.” Damien threatened in tears.

“But she’s dead.” Doc. Blaine said.

“I’ll assume she’s sleeping, so, go in there and wake her up now!” Damien ordered.

Doctor Blaine tried to protest but Damien cracked the gvn.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do as you’ve said.” He said and Damien left him.

“Don’t waste my time, wake her up now!” Damien yelled.

“Nurses, get the defibrillator!” Doctor Blaine yelled and they followed him into the ward immediately.

They brought Snow out and she sat on the floor crying.

“You mean, they’re gonna shock her back to life?” Miguel asked.

“Whatever it is they can do for her to live, I can’t loose her, not now, not ever.” Damien cried and Miguel hugged him, patting his back slowly while shedding his own.

Snow sniffed.

“Who’s gonna wipe my tears when I cry? Who’s gonna hold my hand when I’m down and assure me that all is well? We promised to grow old together Quinn, there were still pranks we planned on our to do list. I can’t believe this, I won’t believe you’re dead.” Snow wailed.

“We need to call Gray.” Miguel said and took his phone.




“I don’t understand what you’re saying Liam, how can Harry plan to dupe me?” Gray asked.

“He came to me yesterday asking us to join hands together and bring a fake business proposal to you. He said that since you hate him, he wanted to get revenge so, I would come to you proposing the business while he would find someone to act and take the money from you.” Liam lied.

“What!” Gray exclaimed, pretending to be surprised.

“Yes, I refused because you know I owe you alot and I love you as a brother that’s why I didn’t want you to get duped. So, I decided to come and inform you to beware of him.” Liam said.

“Thank you so much for this, you are truly a good friend and brother.” Gray smirked, Now he knew why Liam was doing all these, he is trying to join their heads together.

“You’re welcome, I have to be on my way now.” He stood up.

“Okay, thank you once more.” They shook hands.

“You deserve it.” Liam smirked before stepping out.

Gray called Harry and told him what Liam was up to then they decided to step up their plans.

Immediately he dropped his phone, he got a phone call from Miguel. He smiled and picked it up but his expression changed afterwards.

“Quinn? Noel? What hospital?” He asked and immediately he got an answer, he sprung up and entered Austin’s office.

“Lakeville Hospital now!” He yelled and stormed out.

Austin and Scarlet couldn’t comprehend what was going on but followed him out immediately.




Gray rushed in and was directed to the ward.

“What’s happening?” Scarlet asked worriedly.

None of them could answer as they kept weeping.

Gray paced forth and back anxiously then the doctor came out, sweating profusely.

“How did it go?” Damien asked.

“We were able to get her pulse back, she’s unconscious now, let’s hope it remains stable so she’ll wake up soon.” Doctor Blaine said.

“I want to see her.” Damien said.


“I want to see her.” Damien interrupted him, stressing each word.

“You can see her but don’t make much of a noise.” Doctor Blaine instructed and left.

Damien ran in, followed by the rest and that was when Scarlet and Austin understood what happened. Scarlet couldn’t control her tears on seeing Quinn’s condition, there was a bandage around her head and she was placed on oxygen.

She never had any other sibling and Quinn has been like a junior sister to her. She loved her so much and seeing her like this breaks her heart.

Austin held her as she cried in his arms.

Damien sat beside Quinn on the bed.

“You’re too beautiful and awesome to die, you can’t leave me okay? I won’t be able to survive without you.” He held her hand.

“She’ll wake up soon, I believe it.” Miguel said, holding Snow who was still crying.

“Where’s Noel’s ward?” Gray asked.

“The next one.” Miguel answered.

Gray kssed Quinn’s forehead before stepping out. He entered the ward and saw that she had already been placed on drip. He sat beside her on the bed and held her hand.

She moved and her eyes snapped open.

She tried getting up but was hit by a throbbing headache.

“You can’t get up now.” Gray said.

She nodded and laid down back but the memories of the past events flashed back to her head making her stand up abruptly.

“Quinn!” She yelled trying to remove the drip from her hand but Gray stopped her.

“Stop, you’re not in a good condition. Quinn is fine.” Gray said.

“No… The… The… Doctor said she was dead.” Noel burst into tears again.

“No, she has been received and is fine now.”

“I don’t believe you, you’re just saying this to make me feel better.” Noel cried more, struggling with him.

“Calm down baby, Quinn is okay I promise. I’ll make sure she doesn’t die.” Gray said.

Austin and Scarlet entered.

“Scarlet, they said my Angel is dead. It’s a lie right? She’s… She’s alive right? Tell me Gray isn’t lying.” Noel wailed.

Scarlet hugged her.

“Yes, she’s alive. Damien is with her right now.” Scarlet said.

“I want to see her, I want to see my sister.” Noel said.

“You can’t see her now dear, you aren’t even in a good condition yourself.” Scarlet said.

“I want to see her, I won’t rest till I do.” She removed the drip.

“Noel wait… Let the doctor confirm you’re okay first.” Austin said.

“Not until I see Quinn.” Noel said.

“Okay, let me take you to see her.” Gray held her hand and took her to Quinn’s ward.

Noel ran to her.

“My baby, thank God. I’m sorry for allowing this happen to you.” Noel cried, holding her hand.

“It isn’t your fault, once I lay my hands on that driver, he or she will wish they were never born.” Damien said.

Noel sniffed.

“Please wake up soon! I’m waiting for you.” Noel said.

Mr and Mrs Pat entered.

“So it’s true?” Mrs Evie started crying.

“Please don’t cry, she’ll wake up soon. She’s only unconscious.” Scarlet said.

Miguel has called them when he phoned the rest.

Mr Pat was sad, not knowing what to do.

“My precious daughter.” She wailed more.

“Mum, stop! You aren’t feeling well, don’t add this to your health. It will deteriorate.” Noel said.

“She needs space please, you all should come back tomorrow.” The nurse there said.

“Please let me stay with her, I want to be here when she wakes up.” Damien pleaded.

The nurse wanted to protest but Austin stopped her.

“I’d obey if I were you.” He said, knowing the kind of brother he had.

She nodded and the rest stepped out and waited outside the ward.

“Please wake up soon.” Damien held her hand.




Krysten entered the house, luckily, he wasn’t back yet. She rushed to his room and opened the door to his study. She entered and started checking his drawers.

She went to the one she suspected the video might be in and checked but saw nothing.

“Where did this goat keep the video now?” She bit her fingers, using her eyes to look round.

Her eyes caught a small box on top of a shelf and she smiled.

She picked it and opened it, to her surprise, the video tape was there.

She smiled and took it but when she turned, she bumped into Liam.

“Why are you snooping around my stuffs?” He asked.

“I.. I wanted to get something.” She gulped down.

“Which is?” He asked.

“This video tape, the one I had got erased by mistake and was stolen alongside my bag in the cab.” She lied through gritted teeth.

“Really, do you think I’m a fool?” He asked angrily.

“I was hoping you were.” She answered.

“Why will you betray me like this?” Liam asked.

“For your information, you used me and you’re planning to betray me as well.” She said.

“You’re right. Now that I have you, my plans will be quicker than I expected.” He grabbed her.

“Let me go you imbe¢ile!” She yelled, struggling but he was stronger than her.

In the process of struggling, she took a vase and broke it on his head. He fell and went unconscious while she screamed and ran out.




Camille just took wine and was celebrating her victory.

“This is awesome! You needed to see her face Julie.” She laughed.

“I can only imagine.” Julie said.

“Gray is finally gonna be mine.”

“What about the plan of setting her and Austin up?” Julie asked.

“That’s not needed anymore darling. I have what I want.” Camille smiled.

“Okay, so, can I bring the food now?” Julie asked.

“Sure! Let us celebrate.” Camille smiled.

Julie smirked and went into the kitchen. She came out later with a plate of rice and peppered chicken.

Camille watched as she dropped it on the dining and a smile played on her lips. She stood up and locked the door before catwalking to the dinning.

She got there and stared at the food.

“I made your favorite.” Julie smiled.

“I see…” Camille trailed off, pulled her t-shirt up and brought out a gvn, pointing it at Julie.

Julie gasped.

“You wanna poison me right?” Camille asked.

“Me? No, I would never.” Julie was already shivering.

“Okay, eat the food.” Camille ordered.

“I… I.. I…” Julie stuttered.

“Do not waste my time.” Camille said, impatience evident in her tone.

“I can’t.” Julie answered.

“Who sent you to poison me?” Camille asked.

Julie was quiet, Camille cracked the gvn and she screamed.

“It was Teresa, she said she wanted Gray for herself and that we should po!son you then when you d!e, she can have Gray and u will have my revenge on you because you slept with my boyfriend.” Julie cried.

“I told you he came to me willingly, I never forced myself on your dumb boyfriend.” Camille shot the ceiling.

“Please don’t kll me.” Julie begged, kneeling down.

“Betrayal has consequences. You and Teresa are meeting the d’vil today!”


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Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 50

“Betrayal has consequences. You and Teresa are meeting the devil today!” Camille yelled.

“No please, you can’t do this to me.” Julie begged.

“You should have thought of that before betraying me.” Camille said.

“I’m sorry, it won’t repeat itself again.” Julie pleaded in tears.

“Stand up!” Camille ordered, ignoring her pleas.

Julie stood up.

“Now enter that room over there.” She pointed to a room close to the dinning.

Julie obeyed, Camille tied her to a chair there and covered her mouth.

“Nothing must ruin my plans.” Camille took out her phone and dialed Teresa’s number.

“Hello Camille.” Teresa answered from the receiving end.

“I need you at my house right now, I’m sure our plans won’t fail this time.” Camille said.

“That’s awesome Camille but I’m escorting Silvia to the airport, she’s moving back to Miami, how about I visit you after that.” Teresa said.

“Okay, no problem bit please be fast. We haven’t got time to waste.” Camille said.

“I will, thanks alot. Bye!”

“Bye.” Camille hung up and smirked.

Since they’ve decided to awaken the beast in her, she wouldn’t show anyone mercy anymore.

As for Noel, de..ath will visit her soon, she didn’t want any more obstacles in her way.




Krysten was allowed into the compound by the gatemen and rushed to the door, pounding on it heavily. Immediately Ryan opened the door, she ran in, panting heavily.

Ryan went to her.

“What is it?” He asked worriedly.

“Water, water.” That’s what she kept saying.

Ryan ran to his kitchen and brought water. She opened it and gulped down the whole bottle.

“Are you okay?” Ryan asked and she burst into tears.

“I klled him, I klled a man. Am I going to be arrested? I don’t wanna be arrested, it was a mistake.” She wept.

“Krysten, I don’t understand what you’re saying. Who did you kll?” Ryan asked.

“I klled Liam.” She said.

“How?” Ryan asked in a surprised tone.

Krysten started explaining while he listened attentively.

“While we were struggling, I carried the vase and broke it on his head. He fell on the floor unconscious, I think he’s dead.” She said.

“You’re being overly paranoid. A vase can’t kll him, maybe he just fainted.” Ryan said.

“Are you sure? Because I’m scared. I only panicked and hit him, it wasn’t intentional.”She explained.

“You don’t need to worry. He will be fine.”

“Okay, that’s a relief then. Here is the last video tape” She handed it over to him and he collected.

“When he awakes, then we set things straight.”




Liam opened his eyes slowly and a throbbing headache h!t him. He winced in pain and held his head, it was bIeeding.

“I can’t believe that bçh did this to me.” He muttered, struggling to stand up.

He then remembered that the video tape is with Krysten. He yelled in anger and threw down everything on his study table.

“She ruined my plans! She ruined everything! ” He yelled more, not minding the headache h!tting him.

He wondered what he was going to do now, he didn’t know how he trusted her in the First place now, she has betrayed him.

He stopped for a while, they’re really going to send it to Gray and if that should happen, Gray would come for him so he rushed and started packing.

He was going to leave California for a while.




Krysten and Ryan a were seated before me.

“So?” Harry asked

“We need to get him arrested as soon as possible.” Ryan said.


“He knows that the video is already with us and will do anything to run away.” Ryan said.

“You’re right, the man is a green Snake in a green grass. Can you believe he went and told Gray that we were planning to dupe him.” Harry said.

“What! Such a backstabber.” Ryan yelled

‘”It’s obvious.” Krysten said carelessly.

Harry took his phone and dialed the police number.



The next day…


Damien sat and watched Quinn all night,he didn’t even want to miss the slightest move of her hand, his head was in turmoil, he knew he was 17 but frankly speaking, he has never loved anyone like this his entire life.

He remembered the first girl he was crushing on, she took everything he had but wasn’t even in love with him. Though, they had good times but it wasn’t compared to what he felt for Quinn. She was like an angel sent from the skies to wipe away his sorrows.

He wasn’t that sociable till he met her and she changed everything.

Miguel entered with Snow, Noel and Gray.

Noel held Damien’s shoulders.

“Won’t you go to school?” She asked him.

“School? There is no school without Quinn by my side. I’m waiting for her to wake up, then I will go to school.” He answered.

She sighed heavily, she was Quinn’s sister but it seems all these affected Damien most.

“We’ll see you when we’re back from school okay?” Miguel hugged him.

“Okay.” He answered.

Snow cupped his cheeks, not wanting to cry again.

“She’ll wake up soon.” She said.

Damien nodded and bade them farewell.

Miguel and Snow left for school while Noel sat on the bed.

“I love you baby, please wake up for us all.” Noel pecked her forehead.

Gray sat beside Noel and she stiffened.

“I’m certain that she will wake up soon. Whatever it takes, I’m ready to do it.” Gray said.

She shifted from him and smiled hurtfully.

“Thanks.” She said and stood up before hurrying out of the hospital.

Gray followed her immediately, unsure of what was happening. He held her hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine.” She said.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound fine. You sound anxious.” Gray tried to touch her but she moved back.

“I’m fine, okay?” She said then walked away.

Gray stood, transfixed on the spot. What could be wrong with her? He wondered




Camille sat on the chair in her living room having some wine. Teresa didn’t show up the previous dày and she wasn’t taking it likely. She would make sure she made Teresa pay for everything.

She took her phone and dialed her number.

“Hello Camille.” Teresa said, from the other end of the phone.

“I asked you to come yesterday, why didn’t you?” She asked casually.

“I’m sorry, I got involved in something else since Silvia left so I forgot. I’m sorry.” Teresa apologized sincerely,

“It’s like you don’t want to be part of this deal anymore right?” Camille asked.

“No, I want to be a part of it please, I’ll come this evening.”

“Good! Then we can eat and drink to celebrate a bit of my victory.” Camille smirked.

“Okay. I can’t wait.” Teresa smirked. This would be the end of Camille, she thought and smiled happily.

Camille hung up and picked her gun.

“Two worthless lives are gonna be lost today.” She smiled widely then stood up.

She was going to instill more fears on Noel, she would make sure Noel breaks Gray’s heart which will give her a chance to come in again.

She entered her car and drove off.



Noel kept walking by the side of the road, deep and lost in thought. She was looking for a place to pour out her tears. She knew Gray was hurt but she was defenseless. She can’t do anything.

She sniffed when a car parked in front of her, the glass wound down and Camille faced her coldly.

“Get in!” She ordered.

Noel entered the car reluctantly and wiped her tears.

“What do you want?” She asked Camille.

“You look really beautiful today.” Camille smiled mischievously.

“That’s not the answer to my question.” Noel said.

“Have you resigned from the office?” Camille asked.

“I will resign when I feel like.” Noel answered.

“I’m not surprised at your sudden boldness,” She brought out a gun and Noel gasped. “I hate playing around with words Noella. I am not a bi*ch for nothing and I hate being disobeyed. Meet him tomorrow and resign from work else, you see this gun, the bullets will be planted in your mother’s head. I know you’re really going to like that.” Camille smiled.

“Tell me one reason why you won’t let me be.” Noel snapped at her.

“Gray, I want Gray. Let me have him and all your trials will end.”


“Then get ready for more deaths, I swear I won’t spare any of you.” Camille threatened.

“Will that satisfy you?” Noel asked.

“Yeah and it will benefit me as well,” She leans closer to Noel “And if by mistake I hear whatever we’ve discussed elsewhere, Mrs Patterson won’t survive it. You know what I mean.” Camille smirked.

“You won’t get away with all these.” Noel got out of the car and slammed the door shut.

Camille smiled, she really loved where all these was going and she would make sure, Gray becomes hers.



Later that day…


Camille got back and went to where she tied Julie, she bent to her level and smiled before removing the piece of clothing tied to her mouth.

“Hey Assistant!” She said with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

“You’re a d’vil!” Julie exclaimed.

“That’s a pretty good name my love.” Camille said.

“I hate you!”

“The feeling is mutual dear. Maybe after your de..ath today, you will grow to love me.” Camille laughed.

“Even in my next world Camille, I will come back and kll you.” Julie said with tears in her eyes.

“Sure! I would love to see you try.” Camille smirked.

They heard the sound of the door bell.

“My humble visitor has arrived. Now, he a good little girl and stay mute.” Camille tied her mouth again before leaving for the living room.

She opened the door and welcomed Teresa with a wide smile.

“Good evening Camille.” Teresa smiled.

“Evening. Come in!” Camille said.

Teresa entered but didn’t see Julie, all she saw was food on the table.

“Where’s your assistant?” She asked casually.

“After she cooked and served my food, I sent her to get me a very expensive wine for our celebration.” Camille smiled.

“Okay,so have you eaten yet?” Teresa asked.

“No,I was waiting for you but since you’re here, let’s eat but before that I want to show you something really cool.” Camille said.

“Okay.” Teresa smiled.

Camille led the way to a room and Teresa followed immediately. They got to the door.

“After you.” Camille smiled.

“The stuff you have must be for me then.” Teresa beamed.

“Of course.” Camille replied with a hidden meaning.

“Okay.” Teresa opened the door and Camille pushed her in and locked it.

Teresa gasped when she saw Julie, she turned to Camille who pointed a gun at her forehead. She knelt down abruptly.

“Please, don’t kll me. What have I done?” Teresa asked tearfully.

“You wanted to kll me right?” Camille asked.


“Speechless! Do you take me for a f00l? I am deadly fir a reason, I don’t tolerate betrayal either. I don’t want to waste words on you so say your last prayers.” She ordered.

“I’m sorry!” Teresa cried, she was already shivering.

“That isn’t a prayer!”

She sh©t Teresa twice on the head then sh..ot Julie on the chest. Both fell in their own pool of bIood, she looked at their lifeless bodies with disdain. She ordered her trusted guards to put their bodies in the car which she drove by herself. She took them to a bush and dumped them there. The guards dumped them in a place nobody would find them before returning to her.

“Not a word of this to anyone!” She said to the guard.

“I promise.” He raised his hand up.

“Good! Clean up that room!” She ordered and stepped into the car then they drove away.




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