Story: Web Of Lies Episode 13

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 13

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 13

Web Of Lies – Episode 13

“Stand him up!” Marcus yelled with a tall erect posture. “People are watching.”

“Just shut up!” Darren yelled back clinching his jaw. “What are you looking at?” He looked at the people watching.

“What’s happening?” A woman asked coming from the crowd.

“Who are you?” Marcus asked her.

“I’m the supervisor of the man you are seemingly beating.”

“No one is beating him, he fell on his own,” Marcus said.

“He’s a suspect to an important case,” Darren added. “We are Detectives.”

The man finally woke up. He was in shock trying to figure out what was happening. Darren had his hands on him. Marcus talked to the supervisor and calmed her down. Darren got outside with the man and took him to the taxi rank.

“Where are you taking me?” The man cried.

“To the police station,” Darren replied. “You know what you did, that’s the reason you ran.”

“I didn’t do anything I swear!” The man yelled.

“Shut your mouth, let me get you to the station,” Darren pulled him.

Darren didn’t find the cab in the taxi rank. He got his phone from the pocket and called the taxi driver. Apparently, the taxi driver was told by Marcus to leave.

“We are not going to the station, that would be stupid,” Marcus said walking to Darren.

“What did you just say?” Darren asked looking at him furiously.

“You heard me. Let’s go to my car, its parked to that other side,” Marcus walked away.

Darren was left with no option but to follow Marcus. He knew that taking the suspect to the station was a stupid thing to do. The chief had clearly told him that the case was closed and it shouldn’t be tempered with. He followed Marcus and got into the car with the suspect. Marcus drove the car to the slums of Garden compound.

“What is this? This is not the station,” the suspect screwed up his face.

“If you open that filthy mouth of yours one more time, I will put a bullet in your head,” Darren said getting out of the car. He watched Marcus go to the building where he had parked the car. Marcus opened the big door and entered. Darren was wondering what Marcus was doing in there. “Old man we don’t have the whole day!” he shouted.

Marcus came out of the building and called Darren. “Come with him.”

Darren got the suspect and led him to the building. They entered and it was empty and dusty. It smelt like a hoarde of dead bodies. There were flies everywhere and every type of mice.

“What is this place?” Darren asked covering his nose while holding the suspect with another.

“I recently bought this place. Don’t mind the dirtiness and stenchy smell,” Marcus said putting a chair down. “Sit down,” he ordered the suspect.

Darren looked around the place and was astonished to how someone would keep a place dirty like this.

“What’s your name?” Marcus asked the suspect.

“Alick sir,” he answered horrified.

“Wait!” Darren looked at Marcus. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“What is it now? You said yourself we don’t have the whole day,” Marcus said angrily walking towards Darren.

Darren stepped further from Alick.

“How did you know I was at Arcades complex?” Darren asked Marcus.

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Marcus laughed. “You’re kidding me, right?”

Darren kept his face straight.

“I’m an investigator. Have you forgotten?” Marcus asked. “All the information that you have I have. Chilufya filled me in. As a matter of fact, I got at Arcades first. I saw you coming and I knew what you had come to do. I stayed in the car and watched your moves, you impressed me. You are not a complete idiot.”

“Marcus don’t test me!” Darren shouted.

“Let’s get back to the interrogation,” Marcus walked to the suspect leaving Darren agitated.

“So we have been looking for you Alick. For a long time,” Marcus said touching Alicks head. “You have a soft head man.” He laughed.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Alick begged.

“We will kill you if you don’t cooperate,” Darren joined. “What were you doing with the two girls on 18th April?” He asked.

“Which girls sir?”

“Don’t play dumb. You know what he’s talking about,” Marcus raised his voice while his hand still on Alicks head.

“CCCTv footage shows you and two girls,” Darren added.

“I met them at Club 101 sir.”

“And you were with them till what time?” Darren asked.

“Two in the morning sir.”

“You’re lying Alick!” Darren shouted.

“I’m telling the truth sir,” he said scared.

Darren looked at Marcus. It was as if they were reading each others minds.

“You killed her,” Marcus looked at Alick with an unrelenting stare.

“No I didn’t I left her at her flat. She invited me in and we started kissing . We wanted to go to the bedroom but found her friend sleeping so I decided to leave. She begged me to stay but I couldn’t.”

“Hmmm, that is unbelievable,” Darren nodded.

“Its the truth sir.”

Marcus left the two and went into another room. He took some time and came with another man who seemed weak as if he had taken a beaten and couldn’t walk properly.

“Who is that? What did you do to him Marcus?” Darren was shocked.

“Charles!” Alick screamed and wanted to stand up but Darren stopped him.

“Its his friend,” Marcus looked at Darren.

“What does he have to do with this?” Darren asked still shocked.

Marcus ignored Darrens question and pulled Charles to where his friend was. Charles had no strength. He didn’t have any wounds but someone could tell that he was beaten.

“Tell them the truth Alick, these men are dangerous,” Charles looked at Marcus who was innocently smiling.

“You see? You have lied to us and lying to a Detective and a former detective is an offence,” Marcus smiled.

Alick was confused. He didn’t know what to say but looking at his friend, he could tell that the men he was dealing with were not to mess with.

“I don’t know the man,” Alick spoke.

“Which man?” Darren asked.

“The man who had hired me to get rid of,” Alick paused and cried. “Get rid of the girl.”

“So you killed her?” Marcus probed.

“No No No sir I didn’t,” Alick answered defensively. “I couldn’t sir. The time I spent with her from Club 101 to East point to her flat, I got to like her. She was innocent but troubled.” Alick sighed.

“So you were hired to kill her?” Darren asked.

“Yes sir. Some two weeks before her death, a man approached me. I don’t know how he knew I had financial problems but he offered me K300,000 to kill her. That money could have changed my life but I couldn’t take someone’s life. Not for any amount of money. I regret ever considering it.”

“Wait a minute,” Marcus said. “You threw away K300,000 because you liked her?”

Darren looked at Marcus and yelled, “what’s your problem?”

“K300,000 is a lot of money to throw away. I could have gone to Morroco,” Marcus said jokingly.

“So what really happened when you got to her flat?” Darren asked.

“The same thing have told you sir. We almost had sex. I even left her in her lingerie,” Alick said regretfully.

Darren backed away for a moment and stood aside. He watched Marcus torment the two for more information. He didn’t feel sorry for Alick and Charles, they deserved it. What caught his attention in what Alick told him was the amount of money he was offered to get rid of Fiona. Another thing was the fact that Alick was still alive despite backing out from the deal. In most cases, Darrens experience had taught him that when a person backs out of a deal like that, they would end up dead especially if it involved that large sum of money.

“How are you alive Alick?” Darren walked towards the three.

Alick was caught offguard with the question.

“Don’t tell me that you just walked out of the deal like that with no repercussions,” Darren narrowed his eyes.

“I had read from the newspapers that the Ministers daughter was found dead. I knew it was the girl I was told to kill. Two days later, some men came to my place. They were ready to have me killed but I begged for my life. I told them I would never say anything. I swore on my life.”

“This seems too simple,” Marcus said.

“I told them I didn’t know who they were and who would believe me if I said some people approached me and wanted me to kill the girl?”

“You have a point right there,” Marcus agreed with Alick.

“Who could offer you a K300,000?” Darren looked at Alick. “You don’t even have the skills to kill someone.”

“That’s exactly what the man said sir, he said no one would ever suspect me.”

In Darrens mind, this was a dead end. He had no idea as to how he would start looking for the man who offered Alick that money. He thought about Chilufya’s wife and the children and his heart felt heavy. He knew Alick was saying the truth. He couldn’t have been lying after seeing his friend who had been dealt with by Marcus. How? Darren didn’t want to know. Knowing the old man, he had an idea.

“What are you thinking about?” Marcus interrupted Darrens thoughts.

“Is this a dead end?” Darren asked Marcus disappointedly.

“Problem with you modern detectives is that you give up fast. Who said this is a dead end? We are just getting started. Go back to the station, you’ve been away too long and its getting late,” Marcus turned around.

“What do you mean we are just getting started old man?” Darren asked.

“We have the Wayne boy. He lied about his alibi. Chilufya also told me about what the boy blabbed about the time you two went to the funeral house,” Marcus said. “Think of it, who would have that huge sum of money except for a government official.”

“I’m not following you.”

“Some times detective you can be dull,” Marcus said.

“Don’t go there old fool. Tell me!”

“My investigator hunch tells me Fiona’s parents have a hand in this.”

Darren laughed. “You’re kidding right?”

“I’m not and when I have a hunch, it doesn’t disappoint me.”

“Old man, what did Malawi feed you?”

“Be careful. Don’t forget I beat you up this morning.”

Darren felt his forehead and leg hurt the moment Marcus mentioned beating him.

“This is a Conspiracy Darren, you and I are getting to the bottom of this. Now go.”

“You should retire old man, you think this is a movie. What kind of parent would want their daughter dead?”

“I said go, I will take care of this two!”

Darren left the building and boarded a bus to town. The many times He and Chilufya had worked with Marcus, he always delivered. He had never disappointed them. This was not the first time he talked about his investigator hunch. Darren was only confused with the sudden involvement of Fiona’s parents which he didn’t see coming. He told himself to assume what Marcus was saying was true. He thought about how Wayne accused his parents of killing his sister.

“He was drank!” He thought out loudly.

The passenger sited next to him looked at him. Darren ignored him. He then went back to that day when Wayne told him that his parents were dangerous people.

“Again drank!”

The passenger looked at him like he was mad. What could Marcus be talking about? He then thought about the conspiracy Marcus talked about. Darren was getting more confused as he thought about it. He also remembered what Tatiana said about the Minister liking young men. He then hit a dead end in his mind when he thought about the man in the sex tape. He didn’t realise that he had reached the station. He went direct to his office to lock up.

“Hey baby,” Ayana said behind him as he was locking the door.

Surprised he answered, “Hi babe, this is a surprise.” He looked around.

“Well I wanted to surprise you,” she hugged him.

“You have succeeded,” he held her tight.

“Let me treat you to dinner,” she told him as she let him go.

“That sounds nice. Let’s go.”

As Darren and Ayana were about to leave the station, they met Xavier outside with an AK47 in his hands getting into the station. Xavier stopped when he saw them.

“Detective you have been missing today,” Xavier smirked.

“Busy day,” Darren said.

“Already?” You missed work huh.”

Ayana froze. Darren felt his hand as if it was been ran over by a truck tire. He turned his head to look at her and noticed that she was sweating and her eyes had turned red with tears about to fall off.

“Do I know you madam?” Xavier asked the still Ayana.

Ayana couldn’t say a word but look at Xavier petrified.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Darren asked worriedly.

“I have to rush inside,” Xavier left them.

As soon as he left them, Ayana snapped out of her trance. She moved some steps forward and stopped.

“What is wrong?” Darren asked again.

“I have lost my appetite. I want to go home,” she ran and left him standing.

Confused to what had just happend, Darren ran to her.

“Ayana!” He shouted.

To be continued

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