Story: Web Of Lies Episode 14

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 14

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 14

Web Of Lies – Episode 14

“In most cases, People who exhibit such actions are those that relive a certain traumatic experience that they went through,” the doctor told Darren.

“From what you have told me, Ms. Ayana was scared of something.”

“Can it be the gun my fellow officer was carrying?” Darren asked concerned.

“I am not saying it could be it but that could also have triggered that action,” the doctor answered.

“I believe it’s the gun,” Darren said assured. “I think she’s scared of guns.”

“She’s fine. She’s taking a rest. Don’t ask her about it tonight,” the doctor left.

After she had left him at the police station, Darren ran to her. He went with her to her house but looking at how she was strangely acting, he decided to call his doctor to check up on her. Despite insisting she was fine, Darren firmly told her she had to be checked. She accepted and the doctor didn’t find anything serious with her health. Darren was concerned with why she acted the way she did but he had to wait for her to be perfectly fine to ask her. When the doctor left, he put her to bed and went to the living room to clear his clouded mind.

“Sir should I serve supper for you?” Naomi asked Darren.

“Naomi you’re still around? Isn’t it late?” Darren asked surprised.

“The madam said I could spend the night sir.”

“Oh I see. I won’t be having anything tonight thanks,” Darren dismissed her.

Before she could leave he called her back.

“Yes sir,” she answered.

“How long have you known the madam?”

“She got me from the village five years ago sir,” Naomi replied.

“That was the time you knew her or you knew her from before that?”

“That was my first seeing her. My mother told me that Ms. Ayana had just come back from Australia after many years.”


“Yes sir. Other than that, I don’t know anything about her. She doesn’t put out that much.”

“Thank you Naomi.”

Darren wasn’t surprised with Naomi mentioning Australia but what surprised him was that Ayana didn’t tell him anything about that. Then again, their relationship had been serious for only two weeks. Perhaps it was too early to start talking about each other’s pasts, Darren thought to himself. He switched on the TV and relaxed on the couch. He was too comfortable that he slept. He was awoken by Ayana’s screams from the bedroom. He ran to the bedroom and found Ayana screaming while still asleep.

“Please don’t!” She screamed.

Darren was startled. He knew she was having a nightmare. He woke her up.

“David!” She hugged him tight. “David you’re safe.”

“David?” Darren looked at Ayana.

She fell asleep in his arms while he remained more confused. David was the man in the picture with Ayana in the living room. Darren remembered her telling him that he was her brother who died some years ago when they were young. He looked at her and felt sorry for her. She was a tough and strong woman and seeing her like that was heart-breaking. Darren fell asleep with Ayana in his arms.

“Baby!” Ayana woke him up.

“Huh, what is it?” Darren moaned.

“You have to go to work, its 7am already,” she said standing looking at him.

“What? Already?” Darren quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom. He then remembered what transpired the previous night and went back to Ayana. “How are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine,” she answered.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes baby. Go and bath,” she said making the bed.

Darren stood watching her making the bed as if nothing had happened to her. She was aware of him looking at her. She stopped making the bed and walked towards him and spread her arms wide.

“Thank you for being here. I know I scared you last night. I’m just scared of guns,” she told him.

“But why?” Darren asked.

“I don’t like talking about it. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t. I’m glad you’re fine,” Darren went to the bathroom. He didn’t mention to her that she was screaming and shouting her brother’s name.

“Take care of yourself, if anything call me,” Darren kissed her on the cheek saying goodbye.

“I will. Work well.”

He arrived at the station and was welcomed by the happy Chief.

“Darren, it’s so good to see you. Let’s go to my office. I have something to tell you,” the chief took him to his office.

“What is it sir?” Darren asked.

“So the minister was happy with how you carried out your investigation on Fiona’s murder.”


“His family is inviting you to dinner tonight. What do you say?” The Chief smiled.

Darren hesitated.

“I know you might be feeling ashamed that your partner is the one that murdered their daughter but who could have known? No one. The minister understands that. That’s the reason he is inviting you to his house tonight.”

“I have pressing issues sir.”

“Detective! Who doesn’t have pressing issues? We are all officers of the law but sometimes, taking a break from all the drama is a good thing. They are expecting you tonight.”

“It seems like I don’t have an option.”

“I’m afraid you don’t,” The chief shrugged.

“I will go sir thank you,” Darren stood up.

“And by the way, wear something descent.”


“A suit Darren.”

“Oh!” Darren left the office.

He went to his office. After a while, he decided to check Jeremy’s office. He got into the office and everything was as Jeremy had left them. Nostalgia hit him. The whole place reminded him of Jeremy. Darren was convinced that whoever killed Jeremy was the one who killed Fiona. If he and Marcus could solve the mystery, it meant getting justice for Fiona and Jeremy as well as Chilufya.

“Excuse me sir,” a young female interrupted Darren.

Darren turned around to check who it was.

“I’m Florence sir. I’m the new forensic officer,” she smiled.

“Oh. I was just taking a look,” Darren said.

“I didn’t want to change things here because I heard the last forensic officer was loved around this place,” Florence said holding on to the door.

“Yes he was loved.”

“How did he die sir?”

Darren looked at her. She was already irritating him.

“Why is it that you people are always irritating? Is irritation also a course where you study from?”

Florence looked at Darren blankly.

“Are you the one who found the iPhone?” Darren asked her.

“No sir. That must have been the acting forensic officer I found.”

“Alright. Do your work and stay out of my way,” Darren left the lab.

Darren kept looking at his phone hoping to hear from Marcus but there was nothing. He checked the files that were brought to him on cases that were pending. He wanted to make himself busy before dinner. He checked at his time and it was 10:23.

“Long day ahead,” he sighed.

Sometime in the afternoon after lunch, Marcus sat in his car outside the minister’s house. He had been sitting there since morning. He kept playing Clash of Clans on his phone. Whilst he was there, the minister left the house and his wife followed after some minutes. He didn’t want any of the two. At least not yet. His main reason to have gone there was Wayne and his resources said Wayne was still at the Minister’s house. Marcus got out of his car and looked around. The dusty road was empty. After ensuring that no one was in sight, he ran and threw himself to the edge of the wired fence. He carefully checked if there was anyone in the compound but surprisingly, there was none. He climbed and jumped to the other side. He found his way to the house and entered the kitchen. He heard some female voices coming to the kitchen. He quickly and silently jumped over the kitchen window to the diner and hid on a corner. He saw the woman walk outside. The voices he heard were two and he knew there was another woman still inside the house. He slowly walked to the living room and found Wayne drowning himself in alcohol.

“Too early to be drinking?” Marcus whispered agitated. He knew he had to be careful. Before he could enter the room, he watched his back and looked around. He waited a while and the female voices were fading. He got into the room. He walked behind Wayne and grabbed him by surprise. Wayne wanted to scream but his mouth was covered by Marcus’s strong hands.

“If you try anything stupid, you will die. Let us go to your room,” Marcus told him.

Wayne obliged and took Marcus to his room. Looking at him, Marcus could tell that Wayne was wasted. He threw him on the bed and locked the door behind him.

“Do you know who Iam?” Wayne asked trying to stand up.

“Yes I do boy. Now sit your a$$ down,” Marcus checked the windows.

“We don’t keep money in the house,” Wayne stood up staggering and fell on the floor.

“Drinking with this sun? What’s wrong with you?”

Wayne was still on the floor. Marcus stood him up and slapped him.

“Don’t kill me please,” he begged.

“I’m not killing you. I just want to make you sober,” Marcus got Wayne’s hand and grabbed the middle finger.

“Wait wait wait. What do you want?” Wayne asked scared.

“Information about your parents.”

“What information?”

“Let’s start by their relationship with your dead sister.”

“All I know is that my sister never got along with them. I also don’t get along with either of them. That’s all.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Did that detective send you? I knew he was not going to stop investigating, “Wayne cleared his throat.

“Concentrate!” Marcus twisted Wayne’s finger that made him scream. “Shhhhhhh stupid.”

“It hurts I have told you what I know about my parent’s relationship with my sister,” Wayne said kneeling down.

Marcus knew Wayne’s scream had caught attention of the people in the house. The clock was ticking, he had to do things fast.

“Why did you lie about getting into the country before Fiona’s death?”

Wayne’s face was expressionless.

“Tell me!” Marcus ordered him.

“I was afraid my parents would know about my drug addiction.”

“Isn’t alcohol enough for you?”

Wayne was quiet.

“Where were you the night she was murdered?”

“I was at my friend’s house probably drugged out because I got to know about my sister’s death some days after.”

“Sir are you ok?” A female voice asked from the other side of the door.

Marcus looked at Wayne with horrifying eyes.

“Yes everything is fine,” Wayne answered.

Marcus let go of Wayne and started thinking about ways of how to get out of the house. While looking around the compound from Wayne’s bedroom window, Wayne stood up and said, “If there is anyone worth investigating is my father.”

Marcus turned around and looked at Wayne.

“Why do you say that?”

“That man is everything bad. He cares a lot about his image,” Wayne said. “When they told the detectives about not knowing that there was a sex tape, they lied. They knew. Both of them.”

“Now you are talking sense, continue,” Marcus said while still on the window.

“My sister probably made that sex tape to get to dad but before she could carry out her plan, she was executed,” Wayne sighed. “Whoever is in that sex tape is connected to my father. That I’m sure of.”

“Who do you think that can be?”

“I don’t know but Fiona was messing with a lot of Dads friends. Not that she was sleeping with them all but she was too close to some of them. Everyone blamed her but I guessed she loved attention.”

“Isn’t that what you want too?”

Wayne was silent.

“You have decided to take it to the bottle and drugs to get your parents attention, right?”

“No. My case is different.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“I’m sure the security guard is back,” Wayne said.

“I didn’t see any security guard when entering,” Wayne’s eyes flashed.

“I will help you get out. You’re my visitor,” Wayne walked to the door.

“If you do anything…….”

“Old man, take heart,” Wayne cut Marcus’s words.

The two came out of the house together with Wayne leading the way. The two ladies were surprised to see Marcus and kept whispering to each other because they didn’t see him enter the house. They couldn’t ask anything because Wayne kept his smile on as he walked to the gate. They found the security guard who was equally surprised to see Marcus.

“Sir how did this man……?”

“Open the gate!” Wayne ordered him.

The security guard opened the gate and the two were outside.

“I’m now going back inside. Find the real murderer not that one in the prison,” Wayne said. “And tell that detective that tonight’s dinner will be epic.”



“I see. I will find the culprit,” Marcus walked to the car.

He got into his car and called Darren. Darren didn’t pick up at the first call. Marcus had to call four times.

“Hello old prick,” he answered.

“Dinner with the minister?” Marcus asked.

“How do you know?” Darren asked surprised.

“Forget about that, I will tell you more at the same dinner. See you there bas***d,” Marcus cut the line.

Darren was left wondering what Marcus meant by seeing him at the dinner date with the Minister’s family. He ignored the feeling and looked at himself in the mirror. He was perfect. He wore a khaki trousers and a black shirt with brown shoes that matched with his belt. He looked at the black jacket on the bed. He picked it up and put it on. He got his phone and called Ayana to check on her. During the day, he had told her about the dinner date with the minister. After finishing talking to her, he received a text from the chief saying that the venue had been moved to Taj Pamozi hotel.

“Eish, what’s so special about this dinner?” He whined.

He left his house and went to the taxi rank. He didn’t find any taxi. He waited for some minutes. A red Toyota Xtrail parked in the taxi rank. Darren didn’t mind it as he was busy checking on his watch. The Xtrail’s driver seat door opened. To Darren’s surprise, Serena came out of the car and was walking towards him. She had worn a long red dress with a red purse in her hand. She looked flawless as Darren watched her walk towards him.

“Don’t just stand there, we are late. Let’s go,” Serena said.

“Where?” He asked.

“To the dinner date of course.”

“With you Serena?”

“Yes. Didn’t the chief tell you? I was invited too.”

To be continued

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