Story: Web Of Lies Episode 16

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 16

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 16

Web Of Lies – Episode 16

“Here are the keys, open the door,” Marcus handed the keys to Darren.

“Do you know what we have just dome? Darren asked getting the keys.

“My car has crashed.” Marcus answered and went. “I know, we are in deep sh*t! Now go open up.”

Darren had parked the BMW behind the building. The time they got to the building was late and only a few people saw them drive into the premises but they didn’t care. He got out of the car and went to the door. At the door, he could smell the stench coming out from the building and cursed himself.

Marcus managed to get out of the car even though he struggled a bit. He had a fractured arm and a cut on his chest which was bleeding and the blood could be seen through the shirt.

“You’re hurt,” Darren looked at Marcus coming at him.

“Its nothing, we have more important things to concentrate on,” Marcus pushed Darren aside and entered the building.

Darren followed Marcus to a room where he had gone. He watched him get a first aid box. He ripped his shirt and washed the cut with some liquid and put the bandage on it.

“What are you looking at?” Marcus stood up.

“Nothing!” Darren yelled. “Have you forgotten we have a man in the trunk?”

“How can I forget? I told you to put him in the trunk, didn’t I?” Marcus handed Darren a wooden stick.

Marcus and Darren went outside and stood before the trunk lid looking at each other. They both knew that the man in the trunk was now fully awake. Being a professional it was obvious the bodyguard was waiting for the trunk to be opened.

“Open it,” Darren told Marcus.

“You open it,” Marcus objected.

Darren looked at Marcus from head to toe.

“You’re hurt. Let me handle him.”

Marcus got closer to the trunk and slowly opened it. As expected, the ministers bodyguard jumped out of the trunk like a Kangaroo and kicked Marcus in the neck adding to his injuries. What he wasn’t prepared for, was Darren behind him with a wooden stick. He turned around and was hit on the face and fell on the ground like a bag of maize.

“I’m killing this idiot,” Marcus whinged getting up touching his neck.

“Your time is up old man, you need to retire,” Darren mocked Marcus dragging the unconscious bodyguard in the building. He tied him to a chair. “What do we do with him?”

“We extract information from him,” Marcus answered. He went into the room and got a bottle of water. “He’s one tough son of a gun.” Marcus sprinkled water on the bodyguards face.

The bodyguard slowly gained conscious and opened his eyes to Darren and Marcus.

“Detective do you know what you’ve done?” The bodyguard looked at Darren.

Darren didn’t answer.

“You put yourself in this mess,” Marcus stepped towards the bodyguard. “Now let’s be as concise as possible. We don’t need to make a mess, you just need to answer the questions I ask you and you will fine.”

The bodyguard laughed at Marcus. “You think I’m scared of you old man. I gave you a beating if it wasn’t for the detective you’d be dead by now.” He spat on his face.

“Do I look that old?” Marcus looked at Darren.

Darren shrugged.

Turning his attention to the bodyguard, Marcus clenched his fist so hard he hit the bodyguard that he fell on the floor while still tied to the chair.

“Ouch,” Marcus complained checking his cut. “You’re luck my left arm is fractured.’

“That was unexpected,” Darren said astonished.

“Get him up!” Marcus ordered Darren.

“Take a break you will kill yourself,” Darren lifted the bodyguard.

“Do you still think I’m old?” Marcus asked.

The bodyguard didn’t answer. He was furiously looking at Marcus like a chained hungry dog seeing food from a distance.

“Now let’s start again. What did the minister do to his daughter?” Marcus asked.

“I’m not telling you anything,” the bodyguard spat.

“You and spitting. Do you want me to cut that tongue of yours?” Marcus removed a small knife from his pocket.

The bodyguards eyes flashed. He looked at Darren as if trying to confirm what Marcus had just said.

“He’s crazy, he will cut it out for real,” Darren said.

Marcus played with his knife. Darren stepped back.

“He seems like he won’t say anything, do with him as you please,” Darren said. “At least, he won’t even rat me out.”

Marcus walked to the bodyguard and held his head tilting it upwards while stretching his mouth. The bodyguard saw how serious Marcus’s face was.

“Wait! Wait!” He screamed.

Marcus let go of him.

“What do you want to know?” The bodyguard asked.

“Does the minister have anything to do with Fiona’s murder?” Darren asked.

“I don’t know I’m new,” the bodyguard answered.

“It seems like he won’t say anything. Just cut the tongue already,” Darren stepped back again.

Marcus forcefully grabbed the bodyguards head and took the knife and placed it in his mouth.

“I know something,” the bodyguard murmered.

“What?” Marcus asked.

“The minister was furious when he found out about Fiona’s sex tape. He went to talk to her but the talk didn’t go as planned. They fought,” the bodyguard paused. “Verbally of course.”

“Why did they fight?” Darren asked.

“Fiona found out something about her father and she told him to back off saying if he didn’t, she would expose him.”

“Is it something to do with him sleeping with young men?” Darren asked stepping forward.

The bodyguard shifted nervously.

“Answer him,” Marcus said.

“Something like that, yes!” The bodyguard answered. “I’m not sure though.”

“Do you know who is in the sex tape?” Marcus asked.

“No I don’t.” The bodyguard answered.

Darren and Marcus were quiet thinking about the Ministers secret vice.

“How did you know I was at the ministers house?” Marcus asked.

“Old man. You still live in ancient times. There is CCCtv cameras at the house,” the bodyguard answered. “I’m sure you have topped the list of wanted people by the Minister.”

“I didn’t see any,” Marcus said thoughtful.

Darrens phone rang and he looked at Marcus.

“Who is it?” Marcus asked.

“I don’t know, its unknown.”

“Answer it.”

Darren answered the phone and it was Tatina. He moved away from Marcus.

“Hello Tatiana, isn’t it late to be calling me?” Darren looked at his watch.

“Its only 23 detective,” she answered. “As a matter of fact, I’m heading to your place. Will I find you?”

“What … What?” Darren stammered. “I’m not home.”

“Where are you detective?”

“Investigating a case.”

“This late?”

“We don’t sleep. Your husband knows best.”

“Eventually, you will come home. You will find me parked outside. I need some company after what just happened tonight. I heard you left with the bodyguard and my husband.”

“No, I left alone.”

“Oh I see. Serena left after you left.”

“Go home Tatiana.”

“Detective see you later,” she cut the line on him.

Darren went to Marcus and told him about Tatina’s call.

“Go and meet her. This is an opportunity to get information,” Marcus told Darren.

Darren went numb.

“Anything for information detective. Haven’t you seen we are torturing someone here? Now go. I will deal with the bodyguard. We have a lot to talk about,” Marcus looked at the bodyguard.

True to her word, Tatiana parked outside Darrens house. It was thirty minutes past midnight. He knocked on the window of her car and she was startled. She rolled down the window.

“You scared me Detective,” she said touching her chest.

“You can park inside if you don’t mind,” Darren told her.

“Isn’t this neighborhood safe?”

“You can never be too safe.”

She drove the car inside the yard and parked. Darren had already opened the door and was waiting for her at the door. As soon as she entered, he pulled her closer and started kissing her.

“Detective!” She was surprised.

Darren pushed her againts the wall and kissed her even deeper. She pressed her body against his sensually. He lifted her and placed her on the kitchen table.

She pushed him and said, “You’re an animal.” She pulled him back and took his shirt off while he untied his belt.

“I needed this,” she moaned.

Marcus felt a surge of pain on his arm as he sat in the room inside the building. He was done with interrogating the bodyguard but he left him still tied in the other room. He removed his shirt and checked the cut.

“Ahhh!” He wailed. “This hurts.”

From the information he had gathered, only confirmation of the ministers alleged story was needed. He sat on the chair looking at his phone waiting for Darrens call. He checked his watch and it was 02:37. His pain was not ceasing and he knew he had to see a doctor in the morning. Tired of waiting for the call, he dozed off.

Early in the morning, Darren left his bed and went to the kitchen to make some tea leaving Tatiana in the bedroom. He tried to call Ayana but she wasn’t answering. He wondered why she wasn’t picking up the phone. He just hoped she was fine.

It was time to make Tatiana talk. He was thinking of how to do it when she hurriedly entered the kitchen with her handbag and phone in her hands.

“I have to leave now!” She hollered.

“Its four in the morning,” Darren said trying to stall her.

“Exactly why I have to leave now.”

He walked to her and pulled her closer.

“I enjoyed the night with you,” he said.

“So did I,” she wrapped her hands around his neck.

“Then why leave so early?”

“I have a husband Darren,” she answered.

This was an opportunity presenting itself. She had mentioned her husband and that was the only way he could talk about him.

“Talking about your husband, you mentioned something about him liking young men. How true is it?”

She looked at him suspiciously.

“Why are you interested in that detective?” She asked him.

“I’m not I just want to know my rival now that we are sharing a bed,” he mischieviously smiled.

She giggled.

“Tell me.”

“Yes he’s no longer into women. Me specifically,” she said sadly.

“I will take care of you,” he hugged her.



“That day I said my daughter had been raped?”

“Yes Tatiana.”

“It was the chief who raped my daughter. She told me but I didn’t do anything about it. My husband and the chief have been friends since childhood. Fiona was already a mess. I assumed she led him on so I told her to keep it a secret and move on.”

Darren didn’t want to seem judgemental and surprised. He let go of her and kissed her. He told her he shared her pain and that she could come any day she wanted to. He watched her drive out of the yard.

“I’m sorry Tatiana,” he stopped the recorder on his phone. “The Chief?” He sighed.

The sun came out with Darren leaving his yard. He wanted to talk to Marcus face to face and he was on his way to Garden compound when Serena called him.

“Come to the police station now!” She shouted on the phone and cut.

His heart was racing. Whatever was going on, Serena’s voice showed it was serious. His mind was in all the places. He was very close to solving the case. Finding out about the ministers secret and that Fiona knew about that was a milestone. The Chief’s involvement too was a key to finding the real killer. That could be gone in seconds if someone knew about Darrens involvement in assisting someone who broke into the ministers house escape.

“I think they know at the station,” Darren told Marcus over the phone.

“You don’t know that,” Marcus said. “Go there and find out.”

“If anything happens to me, Iam sending you a recording of Tatiana’s confession to the Chief raping Fiona and The ministers secret.”

“Nothing will happen to you but send.”

Darren reached the station and didn’t find Serena at the receiption. Everyone was busy running around and making calls. He went to his office and stayed a while. No one was coming to call him. He decided to go and talk to the chief. He reached the chiefs office and knocked. He could hear voices coming out of the office but no one was telling him to come in. He grew out of patience and opened the door. He found Xavier and three members of the specialist team all geared up.

“Darren!” Xavier called him.

“Xavier. Where’s the chief?” Darren asked him.

All the four in the Chiefs office looked at Darren surprised.

“You don’t know?” Xavier asked.


“The Chief is missing!”

To be continued

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