Story: Web Of Lies Episode 18

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 18

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 18

Web Of Lies – Episode 18

“I will love you to the end of the world David,” Ayana said the day David was buried.

She had wept bitterly for her beloved but no amount of tears would have brought him back. He was the only thing she held dear in her heart. Looking at the casket been lowered in the grave was devastating for her. What was even worse was that she witnessed how he was killed and couldn’t do anything. After everything they had been through and now that things were looking up, David had to die.

“I love you Ayanara,” David said. “This is college, don’t misbehave,” he laughed.

“You know I won’t,” she said putting her suitcase down. “I love you David.”

“I know. That’s the reason you married me,” he pinched her cheek.

She looked at him and wondered how she could have been this blessed. She loved him with her mind, body and soul. She had no doubts about him. Even though things were not financially stable for them, they knew they had each other.

“Bye now,” he waved her goodbye with a sad face.

“I will be back home soon don’t worry. It’s just two weeks,” she smiled at him.

“People will be surprised that a young girl like you is doing distance education and married already,” he laughed.

“Times have changed. Some of us have to work too,” she watched him leave.

School was going great for Ayana until things took a turn. The college increased school fees and life became demanding. Working and school became overwhelming for Ayana that she couldn’t take it any more.

“I’m quitting school David,” she told him after a moment of silent.

“You must be kidding, right?”

“I’m serious my love.”

“You can’t Ayanara.”

“Look at things David. As it is right now, we are barely surviving.” She stood up. “Ever since I started school, things have been difficult for us. Perhaps if I stop, we can start a business of some sort,” she forced back tears.

“You can’t stop school Ayana,” David said standing up too.


“No buts. You’re my wife. I will take care of you. Whatever it takes,” he pulled her closer.

“I don’t like the sound of that David,” she looked at him.

“Concentrate on school. You only have two more years to complete. We cannot quit now,” he kissed her forehead. “Let’s get back to bed now.”

They went to bed but both of them didn’t sleep right away. Ayana kept thinking about what David meant by ‘whatever it takes’. She loved him so much but couldn’t allow him to do anything stupid to provide for her. David on the other hand was thinking about a proposal a friend of a friend had told him about.

Early in the morning, David left and went to the same person who told him about how to make fast and easy money. He was desperate and anything that showed him signs of generating money was a go area.

“Do you understand that no one has to know about this?” Levy asked.

“I do,” David answered.

“Once you go in, you don’t decide to go out until they deem it necessary?”

“Yes Levy I understand everything.”

“The people you will be dealing with are powerful and respected officials of the government,” Levy emphasised. “Once you breach the code of confidentiality, whatever happens to you I won’t be held accountable.”

“I just need the money.”

“You are in.”

“Just like that?”

“Yes. You are a friend of a friend so that makes you my friend. I know how tough things are for you so I don’t want to put you through all the procedures everyone goes through.”

“Well thanks Levy,” David said surprised.

“Don’t mention it,” He handed him a piece of paper. “Go to this address tomorrow.”

David left Levy’s place feeling disgusted of himself. The thought of Ayana made him not to go back on his decision. He was determined to help her finish school. She was his responsibility and couldn’t let her down.

“Baby you paid my tuition fees?” Ayana asked with her face brightened.

“Yes my love I did,” he answered.

“Where did you get the money?”

“A friend loaned it to me,” he lied. “He will be loaning me the money till you complete. Afterwards with your help, we will pay him back.”

“That friend of yours is a good person. I would love to say thank you to him personally.”

“You will one day my love.”

Ayana never had a problem with tuition fees or any other things she needed. Before she could move her lips, David provided. She noticed David was working too much and his health was deteriorating. He spent most of his nights working and sometimes he would go for days and nights.

“You need to slow down David,” she said.

“I will slow down when you finish school,” he told her.

“I’m worried you might get sick. You work a lot these days.”

“I know baby but it’s for us. Isn’t it?”

“Yes it is but I also need you to be in your perfect health.”

“That’s the reason next week I’m not working. I want to spend quality time with you.”

As promised, he spent the following week with her. After a week together, he told her he had to go out of town. He went away for two weeks and by the time he was coming back, he had lost a lot of weight. Ayana was worried about him and decided to go to the clinic with him.

“Your husband is perfectly fine; all he needs is rest. He has been working too much,” the doctor told the two.

“You see?” David looked at Ayana. “I’m fine. You worry too much.”

“There is one thing I would love to find out though” the doctor paused.

Ayana and David looked at him.

“What kind of work do you do?”

It then crossed Ayana’s mind that she hadn’t asked David about what kind of work he did. The few times she did, he changed the topic smartly.

“I’m in construction. I work with these Chinese companies,” David answered nervously.

Ayana looked at him.

“You have to slow down,” the doctor gave him the test results and gave him some medication.

Things changed after the visit to the doctor. Ayana became inquisitive. She didn’t believe what he said about the construction company. David kept insisting about working at a construction company until one fateful night when he came home scared and horrified.

“What is it?” She asked him.

“I have angered the wrong people,” he said shaking.

“What do you mean wrong people?” She asked worried.

“People I wasn’t supposed to anger in the first place,” he answered sweating profusely.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about David,” Ayana said irritated.

He held her hands and moved nearer to her. “I think I have to tell you the truth about my job now that you’re done with school.”

“What truth David?” She asked feeling her heart out of place.

That night, David told her everything about the kind of work he was doing. He told her that he was involved into male prostitution and that he had only one client who took a liking in him. He was even in a relationship with the same man despite both of them being married. He had reached his end and wanted out but the man said he wasn’t done with him. He was threatened and told that if he ever gets out, something bad would happen to him and everyone he ever cared about. Ayana was devastated and disappointed she didn’t know how to take it the first seven days. She couldn’t even look at him. The thought of him being with another man was tormenting. As days went by, she understood why he did what he did. It was because of her.

“I love you David and whatever you did, I will try by all means to forget,” she told him one morning.

David was surprised by Ayana’s love for him.

“I think we have to leave this town,” she suggested. “Since these people are powerful as you told me the other night, it will be best to skip town.”

“I agree with you.”

“Don’t you know these people?”

“I don’t.”

Ayana nodded.

“But I think I recognised one. He is a friend to the same man I was ….”

“No details please!”

“He’s a police man. His name is Chibuye.”

They moved out of town and lived peacefully for a year. Ayana found a job at a local marketing firm and her career was blossoming. One night, she came home and found her husband preparing dinner. After eating, they decided to visit a local grocery shop to get some groceries. On their way back, they found a tall dark stranger who stood outside their house.

“Who are you?” David asked.

The man was quiet.

“We will call the police!” Ayana shouted.

The man was still quiet.

David walked to the man.

“Baby be careful,” she tried to grab his hand.

“This is private property man. You need to get out now,” David said.

As David was walking towards him, the man also started moving. David reached the man and when he was about to take a good look, the man struck him in the throat and forcefully knelt failing to breath and gasping for air.

Ayana screamed.

While kneeling, he was stabbed countless times on the back and some parts slight above his neck.

“This is what you get for messing with the wrong people!” The stranger fled leaving Ayana crying for help.

A few months after David’s brutal murder, the case was not pursued. Ayana refused to give out information because she knew she would be traced and probably be killed too. She decided to leave the country and went to Australia where she stayed for five years. By the time she got back, she had gathered a lot of information about the police officer who was involved in her husband’s murder. She knew he was the key to finding out the mastermind behind the murder: The man her husband had an affair with.

“He is a Chief of police now,” a voice on the phone said.

“Thank you,” Ayana cut the call.

After finding out the man was the chief of police, she knew she had to get close to him in any way she could. It was difficult at first but an opportunity presented itself when a woman she called granny told her about a friend whose son was not married like her and was a detective. She took an interest in finding out which station he was and was told Central police station. The same police station the person she wanted was serving as the chief.

“You can tell your friend about me granny,” she said.

“Really?” Granny asked.


“Wow this is nice. Maybe you two can get married someday. I hear he’s arrogant.”

“I love arrogance.”

Ayana met up with the mother of the son she was supposed to meet up with. The woman explained everything to her concerning her son.

“My Darren can be tough sometimes but he’s a good person. You have to meet him today. He’s at work but he will accept to see you. You are very beautiful to ignore. Let me call him,” Darren’s mother grabbed her phone.

Ayana looked at how happy the mother was and felt sad. That was the only way to get closer to the chief. Whoever got hurt along the way didn’t matter to her. It was retribution she was thirsty for and anything or anyone coming her way would suffer the consequences.

The first meeting with Darren didn’t go as planned. She saw his arrogance but she played it cool. She gave him another chance by putting him in his place which was a huge risk. Like she planned, he crawled back to her. She started getting irritated by his clinginess. She had to carry out her plan as fast as possible and dump Darren. She never saw herself with him. She visited him at his workplace and invited him for dinner when she saw the last person she expected to see. Even though she didn’t see the face clearly the night her husband was killed, she was convinced the person she had seen was the person who murdered her husband. When he spoke, she clearly remembered his words after stabbing her husband. She was devastated and went home.

Darren insisted they see a doctor. Avoiding to alert him, she let him have his way. The following morning after he left for work, she got out of her bed and followed him. She saw him reach the station and as he was at the reception, she saw the Chief leading him inside. She had rented a car and parked it at the mall. She went back to the car and called the chief.

“Hello,” the chief answered.

“Come to Levy park mall alone,” Ayana said in a low tone.

“Who are you?”

“Come or else the whole world will know about your recklessness,” she cut the line.

She waited for him to come and eventually he did. He got into her car and recognised her.

“Aren’t you Darren’s girlfriend?” The chief asked. “Is this a prank or what?”

Ayana was silent. She reached for the air conditioner button and turned it on. The chief began suffocating. She had poured some chloroform in the air condition vents. She had taught herself to hold her breath for at least a minute. The chief passed out. She lowered the seat and the chief seemed like had slept. She drove him to her place and sent Naomi at the mall. She took him in and decided to put him in the yoga room.

The chief woke up tied and Ayana was standing in front of him holding a gun and barbed wire.

“What do you want from me?” The chief screamed.

“This room is sound proof. Don’t bother,” Ayana walked around the room.

“I don’t know what you want but I’m the Chief of police and people are probably looking for me as we are speaking.”

“No one would ever suspect you being here Chief,” she cocked her head.

“What did I do to you?”

“That right there, is a good question. Don’t you remember killing a man some years ago?”

The Chiefs face was blank.

“You didn’t kill him directly but I believe you sent someone to kill him and apparently that person works for you.”

The Chief was still quiet.

“You don’t remember?” Ayana asked getting annoyed. “Have you killed that many people to forget?”

“What do you want?”

“I want retribution Chief.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will see.”

Ayana put her gun on the floor and walked to the chief. She made him stand up and faced him to the mirror.

“Do you see this mirror?”

“Yes,” the chief answered shakenly.

“How about we put this face into the mirror?”

Still figuring what she meant, the chiefs face was buried in the mirror leaving pieces of broken glasses on the floor. She stood before him holding the barbed wire.

“I have read that whipping someone with this wire can cause pain amounting to a woman in labour,” she smiled.

“Please!” The chief begged. “I have a family.”

“You took away my family.”

“I don’t know….”

Before he could finish, the barbed wire passed his face peeling some fresh off his face. The chief screamed in agonising pain.

“Men are supposed to be tough Chief,” she looked at the wire. “You are a disappointment.”

“I will do whatever you want. Please stop!”

Ayana’s heart were turned to stone the day David was put to rest. Nothing the chief would have said could have changed her mind. Retribution she was seeking and she was getting it.

One person kept bothering her though, Darren. He had been calling her and no matter how long she kept ignoring his calls, he kept calling. Fearing he would come to the house, she told her house help to tell him that she was not around.

She punished the chief in whichever way she thought of. He was useless. Satisfied, she needed him confess to his crimes when she heard someone come to the door. She quickly ran to the door and found Darren about to open it. After talking to him, she dismissed him. His arrogance brought him back and he found her standing with the chief on the floor half dead.

“I thought David was your brother?” Darren asked confused.

“I lied Darren,” Ayana responded.

“But why?”

“Isn’t life a Web of lies?” She looked at him. “Everybody lies. You lie, your friend Chilufya lied,” she smiled wickedly. “Even this thing of a man lies.” She pointed at the chief.

“But this is inhumane Ayana.”

“My name is Ayanara, Darren,” she corrected him.

Mathilda’s words flashed against Darren’s face and memory.

“I have made this man suffer enough. Its time he confesses to his crimes against humanity,” she walked to the chief.

“I won’t let you do this Ayana,” Darren slowly walked to her.

“Detective help,” the chief screamed faintly.

“Let him go. This is a crime you have committed.”

“Detective Detective!” She turned her attention to him. “Don’t you want to listen to what this man will confess?”

“I don’t care. This man needs medical attention,” Darren answered.

“Fiona!” She pursed her lips.

Darren’s attention was caught.

“Now that I have your attention. This man has a lot to do with Fiona’s death. I found out he raped her. Not only once but countless times.”

“Tell me something new,” Darren said.

“Smart,” she said. “Well the rest we have to find out from him.” She knelt on the chiefs back and grabbed the barbed wire and placed it around his neck and pulled.

The chief screamed his lungs out.

Darren ran to her, grabbed her and threw her to the other side of the room. He checked the Chief and he was still breathing but choking on his own blood.

“It looks like you have chosen the wrong side detective,” she picked her gun. “I’m sorry it has to end this way.” She pointed the gun at him.

“Wait Ayana,” he stood up.

“What about what we have?”

“We didn’t have anything detective. I only used you to get to this man.”

Darren stood motionless.

“I guess this where we part ways detective,” she said with determination. “Nothing will stop me from getting retribution. Not even you detective Darren Sampa Junior.”

To be continued

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