Story: Web Of Lies Episode 19

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 19

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 19

Web Of Lies – Episode 19


“I, Darren Sampa Junior do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve His Excellency in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law.”

Darren remembered the oath he made when he was enlisted to work in the force. Being a law enforcement officer, he knew each day he woke up could be his last but not once did ever imagine it like the way he was facing death in its eyes in this moment. His life flashed on him. The decisions he had made; both wise and stupid decisions. He thought about the poor relationship he had with his mother and sisters.

“I want a grand child,” his mothers words haunted him in that moment.

Dying without a child? He asked himself in thoughts. Almost everyone he knew had children and seemed happy. He didn’t even have someone to call a friend at heart. All he had were colleague’s and acquaintances.

“Detective!” Ayana brought him back to reality.

He looked at her and thought about her pain which he couldn’t imagine. Losing a husband at a young age. He remembered what his sister had said about Ayanara ‘s husband. He pitied her.

“Welcome back. I hope you had a nice ride,” she laughed. “Let’s finish our business now.”

“Wait Ayanara!” He yelled with his arms in the air.


“I have a proposal.”

“This better be nice. Talk!”

“You and I were after the same person and we have him now,” he looked at the chief who needed quick medical attention. “Let’s take him to the hospital so that ….”

“Darren what do you take me for?”

There was silence. Heartbeats could be heard accompanied with the Chiefs moans.

“Ayanara do whatever you want to do with me!” Darren said defiantly.

“Don’t dare me Darren.”

“Shoot me!” He yelled. “I have nothing to live for.”

Ayana was caught unaware. All along she thought Darren was scared of dying.

“I signed up for this. If you won’t kill me, some other fool will kill me later. This is what I was born for: death.”

She laughed, “Do you think this is a poetry show. You are wrong Darren.”

“Then pull the trigger you wench.”

“Where is the fun in that detective?” She asked. “Get away from the chief,” she told him.

Darren moved away from the chief.

Whilst pointing the gun at Darren. She slowly walked to the chief. she knelt and pressed her knee on the Chiefs back.

“Ahhhhh!” The chief moaned.

“You are hurting him!” Darren stepped forward.

“Stay back Darren!” She shouted.

She got her phone and started recording.

“Now listen Chief. This is the time to confess otherwise you will never see your family again.”

“Isn’t there another way we can do this Ayana?”

“This is the only way Darren!” She looked at him with a stone face. “Now Chief you have seen what I have done to you. I don’t want to continue hurting you.”

Darren didn’t know what to do. His phone was in the car and he knew if he left the room, he was going to find the Chief dead.

“Now Chief!” She commanded him.

With a faint and weak voice, the chief spoke. “Yes I was the one who sent Xavier to kill David.” He coughed.

“What?” Darren asked surprised.

“Be quiet detective!” Ayana said without even looking at him. “Chief continue. I know there is someone who sent you to kill him. Who is he?”

The chief rested his head on the floor wishing he could die.

“Chief!” Ayana shouted grabbing his head and banging it against the floor.

Darren had never witnessed such horror all the years he had worked as a police officer.

“Ayana please stop,” he begged her.

Her eyes were red burning with anger. Her wrath clouded her judgement.

The chief coughed blood and cried, “Kill me please!”

“Not yet. Who is the man behind my husbands death?”

“I don’t know!” He cried.

“You’re lying Chief.” She reached for the barbed wire while Darren watched.

Seeing the barbed wire and the pain it inflicted on him the chief said, “Its the minister of defence.”


“Mr Chibuye. Fiona’s father.”

Ayana let go of the Chief and stepped away from him in disappointment. She dropped the gun and the phone on the Chiefs head. She sagged her body against the wall.

“I never once thought it could be him,” she said her pupils dilated.

Darren saw a chance to go outside and call emergency. As he was about to leave the room, he saw Ayana’s phone. He reached for it leaving the gun. He checked it but it had no network.

“sh*t!” He ran to the car. He called 911 and ran into the compound. As he was running, he heard a gunshot from the house.

“sh*t!” He forgot the gun.

He ran as fast as he could and was met with another horrifying scene: Ayana’s brains were blown out.

“What have you done Chief?” He looked at the Chief dropping the gun and laying his head on the broken glasses.

He ran to Ayana but she was dead. The Chief shot her.

“She made me suffer Darren,” the chief said faintly.

Confused, Darren called the station and told them what had just happened. He looked at Ayana and thought of what they could have been in other circumstances. She was a good woman despite lying to him. He walked to her and closed her eyes. Naomi rushed in.

“Madam!” She wailed dropping on the floor. “But why?”

Darren only looked at her and shifted his attention to the chief. He was still breathing but needed medical attention. Naomi’s cries reminded him of Jeremy’s funeral and it hit him in the moment to ask the chief about Jeremy and Fiona’s death. He knelt before him.

“Chief wake up!” He shaked him.


“What you have confessed to, will put you out for life. Ayana recorded you. Let me make you a deal. I will destroy the phone on one condition.”


“Answer me honestly, who killed Fiona and Jeremy? I know its one person.”

“Detective take me to the hospital please. I can’t handle this pain.”

“Help is on its way. Answer me detective.”

“Xavier killed both of them.”

Darren clenched his fist.


“Fiona leaked our sex tape and Jeremy was sticking his nose where it didn’t belong.”

“You’re the man in the sex tape?”

Th chief nodded.

Darren was silent.

“Detective I’m sure you understand. Some times we have to cross boundaries,” the Chief reached for Darrens hand.

Darren stood up.

“Detective. Destroy the phone,” the Chief cried.

“I’m sorry Chief,” Darren said hearing an ambulance siren outside.

In no time, Paramedics found their way to the yoga room. They found Darren staring at the Ayanas body while the Chief kept crying and Naomi wailing louder than an ambulance. The chief was carried outside.

“Hello Marcus, we have our Killer,” Darren said over the phone.

“Really?” Marcus sounded excited.

“Yes,” Darren answered feeling his body boil.



“sh*t. That son of a gun.”

“Something is amiss though.”


“The chief has confessed to three murders all done by one person,” Darren paused.

“Yes go on.”

“According to the coroners report, Fiona was beaten first and after a while someone finished her up. I believe Xavier finished her.”

“So we still have another one?”


“Are you thinking about what I’m thinking about?”

“The Minister?” They both asked at the same time.

“Yes,” Darren said.

“I knew it,” Marcus laughed. “I’m just leaving Levy general hospital. I’m going there now.”

“Wait! You are wanted there.”

“All the better. You will find me,” Marcus cut the line.

“sh*t!” Darren cussed.

He ran outside and found other detectives. The Chief was still outside crying shouting Darrens name.

“Arrest that man. Cuff him now,” Darren pointed at the chief looking at the detectives.

“What’s happening?” A detective asked.

“Arrest him! He has killed a woman in the house.”

The detectives faces were brightened.

Darren went to his car and drove off leaving the scene.

Marcus reached the Ministers house. This time, he didn’t have to jump over the fence. He knew he was wanted and going in would be easy once he showed his face. As expected, the security guard let him in once he told him who he was. He walked to the house looking at his arm which was now bandaged. He got into the house and found the Minister, Tatiana and Wayne sitted. They were all surprised to see him.

“What are you doing here?” Wayne exclaimed. “Are you stupid?”

“Chill boy sit down,” Marcus answered calmly.

“You must be a fool,” the Minister stood up and called his bodyguard.

“I come in peace,” Marcus sat next to Tatiana.

The bodyguard got into the room and became furious upon seeing Marcus.

“Hi,” Marcus waved him. “I can still you still have your sight.”

The bodyguard looked at the minister. The minister gave him a go ahead. He ran to Marcus and grabbed him. Marcus didn’t do anything but smile.

“I have something of interest to you Minister,” Marcus said while still in the bodyguards arms.

“What? I know you are a drug dealer for my son. I’m putting you in jail you will see. Take him out and call the police,” the minister told the bodyguard.

“Minister I know about your liking in young men!” Marcus yelled.

The Minister turned around to look at Marcus.

“What did you just say?”

“Yes sir. I don’t know how to say it. Either you are bisexual or gay I don’t know. These are terms young kids know too well I’m too old to know.”

“Who are you?” The Minister asked shocked.

“Ohh forgive my manners, I’m Marcus. A private investigator,” he answered.

“Put him down!” The Minister commanded the bodyguard.

“What is this nonesense you’re talking about Marcus?”

“Its not nonesense sir,” he looked at Tatiana who avoided his gaze. “I have a recording of your wife confiding in someone about your sexuality.”

The Minister looked at his wife furiously.

“I don’t know how this will fare at the political scene but I believe it won’t be taken lightly,” Marcus moved around.

“What do you want?”

“A confession of you killing David and Fiona!” Darren said entering the living room.

“Who is David?” Tatiana asked standing up.

“Asking about David and not your daughter?” Marcus looked at Tatiana astound.

“Detective arrest this man!” The minister said ignoring Darrens words.

“I’m not here to arrest him. I’m here for you.” Darren charged towards the minister.

“What are you talking abou Detective?” The minister asked.

“This will be nice,” Wayne said sipping on some whiskey.

“I know about David. A young man you had killed some years ago,” Darren said passing the bodyguard. “Your friend has ratted you out.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Darren removed Ayanas phone from his pocket and played a clip.

“What is happening?” Tatiana dropped tears.

“Your husband killed a young man he was sleeping with. He liked him too much and couldn’t take it when he left him. He had him killed.” Darren looked at Ayana.

Tatiana looked at her husband and fell to her knees.

“So you even fall in love with these young men? Tatiana weeped. “I accepted this life because you told me it’s only sex but you fall in love with them?”

“So minister tell me about Fiona’s death.”

“He killed her!” Tatiana said tearing up.

Marcus and Darren looked at each other.

“What!” Wayne shouted.

“Yes Wayne. Your father killed your sister. She found out about his secret and threatened him,” she wiped her tears. “Scared of losing respect and his job, he decided to kill her.”

“Dad is it true?” Wayne asked picking a bottle of the whiskey from the table.

The Minister sat down touching his head.

“Tatiana I thought you didn’t …..”

“I knew detective but he is my husband and I decided to stay quiet. I found messages in his phone from our daughter and observed his uneasy behaviour. One night, he left the house. I followed him and he went to Fionas flat.

“Wait! Darren stopped her. “There was a witness who saw Fiona’s friends but didn’t mention you been there.”

“You mean Trina. I paid her to only mention those two not us but she saw us with her husband.”

Darren shifted uneasily.

Tatiana continued, ‘My husband stayed outside Fiona’s flat till four in the morning when she came with a young man. The man came out after a while. He went to my husbands car and they quarreled. Apparently he had hired that man to kill Fiona but for reasons I don’t know, the man couldn’t. My husband went inside and came out shaking. I left before he could see me. He found me home. He took a bath and around 8am, he told me that we should visit Fiona. It was then that I knew that my husband had done something to our daughter. We reached Fiona’s flat and found her dead.”

“I didn’t kill her. We had an argument and I lost control. My temper clouded me and I hit her multiple times but I left her alive,” the Minister cried. “I never meant to harm her.”

Wayne jumped the table and almost hit his father with the botlle when Darren dived at him felling on the couch.

“Leave me alone!” He shouted. “This man deserves to die.”

“Get hold of yourself Wayne,” Darren told him. “Sit.”

Wayne obeyed and sunk into the couch crying.

“Minister you’re under arrest for the attempted Murder of Fiona,” Darren walked to the Minister.

“Attempted?” Tatiana asked.

“Yes Xavier murdered her following the Chiefs command.”

The Minister was brought back to life.

“What?” He asked. “Which Chief?”

“The Chief of police of course. Mr Mambwe your friend.”

“No No No.”

“Yes sir. If you didn’t know. He also raped your daughter,” Darren cuffed the Minister who was short of words. “The law will also come for you Tatiana,” he looked at her leading the Minister outside.

“What now?” Marcus asked Darren.

Darren looked at the Ministers mansion thoughtful. Police officers had surrounded the place.

“Xavier!” He said clenching his fists.

“He is a devil he will kill you and look at my arm, I can’t help you. Let the other policemen capture him.”


“What do you mean?”

“This is personal.”

To be continued

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