Story: Web Of Lies Episode 20 (Semi Final)

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 20

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 20

Semi Final

Web Of Lies – Episode 20

Darren I’m still at your house waiting for my car,” Mathilda said over the phone. “Its getting late, me and mother have to go.”

“I know but I’m still using it Mathi,” Darren told her. “Let me call you my cab driver, he will take you home.”

“Where are you? Isn’t it late?”

“Detectives never sleep.”

“Did you find Ayana?”

Darren went mute.

“Hey Darren!”

“I have to go, I’m driving Mathi.”

“Ok Darren.”

Before she cut, he called her name.

“Yes Darren!”

“Do you think I have been a bad brother and son to you guys?”

Mathilda was surprised by Darren’s question.

“You are you Darren. We get you.”

Darren sighed.

“What is it?”

“Nothing Mathi. Tell mother I love her,” he cut the line.

He drove into Great East Road, making a turn at Zesco into Kabelenga road and later getting into Church road. He arrived at the station and found the day shift group had already knocked off. He went to human resource and asked for Xavier’s physical address and was told to wait. He went to his office, sat and opened the drawer. Laying there were cuffs, a gun and small knife. He looked at the three. He picked the gun and cuffs and stood up. He stared at the knife for a while till he was disturbed by the assistant human resource.

“I have the address sir.”

When leaving the station, he stopped and looked at it. He never hated it as much as he thought he did. This was his life. The hatred he thought he had for his job was the drive that kept him going all the fifteen years he had worked as an officer. In that moment, he realized that work for him came first in his life. Anything not work related came second. Driving out of the station, he smiled for the first time feeling proud of himself of the things he had accomplished.

He drove into Joe Chibangu street in Kabwata where Xavier’s house was located. He checked his watch and it was 22:09. The street was quiet with the wind only dancing to its tune. Getting out of the car, he could hear the mosquitoes excitedly singing in his ears for blood. He looked around and observed that lights in the houses were still on including Xavier’s house. It was obvious he was still awake. He looked over his hip: Cuffs and his hand gun were there patiently waiting to be used.

His phone rang.

“Marcus I’m busy!” He answered irritated.

“I know. You fool.”

“What is it?”

“I’m needed in Malawi as we are speaking right now. One of the missing boys on the case i was investigating has been found.”

“Leaving this late?”

“Yes. They have even send a car.”

“I see.”

“Take care of everything. We are done with the case. I trust you will finish everything. Make sure Chilufya gets out of jail.”

“He’s getting out tomorrow.”

“Good. Take care of my car and the building before i come back.”

Darren cut the call and put his phone on silent.

He walked to the door. To his surprise, the door was unlocked and slightly opened.

“Should I knock?” He asked himself loudly.

He slowly opened it and entered the house. He found himself in the kitchen. He heard sounds coming from the Television. He got his gun and headed to the living room.

“Detective!” Xavier exclaimed.

“Xavier,” Darren pointed his gun at Xavier.

“This is no surprise. I have been expecting you,” Xavier stood up looking at his watch. “You are late.”

“Have been busy Xavier.”

“I know. I have heard.”

“Good you know. I’m sure this won’t be difficult ah.”

Xavier laughed and said. “I love your optimism. If everyone at the station could be like you Detective, things could have been moving smoothly.”

“Well, not everyone is like me.”

Xavier changed seats while Darren kept his eyes on him. He grabbed the remote and reduced the volume from the TV.

“Sit down Detective,” Xavier pointed Darren to the sofa.

Darren didn’t move.

“Please, I insist,” Xavier looked at Darren. “Let’s not act like we are strangers.” He reached for a plate on the table with some fried groundnuts on it.

“I’m here to arrest you Xavier.”

“I figured,” Xavier smiled.

There was silence.

“Daddy,” a young girl emerged from the corridor.

Darren turned around surprised.

“Yes sweetie!”

“Who is this man?” She asked passing Darren.

“This is my workmate.”

“But why is he pointing a gun at you?”

“He’s not.”

Darren quickly hid the gun from the girl and took a seat. What the hell? He thought to himself.

“Now go back to sleep, daddy has to talk to his friend.”

“I want aunt. Where is she?”

Xavier looked at his watch one more time and answered, “she’s supposed to be here. I don’t know. Go now she will join you.”

The three heard the door open and the little girl excitedly shouted, “That should be her.” She ran to the kitchen while Darren and Xavier remained.

After some seconds, she came back and stood at the entrance to the living room while holding a woman’s hand, “she’s here. Now I can sleep!”

Darren looked over his shoulder and saw Serena standing next to the young girl.

“Serena!” He shouted standing up.

Eyes wide open, Serena asked, “What are you doing here Darren?”

“What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing here Serena?”

Serena was quiet.

Darren looked at Xavier and back at Serena, then the child. “You and him?” He pointed at Xavier. “How come?”

“I treat her right Detective and she treats my daughter like hers,” Xavier stood up.

Darren took a long deep breath. He controlled his anger because of the little girl.

“Well sweetie, since aunt is here go to sleep now,” Xavier told the little girl.

Serena and the girl left Darren and Xavier and walked into the passage. Before they could go out of sight, Serena looked back at Darren who avoided her eyes disgusted.

“You and I need to go for a ride, what do you think?” Xavier asked getting his coat from the sofa. “I believe you came with a car.”

Darren’s temper was gradually rising.

“Hold it detective. This is a home. You don’t have a child. Trust me, no parent ever wants to see what their father do especially our kind of work,” Xavier walked to the kitchen with Darren behind his back.

“What is this Xavier?” Darren asked when they got outside. “Is this a game to you?”

Xavier smiled. “No detective. Follow me. I will drive my car. Trust me, this will be worth it for you.”

Xavier got into his car and so did Darren. Darren followed Xavier’s car and to his surprise, he was led to Fiona’s flat which had no residents from the time Fiona died.

“This is where it all started Detective,” Xavier walked to the door.

Darren followed.

“I have the keys,” Xavier showed him the keys. “Being in a specialist team is awesome. You should join us detective.”

Xavier opened the door and entered. “Come in detective!” He shouted from the inside.

Darren entered and pushed the door behind him. Nothing had changed in the little beautiful flat. Everything was as it was the first day Darren came to the flat. He had flashbacks of seeing Fiona laying on the floor covered in blood.

“Now let’s talk detective. I know you want to arrest me,” Xavier smacked his lips.

“That’s right.”

“Do you know how many people have put in the cells?”


“Of course. Now Imagine this; me being there, would I even survive a day?”

“I don’t need to imagine. I see you there already.”

“Wow. Really?”

“Yes Xavier.”

Xavier seemed thoughtful for a while moving around the living room.

“I don’t know what we are doing here but you’re coming with me to the station.”

Xavier played with his tongue looking at Darren.

“You know the chief chose you for the Fiona case because he thought you’d fail,” Xavier grinned. “I’m sure he’s disappointed.”

Darren wasn’t surprised.

“He told me that because of your negative attitude towards work, you would fail like the other case.”

“I know Xavier,” Darren slowly walked to him.

“Wait detective,” Xavier stopped Darren. “Don’t you want to know how the girl died?”

“I don’t care!” Darren said with furrows forming on his face.

“It wasn’t hard. I found her almost dead. Someone did a pretty damn good work before me. Actually, I was disappointed because I wanted to feel her scream but it was as if she was ready to die. She was waiting for someone to claim her soul,” Xavier nodded and went on. “Her murder led to a million lies which you have managed to detect Detective.”

Darren looked at Xavier clenching his fists burning up and panting like a vicious dog.

“Now the funny one was Jeremy. Oh that boy,” Xavier looked at the ceiling.

The more Xavier spoke, the angrier Darren became and the more he mentioned Jeremy’s name, the more furious he was becoming.

“He didn’t even put up a fight. Forensics?” Xavier nodded. “Death by hanging is my favorite detective.” Xavier looked at the ceiling once again.

Darren was charged up.

“I find death by hanging fascinating,” Xavier bent over and reached for a wire on the floor. “I put this wire earlier this evening. Isn’t it a darli…..”

Darren was in the air with a punch formed size of a block. By the time Xavier saw him, it was too late. He felt it on his face like he had been teargassed.

“Ah!” He screamed falling to the floor.

Composing himself, Darren walked to him. He grabbed him by the head while he covered his face. He hit him with his knee causing him so much pain.

“You think killing people is a joke Xavier?” Darren asked him angrily with his nostrils flared.

“Wait a minute detective,” Xavier said trying to get up.

Before he could firmly stand, Darren ran to him and kicked him on the head making him hit the wall with a thud.

“I came to arrest you but you’ve made me really angry,” Darren walked to him and stood before him. “You killed innocent people and all for what? A job? A promotion? You are disgusting Xavier.” He lifted him up.

“Detective,” Xavier looked at Darren smiling with blood in his teeth.

“Is this funny?” Darren threw a punch at Xavier and was blocked.

“What if I tell you I led you here to kill you detective?” Xavier asked holding Darren’s right hand tightly and twisting it slowly.

Darren was set up.

Xavier quickly maneuvered Darren twisting his hand and letting him go with a kick to his neck. Darren fell to the floor powerless hitting the edge of a table.

“Detective you think you can beat me?” Xavier laughed touching his face. “You are a mere detective, I’m a specialist officer. A C5.”

Darren felt his neck hurt like it had been injected a hundred needles on it. He tried to stand up and get hold of his gun. Xavier reached for it.

“Guns are for babies,” he threw the gun away. He grabbed him by the neck and strangled him. Darren shook his body with all the mightiness in him but Xavier was too strong. Failing to breath, Darren stopped fighting.

“Pathetic!” Xavier threw Darren on the floor. “I beat you once and I’m beating you again.”

Darren looked at Xavier while on the floor. He tried to crawl to his gun but Xavier kicked it to the other side of the room.

“Jeremy tried to crawl too,” Xavier laughed.

“I will kill you Xavier,” Darren said faintly.

“Who will kill who?” Xavier laughed even more.

Xavier bent over and grabbed Darren by the hand and dragged him. He reached for the wire on the floor.

“Death by hanging,” he smiled. “A detective found dead in a dead girls flat. That would make a good read, right?” He stood him up.

Darren gathered his strength and threw a punch at Xavier but missed and fell on the floor again.

“This is miserable to watch. Let us end it now before it gets too embarrassing,” Xavier tied the wire around Darren’s neck. He lifted him and put him on his shoulder and got on the table. Darren was trying to punch Xavier but his punches were as light as air. Xavier tied the wire to the Chandelier and tested if it was strong enough to hold Darren. Satisfied, he removed him from his shoulder and tightened the wire even more. They stood face to face on the table.

“At least you punched me in the face,” Xavier laughed. “Now its time to go. Say hi to all the people have killed.” Xavier got off the table leaving Darren fighting the wire in his neck.

“I’m going to kill you Xavier,” Darren moaned.

“Maybe in the next life detective,” Xavier kicked the table and Darren hang from the Chandelier fighting for his life his eyes becoming red blood.

“Goodbye detective,” Xavier walked to the door.

To be continued

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