Story: Web Of Lies Episode 3

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 3

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 3

Web Of Lies – Episode 3

Darrens mother always ensured that her three children had the best in their lives. All the three were doing fine. What worried her the most was Darren who at the age of 38 was not married and didn’t seem to be marrying anytime soon. She had taken it upon herself to find her son a wife. She knew how difficult her son was but she persisted in setting him up for blind dates. It was through this tireless venture that she met Ayana. Apparently, another woman told her about a single 35 year old beautiful woman. When Darrens mother saw Ayana, she couldn’t believe her eyes and wondered why the beautiful woman was still without a husband. She immediately thought about Darren and didn’t want to waste anymore time.

“Isn’t he at work?” Ayana asked when Darrens mother forced her to go with her to the station. “I can se him some other time.’

“Today is a good day, despite his work, he will spare some time for us and with your beauty, he will definitely see us.” Darrens mother said confidently.

On their way to the station, she kept thinking about how impressed her son would be. She thought Darren would fall in love with Ayana on first sight. Little did she know that the opposite would be true.

“What do you mean you don’t like her?” Darrens mother asked furiously.

“I said I don’t like her, do i have to explain myself?” Darren answered. “No offense intended,” he looked at Ayana.

“Mother i am sorry, i have to leave now, I have work ,” Ayana lied and excused herself before leaving Darrens office.

“Look what you have done Darren,” Darrens mother stood up furious. “Go and apologize to that beautiful woman right now.”

“Beautiful,” he laughed. “I don’t even know her, why should I apologize and what for? I have just said the truth. And if you don’t mind, i have an interrogation to go to.”

Startled, Darrens mother left the small office without saying a word. Darren looked at his watch and also left his office and went to the holding cell where Clarisa was held. At the door, he found Chilufya waiting for him.

“How did it go?” Chilufya asked opening the door.

“I don’t want to talk about it, we have a murder to solve on our hands.”

Darren and Chilufya found Clarisa still shaking. She had grown tired of waiting.

“Am i under arrest?” Clarisa inquired.

“No, we just need to ask you a few questions that’s all,” Chilufya said in a friendly manner.

Darren took a sit and stared at Clarisa for some good few seconds. He observed her movements and her facial expressions while she talked to Chilufya.

“So how did you find yourself at Fiona’s place?” Darren asked.

“On most nights when we go out, i crash there,’ Clarisa answered and added. “Fiona was my classmate.”

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“How long have you known her and why don’t her parents know you?”

“We knew each other last year first semester. About her parents, i never was introduced formally to them.”

“Ever quarreled?”

“Over petty stuff yes.”

“Might you know whose man’s clothes in Fiona’s closet belong to?” Chilufya probed.

“Those are Christopher’s.””

“Whose Christopher?” Darren joined.

“Fiona’s boyfriend, but they were not in talking terms for a week now.”

“Do you know why?”

“I don’t like meddling in other people’s personal affairs,” Clarisa lied. She knew exactly why her dead friend was not in good terms with the boyfriend.

“Are you sure you don’t know?” Darren asked further with furrows forming on his forehead.

“I don’t know detective,” she answered firmly.

“How did you get at Fiona’s place after the club by the way?” Chilufya asked suspiciously.

“I think i booked a cab,” Clarisa responded unsurely.

“You think?”

“I know but I don’t remember how i got there. In the morning i found myself on Fiona’s bed. That’s all i can remember,” Clarisa said.

“What time did you reach the flat?”

“I left the club around three in the morning.”

“Anyone who can confirm what you’ve told us?” Darren looked directly into her eyes.

“I think Fiona posted some pictures on instagram. You can check. Use my phone,” Clarisa gave Darren her phone.

Darren went through Fiona’s instagram profile and saw alot of pictures and videos. This girl was full of life, he thought to himself. It was unfortunate she had to meet her fate like that. Darren stumbled across the pictures from the previous night and saw Clarisa and Fiona having a good time. He scrutinized the photos and one photo caught his attention.

“Who is this man?” Darren showed Clarisa the picture.

“I don’t know him but he was with us from 11pm last night. He seemed rather interested in Fiona. He even drove us around. As a matter of fact, i left her with him.”

“You left your friend with a total stranger?” Darren asked surprised.

Clarisa didn’t say anything.

“These youths,” Chilufya nodded.

Darren left the interrogation room and headed to the small Laboratory just opposite his office. He found Jeremy busy working on some items he collected from the crime scene.

“Were you given the iphone?” Darren asked Jeremy.

“Yes sir but I haven’t managed to bypass the password yet. You know iPhones and their security,” Jeremy laughed.

“I dont know about that, all i need is the phone unlocked and we can probably find something of greater importance to the case. Work on it as soon as possible,” Darren said and went on. “I also need information on the time and cause of death.’

“The coroner will do their job on that sir.”

“I am telling you Jeremy,” Darren said.

“Alright sir, i will give you the details.’

Darren couldn’t help himself but think there was something fishy about this case. With his mind running wild with questions, he went back to the interrogation room.

Just before he opened the door, he heard some joyful noise coming from outside accompanied by blank gun shots and the only people to make such noise were the specilist team led by Xavier. They were also referred to as the C5. Every police officer wanted to be them but Darren. Darren and Xavier never saw eye to eye. Before becoming a C5, Xavier and Darren worked as partners for a while. They loathed each other. One time they even fought at the station and Darren was suspended for a month. Xavier was never suspended. When Darren asked why Xavier wasn’t suspended, the response he got from the chief was that Xavier was more important to the force than a mere low life detective. Since then, Darren knew that Xavier was the chiefs favorite. Rumor had it that Xavier handled the chiefs errands.

“Detective on a murder case?” Xavier shouted as he saw Darren at the entrance of the interrogation room.

Darren stiffened.

“Worst cop of the century,” a member of the C5 shouted.

They all laughed.

“Give a man a break. He will find the murderer this time. Right DJ?” Xavier asked scoldingly.

Darren shifted uneasily.

“Cat got his tongue,” they all burst into laughter before heading upstairs were their department was.

Darren composed himself, took a breath and entered the interrogation room.

“Help me understand something,” he stormed into the room and looked at Clarisa. “You say you left your friend at a club and went to her house. You don’t remember how you got there and you woke up finding her dead. The phone your friend used to take pictures of the two of you and the unknown man was found under the bed you slept on?”

“I need a lawyer!” Clarisa shouted. “I know my rights.”

Darren and Chilufya looked at each other. They left the room with sad faces.

“We have ourself a first suspect,” Darren told Chilufya. “The motive? Why would she need her friend dead?”

“Remember you said the offender probably has some bruises on them. I don’t see any bruises on that girl,” Chilufya said.

“That’s the reason i said suspect you idiot,” Darren smiled mischievously. “She should be released, we don’t have anything on her yet.’

“The stranger on the photos too,” Chilufya added. “It will be difficult to identify that face though, it’s not clear,” He sighed. “It’s late now, let’s go home. I heard Xavier and the boys scold you.”

“He knows there’s nothing i can do about it. He’s the chiefs favorite and i cannot touch him. One day, only one day is all it takes to put that bas***d in his place,” Darren said clenching his fist unconsciously.

“I hope that day never comes. I have gone home. See you tomorrow partner.”

“You go ahead, let me sort some things before i go,” Darren went straight to his office.

He sat down on his table with a piece of paper with notes on it. He checked the time on his watch and it was 17:45. He had nothing to do at his place, as a matter of fact he hated his place because it reminded him of how lonely and pathetic his life was. He turned his thoughts to the pecks of accomplishing the case on his hands. It was a high profile case and he needed to do his best. He couldn’t let anything distort him from solving it. He left his office and got a cab back to his place.

Located in Thornpark, Darrens house was a self contained two bedroom with a decent kitchen and a small living room that had a sofa and a LED samsung TV mounted on the wall. Upon arrival, he noticed that the door was unlocked. Someone is inside, he told himself. He pushed the door further which led directly to the living room. There was no sign of anyone. He tiptoed carefully to the kitchen and found nothing but food well prepared on the table. The cooker was still warm. The only person who had a key was Serena. Since they were done with their relationship, he couldn’t think of anyone else that could find their way into his house and cook something for him. He then went to his bedroom and found the light was on and the door slightly open.

“Whose there!” He shouted wishing he had a gun with him.

There was no response. He entered the bedroom. Bewildered but not surprised, he found Serena standing in front of his mirror. Still in her uniform which comprised a tight short skirt which was slightly above her knees. Too tight that it showed her curves perfectly. She swirled her hair and her side of the face could be seen clearly by Darren. She bit her lower lip followed by a pout that could make any man bow to her wishes. Aware of Darrens presence, she bent down seemingly pulling up her tights which were in their place. Darrens face turned red with lust. He could feel his blood boiling as a volcano about to explode.

“Come here papi,” she said in a low tone.

Darren walked slowly to her like a Zombie. He reached where she was and stood motionless looking at her endowed behind.

“Hold me papi,” she said.

Darren did as told. His heart was out of place. Feeling her back against his body sent him into a world of sensations inexplicable.

“I miss you. I need you so much papi,” she softly said in his ear biting his earlobe.

To be continued

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