Story: Web Of Lies Episode 4

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 4

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 4

Web Of Lies – Episode 4

“A relapse? Urrgh,” Darren growled. “Why do i allow myself to fall into her traps? I have told her again and again that I don’t want anything to do with her,” he hit his head. “Perhaps, i should demand the key Frome her.”

Serena left early in the morning claiming she had to get to work as fast as possible. Darren stared at her as she wore her clothes after having a shower. He couldn’t resist the sight of a bare goddess in his sight innocently acting like he was not in the room. Pacing about fronting her seductive body with all the mightiness in her. She enjoyed playing with his mind like that.

“Goodbye papi,” she waved him goodbye and on her way she went.

Darren got out of bed and prepared himself for work. He went into his small kitchen and found breakfast prepared for him. As soon as he saw it, he cringed.

“Serena is something else,” he sat on the chair and dug in.

As he was about to finish up, Chilufya called him. When Chilufya called Darren, it wasn’t about chit chats but serious business. Darren didn’t care about his partners personal life. He only knew he was married.

“Chilufya,” Darren answered the phone.

“Get here quickly, we have a lead,” Chilufya hang up the phone.

Darren quickly got out of his chair, grabbed his coat and phone and rushed for the door. He opened it and found his mother about to knock.

“Mother what are you doing here?”

“Is it wrong to visit my son?” She pushed him aside and entered the house.

Confused and uneasy, Darren went back inside. His mother made herself comfortable on a sofa. She looked around and looked at Darren dubiously while he stood motionless looking at her.

“There was a woman here?” She paused.

Darren felt weak in his knees.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I couldn’t have brought Ayana at your workplace for you to embarrass her.” She complained.

Darren only looked at her while he kept checking his watch.

“Who is she? What does she do? How old is she?”

“There was no woman here mother,” He answered impatiently.

“Don’t lie to me, you cannot prepare yourself breakfast. That’s the reason you have gained abruptly,” She said happily. “I can smell a feminine perfume. Tell me i am your mother Darren. Why are you like this?”

“Mother there was no woman here,” he raised his voice.

“Sometimes i wonder if you’re my son.”

Darrens face was blank.

“Well, Ayana is willing to give you another chance. Here is her number,” she handed him a piece of paper which he didn’t take. Realizing he won’t grab it, she put it under the glass table. “You have to call her.”

“Mother I am late,” he looked at her agitated.

“Don’t kill me i am leaving. Call Ayana,” she looked at him direct in the eyes.

“There was a woman here yes,” He said trying to stop her from talking about Ayana.

“Tell me about her,” her eyes brightened.

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“It was a prostitute i picked up last night”

Darrens mother almost fell on the floor with shock. She looked at him after balancing herself on the grill door. She didn’t say anything but leave. Darren locked his door and found his cab driver waiting for him outside.

“A woman who came out of your compound sir was almost crying and in total terror. Is everything alright sir?” The cab driver asked.

“Just drive,” Darren said hastily.

He arrived at the station and walked to Chilufyas office next to his. Finding Chilufya talking to his wife on the phone, Darren watched him impatiently as if he can grab his phone and smash it on the ground.

“Tell me, what’s the lead?” Darren asked before Chilufya could even put the phone on the table.

“There is a sex tape,” Chilufya said looking at Darren.

“A sex tape? Whose?”


“Our dead girl?”


“Oh my. That girl. Where has this information come from.”

“Her friend Clarisa told me yesterday when i went to release her. I put her in a tight situation,” Chilufya smiled.

“What if? What if?”

“What if what Darren?” Chilufya asked curiously.

“What if the sex tape has more to do with this murder than anything else?” Any idea when it surfaced?’

“Days before Fiona’s demise.”

“Is the man recognizable in the video?”

“No and the friend doesn’t know either. She claims she was not told.”

“What if the killer didn’t want to be known or identified? What if she threatened him and he decided to get rid of her?”

“That makes sense. Only problem is no one knows who the man in the video is.”

“Who released the video?”

“Her friend said it’s the ex boyfriend who released the video on social media. I watched the video and the face of the man or body is not vivid but Fiona can be seen in all angles,” Chilufya said trying to show the video to Darren.

“Not now,” He rejected the phone. “We have to find the ex boyfriend. Did her friend say anything about his whereabouts?”

“She said the boyfriend knows where the ex boyfriend lives. Apparently they used to be best friends and Fiona dumped the other one for his friend,” Chilufya said smiling.

“Our dead girl has a baggage. Let’s get going.”

They left the office and headed to the parking lot where they found the chief standing with Xavier talking seriously. Ignoring them, the two got in Chilufyas car.

“What’s with those two?” Darren asked fastening his seatbelt.

“I don’t know.” Chilufya answered.

“Sampa Darren!” The chief called Darren.

Darren got out of the car and walked to the chief. Xavier left as soon as Darren got out of the car.

“Morning chief,” Darren said.

“Hows the investigation so far?”

“Good sir. We have leads and there’s a sex tape.”

The chief flinched and asked,” A sex tape?”

“Yes sir. A sex tape but we couldn’t recognize the man in it, only our dead girl. The ex boyfriend might know who is in it but we don’t know where he is so we are going to the boyfriends place who happens to be friends with the ex boyfriend.”

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“Don’t confuse me, run along,” The chief dismissed Darren.

“When i mentioned the sex tape to the chief, he reacted unusual,” Darren told Chilufya.

“Unusual? How?”

“I don’t know. Nervous like.”

“Oh. Do you know that the chief and the Minister of defense are childhood friends?”

“Heard something like that. I don’t pay attention. So that’s probably the reason the chief became nervous.”

“Probably, yes! because our dead girl was more like a daughter to him to too. I heard from one of the officers that she even used to come at the station.”

“I never saw her. So Childhood friends?”

“Yes. The chief owe his position to the Minister. Apparently, when Fiona’s father found work in the government, he also helped his friend who was a neighborhood officer some years ago.”

“Wait. How do you know all this Chilufya?” Darren asked.

“I am a detective,” He laughed. “On a serious note, this is high class case, it will either raise our ranks or pull us down.”

“I am aware Chilufya,” Darren nodded. He didn’t tell Chilufya the reason he accepted the case but was more than happy to learn that he was in direct cahoots with the Minister of Defense.

They reached Kabwata township at around 11:20am. Clarisa gave them the direction to the place. They got to the alleged house and found it open with some soccer noise coming from it. They knocked but there was no one coming out of the house. Darren looked at Chilufya and gave him a sign to enter. It was a one bedroom house with a kitchen being a part of the living room. Looking at the living room, there was evidence that there were people around. There was a bottle of whiskey on the table with two filled cups. Darren heard some noise coming from the other room. He went straight to it and found a woman pouncing up and down on a man all naked.

“Jesus!” Darren yelled going back to the other room. “Police here. Put on some clothes.”

“We want to talk to Christopher,” Chilufya shouted.

“I am coming,” Christopher yelled from the other room.

Darren looked at Chilufya and chuckled. Christopher came out of the room embarrased. He pointed the two men to a chair which was in a mess.

“No thanks,” Darren refused to sit looking at the chair disgustingly. “Are you Christopher?”

“Yes sir,” Christopher answered.

“When was the last time you saw Fiona? Your other girlfriend it seems.”

“I saw her last week sir. I have not seen her since then, is she in trouble?” Christopher inquired.

“She is dead,” Darren said straightforward.

“What?” Christopher asked surprised. “What do you mean dead? Fiona cannot be dead.”

Darren looked at Chilufya.

“Well she is,” Darren said.

Christopher started weeping and Darren handed him a tissue. Chilufya looked around the house. Darren intuitively looked at Christopher. Was this acting or was he being sincere? He was with a woman on top of him and he’s acting like he was faithful. Darren couldn’t have any of it anymore.

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“Stop this. There’s a woman in here and you’re crying over your dead girlfriend. Quit it will you?”

Chilufya and Christopher were both surprised.

“Where were you in the early mornings of yesterday?” Darren asked.

“I was with her.”

“Who? damn it.”

Scared, Christopher looked in the direction of his bedroom.

“You mean you were shagging the other girl?” Darren asked.

“Yes sir,” Christopher faced down.

“Young lady, come out!” Chilufya called out.

The girl came out shaking with a t shirt and a short. She knelt before Darren and Chilufya.

“Don’t you have clothes to wear?” Darren asked and went on. “Was Christopher with you yesterday in the early mornings?”

“Yes sir, i have been here for three days now,” she replied.

“Do you know he has another girlfriend?”

“Fiona, yes.”

Surprised, Darren asked, “aren’t you happy now?”

“Happy?” The girl asked surprised.

“Fiona is out of the picture now.”

“What do you mean out of the picture? Did she dump him?” The girl looked at Christopher.

“She’s dead.”


“Happy is the surviving girlfriend.”

“No sir. I don’t know about that. Christopher, is that the reason you wanted me here? To comfort you?” She looked at Christopher disappointed.

“No babe,” Christopher answered. “I have just been told too.”

“I am done with you.Oh my God, i feel like an idiot.”

“Well, you’re both idiots.” Darren looked at the girl. ‘Don’t you have any shame? Darren asked. “Go back to the bedroom and lock yourself up. Think about how stupid you are.”

The girl went back to the bedroom and locked herself up.

Christopher was scared to his wits. He couldn’t even look at The two detectives faces.

“Let’s go. Stand up,” Darren ordered Christopher.

“Am i under arrest sir?” Christopher asked getting up.

“Take us to Fiona’s ex boyfriends place?”

“Williams place?” He asked in shock.

“Yes,” Chilufya answered.

“That man is a monster, he will kill me sir. Please i cannot go there please sir i cannot,” Christopher begged.

“I can also kill you if i were him. You stole his girlfriend. He was your best friend.”

Surprised that these men seemed to know a lot about him, Christopher became even more scared.

“He’s a savage. He will beat me up once he sees me. He has anger issues. That’s the reason Fiona left him,” Christopher complained while being dragged outside.

“I need to see this monster,” Darren said walking to the door.

To be continued


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