Story: Web Of Lies Episode 5

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 5

Web Of Lies – Episode 5

Agitatedly Pacing about in his room after reading from Mwebantu on Facebook that the daughter of the minister of Defense was found dead in her flat. That was no other than Fiona, William thought to himself. Furious he was, with a face that could scare a million babies. Luckily the two guys he shared the boarding house with weren’t around because they could have suffered from his torments. He heard a knock from the door and wondered who it could be because his friends were not coming back till two in the afternoon. He opened the door and met eyes with the shaking Christopher.

“William the…”

Before Chris could finish talking he received a blow on the face that sent him flying to the ground with his legs in the air.

“How dare you show your face here Chris?” He walked towards him in a fury and got on top of him.

“Please man don’t do this,” Chris begged while covering his face.

Ignoring him, William punched him in the stomach that made him scream in pain.

“You dare show your face here after what you did you to me,’ William yelled.

“Wait man,” Chris yelled back. “I am with some people who wants to talk to you and i about Fiona’s death.”

“Say what?” Williams facial expression turned to stone.

“You heard him right monster,” Darren emerged from a corner while folding his sleeves. “So you seem to be one tough as***ole.”

“Who are you?”

“What do i look like? A Doctor?”

“He’s a detective William,” Chris said.

“I didn’t do anything,” William stood up and took off running.

Chilufya was standing on the road by the car. Darren was nearer to the running William and he knew there was no option but to chase. How he hated chasing suspects.

“Ahhh,” he grouched. “Stay put.” He pointed at Chris.

William ran faster compared to Darren. He jumped a fence and found a way to the backyard of a house opposite to his boarding house and got to the road. Darren ran as fast as he could but he trailed way behind when he tripped after jumping a fence. By the time he got to the road, William was far away. Breathing heavily, he was not ready to give up. He took off increasing his speed. Luckily, a civilian bumped into William who fell in the drainage and broke his two fingers.

“It hurts,” William cried out.

Furious and frustrated, Darren picked him up and told him to shut up with the whining. He went back to Chilufyas car and they went to the station.

“Tough little squid,” Darren looked at William feeling like he could punch him.

“First things first, why did you run?” Chilufya asked William in the interrogation room.

“I was scared because i beat up someone last time and i was given a warning that if i do it again, i will be locked up,” William responded.

“Well you beat up Chris on your door,” Chilufya added.

“That was personal, he stole my girlfriend and he was my best friend.”

“So that makes it justifiable?” Darren asked.

William didn’t answer.

Nodding his head, Darren asked further,”When last did you see Fiona?”

“Last week,” William answered sadly.

“I take it you know about her demise.”

“Such a beautiful girl. Full of life. Living freely. Life can be cruel,” William forced back tears.

“You should try poetry if all fails,” Darren made fun of him and asked. “Where were you last night?”

“I was out with some friends drinking.”


“Club 101 and Hollyhood city.”

“Did you by any chance meet up with Fiona and her friend?”

“No I didn’t. My friends can confirm that for me. I was with them all night.”

“Why did you release the sex tape?”

Williams eyes wide opened.

“You heard me.” Darren said.

“It was revenge. Fiona dumped me for my best friend and i had to get back at her in a way and the sex tape was the only way.”

“Shame on you. What if the sex tape is the reason she’s dead?” Chilufya asked.

William faced on the table ashamed of himself.

“Is the man in the tape you?”

“No,” William answered defensively.

“Who is the man?”

“Fiona didn’t tell me. She made the tape to blackmail the man. She needed something from him and she made that tape and entrusted it to me. That happened before we started dating.”

“Is that so?” Darren asked.

“Don’t you have any idea who the man might be?” Chilufya asked.

“I don’t know the man,” William paused and went on. “I remember Fiona mentioning that the man is very powerful. She also told me that he threatened her at some point. She said this when she was drank so I didn’t think about that till today.”

“How powerful?” Darren probed.

“I don’t know sir. But the way she was saying it, she was scared of him it seemed. I didn’t want to bother since she was drank. When she was drank she blabbed a lot.”

“Unbutton your shirt,” Darren ordered William.

“Excuse me, what is this?” William asked surprised.

“We are looking for evidence, just do it,” Darren stared at William.

“Evidence? Unbuttoning my shirt? You people are weird,” William said and unbuttoned his shirt.

Darren looked at Chilufya who in turn nodded.

“Thats it, wait here.’

Darren told Chilufya to meet him outside. Darren went outside for some air and to think about what he was dealing with. Can the sex tape be the reason for the murder? He asked himself.

“What are you thinking about?” Chilufya interrupted Darren.

“What do you make of this?”

“I don’t really know but we are dealing with something bigger than us here,” Chilufya sighed.

“If this man is powerful like the boy has said, we need to talk to the father. He’s also powerful and he can somehow be connected.”

“Right. For a man of his caliber, he must have enemies,” Chilufya added.

“Enemies that are making sex tapes with his daughter?” Darren paused and thought for a while. “I doubt it. Something is not adding up here.”

“So we have eliminated Clarisa, William and Christopher,” Chilufya said.

“Is the boy Chris in the clear too?” Darren asked.

“Yes, he was checked. No marks or bruises on him too.” Chilufya paused. “I still have doubts on Clarissa’s Alibi though.”

“What do you mean?”

“She said she doesn’t remember how she got to the flat. Drank people do crazy sh*t.”

“I have my eyes on her. In th meantime, our prime suspects are the man in the sex tape and the stranger at the club. Where do we even find these people?” Darren kicked a cars tyre.

“Like you have said, this powerful man in the sex tape must be connected to the father or perhaps the father might have an idea who the daughter was messing around with. They knew she was a mess.”

“You’re right. It’s high time we go to the devil’s palace.”

“Devil?” Chilufya laughed. “I am sure they are expecting us. What do we do with the two boys?”

“Let them go but if anything, we will need them here again. They should leave their phone numbers and atleast we should have their faces in our system. That’s just between you and me.”

Chilufya went back inside and Darren remained outside thinking. He had made a lot of theories in his head. He remembered what the father of the dead girl referred to him as; incompetent. He was determined to prove him wrong. He wouldn’t let his past failures affect him. Being a an important figure in the government, Darren knew he had to talk to the chief and made an appointment with the Minister who was probably having a funeral at his house.

“Yes sir that’s all for now,” Darren answered after explaining his progress on the case.

“You’re doing great so far. I will make an appointment with him so that you go there tomorrow morning. Be gentle that side, the family is mourning. I shouldn’t hear any bullshits.” The chief dismissed Darren.

Before he could leave, the chief stopped Darren and asked him, “Do you have any clue who this powerful man could be?”

“I dont sir. I wish i could because this mystery lies in finding the man in the video as well as the stranger in the photos. We have had no luck in identifying him so far but Jeremy is tirelessly working on it Sir.”

Leaving the Chiefs office, Darren bumped into Xavier in the corridor.

“I can see you’re busy with the murder case,” Xavier smiled crookedly.

“Doing my work,” Darren said.

“You know we can use a detective with your skills in the specialist team. That’s where the fun is and you know that,” Xavier got closer to Darren.

“I am fine with being a detective thanks.”

“That sh*t is boring. No adrenaline. Always chasing Mavericks.”

“At least i sleep at night knowing i didn’t shoot anyone,” Darren said.

“That’s our job Darren. One day you will have no choice but to shoot and when that day comes, you will remember me.”

Darren excused himself and off he went.

“You will remember me!” Xavier shouted entering the chiefs office.

Darren got to the reception to give Serena some names of people who were supposed to be called to recognize the man in the photos. Serena was not at the reception. Darren never liked to wait. He always grew impatient and got upset. After some minutes, Serena came back.

“Where were you?”

“”Excuse me Darren, can’t a lady go to the restroom?”

“I need you to call these people tomorrow morning for some identification purposes,” He handed her the paper and left for his office.

“Darren!” She called him.

He looked back and asked, “What?”

She stood up and went to where he was, grabbed his hand and led him to his office.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Darren asked angrily.

“Who is Ayana?”

“What? Who”

“You heard me, who is Ayana?”

“What gives you the right to ask me that? You don’t have any authority over me woman. As a matter of fact, give me back the key.’

“Darren listen to me,” Serena’s face turned serious. “I don’t know who you take me for but if I can’t have you all to myself, no one can have you. About the key, i will decide when to give it back.” She stormed out of his office.”

Darren was confused at what had just happened. Trying to comprehend what Serena said, she came back and said, “Oh and Ayana came by. She said you should get in touch with her. She has something serious to talk with you.” She slammed the door on his face.

“Wait, what!” Darren shifted uneasily.

To be continued

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