Story: Web Of Lies Episode 6

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 6

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 6

Web Of Lies – Episode 6

A few people were gathered at a beautiful mansion in Meanwood area. The atmosphere was as expected; melancholy. A few women made themselves busy tending to other people’s requests. There was a number of dignitaries present supporting their friend who had lost his daughter.

“My wife sends her regards,” The minister of foreign affairs said.

“Thank you Jack,” Fiona’s father said.

Everyone was sitted in silence when a drunk young man shouting walked towards Fiona’s father.

“It’s all your fault, you killed her,” he pointed at Fiona’s father.

People didn’t seem surprised. Apparently they knew the young man well and it wasn’t the first time he caused such a scene. Everyones faces were on the ground.

“All she needed was your approval. Why do you think she did all the bad things she did? Its because she wanted you to recognize her efforts, hence becoming rebellious,” the young man added.

“Son you’re drunk,” Fiona’s father said with a sad face. “Someone take him inside,” he called his bodyguards.

“I will kick anyone who touches me,” he threatened two men who were walking towards him.

“Wayne son, take heart,” Fiona’s mother said sadly.

“Mom leave me alone” Wayne said. “You and your husband killed Fiona,” he pointed the two.

“Why all the drama? It’s not like you got along with your sister. When did you even get into the country?” Fiona’s mother asked annoyed.

“She was my sister mom.”

Tired and irritated, watching everything from the sidelines, Darren who had just arrived the moment the drama began decided to step in. Chilufya feared and stopped him.

“Let’s not do anything rash,” he held his hand. “Let them sort their business and we can introduce ourselves later. Remember the chief warned us.” Chilufya reasoned.

“We are here to work not to witness family feuds,” Darren retaliated,”I am going in.”

“The chief won’t be happy with this Darren,” Chilufya warned him.

Earlier that morning, the chief called Darren that the Minister would see them in the morning. Darren woke up wondering why Ayana wanted to see him the previous day because he made sure he showed her he wasn’t interested in her the day his mother brought her. After much thought, he picked the piece of paper his mother left him and dialed Ayana’s number.

“Morning,” Ayana said.

“Morning, i heard you came at the station yesterday. I would like to find out why.”

“Let’s have lunch at Galitos Levy Mall. Don’t be late,”Ayana cut the call.

“What? Who does she think she is to order me around?” Darren said aggravated.

He tried to call her but she cut his calls which made him even more angry. He tried several times but with no luck. He told himself he wouldn’t meet up with her. Darren called Chilufya and told him to pick him up at Northmead bus station. The two drove to Meanwood Area and arrived to Waynes drama.

“Let me just put him in his place, the kid is being disrespectful,” Darren walked towards Wayne.

Wayne was busy talking and insulting when his right hand was grabbed from behind and twisted which made him squirm like a worm with antagonizing pain.

“Ahhhhh that hurts!” He screamed.

Everyone watched in disbelief and terror. Who is this man with no fear who had just put the Ministers son in so much pain? Most of them wondered.

“The harder you resist the more painful it becomes,” Darren said softly. “Now easy, lets get inside to avoid these eyes on us.” Darren walked Wayne to the house while The Minister, his wife, Chilufya and the Ministers bodyguard followed.

“Who are you?” Wayne asked in disbelief.

“Your worst nightmare child,” Darren answered looking at the Minister and his wife. “I am here for your daughter, we have uncovered some things we are trying to make sense of but we need your help.”

The Ministers bodyguards were ready to take down Darren but the Minister stopped them.

“What is it?” The Minister asked curiously.

“Is there anyone you might think of who wanted your daughter dead?” Chilufya asked.

“No, not really,” Fiona’s mother answered.

“Are you sure?” Wayne looked at her.

“Boy is there something you would like to tell me?” Darren asked.

“Fiona was not loved. She found herself in a lot of trouble. She irritated people and she got away with it. What if this time she couldn’t?” Wayne inquired.

“Do you know any of those people?” Chilufya asked.

“No but you can start with the sex tape,” Wayne said.

“Sex Tape?” Fiona’s parents asked at the same time.

“You don’t know about the sex tape?” Darren asked.

“No we don’t,” The minister looked at his wife.

“Well now you know,” Wayne laughed.

“Have some dignity Wayne. Your sister is dead,” his mother said.

Darren told the Minister and his wife about the tape which seemed to have left them in peril.

“Interesting thing is the information we have says that the man in the sex tape is a powerful man,” Chilufya added.

“Powerful?” Fiona’s father asked. “What do you mean powerful? Is he recognizable?”

“You tell us Minister,” Darren looked at the Minister.

“Is this supposed to be a joke?” The Minister asked furiously.

“What Detective Darren meant sir, was is there someone you might think of, who wanted to bring harm to your family?” Chilufya asked.

“I have a lot of enemies but i don’t think there’s anyone who could have wanted my daughter dead,” Fiona’s father shifted his attention to Chilufya ignoring Darren.

“What about that girl we found at our daughters flat?” Fiona’s mother asked.

“She’s still a suspect too,” Darren answered.

“She’s the one who killed our daughter,” Fiona’s mother said.

“We are doing the best we can to find out the killer. If that girl killed your daughter, we will find out,” Chilufya said.

“One more question Minister, where were you the night of Fiona’s murder?” Darren asked.

The Minister was taken aback.

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“Are you suspecting me detective?”

“Everyone is a suspect till proven otherwise. Now would you mind answering me sir.”

“Do you know who i am Detective?”

“Yes sir. Frank Chibuye, Minister of Defense. You gave me my job and i am doing it.”

Defeated, Fiona’s father answered, “Well i was home with my wife as usual.” He looked at his wife.

Darren wanted to ask the chief to remove his shirt but that was disrespectful. He didn’t know what to do because that was the only way he could be sure the chief was telling the truth. Darren turned his attention to Wayne.

“I understand you and your sister never got along, why?” Darren asked.

“Family issues,” Wayne answered.

“What kind of family issues Wayne?” Darren probed.

“Brother Sister issues. We grew up believing our parents favored the other.”

“I see and where were you the night your sister was murdered?”

“I was out of the country, i just arrived,” Wayne answered hesitantly.

Darren and Chilufya let the Ministers house with no helpful information which made Darren angry. Whilst at the gate outside, Fiona’s mother came running at the two.

“Can i talk to you for a moment detective?” She looked at Darren.

“Me!” He asked.


“Let me ready the car, talk to her,” Chilufya entered the car.

Darren walked to Fiona’s mother Wondering what she wanted from him.

“How can i help you madam?” He asked her.

“I commend you for the job you’re doing in trying to find the murderer.”

“It’s our job madam.”

“I wanted to say that our daughter was a troubled soul. She was a rebel and there was nothing we could do about it. We tried all we could but the more we did the more rebellious she became,” Fiona’s mother said sadly.

“That’s why we are trying to find out who killed her.”

“Some two years ago, my daughter told me that someone abused her but seeing how much she loved attention, i brushed her off.”

“What form of abuse?”

“I think rape.”

“And you didn’t do anything about it?”

“Trust me, as a mother i failed her. Thinking about it now, i think we killed her,” Fiona’s mother broke into tears.

Not knowing what to do, Darren pulled her closer and hugged her. She held him tightly as she poured herself to him.

“Sorry about that,” She let go of him.

“I promise you, we will find the murderer,” Darren assured her.

“Thank you detective,” She said.

“It’s fine madam, i better be going, my partner awaits.”

“Enough with the formality. Call me Tatiana.”

“Darren,” he waved her goodbye.

Darren Got into Chilufya’s car whom apparently had a blank face. Darren kept checking his watch.

“What was that all about?” Chilufya broke the silence.

“What do you mean?”

“The ministers wife?”

“What do you mean?”

“Darren don’t mess this case up please. I beg you.”

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Ignoring what Chilufya said, he said, “I didn’t believe what the brother said, go and confirm at the airport if he arrived today,” Darren told Chilufya. “We will meet in the afternoon.”

“Alright. Where are you going yourself?”

“To the station, i have to see if Jeremy has made any progress. Drop me at the bus station, i will board a bus to town. I miss my car.”

Darrens car was involved in an accident and he was waiting for the insurance company to sort him out but it had been almost a year now. Chilufya dropped him at the bus station and he got on a bus to town. What Darren didn’t tell Chilufya was that he was going to Galitos at Levy mall.

Darren reached Levy mall. He took his time walking to Galitos. Immediately he reached the entrance, he saw Ayana sitted at a corner comfortably pressing her phone and smiling. He got nervous because he didn’t know why she wanted to see him. He even got more nervous looking at how beautiful and sexy she looked. In a long black tight dress. Walking towards her, he could see the dimple on her cheek which made her even look more pretty.

“Hello,” He said pulling a chair.

“Hi,” she looked at him once and turned her attention back to the phone.

Bad attitude, he thought to himself. Darren sat down waiting for her to finish what she was doing on her phone. She made him wait for a good number of minutes.

“You’re here. I thought you would not come,” Ayana said putting her phone in the handbag.

“I am here. What is this all about?”

“First things first, this is not a date. Don’t get your head up your butt,” she said directly looking at him in the eyes.


“Let me talk. You embarrassed me when i came with your mother at your office. Do you think I instigated that? I was only trying to be polite to your mother because that’s what people do. You said you didn’t like me, what made you think i liked you? I loathed you the moment you spoke because i saw how pathetic you are. If a man cannot treat his mother right, he can never treat any woman right. You deserve to be alone. If there’s a woman whose by your side, you should be praying everyday because men like you don’t deserve any woman,” She got her handbag and left.

Darren was speechless and his face turned to a metal. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He watched her walk to the door without looking back. She walked majestically; authority and power defined her. Ayana was not a woman to reckon with.

To be continued

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