Story: Web Of Lies Episode 7

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 7

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 7

Web Of Lies – Episode 7

Darren couldn’t stop thinking about what Ayana told him. No woman had ever said things like that to him. He had something that women respected him for. Ayana seemed different because she didn’t care about all that. He was aback that he spent the whole night thinking about how he could get back at her which was stupid but he didn’t care. He had to show her what kind of man he was. Hence the reason he was going to his mothers house in PHI before he reported for work. The taxi drove him to the house and dropped him at the gate.

“Should i wait sir?”

“I won’t take long, you can wait,” Darren answered.

He got into the compound and found it had been cleaned thoroughly like always. He knew how much his mother was the preacher of cleanliness. Before he could get to the door, his phone rang and it was Chilufya.

“Your suspicions were right. The boy has been in the country for a few days now,” Chilufya said on the other end of the line.

“Why did he lie?” Darren asked.

“That i am yet to find out Darren. I think it’s high time we call in our private investigator, what do you think?”

“Is that man even alive? It’s been a while since we worked with him. Find out where hes been hiding and put him to work. And One other thing, find out what Jeremy has done with the iphone and other items from the crime scene. I also need information from the coroner on the time and cause of death.”

“On to that,” Chilufya said. “And by the way, when i got back to the station yesterday, i didn’t find you, where did you go?”

“Chilufya, have i ever asked you what you do in your free time?”

“Come on man.”

“See you later,” Darren cut the line.

He knocked on his mothers door and waited for someone to open it. He grew out of patience and entered the house. He called for his mother who answered in the kitchen.

“What’s happening? Are you sick? You at my house? Are you fine? Is there someone who wants to kill you?”

“Too many questions mom. Everything is fine,” Darren answered getting into the kitchen.”

“To what do i owe this early morning visit?”

“I miss your breakfast,” Darren sat down.

“You’re lying. What’s bothering you?”

“Where did you find that short stubborn woman?”

“Ayana?” Darrens mother asked.

“Yes mother. Can you imagine she had the audacity to insult me and my actions. She’s very stupid.”

“Is that all?” His mother smiled.”She told me she met you and said you would eventually complain to me. I think she did the right thing; she put you in your place. Do you think what you did was appropriate? You deserved every word she pounced on you.”

Darrens face was expressionless. He looked at his mother in disbelief. Ayana had rubbed on his mother, he thought to himself. He was now more curious to who this woman was. Why had she made his mother turn against him? He became curious.

“Where does she stay?”

“Why? You want to beat her up?” His mother asked jokingly.

“Give me her address mom,” he demanded it.

“See? That’s your problem. Always demanding and ordering people around. You should learn to differentiate work and your personal life. I won’t give you the address unless you ask politely.”

“Whatever. Goodbye. As if i am the one who wants grandchildren.”

Darren hit his mother where she least expected him to. He hit her weakness. There and then it dawned on her how she needed grandchildren from her first born child. Without hesitating, she gave him the address. What she didn’t know was that her son didn’t want the address to copulate with Ayana but to get back at her.

“Your sister misses you, you should call her some times,” his mother told him while he was heading to the door.

“Why can’t she call me?”

“Every time she calls you, you tell her you’re busy.”

“Isn’t she close to your other daughter? They should be calling each other.”

“Don’t be like that, you know you are the only three children i have. You should learn to get along.”

“Bye mom.”

He left his mothers house and was driven back to work. Upon arrival, Darren met up with Jeremy at the reception. The young man was talking and trying to flirt with Serena. Jeremy had always fancied Serena but he knew he had no chance with her. Serena saw Jeremy as a young brother but he denied saying a man he’s never young for a woman.

“Playing around again?” Darren interrupted the two.

“No sir, i was telling madam Serena that the people she called to identify the man in that instagram photo have all come but no one has managed to identify him,” Jeremy said politely.

“So our John Doe is proving difficult to identify,” Darren said touching his chin. “How about the iphone? Any luck with it?”

“I am getting closer to bypass it sir.”

“Don’t get closer, bypass it. That’s what you’re paid to do Jeremy. What about the coroner?”

“I am going to Levy Mwanawansa General Hospital in th afternoon sir. I am sure the coroner will enlighten me.”

“Go to your office and work on the iphone instead of being here doing nothing.”

Jeremy quickly left the reception without looking back. Darren looked at Serena for a while and nodded his head.

“What is it?” She asked him.

“Jeremy? Honestly that young boy?”

“Are you jealous?” Serena bit her lower lip.

“Hell no. Why should i be? It’s your life. Do whatever you want with it. If it means shagging young boys, do it Serena,” Darren said.

“Why are you this cold Darren?” She asked worriedly. “You know i am with you.”

“I am not cold that’s the way i am,” Darren answered. “And what do you mean you’re with me?”

Serena shifted uneasily. Her eyes became teary. She avoided Darrens awkward stare.

“You’re here, let’s get going we have a witness. Fiona’s neighbor,” Chilufya said in a hurry.

“Our dead girl has a neighbor?”

“Of course. Who has no neighbors Darren?” Chilufya grimaced.

“I just thought she was too wild to have neighbors,” Darren looked at Serena while following Chilufya.

Serena sighed and turned her attention to the paper work on the reception desk. Darren and Chilufya went to the car.

“The Minister is at the station,” Chilufya told Darren.

“Which Minister?”

Chilufya looked at Darren and nodded. “Fiona’s father of course Darren.”

“I am sure he has come to check on our progress. That’s strange though. We were at his house yesterday.”

“I pray he didn’t come to tell the chief what you did to his son.”

“He’s too old to snitch on me.”

They arrived at the house in twenty minutes and found the woman who claimed to have seen something the night of the murder. She invited them inside her beautiful home which was next to Fiona’s flat.

“For the record, state your name madam,” Chilufya said.

“My names are Trina Chisenga. I have lived on this street for eight years with my husband and two children.”

“So tell us what you want to tell us,” Darren said.

“On that night Our young neighbor was found dead, me and my husband saw a woman and a man quarreling outside the flat. It was like they were arguing on what to do with something. The girl was not our neighbor but someone else. After quarreling for a while, the man left in the car they came with. The girl was furious and she couldn’t screaming. My husband wanted to go out but i stopped him,” Trina narrated.

“Can you recognize the two?” Chilufya asked.

“I can but i am not sure.”

Chilufya got his tablet and slid through some pictures of suspects. He then handed it over to her and said, “Take your time madam.”

Trina scrutinized the photos for some seconds while Darren and Chilufya looked at her.

“It’s these two.”

“Are you sure?” Chilufya asked.

“Yes i am sure they are the ones,” Trina answered confidently.

Darren and Chilufya stood and took a look at who she had pointed at.

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“Are you sure?” Darren asked the same question while looking at Chilufya.

“Yes i am sure,” Trina answered.

“Thank you for your cooperation. If anything you can call us. And if you see anything out of the ordinary happening next door, don’t hesitate to call us,” Chilufya said at the door.

Darren had already made himself comfortable in the car. Chilufya joined him and drove away. The partners were quiet all seemingly thinking about the two people Trina had just recognized as potential murderers.

“They lied to us,” Darren broke the silence. “And we believed them damn.”

“They are good liars but why lie?” Chilufya added.

“Clarisa and William,” Darren laughed. “Who could have thought? The best friend and the ex boyfriend? What is the motive?” Darren looked at the car roof as Chilufya drove into town.

The chief had just finished talking to the Minister and was furiously searching for Darren. He went to his office and found it empty. He stumbled into Jeremy. Jeremy never liked a one on one with the chief.

“Where is Detective Darren and Chilufya?” The chief asked Jeremy.

“I.. I …I don’t know sir,” Jeremy stammered.

“Why don’t you know? He’s your superior.”

“Oh.. I remember sir, they left.”

“Where to?”

“I don’t really know but it’s something in connection with their case.”

“As soon as they get back, let me them know i need them in my office.”

“I will sir,” Jeremy excused himself.

“Jeremy wait.”

Jeremy stopped walking and turned around.

“Have you unlocked the phone?”

“Not yet sir but by the end of the day, i will unlock it.”

“Are iphones that hard to unlock?”

“The most difficult on the market sir,” Jeremy said feeling proud that he would unlock it in a few hours.

“If you do, let me know.”

“Sir, am i not supposed to tell detective Darren who will then report to you?”

“Didn’t you hear me boy?”

“Understood sir.”

Jeremy left the chief and went to his laboratory. Before he closed the door, he saw the chief still standing in the corridor. After a few minutes, Xavier joined the chief and they went outside together. Jeremy was still looking at the dual from the distance when Xavier turned his head around and caught Jeremy looking at them. Jeremy quickly hid himself behind the door. He felt his heart beat, beat as fast as speed of light. Everyone feared Xavier, his stare would make someone pee on themselves.

“That was close,” Jeremy breathed heavily. “Let me get to work now,” he grabbed the iphone from the table and looked at it. “This phone will solve the mystery behind this murder.” He sighed.

To be continued

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