Story: Web Of Lies Episode 9

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 8

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 9

Web Of Lies – Episode 9

“How come? Chilufya?” Darren moved around his small office trying to make sense of what Jeremy uncovered. He didn’t let Jeremy finish telling him the other things he had unveiled.

Darren and Chilufya had been partners for years. Not once did Darren had doubts about his partner. He knew Chilufya was a family man. He had always heard him telling other officers how he loved his wife and young children. From there, he knew that Chilufya was a good person. That changed the moment Jeremy told him that Chilufya’s number was the last number Fiona called. Darren got up and went back to Jeremy.

“Sir you’re back? I hadn’t finished telling you the other things when you left,” Jeremy got a file from his desk and the phone.

“What is that file about?” Darren asked.

“It’s from the coroner sir.”

“Are you sure it’s Chilufya’s number Jeremy?”

“Certain sir. I don’t know how it found itself in the phone but it’s his.”

“There must be a mistake somewhere.”

“The phone doesn’t make mistakes sir,” Jeremy clarified.

Puzzled and derailed, Darren didn’t know what to think about.

“Who else knows about this?” Darren asked.

“I told you first sir,” Jeremy didn’t mention that the Chief also wanted the information.

“Good. Let’s keep it that way. Put the phone in a safe place. Where no one can access it. I have to think of something urgently.”

“You have to do it fast sir, the chief will start asking questions.”

“I know young man,” Darren paused.

“There is something else sir.”

“What is it?”

“Detective Chilufya and Fiona had been talking for a while. It seemed something happened between them. I accessed their conversation on Facebook.”

“Don’t confuse me Jeremy,” Darren felt his head like it was about to crack.

“I am worried sir. What if Detective Chilufya had something to do with Fiona’s murder.”

“I hope not.”

“There is also some interesting information in the files that the coroner compiled sir. Take a look at the files.”

Darren got the file and was about to open it when Chilufya budged in. Daren and Jeremy looked at each other awkwardly.

“What’s wrong?” Chilufya asked getting in the room.

“Nothing,” Darren answered.

“Has the phone been unlocked?” Chilufya looked at Jeremy.

“No sir,” Jeremy answered looking at Darren.

There was awkward silent. Serena came to tell Darren that the chief was asking for him. Darren was agitated because he was from seeing the chief.

“What now?” He whined.

“Can i know?” Serena rolled her eyes.

Darren left for the Chiefs office amd left Chilufya in Jeremy’s office. Jeremy was doing his work nervously when Chilufya kept his gaze at him.

“I sensed something when i came in, what is wrong Jeremy?” Chilufya asked.

“Nothing sir. Everything is fine.”

“Have you uncovered something you’re hiding from me?”

“No sir. Why would we hide anything from you?”

Chilufya grabbed the file Darren left and opened it. He seemed astonished when he opened the file.

“Is this how she was killed?” He asked Jeremy.

“Based on the physical evidence on the body, yes sir.”

“People are cruel. I don’t understand this. What does it mean?” Chilufya pointed at a section in the file.

“This shows that Fiona didn’t die the moment she was beaten. Someone beat her up and another one or the same person finished the job later by strangulation.”

“So what you’re telling me is that there might be two people involved?”

“That’s what me and the coroner suspects. It’s up to you and detective Darren to find out who.”

Chilufya left Jeremy’s office with the file. He went straight to Darren’s office and dropped the file on his desk.

“Sir. You called for me?” Darren asked sitting down in the chiefs office.

“Yes. We have a situation at the Ministers house,” the chief paused and went on. “It’s Wayne. He’s out of control. Since his father doesn’t want any media attention around this, he suggested that you go there and put some sense in his head.”

“Why me sir?”

“Apparently, Mrs. Chibuye liked the way you handled him last time. She convinced her husband that you’re the right person to handle their son.”

“But sir, i have a case on my tail.”

“It’s not a request, it’s an order Darren. Leave now.”

Darren stood up and left the chiefs office and went downstairs where he found Chilufya leaving his office. Darren looked at Chilufya suspiciously.

“I was dropping the file on your desk. Why did the chief want to see you?”

“Screw the chief,” Darren said irritated.

“Calm down. What is it?”

“Now he wants me to be running errands for him,” Darren growled. “He wants me to go to the Ministers house and take care of Wayne. I am becoming a babysitter now.”

Chilufya laughed uncontrollably at Darren.

“That’s crazy. Well i will be knocking off soon. You better go now. Soon it will be night.”

“Where are you going?”

“Home of course. Where else would i go?” Chilufya answered surprised. “Is everything fine with you? You seem bothered.”

“I am always bothered. See you later Chilufya,” Darren left Chilufya.

Darren got to the Ministers house to a warm welcome from Fiona’s mother. She seemed happy to see him. There were people gathered around the compound like the other day Darren and Chilufya came. Darren wondered why they were taking too long to bury Fiona. Three days had long passed and according to the local custom, a person had to be buried three days after their death.

“Where is the Minister and Wayne?” Darren asked when he was being told to sit down inside the house.

“They are in the backyard. They will join us soon.”

“So tell me about yourself Detective,” Fiona’s mother said passing him a glass of wine.

“Am i not supposed to handle Wayne madam?”

“Tatiana,” she corrected him. ” Like i said, they are coming. Can’t we make conversation while we wait for them?”

“It’s unprofessional madam.”

“Tatiana,” she raised her voice.

Darren was surprised.

“Excuse me, i am just overwhelmed.”

“I am sorry mada…. ” Darren paused. “Tatiana.”

She smiled.

“I came to do my job here and i am feeling uncomfortable. I better leave.”

“So it’s not fine to talk to parents of victims?. You call it unprofessional but it’s ok to be sleeping with coworkers?”

Darrens jaws dropped.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me Detective. I know everything about you and that woman on the reception. What’s her name again?”

Darren was in shock trying to process what was happening.

“Serena. Yes that’s her name right?”

“What do you want Tatiana?”

“Now you’re talking. As soon as this is over, i will tell you.”

The Minister and his son came in the room. Wayne was drank as usual.

“Honey the detective has been waiting for you,” Tatiana ran to the Minister and held his hand.

“Detective,” he greeted Darren. “Thanks for coming.”

“How can i help you?” Darren asked.

The Minister looked at his son who had sat down on the floor citing songs.

“The last time you came, Wayne behaved himself the entire day. My wife thought if you could do what you did to him the other day, he might behave himself.”

“Twisting his arm?” Darren laughed.

“Something like that.”

“Look at your son. What he needs is professional help not arm twisting. That could have been done by your bodyguards. You have just wasted my time Minister.”

Darren looked at Tatiana who was smiling at him. He then realized that it was her plan for him to go the house. She used her son as an excuse.

“I am leaving now sir,” Darren excused himself.

“Detective be careful. These are dangerous people!” Wayne yelled and fell asleep.

Darren looked at the Minister and his wife standing holding hands. On his way home, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Tatiana wanted from him. Her acting was on point, he thought to himself.

He reached his place feeling tired when he found Serena on his verandah waiting for him.

“I see you changed keys,” she said.

“What do you want Serena? It’s late.”

“Don’t i have a right to see my man?” She reached for him.

He pushed her.

“What’s wrong with you Darren?” She shouted.

“Serena go home. I am not in the mood.”

“So is this what it is? A bo*ty call? I am only needed when you are horny and when i want you, you don’t need me.”

“Yes Serena you’re just a bo*ty call. Are you happy now?”

“I can see that Ayana woman is rubbing on you. You are mine Darren and mine alone,” she left in tears.

Darren knew it was for the best remembering what Tatiana told him. It was better Serena was out of the way because she would put him in trouble.

A few minutes after Serena had left. Darren received a call from one of his sister’s. He knew that his mother had talked to her. He ignored the call and started thinking about Chilufya. He couldn’t take it anymore. He got up, called his cab driver and was driven to Chilufya’s place. He arrived in Chilenje where Chilufya was staying with his family. He walked to the door and knocked. A beautiful tall woman opened the door with a baby in her arms.

“Is Mr. Mwansa in?” Darren asked politely.

“Yes he is. Wait a minute,” she turned around. “Honey there is someone at the door.”

“Who is it?” Chilufya shouted from the kitchen.

“Tell him it’s Mr. Sampa.”

“Mr. Sampa!” she shouted.

“Darren!” Chilufya quickly left the kitchen and came to the door.

“Evening Chilufya.”

“Darren. What brings you to my house?” Chilufya asked wiping his hands on the apron.

“I was in the neighborhood and thought of passing by,” Darren lied.

“Excuse my manners come in.”

Darren entered the humble home of his partner for the first time. He didn’t go there to visit but wanted to find out why he was talking to Fiona not by directly asking him but by observing him.

“Honey this is my partner, Darren this is my wife. My first born son over there and our little girl with her mother.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine sir. I have heard a lot about you. My husband talks highly of you.”

“Enough honey, you are embarrassing me,” Chilufya said.

“Let me get some beers for you two,” Chilufya’s wife excused herself.

“So Darren at my house? This is unexpected,” Chilufya sounded surprised.

“Yes. I can see you cook,” Darren laughed.

“I try. What brings you here? I know you weren’t just in the neighborhood. What is it?”

“Honestly I was in the neighborhood.”

“Who do you know in Chilenje?”

“Some whore.”

“Language,” Chilufya pointed at his young son who was playing.

“Oh sorry. I thought we were at work.”

“You should have children too. You will see how that will change you.”

“Who said i need to change? I am perfect the way i am. I am leaving now.” Darren stood up.

“So soon?” Chilufya’s wife asked while holding a tray of cold bear.

“I was just passing by. I will come some other day.”

Still in Chilufya’s house, Darrens cellphone rang and it was Jeremy. He looked at Chilufya.

“Who is it?” Chilufya asked.

“Jeremy,” Darren answered and looked at his watch. 20:56.

He answered.

“Sir there is someone at my house. Help i am scared,” a frightened Jeremy said.

“Who? Can you recognize the person?”

“No sir but they don’t know i am home. They are searching for something. I have hidden myself in the closet.”

“Stay there, text me your address.”

Darren hang up the phone.

“We have an emergency. Get your car keys.”

“What is it?”

“Will tell you on the way,” Darren left Chilufya’s house.

Hidden in the closet, Jeremy kept his phone to his chest. There was no one he thought of calling but detective Darren. He trusted him despite being ill treated. He heard noises of files being thrown to the floor. After a while, the noises stopped and the door made a squeaky noise like the person had left. Jeremy decided to leave the closet. He opened it and there was no one in sight. He let out a sigh of relief.

“Looking for me?” A man emerged behind the closet.

Jeremy felt his legs go numb. He felt like he could fall. His stomach told him to take a dump at the same time his bladder told him to pee. Flight or fight? He asked himself. He decided to run and was grabbed from his collar and dropped to the ground. He could see the man from the ground. The man had worn all black with a mask that left his eyes on the open and a cap.

“What do you want?” Jeremy screamed.

The man stood him up.

“Where is the phone?”

“Here is my phone?”

“The dead girls phone you idiot.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please let me go.”

The man hit Jeremy in the stomach. He carried him to the living room, threw him in the air and landed on his newly bought Samsung curve TV. Agonizing in pain and bleeding, Jeremy shouted for help.

“No one will hear you. Start talking now.”

“I don’t know what you want,” Jeremy cried.

“I guess you want this to be done the hard way.”

Jeremy was lifted again but this time with more strength. He was thrown in the air that he hit the ceilings and before he could get to the ground, he was acrobatically kicked in the face. The man got a wire from his jacket and walked towards the wasted Jeremy. Jeremy was trying to crawl his way out but was too weak to even lift his finger. The man knelt on his back, grabbed his head and strangled him with the wire. Jeremy tried to resist but the man was too strong. He screamed for help but his voice was fading as smoke does in the air.

“I am not going to ask you again. Where is the phone?”

“It’s at the station in my laboratory,” Jeremy answered in between sobs with his eyes turned red. “You won’t get in, it’s a police station.”

“That is my concern boy. Where exactly?” The man tightened the wire around Jeremy’s neck.

“Below the examination table mounted on the floor,” Jeremy answered faintly.

The man let go of Jeremy and pushed him on the pieces of the broken TV. He stared at him for a while as he gasped for air. The man drugged Jeremy back to the bedroom. He then looked at the ceilings and his strangulation wire.

To be continued

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