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GENRE: Love, suspense, competition and betrayal

Somewhere in Paris, the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies could be seen at Golden high school, one of the best schools in Paris, it’s known that only the rich can attend Golden High.

Being the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies, the 3rd richest company in Paris his son; Bryan is a student at the school

He’s known to be arrogant, full of pride, rude and a money spender, he doesn’t care about people, the only thing that matters to him is how to make more money, his name is Franklin Armstrong, and he gets anything he wants without saying it twice


“Dad, there is a new boy in our class and he looks just like you,” Bryan his son said

They are now in the car ready to zoom off

“Like me?” He asked

“Yeah, oh there he comes, that’s his sister, she’s so pretty and I love her already,” Bryan said with a wide smile

“WOW, he truly looks like me, who’s are his parents” Franklin replied staring at the boy

“I dunno, but his mum always comes to pick them up after school, she will soon be here,” Bryan said

Franklin couldn’t help but think there was something strange about those kids

“There she is,” Bryan said when the beautiful lady steps down from her car and hugs the kids

They went into her car, she turned to pick up their backpacks only for her mask to fall, she quickly covered her face with her hair and went into the car leaving the backpacks behind

The huge bodyguard went and pick the mask and backpack for her

Meanwhile, Franklin won’t stop staring, he actually saw a glimpse of her

“Did you see that? She doesn’t want anyone to see her face,” Bryan said but his father’s mind has gone far

VERONICA!!!” he said out loud, his eyes widen and nearly popping out from their sockets

Who’s Veronica?” Bryan asked confused

That’s impossible, I don’t believe in ghosts but this got to be wrong, I saw her die, I felt her temperature, and …… And….. And…

Dad! Dad!! Who is Veronica?” Bryan asked when he saw how his father was shaking

Now the question is: who is she?


Her name is Veronica Mars, she came from the family of Mr and Mrs. Mars Glassman, she has a sister who’s name is Lupita, she was loved by all but something happened, something that made everyone hates and condemn her, family friends and loved ones turn their backs on her

She has no one to stand by her side so she decided to ¢ommit sui¢ide……

What did you think happen?

Why did think she died?

Did you think he has anything to do with it

Did you think she died

What could she do that makes everyone hate her?

It’s gonna be a long ride trust me



Somewhere in Paris, the family of Mr & Mrs. Mars Glassman could be seen, they have two daughters, Veronica and Lupita

Lupita is always jealous of her elder sisters Veronica cos of the love and affection everyone showers her with

She on the other hand has nothing, she’s the disobedient child, Veronica is known to be a church girl while Lupita is the worldly type

Everyone around Veronica love’s her except Lupita who likes competing with her in everything

“Mum, am going,” Veronica said with a smile

“Alright my darling, don’t come back late,” her mother replied

“Sure mum, it’s just a little practice that won’t take time, it will end around 6:00 pm,” she said

“You know I can’t say no, get going already,” her mother said and she smiled

She always has a big smile on her face, even in difficulty

“I love you mum,” she said and left

Her sister Lupita who has been pepping rolled her eyes and scoffed

“Church rat,” she mumbled going to the door

“And where did you think you are going?” Their mother asked

“Going out,” she replied

“To do what?” Their mother asked and fold her hands

“To do what am supposed to do,” she replied rudely

“You are not going anywhere,” their mother said

“But you allowed Veronica to go out,” she complained

“She’s going to church, now get back in there and help me do the dishes,” their mother said

“Sorry I can’t do that,” she replied not looking at their mother’s face

“What did you say? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, standing and challenging your mother is all you can do best, your sister is an example of good behavior and what are you? An example of a good wayward life,” their mother said angrily

“Who said she wants to be a Christian! I love me and I don’t need your love anyway,” she replied and rolled her eyes

“Get back into your room, I will only allow you to go if you are going to church,” their mother said

“Church my foot,” she mumbled and frown

“Lupita,” their mother called

“I don’t believe in God, I don’t even know if he’s real or fake, nobody has ever seen him… Forget all these big bibles and what’s written in them, nobody…..

“Lupita say no more and get yourself In your room now,” their mother shouted angrily

“Am going out mum and that’s final, I don’t need permission to go where I want,” she said going out

“Come back here, Lupita,” her mother called

“I hate this church nonsense, why did I even have to come from a Christian family? Is it by force to be a Christian?” Shouted at her mother and left




Franklin you will start taking business classes cos I Will soon make you the CEO of our company,” Mr. Armstrong said

“Wow, dad really?” He asked with a giggle

“Yes, you are the son of your father,” he replied

“What about Jericho?” Their mother Mrs scarlet asked

“He’s not my business, he can do whatever he wants,” Mr. Armstrong said

“But dad…

“Enough, who gave you the permission to talk, I own this damn house and everything in it, so I say you are not my business, do whatever you want with your life I don’t care,” Mr. Armstrong yelled at him

He stared at Franklin and swallowed nothing

“Can I at least have a share in the company?” He asked

“No, you are a loser,” Franklin replied and winked at him

He stood up and left without saying anything else

“Armstrong this is not fair, he is also your son,” Mrs scarlet said

“I never said he’s not, he’s weak and fragile, I don’t want a weakling as a son, I want a strong lion just like me,” he replied and hit Franklin lightly on his shoulder


“What do you know woman, just shout up,” Mr. Armstrong cut in and she swallowed nothing

Jericho is the first son of Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong but they don’t respect him, no one even cares if he exists or not, they treat him as nothing just because he doesn’t like trouble, his always alone and he hates it.

Mrs scarlet stood up and left going after Jericho.



Evening 6:00

Veronica was coming back from church when someone group of boys block her way.

“Is there a problem? Can I help you with something?” She asked

“They scoffed at the way she was behaving

“We are the ones to help you,” boy one said

“Ok, what did you want to help me with?” She asked staring from one person to another

“Heard you are still a vrgn?” The second boy said

“She shifted backward

“What do you want?” She asked

How these guys get to know that she was a vrgn is confusing, it’s only her family members that know about that, and no one else knows about that.

“You” the third guy replied

Meanwhile, Lupita was coming towards that side when she saw what was happening, she quickly hides, peeping from her hiding place

What do you mean?” She asked

One of them grabbed her right hand roughly

Get your hands off me,” she shouted

The second guy covered her mouth with his palm as they drag her into a corner

Lupita smirked from her hiding place, she slowly followed them

They pushed her down and someone spoke up

“Leave her alone,” a guy said coming toward them

“Or what?” The first guy asked

You will see yourself in jail, all of you,” he replied

They looked at each other before going out, the guy standing in front of them looks rich and they don’t want to be in jail

Today is your lucky day,” one of them said and they left

Are you alright?” The guy asked

She quickly packs her things and runs away


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The rejected girl Episode 2




Veronica was about to go to practice when she saw a male figure at the back of the church, she wondered what he was doing there and slowly approach him

“Hey, am Veronica Mars, a member of this church, are you alright?” She asked

The person ignored her

“Sorry if am interrupting you but, I was Just wondering if you need something,” she added

He still ignored her

“Hey, I don’t know what your problem but am always here if you need anything, just tell them you are looking for Veronica and they will bring you to me,” she said and turn left

“How does it feel to be rejected?” He suddenly asked

She stopped and slowly sit next to him

“I haven’t been rejected before, but I know it must be hard to deal with,” she replied

“Ok, that’s all,” he said

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it? We can be friends you no, I will gladly be here for you when everyone makes you sad,” she said softly

He chuckled

“You haven’t been rejected that’s why you don’t know what it feels like, my father doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, my younger brother is a j.erk who won’t stop picking on me, and my mum is just as weak as I am, she can’t even protect herself let alone helping me,” he said sadly

“I know how you feel…..

“You know nothing, I bet everyone wants to be around you, you are just perfect, and am a loser,” he cut in

“Take it easy, it’s not the end of the world for you, everything is gonna be alright someday,” she replied

“Someday? When… Just when? Everyone thinks am a waste of time and I bet that’s what you will say after today,” he said trying not to cry

“No, I will never say that,” she replied gently

“What if you woke up one day and everything you have us gone, What will you do? Everyone around you will treat you like you are a trash can, what if you can’t talk without permission? What if……..

“It’s just what if, is never gonna happen, I will be your friend ok? You don’t have to worry anymore,” she said and he hugs her

It was awkward for her cos she have never hugged any man, as it’s forbidden

“I think I will go to practice now, see you later,” she said and disengaged from the hug

“Am sorry,” he said and looked down

“It’s nothing, I better get going now,” she replied

They are now standing

“Am Jericho by the way, and thanks for today,” he said shyly

“You are welcome,” she replied and went in only to bump into her coordinator

“Veronica, have been looking for you, practice started 5 minutes ago and what are you doing out here,” the lady said trying to check the backyard

“Sorry that am late, let’s get good already,” she replied and pulled her hand

To avoid her seeing Jericho




Lupita finish making up and looked at herself in the mirror

“You look, cute baby,” she said and grabbed her mini bag, going downstairs

“Lupita where are you going?” Her mother asked

Out, don’t tell me that you are blind,” she replied rudely

“Lupita!!” Mr. Mars called

“Sorry dad, I didn’t know that you were here,” she said looking down

“What has come over you? How dare you talk to your mum in that manner?” He asked

He knows Lupita is rude but he wasn’t expecting that kind of behavior from her

“I dunno, it won’t happen again,” she said slowly

Seems like she’s afraid of her father

“Apologize now,” he ordered

“Am sorry mum,” she said letting him finish what he was saying

“Now get to your room, you are not going anywhere,” he said

“Daddy, please don’t do this to me, am only a lonely girl who’s trying to have fun,” she said

“Don’t let me repeat myself,” he said

“But it’s Veronica you will allow her, I hate this house, I hate everyone,” she yelled and angrily went to her room

“I will so deal with that girl,” she said gritting her teeth


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The rejected girl Episode 3



Veronica was coming back from church when she noticed someone following her, she thought it was the bad guys again and decide to run but the person caught up with her on time

“Hey, Am Franklin,” he said with a big smile

“You are the guy from yesterday right?” She asked instead

Yeah, I was wondering, why did you run off like that? Did I scare you?” He asked liking his lips se..ductively

“Thanks for helping me yesterday, I appreciate it,” she said and made to increase her walking speed but he hold her hand

“Easy pretty, slow down, I don’t bit,” he said calmly

She looked at her hands then back at him

“Oh, sorry,” he said and let go of her

“How did you know where to find me?” She asked

They are now walking slowly, down the street

“Easy peasy, you seem to be popular though everyone called you the church girl,” he said and chuckled

Silly, just live me alone,” she replied and frown

But I don’t bit, I just wanna be your friend,” he said and pouted

I know you don’t bit but I don’t want people to see us like this,” she replied awkwardly

So friends?” He said and offered a handshake

She looked at him without attempting to touch his hands

“I will follow you home if you don’t accept my friendship proposal,” he said

“Are you threatening me?” She asked looking are him

“If that’s what it looks like then yeah,” he replied and winked

“Fine, friends,” she said and shake his hand

“Wow, even your hands are so soft, and you are even cuter when you frown,” he teased her

“Go away, bye,” she said and left smiling all the way

He stared till she was out of sight

“Wow, what a beautiful creature, can’t wait to have her under, I need to start making plans,” he mumbled and smiled ev’lly




Jericho was in his room playing video games and smiling all alone, he can’t seem to forget the girl he met today

The way she talks and everything about her seem fascinating, she seems to be cool

He felt tasty and went downstairs to grab some water when he saw Franklin drawing something, he slowly went closer to get a glimpse of the person but Franklin noticed and covered the painting which ruined everything

“Are you happy now?” Franklin yelled

“What did i do wrong?” Jericho asked

“What were you thinking when you peek at my drawing? Who told you to peek?” He yelled

“I don’t have time for this,” Jericho said and turned to live

Dad!!!” Franklin yelled

Their father heard the noise and wondered what happened

What’s your problem, Franklin? Can’t you just leave me alone?” Jericho asked

Wait till dad gets here,” Franklin replied

What’s going on here?” Mr. Armstrong asked

He’s now standing in front of them

“He destroyed my painting and said that it’s as stupid as me and my father,” Franklin said faking tears

“Dad that’s not…..

A heavy sIap landed on his cheeks before he could say a word

“How dare you, you good for nothing son,” Mr. Armstrong sneered

Jericho holds his burning cheeks with tears in his eyes

“But Dad……

“Apologize now,” Mr. Armstrong yelled

He looked at Franklin and wished he could just strangle him

“I said apologies now,” Mr. Armstrong yelled and made to hit him

Am sorry Franklin,” He said gently with his head bent

Now get lost, if I see you near my son again you will regret it, and if you tell your mother about this I will make sure you don’t see the next day,” his father said meaning every word

“Are you threatening me?” He managed to asked

“You don’t question me, now move it,” Mr Armstrong said

Jericho went back to his room without saying anything, the fact that he didn’t see what Franklin was drawing is enough to make him sad

He could still remember the last time Franklin draw a portrait, the face behind that painting was brvtally rapped and beaten into a coma

And is all Franklin’s doing, and to say that their father will always support him

The door suddenly opens and Franklin steps in smiling

“How was it?” He asked in a mockery way

“Get out,” Jericho said pointing at the door

“Or what? You need more sIaps?” Franklin asked laughing

You will regret this, is a promise,” Jericho said and left his room cleaning the tears that wants to fall from his eyes


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The rejected girl Episode 4




Franklin was sitting comfortably with girls around him when he sighted Lupita, he signal one of the girls to call her and they did

“Excuse me miss, someone ask to see you,” the girls he sent walked up to Lupita and said

She looked at the girl for a while before replying

“Who?” She asked

“That guy,” the girl pointed at Franklin who waves at her

She started walking over to him, getting to him he asked the girls to leave and they did

“Hey, Lupita it’s been a while,” Franklin said when she get to him

“Yeah, how have you been?” She asked as they Shake hands

Seems like they know each other

“What’s new,” he asked her

“Nothing, only that my parents are bent on destroying my life, and my sister is their favorite,” she replied

“Why not introduce me to this your sister, is she beautiful?” Franklin asked licking his lips

“You want a de.ath wish, if you near my sister am going to kill you,” she replied seriously

She took a drink from the table and poured it into her glass then drink from it

“Easy, baby I don’t even know her,” he said

“Good, I hate her yes but no one is allowed to mess with her,” she added and he smirked

“What about you? Any new from you?” She asked

“Yeah, there is this new church girl that I meet yesterday, and she’s dnm hot,” he said with a smile

“Bad boy, I know what you are thinking already,” she said and hit his shoulder lightly

“That’s right, I must have her, though she looks pretty tough nothing is hard for me to do,” he replied

“Got a picture?” She asked

“Yeah, and I need your help in this, I will pay you, she’s tough and you know what to do,” he said and winked at her

“Anything for you dude,” she replied

“That’s my girl,” he said and show her a picture on his phone and her eyes widened

“I took this pic without her knowledge yesterday,” he said with a smile

“Veronica,” she called

“You know her? That makes it even easier,” he chuckled

“No, not her, find someone else and don’t touch her,” she suddenly said and grab his phone then deleted the pictures

“Who is she? And why can’t I touch her?” Franklin demanded

“Just live her alone,” Lupita said and stood

“You even make her more Interesting that I can’t wait to eat her lollipop,” he replied also standing

She grabbed his clothes and pushed him down

“She’s my sister and if I see you near her again am going to kill you and go to jail, you don’t wanna try me, trust me,” Lupita said meaning everything she said

“Wow, so it’s her, the girl you have been hiding for so long, I finally got to meet her myself, that’s great, now get your hands off me,” he said seriously

The place was crowded and the music playing didn’t allow the security to notice what was going on there

“Find someone else and get your eyes off her, she can’t survive it if you do this shit to her, can’t you see that she’s naive and…….”

“Fine, now get your hands off me,” he cut in

She let go of him and stood, then she turned to live but he grab her hands and pulled her back making her body land in his

“You are not mad or are you?” He said looking into her eyes and slowly touching her bvtt

“Just live my sister alone please,” she said gently

“Deal baby, now come to daddy,” he said and kssed her hungrily with a hidden smirk



Lupita sneaked back into their house from the window, she went to Veronica’s room to see her sleeping

She went closer and touched her hair

“I don’t like you trust me, everyone loves you except me and I don’t think I can ever love you,” she said slowly

“You need to be careful from now on, I might be able to protect you from my friends but not all, please whatever you do, just be careful,” she said and turned to live but Veronica holds her hand

She looked at her and slowly free her to hold then she left


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The rejected girl Episode 5




Veronica and Anna was coming back when they meet Jericho by the street, Anna is the only Friend her family allows her to have cos she’s from a Christian family too

“Hey,” Jericho said calmly

“What are you doing here,” she asked

“You did want me to be here?” He questions looking at her

“Emm… Not that but am kinda surprised,” she corrected

“It’s alright, I will leave if you want me to, it was boring at home so I decided to come to see you since you said that we are friends,” Jericho said calmly

“Oh, no, I didn’t mean it that way, I was… I mean… I” she run out of words

“It’s fine, I will just live, see you some other time,” he said and turn to live

“No, Jericho wait, it’s not that I don’t want to see you but, my parents don’t like seeing me with boys,” she said now holding his hand

“I understand, am already late for work, I will see you around,” He said and left

“Wow, who is he?” Anna asked with a giggle

“His no one,” she quickly replied

“Oh c’mon tell me already, he’s cute,” Anna added

“You are silly,” she replied and they laughed




A man walked into a building with a straight face, two guys came to him immediately

No one would ever think that there is something fishy going on in that building cos of the way it was built

“Where are they?” He asked

“This way boss,” a guy said

They lead him to a room where teenagers were kept, each person has their name tagz on and they were from 15 – 20 years old

“They are 12 in number,” another guy said

He scanned the whole room till his eyes landed on a particular girl, and he pointed at her

“You follow me,” another voice said to the girl and she did

The others kept quiet as they left with the girl cos they don’t have power in there except for one person who secretly followed them



“Hey,” Franklin said behind Veronica

“Oh my God, you scared me, don’t ever sneak up on me like that,” she said and hit his shoulder lightly

He laughed

“Crazy, I don’t even know why I to accept to be your friend,” she added and frown

“It’s just a play, are you mad at me,” he asked cutely

“No,” she replied with a smile

“Cool, by the way, what are you doing here?” He asked

“We have an upcoming program two weeks ahead and I will be singing so, am here to get the things needed,” she replied

“How cute,” he said and she blushed

Jericho on the other hand was sent to deliver products to the same place, he was done with the delivery and was about to go back when he saw them

He quickly went over to them

“What are you doing with her?” He asked Franklin

“Do you know him,” Franklin asked Veronica

She was silent for a while as the two brothers stared at each other

“Yes, he’s my friend, why?” She said

“You should stay away from him cos he’s ev’l, he has no good intentions about you,” Jericho said making Franklin scoff

“Why would you say that?” She asked

She doesn’t like the way people are staring at them and it’s embarrassing, Franklin just kept quiet like a gentleman without saying a thing

“Just stay away…….”

“I think you should go, Jericho, you are creating a mess and people are watching,” she cut in

“You don’t believe me? Do you choose him over me,? But you said we are friends,” he said bitterly

Veronica looked around and didn’t know what to say again

“I think you should go, please,” she added

He looked at them and left, he even forget to pack his stuff

Meanwhile, Lupita has been watching from a distance


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The rejected girl Episode 6



Meanwhile, Lupita has been watching from a distance

She watches as Jericho made his way outside, he entered his bike and rode off at full speed, while Franklin was acting all lovey-dovey toward Veronica

“Hey, hope you don’t feel embarrassed about that guy?” Franklin asked Veronica who seem a little off

“No, not at all,” she replied simply

“Are you sure? I can press charges against him for as$ault and trespassing if you want,” he added

“No, no please, you don’t have to do that, there is no need for that,” she quickly replied

he smirked at the way she was acting

“Alright my lady, as you wish,” he said gently

“Did you know him?” She suddenly asked staring at him

“Why would I know him, he’s probably a fan or some bigger that needs something from me, or because my manager refuse to give him something and he decided to take his anger in me,” he replied

“Oh, but he sounded as like he knows you from somewhere,” she said, still not convinced enough

“Don’t worry about it, I will hire guards if you want, so they can protect you from people like him,” Franklin said

“It’s alright, no need for that besides I don’t think he harmful,” she replied and Anna comes out of the office

“Hey, sorry that I kept you waiting, the customer service here is so poor, I can’t believe they made us wait for that long, so here we……..” She stopped when she saw Franklin

She locked eyes with him and he winked at her, her heart skips a beat and she felt like she has seen an angel from above

“Can we go now,” Veronica who didn’t notice the chemistry between them asked

“You didn’t tell me you have another friend, wow, his so handsome,” she said blushing

“Am Anna by the way,” she said and offered a handshake

“Franklin,” he replied and they shook hands

He holds her hands tight and she felt like not letting it go, but Veronica speak up

“Anna c’mon, we are running late already,” she said

“Oh, yes, I hope to see you some other time cutie,” she said and slowly fling her hair backward

Veronica was already walking out when he took out his card and gave it to her secretly, she understand immediately and smiled, before running to meet Veronica who was now by the outside

Lupita saw them coming and hide till they left, Franklin smiles

“It’s Walking just the way I want it, sooner or later she’s going down,” he thought silently while coming out

Getting to the door someone grab his collar and pulled him to a corner

“You promise to stay away from her, why are you still with her,” Lupita asked angrily

“Hey, calm down,” he replied smiling

“You think this is funny? Huh! You can have any girl you want but not just her don’t you get it,” she said almost yelling

“I believe you saw what happened there, I came here to talk about business with my partner when I saw her standing all alone, If I ignored her it will be as if something happened that’s why I went over to talk to her as a Friend nothing more,” he replied calmly

“You think am stupid, huh! If you don’t stay away from my sister I believe you trust what I can do,” she said and let go of him

“Are you threatening me,” he asked smirking

“Not like I don’t know your darkest secrets, am trying to make it peaceful for the both of us but you are making it hard for me, now listen Lupita,” he leaned closer

“If you don’t stay out of my way, I will make sure the whole Paris knows who the daughter of the so-called Christian family truly is,” he said boldly

“Franklin, I will kll you if you dare me, stay away from my sister that’s all I have to tell you,” she replied fearlessly

“Or what? is she five? I already told you that I have no business with her, I only want to be friends,” he said

“Nothing good can come out from you, I know what you are planning and if you try me,” she stopped and chuckled

“Then what?” He said

“Then this,” she pvnched his face before he could no it

He staggered back and she pvnched him again, he made to fall but she was quick to hold his clothes and pvnch him again bur$ting his Iips

He falls smiling

“You just make her more Interesting, she’s going down in Three days and I will send you the video so that you will see what Franklin Armstrong can do,” he said smirking

“Son of a bch,” she said and ki€k his face

“Two days,” he said and she looked at him

“Why did you stop, h it me again, common!” He said but she turn and left


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The rejected girl Episode 7



Lupita walks into their house to see her parents already back

“Where are you coming from?” Her mother asked

She ignored them and scanned the whole living room when she didn’t see Veronica she went up to her room

“Is she alright,” Mr. Mars asked his wife

“I will go and check” his wife replied and stood

Lupita open the door and went in without knocking, Veronica who was praying sees her and stop

“We need to talk,” Lupita said and closed the Bible she was reading

“Please gimme two minutes,” Veronica said and made to open the bible again but Lupita took it

“See Lupita, I know you are holding grudges against me but please, not now,” she said calmly

Lupita open her phone and show her a picture

“Did you know this guy?” She asked

“Yes, why?” Veronica replied Wondering what was going on

“Stay away from him, if possible stay 50 miles away,” Lupita answered

“Why?” Veronica asked

“Don’t ask questions, just do as you are told,” Lupita replied

“But he did nothing wrong, wait a minute, are you both enemies? Oh, don’t think I will hate someone because you ask me to, that’s not who I am,” she said and turn back to continue her prayers

Lupita grab her clothes making them face each other

“You think I like you? Hell no, and did you think I can’t take care of my problems? Listen, you are the one with problems here, if you don’t know, and lemme tell you something if you don’t stay away from that…….”

Their mother came in at that time making her stop what she wants to say

“Oh, my God, Lupita,” she called and went over to them

Lupita let go of her sister and turned to leave

“Did you want to kll her? Didn’t you see that she was praying and why would you hold her like that? Have you forgotten that she’s your elder sister?” Their mother asked angrily, all in one word

Lupita just looked at them and left

“My baby, are you ok? I need to tell you dad about this,” their mother said and made to leave

“It’s ok mum, we were just talking,” Veronica said

“Are you sure, cos that doesn’t look like talking to me,” their mother said

“Don’t worry mum, we are good,” Veronica said cutely

“If you say so, I will go down now so you could finish your prayers,” their mother said and left



A black van could be seen Park by the roadside, someone walked towards it And knocked at the window, the driver rolled down and the person inside it happens to be Franklin

“You asked me to meet you here,” Anna said with a smile

“What did you think honey, come in,” he said and open the door for her through the other side

She actually called him cos he gave her his card

“I have an offer for you,” he said and touched her lips

Her heart skips a beat, he leaned forward as if wanting to kss her but whispered something to her

“You look sxy,” he said and she blushed

Seeing that it’s working as he planned he decided to take it to the next level

“I have a party in two days, and I would love to invite you and your friend,” he said

“Are you serious,” Anna said with a wide smile

“Anything for you baby,” he replied

She didn’t believe that he just called her baby, that sounded like the best thing she has ever hard

“Sure, but I don’t think she will come, she has never attended a party and their parents……”

“Just tell her you are going for practice or something,” Franklin cut in

Anna thought for a while

“I thought you like me, why her?” She asked already jealous

“Don’t be silly, you are my cupcake,” he replied and kssed her gently

“Then consider it done, we will even visit you tomorrow if you want” she replied

“Really,” He asked

“Yeah,” she replied

“That’s my baby,” he said and kssed her again, they engaged in a deep kss as he caresses her


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The rejected girl Episode 8





Jericho was in his room thinking of what happened earlier, he won’t want to get involved with Franklin, he has decided to stay away from anything that will get him in trouble but seeing Franklin with that girl makes him think otherwise

She’s so innocent that he wouldn’t blame her for not seeing through Franklin’s eyes and knowing that he is filled with ev’l

He wouldn’t deny the fact that he was disappointed when she chooses Franklin over him, she said that. Hey were friends and yet she chooses Franklin instead

Many things runs into his mind as he couldn’t help but wonder why he was thinking to do much Because of her, he decided to mind his business and stay away from them

He was still lost in thought that he didn’t notice when his mother Open his door and come in, she went over to help and hugs him from behind

He came back from his imaginary word and looked at his mother

“Mom,” he called seeing the way she was holding him tight

“My baby, how are you doing today?” She asked still hugging him

“Mum, am not breathing,” he said slowly

Oh, am so sorry baby, I was carried away by everything that i ….” She started crying

“Mum it’s already, have told you several to stop worrying too much, I will overcome this,” he said and hugged her this time

“Am baby,” she whispered and brings out a document she came with

“What’s that?” He asked curiously

“Take it and see for yourself,” she replied and gave it to him

He opens it and sees that it’s a company document and it has his name on it, wait… He’s the CEO of the company, the third richest company in Paris

His father’s company is fourth and the one his mother gave him came third, he was beyond shocked that he didn’t know what to say

“It’s yours now,” she said calmly

“But how?” He whispered still shocked

“I have been saving the money to buy that since you were 5, I saw how your father treated you different and cherish Franklin, I know that a day will come when he will make Franklin the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies and not so si I bought the company of your 12th birthday”

“I was afraid he might take over if I give it to you that’s why I kept it and hired people to manage it, now that you are 25 you can have it,” she explained

“Oh, mummy I love you so much,” he said with teary eyes

“I will do anything to make you happy baby, I love ten minutes more,” she replied and they hugged each other

He started crying

“Don’t cry, you will never be a delivery boy again or an errand boy for your father and your brother, ” she added pelting his head

He was about to reply when his father opened the door

“Are you having an affair with my wife?” He asked cos they were still hugging

“Armstrong!!!” His mother’s called

“Listen, boy, if I see you hold my wife like that again I will kll you,” he said and went over to his wife

“Armstrong, his my son, when did it become a crime for a son to hug his mother,” she asked angrily

“He’s not my business so I will not anger that,” he said and made to touch his wife but she pushed his hand away

He bent down and carried her in his arms, before walking out of the room, he stopped at the door and put her down then went back into the room

He sIapped Jericho immediately after he got to him before walking out

The sIap didn’t bother him, he quickly took the documents and smiled




Anna rang the doorbell and Mrs. Mars opened the door

“Good day, Mrs. Mars,” she greeted politely

“Oh, Anna, how are you?” Mrs. Mars asked

“Am fine thank you,” she replied calmly

“How are your parents?” Mrs. Mars asked

“They are fine, they send their greetings,” she replied with a smile

“Honey who’s that?” Mr. Mars Glassman asked

“It’s Anna, she’s here for Veronica,” Mrs. Mars replied and let Anna in

“She’s in her room,” Mrs. Mars added

“Thank you ma,” she replied and went upstairs

A few moments later

She came with Veronica all dressed up

“Are you two going out?” Mrs. Mars asked

“Yes mum, she said I forget to get the costume for the upcoming program next week,” Veronica replied

“Alright honey, don’t come back late,” her mother replied and they left

“I love you mum,” Veronica shouted by the door

“I love you too sweetie,” Mrs. Mars replied


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The rejected girl Episode 9



Franklin received a message on his phone and check it, it happens to be Anna


Franklin smiled after reading the massage, he quickly send her the address and called Lupita immediately

“Franklin,” she called after picking

“I always get what I want,” he said and chuckled

“What do you mean?” Lupita asked

“Your favorite sis is going down soon, don’t worry too much cos I will send you the video,” he replied laughing

“What? Franklin, don’t do this… Franklin! Franklin, son of a bch,” she shouted, he already ended the call

She runs home immediately and meets her parents in the sitting room

“Where is Veronica?” She demanding

“She left with Ann, why ask?” Her mother replied

“Dnm it” she mumbled and rushed out of the house

She went to the Armstrong mansion but the guards don’t let her in, Jericho, on the other hand, hard the commotion outside and went to check only to see a girl trying to get in but the security didn’t let her

He slowly walked them

“What’s happening?” He asked

“Sir she wants to……”

“Where is my sister? Where the hell is Veronica? Where is Franklin?” She asked all in one word interrupting the security guard

Jericho looks at her for a while

“Franklin is not here,” he said

“What do you mean he’s not here? See I don’t care about him, I only want my sister,” Lupita yelled

“He has another house downtown, I can take you there if you……”

“Let’s go,” she cut in

Since he didn’t have a car like Franklin, they made use of Lupita’s own

He went in and she zoom off at high speed



Veronica was taken into the exclusive house with Anna behind her, she looked around and didn’t see anyone that looks in costume there

“Anna, what’s this place?” She asked

“Oh, the person that sells the costume says that the one to match your outfit is in her house so that’s why we are here to make the selection,” Anna replied

“Alright,” she said

They seat on the couch and after a while, a lady came and gave them juice, she was hesitant but Anna assured her that it was just juice, so she reluctantly took it and drink a little

“Did you like it?” Anna asked

“Yeah, I still don’t have a good feeling about this,” she replied

“Ok, finish your juice and we can leave,” Anna said with a gentle voice

Veronica nodded and gulped down everything

“Let’s go,” she said after dropping the cup

“Ok, lemme finish mine,” Ann replied and drink juice also waiting for the drug they put in the cup to start working

She was still standing when her eyes started feeling heavy, she ignored thinking maybe because she didn’t sleep well last night that’s why she was suddenly feeling dizzy

Anna nothing that the drug is taking effect on her and sent a message to Franklin

“Anna, we have to go,” she said calmly

“You need to sit down else you might fall with the way you are shaking,” Anna replied calmly

Veronica tried to ignore her but her eyes were so heavy that they close on their own, she tried opening them but she was too weak so she falls on the couch and slept off instantly

Franklin who has been watching them comes out from a room and carried her, while Anna followed

He gently placed her on the be d and handed Anna his phone

“Record it,” he said and join her on the bed

Anna turned on the Camara and started recording while Franklin pulled off her clothes till she was left with nothing

“Don’t get my face in there,” he said to Anna who nodded

Someone suddenly knocked on the door…..


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The rejected girl Episode 10



“Someone” suddenly knocked on the door…

Franklin and Anna exchanged glances, Anna made to go for the door but was stopped by him

“Don’t bother, just press that blue button on the door,” he said

Anna pressed the button and a screen appeared on the wall, they could now see everyone in the house, it happens that he planted a hidden camera in his house to monitor everything that is going on

“What do you want?” He asked

“Sir, there are some people here to see you,” the guard replied

“Tell them that a not around and don’t come near this door again,” Franklin ordered

“But sir….”

“press the red button,” he said referring to Anna

She pressed it and the screen went back in from where it came out from

“What’s the work of this one?” She asked

“It’s for soundproof,” he replied now looking at Veronica lvstfully

“How long will this take?” Anna asked

“She will stay here till tomorrow, you can go home after reading this part,” he replied folding her bbs

“No, no way, her parents are going to ask about her,” Anna replied

“Common, don’t be sure a baby, you always make up a story and tell them,” Franklin said

Anna thought for a while

“Fine, but she can’t stay here till tomorrow, maybe by evening or so,” she said

She knows that if Veronica stays here till tomorrow her family is going to question her cos she took her out, and she doesn’t want to get involved in such a situation

“Deal, she will go as soon as she wakes up, but am Afraid it might take time,” Franklin said and brings a syringe and a bottle that contains some liquid substances

“What’s that?” Anna asked

“I don’t do dead people, it will make her react to every of my touch, it’s called control,” he replied licking his lips

“Oh, ok,” she mumbled

Franklin injected Veronica with the substance and they waited for it to start working while he plays with her bbs

“So what now?” Anna asked staring at them

“Start recording,” he instructed and…..



Lupita and Jericho get to Franklin’s house and was told that he already left a while ago, they insisted that want to wait but the security guard told them there will be no need for that

Lupita became cos she didn’t know what to do again, Jericho, on the other hand, knew that Franklin was in there cos his car was parked there

Franklin and never go out without his car, he knows that he must have instructed the security guard not to let in so nothing can be done other than to go home and wait for him

“Let’s go,” Lupita said going back to her car

“Just like that? Let’s try a little,” he said

She didn’t even listen to him as she started her car ready to zoom off

“Hey, wait for me,” he shouted




Mrs. Mars was doing the dishes when someone rang the doorbell, she went over to check only to see Anna standing there without Veronica

“Anna,” she called and looked around for Veronica but she didn’t see any signs of her

“Mrs. Mars, is Veronica in?” She asked

“No, you two went out together and I haven’t seen her since then, is she missing?” Mrs. Mars asked

“Oh, no, I thought she is back already cos after checking the costume I received a call from my parents and have to run back home, so I thought maybe she was back cos I spent a lot of time at home that’s why I decided to come here direct, ” she explained calmly with a smile

“My dear, she’s not back,” Mrs. Mars replied

“Oh, I will go back now, maybe she’s still waiting for me, what a good friend,” anna said

“Ok, please tell her to come and eat am sure she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and greet your parents for me,” Mrs. Mars said

“Alright ma’am, bye,” Anna said and turn to live

She smiled knowing full well that by now she won’t be able to walk, she brings out her phone and called Franklin and he picked up immediately

“Hey, how did it go?” She asked

“Just the way I want it, you are sure a God sent,” he replied

“I know right? Is she awake?” Anna asked

“Not at all,” he replied

“What are you doing? What’s that sound am hearing?” She asked

“Sucking her juicy boobs, I can’t get enough of it, both her v-spot is Wonderful that at a point I started wondering if she a human or a mermaid or even an angel, she’s dnm hot sweet……..”

“I think I have to go now,” Anna cut in jealousy

“She didn’t even know why everyone thinks highly of Veronica, what about her? Is she not also beautiful?” She thought angrily.

Watch out for episode 11 – 20


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