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She’s currently on a call with her mother doctor Fiona

“You should have seen what you looked like in that outfit,” Vera said laughing

“I already knew that I looked funny, I nearly laughed with the way she was shouting,” doc Fiona replied

“It’s not over cos a greater one is coming their way,” Vera said


“Did they pay the money?” Doctor Fiona asked

“Nope but don’t worry about it cos I will take care of it,” Vera replied

“Don’t you think you should tell those two about all this?” Doc Fiona suddenly said and her face changed

“I don’t know how to start,” she replied

“At least try, it’s better than not doing anything,” doc Fiona added

“I know mum but I don’t know how they will react,” she replied

“It’s better to tell them and wait for their replied, have you ever wondered what will happen if they find out?” Doc Fiona asked

“I don’t want to think about that and am sure they will never find out, I will tell her but am waiting for the right time,” she replied and just then Lupita walks in


“Talk later mum, bye,” she cut in and ended the call

Lupita was still standing and Vera who was facing the winder turned immediately Lupita walked in

“You are late,” she said going close to her

“Sorry I was hucked up with something,” she replied

“Something more important than work?” She asked

“It won’t happen again miss Adams” she apologizes calmly

Vera looks at her for a while as different thought runs into her mind Lupita on the other side was thinking of different things too



Armstrong group of companies*

The news of a running lady in a towel has speculated the whole place and everyone is talking about it, even his workers

Anna didn’t come to work cos of shame and luckily enough for her, the paparazzi didn’t capture her face but only her body

Many people called her names while some find it fun, Franklin was still in his office going through the comments section when his manager walked in

“Boss, our sales are reducing and some people are rejecting our products,” he said

“What do you mean?” Franklin asked

“Our company is still under attack and am Afraid it might sink if you don’t fix it,” he replied

“What did you suggest?” Franklin asked

“Pay the 10 million,” his manager said

“It’s no longer 10 but 50 million dollars,” Franklin replied

“What! How?” His manager asked shocked

Just then a call came on his manager’s phone, he checked to see an unknown number calling

“Hello, who is this?” He asked

“Tell your boss that he has less than 30 minutes to pay for his damage if not it will be more than that,” the person said and ended the call


“Boss I think you should pay the money,” his manager advice

“If I pay such an amount of money then how do with stand again for the damage of our goods and all that? How do I pay works how do I…..”

“Boss I think is better you pay cos she will keep attacking our company till you are left with nothing,” the manager said

A moment of silence prevails

“Pay the money,” Franklin finally said Deep down he knows that once his father finds it about the damages he will kll him

He went into a deep thought thinking of how the person everyone adores and said is kind-hearted could be mean to him

“what did I do to deserve this?” He thought silently




“Leo this is my new business partner Jericho, and Jericho this is Leo a friend from the UK, he’s also my business partner and he will be joining us in the new project we have next week,” Vera said

Jericho stares at Leo and finds him as a threat, he thought he will have a lonely time with Vera but now another person is involved

he decided to stay calm, they have been talking about business and Jericho haven’t said a word instead he was busy staring at Vera

“Are you gonna stare at me all day? Or will you bring up an idea?” She asked

“I… Emm… I need to use the restroom,” he replied embarrassed, and left before

Vera and Leo exchanged glances but decided to wait for him



“So you mean you have a competitor?” Lupita asked

He actually went to Lupita since they share things, he went to her to complain

“Yeah, exactly,” he replied

She didn’t smile like she always use to do, she just keep a straight face which make him worried

“Lupita are you okay? Did something happen” He asked

“Ever wondered why your Dad hates you such?” She asked instead

It even seems more strange to him, Lupita has never talked about him or his father but now she’s asking questions about him

“I dunno, I have been trying to find out about that but I couldn’t,” he replied

“He’s not your Dad,” she said staring into space

“What? You are kidding right?” Jericho asked but she was silent

“Lupita!!!” Be called and touched

“Yes, am here what happened?” She asked and looked around

“You said something about me not being my dad’s son,” he said staring at her

“Did I say that? Oh s!lly me, don’t mind me I always say stup!d things when am high,” she lied

“What do you mean?” He asked it still sounds like music to his ear

“Jericho, am dy!ng,” she said


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THE REJECTED GIRL EPISODE 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50



“Jericho, am dying,” she said

“What do you mean? I don’t understand anything you are saying here what are you talking about?” Jericho asked

“Nevermind,” she replied

“You said something about my Dad?” Jericho said like a question

“I told you I was only overthinking,” she replied

“Are you lying to me? See Lupita I know when you are lying and when you are saying the truth, this there something you are not telling me?” He asked again

“Jericho my head is filled up, I can’t even think straight right now,” she replied and bent down

“What is klling you? what is it that you are hiding?” Jericho asked again

It’s obvious that he’s angry with the way she was acting

“Nothing,” she replied

“You can keep it to yourself if you don’t want to tell me, I thought we have become family but little did I know that we are not, if you keep hiding things from me then how can we trust each other?” he said, she opened her mouth but no word came out

“Keep it to yourself then,” he said walking away

“No Jericho it’s not like that,” she said going after him

“Then what are you hiding from me? What is klling you? What are you not telling me?” He yelled forgetting that they were still in the company making other workers were looking their way

She kept quiet when she noticed everyone staring at them

“I can’t believe this,” he said and walked out




Vera was standing in front of the mirror looking at herself, the first time she will be going out without a mask and guards

She was going to be free but she was on a mission and she accomplished her mission no matter what

She sat down on the chair and the makeup artist started working on her face, the woman was paid a huge amount of money so that she won’t disclose her face to anyone

After what looked like forever the woman told her that it was all done, she stood and look at herself in the mirror then she saw another person

She looks different from herself and she smiled in satisfaction, she picked up her phone and called her private investigator

“What did you get?” She asked

“I saw her enter a clubhouse,” the guy replied

“Send me the address,” she said and ended the call

Not long after her phone buzzed with a notification and she checked to see the location and a wide smile appeared on her face

“Show time baby,” she said and left


She parked at the location her investigator send to her and looked around, another notification came into her phone immediately from doc Fiona


She smiled after reading it and made her way in, her investigator already told her everything she needs to know so she just need to apply wisdom

Anna on the other hand was drinking away her sorrow when someone seat next to her, she looked at the person and kept quiet

“Hey,” the person said

“Anna,” she replied and brings out a handshake

“I would have loved to shake those hands but my stupid friend ruined my day, I just want to get some drink,” she said and grab the bottle then drink from it

Anna was puzzled but smiles inside

“Good for you,” Anna replied

“Am not anywhere good, how can she be so perfect and all that, can you imagine the other day she was telling me how she gets promoted in her work just because she was beautiful who those that,” the lady said and drink again

“Dnm it I so h ate that girl I wish she could just disappear, I hate her so much that I feel like klling her,” she added

“Kll her and start seeing gho..sts like me, “Anna said

The lady who happen to be Vera wanted to laugh but she tried to keep calm

“You also have a Friend?” She knowingly asked

“Yeah, but she’s dead and I klled her,” Anna replied proudly

“Wow, how did you do it? I just want to get this stupid friend of mine out of the way,” she asked

“Easy peasy, ” Anna replied and narrated the whole story to her

“you’re a genius,” Vera said, and as they started drinking

She wasn’t drinking much but Anna was drinking everything, a massage came into her phone not long after

“Since we have a similar problem we could see some other time,” she said and stood

“Yeah sure, friends,” Anna said

“Friends,” she replied and they shake hands

“Oh I forget your number, and I could drop you off if you want,” she said

“I love you already,” Anna replied and they exchange numbers before going outside

“This is just the beginning of your doom,” Vera thought silently

They are now inside her car

“Wow, she seems to be rich I will help Franklin solve half of his problems from her,” Anna thought silently


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“Are you gonna keep ignoring me?” Lupita asked

She has been trying to talk to Jericho but he didn’t want to say a word to her

“Jericho, c’mon,” she said

“What do you want Lupita?” He asked not looking at her

“This house is boring like a graveyard,” she replied

“Then play some music,” he said and started going to his room

“Serious,” she said now standing at a sport

“What do you mean seriously? You said something to me at the company and the next moment you pretend as if you didn’t say anything, did you think am stupid?

Did you think we are gonna build this place if we hid things from each other? Does that mean you can’t trust me enough to share your problems with me?” he shouted

“Jericho it’s not like that,” she said gently

“Then like how? Tell me what are you hiding? Do you have ¢ancer?” He asked

“No,” she replied

“What are you hiding?” He asked again more serious this time

“If I tell you are you they are gonna come after you,” she replied calmly

“Let me worry about that,” he said

“I use to be a member of a gang, I joined the gang when I was 16 years old cos I was alone, I started doing dirty jobs for them till I find favor in the sight of their big boss, we did many things together then…….”

“How does that have anything to do with me?” Jericho interrupted

“Are you sure you can handle the truth?” She asked

“Am not a kid, I can take care of myself and my problems,” he replied

“Since you want to jump to the end without hearing the beginning, the man you always call dad is not your real Father,” she finally drops the bomb

He was shocked and didn’t move nor say a word

“I don’t know what you are thinking but whatever it is take it easy,” she added

“And my mom?” He managed to asked

“She’s not either,” Lupita replied

He shifted back trying to allow the words to sink into his head

“You’re lying, my mum loves me so much, she can do anything for me, you are lying?” He said not believing his ears

“You wanted to know the truth and I told you what you asked for, just be careful from now on cos they will come for you since you have found out about yourself,” she replied and seats down

“I don’t believe this, I can’t believe this, is this some kind of joke or something? Then who are my parents?” He asked

“Am not in the position to tell you that,” she replied

“What more are you still hiding? How many things did you know? Who are you? How did you know about me?” He suddenly yelled going closer to her

“I wanted to tell you the full story but you rushed to the end, I can’t go back from the beginning again so that’s all for today,” she replied

He suddenly holds his head as the memory of all the suffering he has to endure came flashing in

He grabbed his car keys going outside, Lupita saw that and rushed after him

“Jericho they will kll you,” she shouted but he didn’t bother to look at her

All that was in his mind was to get answers, many thoughts occupied his mind

Does his mom know about this? Who are his real parents? Where did he come from? Many questions run into his mind but he doesn’t know the answer.


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Mr. Armstrong was having a good time in their house when someone stormed in unannounced, they look towards the doors to see Jericho’s angry face

Mr. Armstrong was discharged from the hospital earlier today and it’s surprising to see Jericho like that but he wasn’t moved

“Where the h’ll did I come from?” Jericho asked instantly

His mother was stunned by his questions and the look in his eyes she has never seen Jericho like this before

Mr. Armstrong didn’t say a word

“I asked a question? Who the heII are my real parents?” He asked again staring at his father

“Jericho what are you talking about? We are your parents,” his mother replied gently

“You think you can hide the truth forever? Do you think I will never find out that I don’t belong to this family? All my life I have always wondered why you favor Franklin but little did I know that am not a member of this family,” he yelled

His mother sIapped him immediately and he was forced to hold his cheeks that was burning

“Have you suddenly lost your senses? Who told you that you don’t belong to this family? Am your mother and you’re my son, I gave birth to you and Franklin…… where did you get this fake information from?” She shouted

“Why are you lying to me? I know that I don’t belong to this family so stop lying,” he yelled back with teary eyes

“Jericho, you are my son, and am your mother nothing will change that,” she said and made to touch him but he moved backward

“You have been a mother figure to me but you are not my real mother so tell me, was I adopted?” He asked

“Armstrong, why are you not saying anything?” His wife asked when she see that she can’t handle the situation anymore

“I have nothing to say other than he should be grateful,” he replied

“I should be grateful, why is that? Was I adopted? Who are my parents? I need answers?” Jericho yelled and pick up a knife from the table

“So what if you were?” Mr. Armstrong asked

He’s not even scared of the knlfe he was holding

“So it’s true? So that’s why you have been unfair to me?” Jericho said trying not to cry so that he won’t look weak

Mr. Armstrong chuckled

“Adopted is a great word then where you came from, you are nothing and I made you somebody, you should be grateful for that,” he said and stood up

“Armstrong, what are you talking about? He’s my son, I gave birth to him just like Franklin,” his wife said confused

“He’s not our son, your real son d!ed that same day at the hospital, I saw how prepared you were for him but the doctor said he couldn’t make it that’s why I brought him so that you won’t be in misery,” he finally drops the bomb and his wife staggered back

She almost fall but Jericho throws the knlfe away and caught her, the news was too much for her that she fa!nted

Turns out she had no idea about Jericho’s real identity

“Get your hands away from my wife you good for nothing boy,” his father said and made to slap him but he blocked it

“Don’t even think about it,” he said and pvshed his hand away

Mr. Armstrong smirked

“You’re just like your mother, weak and pathetic,” Mr. Armstrong said and Jericho became angry and made to punch him but someone blocked it

It turns out to be Franklin, he came to tell his father about the losses in their company and overhead their conversation

“You don’t belong here why not just leave loser,” Franklin said

By now Mr. Armstrong has already carried his wife from him and the two brothers were facing each other

“I belong anywhere I said that I belong,” Jericho replied to his face and Franklin suddenly pulled out a gvn

“I can just end this right here and now,” he said pointing the gvn at his face

Jericho didn’t make a move, he knows how ev’l Franklin is and won’t think twice before shooting him

Lupita on the other hand knocked the gvn away from Franklin’s hand without his knowledge

“Let’s go,” she said and grabbed Jericho’s hands

Franklin quickly picked up the gun and pointed it at them

“He’s not going anywhere until when I say so,” he said

They are now by the door, they stopped and looked back

“Then you will have to kll me first,” Lupita said and stood in front of Jericho

Few seconds passed

“Go ahead, shoot me?” She said, knowing fully well that he won’t dare

They heard the sound of footsteps and Franklin slowly lower his gvn

“I thought as much, let’s get out of here,” she said to Jericho and they left

“Was that Lupita?” Mr. Armstrong asked

“Yes,” Franklin replied and nodded too

“Just what I wanted,” he replied and went in


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Though Jericho has been in thought about yesterday he didn’t allow it to affect his work

Lupita on the other side didn’t say anything about it again, she just wanted him to accept it before moving to the next level

“Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, I was in a meeting with the board members,” Vera said and seats down gently

“So what did I miss? Have you guys started already? Or should I say where should we start?” She asked all at once

“You seem too happy today,” Leo said with a smile

“Why?” She asked wondering what he was talking about

“Nothing, just that you have never talked this much before, you always take it one at a time,” he replied and she chuckled lightly

“Let’s say am having a good day today, so shall we,” she said and quickly changed the topic

They started with Jericho who gave all his speech without a single smile making Vera couldn’t help but wonder why, she knows him as the cheerful happy guy but today is different

It took them three hours to conclude their decision and make out their plans for their projects next week

“So next week we will be going to Australia to check the place?” Leo asked

“Yeah, sure,” Vera replied and went over to her table

She secretly stares at Jericho who was still packing his belongings and when he finished he walked up to her

“Hey, emm… Would you mind having dinner with me tonight?” Jericho asked

She kept quiet

The only thing she was wondering about was why he has such a straight face, she saw Lupita this morning and she has a straight face and now Jericho Also has a straight face too

As much as she wants to keep her identity from them, seeing them both like this makes her look like a bad person, she wondered if they get into a fi..ght or something

“Miss Adams,” Jericho called

“Oh, sorry… You were saying something?” She asked and blinked

” I asked if you would like to have dinner with me tonight. It’s ok if you don’t want, I just wanted someone to talk to,” he said gently

“Vera, I was thinking if we could hang out tonight so that we could study more about this coming project and look into some things cos I love the plans that we come up with, “Leo said

Vera looks at both of them and checked the time

“I have to pick up my kids from school, I don’t like keeping them waiting,” she said going outside

“So, are you gonna text me?” Leo asked but she ignored him and left

Jericho stared at him and left




Franklin was in his office working on how to get back their company on the stand when a call from his wife entered his phone

“Hey, could you pick up the kids today? Am kind of hucked up with something,” Anna said over the phone

“I can’t do that am busy, I told you that my company is falling apart and we are going Bankrupt soon if I don’t fix things……”

“It’s just for today please,” Anna cut in

“Anna I can’t, I need to work cos my company is at a great risk which Means it might fall if I don’t work hard,” he replied

“Please, just for today,” she pleaded

He signed softly

“Fine, by what time?” He asked checking the time

“Now, you are two minutes late already so please be fast I don’t want them to wait for so long,” Anna said

“I get it,” he replied and grabbed his car keys


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Franklin parked in the parking lot looking around for his son when someone pinched him from behind

“Ouch,” he winched knowing that there is only one person that loves doing that

“I got you Dad,” Bryan said laughing

“Hey buddy, how was school?” He asked with a smile

“Fantastic, it’s rare to see you in my school so what happened?” Bryan asked

“Aren’t you happy to see me here?” Franklin asked

“C’mon Dad, don’t be silly, am more than happy,” he replied and Franklin carried him up and turns him around

“Hey put me down my girlfriend might see me and think that am a baby,” he shouted

“Girlfriend?” Franklin asked

What does a 6-year-old child know about a girlfriend? He thought silently

“C’mon dad am not 5, I have many girlfriends but there is still one that am ¢rushing on,” he said more like an adult

“Who thought you all this?” Franklin asked surprised

“There is this new guy in my class, he looks just like you,” Bryan said trying to change the topic

“Like me?” Franklin asked

They are now inside the car ready to zoom off

“Yeah, oh there he comes, that’s his sister beside him she’s so pretty and I love her already,” Bryan said pointing at a boy not far from them

“He truly looks like me,” Franklin replied still staring

“I know right, have tried to make friends with them but they don’t like talking to people,” Bryan said

“Who are his parents?” Franklin asked

He won’t mind but noticed something strange about those kids

“I dunno, but their mum always comes to pick them up all day with a Limo, oh there she comes,” Bryan replied pointing at a limo that just stopped in front of the kids

“Miss Adams,” Franklin said still staring

He won’t deny the fact that she was beautiful even with the mask on

“Miss Adams, have hard so much about her and I love her too,” Bryan said smiling

“You love everybody,” his father replied

The kids went into the Limo and she went to pick up their backpack only for her mask to fall, she quickly covered her face with her hair and went into the car leaving the backpack behind

The huge bodyguard went and pick the mask and backpack for her

Meanwhile, Franklin won’t stop staring

“Did you see that? She doesn’t want anyone to see her face,” Bryan said but his father’s mind has gone far

VERONICA!!!” he said out loud, his eyes widening and nearly popping out from their sockets

He actually saw a glimpse of her

“Who’s Veronica?” Bryan asked confused

“That’s impossible, I don’t believe in ghosts but this got to be wrong, I saw her die, I felt her temperature, and …… And….. And…”

“Dad! Dad!! Take a deep breath, take a deep breath… yes that’s right… Now again, good and tell me who is Veronica?” Bryan asked again but his father was still shaking

“Veronica Mars, she can’t be Veronica, I saw her die… My head is Messing with me it can’t be,” Franklin said and hold his head

“Who the h’ll is Veronica Mars?” Bryan asked

“She can’t be, I was there when they buried her, oh Franklin don’t be stupid people use to look alike, there are not related in any way remember,” he told himself still shaking

“Dad can you still drive? Cos I don’t wanna die now I still have more beautiful girls to crush on,” Bryan said when his father didn’t answer his question

“I will just call mum,” he added

“No, let’s go home,” he replied and drove off


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Lupita was waiting for Jericho to come and pick her up when Diego walk up to her

“Hey,” he said

“What do you want?” She asked instead

“You told him,” he said more like a question

“You already know the answer so why ask” she replied

“Congratulations cos you made it easy for the boss to locate you, and thank you for making me a vi¢tim,” Diego said

“What do you mean?” She asked

“Boss has given order, you have till tomorrow to return or …….”

“Diego don’t do this,” she cut in

“Am following orders,” he replied

“Then live the kids out of this,” she said more like pleading

“You bring this upon yourself, you shouldn’t have let him know about anything, there is nothing I can do now, he’s the boss and I can’t go against him,” Diego said and turn to leave but Lupita went after him

“Give me two more days,” she said pleading

he smirked

“I thought as much, but come to think of it, what did you think the big boss will do when he finds out about those kids? ” He asked with a smirk

“Lemme worry about that,” she replied and he scoffed

“It’s funny to see you this scared, I mean the grate Lupita is acting like a weakling, You have till tomorrow else I will let the boss know about them, and guess what?” He laughed seeing the look on her face

“Diego please,” she begged to hold one of his hands

“You never liked being touched so why are you holding me?” He asked staring at her without a sign of pity

“I have swallowed my pride and everything so now am begging you to just do this one thing for me,” she said

Just what I wanted,” he thought silently

“Okay,” he said with an evil smile

“Just okay?” Lupita asked

The Diego she knows can never do anything for free

“Yeah, just okay but….” He stopped with a smirk

“What do you want? Name it,” she said

He came a little closer

“Marry me,” he said more in a whisper

“What? Are you ¢razy?” She asked and shifted backward

“That’s the only way to keep my mouth shut,” he replied with a straight face

“C’mon there are many other things you could ask of,” she said

“It’s you that I want so take it or leave it, your choice,” he replied and fold his hands on his chest

She didn’t say a single word

“So do we have a deal?” he said when she didn’t say anything

” is there anything else I can do?” She asked

“Nope, why is it so hard for you to love me, am I that bad?” He asked

“No, it’s not that you are bad… It’s just that… I can’t,” she replied shading silent tears

“Why? No, tell me why you can’t marry me?” He said almost yelling

It was as if she couldn’t do anything, she became weak at that moment and didn’t know what to do again

“You have till tomorrow, to make a choice, the kids or you?” He said

” What kids are you talking about?” Jericho Interrupted

He’s just coming now and he heard only the last part

“Watch your back man cos am coming for you,” Diego said to him and left

“Lupita, what’s happening?” Jericho asked

She slowly sits on the ground and starts crying, making Jericho wonder why

They still have unfinished business and now she’s crying, he asked her many questions but she didn’t say a single word instead she cried more




Lupita has stopped crying and if you see her now you will wonder if she’s the same person that was crying a few hours ago

She looked calm and quiet as if nothing happens but deep down she was affected

“Did you know my parents?” Jericho suddenly asked

“No,” she replied

“Then how come you know about me?” He added

“Because am a member of a gang and that’s where you came from?” She replied

“How? What do you mean?” He asked

“The story is long,” she replied

” I want to hear it, ” Jericho said

“I told you that I was a gang member, I joined when I was 16 and the question is, what’s a 16 years old teenager doing in a gang? ……. I never wanted to join that bIoody gang but what can I do? My parents don’t even care about me”

“They said that I was a she-d’vil, it was always my sister that was their favorite cos, I was invisible, no one cared if I leave or die, the only thing that matters to them was how to preach and minister to people, I was abvsed severally and be..aten by some street boys but whenever I come home none of them will do a thing about it”

“That’s how I started hating my sister and church people cos they will preach another thing and do another thing, everything about me change when I was almost raped but I was saved by Diego, the guy you saw back there, he felt pity for me and offered to help me get back at those that hurt me after I narrated my story to him, he took me to their boss, and their boss said that he will take me to their big boss but…… ” she was interrupted by Jericho

“Wait, Who is the boss?” Jericho couldn’t help but ask

He was dying of curiosity already

“Your Dad, Mr. Armstrong,” she replied simply though she knows what’s coming her way

“Who is the big boss?” Jericho asked

“He’s ………..”


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“Who is the big boss?” Jericho asked

“He’s…..” She kept quiet and stared at him

“Who?” He asked as if reading her thought

“Mr. Armstrong, your Dad,” she replied

“How? You said the boss wanted to take you to the big boss,” Jericho asked

“Yeah, but it turns out that there is only one boss, your Dad but no other person knows about that, the big boss has never shown his face and whenever he is around your dad will not be around, that’s how I started monitoring him not long after he showed himself to me and he made me swear not to tell anyone,”

“That’s how I find out even Diego don’t know that the Boss and the big boss is the same person cos no one has ever seen his face except me and come to think of it, why did you think Franklin didn’t shoot me at your place yesterday?” She asked

“I was thinking the same,” he replied

“It’s because your Dad came in form of the big boss and told them to give me equal respect as the boss cos I saw his face, he did everything possible so as I will not tell the people about him,” she said

“Then what did I have to do with this?” Jericho asked

“I was once ordered to kll a woman a very long time ago, I don’t know what happened but all I know is that she started asking of her son, she will often come by and I always see her with your Dad talk, he tried to keep her away but she was determined to find her son so I was asked to kll her, but I couldn’t”

“I took her to a local community and told her that I will help if only she will also help me by staying away from the gang cos our boss have ordered her de..ath and if they find out that I didn’t kll her they will kll me, she agreed and I went back to investigate and one day I heard your Dad talking to someone on the phone,”

“He said that only one of his boys is his and the other one is a product of human trafficking, and when I meet you I looked into your life, seeing the way he treats you and the way he treats Franklin that’s how I come to conclusions that you are not his son, and I did some findings to back It up which lead me to the doctor where your mum gave birth”

“At first the doctor told me that he have no idea of what I was talking about but after much pressure, he give in and feed me with the information I want, so he’s not your dad and don’t even think of asking me who your dad is cos I don’t know,” she said

“And the kids?” He asked

“What kids?” She responded

“The one Diego was talking about that made you cry,” he said

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she replied and made to live but he grabbed her hands

“I want to help, please lemme help you,” he said gently staring directly into her eyes

She was quiet for a moment

“Fine, I have two kids,” she said, more like a whisper

“You give birth to two kids?” He asked shocked

“Only one of them is mine but I love them but equal” she replied

“OMG, how come you never talked about it? Do your parents know about it? Were you still leaving in your house then? How did it happen?” He throws a bunch of questions at her

“Don’t rush me, one question at a time cos I might change my mind anytime soon,” she said

The look on her face is different from when she was talking about Jericho and the gang

“Ok sorry, but how come you never talked about them? Did your sister know?” He asked still shocked

“Nobody knows except Diego, I told you that my family doesn’t care about me, and to say that I just turned 17 and am pregnant, it was hard for me but I hide it from them, I started wearing clothes that are three times my size whenever I want to go home, I will always go home when I see that everyone is out from the house, I use to lock myself in my room and cry till am satisfied then I will take what I want and go out, it was as if I don’t belong there,”

“And finally I decided to stop going home when I was close to labor, and guess what? They did look for me, at a point when I thought no one cared, I was sitting on a bench in the streets one day when Veronica walked up to me, she made to hug me but I refused cos of the pregnancy and with the oversized clothes she didn’t notice”

“She told me how she has been looking for me and how our parents told her to let me be but she can’t cos we are still sisters, at that moment I noticed that she didn’t really take anything away from me instead our parents are the ones to blame,”


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“We talked about many things and the good old days till she left and I never see her again cos I didn’t go home after that day, I gave birth by the gang nurse and I begged her to tell the big boss that the child dead and there was another girl also that made me promise her that I will protect her child no matter what, she said she don’t want the child to pass through the same h’ll as she did,”

“Looking at her at that very moment I understand what we were doing is very wrong, and I swear to protect the kids but how can I do that alone, then my mind run to Diego who was obsessed with me and will do anything I asked of, he agreed to help me take the kids away and luckily enough he succeeded with the help of the woman I saved her life back then,”

“It was a very hard decision for me but what can I do, if I leave them with me the boss is going to take them away and seal them to people, I don’t talk about them because it makes me sad and angry, just take a good look at my life, all I wanted was to give them a good life that’s why I send them away cos staying with me will only put their lives in danger,” she said and slowly clean the tears in her eyes

She has been crying all this while

“Did you ever have my Dad? I mean Mr. Armstrong?” Jericho asked

“Yes, why?” She said

“Just curious, how many times?” He added

“I don’t know cos I didn’t use to count it,” she replied

“Now I see why he gave you such power, what about that guy Diego,” he asked

“Yes,” she replied instantly

“How many times,” he asked again

“I don’t know, and like I said before I don’t count it,” she replied

“How many guys did you fk in total?” He asked

“Three,” she replied

“Who is the third guy?” He asked

“I don’t want to talk about him,” she replied

“That sounds suspicious,” he said

“Yeah, whatever,” she said and stood up

“This last question, wait…… Just this one,” he said and she stop to listen

“Who is the father of the kids?” He asked

“Are you Afraid that I might be your step mum,” she said making him frown

“Don’t be s!lly, am just asking,” he said

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said

“Ok, so what are we going to do now? Like what’s the next step?” He asked

“I dunno, they gang wants me back and I have from now till tomorrow,” she replied

“Don’t go back there, you can tell the cops and they will be arrested then all of this will be over,” Jericho suggests

“Nope, I will go to jail if I do that, not like I don’t want to go to jail.. but not now,” she replied

“Don’t tell me that you’re going back there,” Jericho said

“That’s the only option, and am also getting married tomorrow,” she added

“Wait, what? To who?” He asked

“Diego,” she replied

“But why,” Jericho asked

“he threatened to tell your dad who is the big boss and boss about the kids, and did you know what will happen to them if your dad finds out? I don’t want to lose those two kids” she said

“But you can still not marry him if you don’t want to,” Jericho said

“There is nothing I can do at this stage, I will do anything to protect what’s mine and if getting married to Diego will keep them self then let it be,” she said Jericho hugged her gentle

“I wish Veronica was still alive, all this will not be happing, we would have found a way to save you from this,” Jericho said and pulled away from the hugs With a sad smile

“I know ……….” She stopped when she noticed a red light on Jericho’s forehead, made to push him out of the way but the bvllet h its…


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“I know ……….” She stopped when she noticed a red light on Jericho’s forehead, she pvshed him out of the way and the bvllet went straight to the mirror on the wall

“Get away from the window” Lupita yelled

Jericho on the other hand looked out through the window to see a guy running from the other building, though it was dark the light surrounding the whole place makes it easy

He runs after the person without a second thought

“Jericho wait!!!” Lupita shouted going after him

He run as fast as his legs could carry him but he didn’t catch up with the guy

“S..on of a bch,” he yelled and stopped to catch his breath

“You shouldn’t run after people like that next time, you’re not a cop,” Lupita said when she came up to him

“He gets away, I was so close until he took a turn and vanished,” he said

“Let’s go home, it’s not good to be out here,” Lupita said going back to their house




Vera entered the club to see Anna already waiting for her, she smirked ev’lly and took steady steps toward her

“Hey,” she said with a smile

“What took you so long? Have been waiting since….”

“Sorry, I told you that the business needs time and patience so I went to the bank and withdrawal some cash then invest it, and guess what happened?” Vera said

She was in disguise, no mask, no real face

“You lost,” Anna said

“I can never lose baby, I won 6 million and I will still bet again tomorrow baby,” she said proudly

“Cool, I get the money as we planned, so when will I join?” Anna asked

“How much?” Vera asked

“I withdraw half of my money in the bank since my husband’s company is going bankrupt and I don’t have much for now,” Anna said

“Oh my poor baby, so how much is it entirely,” Vera asked

“I have 25 million dollars here now and I left the remaining 25 in the bank, ” she replied

“No….no… Too sad, 25 is too poor, and am Afraid you won’t win, you need at least 50 million dollars for a start,” Vera said

“How much did you start with?” Anna asked

“Like 100 dollars, oh, am not poor if that’s what you think and I don’t do with the poor,” she replied

“Ok, with next week, I will see if I can complete the money, I really need to help my husband,” Anna said

“Sorry but that next week is too far, it’s closing in the next 3 hours and everyone that registered before then will be given 50 million dollars extra if the win or loss,” Vera said and someone walked up to her

“Is there still a vacation for me in the game clubs?” The person asked

“Yeah, sure,” she replied

“I want to play with 50 million dollars,” the person replied and transfer it to her immediately

“It was nice doing business with you, “Vera said and the person laughed

“It’s always a pleasure, let’s see how it goes I can’t wait to be a billionaire,” the person said and left

Another person walked up to her and did the same

“Only one space left,” she said

“Can I do transfer,” Anna finally said

“Sure Baby,” Vera replied, and Anna transferred the remaining 25 million dollars to her account

“You are Indeed a strong woman and I like people like you,” Vera said

“Thank you, so how much should I expect,” Anna asked

“You are a billionaire already, I will call you and let you know but from now on, you have to keep celebrating,” Vera said and her phone rang immediately

“I get to go,” she said to Anna and left

“I hope I won’t regret this,” Anna said to herself

Meanwhile, Vera meets those people outside and paid them for the job well done, she’s actually the one that hired those people to act like that and they did it just the way she wanted

“I will never rest until you all are left with nothing,” she mumbled and get into her car then drove off at high speed


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“Hey, are you alright?” Vera who has been watching Lupita couldn’t help but ask

“Yeah am fine,” she replied moodily

“Are you sure, you can tell me anything,” she said

“It’s nothing special, thank you miss Adams,” Lupita said and face her computer

“Ok, I know you might see me as a stranger and some people don’t like talking to strangers but let’s pretend to be sisters and…….”

Lupita stood up immediately with anger written on her face, she tried not to say anything cos Vera was her boss and knows nothing about her but she hate it when people are being nosey

She stared at her boss and start walking out of the office, the fact that she talked about her sister brought back the old memories she is trying to bury

“Did I say anything wrong? Ok, am sorry, you can continue working I promise not to bother you again,” she said and Lupita stopped when she heard that

She was now standing by the door

“It’s fine, I was only trying to help but turns out I overstep my boundaries, am sorry about that, and get back to work,” she said and went into her inner office

She sat there thinking of how to review herself to Lupita, seeing her sister like that makes her sad, she looked at her plans then at Franklin and Anna then back at her sister

She cleans her tears and stood up

“I have to finish what I started,” she told herself and went out only to see Leo and Jericho already waiting for her




Franklin couldn’t stop thinking of what he saw, his subconscious mind told him that she was Veronica but he still don’t want to believe that

He couldn’t focus at work and a lot of work was waiting for him but he couldn’t do anything, he have been making some research about Vera Adams but all leads him to one place

She doesn’t even have any old pictures on the internet and no old information about her was displayed, no childhood memories

He then decided to do what his mind told him

“There is only one way to find out,” he said to himself and called Vera’s manager

He directed him to her secretary, it took him a lot of explanation but he was still denied



“So you’re saying that we can’t wait till next week?” Vera asked

She is currently in a meeting with her business partners

“Nope, because if we wait any further KBI will buy the next building which will be a great obstacle to our building,” Leo explained

“So you’re saying that we have to be there like tomorrow or next?” Jericho asked

“Exactly my point,” Leo said

“I will look into it,” Vera on the other hand said

“It’s just a day visit and we don’t have much time left, any more time we waste is a big gain to KBI,” Leo said

He stood up from his table and walked over to her, making Jericho wonder if the explanation has anything to do with changing sites

“Vera we need…..”

“Leo I have kids, ok, I can’t just wake up one day and made a decision, with if it affects my kids, who will take them to school and bring them back?” She said

“But you have guards,” Leo said

“You don’t understand, I don’t trust any of those guys,” she replied

“My sister could help if you want, cos with what am seeing here this project doesn’t need to be delayed,” Jericho speak up

She stared at Jericho and quickly looked away avoiding eye contact, she seems not to understand why she can’t maintain eye contact with this particular guy

She even finds it hard to speak

“What did you think miss Adams,” Jericho asked

“I will look into it, meeting adjoined,” she said but just then Lupita walked in with a phone in her hand

“Sorry to interrupt miss Adams, but someone wants to speak with you,” she said and hand over the phone to her

“Hello, this is Vera Adams, how may I…… ” That was interrupted



Her heart started beating fast, even faster than she can imagine, and her hands started shaking

“Vera are you alright?” Leo was the first to ask

“Miss Adams,” Lupita called seeing how badly she was shaking

Jericho on the other side couldn’t help but wonder what the person told her that is making her shake that much

“I… Emmm I……”


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Jericho on the other side couldn’t help but wonder what the person told her that is making her shake that much

“I… Hmmm… I” she stammered not knowing what to say

“Miss Adams,” they all called staring at her

She gets back to her senses and quickly puts a smile on her face

“Am fine, I have to go now,” she said with a fake smile and walked out of the place

Guards made to follow but she told them not to, turns out the person that called her Earlier told her to come alone

“Am sorry ma’am but we are not allowed to stay away from you in public,” one of the bouncers said

“I said stay back and don’t follow me,” she said remembering what the caller told her


“Sorry ma’am but it’s our duty to stay close to you no matter what, it’s dangerous out there and…”

“Fine, you can come but am driving myself,” she interrupted and left without waiting for them to say another word



Lupita was still in the office when she received a message from Diego, he asked her to come outside cos they didn’t allow him to get in

“What do you want?” She asked immediately as she gets close to him

“You need to start talking to me in a r©mantic voice cos and why are they so much security here,” he said staring at the company

“Diego what did you want,” she asked ignoring the question

“Always straightforward, I came to know what your answer is, so what did you choose? The kids or you?” He asked

She smiled lightly and tap his shoulder

“First you broke the gang code by sending your boy after me, he nearly shot me dead yesterday if not I am smarter than him .. now tell me had it been I dead will you marry a corps? or will you threaten a corps?” She asked

“He did what?” Diego asked

“You heard me, Diego, going after your boss’s second in command is an offense and attacking one of your own is also an offend, now tell me what did you think the big boss will do when he hears about this?” She asked

She went even closer that their breathing was touching each other

“See Lupita I didn’t tell him to do this, don’t tell the boss about this, I will handle this I promise,” he said immediately

“Yesterday you called me a weakling and today you are shaking in front of me, I remain Lupita Diego and as far as am concerned am still your second in command and you have no right to threaten me, I have power Diego, the power to kill you and the power to make you leave,” she said smirking

“Lupita, I swear I didn’t send him to attack you, I have no idea about this,” he said gently more like pleading

And she scoffed

“Stay away from my kids and I will keep this to myself, but if you can’t do that I will walk straight into the gang and tell the big boss about this with a little touch of heavenly anointing and guess what he will do?” She said

Both hands were on his shoulder and her face was very close to him, she was trying to intimidate him and it seem to be working

“Deal, I will never bother you about the kids or talk about them,” he said feeling uncomfortable with the touching

“Good boy,” She replied

“But the boss still wants you back,” he said

“Give me one week,” she replied

“You don’t have upto that, and I can’t go against the boss,” he said

“Fine I will be back soon,” she said and shifted back from him

“Why don’t you want to marry me, Lupita? I have done so many things for you, what more did you want me to do?” He asked with pleading eyes

She looked at him and ignore the question

“It was nice doing business with you, have a nice day,” she said and walk away while Diego stood and watch

“Dmnit, dnm that nigga, I was so close to getting her but he ruined everything, I will kill that ba$tard,” Diego said angrily to himself and entered his car


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Vera entered the restaurant the person chose only to see Franklin sitting there, she became scared Instantly think that he knows her identity

Her subconscious mind told her to relax and she did,

“You wanted to see me?” She asked from behind

“Hey, you’re here,” Franklin said

He looked out through the winder to see the bouncers everywhere

“Other rich people go with bodyguards but you go with bouncers, these men are four times my size,” he said joking

He was trying to make her smile even though is just a little but she maintain a straight face

“That’s cos am Vera Adams,” she replied

“I see, but I said no…….”

“Get to the point, am a busy woman,” she Interrupted

“Veronica I did many bad things to you….”

“It’s Vera Adams, and by the way who is Veronica?” She asked

“I know that you are Veronica I saw you the other day at Golden high school when you came to pick up your kids, your mask fall off and I get a glimpse of your face,” he stopped staring at her

Her face was motionless, he was trying to read her expression but the look on her face was motionless

“You’re not saying anything,” he said

“What did you want me to say, first you called me some weird name and now you are asking me if am not saying anything, did you call me out here so you can ask me if am not saying anything?” She asked and grab her purse ready to leave

“Vera wait, I just want to apologize for all the bad things I did to you, I know that’s probably the reason why you are attacking my company,”

So he doesn’t want to apologize, he only cared about the company,” she thought silently

“Veronica am…” I mean, Vera am truly sorry, I shouldn’t have taken your vrgnty the way I did, I shouldn’t have posted the video, I shouldn’t have denied you the way I did, it’s very ¢ruel of me but I was only a growing teenage that didn’t know what he was doing,” he said gently

“What really happened?” She asked

“You mean you don’t remember?” He asked

“Remember what? What are you talking about?” She asked

“It’s okay if you don’t remember I will tell you everything you need to know,” he said calmly

“Okay am listening,” she replied



“That’s what happened, I know I shouldn’t have done that but was too stupid and didn’t know what I was doing at that time, if only you will give me another chance I will make things right,” he said gently

“Sorry to disappoint you but am not this Veronica you are talking about, and even if I am, I will never ever think of forgiving you, you useless an innocent girls life and now you are asking for forgiveness, people like you don’t deserve to be forgiven,” she said and stood up ready to leave

“Veronica please, I just need one more chance,” he said also standing

“It’s miss Adams,” she corrected

“I know that you are Veronica Mars, I saw you and I also your my kids, my boy looked just like his father,” he said

She stopped on her spot and slowly turned around

“You don’t have kids, and people like you don’t deserve to be a father,” she said to his face

He quickly grabbed her hands, holding her tight, and refuse to let go, she struggles to break free but he refused to say that she should just give him a chance to be part of his kid’s life

The bouncers saw the situation and rushed towards them, one of them h it his hand and he freed his hold on her immediately

“I will get my lawyer and I need to run a DNA test on them, I need to prove that you are Veronica Mars and I also need to prove that those kids are mine, I know what I saw and it’s you that,” he yelled trying to get close to her but the bouncers blocked his way

Vera brings out her phone and called someone, the person picked up immediately

“This is Miss Vera Adams and am calling on behalf of Franklin Armstrong,” she said with her usual calm voice

“Yes ma’am, what can we do for you?” The person asked

“He would like to freeze his account, all of it,” she said

“On it ma’am hang on for a second,” the person replied

She actually called the bank

“No, Vera you can’t do this, you can’t Freeze my account, my Dad will kll me if you do this,” he pleaded

He was still talking when a massage entered his phone, he nearly fall when he saw that they have frozen his account

“It’s done ma’am, have a nice day,” the person said and ended the call

“Get a lawyer cos am suing you for touching me against my will, and you might need to seal your company to be able to afford a good lawyer, am available I will buy it at a good price and don’t forget that I also buy house’s,” she said and turn to leave but he suddenly falls at her feet

“Vera please don’t do this to me, what will I tell my dad if he finds out? What will I tell my wife? What will I tell the shareholders?” He pleaded with teary eyes

What Mr. Armstrong will do it him was going on in his mind, his father was already angry at him for not getting a contract with Vera Adams, and now his account has been freezed

He doesn’t want to imagine what will happen to him if his father finds out

“Get him out of my feet,” she said

The bouncers carried him like a little baby out where they meet a lot of paparazzi, nobody knows how they get the information that they were there but the paparazzi was already asking a bunch of questions

Vera made to enter her car but Franklin said something that made her stop

“I don’t know if you are Veronica or not but remember that if there is no sin there will be no forgiveness, I only ask for one last chance please,” he begged with tears

The paparazzi have already taken enough pictures of them, and Vera on the other side stood still as his words hit her


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The paparazzi have already taken enough pictures of them, and Vera on the other side stood still as his words hit her

She suddenly turned and face Franklin, his face lit up immediately as she started walking towards him, she leaned over and whispered into his ears

“Tell them what you did, tell the whole of Paris how you destroyed an innocent girl’s life, if you can do that then I will give you back all the things I took from you,” she said left with her bouncers

Franklin sat on the floor and buried his face in his palm, thinking of how to start




The news of what happened between miss Adams and Franklin Armstrong was still on the news, many people wondered what she did that made him fall at her feet

“Anna, I need the money I gave you last week, I need to pay off a loan I took from the bank,” Franklin said

Since yesterday he refused to tell Anna what happen to him

“The money is not available now, I invested it in something,” Anna replied

“What do you mean the money is not available? I gave you money to keep and now you are telling me that is not available, are you ¢razy?” He asked getting angry

“I invested it…..”

“Invested it in what exactly? What business are you into? You invest my money without telling me?” He yelled angrily

“Don’t raise your voice at me Franklin, am doing you for your good,” she yelled back

“What do you mean my good? I never asked you to help me I can take care of myself without you,” he f!red back

“Or really, maybe you should have thought of that before asking me to help you get my Friend into your house,” she blurted out

“Are you kidding me, take a good look at yourself, you call her your friend while you stood and watch her being rapped, you recorded that stvpid video and it was your idea to post it on your church blog and now you’re blaming me,” Franklin yelled and fold his fist

“You made me do it, you get into my head and made me betray her, and now you can’t even face another woman, you are a disgrace,” Anna shouted at the top of her voice

And thvnderous sIap landed on her cheeks immediately making her go bl!nd for a second

“How dare you,” Franklin yelled

Their son who have been watching covered his mouth with his hands and cried slowly

Anna regain her sight and went over to Franklin so they can finish what they start but someone else entered the house

“Enough!!!!” Mr. Armstrong yelled

They were forced to separate he went over to Franklin and slapped him, Franklin made to talk but he sIapped him again shouting him up

“The bank called and guess what, you lost my company to someone else,” he said and sIapped him again making him lose his sight for some minutes



“We are here ma’am,” a guard said to Vera who was sleeping

They left Paris this morning just like Leo suggested

She slowly step down from the limo followed by Leo and lastly Jericho, Jericho looked around expecting the place to be a hotel but it wasn’t

“This is one of my houses, the favorite one,” Vera said as they made their way to the big mansion

Two maids came running to them immediately

“They will show you to your rooms,” she said and turn to her right going in a different direction

Everything in the house was so magnificent and shiny


“So what did you say we will do tomorrow?” Leo asked

They are having dinner and Jericho was absent, the maid called him but he said he will eat later so it’s just Leo and Vera in the big dining

“Sign the contract and get away from here,” she replied not looking at him

“Look up,” Leo said

She slowly look up and the eyes meet, she stared directly at him and refused to look away

“Did something happen?” She asked still staring at him with a straight face

“Nope, I was thinking if you could be my …….”

“No,” she cut in

“You didn’t even hear the rest of it,” he said and pouted

“Leo listen, I know your father is an ambassador, and that you’re trying to impress me but it’s not working, we are only business partners nothing more, and for the sake of our friendship Leave relationship out of the way, am done here,” she said and stood up

“No, Vera wait,” he said but she didn’t listen

“Have a nice evening,” she replied and left


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Jericho on the other side was wondering around the building since there was no one to give him a tour around, he came across a slightly open door

He went in and was impressed by what he saw, he don’t even know if he should call it a room or a hall cos the place has a mini-size pool, a couch, a bed, and a bar it has almost everything needed in a house

He decided to take a shower cos the view was breathtaking, he close the door behind and took off his cIothes, he went into the pool

Meanwhile, Vera was trying to keep her mind straight, but she wasn’t thinking straight, she came into the same room and went straight to the bar not knowing that someone was there

She poured a win in a glass and drank from it, after drinking a little she decided to swim, just when she turned towards the mini pool she saw Jericho walking out from it naked

“OMG, I absolutely have no idea that you were in here, I will just go and come back later” she quickly said turning her back on him

Jericho smiles lightly at the way she acted

“No, it’s fine, am done already,” he said simple and quickly putting on his clothes

“Turn around now,” he said when he was done

She slowly turned around and breathe out in relief

“That was close,” she said

“What was close?” He asked

“I em… I mean… Nothing,” she stammered

He laughed making her frown

“What’s funny?” She asked with her eyebrows raised

“Nothing, have a nice evening miss Adams,” he said and left

“Oh Vera what an eye saw,” she said laughing at herself

She slowly remove her cIothes and went into the pool, not long after Leo came in she quickly deep herself into the pool while covering her face with her hair

Since the pool was covered with roses, he couldn’t get a clear view of her

“Didn’t they teach you how to look away when you see a lady in my position,” she asked Leo who was staring

“I actually want to bath too,” he said and start coming closer to her

She managed to get her mask and put it on then she face him directly

“Leo, I think is high time you stop this n©nsense,” she said

“Easy baby, we could have a good bath together,” he replied

“What did you want Leo,” she asked when he start to vndress

“Have always loved you, Vera, and…..”

“I no,” she interrupted

“You knew? We could make a good couple don’t you think?” He asked

“Homegirl get the maids in here, it’s an emergency” she suddenly said

“On it ma’am,” the computer voice replied

Leo laughed

“Don’t worry about that, I already told them that we are gonna have a good moment and that you don’t need disturbance,” Leo replied

He was done removing his clothes and was standing nked in front of her

“Did you like what you see?” He asked

“No thank you,” she replied and just then four maids came into the room immediately

They blocked him with a big towel as she slowly comes out of the pool, he tried to get a glimpse of her but was blocked

“Have a nice bath,” she said and he looked embarrassed

She walked out and the maids followed behind, while Franklin covered his face in embarrassed


Jericho was in his room when someone opened the door, he looked towards the door to see Vera standing there

“I can’t sleep,” she said in her usual calm voice

“I will get a blanket,” he replied

“I came with mine,” she said still standing there

“Ok, the bed is big enough you can sleep here,” he replied

She went over to the bed and lay in the open space on his right

“You don’t like sleeping alone?” Jericho suddenly asked

“Am scared of the dark, I always sleep with the kids or with mum,” she replied

“why are you scared?” He asked

“Something happen to me a very long time ago, it kept this fear in me and since then I haven’t slept alone,” she replied

“Okay,” he said

“Are you uncomfortable that am here? I can go if you don’t like me being……” She stopped when he pulled her closer

“Sleep here and good night,” he said and face up

A moment of silence prevails

She gently looked up to see if he was sleeping to find him staring at her, they stares at each other for a while and suddenly started leaning closer

But just when their lips were about to touch someone knocked on the door……..


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Jericho walked over to the door and opened it only to see Leo standing there

“Have you by chance seen Vera?” Leo asked

“I didn’t remember being her bodyguard,” Jericho replied rudely

“I see, so is she here, cos I checked her room but she wasn’t there,” Leo said

“What made you think will be here?” Jericho asked

“Just asking, maybe I should come in and take a look,” Leo said

Before Jericho could say anything, he pushed himself into the room and looked around but he didn’t see anyone

“So where is she?” Jericho asked

Though he was surprised that she wasn’t there either

“Sorry for bothering, I will get going now,” Leo said and left

Jericho went over and locked the door, he went back to the bed only to see Vera still laying there

“Where were you? Don’t tell me you have been here the whole time?” He asked and raise his eyebrows

“S!lly, all thanks to the duvet, I was under it,” she replied simply

“Why are you hiding?” He asking

Now laying down on his side

“Leo, is like a parasite, since he find out that I hardly get upset, he made it his mission to upset me, I just have to avoid him at some point,” she replied

“Why not just sake him or cut him off,” Jericho suggests

“I will, it’s just a matter of time,” she replied

“So shall we finish what we wanted to do?” He knowingly asked

“Goodnight,” she replied instead and face the other side

Jericho Burst out laughing

“What’s funny?” She asked turning toward him

“Nothing, goodnight,” he said still laughing

“Jeri, what’s funny,” she asked now sitting down on the bed

The first time she will be calling him by his name and it sounds super nice in his ears

“Did you always wear a mask to bed,” he asked, he changed the topic

“Nope,” she replied

“Then take it off,” he said

“No,” she said

“I know you are hiding your face and that’s probably because it’s ugly but….”

“If you see my face I bet you won’t be able to sleep,” she cut in

“Try me, take off your mask,” he said

She kept quiet and didn’t say anything, he checked to see if her eyes closed




Lupita stop her car in front of a small building located in a small village, she stepped down and went into the house

“Hello, excuse me, am looking for a woman called Nancy,” she said to the person

“What’s her last name?” The person asked

“I don’t remember,” she said

“There is three Nancy in this community, Nancy Robert, Nancy Winfrey, and lastly Nancy Brooklyn,” the person said

Lupita was confused and didn’t know which one to choose

“Where is their house, maybe I should check one after another with that I will the person am looking for,” she said

“Ok, the first Nance Robert leave two blocks away, the second Nancy Winfrey, you have passed her house, it’s five blocks backward, and the third Nancy Brooklyn, she lives just in the next street,” she person explained calmly

“Ok, thank you,” she replied and left

She started walking around but it seems like she lost her way, and couldn’t remember where she was going, just when she decided to go back to the woman and ask for the direction again she saw two little girls coming her way

“Hi, you seem to be lost cos with your dressing I can tell that you are not from around here,” the first girl said

She stared at them, the one talking to her looked just like her, even though this is the second time she’s seeing her after she send her away, she can still feel it

“Hi, am Lupita and am looking for a woman called Nancy,” she said

She just wants to be sure that she meets the right kids, so she wants to meet the woman first

“Am Izzy and she Lizzy, my grandma’s name is Nancy and there are two other Nancy around here,” Izzy said

Her sister pulled her hand

“Izzy, grandma said we shouldn’t talk to strangers,” Lizzy said

“But she’s beautiful and she doesn’t look like a stranger to me,” Izzy replied

“But Izzy, we have to do what grandma says, ” Lizzy said

“She looks like she needs help, didn’t you see how she was working around here without destination, let’s just help her please,” Izzy said

“Fine, but this will be the last one, no talking to strangers,” Lizzy replied

“Promise,” Izzy said pork her cheeks

They went back to Lupita who was patiently waiting

“We will take you to our grandma maybe she knows who you are looking for,” Izzy said

The girls looked poor, even though they were healthy their clothes and their looks said a different thing

They took her to a tiny apartment, though it was small they managed to keep it clean

“Wait here, I will call grandma,” Lizzy said and left

“I have always wanted to go to the city,” Izzy said

Lupita just stared at her without saying anything, though she have this feeling that they are her kids but she wants to confirm it first

Shortly after Lizzy return with an elderly woman, and she stood up immediately after she saw her

“Nancy!!!” Lupita called

“Lupita, you came, it’s been a long time,” the woman said and sat next to her

“How have you been?” Lupita asked

She’s also sitting down now

“You have seen me, it’s really hard here, and but am grateful that God bless me with two lovely kids,” she said and looked at Izzy who was sitting on her right hand then at Lizzy who was on her left-hand side

“They must be 10 years old by now,” she asked looking at them

“We just turned 10 a few days ago,” Lizzy said

“Grandma I want to go to the city,” Izzy said

“Life in the city is cruel,” Nancy replied

“But she’s from the city and she’s beautiful and not cruel,” Izzy said

“Izzy why not leave grandma and the visitor to talk, let’s play some game in our room instead,” Lizzy intervals

She looked at them and followed her sister out meanwhile someone was watching them from outside.


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“Boss I have got eyes on them,” the person watching them said

He’s currently on a call with their boss

“And Lupita?” The boss asked

“She’s here with them, she went into the house but am outside,” he replied

“I need the information inside that house, I want to know what they are discussing,” the boss said

“On it boss,” he said

“Don’t shoot without order did you copy?” The boss asked

“Yes boss,” he said

“Good now keep a close eye on them and give me all the information I need,” the boss said and ended the call




“It’s been years and you didn’t bother to come and check on them, you left them with me since then and now you are suddenly back,” Nancy said with tears

“Nancy am truly sorry, you know how Armstrong can be, I have to keep a low profile cos he was monitoring every one of my moves, j can’t afford to put you all in danger, that’s why I stayed away,” she said with tears too

“Even as that, you should have called, Izzy nearly dead when she was two, I didn’t have enough money to pay for hospital bills, she was very sick and dying if not for the sake of a good man, she would have d!ed,” Nancy said

Tears flow freely from her eyes

“I have no idea, I was only trying to keep them away from harm, it hasn’t been easy for me too since then, I dreamt of them day and night, I didn’t want them to be sold out that’s why I sent them here, coming here to see them will make Armstrong find out about them, am very sorry Nancy,” Lupita said

She went over to the woman and hugged her tightly

“Now how do we tell them that you are their mother, they have always wanted a mum, am getting old every day and I might die anytime soon,” Nancy said

“Am still thinking about that, how have you been, are you owning any debt here I can pay it off,” Lupita asked

“Not at all, a Young Man has been helping us, he even paid for their school uniform and he promised to buy a new snickers for them soon, you should see him and also thank him,” Nancy said

“Who is he? I mean… Where did he live?” She asked

“Next door, but she went to the city for work, he will be back in two days,” Nancy replied

“So will you help me tell them about me, I don’t know how……”

“You are my mum?” Izzy asked by the door

She have been dying to know what they are talking about so she decided to peep a little and Lizzy follow her

“Are you our mum?” Lizzy asked

“Baby listen…..”

“Don’t call me that, you left us to suffer here and you went to the city so that nobody will know that you have kids,” Izzy interrupted

“No baby it’s not like that, I…..”

“Are you a ga..ngster? I read grandma’s jotter and it says that my mum is a gan..gster, so are you?” Lizzy asked

Seeing them this angry makes it hard for her, she didn’t know what to do at this time

“You are a h©rrible person, I hate you,” Izzy yelled and grabbed her sister’s hand going to their room

She runs after them, they went into their room and Lock the door, she stood by the door

“Baby please am sorry, just give me a chance to explain, I promise to make things right,” she crying

“Go away, you are not our mum,” Lizzy said

“We hate you, we don’t wanna see your face,” Izzy added

“You are a bad person,” Lizzy added as they cried in each other’s arms in the room

“Maybe you should go and come back later,” Nancy said to her

“They are m ad at me, they hate me Nancy what should I do?” Lupita said still sobbing


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“They are mad at me, they hate me Nancy what should I do?” Lupita said still sobbing

“Just go and come back some other time,” Nancy replied

She left and went outside while Nancy followed her

“I will talk to them just come back some other time,” Nancy said as they stood by the door

“What about tomorrow?” She asked

“Nope, come the day after tomorrow instead” Nancy suggested

She turned and face her

“Thank you, thank you for looking after them, I appreciate it,” Lupita said

“They are my children, even if they are not directly mine, I love them so much,” Nancy replied

Lupita nodded

“I will get going now,” she said and left



“Boss she’s out of the house,” the person said

“Stay calm and don’t shoot, I want those kids alive cos I will make good money from them,” his boss said

“On it boss, what’s the order,” he asked

“Follow Lupita and tell me her every move, be careful cos she’s very smart,” his boss said

“On it boss,” he replied and left



Franklin went to his company but was blocked by the security

“Are you all high? What did you think you are doing?” He asked

“Am sorry sir but you are not allowed to go in,” one of the guards said

“What do you mean am not allowed to enter? This is my company and I have every right to get in when I want,” he yelled

“Am sorry but it’s no longer yours, it’s now under the Adams properties” another guard said

“What? But how?” He asked

“You are not allowed to be here that’s all I have to tell you,” another security said as they pvshed him out

He looked at his company without knowing what to do, he entered his car and left



“Grandma when is mummy coming back?” Derek asked

The kids have been asking their mum since they came back from school, it was as if they don’t have anything else to talk about

“Today, I guess,” Doc Fiona replied

“That sounds like you’re not sure,” Mona said staring strangely at her

“She will come back today am sure of that, happy now?” She asked

Mona stared at her and frowned, she seem not to accept the answer

“No, I want my mum, I want to see her, she didn’t call like she use to do and why did she travel without us?” Mona asked

“Mona, she will be back,” doc Fiona replied

“How sure are you?” She asked

“Sure enough to know that she’s not running away from home, she’s a grown woman that needs freedom, now no more questions,” doc Fiona replied




Vera walked into the clubhouse to see Anna already waiting for her, she actually came back an hour ago and she decided is time to let her sister know about her but first, she has to give Anna a piece of her own medicine

“You came, I was thinking maybe you will not come again,” Anna said as she walked up to her

She smiled lightly but behind that smile was a very angry face

“I never fall, sweetie,” she said and sat in the empty chair beside her

“So what’s the deal? Did I win or did I lose,” Anna Anna asked

She smiled without saying anything making Anna anxious

“Don’t tell me that I lose, oh no my husband is gonna kll me, he already asked for the money……” That was interrupted

“Stay calm sweetie, the won, and guess what?” She said

“I won, I won… Really? I won,” Anna shouted and made to hug her but she blocked it with her hands

“Sorry I was taken away by happiness, can I see the cash?” She asked

“It’s alright, I get that often,” she replied and snap her finger

Two men came in with a briefcase, they opened it under her command and Anna nearly fall from her chair

“It’s really, It’s happening I need to call. my husband,” Anna shouted and brings out her phone

“Not so soon, the rest is at the back of my car so now you need to show my boys your car so they can transfer all the money there,” Vera said

“Sure, why not… Let’s go already,” Anna said and lead the way, she watch as they transferred the whole money into her car, and she

“Let’s celebrate your success sweetie,” Vera said and as one of the boys brings a bottle of wine to them

They opened the drink and poured some quantity into Vera’s glass then went to Anna who was still overjoy

“So what will you do for me?” Vera knowingly asked with a smirk

“What do you want? Say whatever it is that you want and I will do it, you don’t know what you have done for me and my husband today,” she replied

“Tell. me how you get your friend out of the way without being suspected,” Vera said

Anna looked wanted to keep quiet but with the cash she have she decided to talk

“It’s simple,” she said




“Wow, you are a genius,” Vera complimented after she finished narrating her story

“I know right, I need to call my husband he needs to see that am not as useless as he is,” Anna said and brings out her phone

Then she called Franklin, after talking for a while she ended the call and turn to Vera

“He on his way here, he said he can’t wait to see you,” Anna said and Vera laughed

“Me too,” she replied

Anna suddenly started feeling horny, she tried to ignore it but it was coming like a burning fire, she looked around to see that they were in the parking lot

They added something I to her drink, Vera noticed

“One of my boys can help,” she said

“No am fine,” Anna said but she wasn’t

“Better let them help now that no one is here it might get nasty when people are around,” Vera suggested

Having no other options and her eyes were getting heavy, she agreed, Vera signed two of the boys and they went over to her

She already called the paparazzi by herself and handed the recording she get both from Franklin and Vera to one of her boys before going to her car

Anna was so h’rny that she removed her cIothes by herself and not long after her m©ans could be heard as if time was against her the paparazzi also got there by that time and started making videos while they fk her in the park

She have no idea of what was going on, the only thing in her mind is how to $atisfy her h©ney p ot and she was doing that

Franklin got there to see people gathered and watching something, he wondered what it might be but decided to ignore it, he look around for Anna but didn’t see her then he decided to give her a call but, her phone was ringing but she didn’t pick

He didn’t check what was happening in the crowded place only to see Anna being fked by some random stranger in the park, meanwhile, the paparazzi have already taken the audio record from a guy and played it live on the internet for everything to see and Anna was live too

Franklin stared at Anna as his leg become weak on the ground, the memory of what they did to Veronica came running into his head, he went over to them but the guy saw him and run away

Since the guy was wearing a hoodie, no one was able to see his face, Vera smiled in her car and

“Sometimes its good to pay ev’l with ev’l,” she said to herself and zoom off


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She stopped at her company and decide to get a document she needs to review cos she will be traveling again

All the workers were gone, seeing that no one was around she went to the sink and wash off the makeup, she decided to get the documents and leave but she called to tell her about the news

She suddenly heard the sound of broken glass and turn around immediately Only to see Lupita staring at her

“VERONICA!!!!!” Lupita called

Her eyes widen and nearly fall out of their socket, she went back to the office to finish the work she left before going to see her kids

After she was done she decided to rest a little since Jericho was not at home and she didn’t want to be home alone that’s how she fall asleep only to wake up by the sound of someone’s voice

Vera was also shocked to see her there, she decided it was time to say the truth and took a few steps toward her back Lupita moves backward

“Who are you?” She asked still going back

“It’s me, Veronica……”

“No… No, am dreaming right? It can’t be… I saw you die, you were buried, I saw you” Lupita said

“I never died, I faked it,” she manage to say

“Y……yo… faked………you,” Lupita wanted to talk but tears didn’t let her, she runs out of there in tears as Vera runs after her


“Lupita wait,” Vera said and runs after her without a mask

She caught up with her in the elevator, and Lupita turn her

“Lupita, listen, I didn’t mean for it to turn this way, I wanted to……”

“You have nothing to say cos the person am seeing here is not and will never be my sister,” Lupita interrupted

“Lupita why are you this hard, I know you have always been stubborn but at least you should be happy, you have me back, and am sorry for keeping my identity from you,” Vera said making Lupita to scoffed

“I should be happy? Why is that? No, tell me why I should be happy that the sister I wanted to run away with died before my eyes 7 years ago and she was buried right before my eyes and to say that I saw her shadow on her burial day but everyone thought I was ¢razy”

“I have to forget about what I saw and accept the fact that she’s dead and never coming back again only for me to find out that my boss is my dead sister, and you want me to happy? We were going to go away, to a place far away from all our troubles,” she stopped as tears flow freely from her eyes

“I kept my identity secret from you because I wanted revenge, I wanted to make Anna and Franklin pay for what they did to me, I wanted them to have a test of what they did to me, you should be happy for me,” Vera said and also crying

“Revenge ruined my life!!!” Lupita yelled

“What do you mean? How?” Vera asked

“You know what? forget it,” Lupita said and turn to leave but Vera hold her hands

“Lupita please try to understand,” she said

“Understand what exactly? That it has always been you?” She asked staring at her

“No Lupita it’s….”

“It’s nothing, our parents choose you I over me, I have got to experience the love of a family, I was alone, I was rejected by my own family, did you know how it feels?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of being alone, that feeling where everyone thinks you are invisible?

That feeling where people try to turn you into what you are not and when you refuse they stay away from you?

That feeling when you will see people around you but none of them want to have anything to do with you?

That feeling when you join a gang just to find comfort, that feeling when you have to stay away from your kids just because you want to keep them safe, that feeling when every of your movement is been monitored and you can’t even check in your kids and when you finally got to them they didn’t want to see you, they will look into your eye and tell you how much they hate you, have you?” Lupita yelled with tears

“Lupita I didn’t know you were going through all this,” Vera said surprised

“How will you know when it has always been you? Our parents Love you, the church, everyone loves you… I Lupita Also loved you even when no one cared about me, but what did you do in return?” Lupita shouted at her

“Am sorry,” Vera apologize not knowing what to say again

She didn’t know that Lupita have been in this type of situation and she was busy trying to make her parents happy, she have so much to say but it looks like Lupita will not listen to anything she has to say

“You are sorry? Is that all you know how to say?” Lupita asked

“I didn’t know that….”

“You are selfish, you only cared about yourself, I have kids when I was with you guys and none of you find out, why? Just because nobody cared, now listen lemme tell you what you don’t know,” Lupita said and went closer to her

“Revenge ruined my life, and I will advise you to stay away from it, I wanted revenge on the people that hurt me, and now I have revenge but I don’t have peace, peace is far away from me,” Lupita said and going into the elevator

“Lupita, am sorry please, what can do to get your forgiveness?” Vera asked

She blocked the elevator with her leg so that it won’t close

“You’re not my sister, Veronica is dead and she’s never coming back, no that and no peace,” she replied pvshing her out


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“Tell me you didn’t know about this?” Lupita said as she walked to the house

Jericho who was watching movies saw her and paused it

“About what?” He asked

“That’s she’s Veronica? Tell me you didn’t know that Miss Adams is my sister,” she said staring at him

“Wait, what? You’re kidding right?” He asked

“Did I look like I am?” She said

“But how?” He asked confused

He’s now facing her

“I saw her face today, I saw the almighty Vera Adams face and she happens to be my sister, she has been my boss all this while and she,” she said going upstairs

“But how? Veronica died, you saw it and… Wait! You said you saw her at the church remember? Does that mean… Oh, no,” Jericho said

It looks like he has gotten the answer he wanted

“She never died and she’s the same person I saw,” Lupita said

“But why will she hide her identity? And what will you do now? She’s you….”

“She’s not my sister, Veronica is dead I have accepted that but whoever this person this, she’s miss Adams and not Veronica Mars,” Lupita cut in


“Good night Jericho,” she interrupted





Lizzy knocked on a door and the owner opened it

“Dan, you’re back,” she said with a wide smile when she saw the person

“Lizzy, how are you? And where is Izzy?” He asked looking around

“She’s sleeping,” she replied

“That’s strange, is this sick cos Izzy hardly sleeps,” he said

“Nope, my mum came from the city yesterday and both Izzy and I were angry that she left us, we thought maybe she abandoned us to leave in the city so we refuse to talk to her and we also told her that we hate her,” she replied

“Okay, and then what happened?” He asked

“So we went into our room and Lock the door, grandma later told us that she didn’t abound us, that she was only trying to keep us away from bad people, so Izzy decided to go out and hug her but grandma told her that she’s gone but she will come next time and she started crying, blaming herself for sending her away,” she explained

“Oh, my little girl, let’s go see her and I would also love to see your mum someday,” he said

He close his door going over to their house

“You need to see her, she’s so pretty just like me,” she said

“Nope, just like the two of you, you both are pretty and charming,” Dan said

“Yeah no, I have always wanted to see my mum, and Izzy has always wanted to give her all the bracelet she made for her but now we sent her away, did you think she will come back again?” Lizzy asked

“Yeah, she will,” he replied

They are now at their place, he went to the girl’s room but no one was there

“Lizzy are you sure that she was sleeping here?” He asked

“Yes, she have been sleeping since and I think she might fall sick it she continues that way,” she replied

“She’s not here,” he said and she went upstairs

“Dan you have suddenly gone blind by the day,” she joked and open the door but didn’t see anyone

“Dan, where is Izzy she was here when I left,” she asked checking the whole place but there was no sign of her

“Stay here I will go and check if she’s with your grandma,” Dan said and made to leave

“Am scared,” she said

“There is nothing to be scared of, just stay here, I will be back,” Dan said and went towards the door

“Did your mum drop her number, maybe I will call her if there is any problem?” He asked

“I dunno asked grandma,” she replied

“Okay stay here,” he said going out

He haven’t taken up to five steps when he started hearing her voice

“No, live me alone, Dan help me!!” She shouted loudly

He runs back into the house but something Ianded on his h ead and he pa ssed out instantly

“Dan, no leave me alone, I don’t want to go with you people, Dan help me,” she shouted but they drag her

One of the boys called their boss

“Done boss, she’s here with us,” the k!dnapper said

“I have contacted the buyers they are on their way,” the bid boss replied




What did you think guys?

Did you think Lupita will forgive her sister?

Did you think Lupita is not supposed to be angry at her sister?

Did you think Vera is being selfish?

Did you think they will go back to being sister again?

What did you think will happen now?

Who did you think is this Dan?

Did you think he has anything to do with it?

So the kids will be sold😳

Can you predict what will happen next?



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