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Franklin haven’t said a single word to Anna since the yesternight, the fact that his wife was fked in the parking lot was too much for him to take in

Anna on the other hand doesn’t even know how to face Franklin let alone the world, she wondered how the person she called her friend could do such a thing to her, because of the problem going on in there home

Their son Bryan has to stay with franklin’s mother, Franklin has tried taking down the video but it’s impossible, Anna was live on the TV show and the video went viral


Franklin went over to the car and brings out all the bags of money stock there, he started checking them all online to discover that they were all fake

“Anna, who did you say give you all this?” He asked

Anna didn’t know what to say for him not to get angry and use violence, she just keep quiet

“What did you say happen to the money I gave you?” He asked again

“I….em…I” She stammered not knowing what to say

“Did you suddenly lose your tongue? I said what happened to all the money I gave you and where did you get all this from?” He yelled

“Franklin listen……”

“Try calling that name again, no just call that name again,” Franklin said as he fold his fist standing in front of her

She kept quiet and didn’t say a single word

“I thought as much, if you know what’s best for you go and find a way and get all the money I gave you if not I don’t think this house will be enough for the two of us,” Franklin said going out

“Am sorry,” she managed to say

He stopped and went back to her

“You are sorry for spending the money I gave you to keep, or for fking a stranger in a dmn parking lot, or what? What were you thinking? The video is everywhere and I believe your parents must be proud of you by now,” he said to her face

“It wasn’t intentional, I was deceived by a friend,” she replied

“I pity you,” he said and left going to their room

Anna turned on the TV to see that her video is still trading, almost on every channel with the tag THE CEO’S SLVT WIFE

Just then her phone started Ringing, she checked it to see her mum calling

“Am finished,” she mumbled




“Vera I don’t like what you are doing now, to be honest with you I don’t like it,” doc Fiona said coming into Vera’s room

She has been crying all through yesterday

“It’s my fault, am very stupid, I should have told her when you asked me to,” she said still crying

“But at least she knows now, just give her space she will come around,” doc Fiona replied

“You don’t know Lupita, her heart is like rock, once she hates someone nothing will make her talk to that person again,” she said

They are not sitting on the bed, she refused to go out in the morning

“But you are not just someone,” doc Fiona replied

“You don’t understand, she’s….”

“I think you are being hard on yourself and is not good for your health, you might lose your sense if you continue this way and I don’t want that,” doc Fiona cut in

“She’s my sister and she’s all that matters to me now, I don’t care if I leave or die,” she said

“Them who will take care of Derek and Mona? If you die what will I tell them? Just because you travel the other day and they didn’t let me sleep, they were singing your name like a song and now you are thinking of dying, so you want to leave me?” Doc Fiona said sadly

“Mum don’t start, nobody is dying,” she replied

“First you refuse to get married and now you want to leave me, all alone in this big house, you know that your head is still not tolerance to pain or heavy thought and you want to think too much so that you will leave me,” doc Fiona said already sobbing

“Mum please not now, can’t you see that am in pain,” Vera said

“I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you, I will talk to your sister,” doc Fiona said making her face light up

“Really,” Vera asked

“Anything for my pretty lady,” doc Fiona replied

“But I don’t think it will work, Lupita is always hard like I have never seen anyone like her,” Vera said

“If it’s the same person that was crying that day, then she will forgive you, cos with what I witnessed that day I don’t think she’s bad, she only lacks love, nobody showed her love and affection according to what you said… but she’s a lovely lady that always cared for people around her, so don’t worry too much,” doc Fiona replied

“Thanks, mum, you’re the best,” Vera said and lay back on the bed while doc Fiona lay beside her

“I will do anything to make you happy sweetie, but you have to get married soon, cos my kids need a father figure in their life,” doctor Fiona replied

“Am fast at sleep, I didn’t hear you,” she said and cover her ears as they both burst out laughing



Lupita have already submitted her resignation letter to the company and was coming out when she received a call from the big boss

“Boss,” she called

“Lupita my honey, it’s been a while… I have sent some guys to you but it seems like you don’t want to come home again,” he said

“I don’t belong there anymore, I want a different life now, what you’re doing is wrong and…..”

“Easy baby, you’re mine Lupita and nothing will change that, don’t forget that am the big boss and I get whatever I want,” he said with a smirk

“Not this time cos you won’t get me, not again… Not ever,” she replied

She laughed ev’lly

“I wanted to do it the hard way but it seems like you haven’t changed, you’re still the rock heart girl, let’s see if you will keep being the rock heart girl after seeing the pictures,” he said and turn it to video

“No….no….no,” she said immediately as she saw her children lined up with other kids that were about to be sold

“They will make good money hope you know that?” He asked

“No… Not them is me that you want to live my kids alone,” she said

“Why should I? I wanted you in peace but it seems like you were delaying so that you will show me these beautiful creatures and guess what? The buys are in the way, they would have been here by now but their car broke down,” he said

Lupita ended the call immediately and called Diego

“What’s this? How could you do this to me, Diego? Why are you like this?” She asked instantly

“Am sorry but I was following orders,” he replied

“Following orders, Diego he’s going to sell them, I will never see them again,” she shouted into the phone

“I can still help, just agree that you will marry me and I will arrange a buy, I will buy them with my money and they will be yours again,” he replied

“I will kll both you and your boss,” she said pacing around

“Lupita, I know you don’t love me but lemme advice you, don’t come back here cos he’s going to kll you,” Diego replied

“You’re…….” Someone h it her head from behind and she lost consciousness

A few minutes later

She woke up to see that she was tired, she tried to adjust to the light when the big boss speak up

“Lupita, welcome home,” he said stocking her hair

She tried to break free but the rope was too strong

“Easy baby girl, you might injure yourself,” he said and snap her finger

A guy come from behind and tore her clothes from the back, since she was standing in the middle of the room she could see everyone except the one behind her

“Get the kids, the buyers want them to learn some Technica before buying them,” the big boss said

A guy went out and after a while, he came back with the kids, by then Lupita’s back was bIeeding due to the wh!pping they were lashing at her

“Mummy,” the kids called and made to run to her but were stopped

“Str!p her, it’s time to lean work,” the big boss said

“I will end you, Armstrong,” she said weakly

“Let the kids watch cos it will soon be their turn,” the big boss said and the kids were forced to look at their mother being str!pped nked

“No please, they are just 10,” Lupita pleaded

“That makes them more interesting, did you ever think that you will hide them forever? I will pvnish you in a different way” he replied

“Mummy, what’s happening?” Izzy asked looking around

“Grandma said people in the city are evil,” Lizzy added

“No, they are lovely… you are about to watch an interesting act so make sure to copy everything cos it will be your turn next,” the big boss said

And they pvshed Lupita onto a small bed, they chain her legs on the bed stand and also her hands


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The kids close their eyes immediately

“I said watch,” the big said ordered when he noticed that they close their eyes

“Grandma said when you see two older people together you shouldn’t look at them,” Lizzy said

“She’s said it will be bad to look,” Izzy added

“Am the one in charge here and you will do as I say or did you want to go first,” the big boss said

“No we can’t watch, grandma said…..”

“I said watch,” he yelled but they still didn’t open their eyes instead they started crying

The big boss smiles

“Your grandma must also told you to listen to your elders right?” He asked to smirk

“Yes,” they both replied

“Disobeying me is a sin, and did you know the consciousness?” He asked

“No, Grandma said……”

“Enough with this grandma said nonsense,” he yelled

“Why are you yelling? Grandma said only ¢razy people yell,” Izzy said

“Are you ¢razy?” Lizzy asked boldly

The boys around stared at them shocked, they wondered how these little girls can talk to their boss in such a manner without fear

“I have something that will make you watch,” he said and ordered his boys to continue fIogging Lupita

Her crying voice could be heard as they fIogged her merciIessly, bIood stains could be seen on the whipped but they didn’t stop

“Stop it,” Izzy was the first to say

“You’re hurting her,” Lizzy added when they couldn’t stand it anymore

“Open your eyes and watch,” the boss said

“No,” they both said at once

“Then your mother will bear the conveniences,” he replied and snap his finger

They continue flogging her making sure to leave a visible mark on her body and some places have already started bIeeding

“The fact that you hide them from me is a crime, and I will pvnish you severally,” the boss said

“Stop it please,” Lizzy shouted when she couldn’t take it anymore

“We will watch, but grandma will be very mad,” Izzy added

“Good girls,” he said as they opened their eyes and tears were coming out of their eyes




Vera was discussing with her mum when the maid came in

“Ma’am, someone request to see you,” the maid said

“A she or he?” Dr. Fiona asked

“It’s a young man ma’am,” the maid replied

“Don’t this person have a name?” Vera asked

“He said his name is Jericho…..”

Vera didn’t wait for her to finish whatever she was saying before walking towards the door, even though she wanted to hurry but her legs failed her

“Hey,” she said when she finally get to him

“What a big house you have got here, this whole place can contain more than 1000 people,” Jericho said

She chuckled softly

“What can I say,” she replied

“I was wondering if you have seen Lupita today,” he said

“Nope, why? is she missing?” She asked

“No, but am having a bad feeling, don’t worry I will keep looking for her” he replied

“No, what happened? She’s my sister and I have to know what….” She stopped when she remember that she just told Jericho who she is

“So it’s true? You know she told me about this but I didn’t believe her but now I have seen it myself,” he said and went closer to her

He hold the tip of her mask and Vera didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to lie anymore, he made to pull off her mask but she tap him gently

“No don’t, people are watching,” she said and made to shift back but he pulled her swiftly making her lose her balance and fall into his arms Taking everyone by surprise


He lift the mask a little and when he saw her face he slowly keep her feet on the ground

“You owe me marriage don’t forget that and your sister is missing, I have tried calling her but is not contacting so do something,” he said and turned to live

“Wait,” she said

“Have a nice day miss Adams, I have to find Lupita unless you want to come with me then you can take along,” he replied with a smirk


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The boss was about fking the helpless Lupita in front of her children when Diego came in

“There is a problem boss,” he said

He looked at Lupita and signal Diego to go outside with him to talk

“Keep an eye on her I will be back,” he said before leaving


“The buyers are here but they said they would like to speak with you first before making the payment,” Diego said

Knowing that the boss doesn’t play with money

“I will go and see them, you’re in charge now and keep an eye on her, you know how Conny she can be,” the boss said and left

“On it boss,” Diego replied and went back inside

“Untie her hands and get her a new dress,” he ordered

“But the boss said….”

“I said untie her hands,” he yelled pointing a gvn at a guy

The other guy left and come back with a new dress, they untie her and he help her put on the clothes since she was weak due to the wh!pping

“It wouldn’t have been like this you if have agreed to marry me,” Diego said

“I want my kids out of here, will you help?” She asked instead, he leaned closer

“Marry me,” he whispered into her ears

“Okay,” she managed to say

“For real, like do we have a deal?” He asked

“As if I have a choice,” she replied

“Then consider it done,” he said and turn around only to see the girls in a corner, he didn’t think much about them

“How will you get my kids out of here?” She asked

“Leave it to me but know that you will not see them again, you are staying here with me forever,” Diego replied

“Is this love? Is this what love looks like, am not a prisoner Diego I have the right of movement,” she said with the little strength she has

“That’s the only option here, you can choose not to marry me and the boss will kll you and sell them, your choice,” he replied rudely

“I rather die than let him sell my kids,” she said immediately

“Good for you,” Diego said

She kept quiet without saying anything, the fact that her kids is here with her is enough for her to keep calm, knowing that Diego is obsessed with her and will do anything

The only choice now is to marry him and save her kids, even though she will not see them again like he said but it’s better than selling them out

Meanwhile, the kids stole Diego’s phone without his knowledge

“Grandma said stealing is not good,” Izzy said

“Shout up, I wanna get help, besides I didn’t steal it, it took it,” Lizzy replied and the person she called picked up

“Who is this?” The person said

“Dan, Dan we need help, they are beating mum and they also removed her clothes and….”

“Allow him to talk, did you want to do all the talking alone?” Izzy said interrupted

“Lizzy, where are you? Your grandma has been worried and so are my, is Izzy there with you?” He asked

“Yes am here,” she said taking the phone from her sister

Meanwhile, Diego was done talking to Lupita and started walking toward them, since the room was big it will take him upto 20 steps to get to them

“Izzy listens, tell me where you are ok, tell me if you see anything or anyone, any written word… Just anything,” Dan said, his voice alone shows that he’s panicking

“I don’t know, they kept us with some other children and they mum with a whip and she’s bIeeding very bad,” she replied

“Can you look outside? If yes, what did you see?” He asked

“What are you two doing here?” Diego asked

“Arhhhhh, my stomach hurt!!!” Lizzy s¢reamed hold her belle

Diego went over to her while Izzy describe what she saw to Dan and drop the phone on the floor making Diego step on it without knowing

“Oh, no,” he said and picked up the phone

The big boss walked in just then

“Get the girls and bring her too,” he ordered

They hold Lupita as she made her way outside with the boys holding her, getting outside they tied her at the center of the big compound while many others gathered to watch

The big boss ordered them to start whipping her again and the boys continue, some of the gang members felt pity for her but none stepped forward, the boss is deadly and no one wants to mess with him

The big gate suddenly burst open and numerous cars drove in taking them by surprise, a guy dressed in all black stepped out with sunglasses in his eyes

He slowly removes the glass and the boss nearly falls

“Danny,” the big boss called surprised

“Danny,” Diego called shocked, his mouth wide open

“Impossible,” the big boss added with his eyes wide open


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Anna stared at the phone that has been ringing endlessly and summoned some courage to pick up it

“Mum,” she said

“What’s this that am seeing everywhere?” Her mother asked

“Am sorry it was a mistake,” she replied sobbing

“You call this a mistake? You were clearly doing it with the person and now you’re calling it a mistake? The next thing you will tell me is that is the work of the d’vil when you are the d’vil yourself,” her mother said angrily

“Mummy am sorry,” she said again

“If you know what is good for you get that video down by tomorrow if not……. I will not tell you what I will do to you,” her mother said


“Enough, you’re a disgrace, is this who I brought you up to be? You have brought shame Into this family Anna, you are a disgrace,” her mother said and ended the call

Taking down the video will cost her a lot of money and now she’s left with nothing, and to say that her husband wants his money back

She doesn’t even know where to start, now she knows how it feels to be embarrassed, she carried her hands on her head with tears

“Am finished, I am finished….. Anna you are finished,” she said going to the kitchen



Vera was on the TV station with Jericho when she spotted Leo

She already hired UpTo 10 private investigators to search for Lupita so she decided to show the world her face, she don’t want to hide anymore

“Miss Adams, you said, you will be showing your face to the word tomorrow right?” A press asked

“Yeah,” she replied

“What made you change your mind about this?” The press asked

“I don’t understand,” she said

“Like you have been wearing masks all your life and suddenly you want to show your face to the world, don’t you find it a little awkward?” The press said

“Well, you might find it awkward cos you are not the one wearing the mask and there is nothing awkward about it, I want you and everyone else to see the face behind the mask, it’s my choice to make and it’s simple,” she replied simply

She stood up and her bodyguard surrendered her immediately, she made to walk down the stage when Someone walked up to her

“Excuse me, Miss Adams, can I have a moment?” The person said

She looked back to see a handsome guy with a big smile on his face

“Okay,” she replied now facing him

“He’s the president’s son,” her manager whispered

“Am Taylor… Taylor banks,” he said offering a handshake

She looked at him and then at his hand, seeing that people is watching she accepted the handshake

“So I was wondering if you would attend my birthday party in two days,” he said showing her a card

The paparazzi have already started taking pictures and gossiping that they will make a good match

“Am a busy woman, but I will see what I can do” she replied and took it

“Nice meeting you,” he said and offered a handshake again

“Same,” she replied and left

Getting outside she met with Jericho

“What’s the next move?” He asked

“To find my sister,” she replied

“One of your investigators called,” he said

“Okay, and?” She said it more like a question

“He sent this address,” Jericho replied showing her the address on his phone

“Then let’s get going,” she said and turn to her manager

“Get the cops,” she told her manager and turn to go with Jericho when Leo showed up

“Are you avoiding me,” Leo asked immediately as he get to her

“No, why, what happened?” She replied

“You have been avoiding my calls, emails and all that, what’s happening?” He asked

“Leo please not now,” she replied and made to enter the car but he hold her hand

She stared at her hands then back at him

“Leo, someone important to me is missing and I have to find her,” she replied hoping that he will let go of her but he didn’t

“You mean him? What’s so special about him?” Leo

“Get him out of my way,” she turned to her guards and said

“Vera…..” They pulled him out as she went into the car


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Hearing the names Lupita forced herself to look forward, immediately her eyes landed on the guy in question, it was as if new energy h its her as a smile appear on her face

She didn’t want to wait any longer as she tried to hold the rope they tied her with, getting hold of the rope

She pulled strongly on it and it ended up cutting, she ki¢ked the first guy standing close to her and he went flying away, the second guy charged towards her

She quickly picked up the first guy’s gvn that fall from him when she ki¢ked him and shot the guy in his head making him drop dead

Danny on the other hand snapped his finger and his boys open fire immediately without delay

Lupita knocked down the two guys guarding her and turned towards Danny as their eyes mate, just like the way it happens in the movies

She started running towards him, Danny, on the other hand, saw her and also start running towards her with a big smile on his face, he opened his hands wide apart ready to embrace her in a tight hug when she suddenly stopped

Someone shot her from behind, his eyes widen as another bvllet landed on her back and she falls into his arms, he looked up to see Diego and the big boss still pointing their gvns at her

They are the ones that shot her, he made to go after them but he can’t leave Lupita alone, he stared at them till they were out of sight, anger was written all over his face

“Cupcake, stay with me okay, hang on,” he said and dialed the emergency number

“Danny, you came back,” she said and slowly lifted her left hand to his face

“I came back for you cupcake, I will never leave you, sorry I came late,” he said holding her hand that was still on his face

“What took you so long,” she asked slowly

“I was trying to build an army just like you wanted, you wanted me to build a large army and I did, we will stay together and all of this will be over okay,” he said but her eyes were already closing

“Hey Cupcake, sweet-candy stay with me,” he said tapping her cheeks

“It’s getting cold,” she muttered slowly as her mouth was covered with bIood

He pulled off his shirt and Carried her closer to his body

“Is it still cold?” he asked but she didn’t respond

“Hey..Hey Cupcake, you promise to stay with me, you wanted me to build an army and I did, I need you please stay with me,” he said tapping her cheeks

She slowly opened her eyes

“It’s so code,” she said and took her hand to his lips

“Where is the ambulance?…… C’mon cupcakes I love you too much don’t leave me please,” he said, he was trying so hard not to cry but deep down he was already crying

“Kss me,” she mumbled

He leaned over and kssed her gentle even with the bIood in her mouth, he broke the kss after a while and looked at her

“I love you Danny, I waited for you just like I promised,” she said more in a whisper

“You know I love you more than anything in the world, you need to be strong for me okay,” he said stroking her hair

He looked at her face to see that her eyes are close again

“Cupcake….. Cupcake stay with me, stay me with me please,” he said tapping her cheeks again

He knows that once she kept quiet that it will be the last that’s why he’s trying to keep her busy with words so that she won’t sleep and d!e

“Danny, it’s so cold,” she whispered opening her eyes

“Stay with me cupcake cos if you die I will wipe his lineage from this earth, I will kll both the big and small, children and adults and I will kll you too for living me,” he said seriously

“We have two beautiful ki…..”

She got chocked with bIood and started coughing, Danny couldn’t hold his tears as he screamed loudly

“No, please don’t leave me,” he panicked

He heard the sound of sirens coming their way

“Cupcake, the ambulance is here,” he said tapping her cheeks again but she didn’t respond

“C’mon sweet-candy don’t do me like this, I love you too much,” he said but she was long gone

He ruffled his head as his bIood boiled with rage, he tapped her cheeks repeatedly but she still didn’t respond


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He ruffled his head as his bIood boiled with, he tapped her cheeks repeatedly but she still didn’t respond

One of the people that came with the ambulance came forward and touched her neck

“She’s not breathing, we have to move her now,” she said

Just then Vera arrived with the cops, she stepped out of the car and Jericho followed, They saw the guy holding someone tightly and went over to him he slowly left his head up as tears came running down and his fist were clinched together

Vera covered her mouth with her palms as she stared at the lifeless Lupita, they place her on the stretcher and pvshed her into an ambulance

One of Danny’s men came out with the kids, not only Lupita’s kids but many other children while the cops went over to do their job

“Where is my mum?” Izzy was the first to ask, as she looked around

“Dan,” Lizzy called as he get into the ambulance

He slowly looked at them and went in, since he knows that his men will take care of them, what matters to him now is Lupita

“Wait I saw my mum there, what’s happening?” Lizzy asked trying to go over to the ambulance but Vera hold her back

“Who are you? Let go of me,” she said

“You have to calm down ok, we will go and see your mum,” Vera said gently

“Are you sure?” She asked and Vera nodded

Looking at her sister’s kids that are so adorable brings tears to her eyes, she has no idea that Lupita has kids of this age




They carried Lupita into the emergency room immediately and start checking her, they managed to remove the bvllet but she was bIeeding a lot

After some minutes a nurse walked up to Danny who was waiting patiently

“What’s your relationship status with the patient?” She asked

“She’s my wife,” he replied

“Okay then, follow me,” she said

“Is she awake?” He asked

He walked in only to see a middle-aged woman waiting for him

“You can sit,” Dr. Fiona said

“How is she?” He asked

“She’s currently fine for now but there is a very big complication, we have removed the bvllet but she lost a lot of bIood which means that she needs bIood donation,” she said

“I have bIood, you can take mine,” he said instantly

“That’s not the problem now, the problem is that the bvllet affected her liver and if we wake her up now she has less than one hour to leave,” she said

“Then get another liver,” he said

“That’s what am trying to explain, we have contacted other hospitals and we were able to get one but the problem here is that the surgery is complicated, she might die on the table,” she said

“Then what did you want me to do,” he asked

“You can choose either to spend one hour with her and then let her die or to go on with the surgery which is a 50/50% chance that she might survive,” the woman replied

He thought for a while

“Go on with the surgery, one hour is nothing to me, I want to show her all the things she asked me to do, I did them all and it’s time for her to come and see it,” he replied

“Okay then, sign here,” the woman said and showered him to the place he has to sign

“Can I see her before she goes into the surgery?” He asked

“Sure,” she replied

She went into the surgery room and he followed not without wearing the suit, getting in there he saw Lupita who was laying down on the table, he stroked her hair gently and looked at the surgical residency

“Can I kss her?” He asked

“Sure,” one of them replied

He placed a soft kss on her lips trying hard not to cry

“Can I stay here?” He asked

“Am sorry but you can’t……”

“Let him stay,” a voice said from the gallery

It happens to be the president of the hospital who has been watching



“Page the president,” the head of the surgical department said to one of his residency

“What’s happening?” Danny asked, looking at them as they run around

Not long after the woman came in

“What happened?” She asked putting on her gloves

“Her BP is raising and her pulse is dropping,” a nurse replied

“She’s going into shocked” the woman said

“What’s happening?” Danny asked again looking from one person to another

They ignored him, the woman started the surgery and after some time the beeping sound of the life machine stopped

She turned her head to Danny with a sad face

“Am sorry,” she said

“What is that supposed to mean?” He asked praying that it won’t be what he was thinking

“She didn’t make it, close her up,” she said to her team

“No, she has to make it try again,” he said blinking his eyes

“We tried all we…..”

“You don’t get it, do you? I said she had to make it, she promised me… She promised never to live with me and now you are telling me that she didn’t make it, that not possible try again,” he said shaking his head negatively

“Am sorry, there is nothing I can do at this rate, she’s gone you have to accept it, I understand your pain, it’s never easy to lose a loved one but God knows the best,” the woman said and make to walk out but Danny pulled a gvn making everyone to freeze

“I said try again and you are telling me sht, you don’t even know her, she always keeps to her words.. the first time we made love she looked into my eyes and told that she would never leave me when everyone was against our relationship they asked her to kll me but did you know what she did?

She was be..aten, sta..bbed, starved, and rapped countless times, and yet she refused to leave me, she was focused to kll me but she didn’t, she shot me in a place where I survived, and now you want me to leave her, you want me to believe that she’s dead just like that?” He said looking at the doctor whose eyes were soaked with tear


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Meanwhile, Vera brought the kids to the hospital since they insisted on seeing their mum, she went to a nurse and asked about the lady that was brought a few hours ago

Seeing the mask on her face the nurse recognize her as Miss Adams

“This way ma’am,” she said and showered them a passage

Vera followed the passage and it lead her to another place where she saw another nurse

“Ma’am you can’t be here,” one of the nurses said to her

“Why am here for the patient that was brought a few hours ago,” she said

“She’s still in surgery, I think you need to get the kids out of here,” the nurse added

Vera turns to go with the kids but they give her a mean look

“You said mum was here, where is she?” Lizzy asked

“Am sorry sweetie but we have to come back later,” she replied

“No, I want my mum,” Lizzy said

“Mummy, mummy where are you?” Izzy said and went to a door she pushed it but it didn’t open

“Where is my mum? What did you people do to her?” Lizzy asked

“Grandma said the people in the city are ev’l is that true, what have you done to my mum?” Izzy said looking around

Vera went over to them but they run in different directions

“I want mum, I don’t wanna go with you,” Izzy shouted

“She will be fine, you just have to come with me okay,” Vera said

“You’re lying, she doesn’t want to see us right? because we said mean things to her and never apologize,” Izzy said looking at the surgical room

“She left us again, we want to tell her that we are sorry and we don’t want her to live us,” Lizzy added

Nancy came into the hospital, all thanks to Danny who called her on their way to the hospital

“My babies,” she called out to them

They run towards her immediately still in tears

“Grandma mum hates us, she doesn’t want to see us,” Lizzy said slowly

“Grandma I want mum, did she hate us now? We want to tell her apologies for saying bad things to her” Izzy said hugging her as they both continue crying

“No, she didn’t and will never hate you both, she loves you two so much, now stop crying,” Nancy replied

“Grandma are you sure?” Lizzy asked

“Am too old to lie,” Nancy replied taking them outside

“Where are we going?” Izzy asked

“Home, we will wait for her at home,” she replied

“No, I want to wait here,” Izzy said

“You can’t…..”

“I want my mum, and am staying here until she comes out and says that she is not angry with us for being mean to her,” Lizzy added



“Did you see that? Did you see how they are crying because of her, did you also want me to cry?” Danny asked the hospital president with teary eyes

“I told you that it’s 50/50 % chances, we tried all we could, am not God that gives life,” Dr. Fiona said

“Then what’s your job? Is your job not to save a life,” Danny asked

“It is but I can’t give life,” she replied

“Maybe I should,” he said and went over to her

He picked up the ele…¢tric shocker and ordered the nurse to turn it to the highest voltage

“It’s too much and it might burn her body,” Dr. Fiona said but he didn’t listen

He pressed it on her chest without a second thought but nothing happened

“C’mon cupcakes,” he said and made to press it again when his phone rang and he checked to see one of his men calling so he picked up

“Boss, we get the woman and the boy in position and we are ready to take them down, what’s your order?” One of his men asked

He looked at the lifeless Lupita and…….


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He looked at Lupita who was still lifeless

“Dr. Two lives are going down this minute if she didn’t come back to life so do something,” Danny said facing the doctor

“There is I can do now,” she replied

He looked at the necklace she was wearing which has a pendant, Grabbed it from her and it broke, he opened it to see the small family picture on it

It was a picture of her, a lady, and two children which means Vera Adams, Dr. Fiona, Derek, and Mona, he stared closely at the picture and nodded

“Miss Adams, so she’s your daughter? And those kids, your grandma children,” he said and chuckled

“Leave my family alone,” Dr. Fiona panicked

“Sure but if she dies they are all dying,” he replied

“But she’s already de……”

“She’s not!!!” He yelled

He still hasn’t cut the call

“Get back there and bring her back,” he added pointing at Lupita

“There is nothing I can……” Danny interrupted

“Hey, are you still there?” Danny asked

He’s now talking to the guy that called him earlier

“Yes boss,” the guy replied

“I want the body of the popular miss Adams here in this hospital and don’t forget the kids, tell Jeremy about it cos his the best sniper,” Danny said

“On it boss,” the guy replied and ended the call

Knowing that Vera and the kids is heavily guarded Dr. Fiona didn’t even panic but she nearly lost it when the guy called again and told Danny the current location of her children and that they are ready to strick

“No… No… Please, I will keep trying, just call if your men,” Dr. Fiona said and quickly went over to Lupita

“So now you want to try? You don’t want to lose yours but you want me to lose mine? Not when am still Danny,” he said

“Boss we are still waiting for the order,” the guy said over the phone

“Wait for ten minutes, if she didn’t respond then shot,” he said and ended the call

Dr. Fiona’s hands started shaking as she heard that, all her years in the medical field she has never experienced anything like this

She did all could be she still didn’t wake up, the people outside didn’t know what was going on that’s why no one called the cops

“Please spare my family,” she said in a teary voice

“Try again, she has to wake up,” Danny said

She used the shocker but nothing happened

“Gimme that,” he said and went over to them, he r!pped off Lupita’s cIothes since she wasn’t wearing any b..ra her bbs were visible but he didn’t care

He grabbed the ele…¢tric shock and turned it to high voltage then he pressed it on her left chest the exact place her heart is located and the life-supporting machine suddenly beeped shocking everyone

“She got a pulse,” a nurse shouted

Danny’s joy knows no bounds as he nearly jumped up, suddenly he saw one of the male surgical residency staring at Lupita’s bbs were still open

He went over to the guy and

“Where are you staring at my property?” He asked and fold his fist

“No I wasn’t,” the guy lied

“You’re calling me a lair when I saw you staring at her, did you know what it cost me to get those properties and the owner,” he said going closer to him

The guy shifted backward

“Danny I think……” That was interrupted

He pvnches the surgeon’s face instantly making two of his teeth fall out

“How dare you stare at my property?” He asked forming with anger

A nurse understands immediately and quickly cover her up

“Danny, please you don’t fight in here,” Dr. Fiona said pulling aside

“What right did he have to stare? Didn’t you see me here? And to say that you couldn’t even save her life but the only thing you are good at is to stare? Didn’t you know that someone owns that property?” He yelled trying to go over and give the guy a be..ating of his life but they didn’t let him

The guy whose mouth was bIeeding was taken away

“Did you have a de..ath wish?” Danny yelled after him

“It’s only a stare, not like he touched it, besides you showed it to him so please calm down,” Dr. Fiona said

“And so what? It’s mine and he shouldn’t stare, I could end his life just for that,” Danny replied still forming with rage

“Please don’t, he’s one of our best surgeons, besides….. can’t you see that your wife have a disturbing property as you called it, no man can stand it without staring and to say that if not that am a woman I will also stare,” Dr. Fiona joked trying to calm him down and it worked a little

“He shouldn’t stare in my presence,” he replied, he took his phone and called his men

“Abort mission,” he ordered and ended the call without waiting for the other person to respond


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“There is a very big trouble, I mean a very large trouble,” Diego said pacing around

“Danny can’t be alive, she klled him, how is it even possible? I saw her shoot him,” Mr. Armstrong asked

“I don’t know what happened but whatever it is we have to live the country immediately, those two can’t find us,” Diego suggested

“Only the weak runs at a time like this, I built the empire and it’s mine,” Mr. Armstrong replied angrily

“You know how those two can be, they become stronger when they are together, you trained them differently, and to say that Lupita never jokes, she’s coming for us,” Diego said

“I have an idea, I can’t go down alone, No… Not me,” Mr. Armstrong said

“An idea didn’t you see the army Danny came with,” Diego asked

“That’s what am saying, you are the one to bring him down,” Mr. Armstrong said making him frown

“How am I supposed to do that?” Diego asked

“Because he’s your brother, he will never kll you, you have to remind him of that, tell him that your mother asked him to protect you as the elderly one but he failed in his little task now see how your life turn into,” Mr. Armstrong said

Diego laughed

“Just want I wanted, and then when he starts listening to the story I will then strick,” Diego said laughing

“Exactly,” Mr. Armstrong added and they both burst out laughing





Franklin walked into the house to see Anna still sobbing

“Where is my money?” He asked going toward her

“I don’t have it,” she replied gently

“What do you mean you don’t have it? I told you to provide that money before I will get back didn’t I?” He asked angrily

Standing in front of her

“Franklin I……” That was interrupted

A loud sIap landed on her cheeks immediately making her go bIind for a while

“Call that name again?” He said still standing in front of her

“No, just call that name one more time you slvt, have you know shame? You Cheap parking lot slvt,” he yelled as he fold his fist

She bent down with her cheeks burning like fire, she stayed calm until she regained her sight

“You h it me, Franklin? you will pay for this in a million ways,” she said and made to walk out but he grabs her clothes and pulled her back

“Listen to me Anna, the next time you call my name without my money I will make sure you regret it,” he said and pushed her out

“You will Kll me?” She said staring at him

Now standing in front of him

“Alright, go ahead and kll me the same way you klled Veronica mars,” she yelled at his face

“I didn’t kll her, it was you, you bring her to my place willingly, you came up with the idea of po!soning her drink and now you want to blame it on me? I don’t even know why I married a sIvt like you,” he shouted at her face

“Oh? Do you want to deny it now the same way you denied her then? It’s your stupidity that klled her, maybe if you didn’t deny her she would still be alive, you are a dev’l in disguise,” she yelled back

“Watch your tongue woman,” he said with his fist fold

“Or what? Do you think I don’t have that video, I still have it, and guess what? I get your face in it,” She said

He lost it instantly and sIapped her again, he pvshed her backward and pulled out his trousers beIts

“This is what you want huh? I will give it to you,” he said and start Iashing it at her




you will kll me…

Arhhhhh,” she cried loudly as he continues de..aling with her without mer¢y

Since he had already fired all the workers, they are now the only ones at home, nobody will hear them or come to her rescue

“You have the mind to cheat on me right? This is what you get slvt, you are a cheap slvt,” he yelled still Iashing at her

Her ¢ries keep getting louder and louder but he didn’t stop

She tried to run away but he blocked the way and continue de..aling with her, he ki¢ks pvnched, and sIapped her angrily till she was hardly breathing

“Daddy,” Someone suddenly called from behind

It happens to be Bryan who came with his grandma to get his favorite toy, Mrs. Armstrong was still answering a phone call when Bryan walked into the house

Franklin turned to him and left Anna immediately with shock and a look of disappointment on his face

“Hey, buddy,” Franklin called but Bryan moved backward and started running away as if he have seen a ghost

Franklin runs after him but Bryan screamed loudly

“Get away from me you’re a monster,” he yelled loudly running downstairs to meet his grandma

He was running so fast with his tiny legs that he missed his step and went rolling down the stairs……….


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He was running so fast with his tiny legs that he missed his step, he was about to roll down the stairs when his grandma caught me

She was done with the phone call and was coming to get him when she heard his scream, she hurriedly runs inside thinking something bad has happened only for her to see him running speedily down the stairs

She quickly increase her steps to stop him so that he won’t fall cos his legs were still tiny, just when she was close to him he missed his step and she caught him on time

She looked at Franklin with a mean look indicating that he should explain what happened but he didn’t know where to stand

“Mum, I didn’t pvsh him I swear, I can never pvsh him,” Franklin tried to explain but his mother shoved him aside

She kinda believe that Franklin did push him but she wanted to know why he runs like that, she made her way upstairs and head towards Franklin’s room only to see Anna who was hardly breathing

His body was injured badly

“Oh my God, Franklin,” she said and went over to Anna

“Mum, I can explain,” he said

“Explain what exactly? You did this? How could you Franklin,” she said and called her driver

Not long after a man walked into the house, he helped Anna into the car while Franklin tried to talk to his mum

“Mum, I didn’t mean to, I was just…… I was…… I… Mum, please listen,” he said but she didn’t bother to look at him

“You’re a disgrace,” she said and left with Anna and Bryan

Franklin ruffles the head not knowing what to do



NEXT DAY* 11:30

The paparazzi is everywhere as miss Adams made her way into the TV station, many pictures of her have already been taken but the paparazzi still want more

“Miss Adams, you made it clear that you will unveil your face today?” One of the press asked

“Yeah,” she replied simply

“So what inspired you to do so? I mean what did you want to tell the people about this?” He asked

“Well, I would say that I lost a person so dear to me and I would love to win the person back,” she replied

“Can I ask who this person this?” He asked

“Her name is Lupita mars, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Mars Glassman,” she replied

“What kind of relationship did you have with her?” He asked

“Private life so it’s locked,” she replied

“Alright no more questions, go ahead and show us what you have got,” he said

She smiled lightly and slowly hold the tip of her mask, she flip her hair forward and remove the mask then she flipped her hair backward again

👥 Omg, she’s so beautiful

👥 I know right, is she a beautiful Goddess?

👥 Why then did she hide her face when she is this beautiful?

“Miss Adams, how do you feel now that you’re without a mask?” One of the paparazzi asked

“Will you now be the new face of your companies?” Another asked

“What made you cover your face in the first place?” Another added

Meanwhile, Leo who also came couldn’t believe his eyes as he stared endlessly at her

“Is she human?” He asked no one in particular still staring

She made her way out and the reporters followed

“Miss Adams, please answer just one question,” one of them said still following her

Thanks to the huge bouncers who were able to block them, she went get into her limo to see Jericho already waiting

“You’re back,” he said

“Oh my, you scared me,” she said holding her chest

“Why are you scared? Did something happen?” He asked

“Nope, what are you doing in here?” She asked

“Waiting for my business partner, so where to ma’am,” he said in a funny way

She chuckled softly

“To see my sister of course” she replied



Mr. Mars Glassman was watching the news when he heard that Miss Adams, the lady that owns half of Paris is will unveil her face today

At first, he skipped to another channel but almost all the channels is talking about the same thing, he was still watching when she mentioned Lupita mars Glassman, he haven’t seen his daughter for years now

He has also tried to be calm about it but since she left everything has not been the same, they lost two of their kids and it always brings tears to his eyes anytime he thought about it

He was still thinking and watching till the lady unveil her face, the cup of coffee he was holding fell immediately as he stood in shock

As if the time was against them his wife heard the sound and come to check only to see the person on the TV

“VERONICA!!!” She muttered

“She’s alive, but how?” Mr. Mars Glassman asked no one in particular

“My baby, she’s now Vera Adams, no… No way I will get her back,” Mrs. Mars said and went in to pack her bags ready to go and meet her


Franklin on the other side was still thinking about everything that is happening to him when he saw the news

“Veronica Mars, I knew it… I know that she was Veronica Mars because I saw her, I saw her face,” he said to himself

“But how is this possible? I saw her die,” he added

He pace around his room so sometimes and suddenly grabbed his car keys

“Am getting my kids back,” he said to himself and left the house


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Anna was still with her mother when the news came up, she skipped to different channels but it was all showing the same thing

She was taken to the hospital by her mother-in-law to get treated cos of the way Franklin beat her up, the nurse that was treating her wasn’t nice at all

“Veronica Mars!!!” She called shocked when Miss Adams remove her mask

It was as if her eyes were playing tricks on her, she suddenly started feeling dizzy




Lupita who have been sleeping since the surgery slowly opened her eyes, everything was blurry at first till she start adjusting

“Danny,” she whispered

Danny on the other hand who has been by her side since yesterday quickly went closer to her

“Cupcake, you’re awake,” Danny stroking her face gently

“What happened? Where are my kids?” She requested to look around

“Easy cupcakes, they will be here shortly, lemme call Nancy,” he said and dialed the number

“How come you know Nancy?” She asked

“Don’t worry about that, I have my ways,” he replied


He placed his finger on her lip shutting her up

Jericho and miss Adams open the door and came in

“My baby,” Jericho said and went over to Lupita to hug her but Danny blocked his way

“And who are you?” Danny asked with his fist fold

“Are you high? Baby girl, who is this?” Jericho asked

“What do you mean baby girl?” He said and turn to Lupita

“You said you loved me, you said you waited, now who is this?” He demanded

“Danny I have the right to love who I want, it’s my life and I will do with it the way it pleases me,” Lupita replied trying to see his reaction

She has no idea that he removed someone’s teeth from his mouth just to staring

“Jericho, he’s Danny I told you about him,” Lupita said

“You never told me you …… wait, he’s the third guy, you one you refuse to talk about, I knew it,” Jericho said

Danny just stood in his way looking confused

“She’s my sister, can I see her now?” Jericho asked in a calm voice

“Oh yeah, sure, sorry bro,” Danny said and moved away

“Lupita,” Vera called with her usual calm voice

“What are you doing here?” Lupita asked instead

“I just want to talk,” she replied

“I don’t want to talk,” Lupita said

She’s now sitting on the bed

“Please am sorry, we can go back to being sisters again,” Vera said

“You’re not and will never be my sister cos Veronica is dead and she’s never coming back,” Lupita replied

Everyone moved back and give them space

“Lupita, am sorry for hiding it from you, what can I do for you to forgive me,” she added

“Go away from me,” she replied

Vera steps close

“Where are you going? Now get out,” Lupita said pointing at the door

“No, am sorry,” Vera replied

“I said get out,” Lupita said pointing at the door

Vera hugged her instead

“I will push you, get away from me,” Lupita said

“Push me,” vera replied

“I don’t want to, just go away and leave me alone,” Lupita said blinking her eyes to avoid tears but it didn’t help cos she cried after all

“Lupita please am sorry, we are family and am truly sorry for leaving you please forgive me,” Vera pleaded still hugging her tight

“Why did you leave me? I missed you so much, I thought you dead but I know that I saw you in the church but everyone thought I was crazy,” Lupita said

“Am sorry, I will never leave you again I promise,” Vera said

“I love you Veronica even though I pretend to hate you, I never did, I was only hurt and when you left me I thought no one cared, I thought……” She burst out crying

“Am sorry, we are sisters, we only have each other and other loved ones, I love you too Lupita but I was too busy trying to make mum and dad happy but it seems like they don’t care, please forgive me,” Vera pleaded also in tears


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“Am sorry, we are sisters, we only have each other and other loved ones, I love you too Lupita but I was too busy trying to make mum and dad happy but it seems like they don’t care, please forgive me,” Vera pleaded also in tears

“Promise not to leave me again,” Lupita said

“Pinky promise,” Vera replied

“What a happy reunion,” Dr. Fiona said coming into the ward as they disengage from the hug

Lupita cleaned her tears and Vera did the same

“Mum,” Vera called

“My baby, I told you that she has a good heart didn’t I?” Dr. Fiona said

Vera hugged her afterward as she stroked her hair like a baby

“I have to check on my patient Young lady,” Dr. Fiona said and Vera moved away slowly

“Wait, you’re Adams?” Danny asked

He was confused as to why she wasn’t wearing a mask, he has no idea that she has unveiled her face to the world because he was With Lupita all-day

“Yeah, why?” Vera replied

“Wait… Hold on, for real you both are sisters?” He said still surprised

“What happened?” Lupita asked

“Oh my God,” Danny mumbled and covered his face with his palm

“Danny, you’re acting weird,” Lupita said staring at him

“Mum, what happened?” Vera asked

“That’s because your sister’s husband wanted to kll you and my grandchildren if she didn’t wake up,” Dr. Fiona said

Everyone one widen

“What?” Jericho said

“What?” Lupita said

“What?” Vera said

That all said at the same time

“My wife, you want to kll my wife?” Jericho said and hold his clothes

“Don’t be dramatic Jericho, no one is marrying anyone,” Vera said

“Keep it cool Mr, you don’t fight in here,”. Dr. Fiona said pulling him apart

“Husband? What husband?” Lupita asked no one in particular

“Him, he said he’s your husband, and all thanks to him,”. Dr. Fiona replied

She was checking on her and jotting down the necessary things, it’s supposed to be the nurse’s work but she decided to do it anyway

“I don’t understand, what are you talking about,” Lupita said

“Well, what am talking about is that you died, yeah, you stopped breathing and we lost hope in you but he believed in you and threatened to kll my baby if you didn’t come back to life, and here you are,” Dr. Fiona explained calmly

“So you’re married and you didn’t tell me,” Jericho asked when Lupita didn’t say anything

“No am not,” she replied

“Then why did he say that you’re his wife?” Vera asked

“Okay listen, we use to be lovers, yeah I love him very much, and we plan to get married but in the gang, they didn’t approve of our relationship and I was forced to kll him the day we were supposed to get married,” she replied

Danny on the other said didn’t say anything, the fact that he almost klled his sister-in-law is still eating him up

“So you both were never married,” Dr. Fiona asked

She looked at Danny to see his sobby face

“Where are not but we will now, so you will organize our wedding for us right Danny?” She asked

He looked at them and didn’t say anything

“Danny,” she called

“I will be back,” he said and turn to leave only to see Nancy and the kids by the door

“I will come back to check on you later or one of our nurses will,” Dr. Fiona said and turn to leave

“No goodbye kss,” Vera said looking at her with a frown

She turned and went back to her, she gives her a peck on her cheeks before leaving

“You should get married and start asking your husband for that, am too old for this,” Dr. Fiona said

“I didn’t hear you, what did you say,” Vera replied pretending not to hear anything

While the truth is that after what happened with Franklin, she became afraid of men, if not that she’s doing business with them she will never come close to them, Dr. Fiona has tried to make her change her mind but she’s too afraid to open her heart for someone cos

“Dan,” Nancy called

The kid pulled his hand back into the ward

“Mummy,” Izzy shouted running toward her

“Mummy” Lizzy shouted running towards her

They both shouted at the same time

“My babies,” Lupita said with teary eyes

“Mum, did you hate us now because we said bad things to you?” Izzy asked

“No, I love you both so much and I will never hate any of you, you both are my sunshine,” she replied

“I made this for you,” Izzy said showing her the bracelet

“Me too I draw you,” Lizzy said opening her drawing

“Wow, you guys are the most talented people I have ever seen,” she said and she laughed happily

“Dan, I told you that my mum is beautiful, did you see her now?” Lizzy asked

“Have you guys mate before?” Lupita asked cluelessly

“He’s the one that has been helping us,” Nancy replied

“Oh my Danny, why didn’t you tell them?” Lupita said looking at him

“I wanted you to do the talking,” he replied

“Tell us what?” Izzy asked

“His your Dad both of you,” she replied and they covered their mouth with their palm

“Dan you’re our Dad?” Izzy asked

“Yeah,” he said calmly

“I once asked you if you will be our Dad but you said grandma will be mad, now is she mad?” Lizzy asked laughing at the look on his face

“I have a mum and Dad that’s wonderful, yeeeeeeh,” Lizzy said jumping around

Making everyone laugh


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Vera was in the company attending to a few investors when Leo came in

“Vera,” he called and she looked up

“It’s miss Adams,” she corrected

The investors looked at them but didn’t say anything

“Can we talk,” Leo said

“Not now, can’t you see that am people,” she replied

“I just want you to know how much I……..” That was interrupted

“Leo please, not now,” she interrupted and turn to her investigators

“Am sorry for the distraction,” she apologized in her usual calm voice

“No Vera, I mean miss Adams, you have been avoiding me for a very long time so it’s now or never,” he said and put his hand into his suit pocket

It’s as if Vera knows what he was trying to do, she stood up immediately and went over to him, holding his hand she pulled him out of the office

“Leo what’s wrong with you,” she asked

“I just want you to know how I feel about you, just me a chance to prove my love to you please,” he said more like pleading

“Leo what you’re asking for can’t work, we are partners… Business partners, we shouldn’t be seen as couples,” she said

“But, am I not good enough, is It because of that guy?” Leo asked

“It’s not because of anyone,” she replied

“Am way better than him, why can’t you just love me, I have always loved you back in the UK,” he said

She puts her hand on her head as a moment of silence prevails

“Vera just give me a chance please,” he added

“Am sorry Leo but I don’t feel that way towards you,” she replied

She made to walk out but he blocked her way

“Vera c’mon with time you will learn to love me,” he said

“People are waiting for me Leo,” she replied and made to walk out

He gets hold of her and pulled her back swiftly making her back h it the wall near them, he pinned her on the wall he started staring lvstfully at her

“What are you doing? Let go of me,” Vera said as fear grips her

“You’re a very beautiful woman hope you know that,” he replied and started leaning closer to kss her

“Leo stop this, you’re out of your mind,” she said

“Why? I love you Vera and I want you to love me too, why is it so hard for you to do?” He asked

“Leo is this not love, you’re ¢razy,” she said

She’s trying to break free but his way stronger than her, he leaned over and tried to her but she takes her lips into her mouth

He kssed her f©rcefully till she was forced to open her mouth with tears in her eyes, her heart started be..ating fast and the wristwatch she was wearing showed a red light that was more like a dot

All the security alarms started beeping as she continues to cry, Jericho on the other hand also received a call that his signature was needed by her company cos of the projects they were working on

He went into the company to see the securities running around, he went to a guards and ask

“What’s happening?” He asked

“Miss Adams is in trouble,” the guard replied pointing at the alarm that was still ringing

He looked at his phone and track her own, immediately her location was shown to him, he started running towards her

Meanwhile, Leo was still kssing Vera as she continues to cry, the image of years ago started playing in her head as everything starts getting blurry

Jericho Burst into the office immediately and with red eyes, Leo was forced to disengage from the kss and also free his hold on her, she falls losing consciousness

“Son of a bch,” Jericho yelled


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Leo staggered back and stood his ground, he charged toward Jericho as they embrace combat, for the first time Jericho will be fi ghting

Leo throws many pvnches his way but he ducked them like a pro, he swing himself toward him and pvnched his j aw which sent him flying up

He falls heavily to the ground and Jericho went over to him, he grabbed him by his collar and started sending pvnches at his face

Each pvnch holds so much power and anger, is not that he’s angry at him for kssing Vera but he’s just angry that he kssed her till she lost con$¢iousness and he didn’t care to stop

He didn’t want to wonder what would have happened if the security alarm didn’t go off, he might be scrolling her by now, and to say that she was once a victim of rappe

“I will teach you how to respect a woman,” Jericho yelled still pvnching his face in anger

His face was already unrecognized but that wasn’t Jericho’s concern, a guard rushed in and pulled him away

Meanwhile, they have already taken Vera away and put a call across her mum

“Allow me to teach him how to respect a woman, did you think you can have everything you want?” Jericho shouted

“I think he has had enough sir,” a cop said walking in

He looked around for Vera but didn’t see her

“Where is she?” He asked

“This way sir,” her secretary replied and lead the way

They went into an inner room that was in her office only to see her still unconscious

“We already called her mum since she’s a doctor and she’s on her way,” the secretary said

Jericho seats beside her and holds one of her hands

“Pretty please wake up,” he mumbled, he turn to leave only for her to open her eyes

She looked around to see herself, he notice and suddenly looked back

“Where am I?” She asked

“You’re awake,” he said and went back

The secretary left immediately, Vera looked at Jericho remember what happened a few minutes ago

“Thank you,” she said after a moment of silence

“It’s nothing, I did what I think was right,” he replied

He stood to leave

“Wait,” she suddenly said and stood

He stopped thinking maybe something happen or she wants to tell him something but she said nothing

They stood still staring at each other and Vera was tempted to touch him but she didn’t know how to do that, Jericho on the other side didn’t know what to do either

He badly wants to touch her face cos it was too beautiful for him but with what happened just a few hours ago he didn’t know how she will react

“I should get going,” he said

“Emmm… Yeah, I mean sure,” she replied and made to Walk him out only to miss her step and fall but he was fast enough to catch her

They stares at each other again as Jericho started leaning in for a kss, their lips were about to touch when someone open the door

Turns out it was Dr. Fiona, she saw them but pretended not to see anything

“Is he the one?” She asked holding Jericho’s clothes

“No mum, he’s with the cops,” Vera replied

Dr. Fiona looked at Jericho and turn to Vera

“We are going to the hospital now,” she said

“Mum, am fine,” Vera replied

“I need to be sure,” she said and grabbed her hand but Vera broke free

“Mum, it’s nothing, am fine you always worry too much,” she said

“I told you that you’re not allowed to think of anything cos your brain is still healing, did you want to leave me? Did you want to leave the kids for me? What will I tell them?” Dr. Fiona asked with teary eyes

“Mum please don’t start again,” Vera said

“You want to leave me? What did I do to deserve this?” Dr. Fiona asked no one in particular

She’s now crying or should I say she’s worried

“Oh mum please, let’s get going already,” Vera said hugging her from behind

“My baby, you always have to be fine for me okay?” She said

“Mum and fine, you worry too much, I can take care of myself am a grown-up now,” Vera said

Still hugging her

“No you can’t, you’re my baby and I will take care of you, now let’s go,” Dr. Fiona said holding her hands as they walked out from the inner room, and Jericho followed smiling at them

He was happy that she was fine and has such a caring mum but he was angry that he couldn’t kss her, this will be the second time he’s tried to kss her but it was always interrupted by someone


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Franklin was waiting outside cos the security didn’t let him in when he saw Vera

“Veronica we need to talk,” he runs up to her and said

Dr. Fiona looked at the paparazzi that already surrendered them and turn to Vera

“What did you say, baby?” She said

She looked around to see the paparazzi and then back at her mum

“I think this is my problem mum, I can handle it,” she whisper and Dr. Fiona went into the already waiting car

Vera turns to Franklin

“Talk about what?” She asked

“My son, I want my kids back, am their father and I have the right to be in their life,” Franklin said

“What son?” She asked with an expression that no one can read

“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what am talking about,” Franklin said

“I never remember Working as your nanny so please remind me what son? What children?” She said keeping a confused face

“You were pregnant Veronica, and I want ….”

Vera didn’t let him finish before turning to the paparazzi

“This man here told me one day that he drugged and raped a girl with the help of his wife, he also said that the girl was very innocent and kind and that he couldn’t help but lvst over her, he then said that after that”

“She got pregnant and he denied the pregnancy which led the girl to kll herself, he said he felt nothing for her and was proud of what he did,”

“He asked me if I could be his mistress since he was already married, I refuse and he vow to destroy my name which is what he is doing now,” Vera explain calmly

👥 How can you be this wicked towards your fellow human being Mr. Armstrong?

👥 Why are you trying to ruin miss Adams’s reputation?

👥 Is it because you have never got rejected and you want to get back at her for rejecting you?

The paparazzi throws many questions at him that he wants to suffocate

“Not me, she’s lying….. Ask her if she’s not telling the truth….. It’s her, she’s …….” He saw the cops and runs out of the place and they chased after him



Danny was coming out of the hospital when Diego walked up to him

“Hello brother,” Diego said

“Diego am not your brother,” he replied

“Why? Because of a woman you want to disown me?” Diego asked

“You shoot her, you know how much I love that woman and yet you shot her,” Danny said almost yelling

“Calm down bro, don’t let a woman come between us, she’s nothing…..”

Danny grabbed his neck immediately

“If you ever say that about her again I swear to God I will kll you myself,” he said and pvshed him away

“Am not surprised, you ruined my life and now you want to end it just because of a woman, what did she do to you? Why can’t you wake up and see that she’s only using you, am your brother Danny, mother asked you to look after me but what did you do?” Diego yelled

“I love that woman Diego, take it or leave it,” Danny replied going to his car

“What about brothers love huh? What about the days you promise to protect me huh? What about when you promise mother that you will always be by my side? You can’t even keep a single promise instead you choose a woman over me, the same woman that has been fked by three different men,” Diego shouted faking tears

“That’s because she didn’t have a choice,” Danny replied

“There is always a choice, I fked that same woman you are high over hills for,” Diego said

He’s trying to get into Danny’s head cos he knows that Lupita and Danny are like patrol and fire, once they are together they become more dangerous than anyone can imagine

“And what if you fked her? I don’t care I still love her,” Danny shouted back

“Yeah, I remember that day when you use to protect me just like this,” Diego said

“Enough of these talks,” Danny said and pvshed him away

“Did she tell you that she accepted to marry me if you haven’t come back?” Diego said

“That’s not possible, she loves me more than anything and she will never put anything in this world above me, If I were you I will quit trying cos I will kll your boss and if you try to stop me I will kll you too,” Danny replied

“Listen to this,” Diego said and play a voice recording of when he asked Lupita to marry him and she agreed

Danny fold his fist angry

“You are lying, she loves me, I can’t believe this,” Danny said Shaking his head

“With the way you are acting, I believe she didn’t tell you, why not ask her?” Diego said smirking

Danny got into his car and drove off at high speed, Diego smirked and called someone immediately

“Did you fix the bo..mb?” He asked

“Yes boss,” the person replied

“ExpIode the car now,” he replied


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Someone came out of nowhere and places his hand on Diego’s shoulder

“Not so soon, I want him to undergo pvnishment,” the person said and takes the phone from him

“Don’t bIow it yet, wait for my order,” he said to the person Diego called

“Yes boss,” the person replied

Turns out it was Mr. Armstrong

“What’s the new plan boss,” Diego asked

“Wait for my order cos something big is coming their way,” he replied and they left



Franklin managed to escape from the paparazzi chasing after him, he runs straight to his father’s house

Getting there he met Anna who was just recovering from the shock of seeing Veronica on the TV station

“You knew about this,” Anna asked immediately after she saw him

“About what,” Franklin asked still trying to catch his breathe cos he ran for like hours

“I just saw Veronica on the TV station, at first I didn’t want to believe that it was her but when she mentioned Lupita I know that it can’t be a coincidence, it’s real, she’s alive,” Anna said

“Where is Bryan?” He asked instead

“I just told you about Veronica being Alive and the only thing you care about is Bryan? Did you have any idea what will happen?” She said

Franklin looked at her and find his way upstairs, he checked all the rooms but didn’t see anyone there

“Where is my son,” he yelled coming downstairs

The servant heard his voice and left immediately

“You only cared about Bryan, Franklin we are I. Big trouble,” she said

He went over and gave her a resounding sIap

“I told you not to call my name if you don’t have money,” Franklin yelled

“Really, well she’s out there, if you don’t do anything about it then I will,” Anna replied angrily and stood Only for Franklin to push her back

“She’s the mother of my kids, did you hear that? And if try anything stupid with her I will kill you myself, and guess what? Am getting her back I to my life cos you’re nothing but a cheap slut,” Franklin said to her face

She angrily slapped him immediately

“How dare you think of a such thing?” Anna said

As if that added to his anger, before she could realize what she has done, Franklin has already pulled his bet

“Franklin, am sorry I didn’t mean to……” That was interrupted by the sound of the belt

He lashes the belt on her body making her cry out in pain

“You think you have grown huh? A stvpid cheap slvt like you,” he yelled still lashing at her

“Franklin please……” She pleaded but he didn’t listen

He continues lashing at her as her cries keep getting louder, he drops the belt and grabbed her hair dragging her to where only he knows


Franklin my head…

“Shout up you slvt,” he shouted and still dragging here


“My head…..”

Getting to the seating room, he grabbed s¢issors from the drawer and start r!pping off her cIothes

“I will show you what a slvt really looks like,” he said

“Franklin stop please,” she begged

He ki¢ked her stomach immediately as she screamed out in pa!n

“Just shout up,” franklin roared as he str!p her nked

He picked up a w!re cable and start Iashing it on her nked body




She ¢ried in agonizing as her body turns red, she made to run but he puIIed her back.

The maid and guards watched from their hiding place and none of them was able to step forward, they felt pity for her, and the chief guard called the cops

Franklin continue be..ating her and her cry kept getting louder, she was running out of breathing again when she sighted the s¢issors on the table

She started going towards it when he wasn’t looking, he was busy pulling down his p ants to fk her that he didn’t notice

He went over to her when he was done and bend her over making her head h it the table but he didn’t care

She was bIeeding badly and since she was nked it wasn’t hard for him to insert his thing without warning

She came face to face with Anna who was still $ta..bbing her son asking him to d!e, she covered her mouth with her palms and moved backward

Bryan wasn’t left out, looking at his mum he became really scared, she looks like all these people you see in a h©rror movie

Anna stood up from Franklin and turned towards them still nked, making everyone move back, she took a step towards them

Little Bryan was too afraid that he wanted to run, he quickly turned to run away only to trip by the bIood on the floor and fall h!tting his head on the table nearby as his bIood covered the whole place joined with her parent’s bIood too

Anna couldn’t keep up with the pain anymore as she $ta..bbed her neck also then she falls in the middle of both Franklin and Bryan


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Vera went into the hospital with Dr. Fiona, they made their way towards the brain scanner to see if there is anything wrong with her

“Mum, did we really need this? Seriously am find,” Vera said after they plug somethings into her head

“I have to be sure,” Dr. Fiona replied and start the scanning

“You’re just too old to be stubborn, right now you’re acting like a 12 years old kid,” Vera said

“That’s the best thing you have ever said to me, thanks sweetie,” Dr. Fiona replied

Making Vera frow her brows

“Seriously?” She said

“Yes honey, if only you listen to me and get married that boys wouldn’t have done this to you,” Dr. Fiona said replied

“Mum not again,” Vera said

“Your kids need a Dad, they will ask if a Dad someday and what will you tell them? That’s their Dad is a rappist or that he is…….”

“Mum till then, we will know how to go about it, I don’t wanna talk about this marriage stuff,” Vera cut in

“I see, what about the guy you tried kssing earlier? He will make a good match you know, and yeah, the president son called and asked about you, you should……..”

“Mum!!!!!” Vera shouted holding her head

“Am trying to be useful, you can’t remain like this all the days of your life, forget the past and accept the future,” Dr. Fiona added

“No one is marring anyone mum, can’t you see that they are dangerous, first it was rape and second it was attempted rappe, Mum please I don’t wanna talk about it,” Vera said and covered and face

“I will get you a husband, you can’t keep being single in my house, you need love in your life,” Dr. Fiona replied

After some time the scanning was over, and a nurse came and remove the equipment

“Are you dying soon? Or am I sick?” Vera asked

“Let’s wait for the results,” Dr. Fiona replied

They walked out only to see the securities blocking some people from coming in

“I will go see Lupita,” Vera said and turned to go

She haven’t taken up to three steps when she heard her name, turning her back she saw her parents standing not far from them

“Veronica,” her mother called

She didn’t believe her eyes and thought maybe she was seeing a ghost, she took a few steps towards her as Vera stood motionless

“You’re alive,” Mrs. Mars said trying to touch her but she moved backward

Her mother turned to Dr. Fiona who was still standing there and charged toward her

“What did you do to my child? You said she was dead, what did you turn her into,” Mrs. Mars demanded

When Dr. Fiona didn’t say anything, she raised her hand to slap her but Vera stood at her front immediately and the hot slap landed on her cheeks as tears started flowing from her eyes

“THROW THEM OUT,” someone else said…


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“THROW THEM OUT,” someone else said…

Mr and Mrs. Mars turn in the direction of the voice to see Lupita staring at them with an angry face

Vera on the other side turn to Dr. Fiona who strokes her cheeks gently as she was still crying

“Shhhh, don’t cry people are watching,” Dr. Fiona whispered and She nodded

Vera made to hug her but she restricted it

“I will be in my office,” Dr. Fiona said and left

Mrs. Mars saw her walking away and went to Vera whose cheeks were still red cos of the sIap

“My baby, we are sorry for not listening to you, please forgive your parents and come home,” Mrs. Mars said

Vera didn’t even look at them, many people already gathered to watch the drama, and some were taking pictures while others were making videos

“Veronica,” Her father called

She just stood and didn’t look at them, all she wanted to do at that moment was to order the guards to throw them out but she couldn’t

They are still her parents after all and if she throws them out that means she’s no different from them

“Lupita, Veronica you both should please come home, we have never been ourselves ever since that day,” Mrs. Mars said

She’s now sobbing

“All I wanted was my family to stand by me, all I wanted was someone to believe me,” she said facing down

“I know am not worthy to be called a mother but please give me another chance, I promise to make things right, the shock was too much for me that’s why I didn’t listen to you, baby please don’t push me away,” Mrs. Mars said

“We failed to protect you and your sister as every parent should do but we promise to make it right,” Mr. Mars said gently

“I heard my name, who called that name?” Lupita asked

“Lupita baby w…..”

“Hold it right there, did I know you?” She asked rudely

“Lupita please come home, am sorry for not being a good mother,” Mrs. Mars said

“I said who are you? Wait… You’re the prodigal parents?” She said pointing at them

She turned to Vera who was sobbing gently

“They are the prodigal parents you told me about, the ones that wanted to become deputy Jesus, how funny… So where is your crown as deputy Jesus?” Lupita asked staring at them

She’s not a weakling like Vera and she never accepts defeat

“Lupita honey, we accept our mistake and we are ready to make it right just come home please,” Mrs. Mars pleaded

“So where is the church now Mr and Mrs deputy Jesus? There is one thing you don’t know which is that I Lupita daughter of Lupita-Lupita will never see you both as my parents again, you both ruin my life, well thanks to the two of you though, cos am blessed with two beautiful daughters, Vera might be light but not me,” Lupita said to their face and turned to live with Vero

Their mother knees before them holding Veronica’s hands

“Please baby just another chance to make it right,” she pleaded

Vera looked at her parents kneeling in front of her and her heart was broken, she doesn’t want to forgive them at least not yet but seeing her parents that way is the last thing she wanted

She slowly help mother up but still didn’t look at her face, with all the pain in her heart her head trying to process many things

“am not thinking straight right now, my head hurts,” Vera said holding her head



Dr. Fiona was still in her office, she kept looking at Vera’s picture on her desk and a drop of tears falls from her eyes

She knows that the time has come for her to let go of Vera, after all, what was she thinking? Her family will come for her one day

She was still deep in thought when a nurse knocked on the door, she quickly clean the tears in her eyes before telling the person to come in

“Here is the test results ma’am,” the nurse drop it and left

Dr. Fiona picked up the test results and Vera’s picture at the same time, she then takes the kid’s picture, looking at it brings a lot of memories

She finally opened the test results after much time of sobbing and her eyes widened immediately after she saw the results

She quickly runs out of her office as if being chased by someone, normal she would have told the nurse to get the patient but since it was Vera it was as if all her life was coming to an end

She didn’t bother to use the elevator as she makes use of the stairs, the doctors and nurse she came across wondered why the hospital president would be running like that

Meanwhile, Vera was still with her parents as they refused to let her go until she tells them that she has forgiven them, knowing that once Vera forgives them

She will convince Lupita to come home, she started seeing double as her head was pounding, she was still trying to understand what was happening when she started struggling to breathe

“I……I c…..I can’t…….I can’t breathe,” she said holding her head

Everyone was confused as they exchange glances

“Vera,” Lupita called staring at her face

“I…..I can’t…… Breathe…..I….. can’t……I can’t…..” She said trying to maintain her balance

“Miss Adams, are you alright,” Jericho asked standing behind her

She tried reaching out to someone with her both hands as Lupita and Jericho quickly holds her hands

“Someone get the doctor,” Jericho shouted

Her head was pounding very hard and her vision was becoming blurry, her breathing seized


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Mr. Armstrong has been pacing around ever since he got there, he can’t believe that his only son was $t..abbed repeatedly by his wife

And his grandson was also a victim, he wondered how he will lose his family and that alone add to his problem

Anna’s parents were also present and her mother wouldn’t stop crying, she stood up and went over to Mr. Armstrong

“Did you see what your son did to my daughter? Just pray she didn’t d!e cos I will deal with you,” Anna’s mother said

“Oh really? You call that daughter? A sIvt that has no shame, if my son or grandson die I will tell you why my father called me Armstrong,” Mr. Armstrong yelled

She flinched and moved back

“You’re ev’l, you know that your son was beating her, and yet you did nothing to stop him,” Anna’s mother said

A Doctor came out just in time to stop them,

“This is no time to fi ght, we have both good news and bad News,” the Dr said

“The bad news first,” Mr. Armstrong said

“The man with the name Franklin Armstrong will be in a coma for a very long time, or he might d!e, there is no guarantee,” he said

“The wife and kid,” Anna’s mother asked

“Too sad, the little boy is too young for what happened to him and unfortunately we couldn’t save him, am sorry,” He replied

Mr. Armstrong’s bIood went cold

“The wife,” Anna’s mother asked impatiently

“There is no guarantee that she will make it, for now, cos she’s not stable,” he replied

“The good news?” Mr. Armstrong said

“The good news is that we were able to revive both your son and his wife but the bad news is that we lost the b….” That was interrupted by another Doctor

He went over and whispered something into the doctor’s ear

“I think there is hope, I will be back shortly,” the Dr said and left

Mr. Armstrong picked up his phone and called Diego, after some time he hangs up



8: 00 pm* SAME DAY*

“Brother,” Diego said when he met Danny again

“What did you get,” Danny asked

“I can only tell you if we reach an agreement,” Diego said

“What did you want?” Danny asked

“Lupita, I want to fk her for the last time,” He said

Danny fold his fist trying to calm himself down

“She will never allow you to do that and you know it,” Danny replied

“It’s simple, she loves you and you love her, so just drvg her and bring her to me,” Diego said

“What else did you want,” Danny asked

“I want her to scream my name…….”

Danny pvnched his jaw immediately making his mo uth burst

“Dude, you broke my lips,” Diego said holding his bIeeding mouth

“You’re my brother and I have always been by your side, now it’s time for you to return the favor and the only thing you can ask of is the same lady I love so much,” Danny said angrily

“Easy bro,” Diego said and cleaned the bIood on his mouth

“She’s coming for you Diego, I can’t do anything about it, the only thing to save you is to get the information, she vows to kll you and you know she never goes back on her words, am trying to protect the two people that I love, the only family that I have but you’re making it hard for me,”

“I don’t want you to die Diego but you’re asking for it, I can’t stand against Lupita and you, and I know how she can be when she’s with a gvn, I can’t even beat her in combat, and neither can you, I have to try to keep the brothers love between us but it seems you don’t want it that way,” Danny said and stood

“Just know that I tried cos am taking her side in this,” He added

The first time someone will say something that will touch Diego

“Am sorry bro, here is the information you need,” Diego said and write it down

He turned and left


Mr. Armstrong came out of the hospital and went into his car he turned on the engine but someone pointed a gvn at his head

“ANY LAST WORDS?” The person asked


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ANY LAST WORDS?” The person asked

Mr. Armstrong kept quiet without saying a single word, the only thing in his mind at that moment was how to rebuild his empire

“Drive,” the person ordering

He kept quiet and didn’t make any attempt to move, a bvllet h it his shoulder and he groans out in pa!n

“I said, drive,” the person ordering

He turned on the engine and drove off, the gvn was a silent gun that’s why it didn’t make any sound

“Turn left,” the person ordering

He did as he was told

“Another left,” the person said

And he did just that, he kept driving forward till he get to a lonely road, he tried to reach for his gvn but the person was faster than him

“Don’t think am stvpid cos I know what you’re thinking, I will clear your family if you try anything stvpid with me,” the person said

He withdraw his hand and focus on the road, it wasn’t long before they get to a house that was outside the city

“Stop here,” the person ordered and he did

“Follow me,” the person added




Vera woke up and everything was blurry at first, it took her some time to adjust to it

After she fainted three days ago, it turns out she has a brain tumor which has been successfully removed

“Where is my mum?” Was the first question she asked

The nurse who came to check on her was surprised and excited that she was finally awake and she will get to rest cos since they finish the successful surgery

They expected her to wake up soon but it took her three days and the hospital president ask the nurse to check on her every minute of the day

“You’re awake, thank God,” the nurse said

“Where is my mum? For how long have I been sleeping?” She asked

“Three days,” the nurse replied

“Three what?” She shouted with her eyes wide open

She turned on her phone that was in the drawer beside her bed, many emails from her company in San Francisco

“Oh no,” she mumbled and called Jericho immediately

After some minutes she ended the call and Dr. Fiona walked in just then

“I will take it from here, thank you,” Dr. Fiona said to the nurse

“Mum, what happened? Why didn’t you wake me up? Gosh, I can’t believe I slept for three days now it has brought a lot of damage,” Vera said changing her cIothes

“How can you change your dress in here,” Dr. Fiona asked surprised

She quickly went to the door and lock it since it was a VIP ward, then she closed the window

“Don’t do this next time, people are watching your every move and what if the media get a nked picture of you,” Dr. Fiona scolded her

“Am sorry mum, just that my rival is shaking my company bad, and at this rate, I need to get it back to fit,” she replied and put in her shoes

“Your parents are pressing charges,” Dr. Fiona suddenly said

“What? Why will they do that? What right did they have to do that? You know what mum, don’t worry about it cos they will lose,” Vera said angrily

“Am not worried about them, am worried about you,” Dr. Fiona replied

“About me? Why me?” She asked

“You’re trying to be who you’re not and I don’t like it,” Dr. Fiona said

“Oh, mum what did I do wrong? Is it about the marriage stuff? Ok fine, I will get married sooner or later, it’s just that am scared,” Vera said and pouted like a kid

“It’s not about marriage,” Dr. Fiona replied

“Then what, you’re scaring me now,” Vera said

“I think your parents deserve another chance,” Dr. Fiona said now holding her hands but she pulled away and frown

“I don’t want to talk about them,” Vera replied

“Baby, you won’t hate them forever, I understand what they did was wrong but we all make mistakes, am not saying this cos they are pressing charges but am saying this for your future,” Dr. Fiona said

“What does my future has to do with this?” Vera asked

She’s now sitting down on the bed

“You’re not that stone heart girl, you’re my little girl and I know that you have a good heart, keeping malice with your parents will only make the memory to stay there, I think you have to forgive them, to free yourself from self-bondage” Dr. Fiona added

“Are you taking their side? I don’t even want to see them, you know what they did to me and you want me to forgive them just like that?” Vera said

Dr. Fiona gently sits beside her on the bed

“Talking about the past will only bring a sad memory, what achievement will you make with a sad memory? Nothing! It will only make you angry and lead you to do something you will regret in the future, just let it go and pretend it never happens,” Dr.Fiona insisted


“N,o but,” Dr. Fiona cut in

“They are still your parents even though they didn’t treat you and your sister right, you don’t have to be like them, what if an accident happens and they both die, will you be able to live with the guilt? Knowing that to the begged for your forgiveness but you chase them away, please baby just do it for my sake,” Dr. Fiona said

“I don’t want to leave you, mum, ” Vera said sadly

“No one is leaving anybody, you just have to do the right thing, every parent loves their children, and losing a child is a hard thing, so please am begging you… Make out time and listen to them and also forgive them,” Dr. Fiona said now stroking her hair

“Am doing this just because you ask me to,” Vera said

“Just do it, sweetie, you’re different from all this, don’t let the dev’l plant his ev’l seed in you,” Dr. Fiona added

“I love you mum and I will never leave you, okay?” Vera said

“Go get a husband, am too old this,” Dr. Fiona said

“What’s so special about this husband of a thing,” Vera asked


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Lupita has been discharged so she went back home to Jericho’s house, Danny wanted her to stay in his house but she refused

Saying that she can only leave with him after the wedding, yeah they are planning to get married soon

The kids are staying with them in Jericho’s house together with Nancy

“Jericho, what’s happening with you and your girlfriend?” Lupita asked

They are currently in Jericho’s room

“Am getting married soon,” Jericho said

“To who?” She asked

“One beautiful lady,” he replied

As if Lupita understand what he was saying

“The one that refuses to get married?” She asked

“She promised to marry me so she will either marry me by choice or by force,” he replied

She burst out laughing

“Did you just say by force, who will even force her?” She asked still laughing

“I will se..duce her,” he added

She laughed so hard that she nearly falls from the couch

“I can see that you’re packing your clothes ready for the se..duction?” She asked still laughing

“We are going for an emergency business trip, someone is attacking the company in San Francisco,” Jericho replied

“Interested, I can’t wait to hear about this journey, did you need a cd?” She knowingly asked to see his reaction

“Lupita, stop being naughty, I said we are going for a business trip, not a sx trip,” Jericho replied and h it her head

“You said you’re going to se..duce her, am trying to help a vrgn brother,” she said and quickly moved away from him

“Witch,” he shouted trying to h it her but she was not close

“Somebody needs some cds, cos his thing is gonna get some juicy,” Lupita added

Jericho throws a pillow at her and she runs away laughing so hard

“Crazy girl,” he said and start laughing at himself

“Don’t forget to get PPP (pre..gnancy prevention pills) unless you want to be a father of three,” Lupita popped her head in the door and advice

“Get out wtch,” Jericho shouted going to the door but she quickly runs away



Mrs. Armstrong couldn’t stop crying after the funeral of Franklin, Jericho didn’t attend cos he didn’t know

Mr. Armstrong hasn’t come back since he left the hospital three days ago

Anna woke up two days ago but was taken by the court and she was charged with 70 years for murder, the cops found the video recording and since she was an accomplice to rappe another 20 years were added

She confesses that they drug the lady in the video and it was all her idea, they added another 45 years for drug dealing which leaves her with 135 years imprisonment according to the law or Perish

Little Bryan manage to survive but he is still in a coma




someone walked into a room and smiles seeing the person inside

“How did you do today?” The person asked

The person went over to the bar and grab a drink

“What did you want?” Mr. Armstrong asked

The person chuckled and sit in front of him

“It’s funny to know that the big boss himself is asking this question, just look at you,” the person said and poured a drink into a glass

“Want some,” the person asked

“No,” Mr. Armstrong replied

“If I was you I will take it cos you will not be eating for days if possible weeks,” the person replied

“My boys will find you,” Mr. Armstrong said

“That’s good news, so how did you plan on doing that?” the person asked

Mr. Armstrong was injected with a medicine that will make him weak for days

“Why am I here,” Mr. Armstrong asked

“For this,” the person replied and went over to Mr. Armstrong

The person slowly remove his clothes and brought out an ele¢tric iron

“What’s that for? Don’t use that one me, hey,”. Mr. Armstrong panicked

Fear written all over his face

As the person laughed loudly

“I told you that I will come for you, and ma here, you are free to scream cos no one will hear you,” the person said and unbuttoned his belt

“We are going down to Indiana,” the person said and place the ele¢tric shock on his thing

A scream escaped from his mouth


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Lupita went to Danny’s place cos she was bored at home, Jericho already left for his business trip with Vera

She hasn’t gotten her job back, Nancy left with the kid’s cos they wanted to see Danny

She rang the doorbell and waited for a little, not long after Danny opened

“Hey cupcake, you didn’t tell me you were coming,” he said and kssed her gentle

He made to go beyond kssing but she broke the kss and shifted backward

“Hey,” she said and pvshed him back little

“What happened?” He asked

“What if the kids are watching, did you want to spoil my kids for me?” She asked

“They are not at home, they went to the park with Nancy,” he replied

“Oh, I see,” she said and

They are now inside the house

“So have you made up your mind about your family?” Danny asked

“The only family I have is around me,” she replied

“I mean your parents?” He added

“I don’t want to talk about them,” she said

“But Lu……”

“It seems like I have overstayed my visit, I should better get going,” she cut in and stood

Danny went after her immediately

“Oh, c’mon, fine no one is talking about your parents again,” he said

“The what are…….”

“The boss is missing,” he suddenly said

She frows her brows

“Are you kidding?” She asked

“Nope, Diego said he hasn’t returned since he left the hospital three days ago,” Danny replied

“Good for him, now I don’t have to worry about people, I only have Diego to deal with,” she said

“I wanted to tell you about Diego, I think it’s high time you just let him be,” He said

“Why?” She asked

“He’s my brother,” she replied

“He shot me, your brother shot me, what if I d!e? Huh?” She asked

“It was a mistake and I believe he…..”

“Belief, am klling your brother, and not even you can change that,” she replied and stood ready to go

“C’mon, he’s the only family I have left, what if I klled your sister back then what will you do? Will you be happy? Will you?” Danny suddenly lost it

She stared at him for a while

“My sister is not a bad person,” she replied

“Lupita, I can’t allow you to kll my brother and I can’t marry you if you kll my brother,” He said almost yelling

She stared directly into his eyes, she badly wants to slap him but she can’t, she just love him too much And now she has to fulfill the promise she made

“You’re turning your back against me? I see where all this is coming from, then there will be no wedding cos as far as I remain Lupita Diego is going down,” she said and stormed out from the place




“So you’re the one who wants to high jack my company?” Vera asked with a smirk

Standing in front of her was Leo

“So what? What are you gonna do about it?” He asked

She smiled, and even her smile along makes Jericho feeling hot

“I already got it back, and you’re going bankrupt soon,” she said making his face fall

“But how?” Leo asked

“There is something you don’t know Leo, and that thing is called power, and you don’t have it, your father don’t have it either, even your president doesn’t have it, but I do….. Attacking my property is like worshipping me cos I will drown everything you have,” she said

A police officer walked up to the

“Sir you’re under arrest for attempted rappe, you have the right to remain silent anything you say will be used against you in the court of law,” the cops said and drag him away

“Wow, you sounded like a different person,” Jericho said

Indeed money can talk, the fact that the law was arrested with immediate effect shows that she has power making him wonder who Mr. Adams might have been that made him acquire such wealth




A car stopped at the railroads and a person stepped out of the car, the person brings out a long knife and open the back door

Flipping Mr. Armstrong over as his eyes wide with fear written all over his face

“Don’t use that on me,” he panicked

He was tied up like a bunch of woods, the person said nothing and grabbed his thing then next …….

“arghhhhh!!!!” He screamed in pain as his dk left his body

The person drops it on the floor and turns to live

“No, don’t live me here,” Mr. Armstrong said still in pain

“Don’t worry, the cops are on their way and if you’re lucky enough, they will get here in time and you can finally die at the hospital but if you’re not, a train is coming in the next 20 minutes, then you’re gone,” the person replied walking away

Mr. Armstrong was too weak cos of the amount of bIood he was losing, the person gave him the beating of his life and also used an ele¢tric shocker on him

The person suddenly stopped and looked back, getting hold of the plastic face the person was wearing, the person slowly lifted it and Mr. Armstrong couldn’t believe what he was seeing

“LUPITA…..” He mumbled

“That’s me, baby, it’s time to go home… Sleep tight,” she added and walk away


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4:44 PM*

Diego was walking into his house and his phone rang just then, he picked it up going inside

“Diego where are you?” Danny asked

“Home, why?” He asked

“Get away from there, Lupita is on her way coming to your place right now, and you need to leave,” Danny said over the phone

“Alright bro, lemme grab my clothes,” he replied and Lock the door

He turned around to see someone sitting on his couch

“Hello Diego,” Lupita said looking with her legs crossed

Diego look around but his gvn was fear from him so he became helpless but still tried to maintain his stand

“What did you want?” He asked

She smirked

“Just to fulfill the promise I made,” she replied and stood

“You told your brother that you would like to fk me again right? Am here now come get me,” she said still standing

Seeing that he does not attempt to move she pulled out her gvn

“ANY LAST WORDS?” she asked with a straight face while pointing the gvn at his head




Jericho have been waiting for Vera to come and offered to sleep in his room but he didn’t see her, it was as if his plan took a turn

He waited till he was out of patients, he walked out of his room and went straight to hers, he can’t let all the se..duction practice be in vain if not Lupita will not stop mocking him

He knocked on her door but there was no response, he slowly pulled the door and it opened, he peeped but did see anyone

He thought maybe she went out and decide then turn to leave only to come visa-versal with Vera who came out from the bathroom and she was only in her towels

The atmosphere around them changed and none of them was able to make a move, Jericho was overwhelmed

It was becoming awkward when Vera speak up

“I need some privacy,” she said but it came as a whisper

“Em… Yeah…..sure….am sorry,” he said and turn to leave

“The door is this way,” she said pointing at the door beside her

“Oh,” he said going over there but he bumped into her and she nearly falls but he caught her

“Am sorry Miss Adams,” he apologies and keep her back on her feet

Vera on the other hand did say a single word, she just watch him leave

Meanwhile, Jericho went back to his room and couldn’t stop thinking of the beautiful lady, he decided to start with a plan, and the plan

A few moments later*

Vera walked into the room all dressed

“Can I sleep her?” She asked

“It’s your house,” Jericho replied

The house was so boring that it was annoying to Jericho, it was how he wanted it to be, he went over to his massage and check the massage Lupita sent to him

The tips and all that, he called her to help and she gladly did, he drop his phone to see Vera staring at him

She quickly made to look away but he caught her

“Are you staring at me?” He asked teasing her

“No,” she quickly replied

“Lier, I saw you,” he said

“Fine, maybe I did but it was just a little,” she replied and made to turn her back and face the other side but he stopped her by placing his hand on her shoulder

But the plan went wrong cos his hand missed the road and touched somewhere else, he quickly pulled away thinking that her reaction will be bad

She turned her back at him without saying a word, meanwhile, her whole body was hot, she don’t understand why she was having the weird feeling and tried so much to quench

Jericho in the side wasn’t ready to accept defeat so he tapped her shoulder gently, she gently turned to look at him only to see that their face was a few inches apart

They stared at each other for a while and Vera slowly put one of her hands on his shoulder, she could see the sincerity and pour in his eyes as they kept leaning closer

Just then Vera’s phone rang and Jericho captured her lips immediately, he use his other hand to find the phone and switch it off then throws it far away

They kssed gently till he deepens the kss as he use one of his hands to lose the rope holding her nightgown, it wasn’t long before the gown was down he gently broke the kss and looked at her face

“We could stop if you want,” he said as if he meant it

“No, don’t stop,” she replied


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Lupita was still pointing the gvn at his head when Danny came in through the back door, turns out he heard her voice over the phone cos Diego didn’t end the call

“Lupita doesn’t do this,” Danny said

“Why? He shot me and it’s time to return the bvllet,” she replied looking at Diego

Danny step forward

“Move back or I will shoot you,” she said not taking her eye off Diego

“C’mon cupcakes, please, he’s the only family I have left,” Danny pleaded

“The name is Lupita, we broke up remember,” she said and turn to Diego

“Any last words?” She asked with a straight face

“I can’t let you kll my brother, so you have to kll me first,” Danny said

Now standing in front of Diego

“Okay,” she replied still pointing at him, they waited for some minutes but she didn’t shoot, her hand were shaking

“Damnit,” she grunts and shot the wall she continues shooting at the wall until she exhausts her bvllet then she turns to leave

“Hey, cupcake wait,” Danny said and rushed toward her

“Hey, cupcake I know you love me and I love you too, am sorry for what I said earlier, okay? I will send him abroad so you won’t have to see him again, trust me,” Danny said

She looked at him remembering the old days, they were once enemies but here they are now as lovers

“I failed,” she said sadly

“Cupcake don’t cry, you didn’t fall, you did the right thing,” he replied holding her face

Diego uses the opportunity to grab his gvn

“Lupita, any last words?” He said pointing the gvn at her

Danny turned to him with anger, walking up to Diego he sIapped him hard across his face then a pvnch followed

“Am trying to calm her down and all you want to do is to start the f!ght again, you want to die right? I will kll you myself,” Danny yelled and grabbed his cIothes sending pvnches to his face

He throws him down and ki¢ked his stomach, the force from his leg sends Diego flying to the wall, Danny went after him and drags him up

“You want to d!e, huh?” he yelled and ki¢k him again

He started sending punches toward him as Diego start bleeding bad, Diego tried to fight back but he was no match for Danny

“Danny you will kll him, I think he has heard enough,” Lupita said staring at both of them

“Know he haven’t, this is what he wants so I will give it to him,” Danny replied and pvnch Diego again

“I said enough!!!!” Lupita yelled pointing a gvn at him

“Leave him alone or I will sho..ot your balls,” she threatened, a fake threat

“You’re leaving this country tomorrow,” Danny said to Diego and left then Lupita followed





Lupita was preparing food when Jericho came into the kitchen to help, she looked at him and started laughing

“What’s funny?” He asked

“Sorry am not laughing, so tell me how did it go? Hope it went well. Who se..duced who? Did you……”

“Lupita, take it easy,” he cut in

“Okay so tell me what happened?” She said

“Nothing,” he replied and she gave him that what do you mean look

“Okay, fine, maybe something happen but when I woke up in the morning she was gone,” he said

“Wait, you did it? Did she shout, scream or m©an? Which one” She asked giggling

“Lupita you’re being a pe..rvert right now,” he replied

“Oh, c’mon, am curious I just wanna know, Maybe I will help convince her to marry and who knows,” she added

“Fine, you always have a way of getting into my head, she moans….. Nice one it was like the sound of music and her voice was so magical that I couldn’t get enough of her,” he replied

“Awwww my spinal chest spinning, this touched my soul,” Lupita said holding her chest with her eyes close

Jericho h it her head

“Ouch, hey what was that for? You just spoil my enjoyment,” she said

“You said you will convince her better keep to your words,” Jericho said ignoring her

“That’s until you tell me everything that happened, how it started and how it ended,” she replied and fold her hands on her chest

“What? That’s not fair, you’re trying to make me explain sx details what if she finds out?” he said

“Who’s gonna tell her? You? Do we have a deal or not,” she replied

“Fine, it’s just that I want to marry her but if you didn’t convince her we will have a big problem,” Jericho said

“Don’t worry baby boy, I got you,” she replied

“That’s all,” he said after telling her everything

“But did you try looking for her in the morning? I mean did you ask she left so early and did you talk about last night?” She asked

“Yeah, I wanted to but she said nothing happened and that it was an accident, that I should forget about it,” he replied sadly

“Oh, poor boy, don’t worry you have an expert with you,” Lupita said trying to cheer him up

“She did as if nothing happened and never said a single word to me since yesterday, I feel like I shouldn’t have done that,” Jericho said

“You didn’t force her, she’s just feeling insecure, go dress up we are going to their place,” Lupita said

“What? Why?” He asked

“Just dress up,” she said and he left

A few minutes later Vera rang the doorbell and Lupita went to open it

“Hey, I… Emm….. Is Jericho home?” She asked

“Yeah, Jericho your wife Is here,” Lupita shouted

“Hey, am nobody’s wife, and tell him to be quick,” Vera said

“She said that it’s hurt down there and that you should come fast,” she added

“I can’t take this anymore,” Vera said holding ready to go but Lupita blocked her way

“She said that she can’t take it anymore that’s it’s so wrong, Jerry get your white bvm down here cos am not g..ay,” Lupita shouted

Vera gave her that ¢razy look

“Are you high, what’s wrong with you,” Vera asked

“Oh sweet Jesus, Jericho she said that she’s high and she doesn’t know what’s wrong with you,” Lupita shouted grinning

“Hey, you wanted to see me,” Jericho said coming downstairs

“Not me but my mum,” Vera replied


“Lupita, you need a check-up,” Vera said and left

Lupita went after Jericho

“I have cd, did you need one?” She whispered teasing him

“Bada**,” he said and left


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Everyone was present at the big dining table including both sister’s kids

“Young man, what plan did you have for my daughter?” Dr. Fiona asked looking at Jericho

He doesn’t know what Vera told her but whatever it is he just hope is nice

“Sorry ma’am I don’t understand,” Jericho replied

“You don’t understand but you……”

“Mum I think you should eat first,” Vera cut in

“Grandma, why don’t I have a Dad?” Mona asked

“Did anyone ask you about your Dad?” Vera said

“No, it’s because Izzy and Lizzy have a dad but I don’t have a Dad, I only have grandma and mum it’s not fair,” Mona said

“It’s true, why don’t we have a Dad, Izzy said they went hiking with their dad the other day but I don’t even have one,” Derek added

“Can we talk about this later,” Vera said looking at her kids

“No, I want a Dad, I want dad to read me bed Time stories,” Mona said crying

“Mona that’s enough,” Vera said

“I want I Dad, did I even have one,” Derek asked

“Of course, you have a dad,” she said trying to calm them down

“Why haven’t I seen him, I want visible dad, I wanna go hiking too,” Derek said now crying

The others just kept quiet as the kids give her trouble

“There is your Dad,” Vera said and pointed at Jericho when she didn’t know what to do again

“Are you my Dad?” Mona asked

Jericho looked at Lupita and she nodded

“Yeah,” Jericho replied with a smile

“Yeeeeeeh, I have a Dad,” Mona shouted

“Are we going hiking, we can go to the tennis room, we will teach me how to swim” Or maybe tell me bedtime stories, will you….”

“Derek eat,” Dr. Fiona cut in

Vera stood and left, Lupita signaled Jericho to follow her

She went into her room and he followed

“Hey, are you alright?” Jericho said

“Jericho is sorry for putting you through this, it’s just that ….. You know all the rape stuff… I will try……,” she said

“I love you Vera, or should I say, Veronica? I have always loved you and you don’t have to be scared of anything cos am not Franklin, am Jericho and I promise not to hurt you,” he replied

A moment of silence prevails

“I will marry you,” she finally said

“Really? Wait, are you doing this for the kids?” He asked

“No, I think I like you too but I was just too scared,” she replied

He went closer

“Like?” He said and pouted

“Silly, I love you too for a very long time now,” she replied

“And you didn’t tell me,” he asked

“You know now, it makes no difference,” she replied

He looks at the way her lips move, everything about her is just too interesting

“Can you kss me to prove it,” he asked

“You’re ¢razy,” she replied shyly

“C’mon you don’t have to be shy it’s just the two of us here,” added

“Fine,” she went closer and kss him gently, she made to pull away but her hold her waist and pulled her closer

“Just perfect,” Lupita said from the door

“Just what I want, finally,” Dr. Fiona replied

“I told you that it will work, you should start calling me a genius,” Lupita said

Turns out it was all a plan, everything was their plan, both the kid’s act was Lupita’s suggestion



Mr. and Mrs. Mars came to the Adams mansion to take their daughters home

“Am sorry mom and dad but I have a new family now, I forgive you two for the things you did to me but I can’t have you both back in my life,”

“I can only stay with the person that accepts me when everyone turns their back on me, you both are good parents and I appreciate that but I can’t stay with you two again, am sorry, and thank you for making me see a good mother,” Vera said to her parents

Everyone expected her to cry as usual but she didn’t

“Veronica,” her mother called shocked

“I will come to visit sometimes, and drop the charges,” she said and left

“Veronica,” her father called but she didn’t even look at them

They turn to Lupita

“What a pity, I also forgive you but you know the deal, I can’t be your daughter anymore, I have a new family also and I hold nothing against you two, bye,” Lupita said and left too


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The big hall was crowded as everyone await the bird’s arrival, all the rich men and woman in Paris was invited, and business tycoons and ambassadors

The president and ministers were also invited to witness and also join to celebrate the wedding of the richest lady in Paris, who happen to be richer than the president himself

Danny was waiting anxiously and Jericho wasn’t left out, turns out the sisters were having their wedding on the same day

Jericho fix his gaze on the door, as many thoughts runs through his mind like he knew that he was rich but he has never been this happy in his whole life, and to say that even the president came to his wedding it’s indeed an honor

The big door finally open as Mr. Mars walked Lupita down the aisle, she was so beautiful that Danny couldn’t stop staring

With the beautiful wedding gown, she was wearing, staring at her even with the vail covering her face she was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen

Shortly after they announced the arrival of miss Adams as the big door opened for her, Dr. Fiona walked her down the aisle, Jericho was taken aback

Men she was damn beautiful that he couldn’t stop staring


A few moments later*

They said their marriage vows and when Jericho lifted the Vail a wow escape his mouth

“Are you sure you’re human?” He asked

More like a whisper

“¢razy,” she replied

Lupita and Danny were already done and their parents walked up to them, Mrs. Mars gave Lupita a bug tight huge and so those Mr. Mars

“Always remind her to wear tight clothes in winter, she catches cold quickly,” Mrs. Mars said to Danny

“Oh, mum c’mon, did you have to say everything, am old enough now,” Lupita complain like a baby

“She’s too stubborn and never listens, even if she’s sick she will say that she’s fine cos she hates hospitals, so be careful,” Mrs. Mars added

“Thanks, ma’am… Umm… Can I call you mom?” Danny asked like a gentleman

“Of course honey,” she replied and pet his back as they left to meet Veronica

Nancy walked up to them just then

“You both don’t know how happy I am today, I finally have a new family,” she said with a smile

“We love you, Nancy, and it’s sad I couldn’t help to find your son,” Lupita said sadly

“Oh, sweetie don’t be sad, today is a happy day, not a sad day, I have you, I have Izzy and Lizzy, I have Danny, I have Veronica even though we are not that close and I also have her husband Jericho, that’s enough, you all is enough for me,” Nancy said replied

Lupita went forward and hugged her

“You lost your son?” Danny asked

“Yeah, just the day he was born,” Lupita replied

“Wait a minute… Oh my, you’re that lady from the hospital and I didn’t know, how come j didn’t remember when we have been so close? Armstrong took him home and he became one of his sons, how come you never to me,” Danny said

“I don’t like talking about it since I already have a replacement,” she replied

“Jericho, what a minute he was so close and I have been looked him all this while,” Lupita said talking to herself

“What did you mean?” Danny asked

“The son is Jericho, Armstrong said he wasn’t his biological son, that he was from the gang and I never knew, damnit Lupita, Lupita you’re not a genius,” she said and placed one hand on her forehead

Nancy turns towards Jericho to see him talking to the guest and Veronica was now with the president, she stared at Jericho for a very long time and slowly went toward him

Getting close to him she hugged him tight with tears eyes

“My baby, you were close and I didn’t know, you have become sure a big boy now,” Nancy said caressing his face as she cries

Jericho was shocked cos he don’t understand what was going on

Shortly after Mrs. Armstrong came and they hugged him with joy, everything happened so fast and they talked to many people

But before the wedding

Turns out Dr. Fiona insisted that the girls should forgive their parents, and she also told them to put themself in their parent’s position to know how it feels to lose a child

After much scolding and advice, the girls understand that they made a mistake and everyone deserves a second chance so they went to their family house with their kids and husband to be too

Mr and Mrs. Mars’s joy knows no bounds cos they were taken By surprise, their family units again and everything went back to normal

And as for Mr. Armstrong, he was already buried, and unfortunately for him, the cops didn’t get there on time to save him and he was klled by a tra!n

Diego later apologize to Lupita and traveled to Australia but he attended the wedding and he will be going back the next day

For the last few days Vera visited the court and demanded justice for Anna, she got proof that Anna didn’t kll her husband and that it was self-defense, since she knew the law she provided all the evidence needed, and Anna’s sentence was reduced to 65 years according to the law of parish law

She told Anna that she holds nothing against her and that she has forgiven her and that she hope Anna will change her ways in the future

She then went to the place where they buried Franklin and apologize for all the bad things she did to him, he never got a chance to meet his kids but they have a new and good father now

After that she went to the hospital where Bryan was still in a coma and transfer him to Dr. Fiona’s hospital where he will get better treatment and wake up soon, she decided to take care of him as her own also because no matter what he’s still her kid’s brother

She then went to the orphanage and sponsored 1000 brilliant students, and 1000 people in the homeless shelters

She apologize to Franklin’s mom for her lose and promise to always reach out to her anytime any day, all this while she was going around amending things

Dr. Fiona, Mr. and Mrs. Mars together with Nancy, then Mrs. Armstrong was the one arranging the wedding and inviting people

Along the line, the five elderly people get along and start acting like one big happy family


Jericho finally meets his real mother after the wedding and he wanted to cry his eyes out, she was so close but he didn’t know

Lupita came and console him with a packet of cd

“This will make you feel better,” she said and stuck it in his hand

He knows exactly what Lupita can do so he didn’t both check what it was to avoid embarrassment

“She Devi,” he said as she giggled

Everything walked out perfectly for everyone, Lupita left with Danny for their honeymoon in treasure island Florida

While Vera adopted one of the foster kids that didn’t want her to leave when she visited the foster home, she promised to send him to the best school and buy many toys for him but the little boy refuse so she has no other options but to adopt him

She sent him to live with her parents Mr & Mrs. Mars it was more like they were leaving together cos they are always at Dr. Fiona’s mansion



Vera left with Jericho the same day to one of her houses in the same city saying there is nothing special about her honeymoon and that she can’t stay away from her kids

“Hey, can you help me pull this off,” Vera said

She’s been trying to remove the gown but it was too much for her

“Thank you,” she said after he helped her and went to bath

After some time she came out and meet Jericho Checking something out, which turns out to be what Lupita gave him

“What’s that?” She asked

“Nothing,” he quickly hides it

“Lier, you will not make heaven,” she said

“Deputy Jesus, thank you,” he replied and grabbed her hands immediately making her fall

“OMG, let go of my hand else all the guards will come running in here in the next minute,” she said trying to stand but he was still holding her

“Jerry please, this wristwatch you’re holding is not just an ordinary wristwatch, it’s a security watch and it was programmed, you can’t hold it for more than 1 minute if not all the alarms in this building will go off,” she explained

“Wow? Where did you get it,” he asked

“My mum get it, it’s the only one in the market and it is worth 20 billion dollars and she said it’s for security reasons, which the wristwatch saves me from Leo the other time,” she explained and he let go of her immediately

She gently removes it and carefully places it on the dressing table

“Am not sleeping her tonight,” she added going out but like a hungry tiger Jericho charged toward her before she could get to the door

“This is why I didn’t want to get married,” she said

“You shouldn’t have been beautiful,” he replied and tickled her

“I didn’t make myself, God did, hey, don’t do that,” she said but he did it again

“Stop,” she said in-between laughter As he continues what he was doing

“Lupita is a good she-d’vil and a genius,” Jericho said and….. And….and …….and…….

They all leave happily ever after as one big happy family.


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