Too Late Episode 10

Too Late Episode 10


*Episode 10*

“Did you tell your wife I have eyes for you?” Elsa said as she entered Charles office.

“I am a respectable lady and married with kids. The next time your wife sends me such message as she did today, I will get her arrested” She said and walked out of the office.

Charles stood up confused and speechless. He rushed to Elsa’s office and met her going through the files on her desk.

“I am sorry Elsa. I didn’t get any of the things you said”

She picked her phone from the desk and showed him the sms Karen sent to her. He read the message and his face went white. He checked the number to ascertain it was Karen’s own.

“Your wife acted like a child. She’s immature.” She said

“She sure did and I am sorry”

“It’s alright!, Please teach her to act maturely. I won’t accept this from her or anyone.”


He left her office boiling in anger. How could Karen embarrass him like this. He knew before the close of work. Elsa would have shown everyone the sms Karen sent her.

He buried his head on his desk and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he was ready to go home. Karen had no right to send such message to anyone let alone Elsa his colleague. He was going to settle it once and for all. Karen knows he loves her yet she refused to grow up. If she cannot trust him, it is contagious to be in a relationship with her. It’s either she trusts him or walk out of the relationship.

Locking his office, he walked out of the building with a heavy heart. It was the last time Charles would enter that office. On his way home, he had a fatal accident. By the time he would regain consciousness, his left leg was amputated.


Chioma walked briskly behind Mrs Okoye as they walked through a bush path. They have been walking for close to an hour. Chioma was already tired but kept walking as Okoye briefed her of the many people she has brought to Baba Ifa as she fondly call the native doctor.

“Forget those who pretend to carry bible like me. Forget them when they raise their hands to worship God during church services. You will be surprised at places they have gone to in search of solutions. Strange places. Abominable places”


“Have you forgotten the part of the bible that says we should give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar? We are going to where Caesar will be given his right. When we return, we will ask God for His mercy. Our God is always merciful. Let’s walk fast, we are almost there”

By the time they got there, Chioma was tired and famished. Out of excitement, she didn’t eat. She only fed her two kids and left them under the care of Okoye’s older children. Chioma was surprised to see an elderly man bent in age. His hair were white and he looked frail.

“I greet you” He said “I have been notified that you are coming”

They greeted him. Okoye washed her hand in a clay pot before the entrance of the door. Chioma did likewise and entered the hut. Whatever Okoye did, Chioma did. Okoye went to the shrine and bow. Infact her head touched the ground.

Chioma hesitated. She had read in the bible where it is written that “thou shall not bow to any other god expect the lord thy God. God is a jealous God, her pastor had preach. She remembered how she read in the bible, where God dealt with the Israelites for worshipping Baal and other strange gods.

“Must I bow?” She asked frightened.

“Yes!, It shows you acknowledge the authority of the gods that you have come to seek solution from”

She went timidly on her kneels and bowed before the carved images in the altar. Then she proceeded to kiss the image on a table covered in a red cloth. Immediately, her heart pricked her and she began to cry.

“God is a loving father and also a consuming fire.” She said crying. “I am taking his grace for granted.”

“Don’t embarrass me here” Okoye shouted at her. “You should be thanking me for bringing you here. Why didn’t God consume your foolish husband for marrying another wife.” She fume in anger.

“I am sorry”

She quickly wiped her face and sat beside her colleague. Baba Ifa sat on the bare floor and started his incantation. He threw cowries on a white cloth and looked at them for a few second.

“Your marriage is in shamble” He told Chioma

“Yes Baba. That is why I am here. I have cried enough. I have been humiliated and taken for granted”


“What do you want me to do?, Kill the woman who snatched your husband or tie your husband to your waist forever.”

Chioma looked at her friend then back to Baba Ifa

“Allow Baba to kill the shameless woman” Okoye told her

“No… No… I… I… Can’t do that” She stammered “What will I gain”

“Your peace of mind, your marriage and your laughter. Let the idiot die”

“Ba.. ba… I.. I… don’t want blood on my hands. Please tie him to my waist”

“That woman deserves instant death Chioma”

“I can’t take the life I di give”

Baba Ifa listened and then cautioned Okoye.

“You can take a horse to the river, but can’t force it to drink water. You may have brought her here, you can’t force your decision on her. She has chosen what she wants”

Okoye apologized and Baba Ifa returned to his consultation. Chioma kept watching him frown as he consults his gods.

“Aaah!, I can’t do anything about this” He said
“You are late. The woman your husband married is a strong woman. She has gone far ahead of you. You can never get your husband from her grip unless she chooses to release him”

Chioma frowned

“I.. I.. don’t understand”

“The woman has tied him already. Any attempt to untie him will cause his death” He said packing his cowries and putting them in a calabash. He stood up.

“Put whatever you came with in the calabash over there” He said pointing at the calabash

Both of them sat there refusing to leave. Okoye could not believe that Baba Ifa could not help, while Chioma was disappointed that she wasted her time coming to seek for solution where there is no solution.

“Please drop my fee on the calabash” He repeated.

The month had not ended and Chioma had no money. She had earlier told Okoye her plight but surprisingly Okoye had lend her money. She opened her bag and brought out the money Okoye gave her. She dropped it in the calabash as instructed but deep in her heart, she felt Baba Ifa didn’t do anything spectacular to deserve such money.

Chioma wanted to tell Baba to talk to his gods again, perhaps solution will be given. The way he backed them showed he was through with them. Chioma already in tears, followed Okoye as she walked backward out of the hut. They had walked few minutes before Okoye halted.

“Wait here, let me get my scarf” She told Chioma “I forgot it”


Okoye rushed back to the hut with Baba Ifa still in the same position. Even though, he knew someone entered the hut, he refused to turn.

“I know you will come back”

Okoye laughed

“You know Baba. You know why I returned”

“Your share for bringing a client”

Okoye smiled

“Yes!, I am a teacher and the money is not enough”

“I know but I also told you what to do. Get any of your bosses clothe or shoe and I will do medicine for you. He will keep promoting you without reasons”

“I have not been able to get such, but I am still trying”

“Keep trying” He said “Go to the calabash and take what we agreed”

“Thank you Baba Ifa”

Okoye took her share from the calabash. After hiding the money in her bra, she thanked him again and ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

To be continued…..

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