Too Late Episode 3


*Episode 3*

Ann had not returned from work when Brian drove in. He was angry and moody. He regretted ever employing Karen or be the one to suggest that Karen come live with him. As usual, whenever he returns from work, the first thing he does is to go on his knees and thank God for the day. This day, he didn’t just want to thank God but also to tell him how he felt. He dropped his briefcase on the bed.

Without removing his shoes, he knelt beside the bed and began to pray. In the process of praying, he began to sob.

“I took a hasty decision. I didn’t seek you on the matter before asking Karen to move in”

While he was praying, Karen walked into his room and interrupted his prayers. The first time she would enter his room.

“What did you tell Charles? You are trying to poison his mind towards me and I don’t like it. The fact that you took me into your home and employed me doesn’t give you the right and effontery to control my life or interfere in my relationship with Charles”

“Alright!, Can you please leave my room?” He requested

Rolling her eyes, she hissed loudly before leaving the room.

“God!” Brian exclaimed “What audacity? What have I gotten myself into?”

He stood up and spread himself on the bed. Just then he heard the door bell jingle. He listened and waited for Karen to open the door for whoever is knocking but the bell kept jingling. He dragged himself out of the bed to the sitting room. He opened the door.

Charles stood at the door entrance so moody. As soon as Karen heard his voice, she rushed out crying profusely. She went to Charles and embraced him still crying. There was confusion on both Charles and Brian’s faces.

“Why are you crying?” Charles asked.

Karen pointed at Brian still crying. Charles looked at Brian for explanation but he got none.

“Don’t pretend that you know nothing. You have embarrassed and insulted me. You lied to Charles that I slapped you, whereas you are the one who slapped me, because I registered my displeasure over your suggestion.” She looked at Charles, crying loudly. Brian your so called friend is making living in this house and working for him unbearable. Everytime he reminds me that I was accepted into his house because of you”

“What?” Charles exclaimed

“She isn’t telling you the truth”

“What truth is she not saying?. That you are traumatizing her!”

“But I explained on the phone”

“She also explained her own side of the story when I called her”

Both of them looked at each other. The only sound was coming from Karen. She was still crying. Charles brought out his handkerchief and wiped her face, then he sat her on the chair before sitting beside her.

“I appreciate you for taking her in Brian, but traumatizing her with your attitude isn’t nice”

“Are you for real Charles?, You think I will traumatize your fiancee?, Over what?”

He was visibly angry and Charles knew it.

“Just give me some time, and I will take her out of the house. I don’t want this maltreatment. She doesn’t deserve such”


Brian stood up, walked to his room and locked the door. He accepted his mistake. He would wait for his sister before making any decision.

If he decides to send Karen packing, she would have no where to go and he wouldn’t want that. Slowly, he removed his shoes, showered and returned to bed. He would wait for Ann and they will put their heads together.

Charles took Karen out of the house and tried to console her. It was already dark. He boarded a bike and for close to fifteen minutes, the motorcyclist rode and stopped in front of a hotel. They highlighted and walked in. Karen loves it whenever she is alone with Charles. In the hotel room, she sat on Charles legs and began to cry again.

“How much more do I need to wait until you rent a house. I can’t continue with them. His sister is even worse. Always poke nosing”

Charles sighed deeply.

“My salary is not that much Karen. Brian is paying you well. You receive a better salary than me. My salary is shared into several places. I am saving for a house, I pay rent for my parents and I support the feeding and other things in the house. Wait a little Karen”


“And Karen, Brian should not be disrespected. You need to respect him”

“I respect him”

“He told me you’re working against the progress of his company. Why?” He asked

Karen frowned and cried. This time she cried loudly.

“He is a bloody liar. You want to know why I complained and why he actually slapped me?”

Charles nodded wiping her tears with his handkerchief.

“Because he wants me”

“I don’t get you”

“He wants me on his bed and I warned him several times. He is just frustrating me because I refused to oblige his request. I can’t stoop so low to sleep with him. God forbid!”

Surprised Charles stood up. His face turned red.

“My woman?. Are there no other women out there. Why must he want mine?”

“Relax Charles. Let’s pray that luck smiles on your face so I can move out of his house”

“You’re right”

He kissed her deeply.

They spent an hour in the hotel before returning to Brian’s house. Charles ensured that Karen entered the house before boarding a bike home.

At home, the conversation between him and Karen played in his head. He decided he would start looking for another job for Karen. He planned talking to one of his friends to see if he can get a loan to rent a house. Having made up his mind of what he wants to do, he went to bed and soon slept off.


Brian not happy with how things turned out, knocked on his sister’s door. Having gotten permission to enter, he opened the door and positioned himself on one of the chairs there.

“Your countenance isn’t impressing me”

He smiled
“That is because I am not happy”
She dropped the glass of water on the table beside her bed, then dragged a chair close to her brother.

“Did anything happen at work today?” She asked frowning.

Brian closed his eyes then sighed deeply. When he opened his eyes, Ann was staring at him.

“It’s Karen” He said

“What about her?” She asked.

He narrated everything that happened at the office. Ann stood up abruptly. She was visibly angry.

“I won’t allow her slap you and still lie about it. No..oo. I am going to deal with her”

She rushed to the door but Brian was faster. He reached the door before her.

“Relax Ann!”

Ann returned to her seat angry. Angry because she couldn’t execute what she intended.

“I want her out of this house first thing tomorrow morning. She is already a pain in the neck” She said vehemently

Brian watched her vent her anger and frustration. He had never seen his sister in such manner before.

“I don’t want us to send her away Ann. If our were alive, would they have encouraged us to send her away? They would never encourage us to do such”

“True, but we shouldn’t be foolish Brian. How dare she raised her hand to slap you. I am angry Brian. I never expected this to happen.

“I know”

They sat quietly with different thoughts on their heads. Ann could almost touch the silence that enveloped the room. She doesn’t like it when her brother is being disrespected. She loves Brian so much. He is the only sibling she has.

“You said Charles asked for few months.

“Yes!” He said looking at her

“How about we give him some money to add to what he has. It will hasty his plans to rent a house.”

He smiled and nodded his head

“I thought of this too.

“It’s a good suggestion”

“Let him get a house, so that she can move out”


Brian stood up and walked to the door but retuned to the chair.

“One more thing Ann, let’s treat her well. Let’s behave like nothing happened. That is what God expects from us”


He bade her good night. Without an appetite for food, Brian went to bed.

To be continued

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