Too Late Episode 8

Too Late Episode 8


*Episode 8*

Karen sat opposite Charles after serving him supper of jollof rice. She waited for him to eat more spoons of rice before breaking the news of her resignation.

“Did Brian assault you?” He asked.


“Did he do anything wrong to you?. You know I don’t ask about your salary. Is he owing you?”

“No!, Nothing like that”

“Then why did you resign”

“Well..” She started crossing and uncrossing her legs. “I am hardworking . I have helped the company to close some deals. Everyone can testify that I deserve to be promoted..”


“But Brian offended me. He employed a lady called Nancy to be my Boss. I was to report to her everyday rather than Brian. It’s not fair. This Nancy is so pompous and audacious. She behaves as if she owns the company. She makes unfavourable decisions and gives offensive instructions. She wants me, Karen to bow to her”

Charles did not comment for a while. His thoughts was far. He ate his food silently until he dropped his spoon. He drank from the glass of water then dropped it.

“You mean you resigned from your job because Brian employed someone else”

“Yes! No just someone else but he made her my Boss. I just couldn’t take it.

“Hmmm!” He sighed deeply “You resigned hastily. You took a hasty decision Karen. You shouldn’t have resigned”

“I should have allowed her to lord over me?”she asked.

“I think you were jealous”


“You have too much pride. You need to work on yourself. Pride goes before a fall, watch it that you…”

“Stop it Charles. I will just get another job”

“it’s not easy as you say it. You would have applied for other jobs first and…”

“You are making me feel bad”

They argued back and forth. Charles thinks Karen shouldn’t have resigned just like that. Karen expects Charles to applaud her decision but instead he was disappointed in her

“I will get another job without your help” She screamed at him.

“Bring down your ego”

Both of them went to bed angry.

On the bed, they faced different directions. Karen didn’t sleep early, she waited for Charles to turn towards her and cuddle her. She also waited for his apologies, she heard him snore lightly.


It was during break, Chioma sat quietly eating breakfast of rice and stew when Mrs Okoye entered her class. She sat beside Chioma smiling.

“I am glad you are back on your feet. If you are having any challenge feel free to come to me”

“Alright” Chioma said smiling.

Since Chioma had been in that job, she has known Mrs Okoye as a nice and caring woman. Everyone loves her. She had thought of confining in her but she was afraid. She was afraid of her problems being blown to the public. Come to think of it, Okoye is always happy and she is far older and perhaps more experienced. She leads devotion and encourages the staffs.

“What are you thinking of?” She asked

“I have got something on my mind”

“Hmmm!, You need to let it out. You can never tell when and where solution can come from”

“You are right. I am in a deep shit and I think I will see my pastor for counseling and prayers.”

Mrs Okoye laughed.

“One day, your pastor will use your situation to preach to his congregation. My dear don’t be fool by title. Your pastor is just a human being.”

Chioma sighed and dropped her spoon before covering the food flask”

“My husband recently married a new wife and he brought her home”

“Hmmm!” Mrs Okoye said With shock on her face. “Your husband is wicked oo. He needs to be dealt with. I can imagine the emotional trauma”

Chioma sighed deeply

“I have been through hell. I have been praying day and night. I love my husband but…”

Mrs Okoye laughed and touched Chioma’s shoulder.

“Most times, God answers too slow and as human beings, we need fast answers. Waiting on God in this case will lead you to early grave”

Surprised by Okoye’s response.

“I…I.. thou..ght you are a believer of Christ” She said still shocked by Okoye’s response.

Mrs Okoye laughed hilariously and adjusted herself on the seat.

“I am, but when people you love hurt you, you don’t wait for God. Why wait for God to deal with the person? I prefer to take the bull by the horns” She paused to allow her words to sink in.
“My dear, you can’t allow the new wife to take over what you built with your husband over the years. She needs to pack out of the house oo. Hmmm!, Your husband needs to hear your voice not see your tears or how you whine like a baby”

Chioma was just nodding her head.

“There are things you need to do and everything will normalize”


“Yes!, and your husband will rush into your arms”

“I will like to hear those things. I love my husband and I am ready to do anything to have him back”

At the time Mrs Okoye opened her mouth to talk, the bell was jingled, signalling that break was over. Okoye left Chioma’s class with promise to conclude their discussion after school. Chioma taught the pupils absent mindedly. Never did she believe that Okoye would be the solution to her problem.

She had done no wrong to her husband except love him and her reward was to get himself another wife.

Five years into the marriage, the lovely Stanley changed into something she couldn’t understand. He comes home late. He travels for weeks without leaving money or know his whereabouts. Stanley showed he didn’t care about her and the kids. The school fees, feeding were left to her with her meager salary. Prayer has been her watch word. She has been praying without seeing any result but her pastor said she has to be persistent and never be discouraged but right now she was fed up.

No longer was she going to tolerate the incessant beating and hatred from her husband.

She carried out her duties absent mindedly until the bell rang for closing. She waited until the last pupil in her class had gone before proceeding to pick her kids from their classes. She waited until Mrs Okoye attended to a parent. Chioma sat on one of the desk and hurried Okoye to talk.

“It’s no big deal Chioma. People do it everyday and still ask God for forgiveness and you know our God is ever loving” She said “… Yeah, the grace of God is sufficient for us” She continued “I know someone who can help you. He will instruct you on what to do. He is a native doctor Chioma. He has helped so many people in much more difficult situations. How many people still wait on God to answer their prayers. I know a friend who was barren for years. She did all her prayers but nothing happens. This sister can blast in tongues but still barren. I saved the situation when her husband was about to send her away. I took her to see my native doctor friend and within 3 months, she was pregnant. When she delivered, she took the baby for dedication in the church. Nobody knew the sacrifices that she did. People don’t want to know who did it but what was done, was done.

Chioma sighed deeply

“I am interested. Take me there”

They made arrangement on the most suitable day to visit the native doctor. Chioma thanked her profoundly before heading home with her kids. At home, bible verses began to pop up in her head.

“Can we continue to live in sin because grace abided. God forbid”

She kept closing her heart to the bible verse.

“I won’t be a fool again. I am about to set the record straight”

To be continued…….

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