Tory Lanez – Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT Lyrics

Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT Lyrics by Tory Lanez

I’m not tryna be here for a long time
Just, just a good, good time
I got a lot of shit weighin’ on my mind
Weighin’ on my mind

So fuckin’ serious, you n*****’ delirious
Said it with exclamation, but n***** can’t fuck with me, period
Bitch, right off the bat, I need y’all to flex
All of this stuntin’ look good for my ex
All of these zeros look good on my checks
I got like two or three phones for business and bitches and still can’t even answer a text
Yeah, we in the spot, we won’t give it a rest
They be sayin’ that that liquor gon’ catch up to you
N****, it ain’t caught up to me yet
I hit the road, I look like the mayor
Countin’ up fifties and twenties and tens
I’m out of state, they give me a ten
Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again
Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again
That was the plan again, btch, I’m the man again
Walk out of Louis, it look like a mannequin
All the store management wanna know how much I spend, I spend, yeah
I don’t fvck with her, she f*esty
All of the n***** that’s with me are shiesty
This is the reason these n***** don’t like me, yeah
I gotta win, I gotta hit from the back when it’s pricy
I gotta fly out the trappers to sight-see
She wanna fuck with a R&B singer
I hit her, I ducked her, I sent her to Nyce B
I’m on a roll like the motherfuckin’ dice be
I’m catchin’ pvssy like I’m Jerry Rice
I’m catchin’ pvssy like it was a flight
I’m in your city, what’s up for the night?

I, I’ve had way too much to drink, you know, I
1942, it ain’t on me, sing to five
Ex callin’ up my phone, fuckin’ up the vibe
Tonight’s not the night, tonight’s not the—
Yeah (Yeah), fvck that btch, yeah (Uh)
Hop on the couch, yeah (Yeah), take me a flick, yeah (Uh)
Louis V belt, yeah (Yeah), Louis V belt, yeah (Uh)
Fvck that btch, yeah (Yeah)
Hop on the couch, yeah (Yeah), take me a flick (Woah), yeah (Yeah)
Louis V belt, yeah (Oh, oh, oh), Louis V belt (Louis V), yeah
Louis V belt, yeah (Louis V), Louis V belt (Louis V), yeah (Louis V)

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